Coronation Street: Manipulating Sarah Lou Part 3 (Ff,m-mast,voy)
by Britwriter

Sarah gulped down the last of her glass of wine and took a deep breath then
straightened her short, low cut dress and looked nervously over at the clock,
Maria should be arriving for their girls night in any second. She could still
hardly believe what she was about to try and do, getting Maria into bed was
without doubt the biggest challenge Ade had layed down. When he first told
her what he wanted her to do she was emphatic in her refusal.

“Seduce Maria? What do you think I am some kind of Lezza?” Sarah had demanded
angrily. She felt that Ade was going too far and maybe he wasn’t worth the
lengths he was making her go to. But, as usual, she started to change her
mind and get turned on as he explained how horny it would make him to watch
her “do stuff with another lass”. Although Sarah was disgusted at the thought
of sleeping with another girl, she loved the idea of turning Ade on and when
he promised that if she completed this challenge he would DEFINITELY fuck her
she was unable to refuse. Even turning Lesbian for a night was a price worth
paying if she could finally have Ade’s huge cock inside her she decided. The
big question now was how would Maria respond?

Sarah was terrified and certain she would angrily reject her advances. She
was her brother’s girlfriend as well, talk about shitting on your own
doorstep she thought to herself. She’d almost talked herself out of it when
the doorbell suddenly rang and she sprang up. Her stomach was churning as she
walked over to the front door and she'd virtually decided to pull the plug on
this whole thing until she caught sight of the secret camera Ade had planted
on the sideboard. He was upstairs in David's room watching everything and
the thought of him getting a huge hard on got Sarah going again. Her arousal
heightened when she opened the front door to be greeted by Maria in an even
shorter skirt than hers and tight top that clung to her small, pert breasts.
She smelt incredible and her smile melted Sarah's heart.

"What the fuck is happening?" thought Sarah "I'm actually attracted to her."

Suddenly the thought of being intimate with Maria was even more appealing
than sex with Ade.

"Hiyeah." Sarah said smiling. "Come through."

Maria smiled and walked past her into the sitting room.

"I've brought a bottle." Maria said shaking a bottle of wine.

Sarah smiled, hoping alcohol would loosen Maria's ambitions she'd also
stocked up on booze.

"Great," said Sarah. "We're gonna have a top night." She smiled knowingly
into the camera and Ade, already holding his rock hard cock as he watched
from upstairs on a tiny monitor, grinned back. He could hardly believe the
lengths Sarah would go to get his cock but he was going to savour the moment.
If Maria rejected her advances Sarah would be humiliated, which he would
thoroughly enjoy but if she didn't he'd enjoy it even more. Ade congratulated
himself on another perfect scheme and prepared for the evenings action.

Sarah and Maria had been drinking solidly for about an hour, the conversation
had got raunchier as they'd got drunker and Sarah had steered it towards sex
as soon as she could. She was currently quizzing Maria about her past lovers.

"Oh Tyrone was TINY," giggled Maria. "He could never satisfy me."

They both roared with laughter.

"And what about Nick?" Sarah said.

Maria looked takenaback and looked coy

"I can't tell ye that, he's ye brother," she said.

"Oh go on, I'm just curious," Sarah said.

Ade listened with interest upstairs, just how perverse could he get Sarah to
be? A future challenge for her to try it on with Richard or let David break
his cherry with her began to form in his mind but he quickly drifted back to
the current action.

"He were VERY big." Maria said smiling "And he really knew what to do with
it, oh it were excellent with him."

Sarah smiled then noticed the far away look in Maria's eye, she decided to
make her move. She put down her glass and moved closer to Maria stroking her
long brown hair gently.

"You must really Miss Nick." she said softly.

Maria nodded wistfully

"Yeah, I'm still dead down about him leaving to tell you the truth. Thanks
for inviting me round tonight, I needed to get out."

Sarah smiled and shook her head.

"That's alright, I want to take care of you," she said.

Sarah's pussy and stomach were both churning as she prepared to move in for a
kiss, upstairs Ade thought he was going to explode if she waited any longer.
Maria turned to face Sarah and was shocked as Sarah cocked her head and
kissed her passionately. Maria pulled away and stared at Sarah in disbelief.

"What the fuck are you doing Sarah?" she demanded.

Sarah's heart raced for a moment, then she started to think quickly. She'd
got this far, she wasn't going to give up now. "Oh come on Maria." she said
coolly "What's the big deal?"

Maria's eyes widened.

"What's the big deal? The big deal is I'm no lezza and I didn't think you
were. I think I'd better go."

She stood up as Sarah stared on for a moment, she impulsively grabbed Maria's
bare arm and pulled her back down so they were face to face.

"Please Maria." she said "I'm so lonely and horny, I think you are too. What
harm can one night do?"

Ade was very impressed. On this performance Sarah could teach him a thing
about manipulation. Not only was she was winning Maria's sympathy she was
playing on her insecurities.

Maria stared deep in the beautifal young girls eyes. She'd have been lying if
she'd said she hadn't enjoyed the kiss and she was attracted to Sarah.

"Well, I haven't had any for a while," Maria conceded. The idea of sleeping
with Sarah was starting to appeal when she suddenly came to her senses.
"But I'm not a fucking lesbian, I don't like other girls in that way."

She glanced across at Sarah surveying her beautifal face and incredible
figure, she was confused and lightheaded thanks to all the booze she'd drunk.
Uncertain of herself despite her last statement she searched for another

"Well what about Nick?" she stammered as Sarah, smiling seductively, moved
her head back up to hers.

"I'm sure Nick would prefer you fucking me to some other guy." Sarah

Ade shook his head as he listened, Sarah really had played a blinder in the
manipulation stakes tonight and he felt sure Maria would give in to her
advances any second. He was right! Sarah moved in for another kiss and Maria
didn't resist but reciprocated. The two girls were soon locking ruby red lips
and thrusting their tounges into each others eager mouths. Neither girl could
believe what they were doing but they were far too lost in passion to care
anymore, Sarah had even forgotten that Ade was watching and was now doing
this purely to satisfy her own desire for Maria. Sarah pulled away from their
kiss and held out her hand smiling seductively.

"Let's take this upstairs." she said.

Maria smiled back and stood, taking her hand. She stared lustfully at Sarah
who grabbed the bottle of wine on the table and lead her upstairs. She smiled
knowingly at the camera on the table as they passed it, knowing Ade had
rigged another in her bedroom. All her inhibitions gone and Maria a willing
partner, she intended to put on quite a show.

Sarah scanned her bedroom as she lead Maria inside then grinned as she
noticed the tiny camera on her side table, Ade would get a perfect view.
She turned to Maria and they exchange lustful glances before resuming their
passionate, animalistic kisses. Ade was impressed at how Sarah stepped out
of her usual submissive persona to take charge. She forcefully pushed a
nervous but aroused Maria down on to her bed then climbed on top of her.
Ade watched goggleyed as she groped and caressed Maria's superb body and
she brunette responded with gasps of delight. Never in his wildest fantasies
had he imagined turning Sarah into such a slut. Sarah herself had long lost
all inhibitions, she now thought nothing of rubbing Maria's pert breasts
then slipping a hand up her short skirt and squeezing her panty covered

"Why don't we get more comfortable?" she suggested.

Maria smiled and nodded as Sarah pulled down her skirt then sat up to allow
Maria to remove her tight top. She returned the favour, undressing Sarah and
soon the girls were left in just their underwear. Their equally skimpy bra
and thongs didn't last long as they clawed at one another and ripped them
away. They exchanged admiring and lustful glances at one anothers naked
bodies for a moment, Maria slim and pert breasted with a thick black bush
while Sarah was bigger built with large breasts and a shock of mousey hair
between her legs. Ade stared in awe at the two naked girls then watched open
mouthed as they resumed their kissing and began caressing one anothers naked
bodies, Sarah grinding over Maria while she ran her hands over Sarah's firm
buttocks then impulsively slipped a finger up her anus. Sarah groaned in
delight then returned the favour by plunging three into Maria's pussy. The
two girls squealed in unison as they pleasured one another and reached
equally loud orgams.

All her inhibitions gone, Maria slipped down and began to caress Sarah's
erect nipples with her eager tounge before taking them in her mouth, biting
and sucking on them then smiling widely as milk gushed out. Sarah, who'd
forgotten that she could lactate, smiled back as she watched Maria greedily
gulp down the milk. Right at that monent, she couldn't imagine anything
sexier than breastfeeding a 19 year old woman. When Maria could drink no
more Sarah suggested they adopt a 69 position, Maria readily agreed and the
two girls were soon wrapped together their mouths and fingers working away
at the others openings as they both screamed in delight.

Ade could hardly believe his eyes, he hadn't expected anymore than a bit of
a snog but the girls were acting as though they were in a porn movie. Maria,
like Sarah, was clearly a total whore on the quiet he decided as he jerked
himself to yet another climax. Just when he thought the scene couldn't get
any better, Sarah broke off from the 69 and grabbed the wine bottle from the
side of the bed then gulped down what little wine was left and ordered a
grinning Maria to spread her legs.

Maria obediently widened them then screamed with pleasure as Sarah rammed
the head of the bottle inside her tight, pink pussy four of five times till
the brunette begged for mercy. They swapped positions Maria returning the
favour for Sarah who wailed in agony and delight while forcing more and
more of the bottle inside herself. They then got on all fours and forced
the bottle inside their tender assholes while groping each others firm tits
and showering the other with passionate kisses. Finally, exhausted and dazed
they lay side by side on Sarah's bed gasping for breath. Maria turned to
Sarah smiling her sexy smile.

"That were fucking unbelievable!" she said excitedly

"I've never had nout like it."

Sarah grinned, "Not even with Nick?"

Maria smiled and shook her head. She glanced at the clock.

"I'd better get going."

She stood allowing both Sarah and Ade another glimpse of her superb naked
body then turned to Sarah looking earnest.

"Can we do this again sometime?"

Sarah nodded emphatically and they shared a lingering kiss before Maria threw
on what few clothes she'd been wearing and left, her head still spinning from
what they'd done. Sarah lay on the bed for a while trying to take in what had
just happened, she could still taste Maria and found that inspite of her
excersions she still longed for more sex. She smiled as she remembered Ade in
the other room and she leapt off the bed, her heart racing as she prepared
for what would surely be the highlight of the evening. Still naked she burst
into David's room then shook her head in disbelief to find it empty.

"Fuck it!" an exasperated Sarah said, Ade had used her again. Was she ever
gone get a shag off him she wondered. The bastard hadn't even left his tape
of her evening with Maria for her to enjoy, now what would she frig to? Anger
suddenly turned to alarm as she realised the implications of this, Ade had a
tape of her having lesbian sex with Maria, she really was at his mercy now,
he could ask her to do anything.

Despite her fear the thought turned her on and she flopped down on to David's
bed and began to frig herself.


Fourth and final part soon!


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