Fizz (early 20s): Chubby, curly red hair, loud mouth, stroppy. Wearing black
jumper and tight jeans.

Maria (early 20s): Short and slim, dark complexion and shoulder length hair,
girl-next-door type. Brown top and dark casual trousers.

Sarah-Louise (16): Petite, dark blonde past shoulder length, single mum, a
bit naive. Slim fit white t-shirt and jeans.

Toyah (early 20s): Short and slim, blonde bobbed hair, nice but over
opinionated. Wearing a knee length skirt and simple casual shirt.

Note: The story takes place late 2002.

Coronation Street: Girls Night In (FFFf,fist)
by Nic Lewis ([email protected])

Sarah Louise was very happy when Fizz, Toyah and Maria knocked on her door,
they asked if she would like to come round to watch a video, a girls night
in. She was very flattered; she liked Maria and Toyah and didn't mind putting
up with Fizz if she could hang out with the other two. She had secretly
admired the two girls for a long time, how they lived together and took no
rubbish off guys. She finally persuaded Gail to look after Bethany as a treat
and knocked round on the girls' door at around 7.

They were having a good time, the video was quite good Sarah thought.
`Bridget Jones's Diary' - it had been on for a while as the girls sat
together eating pizza talking over the film about various guys who
lived on the Street. Sarah sat between Fizz and Toyah, Maria next to

"Oooo, I'd fuck the lot of them off now though, I could just go for a bit of
Hugh Grant" Maria pipes up with.

"Hark at her!" Fizz laughs, "We all know which bit you mean you dirty girl"
laughing harder.

"Fizz!" Maria says sternly, catching Fizz's eye and glancing at Sarah.

"Oh, give over, I'm sure Sarah wouldn't mind if you said you wanted to get
his hot hard cock in your mouth and suck him." Fizz sees the reaction she's
getting off all three of them and cackles that much louder.

"Shut up Fizz," says Toyah annoyed.

"Yeah, shut up Fizz! Besides," Maria says pausing "I'd rather have him
licking my pussy any day."

Sarah and Toyah look at each other, mouths open, they can't believe it.

"Well done girl!" Says Fizz "I always knew you were a bit of a whore."

"Don't call me a whore Fizz, I mean it!" Maria shouts at her.

"Or what?"

"Just shut it Fizz."

"You just try make me shut up you little wimp!"

Maria, jumps out of her seat, Fizz, gets up to meet her, they all stood in
front of the other two, snarling at each other.

"Don't call me a whore Fizz, I know you, you're so desperate you'd fuck
anything with a dick and a pulse"

"Fine, fine, you gonna keep this up? I'd love to knock your fucking block off
you snobby little cow!"

The other two are between them now, Toyah holding them back, Sarah stood,
screaming at them to stop it.

"What's brought this all up you two?" Toyah asks.

"She started it you know! `Her' trying to put things in my mouth!" fumes
Maria pointing at Fizz.

"Like Hugh Grants cock!" Fizz screams delightedly. Maria looks at Fizz for a
second and can't help it. She cracks up in hysterics laughing. The others
catch it and soon they're all sat down together on the sofa. They crack up
again when Fizz, puts on a bad posh accent and says "Err, err, well, that
was um, totally uncalled for."

Just as they quieted down Maria says smiling, "Besides I'd rather it were
Rene Zellweger's tongue..."

"Maria!" they all say, she smiles sheepishly at them. "Well?! Don't you think
she's beautiful?"

"Umm, yeah!" replies Toyah, "But doesn't mean I'd want to sleep with her!"

"I'm just saying if I wanted to try it ever, I'd want it to be with someone
sexy." they all look at her a bit bashfully. "Come on, who hasn't thought
about it? Honestly?" None of them meet her eyes. "See." She says, folding her
arms in triumph.

* * *

A little while passes as the video plays on, but everyone is feeling very
nervous and preoccupied, although they are all sitting on the sofa, there is
a noticeable space between them all now.

"Really, Maria?" Asks Toyah, unable to keep it to herself, not caring that
Sarah's there too.


"Wow," she says a little lamely "You have these feelings yourself and you
always assume it's always you, it makes you think you're a bit, well, odd."

"I've kissed a girl," states Fizz. Maria and Toyah turn round.

"What?" they say unbelievingly, "Who?"

"No-one you'd know, it were back home, we were all embarrassed like."

"What was it like?" asks Maria

"Nice, kinda like how you'd want to be kissed you know, by a guy."

"I know, that's what it were like with Candice," says Sarah quietly.

They all turn to her, surprised. She giggles.

Fizz puts her hand on Maria's leg, looks her in the eyes and says jokingly,
"See? You'll like it!"

Maria just looks at her and leans forward quickly, calling her bluff. Her
hand running into Fizz's surprisingly soft, curly red hair, pulling Fizz's
head towards her, kissing her firmly. Fizz's eyes open wide in shock, but
she can't help herself and kisses back. Her hand creeps up Maria's thigh,
causing her to moan gently. She runs her hand up inside Maria's top, feeling
her nipples very hard in her bra.

"You wanted me to do this didn't you?"

"Yes, I want you Fizz, you dirty bitch, kiss me."

Sarah can't believe this, her two friends, people she looks up to greatly,
getting so physical right next to her, but its turning her on, her soft face
blushing, so much so that Toyah notices and her hand brushes her cheek,
Toyah's hands feel very cold to Sarah.

"You want those two to have all the fun Sarah?" asks Toyah, who leans in and
kisses Sarah's flushed cheek.

"I don't know Toyah, I'm not ready for something like that." Getting up she
walks towards the door. Toyah gets up and cuts her off.

"Really Sarah, you don't want to leave me on my own do you?" She pulls
Sarah's small skinny body against her, their pert nipples pressing against
one another. She leans down and kisses her gently on the lips, their wet
flesh pressed together. "See what you'd be missing."

Toyah sits on the sofa and gets Sarah to sit on her lap, her knees bent over
Toyah's legs. They kiss more passionately, tongues meeting, hands all over
each other bodies.

"Hey snobby?" asks Fizz "You've wanted this for a while haven't you? So what
about me doing this?" With this Fizz, pushes her hand down Maria's trousers.
Maria looking straight into Fizz's eyes as she rubs her clit, slowly. "You're
wet, do you know that?" Fizz says.

"HMMmmm," is all Maria can say as Fizz forcefully mashes her clit with her
chubby fingers. They kiss again, Fizz kissing Maria's soft pale neck as she
finally pushes three of those big fingers right up her cunt, slipping up her
tight wet hole, the slurping noise loud in the room as she pounds Maria's
aching pussy.

"Hmm, Argh, its too much Fizz!" says Maria

"No, its not, just take it you slut," Maria does as she's told and is soon
groaning, her body writhing on the sofa, Fizz's fingers wet in her, moving
apart, stretching her pussy, then moving in slow circles.

Next to them, Toyah is pulling Sarah-Louise's top up, exposing her body to
Toyah, who leans forwards and kisses Sarah's supple flesh, her mouth warm on
Sarah's body, making Sarah's knickers wetter, loving every kiss, every little
lick on her skin. Toyah undoes Sarah's bra with an expert hand and pulls her
towards her, her tongue running under Sarah's pert little breasts, up in
between them and down to her nipple. Circling over the bumps until, finally,
she first licks and flicks Sarah's nipple with her tongue to get it rigid,
then sucks on it firmly, teasing the sensitive tips, nibbling slightly on

Sarah had never had a boy make her feel this good with just his tongue on her
body, never.

She shudders slightly, looking down, smiling into Toyah's eyes. "That feels
like, soooo good." She closes her eyes in pleasure. Toyah, picks her up,
surprised by how light the girl is, and sits her back down on the sofa next
to Maria who is still moaning as Fizz finger fucks her hard, kissing each
other like mad. Toyah runs her hands all over Sarah's body, then down,
unzipping her trousers slowly, then pulling them down her legs, her plain
pink knickers now on show, simple white socks on her feet.

Fizz stops kissing Maria, her fingers still pressed up her and says, "Hey,
watch those two," to Maria. They watch as Toyah pulls Sarah's damp knickers
down around her ankles, her little pussy glistening in the light. Toyah
kisses up the inside of her legs, her skin so soft and pale, then at her
pussy she stops, her head inches from Sarah's wetness, hesitating.

Sarah can see Toyah's head between her legs, maddeningly close. "Come on
then!" Fizz says, pulling her fingers out of Maria, and pushes Toyah's face
right into Sarah's sopping pussy. Sarah grunts as contact is made, Toyah
gagging on the taste. Toyah finally starts licking her pussy, up and down
her lips, then pulling her apart to find her tough little clit, licking,
round it, over it, sucking it hard.

"So how does she taste?" Asks Fizz, licking her fingers.

"Mmm, Maria tastes just like me!" she pushes one of her fingers up Sarah's
pussy quickly, then out, sucking her juice into her mouth. "Different, but
good too!" Sarah can't believe Toyah is licking her pussy and just how good
it feels, she knows she is going to come all over her face, she feels so
dirty but it's turning her on so much.

Maria grabs Fizz's jumper and pulls it up, her big boobs swinging down, very
pert for their size, then undoes Fizz's bra, to lick at her large round
nipples. "Ohhh, now that I like Maria."

"Thought you would," Maria replies licking and sucking one and tweaking the
nipple hard on the other.

Fizz leans forward and smothers Maria in-between her breasts, "Like that?"
As a reply she feels, Maria's hands undoing her jeans. She leans back off
Maria and watches her push her jeans down, then gets up to pull her jeans
off, slowly, pulling down her underwear, her pubes as ginger and curly as
her hair.

"Hehe, you do match," Maria laughs

"You cheeky little bitch," says Fizz smiling.

"I've always wondered what you were like in bed ever since you started
fucking Tyrone."

Fizz laughs, "I'll tell you more later," smirking to herself.

"What does that mean?"

"Patience," she says, turning around, pushing her holes towards Maria, "Lick
my pussy bitch." Maria sits forward on the sofa, pressing her face into
Fizz's soft, large arse, her tongue finding her pussy and licking round it.

Sarah breathing has quickened now and she grabs Toyah's head in both hands,
clamping her thighs round her as she starts coming. Toyah can do nothing as
the young girl's juices smear all over her face. Sarah screams as Toyah's
tongue pushes deep inside her pussy and she spasms all over. Finally resting
and letting go of Toyah. She gets up, her face slick and wipes it off with
the back of her hand. "Good?" she asks Sarah who can only nod, gasping.

"Toyah?" Fizz says, "Go into my top draw in my room and get what you find in
there at the back, you can try it if you like."

"Umm, ok," says Toyah walking off, interested about what might be there.

"In the meantime, you lie back on the sofa Maria and you come here," she says
to Sarah, who gets up, a little shakily. Fizz squats over Maria's face and
feels her tongue slowly lick her clit, Maria's hands cupping her arse. Hmm,
now you give Maria a little lick," Sarah doesn't look convinced that Maria's
pussy will be very tasty. "Pull those pants off and just do it," commands

Sarah leans over Maria and undoes her trousers, then Fizz kisses her firmly,
"There's a good girl." She pulls them down, Maria has no underwear on, just
a simple shaved pussy, this Sarah likes, she leans down to kiss it, so
smooth, must have been done so recently. She licks down and gets a taste of
her, recoils, she's never tasted her own, never mind anyone else, it's a very
strange taste, but she looks up Maria's body and sees her with Fizz's pussy
squashed over her face and thinks she should try. Maria feels the licks on
her pussy and likes it a lot, it really is as good as she hoped. As they
become more forceful, the sensation and knowing it's young Sarah doing it as
she tongues Fizz are incredible.

"Mmph," she says, a mouthful of Fizz's pussy lips.

"What was that dear?" asks Fizz, sitting up slightly.

"Push your fingers in me Sarah," Maria says. Fizz watches as Sarah's starts
with two of her little slim fingers, moving gently in and out of her cunt,
Maria's head rolling back. Then a third into her, Maria closes her eyes and
feels Fizz's weight press down on her face again, the wetness running over
her face, into her mouth, loving it, then she tries to sit up as she feels
a fourth finger stretching her insides. Too much for Maria now, hurting
slightly. She can't move. "Push your thumb up into Maria's cunt now as well,
be gentle and slow," Fizz is telling Sarah. Fizz can feel Maria squirming
and knows it's a surprise. "Now make a fist Sarah and fuck Maria hard, it's
sort of like a big cock, it's what she asked for, isn't it?" says Fizz,
smiling encouragingly, but smirking inside.

"If you're sure it's ok," replies Sarah a bit confused at having her whole
hand inside Maria, she's never even heard of this before, but knows it must
be possible from having Bethany.

"Oh yes, some people love it," says Fizz.

Sarah can't believe her wrist is being tightly gripped by Maria's pussy,
she pulls her hand back, to draw it out, as she does so Maria groans loudly.
Sarah pauses, unsure, then pushes her fist slowly back up Maria's tightly
stretched pussy, her arms getting soaked in Maria's come juices. Maria is
moaning so loudly as Sarah fucks her, making Sarah more confident to go
faster and harder, her small fist moving so fast in Maria, who is writhing
under Fizz, who is making the most of it, her pussy so wet, pressed down
onto her face. Maria comes tightly on Sarah fist and she screams in release,
it is only slightly muffled under Fizz.

Sarah slowly pulls her hand out of Maria, her hand is coated. "Eww, that's is
like, too much."

* * *

Maria is still lying there panting as Toyah walks out of Fizz's bedroom, "Did
I just hear Maria scream?" she asks.

"Yeah, lucky bitch, I've not come like that in ages," replies Fizz still sat
on Maria's face.

Toyah walks over to her, "Then get on your hands and knees, I've found it,"
with that she pulls up her skirt, a long black cock is hanging down from the
pants she's wearing underneath, it must be at least 12 inches.

"Oh, yes miss!" says Fizz grinning widely. She turns around and lowers
herself onto her hands and knees in front of Toyah. She reaches one hand
around and spreads her lips open, ready for Toyah.

She has to wait a second as Toyah says, "Sarah, come here and suck my cock."

Sarah smiles shyly and gets on her knees before Toyah. Looking up at her she
takes the black cock into her mouth in one go, then sucks hard on the base
and slips her head backwards, coating the full length in her saliva, looking
up at Toyah the whole time. "Blimey, its no wonder blokes go on about getting
their cocks sucked! It looks marvelous!" Sarah moves out of the way and Fizz
wiggles her arse at Toyah who positions herself between Fizz's thick legs,
the cock pushing gently on Fizz's wet hole, then grabbing her ample arse
cheeks, pushes the cock fast and deep into Fizz - all 12 inches.

"Fffffffuuuuucccck!" shouts Fizz, and Toyah starts pulling the cock fully in
and out of Fizz, penetrating her pussy over and over. Fizz has her head down
on her arms and starts grunting as Toyah fucks her faster, slamming that
plastic cock into her deeper and harder than she has ever fucked, a grunts
each time Toyah whacks her arse with her stomach. She feels a finger move
onto her little hole as she gets closer and closer to coming. Toyah pulls
the cock out of Fizz, she loves how much control she has over her. She's got
so wet fucking her. She pushes the tip of the black cock inside Fizz's pussy
and at the same time rests two fingers on her arsehole. All at once she
pushes in with her cock and her fingers, impaling Fizz, the girl's ring
amazingly tight on her fingers. Fizz grunts even louder, almost a shout.
Toyah takes hold of Fizz's two pigtails, one in each hand and pulls her head
back hard, fucks her for all of about ten seconds until she feels Fizz
pushing back against her hard. Fizz's weight pushing her back slightly as
she comes very hard, and very wet. Toyah's never seen so much juice. Fizz
sags forwards onto her arms and breathes deeply. Toyah stands over her, her
strap on still smothered in Fizz's pussy, she pulls it out and Fizz's
whimpers slightly.

Toyah feels two hands round her waist, they reach down and pull her pants
down, her pussy exposed, the hair neatly trimmed to a line, the folds of her
pussy are damp, she turns around and sees Sarah hold the strap on, waving it
in above Maria's face. "I did what you wanted, now fuck me like that," she
says, pointing over to where Fizz is still sat her arse and pussy in the air.
Toyah is disappointed, she wants some attention, but Fizz is still breathing

Maria looks up at Sarah, she's amazed this young girl she's secretly lusted
after so long wants her to fuck her. She takes the pants and slips them on,
her friends juices a little clammy on the crotch and takes Sarah in her arms,
kissing her gently, passionately on the lips, the hard plastic cock pressed
between their bellies, still covered in Fizz's wetness. Maria caresses
Sarah's body, "You know I want more than to just fuck you?" says Maria.

"Mmm hmm," Sarah replies, nodding her head.

"I want you always with me," Sarah looks at her, the lust in her eyes, but
the soft smile on her face and the gentle kisses on her lips, then her neck
makes her realise that how ever much she might have thought of her as a big
sister. Now all she'll ever think of is her soft shaven pussy and her dark
pert nipples, how much she loved fucking her. That's all she'll ever want
from now on.

"Lay down Sarah," Maria, kisses down from her lips in-between her soft
breasts, then sucks the nipples, making them pop into shape in Maria's mouth.
Then Maria has her head in between her legs, kissing her clit, tasting her,
her nose nuzzling on her clit, Sarah's breaths long and deep now. Maria sits
back on her heels and pushes two fingers up Sarah's pussy, then traces up
and down the black cock with Sarah's juices, then pushes a finger in herself,
wiping that on her cock, mixing their juices.

She lays down on top of Sarah the cock almost in her, resting on Sarah's soft
lips. "How much do you want this?"

"More than anything!" shouts Sarah.

Maria pushes the cock into her, the head of it in her, her pussy contracting
on it. "Will you be mine, always?" Sarah looks up at her nodding furiously.
"I don't believe you," Maria says, pushing the cock deep into Sarah, she
moans loudly, she's not been fucked for so long, it's stretching her muscles,
but so much more, she's never had anything near as long inside her, its
immense and Maria pushes it all the way up, seeing Sarah biting her lip as
it slides slowly up the young girls cunt. She fucks her slowly, Sarah's eyes
open, her little breasts rocking up and down as the cock slips in and out of
her tight pussy. Sarah's eyes close and she's gasping with each breath.

"Not yet Sarah," says Maria, pulling the cock out of Sarah, who looks
incredibly disappointed, "On your hands and knees for me, like a dog."

Sarah pulls a face, but does as asked, the thought of that cock back in her
pussy to good to pass up. Fizz gets up and sits in front of Sarah, her legs
spread leaning back on her hands, "While she's fucking you, I want you
licking my pussy."

Sarah crawls forwards a little and gets a face full of Fizz's big wet pussy,
Fizz's hand pulling her onto it. She licks slowly, she is very wet, some it
dripping on the carpet below her, her pussy smells more strongly than Maria's
but it's not a bad smell. She feels Maria's hands pull her soft lips apart
and she quivers all over as her tongue squirms up inside her, searching her
pussy deliciously. Loud licking and slurping noises coming from behind her.
It makes her suck on Fizz's sopping fanny that much more as she can feel
Maria inside her, it stops, but then the cock forces it's way all the way to
the base into her tight slit. She clamps her pussy on the shaft and rocks her
hips back and forth on it, so big, so long, so filling. Then Maria pounds her
pussy once more, squishing her face into Fizz's cunt, who moans loudly as the
young girls face mashes into it. Sarah's face is dripping her hair lank with
Fizz's juice and she doesn't care, it feels so good, nothing else matters...

Then it stops again, she's so mad, she turns and sees Maria has let Toyah
taste her juices again, licking the cock. Next thing she knows Maria has the
cock pressed between Sarah's pert little arse cheeks, holding them tightly
while slipping the wet cock between them. She's not stupid, she know what
Maria wants. "No, I've never!" she protests, "I've heard it hurts, it's so
dirty! No!" She moves to get up and Fizz reaches reaches forwards and grabs
her wrists very tightly.

Maria pushing down her arse with all her weight. "Its ok, it does hurt a
little first time, but it's very good, we've all done it," soothes Maria.

"Including Tyrone," laughs Fizz.

"What?" Maria bursts out.

"Why do you think I've got that thing?" she asks pointing at the strap on,
"I gave him something he wanted, something he could never ask little miss
prim for. He loved it too." Maria is gob-smacked.

"Speak for yourselves girls," Toyah says, watching the three of them "I've
never let a bloke touch me there."

Maria and Fizz look at each other, Fizz raises an eyebrow. Maria gently leans
onto Sarah's back, kissing her and moving down between her cheeks, she kisses
her ring and sees it contract. "Sarah, I'm only asking you try it, if you
don't like it then fine, you do want me to fuck your pussy more don't you?"

Sarah looks up at Fizz, very embarrassed and nods slightly, Fizz nods at
Maria. She kisses the girl's ring one last time, then licks it, her tongue
pushing in slightly, leaving a generous amount of saliva there.

She runs the cock into Sarah's folds, covering the whole dildo in her juice
then, nudges it gently against Sarah's puckered little hole. Maria remembers
how much she likes it rough, but not straight off, so she pushes the tip into
Sarah's bum, the muscle spreading open ever so slightly. Then a little more
until the head is inside the girl's arsehole, Sarah whimpers and pushes the
cock back out again with her arse muscles.

"Trust me," Maria whispers into Sarah's ear as she bends over and squeezes
the dildo back into Sarah's virgin arsehole again, this time past the head,
deeper in.

"No, its not right, its shouldn't be in there!" shouts Sarah, she's trying to
move but is pinned by Fizz's hands and Maria's weight.

"Come on you two, stop it now," Says Toyah.

To this Maria looks at Toyah annoyed and starts fucking Sarah, for a second
she cries out and her head drops down, but as Maria's rhythm starts inside
her, they can hear her grunting like a pig. Maria pushes the cock fully up
into her tight arsehole and her head pops up, "Fuck me! Fuck me harder Maria!
I'm your slut, use me!" she screams, the cock painful and different up her
dirty little hole, it should be so wrong, it's bad, but it feels fucking
incredible. She can feel the cock going into her somewhere it shouldn't, but
it feels so intense. She can feel herself coming for the second time tonight
and starts hyperventilating and moaning. Maria pauses for a fraction of a
second. "Will you be mine, always?" she breathes quietly into her ear.

"Yes! Yes!" shrieks Sarah the cock agonizingly stopped inside her.

Maria fucks her harder than ever, roughly, not caring if she hurts Sarah or
not, holding the girls hips, plunging the cock inside her so hard and fast.

Fizz meanwhile is fingering her pussy in front of Sarah's face, Sarah isn't
noticing but Fizz is getting very turned on watching Sarah getting her arse
filled by Maria. Fizz just loves how it looks, the mix of pain and pleasure
on the young girl's face. Her cunt is now very sloppy and her three fingers
are sliding in and out very fast. She takes her fingers and pushes them into
Sarah mouth, Sarah takes little attention, just sucks them quickly, hardly
noticing. Fizz then crams them back up inside her pussy.

Sarah collapses as she comes, crying at the orgasm ripping through her
body. She twitches on the cock that Maria has left up inside her bum.
Slowly withdrawing once she stops. She cries at the humiliation and that
she couldn't help but like it.

"Are you ok love?" Asks Fizz, Sarah looks up, her eyes still wet, but smiles
sweetly at her seeing her masturbating in front of her. "Good girl. Oh god!
I`m going to come!" her juices pump out past her fingers, Sarah watches,
fascinated and a little disgusted.

* * *

"You've still not come yet have you?" asks Fizz.

"No." Toyah angrily replies

"Bend over then," replies Fizz,

"Not if you're going to do that."

"No I won't, I just want to fuck you Toyah, harder than you ever have been
before," Toyah could see in her eyes she wasn't joking and knew how much
power Fizz would likely have.

"Ok," she agrees and turns around, her hands on the sofa back, kneeling on
the cushion spreading her thin legs.

Fizz, takes the pants off Maria and slips them on, they're tight on her
bigger body and she gets turned on by the girls juices in squishing them.
Toyah is looking over her shoulder at Fizz as she approaches and stands
behind her. She feels the cock on her pussy and sits back against Fizz, the
cock sinking all the way up her in one smooth go.

She exhales and says, "Fuck me Fizz, I've needed to come all night," she
adds, "I want to come hard on your cock, big boy," knowing how much it turns
guys on giving them control.

Fizz fucks her fast and hard straight away, Toyah loves it, riding the cock.
Fizz is fucking her hard from behind with a strap on for fuck's sake! She
closes her eyes and she feels Fizz's hands on her bum, controlling the deep
strokes inside her body, "Come on you fat slag, is that the best you can do?"
Toyah squeals in delight as Fizz answers by ramming the cock in and out
faster and harder, her cheeks slapping on Fizz's belly.

"Just like that," she hears in front of her and a light buzzing behind her.
She opens her eyes and Maria is there in front of her, looking over Toyah's
shoulder, she turns to Toyah and kisses her deeply.

"Do you know how much I love you?" She asks of Toyah, who smiles, "You are
the most special friend I've ever had, so I want you to take this" she says
and holds Toyah's wrists firmly down on the sofa. Toyah's brows crease in
confusion. "Now" she says quietly over Toyah's shoulder and she turns, Fizz
has the cock just inside in her pussy waiting as Sarah touches a chrome
vibrator gently onto Toyah's arsehole "No! I said not to!" she shouts.

"Only to me you did. Besides you didn't ask me if I wanted your fingers up MY
bum!" says Fizz. Maria kisses Toyah on the lips and watches her face wrinkle
up as the vibrator slips painfully into Toyah's tight virgin arsehole. Maria
is smiling wildly. Toyah contracts on it, but to no avail, Sarah's holding it
in her, the young girl smiles with a wicked glint in her eye and shoves it in
harder, the vibrations now deep in her arsehole.

Toyah's eyes well up with tears, "You fucking bitches! It hurts! I don't want
to! Take it out! Take it out, now!" Toyah struggles, but then Fizz pushes
that big cock all the way back up Toyah's pussy, as the last slips into her,
Fizz's stomach connects with the vibrator hanging out of Toyah's arse and
that is pushed up her too, hard. Fizz continues fucking her, setting off
spasms in her pussy, she can feel the cock in the sweet little pussy she's
fucking and she's so wet. Toyah is enjoying Fizz's brutal fucking of her
cunt, the vibrator deep in Toyah's arse. Yet now it doesn't feel quite so
bad, it's stretched her arsehole wide and the end is stuck out, so every
time Fizz penetrates her fully she flicks the vibrator with her belly and
this sets off new contractions in Toyah's now deeply aroused body. She's
never been so full, she loves it, feels Maria kiss her and kisses her back
hungrily, then her head dips as Fizz fucks her to climax, the girl fucks
harder than any man she's ever had, so ruthless, uncaring for her feelings,
like its more for Fizz than Toyah. In a way it is. As she's fucks Toyah,
Fizz has ripped the bottom of the pants, spread her legs apart and has made
Sarah fist her wet pussy violently as she fucks both of Toyah's holes, she
loves violating Toyah so hard, she deserves it and knows it. It's made her
so wet on Sarah's fist. Toyah explodes as she comes, shrieking loudly, the
vibrator squeezed from her arse in the contraction, sliding to the floor,
the cock up her pussy tightly gripped, she's shuddering violently. Fizz
comes as Toyah does, so turned on by fucking her friend so violently. She
is squeezing on Sarah's fist repeatedly as she does, trails of her come
running down Sarah's arm. She slips out of Toyah's raw pussy and lets Sarah
slowly remove her hand from her gaping pussy. Sits down, slipping the
strap-on off her and collapses next to Toyah. Kisses her lightly on her

"Come on Sarah," says Maria, taking her by the hand, leading her away to the
bedroom, picking the strap on by the wet cock as she goes, "If you wont be
needing this girls, I want Sarah to make some use of it with me." Sarah turns
to them smiling and as the bolt snicks shut on the bedroom door. Fizz and
Toyah look at each other.

The End.


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