Coronation Street: Karen's Punishment Part 3
by Jack Anory ([email protected])

"Karen, get in!"

"Not fucking likely."

"Karen, if you don't want me to right now go over to Steve's office and tell
him what you've got up to with me, I suggest you get in. I won't say it

Karen MacDonald sighed. She also reluctantly got in the passenger side of the
car Tracey Barlow was driving, the car that was rightfully hers, she got in,
pulled a face at Tracey, who had a huge smirk on her face.

"Oh Karen. Don't look like that, it so ages you. We're going for a little

Karen decided that for once she would keep quiet, she didn't seem to win
around Tracey these days. Tracey was mythering on, Karen only half listening.
She was wondering what the evil bitch had in mind for her. They had been
driving for a while when Karen realised she didn't know where she was.

"Where are we?" she asked Tracey.

"Never mind that, you just sit there and shut up."

Karen shut up.

Shortly, Tracey brought the car to a halt outside a house that stood on its

"Get out!"

Karen didn't move.

Tracey turned and leant over the back seat, picked up a carrier bag and from
it removed the dog whip that Karen had seen previously. Karen changed her
mind and moved - quick. She didn't fancy Tracey using that on her.

Tracey ordered her into the house by way of the back door into the kitchen.
Karen half turned questionally, but was told to keep going. Ahead was a white
panelled door, and she was told to go through it. As they both entered, the
room was in semi-darkness as the curtains were closed blocking off what
little remained of the daylight. As Tracey stepped through behind Karen she
flipped the light switch and it took a few moments for their eyesight to
adjust to the harsh lighting in the room. In front of her Karen could see a
wooden contraption she really didn't want to think what it was used for and
the wall facing her about 15 foot in length was covered in floor to ceiling
mirrors. Karen paled.

Tracey pushed Karen into the centre of the room.

"Strip" she ordered as she swished the whip around Karen but not touching
her. Karen was terrified. She obeyed, eyeing the whip frantically. When she
was completely naked Tracey told her to take up a submissive stance, hands
raised up behind her head, chest thrust out, legs apart revealing all.

Tracey walked around her inspecting her naked body. Karen could feel herself
blushing under her scrutiny. She stood in front of her, put out her hand and
pulled a nipple, sending arousal messages through Karen's brain. She smiled
"Like that do we?" Karen said nothing, but her body responded as she thrust
her breast towards Tracey. Suddenly the whip was brought down against her
thigh. She yelped.

"I asked you a question. Answer me" said Tracey quietly, leaning in close to
Karen's ear. "Now, are you getting turned on?"

"Yes" Karen reluctantly replied.

"Your body is rather full and curvaceous Karen, You'll having to start
watching your weight soon, before you turn into a fat ugly cow. I think
however, you will look much better with stripes from the whip - don't

Karen trembled. Tracey laughed at her discomfort.

Close by was the wooden frame that Tracey told her to walk over to. When she
did her wrists were grabbed and she felt cold, hard metal as manacles closed
over them. Tracey knelt down and shackled her ankles. It all happened so
fast. She tugged at her bondage but knew that she was helpless. Tracey stood
up and pulled on a chain attached to the wrist handcuffs, which was in turn
connected to the wooden frame. As Tracey wound up the chain Karen's arms were
raised high up above her head. Next, she returned to her ankles tightening
the chain between them so her legs were forced apart.

Her entire body was in a high state of tension with muscles taut. Facing her
was the mirrors and she knew that not only did Tracey want her to experience
pain she had to watch it as well!

She couldn't resist looking in the mirror at her breasts, they had changed
shape: they were normally very firm and full, but now they looked oval -
maybe even bigger, - definetly an altered look about them.

She glanced up, watching Tracey watching her. She felt frightened. Tracey was
capable of anything. She needed Steve. Tracey was flexing the whip, sending
it back and forth through the air. Karen's stomach began to churn. She knew
that soon she was going to feel leather on her bare flesh. She started to
cry. Karen for all her bluster was a coward.

Looking at Tracey in the mirror, she saw the wicked glint in her eye and knew
Tracey had her exactly where she wanted her - in her power. Such humiliation,
she thought. She'd suffered enough of that in their previous encounters, but
that was minor compared to this. Strung up and helpless. At the whim of
someone else. Especially an evil bitch like her!

"Ok Karen, let's see how you react to a taste of the whip. Karen tensed her
already tense muscles but was still unprepared. The blow landed across her
ample buttocks. Just for a second she felt nothing then a terrible stinging
pain developed, she cried out. Behind her Tracey grinned.


A second blow landed in the same area, she felt tears welling up, she cried
out wanting mercy, but Tracey kept on.


Again and again. Karen was writhing now in a desperate effort to avoid the
blows. The pain was dreadful, stinging like mad. Sweat covered her body head
to foot. Every blow found its mark. Tracey was well into her stride, she was
much stronger than she looked.

The beating stopped: Karen was panting for breath, tears running down her
cheeks, her mascara had run, she must look a fucking mess, but she didn't
care about that. Tracey came and stood in front of her, her expression was
one of sheer delight as she took in Karen's distress.

She moved and the whip came again, but this time it was between her legs,
the leather rubbing against her cunt lips, and pressing hard against her

Karen looked up and gasped. She couldn't believe this, the sensation of the
leather was delicious, the pain forgotten. Tracey worked the whip back and
forth, pleasuring her. She brought Karen close to her peak and withdrew.

Karen gave a moan of fraustration. She so desperately wanted to be touched
between her legs. She couldn't believe this, the whipping had turning her on.

Karen caught Tracey's eye. She was breathing heavily from her exertions,
a smile spread across Tracey's face as she reached out with the whip again
running it again and again against her pussy. The surface of the leather
glistened with her wetness.

Karen was desperate to come. Her helpless body shook as the orgasm
overwhelmed her: it was like nothing she had experienced before. When her
spasms subsided Tracey held up the whip for her to see it coated fully in
her juices as Tracey licked it clean.

"Well, Karen I've seen people like the whip before, but I've not seen anyone
come like you just did, You're a natural slave!"

She turned and walked away.

"Wait!" cried Karen "Where are you fucking going, you can't leave me here
like this?" Her tone was plaintive.

"I'll be back shortly, with a surprise. I have to go and collect Amy from the
Croppers, leave her with Gran: then I'll be back. Don't go away now."

"But, but." wailed a panic stricken Karen.

Tracey left leaving Karen looking at the closed doorway in dismay.

Karen hung there miserable.

* * *

Tracey paused at the door entrance to Streetcars, taking a deep breath, she
pushed the door open forcefully shouting "Steve, Steve" panting as if she'd
been running.

Steve MacDonald looked up from the taxi switchboard he was operating to see
Tracey Barlow practically falling headlong into the room.

"What's going on? He asked.

"Steve, it's Karen, she needs help, come with me quick!"

"What do you mean, where is she?"

"Don't ask questions, just come with me. I'll explain on the way."

"Way, what way?"

As he spoke he removed the headset he was wearing and stood up coming over to
Tracey. She grabbed his arm, pulling him through the doorway with her. She
turned her head away from him and smiled to herself.

She led him to her car parked outside the taxi company: they got in she
deftly reversed out and then drove off along Coronation Street.

Steve was bombarding her with questions. "Shush Steve, let me get my breath
back." She made out as if taking a long deep breath and slowly letting it

"Ok, that's better. I've been rushing to get to you, you know."

"I know, I know I'm sorry." he babbled.

She looked away from him grinning: this had been so easy, what a great day
and it wasn't over yet.

"Earlier on, I saw Karen being pushed into a car by some men and before I
could get there, they drove off, so I followed them in my car to see where
they took her."

"Why didn't you phone the police." he queried.

"Because the battery on my phone is dead, if I'd stopped at a phone box I'd
have lost them, so I kept following hoping I'd be able to do something."

Steve started to bluster "I don't understand, What men" Why would they want

"I don't know do I? Now shut up and let me concentrate and I'll be able to
take you to the place they stopped at."

Minutes later Tracey turned off the main road: she took a series of lefts and
rights. Fortunately for her Steve didn't ask any more questions, he appeared
in a kind of trance like state, obviously dwelling on what could be happening
to his wife. If he had been more aware he'd have been wondering how Tracey
knew this area so well. She pulled up outside a lone detached house, killed
the engine and doused the lights.

"They're inside" she whispered. "Let's go round the back."

"No, wait!" Steve cried. "We should call the police."

However Tracey had already left the car. He crept stealthily behind her, he
could see a light ahead through a doorway as she went in. "Oh God, what's
she doing?" he thought. "Mad cow" As he reached the entrance, the door was
slightly ajar: he looked into a kitchen. The light was on but there was no
sign of Tracey. He hesitated wondering what to do. "Tracey, Tracey" he
whispered as loud as he dared. No response. He edged forward slowly. He
stopped as he heard a noise, a gentle whimpering. He cocked his ears
listening, there it was again, it sounded human.

He gingerly went through the doorway ahead closer to the sound. Facing him
across a narrow hallway was a closed door. He listened. Yes, it was definetly
a human cry. It must be Karen.

He turned the knob, slowly opening the door. As he looked in he stopped and
his jaw dropped in amazement.

There, in front of him was his wife. She was fully naked, trussed up in a
wooden contraption and appeared completely helpless. Despite himself his cock
stirred. She had her back to him, but he could see her front in the mirror,
he didn't know what to look at. Was it the deep red weals across her back and
bum, or facing him he could see her huge breasts, the nipples looking larger
than he'd ever seen them, the aurole a deep cinnamon colour. "Fuck me" he
thought. He'd never seen her like this, it was so erotic and exciting.

As he looked, his penis stiffened further until he had a raging hard on. She
looked up and in the mirror "Steve, Steve, thank god, get me out of here!"
He rushed forward to hold her "Its ok, baby, it's ok" he said reassuringly.

As he stepped into the room he didn't notice the door closing and a key
quietly turning in the lock.

He reached Karen, hugged her to him, pressing her large breasts against him.
Karen was sobbing. "Get me out of here, let me down. That bitch Tracey Barlow
did this to me!"

"No babe, listen. It was Tracey who brought me here, she said you'd been
pushed into a car by some men."

"Fucking lying bitch. She did it!"

He stood back his mind in a whirl. What was happening here? Where was Tracey?
He looked to see how he could free her, but became aware she was well and
truly held in place.

They both heard the sound of a door opening and stepping through it was a
woman - a woman wearing a black leather outfit. The shiny leather leotard
hugged her body like a second skin, her small breasts were pushed upwards
fully on display, the nipples proud and erect. Her legs looked long and
were encased in black fishnet tights and boots with high stiletto heels
that came to her knees. The cut of the body suit was so high her thighs
were uncovered with no more than a thin strip of leather covering her
crotch. She had long black gloves to her elbows. And her long brown hair
was tied back in a tight pony tail giving her face a harsh look.

She stood inside the door, placed her hands on her hips, and with a truly
arrogant smile on her lips.

"Now the party can really begin." she purred. Moving forward, Steve stood
close to Karen as if to protect her, but knew he was wasting his time. "Very
touching, Steve."

He looked first at his naked, wife, then at the dominatrix in front of him.
He was intensely aroused. He knew that he was heading for trouble.

Tracey looking down at the bulge in his trousers walked towards him saying
"Well, well, Steve what do we have here?" Karen, it seems that your husband
is rather turned on." As she talked she walked around them both, she picked
up the dog whip. "Is it the sight of Karen strung up, mind you there's a lot
of people that would like to do that, though not for the same reason as me,
or is it me Steve?" She stopped directly in front of him, her small pert
breasts looked far bigger than he remembered in that outfit. His mouth became
dry. His heart rate increasing rapidly. They looked at each other. He was
thinking how he wanted to reach out to take a nipple between finger and thumb
causing it to swell further.Touch those nipples, pull them, tease them twist
them,. Take the swollen nipple in his mouth and suckle.

Meanwhile Karen was shouting at him "Steve, don't look at her, she's an evil
bitch. DON'T LOOK AT HER!" But Steve couldn't help himself.

He was lost and all three knew it.

Tracey saying nothing reached for his zip and began to pull it down "No, No"
yelled Karen. Tracey ignored her, she looked only at Steve. She reached into
his trousers, located his penis and he gave a low moan of pleasure as her
soft hand closed around the shaft. "Take it out" she ordered.

Steve managed a glance at Karen who was now mute. "Sorry babe" he said as he
released it from the confinement of his trousers. All three of the stared at

"Hmm, it's not as big as I recall" said Tracey nastily.

She put out her hand, rang her fingers up its length feeling the veins that
stood out prominently. "Drop your trousers!"

Steve did as commanded and without her asking, also his underpants. He
stepped out of both and his rampant cock was standing out from under his
t-shirt. He stood waiting.

Tracey again reached out, just barely touching him, his penis twitched and
both Karen and her saw his scrotum contract. Tracey smiled. She was loving
this. She was in complete control of these people, they were in her power.

As they watched a bead of moisture appeard at the tip. Tracey licked her
lips. "Karen I'm going to suck that" Karen looked at her, saying nothing,
she knew she was beaten, beaten beyond anything she could ever have imagined.

Steve looked Karen up and down, The sight was amazing. He reached out and
tweaked a nipple, she gasped. Tracey dropped to her knees, still grasping
the whip. Her nostrils flared as she caught the scent of his arousal. She
opened her lips and took him in her mouth.

She sucked him, running her tongue over his glans, and reaching for his balls
cupping them in her palm.

Karen had never known such fraustration. As she watched Tracey fellate her
husband she was aware of a burning need in her cunt, she wanted Steve's cock,
wanted to stroke it, suck it, feel his balls as they expanded and contracted
within the tight sac. She looked at his face seeing his eyes roaming her
body. Hers not Tracey's. She was being forced to spectate, but her naked body
was providing the stimulus in the first place, she was sure.

Tracey sat back on her heels using her hands working up and down his shaft,
for a brief moment Karen thought she'd finished with him, that she could have
him - but no, the look on his face told her it was too late. She watched in
dismay as he came, a large jet of semen spurting in an arc as it flew into
Tracey's waiting mouth. Followed by a second load of fluid and a third.
Tracey had positioned herself so Karen got a perfect view of his climax.

He kept coming, his spunk splashing onto her cheeks, and chin.

Tracey stood up, approached Karen, put her arm roughly around her head
pulling her face towards her own. Their lips met and Steve's spunk flowed
into Karen's mouth.

Karen was in a high state of sexual arousal and this taster renewed her
passion and she swallowed eagerly, licking around the crevice's in Tracey's
mouth in search of as much semen as she could get.

Tracey pulled away from her and Karen was desperate to be touched between her
legs, but Tracey stood away from her leaving Karen moaning in fraustration.

Steve had not moved from his position, his orgasm had been intense and then
watching his wife avidly take his sperm had just about finished him off. He
was incapable of rational thought.

Not so Tracey.

She turned away from them walking towards the door laughing. "It looks like
you both enjoyed that. I think it's time Karen, for Steve to be told about
the other things you like to do..."

As she reached the door she put her hand into her cleavage and pulled out a
key and unlocked the door.

"I'll catch up with you shortly." she said and left the room.


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