Coronation Street: Nick's Afternoon Adventure (MFF,M-mast,inc,oral,voy)
by Jack Anory ([email protected])

It was an afternoon when Nick unexpectedly had time off from work, the
house was empty, unusually so; he lay naked on his bed with headphones on,
eyes closed listening to the Sugarbabes: he was playing with himself and
pleasantly fantasising about the female band members.

Gail stood transfixed in the doorway of Nick's bedroom; she had gone in to
put clean washing on his bed. She hadn't realised he was in the house. She
had also unexpectedly taken time off from work, came home showered, put her
dressing gown on and was now doing a few household chores. She couldn't drag
her eyes away from her son's hand that was rubbing up and down his penis. It
was some years since she had seen her son naked and he had a fine fit young
body and that penis, well it looked to her to be a good 8" long.

Nick was unaware he was being watched, lost in his own fantasy world,
thinking about the three pop singers and what he would like to do with them.

Gail had fantasized for some time over her son. No one knew she secretly
desired him, though she had caught Audrey looking at her oddly at times as
if she suspected something, so she was careful about touching him. She was
always fussing over him, straightening his tie, taking fluff off his jacket,
or putting a stray hair back in place, although with his hairstyle that was
difficult at times!

As she watched, he was unaware she was there. He ejaculated and before she
could stop herself, she rushed forward, grabbing a tissue, saying "Let me
wipe you."

Nick leapt from the bed yelling "MUM, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!"

She replied "It's ok darling, I'm only going to clean you up."

He stood there by his bed stark naked: they both looked down at his
surprisingly still erect penis, she stepped forward slowly and placed her
hand over his cock rubbing the spunk in.

"No, mum don't, you can't do that," but he felt unable to stop her. He looked
down at what she was doing to him, god, he was hard. But this couldn't be
happening could it? He was a grown man had a lovely sexy girlfriend and here
he was hard in front of his mother whilst she fondled his cock - but he
didn't want her to stop.

"Lay down" she quietly commanded.

He obeyed without question. She leant over him and he watched fascinated as
she lowered her head to take him all in her mouth. She took it all in, then
she withdrew, licked her lips, looked at him with a wicked grin on her face
and returned to her ministrations.

Gail knew she gave the appearance of being strait-laced, Martin was always
telling her to loosen up! It was all right for him, he didn't have the
responsibilities she did. However the reality was that she loved sex, she
especially loved to suck cock. She had heard that whilst around 75% of women
liked to receive oral sex it was only around 25% who liked giving it to men.
She didn't belong to the minority. Since Richard had gone her sex life was
only in her head - mainly about her son. She knew it was wrong dreaming about
sex with him, but until now it had only been that - just dreaming. But now
here she was sucking him off!

Her dressing gown had fallen open slightly and he could see she had nothing
on underneath it. He raised his body slightly so he could reach the belt
and pulled it undone, god, what am I doing! He thought. She shifted her body
slightly, helping him and shrugged her dressing gown off her shoulders
revealing her tits. They looked at each other, both aware this shouldn't be
happening, but unable to stop and not actually wanting to.

She pushed him gently back down on the bed saying, "Just relax and enjoy."

As she leant over him her breasts dangled in front of him temptingly. He
wanted to reach out and touch them but knew she wouldn't let him, so he
contented himself with watching her - not too difficult really.

She looked like she was enjoying herself, licking and sucking paying lots of
attention to all parts of his cock; she licked the pre cum clearly wanting
more. She took his balls in her mouth one by one savouring the taste of him.

Suddenly the door burst open and his girlfriend Maria appeared. She had also
taken the afternoon off work and rushed home thinking Nick would be there.
She stopped in her tracks shocked at what she was seeing. Her boyfriend was
laying naked on his bed with his mother practically naked leaning over him
sucking him off! "What the hell's going on here?"

Nick sat up "Maria, It's not." but Gail cut him off "Maria" she said, "Stop
standing there catching flies, Nick and I are merely cementing our mother and
son relationship."

"Yeah, right" said Maria "That doesn't mean you should be sucking his cock,"
she added.

Gail looked at Maria, her eyelashes fluttering and continued "Look, you can
join us if you want." Nick looked at his mother in amazement.

"What was she on about?" Maria stood there uncertain as to what to do. On one
hand this was sick, wasn't it? But on the other hand should she join in? She
must be crazy to even think it, but as she was thinking this she could feel
herself beginning to feel aroused. She made a snap decision.

"Ok, then I'll join you."

As she stripped, she thought Nick will want my lovely young supple body, not
a woman in her forties - all wrinkly and saggy! She left her clothes where
they fell; Gail glanced at her disapprovingly, as Maria knew she would, but
said nothing.

Maria moved up the bed and kissed Nick on the lips. At the same time Gail
resumed sucking Nick's very hard cock. Now Maria was here she was really
excited, it gave an added dimension. Maria moved down his body, she and
Gail looked at each other, Gail withdrew and Maria took him full in her
mouth. Gail watched and inserted a finger into his anus knowing that this
would heighten his ejaculation, although of course the downside was he
wouldn't be able to hold on for long. Nick thought he'd died and gone to
heaven! What more could a man ask for; two women practically fighting over
who was going to suck him, the fact was one was his mother only seemed to
make it more exciting.

He was going to cum soon, he really couldn't hold it much longer. What would
happen now?

He felt his orgasm building, groaned aloud, flexed his legs, both women
recognised that he was about to cum. They looked at each other like fighting
cats, about to pounce. His spunk squirted over his tummy, both women began to
lick him clean looking at each other as if daring the other to get more than
her share.

He could see a little of his semen oozing out of the corner of Maria's
mouth as his mother leaned across him towards Maria and kissed her. He lay
transfixed as they kissed. He could tell they were tonguing each other and
his sperm was being transferred around their mouths. What a turn on, this
was unbelievable.

Next, they both turned and looked at Nick, Gail said "I think he'll need a
rest now, perhaps we should have some fun until he recovers."

Gail once again leant over to Maria, this time she licked one of Maria's
small, pert breasts and with her hand caressed the other one. They weren't,
she noted larger than hers, she licked, nibbled and sucked pulling and
stretching the nipple. She had never had sex with another woman but today
was like nothing she had ever experienced before. It also thrilled her
knowing her son was watching. Maria also had not had sex with a woman and
this was her future mother-in-law! What was she thinking about? However she
felt powerless to stop it and anyway didn't want to.

Gail told Maria to lie down next to her son and open her legs. She moved down
Maria's body to her cunt. She leant close inhaling the smell of a woman. She
then put first one finger, then two, then three fingers inside her. Maria
moaned with pleasure. Gail looked at Nick who grinned lusciously back at her.
Then his mother using both hands parted the lips of Maria's vagina and began
to lick her. She was so wet and juicy: using wet, gentle strokes she kept up
a steady rhythm going deeper and deeper, then she moved her tongue to her
clitoris, whilst at the same time she inserted a finger inside her, Maria
groaned, and moved her hips against her hand to achieve greater penetration,
her hips jerking. Gail realised she was approaching a climax and increased
the pressure slightly. At the same time Nick was licking and sucking her
breasts, Maria couldn't hold her orgasm any longer, she let out a loud moan,
her body arched but Gail continued to suck wanting to take in all her juices.

Slowly Maria came down from this very intense orgasm, looked at both Nick and
Gail: Nick grinned back at her while Gail was licking her lips.

Next, Gail sat up, picked up her dressing gown turned to the others and said
"Well, we can't all lie around in bed all afternoon, David will be in for his
tea shortly." So saying, she flounced out of the room leaving Nick and Maria


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