Coronation Street: The Erotic Version Part 3 (MFF,M-dom,voy)
by Cargy1UK

Ken Barlow walked home from work. He was tired, felt unrewarded for his
labours and to crown it all he suspected Deirdre was having an affair with
Mike Baldwin again. He reflected on his life and wondered (as we all have)
how a successful graduate, journalist and teacher should be stacking trolleys
at the local Freshco supermarket while his one time wife and now co-habitee
could treat him in that way with the loudest spiv in the street. Well today
he had made a decision, he had quit his job and was about to tell Deirdre
that if she wanted to fuck two men at once then that is what she should do.

He had read about couples who went to wife-swapping parties, who fucked other
people in front of their partners and often with more than one person. Ken
was now at the age where he believed it was his turn. He had had his share of
affairs but each time he had taken it too seriously and told the woman he was
in love with her and in his attempts to play the gentleman simply succeeded
in turning one woman after another against him. This time the game would be
played on his terms.

As he passed Gail Platt's house he heard the distinct sound of sexual
moaning from the upstairs bathroom window. Being Ken he just kept walking,
not wishing to appear furtive. He was sure that the moaning was coming from
Sarah-Louise, the pretty pouting lipped, big-eyed schoolbabe he had seen so
often playing in the street. She was now a full-breasted young lady and the
thought that it was she who sounded sexually aroused slowly produced a mighty
erection in his pants. He continued walking awkwardly to his front door. As
he entered he thought he must have been hearing things. There was the same
muted sexual moaning coming from the livingroom. As he opened the door he
could not believe his eyes. There on the table lay Deirdre on her back. She
was naked except for a pair of fishnet stockings, bright red high heels,
bright red satin g-string and her ever-present huge spectacles. The g-string
was pulled to one side by the hand of Mike Baldwin whose tongue probed the
hairs of her cunt as the middle and forefinger of his right hand slid in and
out her arsehole. He was panting and slobbering like a hungry dog. She raised
and lowered her bony hips with each thrust of his tongue and fingers.

Ken was flabbergasted. He wanted to grab Baldwin and wring his neck but then
he thought of a better idea. As he watched quietly from the doorway he began
thinking again about swinging and wife-swapping. If he could persuade Baldwin
to go along with it he could find himself getting to fuck the gorgeous Linda.
Suddenly the thought of Linda's heaving tits which he often saw almost
pouring out of some skimpy dress down the Rovers, was in his mind and
combined with the sight of Deirdre as he had never seen her before he could
resist no longer. He already had his enormous cock in his hand (Yes, you see
there was a reason why this wimp got all the birds!!) and rubbed it slowly
as he watched. He walked towards the table and Deirdre glimpsed him. She
screamed and Mike stopped licking her.

"What the fuck..." stammered Mike.

"Its OK," said Ken, "as you can see I've been watching you two and I've
decided if you can't beat them, join them. Deirdre, if you've never had
two cocks before then here's your first," and so saying he grabbed Deirdre
roughly by the hair and pulled her open awe-struck mouth onto his cock.

"Suck it, slut!" he ordered.

"Fuck me, Barlow, you actually have got some spirit after all," said Mike.

Mike who was naked kneeling on the floor at Deirdre's pussy got up and
slipped his hard 7" cock deep into her wet pussy. Deirdre gave out a muffled
choking moan as Mike began to fuck her rhythmically while Ken still pumped
her mouth with his dick.

Deirdre pulled Ken's cock out of her mouth and said to him, "I'm amazed Ken.
I've been fucking Mike and most of the young guys from the pub for years but
never wanted to tell you, you're so strung up about sex. This is fucking
great," and she pulled his cock back into her mouth and continued sucking and
licking his cock and balls with fantastic expertise. Ken played with her soft
small breasts and tugged at her exceptional long brown nipples. Mike leaned
forward as he pumped and took a nipple between his lips and sucked and gently
bit it. Deirdre tasted the precum oozing from Ken's now throbbing pulsating
cock and stopped sucking.

"Ken, I want to let you fuck me up the arse. I know I always said no but I
was just acting the prim housewife because I thought that's what you really

"Deirdre, you'll find things are going to change round here, I'm no longer a
prude, I'm taking charge of my life and that includes my sex life. I want
Mike to fuck your cunt while I fuck you arse. No, I order it, my fucking slut

"Ooooo Ken, I thought you'd never ask."

All three went to the bedroom where Mike lay on his back and Deirdre,
grabbing his cock and rubbing more of her pussy juice over it, sat onto it
with a sigh. Her arse now stared at ken. The brown eye open and ready for
his big hard-on to penetrate.

"C'mon then Ken," said Mike, "I thought you were in charge."

"I am. Now shut the fuck up and pull Deirdre's arse cheeks as wide apart as
you can."

As Mike pulled open Deirdre's arse, Ken rubbed KY jelly onto his cock and,
kneeling behind her he thrust his cock into her tight arse feeling his balls
slam against her. She screamed in pain and then ecstasy as he began fucking
her, feeling his cock more tightly held than ever before. He knew this
couldn't last long, not the first time, and after about a dozen thrusts he
let out a yell as he withdrew from her and spurted white cum in spasms onto
the cheeks of her arse and all over Mike's cock.

"Right you two, get into a 69, I don't want to see a drop of my cum left.
Deirdre you lick and swallow it off Mike's dick, Baldwin, you lick and
swallow it from Deirdre's arse."

"Barlow you can't be serious, I'm not a poof!"

"Oh no, you are just as much my slave now as Deirdre because I've changed,
no more Mr Niceguy, if you don't lick my cum from her arse I'll stick my cock
up yours and fuck you so hard you'll wish you'd begged to drink my cum. Now
do it!"

Mike and Deirdre got into the 69 and as Deirdre enthusiastically licked
and sucked Mike's cock taking every last drop of cum, Mike rather less
enthusiastically licked the creamy spunk from her arse. As he did so he
felt a strange wave of erotic sensations through his body, he was
actually getting more turned on by swallowing his long-time adversary's
spunk. His cock suddenly exploded spunk all over Deirdre's face and in
her hair and over her tits. The room was filled with several flashes of
light, they turned to see Ken taking photographs of them with his
digital camera.

"Now Baldwin, I am going to fuck you wife with or without your blessing. Or
perhaps you'd like to watch and maybe drink my spunk from Linda's tits"

To Ken's surprise Mike replied, "OK then. I'd like that."

"Oy, you two," said Deirdre, "Don't I get a say in this?"

Ken said, "You must be joking, you can't have any objections after today."

"No," said Deirdre, "I didn't mean it like that. I meant don't I get a chance
to fuck Linda as well, mmmm?"

The two men looked at each other and as if putting behind them years of
squabbling they smiled at each other and in unison said "FUCK ME."

To Be Continued...


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