Coronation Street:
The Naughty Version Part 3 - Sarah Lou Becoming The Street Slut
by Pantyboy11 ([email protected])

Sarah had been on the look out for future sex partners ever since the
erotic experience she had with her brother and her best friend. Unfortunately
any opportunities hadn't materialised and she was beginning to get a bit
frustrated. She knew she could have sex on tap anytime she wanted with her
brother and stepfather, but she wanted to test her theory about fucking a guy
she didn't find attractive. Was it just the actual sex she enjoyed or did she
need to find the guy attractive. She really wanted to find out, but how could
she succeed, she realised she would have to initiate the next encounter.

It was a mild afternoon for March as she strolled down the road towards her
Grandmother's hair salon. She had agreed to help her out to tidy up the shop
and also meant she could earn herself some extra money. As she approached the
shop she noticed Fred Elliott. Fred lived next door to the salon with his son
Ashley and Ashley's new wife Claire, together with his Grandson Joshua. Fred
had also had a brief affair with her Grandmother Audrey.

"Hello Fred, how are you today?" Sarah asked.

"Oh hello Sarah sweetheart, I'm ok thank you, just trying to solve a little
problem I've got" he replied.

"Can I help at all, I'd be glad to do anything I can" Sarah asked.

"Well Pet, would you be able to babysit for Ashley tonight, you see he and
Claire are going out for a special meal and normally I would look after
Joshua but unfortunately I have got some bookwork to catch up on. I will be
in the house but I can't really give Joshua my full attention."

Sarah thought about this for a split second and then almost immediately
replied, "Yes, of course I'll do it" she eagerly told him.

"Great, be around here by about 8:00PM and I'll get everything ready for

Sarah then carried on her journey to her Gran's salon, thinking about her
evening appointment. Although she hadn't considered it at first, but this
represented an opportunity to further her sexual experiences. Certainly
Fred was no Brad Pitt, he was about 60 years old, balding, and had a large
stomach, a remnant of his eating habits, he certainly enjoyed his food.
This would certainly represent a challenge to Sarah, if she could fuck Fred
then she could fuck anyone.

The rest of the afternoon seemed to fly by as Sarah busily planned in her
head how the evening was going to go and what she was going to wear. After
all the hard part probably wasn't having sex with Fred, the hard part would
be to actually seduce him, after all he was almost her step Grandfather.
She would need to wear her sexiest outfit and be at her most seductive best.

Two hours later she was knocking on the front door of Fred's certainly
dressed to kill and far too sexily just to be babysitting. Fred opened the
door and his jaw nearly hit the floor when he saw Sarah stood before him. He
had always thought of her as Audrey's little granddaughter, but here stood
before him was a stunningly sexy teenager. He scanned her from top to bottom,
her outfit accentuated every curve of her body. She had chosen a little sexy
black dress that came barely below her pert ass cheeks and the split down the
front travelled from her neck almost to her navel, just giving the merest
glimpse of her tits hidden beneath.

"Wow, Sarah you look gorgeous, come in sweetheart, don't stand on the
doorstep dressed like that you'll catch a cold" Fred joked with her.

Sarah looked up and she could almost sense the lust in his eyes and she knew
her outfit had set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Thankfully little Joshua was already tucked up in bed and she could
concentrate on getting Fred more interested in her. Fred was sat down at
the table carrying out his paperwork so Sarah placed herself on the couch
opposite so he could look up and stare at her. She hitched her dress up
higher showing even more thigh, so much in fact that the only thing she
wasn't displaying were her panties.

Fred knew it was wrong but he couldn't help having a sneaky look at the sexy
teenager sat on his couch. He felt his 55 year old cock stirring inside his
trousers and was finding it more and more difficult to concentrate on his
work. Sarah would look up and catch him staring at her and then he looked
away hoping not to have been discovered. Sarah smiled to herself, she knew
her plan was working and so she displayed herself more and more, opening her
legs a little hoping he might get a viewing of her knickers which by now were
getting a little damp.

Fred could control himself no longer, he needed a drink to help calm him
down, or failing that give him Dutch courage to maybe act on it. He walked
into the kitchen and found a bottle of wine, he picked up two glasses and
returned to the living room.

"Would you like a glass of wine, Sarah" Fred asked, sitting down on the couch
as he spoke. "I know your not 18 but I wont tell if you don't" he laughed.

Sarah leapt of the chair and immediately joined Fred on the couch, sitting
rather too closely than she needed to be. Fred handed her the drink and found
himself gazing down her dress, practically drooling over the sight of her
pert teenage tits. Her perfume was causing him to feely giddy with lust and
he really was struggling not to pounce on the youngster.

Three glasses of wine each later and both were feeling a little light headed
and Sarah could feel herself becoming braver, daring herself to make the
first move. As she was talking she placed her hand on Fred's thigh in a
playful manner but wondering if he was thinking the same as her.

This was the signal Fred had been waiting for and saw this as the green light
to progress. He leant forward and placed his glass on the table, and as he
returned to his position he let his hand rest on Sarah's knee. Expecting
Sarah to push him away he awaited her response and when no objection came he
looked at the sexy teen and smiled at her.

"Sarah you are a stunningly sexy girl, I bet the boys are queueing round the
block to take you out" he asked.

"No Fred, I think the fact I have a baby scares them off, I haven't got a
boyfriend" she pathetically replied.

"The boys must need their heads examining" and he leant forward and kissed
her on the forehead. As he pulled away Sarah looked up at him and gave him a
look that just screamed at him to take her. Again Fred lowered his head but
this time he kissed her full on the lips, gradually crushing her lips with
his. Sarah responded to the kiss by opening her mouth and allowing his tongue
to explore the inside.

Fred's cock was straining to be released in his trousers and this encouraged
him to slowly raise his hand up Sarah's thighs, inching its way up until it
began to disappear under her dress. Sarah parted her legs to allow him easier
access desperate for him to touch her in her most intimate places, and
knowing that as soon as he came into contact with her panties he'll realise
how turned on she was.

By now their kissing was more passionate and tongues were exploring each
others mouths, Sarah was far from disgusted by Fred's lecherous attentions,
she could feel herself getting wetter and more turned on by the second. So
what the man mauling her was in his 60's, so what that he was at least 20
stone in weight with a very large stomach that hung over his trousers, she
just wanted him to fuck her and soon.

Fred's fingers were inching their way up her thighs and eventually came into
contact with Sarah's satin panties.

"Oooo" Sarah moaned, as Fred's fingers probed the flimsy material. "Touch me
Fred, feel how wet I am for you" she begged.

"You're a dirty girl Sarah, your panties are soaking wet, I'll have to teach
you a lesson my girl" Fred smirked. "Stand up and strip you cock teasing

Sarah smiled and felt herself getting wetter at the dirty names Fred had
called her. She rose to her feet and reached behind her to feel for the
zipper on her dress. Fred's eyes never left the sexy teen as she slowly
lowered her zipper. Once down she pulled the straps over her shoulders and
let the dress drop to her waist. Fred stared at the naked breasts in front
of him, desperate to get his hands on them.

In fact Fred could not resist, he leant forward and pulled Sarah towards him.
His big hands on her hips soon had her stood directly in front of her, he
reached up and cupped her left breast in his right hand and gently squeezed.
The young teen flesh felt glorious to his touch and he moved his head to her
other tit and suckled on her nipple. Licking and sucking on it as it stood
erect to his touch.

Sarah could feel herself getting more and more turned on by Fred's actions,
she placed her hands on his bald head and pulled him tight against her tits.
Fred's nibbling of her tits became more urgent as he sucked and bit on her
nubile tits. His urgency to fuck this girl was growing faster than he could
imagine, he reached up and took hold of her dress and yanked it down and it
fell to the floor leaving Sarah stood only in her flimsy silk panties.

Fred was now becoming an animal as his lustful desires were taking him over.
He pulled Sarah down to her knees and leant back on the couch.

"Get my cock out and suck it you little slut. Get it nice and hard ready to
fuck you."

Sarah reached up, eager to get at the monster that she was sure was contained
inside Fred's trousers. She unbuckled them and lowered the zip, her slender
hands fishing inside his pants. Eventually she found her target and pulled it
into the open. Sarah had to take a second look when she saw Fred's cock, it
was huge, a full 11 inches and it wasn't even fully erect yet. How the hell
was she going to fit all that inside her, she felt herself dribble into her
panties at the thought of it.

Both her hands were needed to hold this monster and she slowly lowered her
mouth towards it. Inch by inch it slid between her young lips as she sucked
and licked every part of it. It was barely half way in when the tip hit the
back of her throat. Fred put his hand on the back of her head and forced
more down into her. She could barely breathe now and was beginning to panic
but still Fred forced more down her throat. She now had 9 inches in her and
was bobbing her head up and down giving an excellent blow job. Fred was
surprised, little did he realise what a total slut she had become lately.

Fred thrust his hips upwards to meet Sarah's head bobbing down, he was
now fucking her mouth firmly and knew he wasn't going to last long before
coming. He pushed his slacks and boxer shorts down and gave Sarah her next

"Suck my balls and lick them dirty girl, then I want you to make me cum."

Sarah pulled his cock from her mouth and lifted it up so she could get at his
heavy balls, she licked them and tasted the acrid smelly balls but she still
lapped up the sweat from them. She was still wanking Fred's cock as she
eagerly licked his balls. Fred was now nearing orgasm and so grabbed Sarah by
her pony tail and drove himself back into her mouth. His brutal fucking of
her throat resumed but this time it wasn't long as a dozen strokes later his
balls tingled as his cum erupted from his cock head. Sarah felt the hot
sticky substance squirt into the back of her throat and down into her

Sarah licked Fred's cock clean and felt pleased with herself as she looked up
and saw the satisfied old man before her. She continued to lick him though
because she really wanted to feel this inside her. Fred looked at the teen
and was again overcome with an urge to use and abuse her. He sat up, pushed
her off his cock and then forced her down onto the floor. He knelt in front
of her and took firm grip of her panties. He didn't waste time and merely
ripped them from her, the flimsy material tearing as he pulled them off.

Her thighs were parted and his face was soon buried between her legs. He
could smell her hot sex and was intoxicated with lust as his tongue found its
way into her sweet little pussy. His fingers parted her pussy lips and he
delved deep into her hot box as he tasted the sexy teen, causing Sarah to let
a little moan escape from her lips. He pushed a finger inside her pussy as he
licked her, sucking her clit between his teeth, now fucking the slut with
long slow strokes of his digit.

"Oooooh Fred, Fuck me please, I want you inside me" Sarah moaned.

Fred's finger fucking grew more urgent, Sarah's moans grew louder and louder
as she was relishing the working over that Fred was giving her. He now had
two fingers deep inside her hot teen pussy as her reamed her in and out. He
moved himself up her body so he could suck her tits as he fucked her, sucking
firmly on her left tit, biting her nipple, desperate for the urge to make
this bitch beg for mercy.

Sarah's orgasm exploded inside her causing her to scream in pleasure,
pleasure she didn't think possible at the hands of this overweight bald old
man. She really wanted to feel his cock in her.

"Come on Fred, Fuck me, I know you've always looked at me in my Schoolgirl
uniform and fantasized about fucking me, every man in this street wants a
piece of schoolgirl pussy and you aint no different. Well now is your

This was too much for Fred, he pulled his fingers from Sarah's pussy and
sucked them clean, tasting her juices and causing his cock to throb with
excitement. He guessed as soon as he pushed it into her he wouldn't be able
to last long without coming again. But he was passed caring and just had to
be inside her.

He grabbed Sarah's legs and pulled her closer so her ankles went over his
shoulders, reaching down he took his cock and pushed it into the wet entrance
to her pussy. He held her waist as he then plunged into her, causing Sarah to
shout loudly. He was two thirds inside her and she was squirming on his cock
but he was adamant he was going to fill her totally, he placed his hands on
her shoulders and pulled her onto his full length.

"Ooooooohhh, Fuck, fuck, fuck" Sarah moaned. "Fred you are too big, please
you're hurting me."

"Shut the fuck up bitch, you come round here in a sexy little black dress
begging to be fucked, and now you complaining because you can't handle a
proper man, tough shit slut, you're going to take it and like it". Fred
snarled at her.

Fred dropped her to the floor and drove the remaining inches into the
youngster. His full cock slamming into her teen pussy and his fat stomach
now resting on Sarah as she was squashed into the carpet.

Fred began to fuck her with renewed energy, pushing her forward on the carpet
as he took his pleasure from her body. His hands were mauling her tits more
now, squeezing and pinching the tender tit flesh, causing Sarah to wimper
with slight pain. But also surprisingly to her a little bit of pleasure too.
She never knew that this much pain could be a turn on too and would be
something she knew she would explore in the future.

Fred leant forward and kissed Sarah, his tongue exploring her mouth tasting
her sweetness. Sarah would normally be grossed out by kissing Fred, he had a
sloppy wet mouth, but such was her state of arousal she kissed him back and
allowed him to suck her tongue into his mouth.

Fred's cock was now enjoying its warm wet teen surroundings and showed no
sign of wanting to release its cum, but such was the pleasure if the fucking
he knew it was going to be soon. However he had another indignation for the
youngster he wanted to try.

He reluctantly eased his cock out of Sarah, the look of disappointment and
shock on Sarah's face was amazing. She hadn't felt him come and was now
loving the feel of his huge cock buried in her. Before she could complain
Fred took hold of the tiny teen and flipped her over onto all fours, Sarah
looked back guessing Fred was going to fuck her doggie style.

Fred took his cock and again pushed it inside the girls pussy and plunged it
inside her giving it a few strokes while it was nestling deep in her. He was
very tempted to fuck her like this but his alternative was too much to

Again he withdrew his cock from her, again Sarah's face had dismay etched all
over it. However this expression was soon changed to one of shock, pain and
concern. Fred rubbed his cock head over Sarah's little pink asshole coating
it in the teens own juices. As soon as it appeared wet enough he parted her
cheeks and pushed his big purple throbbing head at the entrance. Sarah
screamed at him to stop but he was not going to agree to that.

He pushed again, harder this time, eventually his cock head found its way
into her tight ring and he knew he was going to take her anal virginity.
Sarah had tears now forming in her eyes but she knew Fred was not going to
stop so resigned herself to her fate. Fred gripped her waist and allowed his
cock to enter further, now almost half of it was in her. However he also knew
he wouldn't be able to push all his monster cock into her (not this time
anyway). He was content with 6 inches inside her and began to rock back and
forth fucking her as she screamed and wimpered beneath him.

He reached under her squeezing her tits as he ass fucked the hot teen, taking
her pony tail pulling her head back as he fucked her harder and faster. His
cock pushing into tight confines on her ass urging him to shoot his come into
her. Faster he fucked her, pinching her nipples between thumb and fingers as
his orgasm neared.

Fred's merciless fucking of Sarah's virgin brown ring had no signs of
relenting as he pounded into her tugging firmly onto her hair now making her
head jerk back with pain, his cock now two thirds of the way inside her. He
knew he was nearing his climax, the combination of a hot gorgeous teen under
him plus the mere idea that he's fucking someone who was very nearly his step
granddaughter was too much for him. His stomach rested onto Sarah's ass
cheeks and he let out a loud groan as he sensed his balls tighten and a
torrent of come flew into Sarah's ass.

Sarah rubbed her clit at the vital moment and managed to coincide her orgasm
at the same time as Fred's cum flooding her shit hole.

"OOOO Fred, that was wonderful, I never knew anal could be so much fun!"

"Well slutty Sarah, from now on I want you to visit me whenever I want a
piece of that hot body of yours, you will become my little fuck toy, do as
I say else I'm sure your mother and Gran wouldn't be too keen on hearing
what a tart you are."

Sarah felt her pussy tingle at the thought of being regularly used by Fred,
and far from being disgusted she felt arousal she had never known before. She
couldn't wait to see him again, however she wasn't sure she would be able to
wait, and was convinced she would need to seek out alternative cock (or
pussy), to satisfy her lust now that she was becoming a total slut and fuck


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