Coronation Street: The Shop (MF,anal,bmail,ncon)
by Alan Ridge ([email protected])

8:15AM - The Webster's House

Kevin and Sally were at the breakfast table.

Kevin is reading the paper and Sally reluctantly speaks.

Sally: Kevin, there's something I need to talk to you about

Kevin: Oh Yeah,what's that?

Sally: Mr Roberts said I could get a pay rise at the shop.

Kevin: Great!!

Sally: Yes but he said, it would only be if I made myself more attractive to
the customers.

Kevin: What does he mean by that?

Sally: Well, that's the problem, I think he meant more sexy.

Kevin: Who has he got coming in there these days Omar Sharif.

Sally: I think what he really meant was, for his benefit.

Kevin: What!!

Sally: Well what I haven't told you is that when I do go to work with a short
skirt on, he's always trying to look up it. I've caught him once or twice
stretching to look up when I am bending over.

Kevin: The dirty old bastard!!

Sally: Yes and it's worse than that I also caught him playing pocket
billiards when he is standing behind me.

Kevin: What do you mean?

Sally: You know rubbing his thing when his hands in his pocket.

Kevin: Did he have a hard on?

Sally: I don't know. I just caught a glance and then he stopped.

Kevin: The dirty old man!!

Sally: What should I do though, Kevin?

Kevin: Well if he's got the hots for you, the best thing for us to do would
be to make some money out of him.

Sally: But Kevin...

Kevin: Look, he's going to look up your skirt what ever we do so we might as
well make some money from it. It would come in handy.

Sally: What should I do then?

Kevin: Get down Anne Summers or where ever and get some stockings and stuff
and go into work one day this week with your short skirt on and see how much
money we can get out of him.

Sally: But I can't walk round the shop like that all day!!

Kevin: Why not...give Percy Sugden a thrill.

Wed AM - The Websters house

Sally: Kevin, I got some of the sexy underwear.

Kevin: WoHo!! Let's see it, have you got it on?

Sally: No, I haven't I'm taking it into work today to talk to Mr Roberts
about it.

Kevin: This could be his lucky day.

Sally: But I'm still telling him I'm not wearing it round the shop.

Sally arrived at the shop and Alf Roberts was just opening up the shop.

Sally: Mr Roberts could I have a quick word with you before we get any

Alf: Yes, of course you can, Sally

Sally: Well I bought some new clothes after what you said earlier.

Alf Robert's eyes lit up as he hadn't expected such a positive result from
his plan to get into Sally's knickers.

Alf: Oh yes and what did you buy.

Sally: Well I want to say at the start that I would be embarrassed to wear
them when there are any customers, But maybe I would wear them sometimes.

Alf: Good Sally. Well maybe you could wear them when you are working in the
back storeroom only. And maybe you will get that pay rise. Why don't you show
me what you bought now.

Sally: Well I could go in the back room now and put them on and you can tell
me if they're OK.

Alf could hardly contain his excitement.

Alf: Yes, you do that and give me a shout when your ready.

Sally: OK. I will get that pay rise if I do this Mr Roberts, won't I.

Alf: Yes of course dear.

Sally took her clothes bag into the back room.

Alf's mind was racing, if she was willing to do this what else could he ask
her to do. He started to rub his cock through his trousers and he thought
he would push his luck a bit further and play with his cock in his trouser
pocket when he went in the back room.

Five minutes later Sally called him.

Sally: Mr Roberts I'm ready if you want to come and have a look.

Alf pushed open the back room door and entered to see Sally standing in a
short black pleated skirt (which made her look like a naughty schoolgirl),
black very high heeled patent leather shoes,tan coloured nylon stockings
and a white see though blouse which revealed a white lacey bra. She had
put on a lot of make up which made her look very tarty. The whole room was
filled with the smell of a very cheap perfume.

Alf: Oh Sally that's excellent.

Sally: Do you like it Mr Roberts?

Sally did a little twirl lifting the hem of her skirt to reveal white lace
panites pulled right up her arse crack and fully fashioned seam stockings
held up buy a white lacey suspender belt.

Sally then noticed Alf had his hands in his pockets and was making slow
stroking movements and she was embarrassed at what she was doing, but didn't
mention it.

Could you just move those tins of peas from the top shelf and put them over
on there on the floor and I will just sit here.

Alf sat down on a chair postioned between the shelf of tins and the floor
area he had indicated ,knowing that Sally would need to climb up the step
ladder to reach the peas then walk right near him and bend down to put the
tins on the floor.

As Sally climbed the ladder for the first time Alf continued to rub his cock
through his pants. As she put one leg on a higher step than the other, Alf
could see her white silky arse cheeks and Her bush pushing out her panties
and a few pubic hairs sticking out from the side.

Sally: Like this Mr Roberts, Sally said nervously.

Alf: Just do one tin at a time, Alf said, hoping to do this for as long as

Sally picked up a tin and descended the ladder. As she turned she could see
Alf was rubbing his cock vigorously now and he was sweating profusely.

Sally (pointing to the area of floor behind Alf's chair): Over here Mr

"Yes dear," Alf said in a muddled faint tone.

Sally (approaching him): Excuse me Mr Roberts I need to get by.

Alf: Yes dear just squeeze by.

Alf didn't move at all so Sally had to lift hr leg slightly to step over his

As she looked over him Sally could see.he was not even trying to hide that
he was rubbing his cock and now had a large bulge pushing his trousers out
around his fly.

She passed him and kneeled down to place the tin on the floor.

Alf: No dear you should always bend your back when lifting.

Sally realised this wasn't correct but said, "Yes Mr Roberts."

Sally stepped back over Alf's legs brushing his knee with one of her
stockinged legs.

Alf: Sally wouldn't you be more comfortable with your panties off.

Sally: Certainly not Mr Roberts, don't be so rude!

She passed him again and his rubbing got more vigorous.

Alf: Sally would you mind if I got my thing out.

Sally: Mr Roberts, I don't want to se your thing.

She passed again.

Sally considered further his requests and remembered what Kevin had said
about the money.

Sally: Mr Roberts, how much would my pay rise if I took my panties off and
let you get yr thing out.

Alf (quickly): Oh double.

Sally: OK then we'll do it.

Alf quickly pulled down his pants round his ankles and pulled out his stiff
cock from his underpants.

Sally pulled down her knickers to the floor and stepped out of them.

Sally: Here you are Mr Roberts you might as well keep hold of these.

Sally passed him the panties and he quickly put them to his nose. He could
smell her cunt mixed with her cheap perfume.

Sally continued her task and Alf could now see her cunt which was blonde and
very hairy. He could see her thick cunt lips too and the hairs up her arse
crack. He began to rub his cock with her panties.

Alf's cock was now rock hard and had grown to about 8 inches with a very big
purple shiney head. And his pre-cum was apparent around the slit. It was so
exciting for him to know Sally could see it.

She stepped over his legs again and her knee caught the top of his cock and
some of the pre-cum was deposited on her stocking.

Finally Alf could take no more and he jumped up.

Alf: Right you fucking tease! I'm going to fuck you.

Alf pulled up his trousers so he could walk and jumped at Sally, who was by
now on the top rung of the step ladder and grabbed her arm and her hair and
yanked her down on to the floor.

Sally (falling to the floor) : No Mr Roberts what are you doing!

Alf: Stand up you dirty cunt!

He pulled her up and turned her back to him and with a handful of hair and
one arm held up her back he bent her over,so her head was on the lower shelf
of the rack.

Sally: No! No!

Alf: I'm going to fuck you up your arse you slut and if you tell anybody I'll
tell them how you teased me.

He lifted up her skirt to reveal her silky white arse and kicked her legs

Alf: Now Let's see what you've got for me.

With one hand he pulled her arse cheeks apart to reveal her slightly hairy
arse hole.

Alf (with satisfaction) There we are. Now let's see if your cunt's wet.

He pushed two fingers between her cunt lips and they opened.

Alf: Ooh your slightly wet. You must have been turned on by your teasing.

Sally was beginning to cry now as she contemplated her plight.

Sally: No Mr Roberts leave me alone.

He jammed his fingers up her further.

Alf: Right let's get it in.

He grabbed his cock with his free hand and putiing his arm across her back
to pin her down he started to push his cock in her arsehole. Sally screamed

Alf (pushing deeper): Take it you whore.

Sally: No it hurts Mr Roberts!

Alf began to pump backwards and forwards. The sweat was no dripping off his
nose and he was slobbering from his mouth over her back.

Alf (set into a rhythm): Let's see your tits now.

He yanked at her bra though her blose and reached round and pulled at the
front of her blouse till her little tits popped out.

Alf: Nice nipples you slut.

He pulled them with his fingers.

Just then he heard the shop door bell ding as someone entered.

Alf: Shit! Who's that? You keep your mouth shut. Remember what I said.

Keeping his postion (a full length of cock up Sally's arse) Alf reached for
the stock room door which was ajar and pulled it open enough so he could see
round it into the shop, but not enough to reveal Sally.

He then heard a voice he recognised.

Racquel: Mr Roberts are you open.

It was Racquel, the barmaid from the Rovers.

Alf: Yes, Racquel what do you want.

Racquel appeared round the shelving and gave him a passing glance and looked
down at the shelves.

Alf realised she did not suspect any thing and Sally had kept quiet.

Racquel: I need some pineapple slices, do you have any?

Alf began to pump again into Sally's arse as she turned round not believing
he was going to fuck her while Racquel was in the shop.

But Alf had a plan. He had always fantasised about shooting his spunk on
Racquel's skirt and this was his opportunity. He knew he did not have any
pineapple slices.

Alf (indicating a shelf near to the stockroom door): They are over here

Racquel moved over. She was wearing her high black heels and her tartan short
pleated skirt with grey colored tights. She always dressed like a tart.

Racquel: Where?

She was now only a few feet away from him with her back to him and he could
smell her strong perfume.

Alf: Down there on the bottom shelf.

Racquel according to the plan bent over. He could now see her panties under
her tights.

Racquel: I can't see them Mr Roberts.

Alf: Further this way.

Still bent over she moved even nearer. So close he could touch her skirt.

Racquel: No I still can't see them.

Alf (pumping silently into Sally harder than ever now): Keep looking.

He reached down and lifted the hem of her Racquel's skirt up very gently so
she did not notice. He realised he was about to shoot and pulled out of
Sally. With a swift movement he moved behind Racquel and putting his hand on
her back he reached round and pointed to a tin as an excuse to rest his cock
on her arse.

Alf: That's them.

As she lifted the tin he shot his first load which left a trail on her tights
around her arse and up on to the folded back skirt.

Racquel (picking up the tin to look): No these aren't pineapples.

He shot his second load and it hit her inner thigh and went between her legs
to the inside of the skirt hanging down at the front, but she didn't flinch.
Sally had in the meantime looked round the door and was watching this happen
with a horrified look. The final shot hit her right ankle and splashed on to
her shiny black right hand high heel.

Racquel (stood up saying): You are mistaken Mr Roberts.

Alf quickly popped his cock back in his pants and adjusted himself.

Racquel not being the sharpest knife in the drawer did not realise any thing
was amiss.

Alf: Oh that's right, we sold the last yesterday.

Racquel: Oh well. I'll have to go.

Alf smiled as he watched her leave and saw the spunk still on her shoe. Two
fantasies fulfilled in the same day fucking a dirty cock tease and giving
Racquel something to remember him by.


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