This story is dedicated to Cargy1UK. I had never thought of using soap
characters in an erotic story until I read his work. Now I can have them
doing all the things they ought to be doing instead of sitting in the
Rovers Return moaning.

Author's Note. It's a little known fact but all the characters in your
favourite soaps actually exist as real people. What you see on the screen is
the more mundane part of their lives being performed by actors chosen for
their uncanny resemblance to the originals. It became necessary to employ
actors and to severely edit the scenes transmitted because in real life the
characters are totally preoccupied with sexual activity of every type you can
imagine and a few that you can't. (Yes I mean you Sally Webster, you brazen

* * *

What follows is a storyline deemed unsuitable for use as a plot in the
foreseeable future. But in a few years time, who knows?

Coronation Street Part 1 (MF, FF, oral)
by Shyjohn

Gail was standing at her living-room window looking out into the street. She
was smiling quietly to herself as she spoke to her best friend who was
sitting on the sofa in the bright sun-lit room.

"I think Martin fancies you Sally, I've seen the glances he gives you when he
thinks you're not looking. You could do worse you know, he's not bad looking
and he's quite good at, um, making you feel good, if you know what I mean. If
you gave him some encouragement I'm sure he'd make it worth your while."

Sally came and stood behind Gail, looking over her shoulder at the outside
world. "I don't need Martin to make me feel good." Her hands rested a moment
on Gail's hips before moving round to cup the older woman's soft naked
breasts as she crushed her smaller, firmer tits hard against Gail's back. "I
think one Platt at a time is enough for anyone. Especially when they can lick
a girl's cunt the way you do."

Gail turned to face her and the two women wrapped their arms around each
other as they gently pressed their lips together. As Sally inhaled she
detected the faint remains of the scent of her pussy juices on Gail's mouth.

At last Sally broke the kiss and led Gail by the hand to the sofa where they
sat side by side. "I've got to tell you something Gail. When I said, one
Platt at a time was enough, I really meant it. But, well, to be honest, I've
already had the other Platt. I hope you don't mind but I shagged Martin last
week. You remember that night when we all had a bit too much to drink in the
Rovers? Martin walked me home and I invited him in for a coffee. We ended up
in bed and we've done it a few times since.

Gail raised an eyebrow and tilted her head to one side. "Sally, that's
lovely. I've got Richard and you've got Martin and we've still got each
other. Do you love him?"

Sally shook her head. "I don't think so. He's really good in bed, I suppose
you taught him that, but at the end of the day he's just someone to screw.
Like you said, he knows how to use his cock and he's very considerate, but he
could never make me feel the way that you do when we make love. It happened
that night because I was as horny as hell and I had to have a prick in me. I
think if Norris had offered, it would have been his lucky day."

Gail laughed and rested her head on Sally's shoulder. The hand that had been
stroking Sally's thigh moved slowly upwards until her fingers reached the
moist flesh of her pussy. Sally squirmed as Gail worked first one then two
fingers into the hot opening.

Although Gail had done this a hundred times before, there was now a new
thrill for her as she imagined Martin's cock making the same journey into
Sally's sticky passage. "Tell me what happened Sal. I want to hear all of
the dirty details."

Sally was staring into the distance as she reached across and caressed one of
Gail's breasts, quickly teasing the nipple into a hard pebble of flesh. "Well
it all happened quite quickly really. We were standing in the hall and he
took his jacket off. I asked him if he took sugar in his coffee and he said
that neither of us really wanted coffee and he kissed me. He kissed me very
hard. I knew it was going to happen. Like I said I was so horny I'd have
fucked Ken Barlow if he'd asked. So when Martin kissed me I put my arms
around him and kissed him back. Then I pushed him away, grabbed his hand and
just led him upstairs. We were in the middle of the bedroom and he was
fiddling with the buttons on my blouse trying to get them undone so I stepped
back and took it off. He couldn't take his eyes off my boobs so I reached
behind and unhooked my bra to give him a better look. It was like he was
frozen to the spot. I don't think he believed what was going on, so I
unfastened my skirt and let it drop to the floor. Ten seconds later my tights
and knickers were off and I was standing naked in front of him like a
completely shameless tart."

Gail giggled, "You are a completely shameless tart. What did he do?"

"He didn't do anything much. I think he was surprised at how quickly
everything had happened. I stood in front of him and looked him straight in
the eye. Then I told him I wanted him to fuck me senseless. I think he got a
bit embarrassed when I said that, but he didn't try and stop me opening his
belt and letting his trousers drop round his ankles. I knew, without looking
that he'd be wearing tight underpants and when I knelt down in front of him
I found I was right. No offence Gail but Martin's always seemed a bit wimpy
and I wasn't expecting too much in the volume and length department. But when
I saw the bulge in his pants I thought he had one of Fred Elliot's black
puddings coiled up in there. It was huge."

"You don't have to tell me how long and thick his dick is," Gail said.
"Remember we were married for years. I've had more cocks than my fair share
over the years but none as big as Martin's." She wiggled her fingers around
inside Sally's wet cunt. "I bet he loosened this a bit for you."

Sally grimaced at the memory of the huge cock stretching her pussy to its
limits as it forced a path deeper inside her than anyone had ever been.

"I grabbed a handful of it through his pants just to see if it was real. I
couldn't close my fingers around the knob it was so big. So I let go and
pulled his pants down. I had an awful job just trying to get the waistband
past the beast and when I finally uncovered it I began to worry about whether
I could cope with something that big.

"He took hold of his cock and started to rub it against my cheek. I knew what
was coming as he moved it nearer and nearer to my mouth. You know me Gail,
I'll suck cock or cunt along with the best of them, I used to take Kevin so
far into my mouth that I could lick his balls at the same time. But I didn't
think I'd be able to get my lips around even the helmet without dislocating
my jaw."

Gail laughed, "I spent years licking and sucking that monster and I only once
managed to get more than half of it in my mouth. It was one night when we
were both a bit pissed and he drew a line around it with a biro and dared me
to try and gobble it down that far. And I did. You know I really miss that
cock? Nothing has ever filled me like that before or since. Of course it
wasn't all easy going. Every time he shoved it in my arse I couldn't sit down
without wincing for a week."

Sally was shocked. "There's no way he could get that monster in your arse?
When I put two fingers in there I can hardly move them. It's so tight. Kevin
used to fuck me there when I had my periods and it was quite nice but I think
Martin would split me open if he tried to put that up my bum."

Gail laughed again, "If you've been fucking him for a week I'm surprised he
hasn't done it already Sal. It's one of his favourites. You'd better stock
up on the KY jelly 'cause you'll need plenty. That's the one thing you're
welcome to. You'd better get yourself some soft cushions as well or you'll
be spending the next few days standing up. Anyway, you said he was rubbing
your cheek with Nelson's Column. What happened next?"

Sally reached down and gently removed Gail's hand from her cunt. The she got
up and turned to kneel between Gail's feet. She leant forward and pressed her
lips softly against the hard nipple she had been tweaking. "I kissed it just
on the very end." Her tongue emerged and she started to lick all around the
firm flesh. She looked up at Gail with a smile. "Then I started to lick it
all over. I was holding the shaft and pulling his loose skin up and down.
There was no way I was letting him put that down my throat so I just carried
on pecking and brushing my tongue all over the head. I reached between his
legs with my other hand and started to stroke and squeeze his balls.

"I was only going to carry on for a few minutes like that because I wanted
his cock inside me, but he was getting so excited that I knew he wouldn't
last much longer. So I let go of his balls and started to finger his bottom.
It was dry and as I pushed it in he gave a sort of grunt and started to come.
I was flicking my tongue up and down against the opening when the first jet
shot out and it went straight into my mouth. He pulled back a little and as
I carried on rubbing his shaft he sprayed all over my mouth and cheeks. It
seemed to go on for ever. I had the stuff all over my face. It was dripping
off my chin onto my tits and running off them onto the floor. When he finally
stopped coming and calmed down I pulled my finger out of his arse. You'll
never guess what he did then, Gail."

Gail put her hands on either side of Sally's face and pulled her upwards for
a deep tongue-wrestling kiss. After a moment Gail moved back and smiled into
Sally's face. "I think he kissed you like that, through all the sperm on your
mouth, and then I think he licked every last drop from your face and your
tits and anywhere else it had gone. He always did that. Most men don't want
to know after they've come but Martin actually likes the taste of sperm as
much as me. I think he swallows it so it can be recycled. Just between you
and me I suspect he's tried the taste of other men's come as well. I've never
asked him outright. It's just a suspicion I have. Anyway why shouldn't he.
Women don't have exclusive rights on cocksucking, any more than men are the
only ones allowed to lick pussy..." She dropped a hand to her crotch and used
her fingers to spread the lips of her cunt wide apart. "...Are they Sally?"

Sally shook her head in mock resignation, "You really are an insatiable
cock-starved randy cunt-licking old slapper, Gail," She dipped her head
towards the open snatch, "And I wouldn't have you any other way." She started
to lick the soft skin that temporarily hooded covered Gail's clitoris until
it emerged from its covering to get its share of the action. "Gail laughed as
she held Sally's head firmly in position. "I'll thank you to keep a civil
tongue in my cunt, young lady. Now don't talk with your mouth full." She
leant back as Sally devoted all her attentions to pleasuring her best friend.
As she looked down along Sally's bare back Gail tried to imagine what it
would be like to watch Martin slide his enormous cock in and out of that
tight little backside, and the idea of being there when it happened triggered
a massive orgasm against Sally's busy mouth.

Sally moved up and they kissed breathlessly.

As soon as she had got her breath back Gail said, "Stand up and let me do it
for you as well."

Sally didn't need to be told twice. She got up and stood with one foot on the
sofa as Gail slid to the floor and began to probe Sally's pussy lips with her
tongue. While she was licking the length of her friend's crack she slipped a
finger in and out of her own wet hole until she had sufficiently moistened
it. Then she positioned it carefully at the firmly closed entrance of Sally's
arse and in a single movement thrust it in up to the knuckle.

Sally gasped in surprise and pleasure. The tight ring of muscle was no
stranger to Gail's fingers and tongue and Sally grunted as the twin
sensations of the lapping tongue and the stabbing, twisting finger
triggered an orgasm in less than a minute.

The two women sat exhausted on the sofa while they recovered from their play.
Sally was resting her head on Gail's shoulder and she looked up into her face
as she said, "What we could do with now, to round off a pleasant afternoon,
is a good stiff cock. What do you think?"

End of Part 1


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