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Hello People! From the same creators of New Boss of WOOHP, here comes a new
sexy and naughty series called "Little Nana". Adapted from some nights of
pervying and stuff, here goes a story of a young Brazilian architect who meet
the Anime World and the whole pleasure that it comes inside. Lots of anime
chars and sex. If you already like New Boss of WOOHP, you will like Little
Nana. Good reading!

Cowboy Bebop: Little Nana - Prologue
by Operandi ([email protected] and Victor2K ([email protected])

Nana arrived at the bus station, she was in a hurry to meet an appointment,
and was starting to get anxious, as time was short. She was dressed in denim
jeans and a blue t-shirt, which exposed her midriff. Nana looked down the
road, awaiting a glimpse of a bus, the bus that would take her to her
destination. She did not want to be late. "Where on Earth was that blasted
bus?" she exclaimed under her breath.

Unbeknownst to Nana, a woman had been watching her plight, and, timing her
intervention with the utmost care, she strode towards Nana, her high heels
clicking as she approached the petite beauty.

Nana turned to see a stunningly beautiful woman, dressed in a smart overcoat
and with a stylish hat...she looked so elegant, Nana was enchanted by her
beauty, style, and presence. She was pale, which lead Nana to guess she was
European. She had gorgeous flowing honey blonde hair...she was older than
Nana, probably in her mid-twenties.

"I have heard that a bus has broken down", said the woman, in an impeccable
English accent, as she eyed up Nana. She liked what she saw. Nana was petite
and cute, with a sweet face and impressive assets. Nana said "it might not be
my bus", to which the woman nodded, but added, "but there is no way of being
sure, is there?" planting the seeds of anxiety in Nana.

The woman waited a few moments, then made Nana an offer... "I will take
you to where you need to get to..." Nana smiled, eager to make that
appointment...she did not want to be late.

The woman added that she would also pick Nana up from the place of her
appointment... "you can visit my place, I have something I want to show

Nana was a little weary, but there was still no sign of the bus...she
decided to go with the woman, who Nana decided was unthreatening.

"What's your name?" Nana asked...

"Sarah...Sarah Thompson."

"Yours...?" Sarah enquired


"Nana...that is a beautiful name..." Sarah smiled.

Nana got into the car with Sarah, and off they went.

Just 2 minutes later, the bus, which Sarah had implied had broken down,

Nana went to her appointment (a design and anime expo), where she spent
several hours indulging her interests and discovering new information and

Sure enough, when Nana returned to the car park, the woman was there, waiting
for her, smiling at her very warmly.

"How did it go?"

"Really well! It's been a great day." Nana was all smiles.

"Great!" Replied Sarah.

"Let's go to my place, you'll love it!" Exclaimed Sarah.

Nana's doubts about going to Sarah's place were overwhelmed by her gratitude
to this woman who had been so generous to her.

Nana got into Sarah's car, and they headed to Sarah's home.

It was a long drive, which led them into a Brazilian forest...and to a remote
mansion...a huge, beautiful building that dazzled Nana...she wanted to see
what it looked like on the inside. The building, painted in pastel red with
white windows, and steep roofs.

Sarah led Nana into the large, vast mansion. She walked the corridors, and
climbed the stairs to the lounge. Sarah sat her down and told her to make
herself comfortable.

Every inch of this place was elegant and refined, with beautiful ornaments
from a wide range of cultures, from Native American to African to European
and Brazilian. It was a feast for the eyes and the senses.

Sarah fixed Nana a drink, one which Nana thought was red wine, but in fact it
was laced with a drug to make Nana passive. Sarah had figured that Nana was
an assertive, dominant type.

"You own this place?" Nana asked, amazed by the scale and beauty of what
surrounded her.

"I don't own this place", Sarah admitted, and added, "there is much more to
this mansion than meets the eye, Nana..."

"What...what do you mean?" Nana was getting a little nervous...she was away
from home in a huge, strange place, a place so big she wondered whether she
could find her way out of it.

Sarah took a deep breath and sat down on the sofa opposite the one which Nana
was seated upon.

"Many famous people come here, Nana. Many people. And not just "people"
in the sense that you and I are people. The Secret Doors located in this

"Secret Doors?" Nana exclaimed.

"Yes, there are doors in this Mansion which do not lead to rooms in this
building, but to other places..."

"But how? How can that be?"

" shall I explain this...the reason I am telling you this is
because I think you are one of the few people who can understand this, who
can comprehend what I am about to say..."

"Oh my...this is amazing..." Nana's eyes were wide open in amazement.

"Nana, do you like Anime?"

"I love it!" she exclaimed.

"That's good...Nana, how is anime made?" Sarah leaned forward, her cleavage
quite visible to was a nice visual.

Nana looked a little baffled by such an odd question...

"Well...they do drawings and they...they do thousands of frames of..."

Sarah interrupted..."No, no, have got it all wrong, Nana...that's
just a cover so people don't suspect the truth..."

"What...what do you mean?" Nana was stunned...

"Nana, there is an anime world, a world where all the anime characters you
see on TV are from...they are not "animated", they are as real as you and me.
This Mansion is the only thing that exists in both the Anime and Real worlds,
it is the only link. How do you think we get all those TV shows? They are
made in the anime world, then the data is converted from "Anime Disc" to our
DVD, Video and other real world mediums. Of course, in the Anime world, such
technical extravagances are much less complex. Personally, I find Windows
Anime much easier to use than Windows XP."

Sarah chuckled.

"That...that's's crazy!" Nana stuttered.

"In the early 20th century, a dimensional rift opened in this forest in
Brazil, and upon discovering this, our governments agreed that as people in
the real world would have difficulty accepting anime characters as being
real, the broadcasts from anime land would be marketed as entertainment, and
the cover-up would be that cartoons were man-made. Sarah was interrupted by

"But why the different styles and..." A confused Nana asked...

"Well, in anime world there are many different "universes" that co-exist
remarkably well...for example, the WOOHP girls and Gundam guys have met, as
has Kim Possible and Misato. In anime world, everyone is different...everyone
is unique, and people have different styles depending which "universe" they
come from."

In much of the West, the more simple universes, such as "Disney" are
marketed, but in Japan, the whole variety of anime universes is much more
seen. Perhaps one day people will accept anime enough to..."

"Indeed...the interaction between our technology and the anime world has
recently created a third world, one where videogame characters reside."

Nana was gasping... "But, but...this is impossible! This must be a dream!"

Nana pinched herself.

She pinched herself again.

And again.

This was...real?

Sarah leaned back again, her skirt riding up a little, giving a revealing
glimpse of sexy English thigh, and showing off her sensuous dark-blue

"It seems I will have to show you...come..."

Nana was excited but also scared, as Sarah took her hand and led her to a
large door, a door which seemed quite ordinary to her...

Sarah pushed a button in the centre of the door, and it slowly opened
itself...Nana noticed something odd about the other side of the door as it
revealed was kind of "cell-shaded", in strong, solid colours,
with much less texture. a cartoon door.

What Nana saw beyond that door astonished her even more...she saw a near
carbon copy of the mansion room they were in, except the one on the other
side of the door was a "cartoon" version...

"This door takes you from this Real Mansion into an Anime Mansion, which is
in the Anime world..."

"Oh my!"

"Nana, you will go through this door, but first you must be dressed
appropriately...Sarah grabbed Nana quite firmly, and unzipped her jeans,
quickly pulling them down...Nana was now in her panties, but she was too
stunned by what she had just witnessed, as well as the effects of the
drug, to stop Sarah's undressing of her, and Sarah was not above taking
advantage, groping Nana's boobs and ass as she stripped her. The pacified
Nana was under Sarah's thumb.

Nana was soon nude...Sarah circled her a couple of times, enjoying the sight
of the nude and still shocked and drugged Nana...then slipped her into black
panties and then, over that, a skin-tight jumpsuit which clung to her skin,
leaving little to the imagination.

Sarah decided that Nana should be thrown in at the deep end, and, grabbing
the petite Brazilian, pushed her past the door into the Anime Mansion...

Nana panicked, as she turned towards the door, desperate to get back to
the real world...

Sarah, standing beside the door, declared, "You will find Anime World quite
delightful I am sure...everyone in Anime World has a "role", and you must go
to see the Anime Commissioner, and prove yourself..."

"But I have never been in this "Anime World" before, how am I supposed to..."

Sarah grabbed the door as Nana tried to run back into the Real Mansion...

Sarah slammed it shut, saying, "This is the best way to learn, Little Nana!"

So there "Little Nana" stood, in her skin-tight black suit, and it had just
dawned on her that she had changed in appearance...

Her body was as cute and petite as ever, but she had more smooth curves, and,
because she was now an "Anime Nana", she had bigger boobs, of course. Nana
was rather pleased about this.

She was now coloured in two-tone shades, and her eyes were large and
super-cute, and hair in a simple felt very, very strange, and
yet the simplicity of it somehow made things much less complicated...she
was now an anime version of herself.

Nana found her fear was turning to excitement, as she realised that, as an
anime character, she could do things not possible in the real world...and of
course the possibility of meeting certain male anime heroes made her mind
wander into all sorts of surreal and perverted fields. She would have fun
with the anime girls too.

She had always wondered what sex would be like in anime.

Nana turned away from the door to the Real World which Sarah had slammed
shut, and walked, one footstep at a time, her confidence growing with each
small step, as she proceeded down the corridor, noticing the cartoon versions
of the very same sculptures and ornaments she had seen in the Real World.
Things in the distance were much less detailed, but became more detailed as
they became closer, just like in anime.

Nana's boobs bounced much more than they ever did in real life!

Nana heard footsteps approaching her, she turned to see a tall, sexy female
with blue hair and sexy yellow hot-pants and low-cut top, with a soft red
robe tied around the front casually, she wore gorgeous stockings that showed
off her endlessly long, sexy legs.

Nana quickly realised who it was...

"Faye Valentine..."


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