Coronation Street: The Erotic Version Part 9 (MFF,fist,ws)
by Cargy1UK (with special thanks to Alexis for the idea.)

Emily Bishop watched as Maxine walked along the street from Curly's house.
As usual Maxine wore a very figure hugging loose linen top with a tight mini
skirt cut to just below crotch level. Emily had just arrived home from the
church hall committee meeting and was entering her house when she saw Maxine.
She appeared to be upset so Emily called out to her, to come indoors and have
a cup of coffee.

"Are you sure Emily?" sobbed Maxine; "I don't want to be any trouble."

"Nonsense my dear, I'd never see such a pretty young girl in tears left in
the street. Now come along inside and we'll see what's troubling you."

They sat down in the backroom of the terraced house and began to talk. Maxine
explained that she had been at Curly's house to talk to Emma about the baby
she and Curly were having, but it had been too much for Maxine, who was
having trouble conceiving with Ashley, so she had had to leave.

Maxine poured out her heart to Emily and she was so upset Emily gave her
something stronger than coffee. With Emily getting on in years she had poured
more than intended and it loosened her tongue somewhat.

"I am not surprised that they are having a baby Maxine with the length of
dick Norman has. My God you don't think it's his looks the girls go after do
you. He has a fine upstanding 9 incher, that lad, and balls to match. Why do
you think Raquel left him? I'll tell you love, she was so narrow down there
he nearly split her. She told me that when Norman ejaculated she could fill
a teacup to the brim and she frequently did and drank every drop because the
dippy girl had read somewhere it increased brainpower. Unfortunately not in
her case. Even with regular teacups of Norman's spunk!"

Maxine sat open mouthed. Emily Bishop had seen Curly Watt's dick? Maxine for
once was gob smacked, it took her all her time to ask Emily just how it had

Emily topped up her glass again but Maxine refused, she did not want to miss

"Well," said Emily, "My late husband Ernie Bishop was not much to look at
either but oh my the tool on him. I had been a virgin when I married but ye
gods once I got that eight inches up my cunt, er you dont mind me using such
words Maxine?"

Maxine shook her head, her own cunt which was always hungry for dick was
already getting wet.

"Well, to continue, once I had Ernie's big throbber fucking me night after
night, afternoons too sometimes it became an obsession. Then of course he got
killed in Mike's place. Mike was very good, others didn't know, he gave me a
job and after a decent interval he started fucking me too. He's not so well
endowed either, his wives are always leaving him or fucking someone else.
Deirdre Barlow had a go with Mike so I let Ken fuck me, bloody useless you
know, show him your cunt and he cums in seconds."

By this time Maxine had her skirt up , panties pulled to one side and was
actively playing with her clit.

"Now," continued Emily, "After a while Norman became my lodger. He had a
telescope in the loft and he was always telling me about it and about the
stars. I had little interest, but one evening I was bored and went up to
the loft. Well, the stairs are thickly carpeted, as is the loft since I
made it into a little den for Norman, so he didn't hear me. He was peering
through his telescope and wanking the biggest dick I had ever seen.
Suddenly he started to cum, and oh dear I could not help myself, dear
Norman was surprised as I wrapped my mouth around that beautiful red headed
cock. I only just got it all in and he was spurting his spunk down my throat.

"I hardly gave the lad time to speak. I had not had a proper fuck for months.
I ripped off my knickers, my quim was soaking wet, just as I can see yours is
my dear. I straddled dear Norman, sank down on his magnificent prick and he
roared to another great cum bringing me off with him. I took a look through
his telescope and the randy horny bugger had it trained on one of those posh
houses over the red wreck. Believe it or not, there was councillor Alf
Robert's with two women who looked like mother and daughter having great
frolics on a king size bed."

"Oh God I can't stand this any longer Maxine," unfastening her blouse,
taking off her bra, dropping her skirt and panties, Emily surprised Maxine
by presenting to her a shaved pussy with generous wide open labia.

"Come on darling, lets have a 69," and the two women, old and young sank to
the carpet where they were when Curly walked back in using a key Emily had
given him nearly 20 years before.

The hall was thickly carpeted like the stairs and so the women had not heard
him let himself in. Unknown to Maxine, Emily had kept from her a secret about
her and Curly. They were still sex partners even after all these years and in
fact the sex parties, which Maxine was also unaware of, that Emily held were
at Curly's instigation. Curly kept quiet and watched as Emily, now completely
naked knelt over Maxine who was still dressed but now with her skirt pulled
up above her G-string, which Emily had pulled to one side. Maxine lay on her
back, her legs parted and knees up. Emily's shaved cunt with its drooping
labia hid Maxine's beautiful face, which was buried deep in that ageing muff.

Sitting back on Maxine's face grinding her cunt hard onto Maxine's lips
and teeth, Emily spotted Curly at the door. He had removed his trousers and
jacket and was wanking that fat 9" cock of his. He saw Emily spot him and
immediately placed a finger over his lips urging her to stay quiet. He tip
toed into the room, although it was unlikely that Maxine would have heard
him, the amount of noise she herself made as she slurped and licked Emily's
massively swollen clit. He fell silently to his knees and placed his head
between Maxine's legs. He began flicking his tongue deftly over her red bud.
Sucking and nibbling it first softly then roughly, he could feel her body
give the familiar shudder of impending climax. He pressed his tongue and
lips over her clit as hard as he could and she bucked her cunt into his face
violently as she felt her lovejuice spurt to the surface of her pussy. Emily
felt Maxine bite on her own clit hard as she came and she let out a yell and
her elderly bladder could no longer hold out. She released a stream of hot
steaming of piss into Maxine's mouth as they both came together and to her
amazement Maxine did not complain. In fact she drank the strong liquid with
gusto and forced her tongue even further into Emily's cunt in order to taste
the dripping cunt juice ooze from her inner quim.

Curly moved up Maxine's body inch by inch kissing her belly and pushing up
her skimpy top he began nibbling on her free tits unencumbered by lingerie.
Her nipples were hard and swollen on her perfectly sized globes. Not too
big/not too small he thought. Maxine pushed Emily off realising they were
no longer alone.

"What the fuck's going on?" she exclaimed as she saw the less than handsome
Curly sucking at her tits.

Curly stood up and she saw the most enormous cock she'd ever seen sticking
out hard and swollen from Curly's groin. It already dripped as much precum
from the end as Ashley was able to cum. The siight of this stirred Maxine's
loins again. She sat up, pulled the remainder of her clothing off and
instructed Curly to do likewise.

"I want a baby too," said Maxine, "If you can give Emma one I want one too.
She need never know and neither does Ashley need to know."

"OK, Maxine but I warn you, once you've fucked me you'll be back again and
again. It's a secret to very few in the street that I've fucked most of them
and they keep coming back. Emma even knows and fortunately she has inherited
my sex drive by virtue of a stretched cunt from this enormous cock of mine.
She'll want to be involved too. Does that bother you?" asked Curly.

"Of course not, now fuck me," said Maxine.

"Emily could you bring in the toys please darling?" asked Curly as Emily
nodded and disappeared upstairs. Meanwhile Curly grabbed Maxine's head and
stretched her mouth as he pushed the head of his cock inside. She gagged as
she began sucking the thick cock and gasped even more when she saw Emily
enter again. She was carrying an array of sextoys of all sizes and colours.

First of all Emily lubricated the end of a dildo which was about the size of
Curly's cock but not quite as thick. Maxine thought to herself, if she was
about to be fucked by Curly's big cock then she could easily take the dildo.
But to her surprise it was not her cunt that Emily intended it, instead,
Emily shoved it slowly into the brown eye of her arse. The pain was
excruciating as the hole widened and even a small amount of blood appeared
as it ripped into her rectum. She could not scream with Curly's cock in her
mouth and could only breathe quickly. Soon the dildo was being pushed in and
out of her stretched arse in a fucking motion and the pain began to ease.
Emily had oiled her fist and now proceeded to slip all the fingers of her
left hand into Maxine's gaping cunt. The feel of the dildo in her arse,
Emily's arm up her cunt and Curly's cock in her mouth at the same time made
her cum again but this time with all that stretching she could not help but
shit herself. As the brown loose faeces ran over the dildo and down the hand
Emily held it in, Maxine was horrified to see Emily lick the shit from the
dildo. She pissed. She could not help herself, the place smelled like a
public toilet and as a result Curly was pumping his cock faster and faster
in her mouth as if he were enjoying this spectacle.

"Oh yes Emily Oh yes" he said "Eat that shit my fucking whore. Eat it you
slut eat it eat it AAAAAAAAAggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Curly began spurting wad
after wad of spunk cream into Maxine's mouth. He withdrew and made sure that
some spurted over her tits, over Emily's face and back to Maxine's mouth.
Emily fell on Maxine, pushing her tongue into her mouth, trying to drink as
much of Curly's spunk as she could. This old woman is the worst, most
disgusting slut in the world thought Maxine as she kissed Emily, fondled her
drooping tits and pushed her hips against Emily's fist.

As Curly finished he pulled the dildo from Maxine's arse withdrawing more
shit with it. He the started to piss all over the two ladies with such a fast
and furious flow of pee that it showered them clean of spunk and shit. Maxine
stood up and kissed Curly hard on the mouth forcing him to swallow some of
his own spunk which he did happily. She began stroking his cock to stiffness
once again and reminded him that she wanted a good hard fucking. She bent
over the table in the middle of the room and spread her legs apart exposing
her beautifully shaved cunt from behind, a sight that would harden any man.
Curly slipped his dick into her wet cunt and started fucking her hard against
the table. As he did so Emily stood at his right side, her left hand stroking
his arse whilst her right groped at Maxine's tits. Occasionally Curly leaned
down to suck Emily's long soft nipples and she would stick a finger in his
arse and wiggle it to keep him going. Soon he was ready to cum again and
began thumping the whole of his length into Maxine. She screamed and screamed
but still he banged her. Suddenly letting out a yell he shot his load into
her. Again and again she could feel the spurts hit her womb. As soon as he
withdrew Emily knelt under Maxine's legs to catch the drops of cum from her
cunt and swallowed every last one.

After showering and sponging the carpet, the three got dressed and talked
about the afternoon.

"I hope we have been of some assistance to you my dear," said Emily as Maxine
kissed both she and Curly goodbye.

"Oh, I think I know where to go if I'm not pregnant," she said as she walked
through the door.

"In fact," she said momentarily popping her head back round the door, "I
think I know where to come even if I am pregnant." She winked at Curly.

"Come here Emily," said Curly as the front door closed, "I think I want to
fuck you again."

"Oh no, not again," sighed Emily hitching up her dress and climbing onto his


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