The Cosby Show: Theo's New Pleasure Part 1 (mf,inc)
by Nayr ([email protected]) Feedback appreciated.

Theodore Huxtable sat at the kitchen table, Cliff and Clair had just
left with Rudy to visit Cliff's parents, since they had been too busy with
homework Clair decided to let Denise look after Theo and Vanessa until they
came home the next morning, but since their departure there hadn't been much
homework going on at all. Vanessa was in the living room with the television,
Theo was making a sandwich in the kitchen and Denise was trying on her new
outfits in her room. Theo was just about to bite into his sandwich when he
heard Denise call him, "Theo could you help me with something!" she yelled
in an anxious tone.

"Why does everyone come looking for me when I'm about to eat something?"
stated a somewhat annoyed Theo as he made his was up the stairs to Denise.

When he entered her room his was surprised to see her in nothing but a
little sleeveless sweatshirt and tiny red panties, and even though this was
his sister, he was definitely attracted to her heavenly form. She had such
a perfect body, beautiful athletic legs leading up to her young firm butt,
which was not covered up whatsoever by her skimpy thong underwear. He sat
down on her bed and she could see she had his full attention, "Theo what are
you looking at?" she snapped at him playfully with a concerned look.

"Oh, ah, I was just wondering why you called me up here" he tried to save.

"Well I bought some new clothes at the mall yesterday and I wanted a second
opinion, and since mom is out..." she said as she put her hand on his

"Oh great, thanks for making me your second choice" he laughed. "But what do
you think mom and dad would say about those panties?"

"Oh these? I like them, don't you? You won't tell on me right big brother?"
she whispered to him as adjusted the straps of her underwear and posed for

"Well I don't know," said Theo as he thought of some way to use this to his
advantage. "What can you do to help me forget?" he said with an evil grin.

She smiled right back at him and turned around to lock her door. "What do
you have in mind for your older sister?" she said as licked her lips as she
turned around and bent over in front of him with her panty-clad pussy a
couple inches away from her younger brothers face. They had never done
anything like this before, nor had anyone done anything so taboo in their
household, and neither of them ever thought this far into a situation like
this so it was a very new experience, and let alone the fact that both of
them were virgins.

He stuck his nose to her panties, she smelt so good; something he'd never
experienced before, but something that inspired strong desires and lust in
him for his sister. She moaned as she felt his nose hit her special area,
no one had ever touched her there, and she was happy that it was someone
she loved, her brother, and needless to say he was happy too.

"Take off your pants Theo," Denise said in a firm tone as she stood back up,
he quickly complied and threw is pants in the corner of her room. She was
pleased with his body; nothing but a white tank top and some boxer shorts,
his cock was already half awake and pitching a tent. She couldn't resist,
she got onto her knees and pulled down his underwear, and there in front of
her face popped out his young penis. Denise stared at it for a moment, this
was her first man, her first cock, and she was excited, she had always been
an explorer of life, searching for a new thrill or pleasure, and with her
brother she was about to find the most sinful pleasure imaginable. He stood
there silent until she grabbed a hold of his manhood, her soft hand gently
rubbing up and down his shaft, she played with it for several minutes,
investigating his bulbous head and the thick veins that ran down the sides,
she smelt a musky scent that she found to be intoxicating, she had to have
a taste. He began to moan with her strokes, she could see the effect she had
on him, and this only served to bring her more pleasure and she noticed that
her pussy was beginning to soak, she was so horny she could have jumped his
bones right there and fuck his brains out at that very moment, but she had
realized this situation would call for more finesse, and besides, she was
going to fuck his brains out regardless.

Soon she became more curious and took his cock head in to her warm mouth,
this time Theo really began to moan in pleasure as her velvet smooth mouth
accepted his now rock hard penis. Her mouth was so warm and soft, her tongue
so slick, he looked down at his sister as she knelt before him fondling and
tasting his manhood, she looked so sexy with his dick in her mouth, her cute
plump lips kissing and sucking his meat, she looked back at him with her big
brown eyes, lovingly lapping up spit and pre cum from his tool and then
recoating it once again, and though she had never given a blowjob before, her
curious nature endowed her with great talent. Theo smiled and rolled his eyes
back in his head as his sweet sister swallowed more then half of his length,
he was in heaven, never had any person given him such pleasure. Soon she took
him out of her mouth and rubbed his cock all over her mouth and cheeks, as
saliva and pre-cum covered her face, she smiled at him and stood up. "Oh
Denise, why are you stopping now? That felt so good" Theo said as he placed
his hand on her hip.

"Because now it's your turn," she said with a devilish smirk as she began to
take off her little red panties.

Theo looked in awe at his sisters beautiful pussy, she was shaved clean and
from what he could see, streaming small rivers of juice down her legs from
her inside thighs. She had never been that wet in her young life, and never
had she been this mad with lust, she felt like she had an ocean of cum inside
of her waiting to flow forth at any moment. Theo looked in amazement; here
was this sweet seventeen-year-old girl, soft mulatto skin, full pink lips,
and a beautiful hairless pussy as she stood in front of him nervously.

"Ready?" she said with a grin as she jumped onto her bed and with her head
resting on her pillow began to spread her legs wide for him. "Come here and
try this, I'm sure you'll love it" she giggled as she motioned for him to
come with her finger.

He quickly took off his tank top and crawled to her. Theo began to taste her,
she was so sweet, he couldn't get enough, he licked from her rose bud to her
clit, Denise moaned as she felt his tongue tasting both of her entries, she
was in ecstasy as she wriggled and moaned. He slid his tongue back and forth,
working into her asshole and cunt, making sure to pay attention to her sweet
clit. Soon Denise began to cum.

"Oh fuck yes Theo, eat my pussy, taste your sister! Oooh fuck YESSS!!!" she
screamed as her girl cum shot full force all over Theo's face, luckily he was
fast enough to cover her opening with his mouth and gulp down at least a half
a cup of her pussy juice as the rest of the clear liquid coated his face in a
glaze of his own sisters vaginal secretions. "Good boy" she smiled as she
patted his head, "Now it's time for your reward," she cooed as she grabbed
his shoulders and forcefully laid him on her bed.

Denise quickly slipped off her sweatshirt and jumped on top of Theo. Her
pussy resting on his lower stomach, inches away from his throbbing cock,
now severely in need of relief. Her young breasts bounced in front of his
face, they were very full and her nipples stood at complete attention as
she instinctually humped at his body, oozing her juice on his abdomen. "I
want you to fuck me Theo, fuck me like a cheap slut, I'm so horny, I want
you to use my body for your pleasure, anything you want from me is yours
little brother," said Denise as she took his cock and placed it at her
entrance. "Ahhh! Ahh! Ahh! Oh god, fucking hell yes!" she screamed at the
top of her lungs as his fat cock head penetrated her outer lips, and soon
slipped into her tight pussy.

His fat cock slid into her with some resistance, she was as tight as a vice,
her pussy gripped every ridge of his fat cock as she coated him with her
juices, slowly he penetrated her, and then he hit her cherry, he pulled back
and shoved himself back inside and popped his sisters cherry and slowly began
to sink inch after inch of his fat cock until he was completely inside her.

She sat in front of him, and just stared at him with her mouth wide open
for a moment, she was speechless, the pleasure she felt with his thick cock
stretching her opening was almost more then she could bear. Then she began
to fuck him, up and down up and down she began to ride his cock, "Oh Denise,
your pussy feels so good wrapped around my cock, I'm going to fuck you all
night" Theo moaned as Denise rode him, she bounced on him up and down,
slamming him hard on his pelvis, as she rolled her head side to side in

Theo grabbed onto her hips and spread her ass cheeks apart and began to
grind her cooch on his cock. Soon they were both moaning and screaming
uncontrollably as they fucked, two teens exploring their passions and
nothing could stop them with their hormones raging this hard, until, "I'm
Cumming! Ohhh Denise! Fuck me" yelled Theo, but Denise was quick to react,
she hopped off his cock to the sound of a pop as his cock left her tight
hole, and then placed her mouth on his penis, she began to jack him off
and lick his cock head like a lolly pop until he started to cum, rope after
rope of thick white semen began to splatter on her young face, he looked
down at his innocent sister as his seed sprayed all over her, she looked
so sexy with his cum decorating her features, globs in her eyes and
forehead dripping down her visage, she looked like a dirty little slut,
his slut. He finally had some relief, he had emptied his balls all over
his sister, he must have glazed her with a gallon of his jizm, or at least
that's what it looked like. Denise began to removed globs of his cum from
her face and slurp them up. "Yummy!" she laughed.

Theo just laid back on her bed as she joined him by his side and put her
arm around him.

"Did you enjoy that better then helping me try on outfits?" Denise smiled,
her face still covered in Theo's cum.

"Oh yes! That was great sis, you want to share a sandwich?" Theo laughed.

"Sure little brother" Denise replied as she playfully knocked him in the arm
as he got up and headed down stairs.

To Be Continued....


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