As with most of my stories, the following text is of an erotic (I hope)
nature that also includes a fair amount of bondage etc. Again, as with my
other stories, I can't be bothered to actually create characters and this
time the characters are from a UK TV series called Coronation Street.
Unfortunately I have a thing for one of the characters, Liz McDonald. She's
a feisty, curly haired blonde, thirty seven year old who's fit, 37-23-33
slim, well built body could still carry off wearing mini-skirts, lycra tops,
stockings and high heels. Her only problem was that she wasn't what you
would call top heavy - in fact she only carried a B-cup, even though they
were still very firm.

Coronation Street: Liz Goes To School Part 1 (MMMF,exhib)
by Andy C ([email protected])

Liz was surprised when Ken Barlow had invited her to the school to tell the
sixth form about being a Landlord of a pub. There were only 6 students that
had shown an interest, so the group wouldn't be too difficult to control. Ken
had said that normally he'd need to be there as well, but he needed to do
some marking, so he'd leave her to it. The class was at 9am so she have to
catch the school bus.

The morning of the class had arrived, and she'd been up early to preen her
hair and put on her make-up (red lips and blusher to highlight her high cheek
bones). She then dressed herself in a wonder bra to push up her breasts,
tight red lycra top which showed off the shape of her firm tits perfectly,
and cut low enough to show a generous amount of cleavage, small black micro
mini-skirt, garter belt and black stockings, and a pair of black 5 inch high
heeled shoes. As she liked the feel of air on her shaved cunt lips, she
didn't bother putting on any panties. She put on a black jacket, and slung
her handbag over her shoulder.

Closing the door to her flat, she walked to the bus stop. As always, the eyes
of men she passed on the street, checked out her body. Approaching the bus
stop, she saw that quite a large group of children had gathered. Three of the
older guys were standing around, smoking, when one of them saw Liz walking
towards them. He nudged one, and signalled to the other. When she reached the
queue, she noticed that all their trousers were concealing hard ons. Waiting
for the school bus, she listened to the three of them talking behind her.

"Cor, look at the body on that!", said one, "Marks out of ten? I'd give her
one!" laughed another, "Those lips look like they could out suck a vacuum
cleaner." added another voice. On and on the remarks continued until they all
climbed onto the bus.

By the time Liz got on, there was standing room only, and that was very
sparse. Holding onto the overhead hand rail, the only space was by the
baggage racks. She saw that she was surrounded by the three guys who were
talking about her outside. As the bus became even more full, all their
bodies got crushed together. Liz felt the erections of the guy in front
of her pressing into her hip, and another hard-on pushing into the small
of her back. As the bus began to move off, she felt the two guys rubbing
their pricks against her body. Liz was incredibly turned on by what was
happening to her in public. She at the guy in front of her, who was
smiling as he masturbated against her body. She winked, and reaching down
with her free hand, she unzipped his fly, and reached inside his trousers.
The smile on his face changed to a look of surprise as she pulled out his
prick. She then hiked up her mini-skirt, and the directed his erect penis
into her sopping wet vagina.

Reaching behind her, she did the same to that guy, but this time sliding his
prick into her well fucked arse-hole. With the aid of the bus' motion, they
were both soon pushing deep into Liz's cunt and arse hole. With each thrust
she was lifted from the floor, only keeping her balance by the two pricks
ramming into her body, and her hand on the hand-rail. The third guy couldn't
believe his eyes as this older woman fucked his two mates on the bus. Liz
turned her face towards him, and winked, licking her red lips. She unzipped
his fly with her free hand, and reached inside his trousers, releasing his
prick. She then licked her palm, and began to wank him off.

The guy in front stared at the globes of tit flesh in front of him, as Liz's
nipples reacted to the stimulation she was receiving, and grew to the size of
thimbles, pushing through her bra and top. His speed of thrusting increased,
and soon, the guy in her cunt began to cum, shooting his load deep into Liz.
This in turn set off Liz's orgasm, her cunt and arse spasaming forcefully
onto their young pricks, milking as much cum from his balls as she could. The
guy fucking her arse only had Liz permed hair to look at, but as soon as he
felt the constriction of her anal passage on his tool, he gave one more
thrust and shot his load deep into her bowels. As their softening penises
slowly slid from within her, she concentrated on wanking off the third guy.
Feeling the start of his orgasm, she cupped her hand over the end of his
prick. As he began spurting, her hand caught his spunk. After a while, he too
began to soften. Having a look at her hand, Liz's hand was covered with the
white sticky substance.

Looking on in interest, the three guy's were wondering what she would do with
her spunk covered hand. Lifting her hand to her mouth, she snaked out her
tongue, and began to lick up the salty fluid. By the time she had finished
cleaning her hand, the spunk filled the inside of her mouth, and glistened on
her lips. Swallowing the cum down, she smiled, and used her free hand to pull
down her skirt back to a respectable level. She then put away the three guys
shrivelled penises.

The bus arrived at the school, and with much shouting and screaming, everyone
got off it. Ken met Liz as she climbed off the bus. "Hope you didn't mind
riding on the bus!" asked Ken, as he led her to her classroom.

"No," smiled Liz at the three boys she'd just fucked, "It was most

The story continues when Liz is in the classroom with 5 guys and 1 girl...


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