Coronation Street: The Erotic Version Part 11 (MMF,inc,voy,slash)
by Cargy1UK

Eileen finished her shift at the taxi office and made her way back to her
house. It was a hot summer's day and as a result there were many scantily
clad teenagers of both sexes roaming the street. She was a big beautiful
woman with very high sexual needs which she was afraid Dennis just wasn't
satisfying. She had a lust for adult teenage boys, which she could no
longer satiate. She had never dare tell her sons that both their fathers
had been no older than they were themselves when she had seduced them and
now she had recently even begun fancying girls. Right now though she would
give anything to alleviate the clawing wetness, which permeated every inch
of her pussy. She could swear that passers-by heard her plump thighs
squelch the running quim juices as they trickled down her legs.

She had even shocked herself by becoming aroused every time she saw her own
sons wandering around the house in their underpants. Jason was now 19 and
Todd 18 and they both had large swellings in their loins after they'd been
for a shower. She often fingered herself to orgasm imagining oiling down
their supple bodies then teaching them both the finer points of fucking and

As she opened her front door she heard the shower running upstairs. "Shit,"
she thought, "that's put paid to a good fingering this afternoon." While
climbing the stairs she became aware of moaning from the bathroom. The door
was slightly ajar so she couldn't help herself from having a peek inside.
"Oh my god!" she thought when she saw the sight before her eyes. Both her
sons were naked under the shower together. Todd soaped the rippled body of
his athletic older brother who quite clearly was aroused. His cock was
average length but must have been at least three inches in girth. Todd stood
behind his brother as he soaped him and Eileen noticed that he too had a
hard-on, which right now was pressed against Jason's lower back.

She knew she should intervene, she knew it was wrong, but something made her
stand and watch this spectacle of gay sex. Todd dropped to his knees in the
bath and turned Jason to face him. His open mouth eagerly received the thick
cock before him. He deep throated as well as Eileen ever could she thought as
she watched Jason's head flung back in ecstasy. She felt her skirt fall to
the floor and realised that she had unconsciously unbuttoned it and was now
delving her fingers into her hairy cunt. She let out a moan just as Jason
switched off the shower.

"What the fuck was that?" said Jason to Todd who was leading Jason from the
shower by his cock.

"I dunno ... Oh fuck!" he said as he caught a glimpse of his mother standing
in the crack of the doorway, blouse half unbuttoned and no skirt on.

"Oh shit, mum!"

"Oh Christ! I'm, we're sorry mum!" both boys grappled for the right words
to apologise and to appease their mother whom they both believed would be
frantic with rage.

They were pleasantly surprised however when she walked into the bathroom
and in a very sultry voice which the boys knew she usually reserved for
boyfriends she said, "Why don't I towel you both down and maybe you could
come to my bedroom and show me what other tricks you two have been getting
up to."

The boys were shocked at their mother. She had no panties on and had quite
obviously been frigging herself when they first saw her.

"Todd darling, why don't you unbutton the rest of mummy's blouse and take
it off," she simmered. She pulled him to her as he unbuttoned the last few
buttons to open the red silk blouse and reveal the extra large bra she wore
to encase her 44DD tits. She let the blouse fall to the wet floor and pulled
Todd's head against the material of her bra.

"Jason petal, would you mind unclasping mummy's bra, I think your brother
would like to suck on mummy's tits isn't that right, Todd?" she smiled at

"Ye-ye yes mum," stammered Todd as Jason unclasped the bra and pulled it free
of his mum's shoulders.

Both boys had in the past seen their mother naked and had even seen her
fucking boyfriends. They'd discussed the size of her tits at length and when
they discovered each other was bi-sexual they had often wanked and sucked
each other off imagining what it would be like to fuck their own mother,
never realising she had often thought the same. Now those same tits were
within handling distance and right now they could not keep their hands of
them. First Todd sucked and licked at each puffed up nipple in turn and Jason
wrapped his hands round his mother from behind and groped and fondled those
huge tits.

Eileen felt Jason's length press hard into her back. She saw Todd's now
massive erection as he suckled her tits and she began to rhythmically move
her hips back and forth, first pressing her back against Jason's hard-on
then pushing her cunt forward to the tip of Todd's cock.

"I said I'd towel you down boys," said Eileen as she gently pushed them away.
She picked up a towel and began drying Todd's hair. As she did so she felt
his finger gently rub along the lips of her wet slit. She continued to dry
his shoulders and upper torso before reluctantly bending down away from his
probing finger to dry his lower body. As she did so he turned deliberately so
his cock would be against her cheek. She resisted sucking it there and then
but merely flicked her tongue over the salty tip as she completed drying him.
Turning to dry Jason from the bottom up she saw that he had his arm around
Todd, standing side by side. This meant that as she dried her sons she could
lick and flick her tongue over both their cocks.

When she finished she lead the boys to her bedroom where she produced from
her bedside drawer an 8" dildo and a tube of KY jelly.

"Right boys let me see what you can do," she said lying back on the bed.

Jason's dark body loomed over her and she felt his cock push at the entrance
to her wet cunt. She pulled him to her and kissed him deeply, tonguing his
tongue and licking his lips. "Kiss my tits while you fuck me."

"OK mum," he said as he lowered his head to her tits, which had spread their
weight to either side of her chest. "Fuck they are massive mum," he smiled as
he took her left nipple in his mouth and lightly chewed it. She opened her
cunt lips for him and guided her son's thick cock into her.

"OOOHHH fuck!" she moaned as the girth of his cock stretched her lips to the
limit. "You're bigger than your father." Jason hardly heard her as he began
moving his athletic hips in and out of her open legs feeling his cock
slipping in and out her soaking cunt.

Todd had picked up the KY jelly and began lubricating his brother's arse
with his finger. Jason moaned at the exquisite pleasure of fucking his mother
while his brother fingered his arse. Todd used his right hand to stroke
Jason's balls and along his shaft as he fucked their mother. He would allow
his hand to reach his mothers cunt where he would tease her swollen clitoris
before stroking Jason's balls again.

Todd climbed onto the bed and positioned his cock at Jason's well lubricated
arse. He pushed his cock against the entrance, which seemed far to small for
his large member but the puckered anus opened and received him to the hilt.

"Oh fuck Oh fuck yeehhh!!!" moaned Jason as he fucked his mother while
feeling the stiff cock up his arse. "Oh mum, mum you are a fucking slut
bitch!!" he yelled,

Eileen, conscious of the neighbours hearing pulled his head to her tits again
and clamped his mouth to a nipple. As she did so she felt his orgasm inside
her. His body jerked violently with each shot of spunk, which filled his
mother's cunt. "AAAAggghh!" shouted Todd as he withdrew his cock and spurted
his cum over his brother's back. The hot white cream lay on his back as Jason
eventually relaxed and lay on top of his mother.

"That was great boys but I want more," she said as she told Todd to lie on
his back at the bottom of the bed with his legs on the floor and told Jason
to crawl on all fours to the head of the bed. She then knelt astride Todd's
head and ordered him to lick his brother's cum from her cunt. As he did so
she began licking Todd's spunk from Jason's back. Her large form descended
on Todd's face and he willingly began licking the globules of cum which were
already leaking from her pussy.

"MMMMmmmmmm!!!" he moaned as he swallowed the hot salty cream. Eileen's face
was covered in Todd's spunk as she ran a finger over her lips and cheeks to
make sure she swallowed every drop.

"Right. My turn to cum Todd, your turn to fuck mummy ... I can see you're
ready," she said pointing to his already re-hardened cock. She ordered him to
lie further up the bed so she could straddle his shaft and lower herself on
to him. Her massive tits swung low across the boy's face as he fondled and
licked each one in turn. She asked Jason to put some KY in her arse and fuck
her with the dildo which he did. He wasn't yet hard enough to fuck his mother
up the arse even if she would let him so he did as was asked and soon was
pushing the huge dildo in and out his mum's stretched bumhole. Eileen pushed
her cunt back hard against Todd's cock to rub her clit against it as she
fucked. She ground that clit against his shaft and could feel the rush of
blood to her loins as she felt the first orgasm hit her. Her large backside
bucked hard against Jason's arm as he fucked her with the dildo and she bit
down hard on Todd's lip as she came. He let out a scream of pain as she
yelled out, "AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH Fffffuuucckkk mmmmeeeeee!" and spurted cum
all over his cock and over his thighs.

Jason left the dildo protruding from her arse as he dived between her large
thighs to lick her juice from Todd's balls and thighs. Todd's cock shuddered
as he too came again into her cunt. Wad after wad of his spunk mixed with the
thick clear love juice pouring from her pussy. They lapped each other dry
before crashing in a heap on the bed.

"OK boys, you're bi not gay. That's fine. I believe the street now has quite
a swinging reputation. I think its about time the Grimshaws were invited to
the parties don't you."

"Oh fuckin' yeh!" the boys said in unison.


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