As with most of my stories, the following text is of an erotic (I hope)
nature that also includes a fair amount of bondage etc. Again, as with my
other stories, I can't be bothered to actually create characters and this
time the characters are from a UK TV series called Coronation Street. The
actual following story line takes a current story (about Liz McDonald being
harassed by a prison inmate Fraser Henderson who has seen her visit her son
Steve McDonald in prison.) and turns the story into a bondage story?

Coronation Street: Liz McDonald (MF-mast,hand,bond,humil,tort,voy,bukakke,nc)
by Andy C ([email protected])

Liz had come to visit Steve in prison again. She wore her standard clothes of
Lycra top, mini-skirt, black tights, black high heel shoes, and a small red

"Look, mum," said Steve, "you've got to do what Henderson says or they're
going to chop my balls off!"

"I don't know Steve," replied Liz. "Can't we just go to the Police."

"Look," added Steve, "all he wants you to do is come to visit him dressed
with clothes that he'll buy for you."

"Yeah, that's fine," nodded Liz, her blond permed hair bouncing with the
motion of her head, "it's what he'll want me to wear."

Steve, slapped his head with his hand, "But mum, he'll pay for it, and it is
for my life!"

Liz sighed. She liked the way her body was at the moment. It is for her son,
though. "Okay, I'll do it. Get Henderson to organise it, and send a letter
when it's sorted."

Liz concluded her visit, and walked back to the bus stop to catch a ride
home. When she arrived home, Liz found a package waiting for her. "Wear these
clothes, and only these clothes when you come to visit me. Signed Henderson."

Opening the box, she found a pair of black 5 inch high stiletto heeled shoes,
a black lycra micro-mini skirt, a white, half cup bra that would push her
tits up and forward, a red boob tube, suspender belt and black stockings.
Looking through the box, she could find no panties. 'Hum, better see what
this looks like?' Liz thought, as she stripped off her old clothes.

Putting on the bustier, she arranged her tits as best she could. Instead of
hanging slightly, her tits were now pushed up and out. Her nipples sat on the
top of the cup, and a great expanse of areola was visible. Fastening on the
suspender belt, and putting on the stockings were quickly completed. She then
pulled on the micro mini-skirt. Placing the top band on her hips, the bottom
of the skirt barely covered her buttocks, showing that she was wearing
stockings and suspenders, and no panties. The boob-tube came next.

As she pulled the material over her breasts, Liz's nipples again reacted to
the feel of material scrapping over them, and again became erect. The tube
was only wide enough to cover the bra, and a bit of the nipple, still leaving
a lot of areola visible. Lastly, she put on her new high heels. As she walked
around the room, looking at herself in the mirror, she could see the way that
the shoes accentuated the motion of her buttocks, drawing the mini-skirt
slowly over her arse checks and leaving her cunt open for inspection.

'This Henderson must be a right pervert.' She thought, as she applied red
lipstick and prepared to visit her benefactor.

If she thought the looks she got earlier were bad, men just stopped in the
street and stared at the whore that was sauntering down the street. The boob
tube was only held up by her nipples pushing through the material, and her
hands were forever pulling her skirt down as it rode up her buttock cleft.

Getting on the bus, she paid her fare and, as there were no seats down
stairs, she had to go upstairs. A guy that was following her up noticed that
she wasn't wearing any underwear, and when she sat down, he sat down behind

The journey was a long one, and soon the top deck of the bus was empty, apart
from Liz and the guy. She heard him opening his fly, and then the tale-tale
noise of someone masturbating behind her. She could hear him muttering under
his breath, "come on you bitch, get your lips around this" and "let me slide
it up your tight arse" etc. After a few minutes, she heard him stand up and
felt some warm spunk splatter into her cleavage. Looking around, Liz got the
next load right on her nose. "Cheers, darling" the bloke said, and got off
the bus. Reaching into her handbag, she pulled out a hankie, and cleaned up
the guys spunk.

Walking into the prison wasn't much better. All the guards had raging
hard-ons when Liz passed them. Fraser was waiting for her. "Hi Liz," said

"I didn't think the clothes would be so revealing," replied Liz.

"Well, you always did turn a few heads with your clothes." Fraser looked
around the tables, and saw that the guards were chatting to each other at
one side of the room. "Now. What I want you to do is wank me off under the
table, catch the spunk in your hand and lick it off."

"That's gross!" retorted Liz.

"It may be gross but it'll stop Steve getting his head kicked in."

Liz gave in and leant forward, reaching under the table. Fraser unzipped his
fly and pulled his prick out.

"It's already rock hard from seeing you. It shouldn't take long."

Liz searched under the table for his prick. Once she'd found it she was
amazed at it's girth and length. Slowly she began to wank him off. She could
feel the pre-cum oozing onto the palm of her hand, as she quickened her pace.

"Okay!" Fraser said, so Liz put her other hand under the table, and cupped
them both over the end of his penis. Spurt after spurt of warm sperm was
milked from his prick, and ended up in her hands. Putting his slowly sagging
prick away, Fraser added, "Now lick it up!"

Pulling her hands from below the table, she looked at the jism in them. Her
tongue snaked out and she began to lap up the spunk. Sperm trailed from her
lips to her hands, and her lips were coated with semen. Once she'd finished,
she asked Fraser, "Is that all?"

As she spoke Fraser could see the spunk still coating her teeth and tongue.
"No. When you get up to go I want you to bend over away from me to pick up
your bag. I want to finger your cunt." Liz sighed, and licked her lips trying
to remove the salty taste of sperm from them. "See you in a months time,"
smiled Fraser, as Liz got up to leave.

Bending forward as close to the table as she could, legs straight and
slightly spread, she could feel the material of the dress ride over her arse
cheeks. Fraser soon had another erection, as he saw Liz's shaved cunt, her
well stretched labia, and puckered arse hole. Fraser reached out and inserted
two of his fingers into Liz's cunt, and using his thumb to rub her clitoris.
He then spread her lips wide so that he had a clear view of her vagina.
Pulling his fingers out, Liz stood straight again, and walked from the room,
her buttocks pistoning as the effect of her high heels exaggerated their
movement and everyone could see her cunt lips rubbing together on each step.

As Liz walked down the hallway adjusting her skirt, she couldn't believe the
humiliation she'd just received. All of a sudden a hand with a cloth covered
her nose and mouth. Before she could struggle, the effects of the knockout
liquid took there effect, as she dropped unconscious...

* * *

When Liz came around, her arms were tied behind her back at the elbows and
wrists. She was also wearing a ball gag. "The court can come to order! The
defendant has woken." Said a voice to one side. As Liz's vision cleared, she
noticed she was sitting on a stage, and the entire room was full of convicts.
"The court charges Liz McDonald with maliciously wearing provocative clothing
to excite the libido of prisoners. Will the defendant stand."

Liz just sat there dumb struck. She felt a prod in her back, and a voice
said into her ear "I've got a cattle prod in my hand. They give out electric
shocks that can paralyse cows. Imagine what it'd do to you! Now get up."

Liz stood shakily on her high heels.

"The jury must observe her current attire. Wearing a boob-tube and mini-skirt
that barely conceal anything."

The crowd started to mumble, and a lot of them were nodding their heads.

"Turn around and walk to the back of the stage, then come back to your
chair." As Liz complied, the voice continued, "As you can also see, the use
of high-heels exaggerates her movements, but also reveal the fact she is not
wearing any underwear!"

At these words the crowd started shouting "Guilty, Guilty!"

The voice added, "It has been brought to my attention that Mrs. McDonald wore
these clothes on the behest of Fraser Henderson, who did not know of this
Prisoner's Law. Ignorance of the Law is no defence."

Liz had once again reached her seat.

"All stand for the verdict of the court." The voice boomed, "We find, Liz
McDonald guilty as charged. You will be taken from this court, and be forced
to take part in various bondage scenarios, that will be videoed and sold, for
the next 3 days. If you do not comply, you and your son will be killed. Take
her away."

Liz was paraded in front of the prisoners as she was led off down from the
stage to her first performance.

"All of the scenes will be shown live on the prison TV network, and recorded
to be sold later. We've told the prisoners to collect any spunk they shoot
while watching your performances, for use in some later scenes," said the
"Judge" as he walked beside her. "The first scene will be in the prison Gym,
you'll use some of the apparatus and then some specially built ones."

Going through the Gym doors revealed a camera crew already set up. Liz was
ordered to strip naked, and provided with a lycra G-string pair of bikini
bottoms and told to put the boob tube back on, as well as the high-heels.
As she pulled the G-string on, she realised that the front barely covered
her cunt, and as she walked about the material invariably slipped between
her cunt lips. The "Director" then told Liz to sit on one of the exercise

Liz slipped her legs on either side of the two pads of the thigh-master. As
the metal pin holding the weights was removed, the pads were pulled and Liz's
thighs were spread wide. The camera was set up in front of the machine. As
Liz exercised her thighs, the material of her g-string was pulled tight and
slipped between her cunt lips, revealing her well developed labia protruding
on either side. The material rubbed her clit, and slowly her breath grew
shorter and shorter as she was stimulated by the actions of the g-string,
which was itself getting damp from the juices that were issuing from her
cunt. Liz's thighs were wide open when the orgasm struck.

Moving to the next apparatus, which was an exercise bike that had been
modified. Instead of a seat, there were 2 huge dildos that were attached to
the wheel. With each turn of the wheel the dildos moved up and down. Liz was
filmed lubricating the monster phallus' with KY jelly, as well as lubricating
her cunt and arse. The "Director" had Liz leaning forward as she inserted her
fingers into her puckered arsehole to get as much of the stuff inside her to
ease the passage of the dildo.

Standing over the bike, Liz lowered herself onto the huge pieces of plastic.
One of the cameras focused on her face and the look of excruciating pain that
was held on it. The other looked on as first the cunt dildo slipped in and
then the anal dildo spread open her tight buttocks and popped into her arse.
As the anal dildo speared Liz, her body went through an orgasm, and, her
legs shaking from the continuing orgasms, she lowered herself onto the two
supporting bars. Liz strapped each of her legs to the two bars on either side
of the dildos, and she attached a pair of nipple clamps to her nipples, as
well as to her clit. The "Narrator" described that the clamps were attached
to an electric shock device that would only activate if Liz stopped
pedalling, the current slowly growing greater. Liz leant over to the shocker
and turned a dial to set the amount of electricity and the duration of each
of the shocks, and then she began to pedal.

The first revolution of the pedals was excruciating, as the cunt dildo
pulled out and the anal one travelled slowly deeper into her body. As the
wheel turned, the anal dildo pulled out and the cunt one forced it's way
back inside. Liz was surprised that the cunt dildo didn't stop and carried
on upwards and split open her cervix and into her womb. As the orgasm hit
her, she stopped pedalling, and after a few seconds, the electric shock hit
her. Panting Liz continued pedalling the cycle, and slowly the speed of the
bike increased as both the anal and cunt muscles relaxed from the continual
pounding of the dildos, and the orgasms were coming less frequently. A
signal from the "Director" told her to stop, so she turned off the shocker
and stopped pedalling.

Lifting herself from the dildos the cameras zoomed in on the dildos. As she
lifted herself off, she heard the anal vibrator plop from her now gapping
sphincter, and a few seconds later, her vaginal dildo slurped from her
cavernous cunt. Amazingly, Liz's cunt lips stayed parted, allowing the
camera to get a clear shot inside her red raw vagina. It lingered there
until her lips closed once more.

As she was fucking herself on the bike, a bucket had been brought into the
gym. As Liz rested after her exercise, she saw that a pint glass was filled
full of a white gooey substance from the bucket. The "Narrator" continued,
"Liz was tired from her workout, so she replenished some of her lost energy
with a high-protein drink of fresh spunk."

Liz had swallowed quite a lot of spunk before when she'd got drunk and given
all the guys that were at her bar at a Christmas present of a blow-job, but
she'd never drunk a pint in one go. Picking up the glass, Liz brought the
glass to her lips and felt the warmth of the fluid through the glass. Opening
her lips, she tipped the glass and began to drink the salty mixture. Gulp
after gulp went down her throat, and when she brought the glass away from her
lips for a rest, stings of spunk dripped from her lips, and hung to the edge
of the glass. Liz tried to remove the strings of spunk by licking her lips,
but that only spread the glistening fluid to her top lip as well. After
several more goes, the glass was empty. Liz was then told to lick up any
remain of spunk on the outside of the glass so they could get a shot of the
spunk inside Liz's mouth and sliding down her throat.

Liz was then directed to another apparatus. This was a modified weight
lifting machine. Liz first looped a metal wire around the base of each
breast, and tightened them until they looked like two tennis balls on her
chest, and her nipples stuck straight out in front of her. Pulling the
weight bar down she lay down on the bench, and strapped herself down so
that she couldn't move her upper body. Reaching behind her, she lowered
a metal frame that rose and fell depending on the position of the weights.
On the frame were attached a pair of soldering irons. Liz adjusted the
position of the irons until the tips would hit her nipples. Pushing the
bar upwards, Liz watched as the metal frame lowered and the soldering
irons touching the top of her nipple when the bar was only half way up.
Once the bar was at the top of it's travel, the soldering irons had pushed
themselves at least 2 centimetres into Liz's tit. Pressing a button on the
weight machine, she pulled the bar downwards.

The soldering irons slowly heated up, and when Liz could see them glowing
red, she pressed another button that would slowly increase the weight on the
bar. Liz's arms held for a few minutes and then she let the bar move slowly
upwards. The frame inched closer to Liz's erect nipples, until she could
feel the heat of the irons on them. The weight was too much to hold, and the
irons touched the ends of her nipples. Liz screamed, as the smell of burning
flesh wafted up to her nose. Once the bar had reached the top of it's travel,
it reset the weights so that Liz could pull the bar and make the soldering
irons move off her tits and nipples. The cycle repeated a few times until
the "Director" was happy with the state of Liz's now burnt and scared pert

Whilst Liz was torturing herself, bucket after bucket of spunk was arriving
in the gym, ready for her last scene of the day. Liz un-strapped herself
from the bench, tears still running from her eyes after her nipples being
tortured. She was then directed to the showers where a ladder was set up.
Liz stood next to the ladder, and a bucket of spunk was passed to the guy
on it. The 'Narrator' continued, "After a hard workout, Liz takes a spunk
shower that she believes keeps her skin soft and youthful."

At this signal, the first bucket was tipped on Liz's head. Bucket after
bucket followed, the spunk dripped down her body, running down her thighs
and pooling at her high heeled feet. Once the last bucket was tipped, Liz's
hair was plastered to her skull, as her entire body was covered with spunk.


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