Coronation Street: Karen's Punishment Part 2
by Jack Anory ([email protected])

Tracey was pushing her pram down Coronation Street when she saw Karen and Co
leaving the factory for lunchtime. She called across the street "Karen, can
I have a word!" It wasn't a question.

Karen's heart sank "No, I'm off t'pub with Janice and Fizz. It'll have to

Tracey, looking at Karen, said "Janice, Fizz, I want to tell you about."

"Ok, ok, what do you want?" Karen interrupted her, relieved at shutting
Tracey up, but this was short lived when Tracey said "Come here Karen, I've
something for you."

Karen's head whirled. She had dreaded seeing Tracey: her mind was still
reeling from the sexual encounter with her a few days earlier. She was
terrified that Tracey would humiliate her publicly. She was also shocked
at herself for actually enjoying the spanking and the subsequent sexual
act she had performed on another woman. Every time she thought about it
(often) she blushed furiously but was also wet between her legs and had
to stop herself masturbating.

Karen walked towards Tracey, saying to the others, "I'll catch you up."

Tracey said, "Karen, this is for you." She passed her an envelope and walked
away smiling broadly. She knew what was in store later and was so looking
forward to it.

Karen turned and ran to her flat, she couldn't go to the pub now. Once
indoors she shouted "Steve, Steve, you here?"

There wasn't any answer she was relieved to note.

She went into the living room and sat down on the sofa, lit a cigarette,
dragging deeply to calm herself and began with shaking hands to open the
envelope. She tore at it wildly: inside was a piece of paper on which
Tracey had written:

Karen, here are your instructions for tonight.
Be at my house 6pm tonight
Wear only the following clothes: jeans, white cotton knickers, white t-shirt
And those red high-heeled boots you're so fond of.
Do not, repeat do not, go to the toilet after you have read this note.

Karen looked at the note in disbelief. What's she fucking on about don't go
to the toilet!


Karen rapped on Tracey's door. It was opened by her "I'm glad that you
can follow orders." She opened the door wider and Karen stepped through
nervously. All afternoon she had been shouting at her mates in the
factory mouthing off upsetting everyone. She was so nervous and uptight
about this evening. She was also desperate to pee.

"Would you like a drink?" Tracey asked.

"No, I fucking wouldn't. I need to go to the loo as it is. What's this all

"Urolagnia, Karen, Urolagnia. I take it that being the ignorant cow that you
are, you don't know what it is. Well, you're going to receive an education
tonight. The actual definition is - arousal from urine."

Karen looked aghast "What! You're sick, that's what you are, sick."

Tracey just laughed at her. "Right, go upstairs now!" At that, Karen heard a
loud CRACK beside her. She hadn't noticed that Tracey had been holding the
whip she had seen the other day. She jumped. The whip cracked again.

Karen moved.

She ran lightly up the stairs, anxious not to get in the way of the whip, she
didn't relish that.

Tracey followed her. At the top of the stairs Tracey instructed her to go
into the main bedroom. Karen had a problem, her bladder was fit to bursting,
and what with running up the stairs she knew she had to get to the toilet
soon! Tracey could tell from the way the other woman was standing that she
was close to wetting herself. She needed her to do exactly that - to suffer
the humiliation of wetting her pants.

"Look. I've fucking well got to go to the toilet!" Karen shouted.

Tracey stood looking at her, smiling "Well go then. Don't let me stop you."

"Don't be fucking stupid" Karen was getting angrier by the second now "If I
go past you, you'll fucking hit me with that fucking whip and you ain't doing

As both women stood there confrontationally Karen could feel her bladder
control slipping. Tracey watched her smugly. She knew Karen wouldn't hold
out much longer. Karen's eyes shut tight: her expression changed to one of
despair then disgust and agonising humiliation. As Tracey thought this, she
could see a wet patch beginning to appear through Karen's jeans. She clutched
frantically at her crotch, but it didn't do any good. Pee burst between her
fingers soaking her jeans, and spraying into the carpet, the stain spreading
quickly. As she watched it grew larger and urine began to trickle down
Karen's leg and into her red boots. Karen stifled a sob.

"You dirty bitch Karen, look what you're doing all over my carpet, you will
have to clean that up."

They both looked down at the floor where Karen stood. A large wet patch was
spreading as Karen's control went entirely. She felt deeply distressed and
unhappy. She didn't like this.

Tracey told her "Go into the bathroom, fetch a bucket with soapy water and a
cloth, bring them here, then get on your hands and knees and clean it."

Karen reluctantly and noisily as her jeans rubbed together across her thighs
due to the wetness walked past her and into the bathroom. She found the
things and returned to the bedroom sniffing loudly. Tracey was a control
freak, but she was too frightened of her to walk away.

Tracey towered over her while she scrubbed, swishing the whip gently
backwards and forwards ever closer to Karen.

Tracey herself needed to pee but she could control it: she had been savouring
this moment. Karen fucking McDonald, wife of the man she wanted, was at her
feet, humiliated and dirty. She'd wet herself and was now crying on her

"Lie down, Karen on your back!"

Karen through her tears said "No!"

"Did you say no?" said Tracey, deceptively mildly.

"Yes" said Karen meekly.

Tracey bent down and shoved her head pushing her face to the floor. She kept
her hand on the back of her head forcing the other woman to inhale the smell
of her own urine. Karen coughed and spluttered, trying to turn her face away.

Tracey grabbed a handful of her hair and lifted her head up "In future, you
do as I say, when I say. Got it! TURN OVER!"

Karen was sobbing hard, her face was wet, her hair plastered over her face
and she knew she smelt of pee. She felt sick.

Worse was to come.

As she lie there she realised Tracey was removing her jeans, she didn't have
any knickers on: next Tracey stood astride her, her bare crotch was level
with Karen's face. She told Tracey to lift her top to bare her full, firm,
luscious breasts. Karen suddenly realised what was to come and began to
retch. Tracey felt a flush of sadistic pleasure as she saw Karen tremble, she
reached down and pulled her lips apart, feeling the familiar ache beginning
to build. Letting go, she watched her stream of golden liquid flowing. Karen
felt a warm sensation on her face; she shut her eyes as the liquid run down
her face in rivulets, down her chin, on her neck and her tits. Tracey moved
slightly to catch her breasts aiming for the nipples that were hard and
erect. She told Karen to squeeze her tits, Karen crying, did so, pressing
them together creating a large cleavage that Tracey's pee was running into,
Tracey moved further down her body so that the last of the urine was on her

"Open your eyes, bitch" Tracey commanded standing at Karen's feet. She
reluctantly obeyed.

"Now sit up and lick those lovely red boots of yours!" Karen hesitated, but
knew she would have to do this. She sat up and leaning over as far as she
could she poked her tongue out and licked the urine from her boot.

Tracey stood watching, covering her with the whip. She had to masturbate: the
sight in front of her was too much. The woman she so hated was lying soaked
in her own pee, her face, tits and body covered in streams of urine and now
she was licking piss off her own boots. She frigged herself faster and faster
as she watched. She could feel her orgasm building and her legs began to
tremble, her breath was ragged as she continued to touch her clit, the hard
nut rubbing against her finger.

Karen looked up, saw Tracey touching herself and to her dismay she could feel
herself becoming aroused. She was disgusted with herself but knew she had
no choice but to masturbate. She leant back, lifted her body off the floor
resting on her shoulders, quickly undid the button on her jeans, urgently
releasing the zip, pushing them and her knickers down hurriedly, but they
caught on her boots. With a huge sign of frustration she yanked first one
boot then the other off, freeing her clothes, tossed them to one side, caught
Tracey's eye, who was grinning wickedly at her: opened her legs wide, very
wide, and pulled her lips apart. With one hand she inserted two fingers in
herself, with the other she felt her clitoris, rubbing hard. She was crying
again, crying for the fact that she was covered in urine, was at the other
woman's mercy, crying for the degradation and shame of it - and yet she
needed to cum. She couldn't take her eyes off Tracey's hand, both of them
mirroring each other's movements. They both came, loudly. Karen sat up, put
her hands on Tracey's legs supporting herself and positioned her face at
Tracey's fanny, and licked her juices from her. She continued licking and
sucking, anxious to savour the taste of her until Tracey pushed her away,

"Well, Well so you enjoyed that, through all that pathetic blubbering.
You can go now; I'll speak to you in a few days next for another lesson."


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