Coronation Street: The Erotic Version Part 7 (MFF,MF,orgy,inter,anal)
by Cargy1UK

Janice was sweating when she reached her house. Her hair was matted to her
forehead and her blouse was undone to below her bra line. She was carrying
her apron over her arm and as soon as he saw this Les became suspicious.

"What the bloody 'ell 'ave you been up to?" he asked.

"You'll never believe where we're going tonight" she said "Emily Bishop's."

"Emily Bishop's" replied Les "That daft old bat, what the fuck 'ave we got
to go to hers for?"

"She's only 'avin' a swingers party" smiled Janice.

"Get away. Someone's been 'avin' you on" laughed Les.

Janice then started to slowly undress in front of Les as she described what
had happened at the Rovers between her and Betty. Les found it very difficult
to believe but nevertheless he was enjoying watching the little slapper he'd
married do a slow strip for him whilst describing the pleasures of eating
Betty's "hot-pot". His cock was straining in his jeans and just as he was
about to undo them and whip it out, Janice told him not to.

"I've just been warming you up dear, getting that spunk flowing in your balls
for tonight. I don't want you showing me up now do I?" said Janice as she
walked naked up stairs to the bathroom where she locked herself in for a long
hot soak.

Les wondered who else would be there. Janice had told him about his daughter
and stepdaughter being there and he couldn't wait to see both of them fight
over his cock again, but who else on the street were sexaholics?

About 7pm Les and Janice were ready for the party, Les was wearing his best
50s teddy-boy suit and had slicked back his hair with brylcreem. Janice wore
a very tight scarlet leather miniskirt, which was so short it revealed the
lacy tops of the blue stockings she wore underneath. On top she wore a sheer
silk blouse through which could easily be seen the dark aureole around her
nipples protruding over the top of a blue half cup lace bra.

"C'mon then my little slut-whore" said Les.

"Right behind you, you fucking spunk machine" replied Janice as they locked
up and walked the short distance to Emily's door. They could hear music from
within, not too loud but certainly louder than Emily usually listened to.
Emily opened the door herself and Les's jaw nearly hit the deck when he saw
what beheld him. Emily was heavily made up with the tartiest make-up he'd
seen, even on a whore, and her hair was down for once. She wore a white PVC
nurse uniform unzipped to her naval revealing the inner swellings of her
extremely well preserved tits. He could just see the nipple of her left tit
pushing against the costume zip.

"Do come in," said Emily. "Betty said to expect you."

They entered and found the party was just warming up. Everyone was having a
drink and talking, mostly. Les felt Janice pull his hand secretly under her
miniskirt and she inserted one of his fingers into her wet cunt.

"I'm soaking already Les, can you feel it?" Janice asked.

"Yes I can lover but if you think I'm fucking you with all this on offer you
have to be joking" he said as he removed his finger and walked behind Emily
into her front room. There was Sarah-Louise with her school uniform on
kneeling down on the floor in front of Matt the new doctor and she was gently
rubbing his cock through the leather posing pouch he wore. As yet they were
just talking and next to them on the floor now in a passionate embrace
rolling about with their tongues in each others mouths were Molly the ebony
nurse and Gail. Both were completely naked and Les could see that Molly had
the biggest tits he'd ever set eyes on. Seeing him looking Emily told him the
rules. No meant no but hardly anyone knew how to say the word. And anyone
could join in with anyone else at anytime to avoid cliquish pairings. Les
needed no further encouragement. He walked over to Molly and Gail and took
off his jacket and trousers.

"Excuse me Molly, do you think you could help with these tight buttons on my
shirt and Gail, my jockey shorts are so tight I can hardly pull them off
could you help?"

Both women broke from their embrace and pulled Les to the floor. Molly knelt
behind him and let him rest his head against those monster black tits. Gail
knelt in front of him and hooking her fingers in the elastic of his pants
began pulling and said, "Ooo Les I think I can see why these are so tight.
You've got a fucking huge stiffie," she smiled at him.

Reaching around and undoing his buttons, Molly pulled up her chest so that
her tits fell one on each of his shoulders. He reached up and began massaging
each jet-black rubbery nipple. As he did so they became hard and stiff as
bullets. Her breath in his ear made him even more aroused and as she leaned
forward she whispered in his ear, "How would you like a big black mama's fat
juicy cunt on you cock?"

"Oh yes! Oh yes, please!" he replied.

Gail had pulled off his pants and was now rubbing her fingers up and down the
long shaft of his dick. Hearing what Molly said she moved aside as the nurse
swung her right leg over Les's and lowered her black hairy cunt over the head
of his dick. Lowering herself onto that rod she asked Gail to put on her
strap-on. Fuck me thought Les this gets better and better. From a nearby
table Gail pulled over a large 8" pink dildo on a leather belt which she put
on expertly and rubbed KY jelly over the head. She knew exactly what she was
doing. As Molly started to fuck Les who was fondling and squeezing her
massive tits, she felt the dildo enter her arse.

"MMMMMmmmm Ooo that is fucking great" she moaned as she now had two cocks
fucking her. Les was roughly manhandling her breasts and she could feel
Gail's tits against her back with each thrust. Les could feel the dildo
through her cunt wall and that made him even more aroused. As he looked
across the room he saw Emily and Janice in a 69 feverishly lapping each
other's cunts. He knew he was about to explode but he kept it under control
as he wanted this to last. Then he notice Sarah-Louise was now sucking the
young doctor's cock. It was no monster but she mouth fucked it like a pro.
All at once she stopped and looked over at her mum.

"Mum, you're doing all that work and no reward. Would you like some cock in
your bum?" she asked Gail.

"Ooo yes dear, that sounds great. And Matt's cock looks just the right size
for my tight little arse."

Sarah grabbed Matt by the cock and pulled him over to her mum but before he
could start fucking her, Sarah-Louise crawled to her mum's backside and
pushed her young tongue deep into her arsehole.

"AAAhhhh that feels good" sighed Gail as her daughter's tongue licked and
probed her arse.

"Just lubing you up mum" said Sarah-Lou as she pulled away and guided Matt's
cock to her mother's back entrance.

"Push it in. Go on fuck her," said Sarah-Lou as Matt grabbed Gail's hips and
rammed his cock deep into her arse.

"Oh please, harder, harder" said Gail "Grab my tits Matt, squeeze them, hurt
them please pleeeeaaase".

Molly had her tongue deep inside Les's mouth and could feel his breathing
become erratic. Les gave a final thrust upwards and Molly felt an explosion
inside her as his hot thick cum spurted and spurted inside her. Gail pulled
out the dildo and skillfuly manoeuvred herself onto her back while Matt still
buttfucked her. Now Molly could get her tongue inside Gail's cunt and Gail
could Lick Les's cum form Molly's black minge.

Slurping and gagging, Gail swallowed and licked and pushed her tongue deep
inside, sucking in spunk and swallowing and eating from that sweet tasting
flesh pot. All the time her arse was being fucked by Matt who could now feel
Molly lick his shaft every time he was on an outstroke and then she would
lick Gail's shaved cunt on his in stroke. He could hold back no longer, he
pulled out and Molly immediately slipped her mouth over his cock and
swallowed every last drop of his cum as he spurted his load into the back
of her throat.

"Quick quick lick my swollen clit, don't leave me out said Sarah-Louise as
she grabbed Matt's head and pulled it onto her cunt. She was shaved and her
clit was indeed well swollen. He sucked it for only a few seconds before she

"Wow Fuck me" said Matt "I've heard of that but never seen it" he continued
as her female love juice was propelled from her cunt like spunk all over his
face and chin. Sarah-Lou finished and was only too happy to lick her juices
off his face as they all fell in an exhausted heap.


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