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Coronation Street: Part 2 Sarah-Lou's Night Of Pleasure
by El Diego ([email protected])

"And don't forget, David has to be in bed by 8:30," Gail finished.

"Aw, Mum," he moaned.

"No buts. Don't mess your sister around or you won't get paid."

Sarah-Lou smiled inwardly to herself. Most girls her age would see
babysitting their younger brother as a quick way of getting cash, but
Sarah-Lou had an ulterior motive. Once David was safely tucked up in
bed, Candice would come round and... well, if things went the same way
as they did on Saturday she would be in for a great time.

"Go on," she said to David, "go upstairs and have a bath and get ready
for bed. If you're done before 8:30 I might let you read in bed 'till



As David tramped upstairs, muttering to himself, Sarah-Lou flopped down
onto the settee and switched the TV on. She just channel-surfed until she
was sure David was in bed, then she lifted the phone and dialed Candice's

After a few minutes of conversation with her best friend, shere placed the
receiver and went upstairs to get changed. Two minutes later she heard the
doorbell ring, and came downstairs to answer it wearing justa virginal white
silk camisole. As she reached the outside door, she heard her friend say
something through the frosted glass.

"Sarah-Lou, just unlock the door then go back and sit down with your eyes

She did as she was told, her pussy getting wet and her nipples hard through
the constant rubbing of the silk against her skin.

"Open your eyes."

Sarah-Lou did so, and gasped. There, in front of her, was her best friend
wearing a tight black leather mini-skirt and a sluttily low-cut red top.
Candice sat down and, grasping her friends left hand, placed it subtly
between her legs. Sarah-Lou could tell her new lover wasn't wearing any
underwear, judging by the juices on her hand and the prominancy of Candice's
nipples through her top.

"My god, where did you get all this?" Sarah-Lou said as she admired her
friends clothing.

"I went to the sex shop along Priestfield Road, and-" Candice said as she
delved into her bag, "I also bought this!" She exclaimed as she pulled out
a strap-on dildo.

Sarah-Lou's eyes grew wide with lust as she looked atthe 9-inch latex replica
of a human cock. "My god!" she said as she imagined Candice penetrating her
with it. "I can't wait to try this. Boy, are we gonna have fun with that
tonight!" Sarah-Lou exclaimed.

"Not tonight we won't," Candice replied. "That comes later. Tonight, I want
to try something different. Lie down on the floor and open your legs."

Sarah-Lou did so, once again feeling a tad self-conscious about exposing
her pussy to her friend, as the hem of her camisole was now resting on her
belly. Candice knelt between her lovers open legs and inhaled. The smell of
Sarah-Lou's sex was so arousing. She felt some of her own run down her legs
and drip onto the floor. Candice bent over and took a tentative lick. The
gasp of delight from Sarah-Lou was enough to tell her to carry on. She
licked again, then buried her face in her lover's pussy. Sarah-Lou tasted
sweet, almost like honey.

Candice increased her speed. She was soon rewarded when, after thrashing
about on the floor for a while, Sarah-Lou sighed and came. Candice licked
up all of her friend's cum, even shoving her tongue into Sarah-Lou's anus
to catch the stream that flowed down there. She made her way up her friend's
body, randomly kissing skin, until she was face-to-face with Sarah-Lou.

She lowered herself onto her lesbian lover until they were touching each
others equivalent body parts - breasts on breasts, clit rubbing against
clit. Sarah-Lou lifted her head up and, using her tongue, proceeded to
clean all of her girl-cum from Candice's face, then stuck her tongue into
her friend's mouth, taking out all of her pussy juice from there.

"Oh god, that was amazing," Sarah-Lou whispered.

"There'll be more to come later," said Candice.

And she's right, there will be more to cum later. Any comments and
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