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Criminal Minds: JJ's Abduction (MF,nc,rape,oral,anal,tort)
by Tori ([email protected])

What makes a serial killer? Most experts believe they are born that way while some think it's a product of their upbringing. There are some experts that believe it's hereditary and no matter what their upbringing, they will eventually morph into a murdering psychopath. Either way, the U.S. has people that hunt these criminals. One of those groups is the BAU or Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI. The BAU's main focus of late was on a vicious killer in the DC area that preyed on beautiful blondes in their late twenties and early thirties. All the victims were professional woman that had been abducted from their workplace, raped and tortured for a week and then dumped on the side of the road in rural upstate Virginia. Only two of the woman were found alive.

Charles Strong was a lonely man raised by his prostitute mother. His father was a service man that got his mother pregnant before going off to Viet Nam where he was killed in action. Charles killed his mother one night during a heated argument at the age of 15 and spent 6 years in prison. When he turned 21, he was released due to the fact that he was tried as a juvenile offender and not as an adult.

Charles sat watching the news when a gorgeous blonde FBI agent appeared on the screen. She spoke about the recent killings and urged anyone with any information to come forward so they could capture this psychopath. Her name was scripted below her. It read "Agent Jennifer "JJ" Jareau, Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI". Charles looked at the beauty with long blonde hair and blue eyes and immediately got hard. He pulled his cock out and jerked off while she answered the reporter's questions. He knew then that he had to have her. She was going to be his next victim.

It was almost midnight by the time JJ left the office. She walked through the deserted parking garage towards her late model Honda when a man suddenly came up behind her hit her with a Taser. The FBI agent fell to the ground unconscious. Charles looked at her and smiled. He quickly picked her up and carried her to his van. As soon as he had her inside, he pulled her black slacks and heels off and put them, along with her badge and Glock into garbage bag and drove off. After driving several blocks, he pulled into a parking lot and got out. He changed the license plates on the van and tossed the garbage bag into a dumpster. After he tied JJ's hands behind her back, he looked at her and then ripped open her white silk blouse and squeezed her bra covered breasts. When she started to wake up, he took out a syringe and injected her, causing her to fall back into unconsciousness.

It took almost an hour to arrive at the abandoned farm near the Maryland border. He pulled the van into the barn and quickly shut the doors. Charles made sure he was alone and then got JJ out of the van. He carried her limp body to the back of the barn and attached leather straps to her wrists. He then attached a chain to them and pulled her off the ground. He looked at the blonde beauty hanging in front of him and took out his hard cock and jerked off. It only took a few minutes for him to shoot his hot cum all over her long, slender legs. When he finished, he stripped off all of his clothes and took out a large Bowie knife. Charles ran the tip of the knife across her flat stomach and then down along her panties. There was a small trickle of blood just below her belly button which he wiped off with his thumb and then tasted it. He pushed JJ's hanging body, making it swing back and forth. Charles was laughing out loud when she began to regain consciousness.

"Whaaa....what.......where am I?" she said. She had trouble focusing in the barely lit barn and could only make out the form of a man standing in front of her. He pushed her again and this time she felt the pain in her arms and shoulders, realizing that she was hanging. JJ stared at the man and said, "Oh my God. You're him, aren't you? You're the man we've been looking for?"

Charles put the knife under her chin and said, "Yes and I'm the last man you'll ever see before you die." He ran the knife down between her breasts and with one quick motion, he cut her bra, revealing her perfect tits. He slowly ran the knife down to her waist and sliced off her silk panties leaving her shaved pussy exposed.

JJ didn't say anything. She knew she had to keep her wits about her if she was going to get out of this alive.

Charles took the knife and slowly cut off her blouse and what was left of her bra. When she was completely naked, he tossed the knife on the ground and got behind her. "I'm going to enjoy fucking this FBI cunt" he said as he pushed his hard cock between her legs. Using his large, rough hands, he spread her legs wide and impaled her pussy. JJ could do nothing but let her abductor rape her. He slammed his cock deep inside the sexy agent's hole for several minutes and then he came. JJ felt his hot semen fill her and when he pulled out, he dropped her legs, leaving her hanging with his cum running down her legs.

After a few minutes, Charles pulled two lengths of chain attached to the opposite walls and attached then to JJ's ankles. He lowered her down and then pulled both chains, spreading the agent's legs wide open leaving her hanging about three feet off the ground. The pain in both her arms and legs was excruciating but JJ fought hard not to scream. She knew that was what he wanted from her but she refused to let herself feed his fantasies.

As soon as he secured the chains, he got behind her once again only this time, he shoved his cock into her ass. The pain of the sudden violation was too much for the beautiful blonde and this time she did scream. Charles began to pump his cock deep into her bowels and said, "That's it Agent Jareau, scream. Scream out like all the others I've had in this barn. SCREAM YOU FUCKING CUNT. SCREAM!!!!!!"

JJ's couldn't help but obey as she was brutally sodomized. It felt like the man was tearing her asshole apart as he pounding his cock in and out of her. She felt him pull out of her ass and shove his cock back into her pussy. He switched between her holes, slamming his cock brutally in as deep as he could.

After almost 15 minutes, Charles finally pushed his cock into her ass and filled it with cum. When he finally pulled out, JJ dropped her head and started to cry. Charles got in front of her and grabbed her hair, pulling her face up and spit on her. "You've got a nice tight ass and cunt. I'm going to enjoy raping you over and over again."

When he let her go, JJ dropped her head again and tried to think of something that would take her mind off of what had just happened to her.

Charles left JJ hanging from the ceiling with her legs spread wide and left the barn. He came back about an hour later carrying a large duffle bag. JJ watched as he began to take out a large assortment of tools, blades and whips. He came over with a smaller bag and dropped it at her feet. "Time to get serious cunt" he said and opened the bag.

He took out several clips and attached them to her nipples and tits. He attached several more to her labia and then hung small weights to each one. When he was satisfied, he picked up a long whip and began to strike the stunning blonde along her stomach and back. JJ screamed out with each lash. Every time it appeared that she was going to pass out, Charles turned on a hose and hit her with a heavy stream of cold water. When she was awake enough for him, he went back to the whip. The sadistic bastard kept this up for almost an hour.

When his arms got tired, he placed a 3 foot high pole between her legs and attached a 12 inch dildo to the top. Charles picked JJ up and impaled her asshole forcing her limp, hanging body to slip down all the way on the dildo. By this time, JJ was nothing more than mindless piece of meat hanging in a slaughter house. Charles stood back and picked up his phone and took over a dozen pictures of her. He punched in the numbers to the BAU office and sent the pictures to her coworkers. After they were sent, he smashed the phone with his foot so they would have no way of tracing the call.

* * *

That morning in the BAU office, Hotch and Rossi heard Garcia scream for them to come to her office. When they ran in, they saw the pictures of JJ on her computer screens. Hotch looked at Rossi and said, "Jesus, he's got JJ. Dave, call everyone, right now!"

The team gathered in the conference room and sat in silence as Penelope flashed through the explicit photos, one by one. They looked in horror at their co-worker hanging in what appeared to be a barn with a huge pole in her ass and things hanging from her body. They could see dozens of whip marks across her body but the one thing that concerned them the most was the deadness in her wide open eyes. They knew they only had a few days to find her alive.

* * *

Later that day, Charles came into the barn and took the dildo out of JJ's ass and sodomized her again. She didn't scream. She only hung there and let her rapist have his way with her. When he finished, he shoved the pole back in her ass and began to whip her once again. This time he used and two inch wide leather strap. He hit her all over her body, knocking off the clips which caused small beads of blood to run down her body.

When he finished, he dragged a large wooden device over in front of her. He took the dildo from her ass and lowered her to the floor. JJ had no feeling in her arms or legs and could not fight him as he strapped her into the sex chair. He placed her with her back facing him and then chained her wrists and ankles to the long wooden arms extending out in an "X" from the chair.

As soon as she was secure, he took her in the ass again. JJ closed her eyes and let the man sodomized her once again. She was defeated and knew that any chance of her being rescued was hopeless. Charles raped and sodomized her for several hours and then left her there, alone in the chair.

* * *

The next day, Charles came in and inserted an IV into her arm. He slapped her awake and said, "You're severely dehydrated and I'm not done with you yet cunt."

She felt the effects of the IV almost immediately but the relief was soon replaced by his cock in her well used ass. After three days, she had forgotten who she was and could only endure the punishment he inflicted on her. She was kept in the chair and forced to relieve herself on the dirt floor. Charles would use the hose to clean her up before he raped her again and again. Between raping her pussy and ass, he would get in front of her and throat fuck her. He would grab her blonde hair and shove his cock deep down her throat until he came. JJ swallowed his cum willingly since it was the only protein he gave her.

* * *

On the fifth day of her captivity, Charles came in and removed her from the chair. He laid her on the dirt floor and raped her one last time. When he finished, he picked her up and tossed her in the back of his van. JJ was barely alive when he pushed her limp, naked body out of the van and into a muddy ditch just outside of Laurel, MD.

Later that afternoon, 2 teenagers found her on the way home from school. They called the police and an hour later, Hotch, Rossi and rest of her team were standing around her hospital bed. She was unconscious but alive. They thanked God for that and waiting for her regain consciousness. Garcia kept a constant vigil at her bedside talking to her and telling her everything was going to be alright.

* * *

JJ finally woke up after three days and looked over at Garcia. Garcia smiled and called out to the others. They all came in and saw JJ looking at them. Hotch leaned in and kissed her on the forehead and said, "You're safe JJ. Everything's going to be alright."

Morgan and Rossi squeezed her tiny hand and then Spencer leaned over and whispered, "We all love you JJ." He kissed her cheek and then the nurse came in and told them all to leave.

JJ relaxed for the first time in over a week.

Later that night, she woke up in her hospital bed screaming from the nightmare she had of the man raping her. They gave her a sedative to make her sleep. A little over a week later, she was released from the hospital and went home. She took a leave of absence, packed a bag and went home to Pennsylvania to be with her parents. The homecoming was just what she needed.

* * *

Two months and five more victims later, Charles Strong was finally apprehended during a routine traffic stop just outside Havre de Grace, MD. When the young state trooper stumbled upon an unconscious woman in the back of the van, his partner quickly drew his gun and pulled Charles from the van and handcuffed him. His reign of terror had finally ended. When her parents told JJ about the capture, she went into her room and cried.

* * *

Several days later, as Charles Strong was being transported back to DC, FBI Agent Jennifer "JJ" Jareau walked up to him as they were putting him into the bus. She pulled her Glock and shot him 10 times in the chest. She then put the gun to her head and pulled the trigger, ending her nightmares forever. He was right about one thing though, he was the last man she saw before she died.

The End


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