Crash: Not a Day Goes By (MF,inter)
by The Fan ([email protected])

District Attorney Rick sat behind his desk. He was a tall, handsome man in
his early thirties. He had dark brown hair and pale green eyes. He was one of
the youngest district attorneys in the city of Los Angeles. He was married to
a woman named Jean and he had a child with her. Recently, his life had been
turned upside down. Seriously. Things were going downhill and Rick's life was
headed nowhere fast.

Rick and his wife Jean had been walking together from his office one night
when they were attacked by two black men armed with guns. The black guys
stole their car at gunpoint and took off into the night. Ever since that day,
nothing seemed to go right. Rick was a man who liked things to run smoothly
in his life. Unfortunately, his wife Jean was a real bitch. She was already
a foul-mouthed bitch when they got married years ago and she seemed only to
get worse as time went by. They had a child together but that didn't seem to
curb her bitchy ways. She was arrogant and disrespectful toward everyone,
including her husband. Rick was a man who was basically fed up. Ever since
the attack, his wife had gotten more jittery and bitchy. Rick felt like he
was losing his sanity. He was a district attorney who faced the most ruthless
men and women in the city on a daily basis. The very worst criminals out
there. He put them away one by one. He was a truly gifted attorney. He was
well-liked by jurors. He was respected by judges and cops. Yet at home....he
felt so....helpless.

District Attorney Rick did not know that he was being watched. The person
watching him was none other than the beautiful Karen. Karen was a tall,
strikingly beautiful African-american woman. She had long black hair and
exquisite features. Her body was trim and sexy, decidedly athletic. She was
one of the many assistant district attorneys in the city of Los Angeles.
Karen was a native of Boston. She went to U Mass and later, to Suffolk Law
School. Throughout college, she played basketball and entertained dreams of
one day making it into the WNBA before an injury ended them.

Focusing on academics more than ever, she graduated at the top of her class
and passed the bar exam on the first try. She came to Los Angeles and did
work for a high-powered firm before deciding to become a district attorney.
Now, here she was. Assistant District Attorney in Los Angeles. The city of
Angels. Karen was a woman used to getting what she wanted....usually.
Wherever she went, men's eyes followed. Karen was used to it. She was a
beautiful woman. She was also very smart. Right now, she was staring at her
boss, Rick.

Rick was a really handsome guy. He looked nice. He was also a decent person.
Unlike most of the politically correct lawyers in the city. He cared about
the job. He wanted to fight for justice. Rick was a straight arrow. He didn't
play around. He worked very hard. He earned respect. He got results. He was
well-liked in his profession. Unfortunately, he was not so lucky when it came
to dealing with women. Rick had married his longtime girlfriend Jean. She was
a real bitch. He didn't care for her that much anymore but since they had a
child together, he stayed put. He loved his child and didn't want to become
a weekend father. He wanted to make things work. Unfortunately, Jean had a
seriously nasty personality. She was mean-spirited, arrogant and extremely
bitchy. She actually came from the social elite of Los Angeles. Jean's mother
had been a B-movie actress back in the day and her father was a former
professional athlete. Jean thought she might make it as an actress, until
reality settled in. She had never been too happy to be Rick's wife. She was
not content being a mother. She craved glory and recognition. She wasn't
above doing anything to get them. She was an evil rotten bitch.

Karen knew all that. It was almost funny to watch Rick trying to hard to be
the good husband and father. His wife Jean was the stupidest bitch in the
city. Rick was a decent guy. Those days, a decent guy was hard to find.
Karen had grown to like and respect Rick over the years they'd been working
together. Rick wanted to become governor of the state of California someday.
He had dreams of making a difference. Karen used to shake her head at those
dreams. It was strange. She could have any man she wanted. She was tall and
beautiful. She was also very smart. She was financially secure. Her brief
stint as a supermodel earned her well over eight hundred thousand dollars.
She could afford to live a comfortable lifestyle. Instead, she led the
spartan existence of a public servant. Since coming to Los Angeles, Karen
had seen many things. She had seen the most powerful men and women in the
world. She had seen wealth and power. She had also seen the depth of human
evil. The only thing that surprised her was the fact that she had fallen in
love with Rick.

This was one of the many reasons why she walked up to him right now. He was
sitting there in his office, looking as though he had the weight of the world
on his shoulders. Karen smiled. He probably did, the poor thing. Karen wore a
black business suit and yet still looked very sexy. She had been known to
stop traffic. Karen walked toward Rick. If he was a man and he was alive, he
would definitely respond to what she would show him. If he didnt, well....
maybe he was the kind of guy who hung out around West Hollywood at night.
Karen stood in front of Rick's desk and cleared her throat.

"Hey." he said, looking up.

"Hey yourself." said Karen. "How are you doing?"

Rick smiled sadly. "I've been better." He went on about his troubles at home.

Karen usually didn't mind playing the role of his buddy but right now, she
wanted more. She wanted some of that hot body of his, minus the whining. "I
know what will cheer you up." said Karen.

"What?" asked Rick.

"Let's go to dinner." Karen said with a wry grin.

Karen and Rick sat inside the Rialto Lounge. It was a bar on the west side.
It was owned by a man named Patrick O'Shea. He was a personal friend of
Karen's. Rick liked the place. Or so he told Karen. Karen watched Rick. He
drank his beer slowly. His movements were careful, almost sensual. She had
never seen such a man. The guy had sex appeal and didn't even know it. His
rigid white-boy exterior hid a soul not unlike that of a true brothaman.
Karen was having some rather intense thoughts about her boss, district
attorney Rick. Some very intense thoughts indeed. Rick seemed oblivious to
it. He was really into drinking his bottle of Heineken. He ordered a Jack
Daniel's right after. Karen watched him. The more he drank, the more
interesting he became. Amazingly. They talked and Rick seemed to really
open up. At some point, he confessed to finding her really attractive and
sometimes wishing he weren't married. Or at least, he wished he had picked
his wife more carefully. He talked and eventually drank himself into, well,
drunkenness. Fortunately, Karen was there to save the day.

Karen was a tall, strong and athletic woman. She had no problem supporting
Rick as his legs seemed to fail him due to the excess of alcohol he drank.
She decided to bring him home. She called a cab. The cabbie came a few
minutes later. By then, Rick looked really drunk and about ready to fall
asleep. The cabbie was a Haitian guy with a real thick accent. "Ma'am, your
boyfriend is really drunk." he said.

Karen stared at Rick, then back at the driver, who introduced himself as
Serge. "He's not my boyfriend." She said. "We work together."

Serge winked. "Is that what you call it?" he smiled. He shook his head and
actually winked. "Where to?"

Karen hesitated. She didn't know where Rick lived. Not exactly. He used to
live in the upper East side but his wife had inherited a mansion recently so
they lived in an upscale part of town now. She hadn't been invited to this
new house of theirs yet so she had no idea where it was. She directed the
cabbie to her own place. He drove there. Once there, Karen struggled to get
out with Rick. Rick seemed to have fallen asleep. Even though Karen was a
tall and strong young woman, carrying someone the size of Rick was not
exactly easy. Thankfully, the cabbie helped her get Rick inside her
apartment. Somehow, they made it in.

Karen lived in a nice apartment on the West side. It was a really cool place.
Ten thousand square feet for her to do whatever she pleased. Three bedrooms,
a living room, a bathroom, a kitchen and exactly four closets. The place cost
two grand a month. She could afford it. The money she made while modeling was
still around. Also, since coming to Los Angeles, she had written a book which
had become a best-seller. She made two million dollars from the book deal.
Basically, it was a romance novel about a prominent black female attorney,
her ex-con boyfriend and the CIA after them for uncovering an explosive
secret. Karen's book was very popular. It got her an interview with Oprah
Winfrey and she even got on Sixty Minutes. Karen was a rather popular lady
these days. She looked at her precious cargo, drunk district attorney Rick.
He seemed to be asleep right now. She had put him on the couch. He seemed to
be at rest. Not for the first time Karen noticed how cute Rick looked. Karen
just stood there, looking at him. Something flashed in her mind. A really
vivid day dream.

She saw herself cutting loose on Rick in a very sexual manner. She kissed
Rick passionately and practically ripped his clothes off. She knelt in front
of him and went after his dick. She took Rick's cock into her mouth. She
licked his cock, flicking her tongue over his cock head and then licking his
balls. Rick woke up, surprised. He didn't stop her once he realized what she
was doing. Instead, he moaned in pleasure. Karen continued what she was
doing. She sucked his cock and licked his balls. Rick gently stroked her face
and caressed her hair while she sucked him off. She continued sucking until
he came. Once he did, she drank up all of his cum. She licked him until he
was clean then looked up at him.

Karen snapped back to reality. Rick was sleeping. She watched over him. Her
fantasy didn't go away.

In her fantasy, Rick seemed to be coming to terms with the fact that he
had gotten his dick sucked by Karen, his very beautiful assistant district
attorney. He knew he shouldn't have done that. He knew he should not have
given in. Still, he had been celibate for almost a year (his wife Jean
wasn't giving it to him) and his repressed desires almost drove him crazy
sometimes. Something much more powerful than logic and reason urged him to
seize the moment and take advantage of the situation. Just what exactly was
a guy supposed to do when a beautiful woman offered herself to him?

Rick felt Karen's lovely, supple body in his arms. God, she felt so good.
They rolled around on the bed and fought playfully, each one jockeying for
position. Rick found himself on top of Karen. He smiled triumphantly. Karen
put her arms around Rick and looked into his eyes. Softly, she murmured that
she loved him. Rick was shocked. Karen started caressing his body, her touch
almost magical. She seemed to know exactly where to touch. She caressed his
chest and lower abdomen before slipping her hand between his legs. She held
his erect manhood in her hand and gasped. It was so long and thick. She
looked at the cock's owner, the magnificent young man who lay on top of her.
He seemed to be waiting for something as he stared into her lovely face.

"I love you, Rick."

Rick embraced Karen. He just wanted to have her, to take her like this.
She felt his masculine power, felt his irresistible desire. She yearned
to surrender to him. She felt his hands part her legs and felt his hard
throbbing manhood entering the space between her thighs. She leaned back
and raised her legs so that they were in her air, and put her arms around
Rick's waist. Rick rubbed his manhood against her feminine temple, her
delectable pussy. He slid his cock inside her. Karen grunted. Rick felt a
bit of resistance as his cock burrowed its way into her love tunnel.

Rick started to penetrate Karen, thrusting his cock inside her pussy. He
went in slowly but surely, sliding his manhood into her depths. Karen was
going wild. The sensation of Rick's hard throbbing cock inside her was
making her crazy. He energetically thrust into her, his strong arms holding
onto her frame as he rammed into her. He felt her inner flesh tighten around
his cock and then yield under the force of his thrusts. He fucked her like
this for a long time, ramming it inside her. He felt his nuts tighten and
came, shooting hot cum deep inside her. Karen shrieked in both pleasure and
pain in his arms.

Afterwards, Rick and Karen embraced. Karen felt sated and kissed Rick on the
cheek. He said nothing. His mind was racing. He had just fucked his assistant
district attorney. That was a big no in the land of america. The state could
face a sexual harassment lawsuit because of him. Still, looking at the
beautiful young woman in his arms, he didn't feel worried or threatened. He
felt at peace. He closed his eyes and went to sleep. Karen looked at Matt as
he slept. He was so gorgeous. She didn't want this moment to ever end. She
couldn't resist gently touching his brow before kissing him there. She had
been waiting for this moment for so long. A part of her knew that what had
just taken place between them was unacceptable in the professional world.
Another part of her really didn't give a damn.

The End


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