Coronation Street: Manipulating Sarah Lou Part 2 (mf,f-mast,m-dom,oral,reluc)
by Britwriter ([email protected])

Ade grinned as his mobile phone lit up and displayed SLUT for what seemed
like the hundreth time in a week. Ever since the incident in the school
toilets Ade had been snubbing Sarah, he wanted to see how desperate she was
for his cock and judging by the incessant calls she was gagging for it.

"Time to put the poor cow out of her misery." he thought and clicked O.K.
on his phone.

"Ade are you there?" Sarah asked desperately.

"Yeah" Ade replied coolly.

"Where've you been all week? Why haven't you answered my calls or been
round?" Sarah continued.

Sarah knew she was breaking the golden rules of relationships as taught to
her by Candice. Rule one being that you NEVER phoned a guy, Rule two being
that you never sounded bothered if he hadn't called you in a while but
somehow the rules didn't apply with Ade. Just hearing his voice made Sarah
want to frig herself as she lay on her bed but she decided to resist the
urge for now. She couldn't stop thinking about what had happened in the
school toilets and was aching to have Ade inside her.

"I've been busy, stop going on." Ade said coldly.

"I'm sorry." Sarah said "It's just that..."

"It's just that ye gagging for it, yeah I know." Ade continued.

Sarah turned red, how did he know her so well?

"I dunknow what ye on about." she said awkwardly "I'm not gagging for
anything, I just thought it'd be nice for us to get together."

Ade considered for a moment, he grinned to himself thinking of how he could
prolong Sarah's agony a little longer.

"Are you in on your own tonight?" he asked.

Sarah's heart lept and she nodded emphatically. "Yeah, yeah I am." she said

"Right, wear summat sexy I'll be round in a bit." Ade said. He switched the
phone off abruptly then grinned widely.

Sarah beamed then flopped back on the bed and slid her hand down between her
legs and pushed up her school skirt, she could feel herself getting moist at
the thought of what was to come but she had to make do with her own fingers
in her pussy for now and proceeded to frig herself furiously.

Sarah leapt up off the couch after a knock at the door and hurried over
yanking it open to reveal Ade. She was dissapointed at his look of
indifference in seeing her standing there in a short, low cut silk night
dress that clung to her shapely body and stopped where her luscious legs
began. He walked past her and flopped down on the sofa. Sarah shut the
door and walked over to him.

"Am I sexy enough for ye?" she asked seductively.

Ade shrugged "Spose so."

He glanced at her again, she looked stunning but he wasn't going to tell her
that. Sarah scowled and sat down beside him.

"Why ye being like this Ade?" she asked "It's like you're not even bothered."

Ade shrugged. "I'll go if ye want." He said. He smirked to himself as Sarah
look alarmed.

"Oh no don't do that" she pleaded "I didn't mean it Ade. I'm sorry!"

Ade nodded. "I'll let ye make it up to me."

Sarah beamed. "We're gonna fuck?" she asked excitedly.

"God you really are a whore aren't ye?" Ade said shaking his head.

"Nah I need to get warmed up first, wank me off."

Sarah nodded and obediently unzipped his jeans looking awe struck as his
long, semi-erect cock popped out. She smiled for a moment then took firm hold
of it and began to jerk him, gently at first then at his insistence with
greater ferocity. Ade groaned and gasped but was careful never to praise her
and the ever insecure Sarah remained unsure if she was satisfying him until
he let out a loud groan of satisfaction and a stream of come splattered all
over her pretty little face. Ade caught his breath and stared in amazement at
Sarah who didn't flinch as his come trickled off her nose and chin. Sarah
stared goggleyed at his fully erect cock and began to pull down the thin
straps of her camisole in preparation for the main event of the evening.

"What ye doing?" Ade said staring blankly at her.

"I thought we'd do it, I mean you're ready aren't ye?" she said hopefully.

"I'll tell ye when I'm ready." Ade snapped. "You've got some mess to clean
up first."

Sarah looked blank until he pointed down at his cock still spewing come.
Sarah shook her head.

"Oh no, I don't do oral." she said firmly.

Ade looked bemused. "Ye don't do oral?"

"It's just the thought of putting it in my mouth, it makes me feel sick."
Sarah said.

"But you'll let me put it in your pussy? Where's the fucking logic in that?
No lass ever got pregnant giving a blow job ye know." Ade said

Sarah considered for a moment, her policy did seem a little silly now she
thought about it and she was starting to realise that unless she met all of
Ade's demands she was never going to get the prize of him inside her.

"Alright." she said "I'll do it, but please don't come in my mouth." she

Ade nodded then grinned knowingly to himself as she bobbed down. Eye to eye
with his cock she took a deep breath and put her lips around it then started
to tentatively suck, grimacing at the sickly sweet taste of his pre-cum
slipping down her throat. Her plan to suck as little of his cock as possible
was scuppered when Ade suddenly pushed her head down and held her mop of
brown hair. Suddenly she was deepthroating him and could hardly breathe, she
was terrified and exhilirated all at the same time as she gobbled the huge
organ and gasped for breath. Her arousal compounded by Ade's taunts.

"Go on ye slut, this is all sluts like you are good for! A big fucking cock
in your filthy mouth!"

Sarah repeatedly sucked the cock, using her tounge to tease the tip of it and
wrapping more and more of her ruby red lips around it. Finally, her throat
sore and lips dry, Ade shot a massive load. Sarah struggled trying to break
free of his grip but Ade kept firm hold of her and she had no choice but to
swallow down a fresh supply of thick come. She was expecting to be disgusted
but instead she found she had acquired the taste and she greedily swallowed
down several more loads before Ade was satisifed and let her up for air.

They both sat, redfaced and gasping for breath. Ade was impressed by Sarah's
cocksucking but just shrugged when she asked if the blow job had been
alright. After a while, Sarah composed herself and cuddled up to Ade. She
suddenly reached out for his still bulging cock and started to stroke while
smiling seductively at him.

"So then, time for the big one eh?" she said, hardly able to contain herself
at the thought of being penetrated by it.

Her face fell as Ade took her hand away and smiled cruelly.

"Not yet." he said

Sarah was mortified "What? But I thought..."

"Ye thought wrong." Ade answered "We will fuck but only after you've done one
more challenge."

Sarah rolled her eyes then nodded. "What do you want me to do now?" she

Ade grinned anticipating her horror. "I want to watch while you seduce
Maria." he said.



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