Coronation Street: The Erotic Version Part 14 (MFFF,fist)
by Cargy1UK

Fred Elliot sat in deep conversation with Bet Lynch at the bar of the Rovers
Return. He had only recently been introduced to the onetime landlady and
legendary barmaid of that establishment but he had become quite attached to
her. She had by all accounts put on weight and become even more bitter than
she once was but Fred didn't care. He had already decided that by hook or by
crook Bet would be his new manager and much more besides. She wore a tight
fitting black dress and leopard-skin wrap. Although she filled the dress well
Fred noticed it looked a little tatty, even threadbare in places. His mind
worked fast.

"Bet love," he drawled, "I was wondering if you'd given my proposal a little
more thought, you know, about running this place for me. I'd make sure you
got well above going rate. Ah say it'd keep you going whilst court case
settles, eh??"

"Thing is chuck. I'd love to help out but I've only got this old rag to wear
and I'd have to keep up with my staff. That Geena and Shelley are always
looking so sexy," Bet said winking at him.

"Oh, them two, well, ah, ah, ah, suppose I could run to buying you a few
things just get you started. A loan mind!" replied Fred hesitantly.

"You won't regret it love, believe me. By eck is it that time already," she
said looking at her watch. "Would you like me to stay behind with Geena and
Shelley just to get acquainted like?"

"Well, why don't I lock up and I'll keep them behind for a little pep talk
about who's going to be boss around here. - TIME GENTLEMEN, PLEASE!" he
bawled as he ushered the last few regulars outside.

Bet had introduced herself to Geena and Shelley and was talking to the
girls in the back room when Fred had finished getting rid of the last few

"Right, lets open a couple of bottles to celebrate me finding you a new
boss," said Fred.

"WHAT!!!!" exclaimed both girls in unison.

"You can't be seriously getting someone in when we've both been knocking our
pans out to impress you," moaned Shelley.

"Yeh," said Geena, "She's an old has been. What's she got that we don't?"

"Well, for a start girls, I know the management side of this trade like the
back of my hand. I can give orders the way nobody else can. I can make the
punters do exactly what they are told and they love it." Her moist red
lipstick glistened as she licked her lips. "And when a punter thinks he has
a chance of fucking me, he genuinely has, I'll fuck anything anyway and do
anything to anything. All just to please the punters. To bring them in in
droves. Men, huh, men I can wrap round my little finger!! Watch!!"

Bet motioned her index finger to Fred. He approached her with a look of
abject fear on his face.

Bet pulled up her hemline above her waist to reveal tailored and seamed black
stockings and a black lace thong that was way too small. Pulling it to one
side to reveal her puffy shaved pussy lips she said, "On yer knees tiger. My
cunt needs a licking, NOW!" she ordered, as Fred, more in shock than in
response to the order, fell to his knees and, trembling, he placed a hand on
each of her large womanly buttocks and pulling her pussy towards him he began
to lightly lick the smears of pussy juice from her outer lips.

"See girls. I can have anything I want."

Shelley's black leather trousers creaked and groaned as she sweated. She
absentmindedly began to rub at the crotch, but winced when the ultra-tight
leather chaffed her inner thighs. Geena had also been getting hot at the
sight of Fred on his knees lapping at Bet's cunt as she held her lips apart.

"Look, I'd better go," muttered Shelley as she tried to walk passed Bet to
the door.

"No love, stay and give me hand here," said Bet removing one hand from her
pussy and taking Shelley's right hand and placing her fingers over her
swollen clit. Shelley felt Fred's tongue licking Bet's slit and her juice
soaked fingers. She squirmed in her tight trousers as she attempted to undo
the fastener with her free hand.

"Let me help," said Geena who was visibly excited. Her cheeks reddened and
her breath quickened as she knelt beside Fred and began to unzip Shelley's
trousers and rolled them down over her ample thighs. Shelley too was
breathing heavily causing her incredible cleavage to swell and fall under
her v-neck top. Geena pulled off Shelley's trousers and stood up slipping
her own dress from her shoulders. What had seemed a probability was now
obvious, she wore no underwear. She leaned toward Shelley and, taking her
in her arms, kissed her full on the lips. Their tongues entwined and Geena
was too excited to object at Bet who was now fondling her small but pert
tits. Fred unbuttoned his trousers, stood up and let them fall to the floor.
Bet took hold of his hard cock and, letting go of Geena's tits, knelt before
him taking his stiff member deep into her open mouth.

Geena meanwhile had pulled off Shelley's top and unfastened her black lace
bra. Her tits were heavy in her hands as she lifted each one to her lips and
sucked at her erect nipples. "Oh fuck, that's good Geena," Shelley said as
Geena motioned her to the couch still sucking her tits. "Finger my clit Geena
oooooo please finger my clit," Shelley begged.

Geena caught sight of Bet and Fred as she began sliding her fingers over
Shelley's wet lips. Her own cunt was unshaven and the black pubic hairs
glistened with the moistness of her own fanny juice as she watched Bet take
Fred's 9" cock in her mouth and slip her finger into his arse. Shelley
relieved Geena's snatch by slipping three fingers inside her as they sat
together. Geena's large eyes sparkled as she lifted her head to look at
Shelley and said, "Thanks, I wondered when you'd get round to that. Slip
your whole hand in Shelley, I can take it."

"Fist you!!" exclaimed Shelley in surprise.

"Yeh, I can take it. Dev used to love having one hand up my cunt and the
other buried in my arse. Please Shelley. Go on."

Shelley knelt on the floor in front of Geena who remained on the couch. Geena
lifted her hips forward on the couch to accommodate Shelley's hands. Bet and
Fred stopped what they were doing and came over to watch. Bet had removed the
rest of her clothes as had Fred and she led him by his dick to the edge of
the couch where she sat Fred down and then lifted her thighs over his large
belly to slide her soaked cunt down onto his shaft. From there she could fuck
the fat landlord whilst watching the erotic sight of this beautiful girl
being double fisted by Shelley.

"Pinch my nipples Fred," ordered Bet and Fred complied. He reached around to
her slightly sagging big tits and grabbed her nipples. "Squeeze them hard,"
Bet moaned.

Shelley spat onto Geena's arse and cunt and rubbed her saliva well in to
lubricate her. Slowly she began to push her left hand into Geena's arse.
Amazingly it stretched quite easily and it was obvious she had been anally
rammed by bigger objects than Shelley's fist before. "OhoHooooooo," Geena
cried as her rectum was painfully entered. Shelley was rocking back and
forth as she tried to rub her own clit between her legs to no avail. "Oh
god I need to be fucked doing this," she husked.

"Fred, you heard what the lady said," commanded Bet, "I'll get Geena to help
me, you kneel behind Shelley and give her the fuck of her life."

"Won't Peter mind, ah say won't Peter mind?" Fred asked Shelley.

"Right now I don't give a fuck," moaned Shelley, "Just get your cock over
here and fuck my soaking cunt!!"

Bet stood onto the couch astride Geena who immediately knew what to do. Bet
lowered her sopping pussy onto Geena's lips quite athletically for a woman of
her age and size. Geena's tongue lapped at Bet's juicy lips and she took her
swollen clit gently between her teeth and sucked at it. Her own pussy was now
pulled wide apart as Shelley fisted her two holes. Shelley now leaned forward
to rest her head in Geena's pussy as she fisted her and to allow Fred's cock
to penetrate her cunt as deeply as possible. Bet was now squirming with
ecstasy as she ground her hips into Geena's face and it was obvious she was
about to cum. "Oh Geena love, I'm cumming, ahhhggghhh!!!" she exclaimed as
she forced Geena's lips hard against her clit and thick globules of her pussy
cream ran into Geena's mouth. At that point Fred reached round to grab
Shelley's pendulous breasts and gripped them tightly as he too shuddered and
jerked as he spurted several wads of hot spunk deep into her cunt.

"Ohhooooo Fred!" said Shelley as she removed her hands from Geena's holes as
Geena sprayed fanny cream all over her face, "Lick it off and make me cum,"
said Shelley to Fred. Fred obliged and rubbed her spunk filled cunt with his
fingers till she climaxed as he licked Geena's love juices from her face. His
tongue ran over her cum covered cheeks and nose as he rubbed her clit harder
and faster. "Oh fuck oh fuck" said Shelley as she began to climax. She
grabbed Fred's hand and pushed it deep into her cunt as she orgasmed,
"OhOoooooo!!!" she moaned and then relaxed.

Bet sat on the couch beside Geena, gently rubbing her tits and Shelley and
Fred sat at their feet on the floor near exhaustion. Shelley licked the
remaining rivulets of pussy juice and spunk from his hand.

"Well chucks, I think I'm going to enjoy being back at the helm of the
Rovers," said Bet, "I take it you two are OK with that now."

"Oh fuck yeh," said Shelley and Geena together.

"Christ, this'll fuckin' kill me," panted Fred, "Ah say this'll fuckin' kill


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