Coronation Street: The Erotic Version Part 6 (MFFF,FF,F-mast,inc,exhib)
by Cargy1UK

Maxine sat in a booth stroking her hair waiting for Ashley to bring her a
drink from the bar. The Rovers was busy tonight. Some were regulars and some
were unknown faces.

Janice Battersby leaned on the gate to the bar talking to Betty.

"God I wish I was young again" said Janice looking at the way dopey Maxine
fawned over Ashley.

"YOU!!" exclaimed Betty in her worn out Lancashire lilt. "You're nothing but
a young whippersnapper."

"Ah' know, but I can't help thinking life has just passed me by. What have I
got eh? Les, the lazy conniving bastard and two daughters both left home. At
least Leanne has come back to Weatherfield to stay with Toyah but I just wish
there was a bit more excitement in my life."

Betty took a deep breath and leaning closer to Janice said, "Listen to me
Janice Battersby, I've been a widow for a lot of years now and I've one son
I haven't seen in years but though I might be a fat old biddy I haven't let
the grass grow under. I've had to look for my oats whereas you've at least
got Les for know"

Janice looked at Betty in disbelief "You-you mean- you ---- nooo you can't
mean you're still!"

"Keep it to yourself luv but I've been a regular swinger since I was widowed.
I've never had it so good."

"Wow!! If its not too nosy, where do you go, I mean I thought swingers were
all like - good looking well off toffs an that ye know", Janice stated.

"Toffs, good lookin'" Betty laughed, "You don't have to be 20 with an hour
glass figure. If blokes are still willing to fuck the arse off me at 70 you'd
have you're pick" she whispered.

Janice gasped and whispered back "Betty I didn't know you used language
like that. I'm amazed. Would you mind if I came along with you to the next

Betty stood back and looked round, "Em urr I I think it might not be a good
idea Janice. The next one is being held at a neighbour's house and I think
you might be shocked at who'll be there."

"No no I won't be shocked, go on tell me. I could believe it of almost anyone
in the street." said Janice.

"Its not that, its just that, - wait, c'mon through the back room where we
can have a bit more privacy. Duggie won't mind, I'm due a break anyway." The
two walked through to the little sitting room at the back and sat next to
each other on the couch. Betty continued "Oh well here goes - Its being held
by Emily."

"FUCK's sake" said Janice "Oops sorry Betty - just slipped out." Leaning back
to Betty she carried on - "Emily - Our Emily - well I'll go to the foot of
our stairs. But why are you shaking you're head Betty?"

"It's not the fact that Emily's the host that is likely to shock you - its
two of the guests who have been regular swingers for quite some time now.
Its, emm its."

"Oh for fuck's sake spit it out" whispered Janice loudly.

"Its your Toyah and Leanne" blurted Betty.

There was silence from Janice. She turned white as she stared in disbelief at
Betty. Certain thoughts were going through her mind that she had harboured
for years but could no longer keep them to herself. "It's our fault Betty,"
she said calmly.

"I thought you'd go ballistic" said Betty

"No, you see, as soon as the girls were of legal age we let them watch Les
and me fucking. It was Les's harebrained idea that it would lessen their
curiosity and they would be less likely to want to have sex for a while at
least. It couldn't have backfired any worse if we'd tried. As soon as I
started to suck Les's cock, they were stripping off each other's clothes
and lapping each other's pussies while they watched us. Les couldn't hold
back and he came all over my tits. I was about to get up to fetch some
tissue when Leanne grabbed me and pulled me to the floor and held me there
while Toyah started to cleanse my tits of Les's cum. She licked my breasts
and suckled my nipples before moving down to my pussy. I looked up to see
Les standing before Leanne who had his cock in her mouth and was sucking
furiously. I tried to stop it Betty honest I did. My daughter, my
stepdaughter and Les all having sex was wrong. I knew it was wrong but
every time I said no I was either offered a cunt at my mouth or a breast.
After a while I went along with it and found it to be very sexy. I was
wetter than I had ever been before and it wasn't long before my daughters
were kissing each other with their lips and tongues soaked in my pussy
juice. Since that day it has been a regular event in our household that I
thought we kept secret but now they are fucking the whole street at Emily's
everyone will find out".

Her monologue was interrupted by a low moan from Betty. Janice had been so
engrossed in her story she hadn't seen the old lady lift up her dress and
petticoats, pull up the white rubber corset she wore and was fucking herself
with an empty beer bottle.

"Woowwweeee Betty, look at you - you're a regular fucking slapper."

"Shut the fuck up and kiss my clit" said Betty who was remarkably well
juiced up for her age. Janice slipped off her work apron, T-shirt, jeans and
panties. All she left on was her black lace Underworld bra. She knelt on the
floor and, pushing down on the bottle Betty was still sliding in and out,
she leaned over the top of it and began flicking her tongue over the tip of
Betty's amazing swollen clit. She sucked it, licked it and rubbed it with her
finger. Betty's old body began to heave up and down against Janice's face.
She pulled out the bottle so Janice could stick her tongue as far into her
cunt as it would go, and then grabbing her ample tits through dress with her
left hand and pulling Janice's head and face harder and harder against her
cunt, she ground her pussy over Janices's mouth and nose. All of a sudden
Betty roared deeply as she ejected hot sticky love juice into Janice's face.
Janice Took a sharp intake of breath as Betty let her go. Her face was
coloured blue and was very wet and sticky. After she caught her breath she
said "OK Betty - now can I come to this swinging party?"

"OOOHHHHH YESSS I think you qualify nicely" said Betty "we meet at Emily's
tomorrow night at 7pm. Please be there".

"Oh you can depend on that". said Janice.


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