Coronation Street: The Erotic Version Part 2 (FFF,F-mast,inc,ws)
by Cargy1UK

Candice stood in the doorway of Gail's house wearing her white school blouse
and short grey pleated skirt. The top three buttons of her blouse were undone
and her tie looped low just above the clearly distinguishable line of her
black lace bra.

"My God!" she exclaimed when she saw Les, trousers at his ankles, hurriedly
trying to pull them up.

"Mrs Platt, I... I..."

"Its alright Candice," said Gail, "haven't you ever caught your mum getting

"Yes, but that was by my dad and I wasn't involved. I can't believe that you
and Sarah-Louise were... were... fucking HIM!!"

"What's wrong wi' me like?" asked Les as he passed Candice on his way to the
door. "Fucking snob you are!" and he left.

Gail rose naked from the couch where Sarah-Louise sat cross-legged grinning
from ear to ear. Gail put her arm on Candice and said, "C'mon, Sarah's told
me all about your escapades so don't go all serious on us." Candice smiled
at Gail. She then giggled.

"What are you laughing at?" asked Gail.

"You've still got a drop of Les's spunk on the corner of your mouth," shouted
Sarah-Louise from where she was now starting to rub her clit in full view of
her mother and her friend.

"Have I?" said Gail as she looked in the wall mirror.

"Oh dear, so I have ... Candice could you help me please?"

"Do you want a cloth?" asked Candice.

"Oooo Nooo," said gail as she pulled Candice towards her, "I want you to lick
the spunk slowly from my cheek, but don't swallow it. I then want your spunk
covered tongue in my mouth where we can mix it and swallow it together.

Gail pulled the teenager to her and Candice placed a hand either side of
Gail's head and pulled her lips towards her. She popped out her moist tongue
and lapped Gail's cheek before parting Gail's lips and pressing their lips
together. The two began passionately french kissing as Sarah-Louise watched
and rubbed her swollen clit.

Gail pulled back and began undoing the buttons on Candice's blouse, pulling
it fom the waistband of her skirt. As the blouse fell from her back Candice
reached around and undid the clasp of her bra. As she did so Gail fell to her
knees and unzipped the school skirt letting it glide down over the white knee
length socks Candice wore. "These are certainly not regulation school
knickers," smiled Gail as she saw the flimsy red lace thong Candice liked to
wear. With one tug they were gone and Candice now stood before Mrs Platt and
her daughter wearing only a school tie, which hung between her two full
rounded but pert 36D tits, and white ankle socks. Her blonde teen pubes were
fully-grown and soft to touch.

Gail asked the girl to sit by her daughter while she watched. Candice who was
now smiling almost as much as Sarah-Louise moved towards her friend as Gail
said, "Sarah-Louise pull open that wet cunt 'cause this slut wants to lick

"OK mum, is this wide enough?" asked Sarah as Candice got down on all fours
and crawled towards her.

Her fingers pulled the wet lips of her pussy as far apart as possible
revealing a dark warm hole that Candice leapt on. Her tongue slurped
furiously at Sarah-Louise's pussy. She pulled her forward so she could
ram her tongue up her arse as well.

Gail had pulled a large purple double headed dildo from a drawer and was
sitting watching the girls with one end in her cunt and the other firmly
implanted between her buttocks. She could feel the exquisite pain of that
monster rubber cock as it was pulled in and out of her arse. 'Oh, it wouldn't
be long at this rate before she would cum again,' she thought.

Candice and Sarah-Louise were now both on the floor indulging in a schoolgirl
69 with the passion and expertise of a couple of West End hookers. A cry went
out from the other side of the room as Gail reached one climax after another,
her middle aged hips bucking and weaving like a rodeo horse before she
relaxed with a sigh and the dildo plopped out of her holes.

Candice suddenly stopped licking Sarah-Louise who reacted by grabbing
Candice's hair and pulling her head back onto her pussy.

"No... No, I don't want to stop." said Candice. "Its just that I'm bursting
for a wee."

"OK, c'mon," said Sarah-Louise as she grabbed Candice by the wrist and led
her upstairs to the bathroom. "In the bath," she said.

"But, I need to pee!!" exclaimed Candice.

"I know," said Sarah-Louise, "all over me!!"

"You dirty little cow," said Gail who had run up behind them and now watched
from the door as Sarah Louise lay in the bath with Candice standing over her.
Candice let out an almighty "agghhh" as she pulled open her cunt and began to
piss all over Sarah-Louise who was frantically rubbing herself. Candice was
enjoying this, she directed the spray onto Sarah-Louise's face and into her
mouth. The scent of ammonia was heavy in the room. Her golden pee felt warm
on Sarah's face and she leaned forward to lick Candice's clit while she was
still peeing. Candice shuddered and came as she peed.

"O fuck, o fuck, o fuck...aaaahhhhh!" screamed Candice as the most incredible
orgasm she had had in her young life seemed to shake every bone in her body.
Sarah-Louise was so excited at the sight she too came and found herself so
out of it that she began pissing all over the bath.

When they finished peeing the girls were joined by Gail, who tongued and
licked both of their pussies to taste their sweet cum juices before
suggesting that all three had better have a shower and get dressed before
Audrey came to visit.

"That might be just a bit toooo embarrassing," said Gail.

'Oh, I don't know though,' she thought to herself and smiled the way only
Gail can.


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