Coronation Street:
The Naughty Version Part 1 - Sarah-Louise Gets A Special Birthday Present
Panyboy11 ([email protected])

Sarah Louise Platt was no ordinary girl, she had just turned 16 and already
in her young life she had lost her real father at a young age and had given
birth to her baby daughter, Bethany, when she was only 14. Bethany was a
result of her only sexual experience to date. The father of Bethany had had
nothing more to do with her and had in fact died in a car accident.

Sarah was sitting quietly on the couch contemplating her lonely life
wondering why no one (boys in particular) took any notice of her, was it
because of Bethany or was it as she suspected she was unattractive. This was
certainly not the truth though, Sarah was a very pretty petite girl, she had
shoulder length light brown hair with blonde highlights. Her body was slim
and she had 34b breasts and a very tight waist.

She was getting a little emotional when suddenly the front door opened and
in walked Martin, her stepfather, fresh from finishing his shift as a nurse
at the local hospital. "Hi Sarah, how you doing, how was school?" he asked
noticing she was still wearing her school uniform. Sarah looked up with
tears in her eyes and before she could speak Martin sat beside her. "Hey
babe, what's the matter?" he enquired as he put his arm around her shoulders
to comfort her.

"Why can't I get a boyfriend Martin, am I really that ugly?" the poor girl

Martin smiled, did she not realize how hot she was, and despite the fact that
she was his step-daughter he had regularly fantasized about her, and wondered
just how hot she would be between the sheets. However he tried to put these
thoughts to the back of his mind as he consoled the youngster.

"Sarah you are a beautiful young girl, any boy would be delighted to be
with you," he confirmed to her. She looked up at him and smiled. He was only
saying these nice things because he was family, would he be interested if
she wasn't his step-daughter she wondered. Her sparkling blue eyes were now
staring directly into Martin's eyes and he could feel his body reacting in a
way it shouldn't, but he couldn't stop it, he reached down to her face and
caressed it and said "Sarah you are gorgeous, and no I am not just saying
that because we are family, I think it as a man, and you are a sexy girl".
He wasn't sure if he had gone too far but was taken aback and delighted when
Sarah reached up and suddenly kissed him softly on the lips. He automatically
responded and kissed her back, parting her lips and probing her mouth with
his tongue, their kissing getting more and more passionate.

"Sarah, we shouldn't be doing this it's wrong," Martin objected as they

"What's wrong Martin, don't you fancy me?" Sarah asked.

"Are you kidding?" Martin replied, "I'd love to take you to bed and make
passionate love to you, but, well, we are family, I'm married to your mom,
it's wrong, what if she found out?" Martin was desperately trying to convince
himself as much as the young girl before him, but his cock was ignoring him
and was now becoming unbearably stiff inside his jeans.

"Martin please, I want to know what it feels like to have sex properly, I
only did it once when Bethany was conceived and that was unpleasant, please
help me, I wont tell anyone" Sarah pleaded. Martin glanced at the clock,
no-one would be home for at least another hour, plenty of time he thought.
Fuck his conscience, he wanted to experience this hot little girl in front
of him, and after all she was virtually offering it on a plate to him, he
convinced himself. He took her by the hand and pulled her off the couch and
began to climb the stairs towards the bedrooms.

Once inside Sarah's room he sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her towards
him. She stood silently looking down at him as he slowly began to undo her
buttons on her school blouse, one by one they popped free gradually exposing
her pert little breasts which were encased in a tiny lacy white bra. Once all
the buttons were released she dropped her blouse to the floor, Sarah then
reached behind her and began to lower the zip on her school skirt, which was
already probably a bit shorter than regulation allowed. Suddenly it fell to
the floor leaving Sarah stood before her stepfather in old little lacy white
bra and panties. Martin looked at the vision before him, wow she was more
beautiful than he had imagined, he had seen her in a bikini before but this
so erotic, his cock was throbbing now, desperate for release.

He went to undo his button on his jeans when Sarah pushed his hand away and
began doing it for him, her hands trembling and shaking as she struggled with
them, eventually succeeding and lowering the zip. She took hold of the jeans
and pulled them down, revealing Martin's situation that he had tried to
fight. Sarah smiled when she saw Martin's erection poking through his boxer
shorts, finally convinced that she could have the desired effect on a man.

She reached down and began to stroke his cock through his boxers, and was
pleased when Martin began to moan with pleasure. "Ooo yes, go on Sarah,
stroke me, take it out and play with me." He begged. Sarah wasted no time
tugging down his boxers and was shocked at the size of Martin's member, it
must have been at least 7 inches long, how would she cope with that, would
it hurt, was it fully grown? Before she could contemplate another question
Martin grabbed the back of her head and pulled her towards his cock, her
face now directly in front of it. "Lick it Sarah, taste it, go on put me in
your mouth, I promise you will like it." Martin directed.

Tentatively she pushed out her tongue and licked the tip of his cock, it was
not as unpleasant as she had imagined, in fact once over the initial taste
she began to lick further and further down the shaft and was now allowing
more of it enter her mouth. "MMMMM, oh yes Sarah, that's good, go on suck
it harder, stick it all in your mouth" Martin moaned. Sarah looked up and
smiled, she was pleasing a man, and more importantly she was enjoying it
too. She now had virtually all of his cock in her mouth, the tip of which
was touching the back of her throat. As she was doing this she became aware
that her left hand was rubbing her pussy over the top of her panties, these
were now becoming very wet. The more she sucked the more she rubbed herself,
and she found herself moaning in delight too. Martin could see she was
playing with herself and this had the effect of pushing him over the edge
and suddenly he felt himself spasm as his orgasm hit him and soon he was
releasing a decent amount of cum into the teenagers mouth.

Sarah was shocked by the sudden invasion of his cum into her mouth, but liked
the salty taste of it and automatically swallowed it all up. She was a bit
concerned that this experience was about to finish now Martin had cum, but
she need not worried, Martin hadn't finished with her yet. He pushed her off
him and suddenly she felt herself spun round and thrown back onto the bed.
Martin was quickly on top of her, kissing and nibbling her neck, his hands
groping and squeezing her breasts. He pushed the bra up, releasing each pert
little tit, as he did so he took a nipple into his mouth, sucking and biting
it, until it stood erect. Sarah was moaning with pleasure, and a little pain
as he bit her.

Martin wasted no time in guiding his hand down to Sarah's panties, he stroked
her pussy over the panties, which were now soaking wet, almost saturated. He
looked up at her and smiled. "Naughty girl, you are so turned on your panties
are very wet." Sarah blushed a little but was brought back when Martin
suddenly slipped his hand inside those wet panties and began to tease her
pussy. His fingers played with her pussy lips, just gently inserting the tip
of one finger and then removing it, pushing it further inside her each time.
Eventually he slid two fingers fully into her hot young pussy, my god she was
tight he thought. She moaned and begged him to push them deeper. He took hold
of her panties and ripped them off and now inserted three fingers into her,
her pussy squelched as his fingers probed her. "Fuck me Martin" she begged.

Martin climbed up the bed and positioned himself between the young girl's
thighs, she parted them as wide as she could, as he guided his still hard
cock into her pussy. Inch by inch she felt it go into her, causing her to
breathe sharply, this was much bigger than anything she had put inside
herself, fingers, vibrator even the odd bit of food, banana etc. Once he
was half inside her Martin paused, and looked down at the hot teen beneath
him. He didn't wait for her to give him acknowledgement, he merely drove
all of his cock deep into the girls pussy. Sarah let out a scream of pain,
nothing had been so far up her for ages. Martin began pumping his cock in
and out of her with more speed, he hadn't fucked anyone this hot for ages,
he didn't care she was his step-daughter.

Sarah was squeezing and pinching her nipples as her own orgasm began to
increase. "Harder, fuck me harder!" she begged. Martin obliged as best he
could, but he knew he couldn't fuck for long as his own orgasm was nearing
eruption. "I'm gonna cum Sarah" Martin shouted. "Cum inside me please, I
want to feel your juices fill me up" Sarah pleaded. Seconds later martin let
out a loud grunt as he emptied his balls deep inside his hot step-daughters
cunt. Martin collapsed on top of her in an exhausted heap. He looked up at
Sarah and kissed her lightly. "Wow ! that was fantastic Sarah, guys will
love to be with you when the realize how hot you are"

"Thank you" she replied. "Don't worry about mom finding out, I wont tell her,
I hope we can play again sometime," she said.

Martin smiled, he hoped for another session too.

So Sarah had discovered that she enjoyed sex, and was eager to experiment
further, could she entice other men so easily, maybe, more adventures where
sure to follow...


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