Coronation Street: The Erotic Version Part 8 (FF,MFF,bond,ws)
by Cargy1UK

Maxine was sitting in a corner of the salon reading a magazine. Her hair was
down, hanging silk-like on her almost bare shoulders. She wore a strap top,
which hugged the contours of her shapely breasts, leaving virtually nothing
to the imagination. Her pierced navel was visible between the bottom of the
white top and the waist of the black tight pencil skirt she wore. She licked
her moist lightly lipsticked lips as she read an article about alternative
sex-lives. Her mind had turned to thoughts of a carnal nature and soon she
had drifted of in a world of her own, imagining it was she and Ashley who had
an alternative lifestyle. The smell of her own sweet pussy was now beginning
to arouse her and she almost decided to shut the shop for the day when she
was startled out of her thoughts by the front door opening and Audrey

"Oh luvvie. What a day I've had," said Audrey.

"You look all done in, sit down and I'll make us a cup of tea. There are no
bookings today anyway," said Maxine.

"You're a star," replied Audrey.

Maxine swished into the back room, her skirt electrifying the nylon stockings
she wore underneath. Hearing this Audrey looked up and noticed that Maxine
was also wearing very high-heeled shoes. She had to ask, "Maxine love. Don't
you think it's a bit hot today for stockings, and those shoes, aren't they...
well...unsuitable for a beauty salon?"

"Sorry Audrey, Maxine called through from the kitchen. Its just that Ashley
has lost some of his drive lately and I've been trying to come home from work
dressed to thrill as it were."

"Is it working?" said Audrey as she removed her own shoes and began to
massage her toes.

"Not really," said Maxine forlornly.

Maxine returned with the teas and noticed Audrey rubbing her feet.

"Have you been walking too far round the shops again?" asked Maxine.

"Ooh yes. My feet, in fact my whole body is killing me." Said Audrey.

"What you need is a good all over aromatherapy massage," said Maxine. "Why
don't we close the shop and I'll do you now. You know it's always me the
customers ask for. You know I'm good. What do you say?"

"That's the best suggestion I've had all day," Audrey replied.

The two women finished their tea and small talk, they locked up and made
their way through to the massage table in the back therapy room. As Maxine
prepared the essential oils she watched Audrey undress. Audrey wore a long
summer frock that buttoned up the front and as she undid each button from
top to bottom Maxine felt a stirring in her nether regions. She had seen
Audrey naked before and had massaged her before but never felt anything
like this. She knew if it hadn't been for the fact that she had read so
much about alternative lifestyles, she wouldn't even have considered Audrey
sexually. But now as Audrey removed her white corsolette and stockings
Maxine saw for the first time the reason why this 64 years old woman had
been pursued by so many men over the years. Even now as she stood naked by
the massage table Maxine saw that Audrey was still capable of having many
lovers if she wanted.

"Shall I lie on my front or back Maxine love?" asked Audrey as Maxine placed
the oils in their bottles by the table.

"On your front to start with," said Maxine.

Audrey lay on her front and although a small white towel to protect her
modesty covered her buttocks, Maxine had a feeling it wouldn't be there long.

Maxine started by pouring a little warmed oil between Audrey's shoulder
blades and using both hands she slowly smoothed the oil over Audrey's back.
Audrey's ageing freckled skin was still quite tight and Maxine was impressed
by the firmness of her muscle. She ran her hand up to her shoulders, kneading
the flesh at the base of her neck with her thumbs.

"So Maxine," said Audrey, "The stockings and high heels, do you get horny
yourself when you wear them? I know I used to"

"Yeah I do," said Maxine, "I get so frustrated by Ashley. I'll get home, put
on some music, spray myself with his favourite perfume and hitch up my skirt.
I'll sit on his lap and wiggle my tits in his face and all he does is moan
that I haven't got the tea on."

"So what do you do with all that sexual energy?" asked Audrey as Maxine now
ran her hands up the calf of each leg, over the back of each knee and up to
the fleshy base of Audrey's buttocks.

"Well, usually I wait till he's gone to bed then I get out my dildo and put
on a porno video and frig myself till I cum."

"Good for you - would you take off that towel - I like my bum to get a
good rubbing as well if you don't mind"

"Not at all," said Maxine as she pulled away the towel and began gliding her
oiled fingers over the soft flesh of Audrey's bum. Her thumbs slipped between
the cheeks and pulled them apart to reveal a beautiful brown starfish which
Maxine had the urge to lean forward and probe with her tongue but she
resisted. As her thumbs pulled Audreys cheeks apart, Audrey felt a tingle of
intense sexual energy run through her arse to her pussy. She opened her legs
as wide as the table would permit so that Maxine could now see the opened
pink labia of her cunt. Without saying a word, Maxine moved up to beside
Audrey's arms and leaning over her back, pulled the pussy pips wide open and
slipped her finger inside" Audrey moaned with pleasure as she saw Maxine at
the side of her. She reached out and unzipped Maxine's skirt, which fell to
the floor. Audrey was extremely turned on by the sight that beheld her.
Maxine wore no panties and her stockings were black lace hold-ups. Her pussy
was completely shaved and as she moved the head of her clitoris was clearly
visible. It was swollen and Audrey could smell the distinct odour of Maxine's
wetness. She reached out her hand and gently drew her thumb down the pink
slit and felt Maxine give a shudder. Still no words were spoken as each
wondered how far the other would let this go.

"C-c-c-c-ould you turn over now," asked Maxine nervously in a husky tone,
which revealed her inner lust.

"Certainly," said Audrey as she turned over onto her back. Her tits, though
not as pert as once they were, possessed the longest hardest nipples Maxine
had ever seen. Maxine stepped forward out of her fallen skirt and oiled her
hands and Audrey's flat stomach. Audrey's legs fell open once again, each
leg hanging over the side of the table to open her hairy pussy as wide as
she could.

'OK,' though Maxine, 'in for a penny in for a pound.' She ran her hands
upwards to Audrey's tits, slowly rolling the flesh of each under the palms
of her hands before taking each nipple between thumb and forefinger and
rubbing each as if it were a small cock. Bending forward she took Audrey's
right nipple into her mouth and sucked it slowly. It hardened in her mouth
and the other became very stiff in her right hand.

Audrey broke the silence, "OK Maxine, enough silence. We both know what we
want. Slip a finger into my cunt while you suck my tits. Oooooooo that's
nice" she said.

Maxine stood back momentarily to remove her top and her 36D tits swung free.
As she bent forward again to carry out Audrey's wishes she felt Audrey reach
for her tits and begin squeezing and manipulating each in her hands so deftly
that her pussy was now overflowing.

"Eat my cunt Maxie. Go on lick it," asked Audrey.

"My juices are running down my leg. How about a 69?" Asked Maxine

"C'mon then babes."

Maxine climbed onto the table, legs astride Audrey's head, and her own head
between Audrey's legs. Maxine ran her tongue over the budding flower of
Audrey's clit while she slipped a finger in and out her arse.

"Ooooooo that's good. That's fucking good," moaned Audrey in between licking
and tongue-fucking the naked shaved slit in her face.

Audrey's hands grasped Maxine's bum cheeks as she pulled her face upward to
be able to slip her tongue into Maxine's arsehole.

Maxine licked and slurped at Audrey's cunt for about five minutes as Audrey
drilled her arse with her tongue. Audrey began to release pump after pump of
hot sticky fluid onto Maxine's face. Maxine licked up every drop as she too
began to cum. She bucked and weaved on top of Audrey as orgasm after orgasm
flooded her hole and dripped onto Audrey's neck. Maxine turned round to kneel
over Audrey and licked her tits and neck clean of every drop of lovejuice.
Audrey repaid the favour, ensuring that she cleaned every remnant of sex from
Maxine's body.

The two women showered together, soaping each other's bodies, kissing each
other on the lips as they began to arouse each other again.

"I'm not finished yet," said Audrey mischievously as she pushed Maxine to her
knees and pulled her mouth to her cunt as the water flowed over their naked
bodies. Audrey let Maxine lick her for a few moments but then pushed her back
as she thrust her hips forward. Maxine realised too late what was happening
as a hot stream of golden piss struck her face. Without thinking she opened
her mouth and tasted the salty liquid. Seeing her enjoying this filthy act
Audrey grabbed Maxine by the hair and pulled her to her feet.

"You filthy little cunt," she said as she leaned forward and licked some of
the pee from Maxine's face laughing as she did so.

Maxine pushed Audrey to her knees. "My turn I think," she said as she split
her bare pussy with her fingers and sprayed Audrey's face with urine. Audrey
leaned forward and not only allowed the urine into her mouth but she openly
drank it whilst looking up into Maxine's eyes.

"You dirty cow," laughed Maxine.

The ladies washed off the piss and dried themselves outside the shower.

As they talked they both realised what pent up sexual depravities they had
hidden all these years.

"Audrey, that was fucking brilliant but look at my cunt, the lips are swollen
the clit is enormous and I still have a raw feeling in my gut that I want
more. What about you?"

"Maxine luv. You're not the only one who needs more but this time we need a
good hard cock or two. What do you say to grabbing the first man off the
street who goes past the shop and inviting him in?"

"Yeah not half. Just so long as its not my Ashley."

The women dressed and reopened the shop. As they stood behind the door they
speculated on who would be the first man to pass. They hoped it would be Dev
or Steve or Vik. But no. The first man to pass the shop actually walked in
and asked for a haircut. It was Fred Elliot. The women looked at each other
and laughed but after some whispered words they agreed to stick by their

"What's all the giggling about - I say what's all the giggling about?" asked
Fred as he sat in one of the chairs.

"Nothin' Fred," said Audrey. "You're my old flame and Maxine's father-in-law.
We wouldn't have a laugh at your expense now would we" smiled Audrey.

"No. Happen you wouldn't," said Fred as he sat back in the reclining chair.
He didn't hear Maxine lock the shop door but he was aware of the blinds being
closed and the lights being switched on.

"What's going on - I say what's going on?" asked Fred.

"Just you lie back, we've a little surprise for you," said Maxine.

Fred felt a gag placed in his mouth as Audrey tied it on with a scarf but
as he tried to protest he noticed that Maxine had tied his arms to the
chair with more scarves and his legs and body were now being bound with
rope. Fortunately for him as he was about to find out, he wasn't

His trousers were unbuckled and he felt them cut off by scissors and then
his large white y-fronts were also cut off revealing a fair old piece of
sausagemeat. The women were surprised to see a limp cock of about 6" lying

"Ooo Fred, If only I'd married you I'd be fucked by that every day," said

"Audrey, Uncle Fred's todger seems to be asleep. Will we wake it?" asked
Maxine with her hands clasped behind her back in a childishly enquiring type
of manner.

"Yes. Now Fred, we'll say no more. Just watch, feel and enjoy," said Audrey.

The girls turned Fred's chair so they had more room in front of him as they
began their show. Maxine embraced Audrey and kissed her full on the mouth.
Both began entwining their tongues and running their hands over each other's
bodies. Maxine squeezed and groped Audrey' tits through her dress as Audrey
slipped a hand up Maxine's skirt and slipped a finger inside her waiting

Fred was dormant no longer. His cock had grown to an impressive hard length
of about 9". The girls stripped each other bare before diving on him. Maxine
immediately grabbed his cock and worked it up and down with her left hand as
she sucked and licked the tip of it before deepthroating the full length,
gagging as she did so. Meanwhile Audrey had climbed onto the arm of the chair
and turned one of Fred's hands so she could use his finger on her clit. Fred
moaned and sweated. The girls could see from the glint in his eye he was
enjoying it.

Audrey removed his gag and asked him if he would resist if they untied him.

"You must be fuckin kiddin - I say you must be fuckin kiddin. Get your cunt
on my cock Audrey, I want to lick that daughter-in-law of mine."

Fred got completely undressed and lay on his back o the floor. Audrey mounted
his cock and began fucking him like a pro. She still had cunt muscles that
could squeeze the spunk from any cock. Maxine lowered that wet bald pussy
over Fred's capacious mouth and he began licking and slurping the lips and
clit of his son's wife. It had been a long time since Fred had had a fuck and
it wasn't long before he announced he was about to cum. In true porno style
both women moved to his cock and began rubbing it furiously before he blasted
a wad of spunk over each of their faces. Shot after shot of cum sprayed over
their noses, eyes, and into their mouths. The ladies began licking the spunk
from each of their faces before realising that Fred who was still hard wanted
more. He crept around behind Maxine and, rubbing some of his own spunk over
the end of his cock to lube it, he propelled the thick knob into her arse.

"AAAggghhhh", she screamed "You bastard that feels good. Audrey lick my cunt
while Fred buttfucks me."

"AAAgghhhhh ooooooooo mmmmmmmmmmm you cunt Fred" screamed Maxine as she felt
Fred explode once again, this time filling her arse with his copious semen.

As he withdrew his spunk dripped from her arse onto Audrey's face. Fred swept
up the spunk on his cock and fed it to the open-mouthed Audrey who swallowed
it all without losing a drop.

"OOOoo fuck," said Fred "By eck. That was an experience!! Now – can I have
a short back and sides - I say can I have a short back and sides"

They all lay soaked in sweat, laughing on the floor.


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