As with most of my stories, the following text is of an erotic (I hope)
nature that also includes a fair amount of bondage etc. Again, as with my
other stories, I can't be bothered to actually create characters and this
time the characters are from a UK TV series called Coronation Street.
Unfortunately I have a thing for one of the characters, Liz McDonald. She's
a feisty, curly haired blonde, thirty seven year old who's fit, 37-23-33
slim, well built body could still carry off wearing mini-skirts, lycra tops,
stockings and high heels. Her only problem was that she wasn't what you
would call top heavy - in fact she only carried a B-cup, even though they
were still very firm.

Coronation Street:
Liz McDonald Erotic Vignettes Part 2 - A Run In With The Police
by Andy C ([email protected]) (MF,F-mast)

Liz was driving Jim's van to visit her son, Steve, who had been moved from
Strangeways Prison to a new open prison outside Manchester, just off the M62.
Today, for a change, she wore a trouser suit, white shirt, a pair of 5 inch
high heels, g-string and no bra. As she was cruising down the motorway, the
van began to stutter, and as she pulled off onto the hard shoulder, the car
died. 'Fuck,' she thought, as she climbed out of the van and walked to the
phone and rang for assistance. Sitting in the van, she was rummaging around
and found some hardcore dutch pornographic magazines containing pictures of
women being raped. 'No wonder he's like he is,' thought Liz as she flicked
through the pages. As she was getting more and more turned on, she unzipped
her trousers and pulled her g-string off her shaven cunt lips, allowing her
to rub her clit and swollen labia with her fingers.

As the scenes grew more violent, Liz got even more turned on, and looked for
something larger to insert into herself. The only phallic object she could
see was the gear stick of the van. Leaning forward, she began to lick the
gear stick, lubricating it as much as she could. Pulling down her trousers,
and turning round, she opened her lips, and lowered herself onto the stick.
The bulbous head of the object spread her cunt wide, and easily slipped into
her well lubricated vagina. Putting her whole weight on the gear stick, it
slid deeper and deeper, sending waves of sensations through her body. When
it reached her cervix, Liz had an orgasm. She was precariously balanced on
her high heels, her knees spread wide to allow her to sit on the gear stick.
As she began to cum, her legs buckled, and her entire body weight was applied
to the opening of her womb, sending the end of the gear stick deeper then any
toy had ever been, deep into her womb. As the sensations of pain/pleasure
subsided, she heard a voice approaching the van.

Liz began to pull the gear stick from her cunt, but each motion of the object
in her cunt nearly pushed her over the edge to another orgasm. As she looked
up, she saw that a police man had appeared at the door and was looking at
her. "Excuse me, madam," he said, "What do you think you're doing?"

Liz, blushed, as the head of the gear stick slurped from her gaping cunt.
"Nothing, officer." replied Liz, as she pulled up her trousers.

"Okay, get out of the van," said the officer, and waited for her. Climbing
out, she saw that the officer was a motorcycle cop, and was by himself. With
the amount of stimulation Liz's body had received, her nipples were standing
proud of her body. The officer appraised Liz's body and explained that he'd
have to charge her. He then added that if he could fuck her, he'd let her
off. Liz agreed. "Okay, climb into the back of the van," he ordered. Once Liz
was inside, he closed the van door, and cleared some space." Now, pull down
your trousers and wait for me on your hands and knees." Liz complied, leaving
on her white shirt and high heels.

Kneeling behind her, he examined her swollen cunt lips and her puckered arse
hole. Putting his fingers first in her cunt, he then pulled them out and
pushed the soaked fingers into Liz's anus. Liz moaned as the officer pumped
his fingers in and out of her arse. After a few minutes, he pulled out his
truncheon (one of those new American police batons). Tying the handle to
the back of the van, he aimed the other end at her arse hole. Slowly he
began to pull Liz's hips backwards, so that the baton slid into her tight
anal passage. As the baton progressed deeper, and was firmly embedded in her
anal passage, he went around to her face, pulling his prick from his

The officer put his rigid penis at the tip of Liz's red lips. As Liz parted
her lips to take in his engorged penis head, he drove it into her mouth, up
to the hilt, his balls curling around her chin. Liz's throat bulged as his
cock drove deep within her. He leaned forward, trying to push himself farther
within her, feeling the head of his manhood grind against the back of her
throat. Liz gagged, her nostrils flaring as she tried to breathe through the
pubic hair in her eyes and nose. The officers hand held her in place, his
penis slowly working its way down into her throat. He then slowly pulled on
her hair, and her head, back, as her tongue slid the length of his penis. No
sooner was his head in her mouth that he quickly grabbed her head, jerking
Liz's head over him, as she gagged again, his penis grinding into her throat.
As the officer thrust into her throat, she was also forced backwards onto the
baton, and as he retracted, he made sure that she pulled off the baton as
well. With each thrust, both her anus and throat were filled.

The officers penis began to throb, as his precum oozed into Liz's warm,
inviting mouth. Suddenly, the officer viciously grabbed another fistful of
her hair, and rammed himself as deep as he could within her tight throat.
Liz gagged violently as her throat bulged underneath her chin as he drove
down. "RRGHH!!" the officer growled, his entire body spasaming as he came.
His seed fired into her throat. She gagged and gargled as his discharge
seeped down her throat. As he came, the officer pulled his prick out to
pump even more semen, filling her mouth. Soon, the cum began oozing from
her red lips around his penis. Liz made strange gurgling sounds, then
swallowed heavily, gulping down his discharge. He continued to come, his
grip on her hair slowly weakening. Liz slurped it down, but the cum still
oozed out slowly around her lips. She could feel his cum sliding down her
throat into her stomach, but she could only gulp down more as it shot into
her mouth and throat.

Satisfied, he allowed Liz to slide off the baton. "Lie on your back and open
up your cunt." Liz rolled onto her back and lifted her legs up, spreading her
cunt lips wide. Seeing that Liz's nipples were pushing hard against the
material of the shirt, he rummaged around the van, and found a pair of pipe
clips. Pushing one on the end of each nipple over her shirt, he tightened the
screw until they were fastened tight onto the nipple.

The cop then slid his still hard prick into her swollen, well lubricated,
cunt. As he thrust in and out of her, his hands mauled Liz's tits through
the material of her shirt. After a few minutes of fucking. He paused, and
lit a cigarette. He then continued shafting Liz, slowly bringing her closer
and closer to orgasm. As it ripped through her body, the officer brought
the end of the lighted cigarette onto the end of her trapped nipple,
burning the material and then her nipple. As the pain hit her Liz screamed,
tears running down her face, smearing her mascara. The officer kept pumping,
and after a few more minutes, Liz had another orgasm. Again, the cop brought
the cigarette down onto her nipple, burning the material and her nipple. As
she again screamed in pain and pleasure, her cunt sucking and spasaming on
his prick, the cop shot his load into her cunt.

"Now get yourself sorted. I'll wait for the repair man." Liz dressed herself,
but couldn't get the clips off her burned and engorged nipples. Putting on
her jacket, the material rubbing on the ends of her burns, she grimaced. Liz
climbed back into the front seat and waited for the repair man to arrive.


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