Coronation Street: The Erotic Version Part 1 (MFF,inc)
by Cargy1UK

It was a hot Summer day on the street. As Vera passed the time of day with
Janice Battersby on the corner of the street, behind her in the gardens of
the new houses opposite, people were gardening or sunbathing. Gail was lying
on the small lawn in front of her house dressed only in a pair of tight denim
shorts and her white lacy bra. Beside her lay Sarah-Louise on a lounger. She
had just turned 18 yrs but still looked every inch the schoolgirl. Sarah-Lou
was wearing a very skimpy pink and white striped bikini. She was reading a
copy of "For Women" that her mother had given her.

Meanwhile opposite her house, unseen by either Sarah-Lou or Gail, Les
Battersby was peering from behind an upstairs curtain into their garden.
He had a set of binoculars in his right hand and his left was rubbing his
expanding cock under his jeans. He was staring at Sarah-Lou's crotch. He
had noticed that her bikini panties had crept up into the moist slit of
her young pussy and he was able to see the right labia and short pubic
hairs. He decided to chance his luck while Janice was deep in conversation.
He left his room and walked across the road to talk to the mother and
daughter he had secretly fantasised about for so long.

"Hi Gail,"

"Oh. Hi, Les," replied Gail.

Sarah-Lou, who was by now very horny from looking at the naked men in her
magazine, simply opened her legs to Les's stare and smiled wistfully at him.

"What can I do for you?" asked Gail.

"I was wondering if I could borrow some sun tan lotion."

"But you don't have anywhere to sunbathe," replied Gail.

"I was going to use my back yard," said Les.

"Why not sunbathe her with us. You could rub some lotion on our backs for
us," Gail winked at her daughter who was now staring at the bulge in Les's
jeans. Sarah-Lou smiled at her mother and nodded.

"Y-y-yes," stammered Les, "I could if you want."

Gail rolled onto her front and asked Les to rub the lotion into her back.
Sarah-Lou moved onto her side so she could watch. Les began to smooth the
lotion all over the white skin of Gail's back. "Unclip my bra," said Gail


Les unclipped the bra and continued to rub the lotion over Gail's back. As
he used both hands to rub the lotion in Gail suddenly pulled his right hand
round her right side and said, "Don't forget the side of my tits, I don't
want them getting burned do I?"

Once again she winked at her daughter who just smiled and began crossing ad
uncrossing her legs.

Les let his hands glide over her oiled skin around to the small swellings
of her tits. They moved like jelly under his strong hands. He knew Gail was
obviously up for a bit more than just having her back rubbed so he whispered
into Gail's ear, "I want to slip my cock into your oiled wet pussy."

"Mmm, that sounds nice," replied Gail.

"But what about Sarah-Lou?" asked Les.

Sarah-Lou replied, "I heard that. If you are going to fuck my mum you can
fuck me too!"

Les was stunned. What a result, Gail winked in approval and Sarah-Lou began
to rub a finger over her wet pussy.

"C'mon lets go inside," said Gail.

Gail immediately removed her shorts and sat on the couch in the livingroom.
Les moved forwards to touch her but she stopped him.

"Not yet Les, we have a surprise for you."

Sarah-Louise unzipped Les's jeans and pulled them down to his ankles. His 8"
cock, which was unhindered by underpants, stood rigidly to attention. She sat
him down on the single chair and placed his hand on his cock.

"We've been watching you watching us for some time now," said Sarah-Lou, "At
first mum was shocked but then with Martin gone and David taken into care we
have no man to play with."

"Would you like to watch us up close and personal so to speak?" asked Gail.

"Yes, please," replied Les.

Sarah-Louise pulled her bikini top off over her head revealing her beautiful
pert breasts. She squeezed them as Les watched and tweaked her nipples, which
were hardening and swelling. As she did so Gail sat forward on the couch and
slipped her thumbs under the elastic of Sarah-Lou's bikini bottoms. She
pulled them down to the floor and Sarah-Lou stepped out of them. Her pussy
was wet and the lips already parted in anticipation. She turned to her mother
and said, "Lick me mum."

Gail slipped her tongue into Sara-Lou's wet cunt and began to lick
ferociously. Her hand gripped her daughter's buttocks and pulled her against
her face as she slavered all over the girl's hot quim. Sarah-Lou put her
hands on the back of her mum's head and pulled her face into her cunt, "FUCK
me with your tongue!" she screamed.

Les was vigorously rubbing his cock and could no longer sit alone. He lunged
forward and grabbed Sarah-Lou from behind. His hard rod prodded her tender
behind before finding a wet, moist entrance he thrust himself into her. He
was fucking Sarah-Lou's arse whilst Gail tongue fucked her cunt. Gail stopped
and watched the man from across the road butt-fuck her daughter in front of
her. He had Sarah-Lou bent over the couch as he thrust harder and harder into
her arse. Gail stuck three fingers deep into her own shaved cunt and began
fucking herself.

"When you're ready to cum, cum on my face," said Gail.

Les thrust harder then let out an enormous yell as he withdrew his cock and
both women swung towards his red hot cock with mouths open as he exploded his
spunk all over their faces. Gail licked all the spunk from Sarah-Lou's face
and swallowed every last drop. She then sucked Les's cock to clean off all
the pussy juice her daughter had left. It tasted soo good.

Just at that Candice walked in the front door...

To Be Continued...


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