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Warning: Some chapters feature violence and character deaths. Story is not
overly graphic but can be rough.

This is a cross-over story involving numerous television and movie
characters. The story assumes that all characters exist in the same
`universe' and can interact with each other. The story will be submitted
in chapters due to its planned length. The story will feature various
storylines, some ongoing that will continue over multiple chapters and
others that will be relatively short. While each chapter will feature sex
scenes, not all individual parts will as some will simply further the plot.

Comments: In this chapter Sebastian Valmont (of the movie Cruel Intentions)
appears. In this version, he did not die and he and his sister are still

Cast: (only female cast members are listed):
Sarah Michelle Gellar as Kathryn Merteuil (Cruel Intentions)
Jennifer Garner as Elektra Natchios (Daredevil/Elektra)
Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan (Smallville)
Kristen Kreuk as Lana Lang (Smallville)

Codes: MF, rough, anal, viol, inc, foot

Cruel Intentions/Elektra/Smallville: The Big City Part 1
by Dbud (feedback requested, email [email protected] or through the message

Unhealthy Relations

"I don't understand why we have to wait!"

Sebastian threw his scotch glass against the wall, shattering it. He was
nearly in a rage.

"Calm down dear brother."

Kathryn Merteuil stood and strode across the enormous living room of the
penthouse which she and Sebastian shared. Her heels made loud clicks on the
two-thousand dollar a foot hardwood floors as she slinked her way to him. She
had on a short skirt and low cut top. She enjoyed showing off her body. She
was petite, with a tight body and honey-brown hair. He stared at her,
watching her hips sway with her exaggerated walk that she liked to use.

She walked up to him and pressed her body tightly up against his. He could
feel her breasts smushed against his chest. Lifting herself to her tip-toes,
her face was just under his as they stared into the other's eyes with a lot
more intensity than siblings should have for each other.

"All in good time brother."

He grabbed her buttocks in his hands and lifted her so her eyes were nearly
even with his own. "But I don't understand why we have to wait. We could

Kathryn placed a finger to his soft almost too red lips to quiet him,
"Because it's not the right time and because I said so."

She wheeled and pulled away from him. "You know I'm the brains of this
outfit." She turned and couldn't help but smile at the sight of the huge
bulge in her brother's pants.

Kathryn and Sebastian were siblings but not by blood. Her mother married his
father after her father died. They had barely seen their parents in the past
two years. They were always in Europe or Vale or the Caribbean or some such
place. Kathryn and Sebastian passed their time by playing games; games that
usually involved ruining someone's life. But the two of them had grown bored
with even the most twisted activities they could come up with. There was
simply not enough fucking or drugs or pain to make their games fun anymore.
So, they had begun planning a new game; one involving their parents, who they
both hated.

"But soon, I promise." She slinked over to the leather couch that cost more
than most people's cars. Sebastian followed her and as usual he was a little
closer to his sister than he should have been. She sat back while he knelt in
front of her on the floor.

Sebastian ran his hands up his sister's body starting with her thighs, up
past her waist and finally taking her small breasts in his hands and
squeezing them. He laid his head on her lap, "It's just I hate them so much."

"I know," she sympathized while running her fingers through his hair. Leaving
one hand on her left tit, he slipped the other into his pants and began
rubbing his hard cock while driving his face into her lap. He was taking long
deep breaths, smelling her cunt and masturbating. She realized what he was
doing and while she was used to it...

"Ugh! You're disgusting!" She lifted his head and pushed him back and off of

"Please sis. I really need it."

She looked at him with an annoyed look on her face while she checked her
nails. She sighed deeply, "Okay, but you owe me."

He smiled wide, "Anything you want."

Katherine slipped her right foot out of her heel and pointed it at her
brother, offering it to him. She gave him a look that said, `well, go on.' He
eagerly accepted it, taking her foot in his free hand as the other kept
working his cock furiously. He pulled her small bare foot towards his face,
slipping his tongue between her toes and began to lick and suck her tiny
digits with bright red toenail polish on the tips.

Kathryn picked up a magazine and began to casually flip through the pages
looking at the outfits on the models. She had trouble finding one she didn't
already own. While she did, Sebastian pushed her foot down and began rubbing
his cock against it; first the top and then the underside. He even stuck it
in the gap between her first and second toes, fucking it.

It had been less than a minute when Kathryn got a repulsed look on her face.
She was looking into the magazine when she felt something warm and gooey on
the top of her bare foot. She knew exactly what it was.


Sebastian was jerking his cock furiously and spurting stream after stream of
cum onto her bare skin. He had his eyes closed and was shuddering in
pleasure. She tried to jerk her foot back but he held her by the ankle and
would not let go.

"You're supposed to tell me when you're going to cum you motherfucker!" His
cum was running over her foot, dripping off the bottom, and oozing between
her toes.

"Oh, Jesus Christ, that's gross!"

Finally, his grip slipped and she was able to jerk her foot away. She kicked
him hard in the chest with it, knocking him back onto the floor. Even then he
kept jerking his manhood, more of his jizz spraying out the tip and onto the

"Sebastian, do you know how much that rug cost?" she yelled at him as she got
up. He fell back lying spread eagle on the floor holding his cock in his
hands with a huge smile on his face. His hands, his cock, and her foot were
covered in a thick white fluid. Kathryn stepped over to him and began wiping
her foot on his pants leg as best she could while balancing on her one
remaining high heel without falling over.

"Sometimes, I swear, you are little more than an animal."

After wiping off most of his cum, she turned to leave. She was limping as she
had on one high heel and one bare foot. Once she took her first step off the
carpeted area the foot that her brother had masturbated on hit the well-oiled
wood of the hardwood floors. While she had wiped most of the cum off, her
foot was still coated and slick. As her weight came down, her foot shot from
underneath her and she fell back landing on her ass with a `THUD'.

Sebastian immediately burst out laughing as his sister stared daggers trough
him. He knew he would pay for this later, but he didn't care. She climbed
back onto her wobbly feet and with obvious effort and caution managed to make
it across the room and to the door. As she walked to wash his cum off her,
she yelled back...

"And make sure you replace the fucking rug!"

Severing Family Ties

Stephanos Natchios walked past the security guard in the lobby of Natchios
Plaza, the building that he owned and worked in. As usual, he ignored the
guard. Stepping out of his private elevator less than a minute later, he
stepped onto the 66th floor and walked towards his office. It was late, nearly
midnight, but it was common for him to work late nights.

He walked through the double doors and into his huge office and towards his
desk. Throwing his over-coat across a chair and dropping his briefcase onto
the desk he jerked a small chain hanging from a lamp on the corner of his
desk, turning it on. The office was still dark but at least he could see his
immediate area. He started to sit down but something stopped him. His desk
was not as he left it. A picture that sat on the corner was moved. It was
laying face down where it usually stood.

He picked it up; it was a picture of his brother and niece, taken about 15
years ago. His brother had been killed about 5 years ago when his business
partner, the Kingpin, had double-crossed him and then killed his daughter,
Elektra, to send a message.

Stephanos was jolted back from his memories by a female voice that sounded

"I couldn't stand the hypocrisy when I saw that picture."

A woman in her late twenties stepped from the shadows only about ten feet
from him. He had not even known she was there and had walked right past her.
She was wearing a tight dark red leather outfit with knee-high boots. The
bustier she had on pushed her tits up and showed off her muscular arms. She
had sharp cut facial features that made her look angry and intense eyes. She
was staring him down coldly. It took him a second to place her face and
voice. They both were older and harsher than he remembered.

"Ele-Elektra? Oh my god! Is that really you? I thought you were dead? We all
thought you were dead?" His voice was cracking as she spoke.

"Oh, I know you did, or at least I know you hoped I was. They never did find
my body did they? What's the point of sending a message if you don't leave
the corpse?"

"Well, I, uh, I mean, we just assumed..."

Elektra walked across the office and stood in front of the large glass double
door leading out onto a terrace and overlooking the lights of Metropolis at
night. In doing so, she turned her back to her uncle.

"You can stop trying to make up a lie. I know the truth."

"What do you mean?"

"I know you had my father... your own brother, killed. And I know that you
then tried to kill me as well."

Stephano moved his hand down and slid open a drawer on the top of his desk.
Reaching inside, he pushed a hidden button.

"My dear, what are you saying? That's not true. Your father was killed by the
Kingpin of Crime, a mob boss he was in bed with. I'm sorry if that's hard for
you to hear, but it's the truth."

"I know my father was not a saint. But I also know you were the Kingpin's
silent partner and that you sold him out. It was because of you that my
father was killed. And of course, you needed to get rid of me to take over
his holdings."

Stephanos reached into the drawer and closed his hand around the handle of a
pistol he kept there. He raised it and pointed it at his nieces' back.
Without hesitating he pulled the trigger.


He looked with surprise as nothing happened.



He pulled it twice more, but still nothing.

"I know lots of things. Just like I know where you keep your gun."

Elektra spun and before Stephanos could even react his fingers went limp and
he dropped the unloaded handgun to the floor. Dropping his chin, he stared
down at the long bladed weapon sticking from his chest. He then looked up and
saw Elektra with her hand out-stretched and pointed at him. He slumped to his

Elektra approached, took the handle and drove it clean through his chest,
killing him.

"That was more mercy than you deserved dear uncle."

Just then she heard a `ding' from an elevator door in the hall.

The security guard burst into the room with his gun drawn. He saw the body of
Stephanos Natchios on the floor behind his desk and the double doors leading
to the terrace wide open. He stepped out into the cool night air but no one
was there.

User Error

Across town Lex Luthor stepped out on the terrace of his penthouse on the 88th
floor of Luthor Tower. He looked out over the cityscape of Metropolis which
he considered his city. In fact, it was more his than anyone's as he owned
twelve percent of the real estate below him.

As Lex sipped his cognac, he heard the bell of the elevator behind him. He
stepped back inside to see...

"Lana? What are you...I mean, come in."

Standing in the foyer was the love of Lex's life, Lana Lang. He had been in
love with her for years but she had always been infatuated with Clark Kent, a
local farm boy and former friend of Lex's. Then finally, last year, Lex's
dream had come true and Lana had agreed to marry him. But like most happy
moments in his life, it was short lived. Lana had left him and gone back to
the farm boy.

"I'm sorry to just drop in like this Lex, but can I speak to you?"

"Of course," he led her into the other room and they sat on the couch in
front of a massive roaring fire. "What do you need?"

Lana was obviously upset and having trouble speaking, "Oh Lex. I'm sorry,
perhaps this was a mistake. I shouldn't have come here." She got up to leave.

"Please Lana, darling, whatever you have to say, it's alright."

She turned away from him, staring into the fireplace. Lex couldn't help but
notice how the light from the fire made her thin silk blouse and slacks
sheer, showing off her tight tiny body, which was as beautiful as he
remembered it. The fire seemed to make her smooth olive skin glow. And her
long thick black hair seemed to sparkle.

She turned and he quickly raised his eyes, hoping she wouldn't notice he had
been staring at her ass. But her firm supple breasts were heaving as she
breathed deep, trying to find the words to say whatever she came here for. He
couldn't take his eyes off them until she spoke again.

"Lex, I've left Clark. It was a huge mistake for me to go back to him. He's,
he's horrible."

Lex stood and faced her.

"And...And I can't believe how stupid I was to leave you. I should have seen
how much you loved me and how I needed you too. But I was a fool."

She threw herself into Lex's arms and he cradled her, "I know I don't deserve
a second chance, but is there any way..." Her voice trailed off as she began
to cry.

"Lana, you don't know how long I wanted to hear you say that to me. But the
way it ended, what I did, I thought you could never forgive me."

Lex was referring to the fact that when Lana told him she was leaving he had
slapped her. She looked up at him and he became lost in her large round brown
eyes once again. They were even deeper and more hypnotic than he remembered.

"Oh no my darling, it was all my fault," she pleaded, "You had every right to
be angry with me. I was foolish and selfish. You just reacted as any man
would to the whims of a stupid woman."

He pulled her to him and kissed her deeply letting his tongue explore her
mouth. She kissed him back, wrapping her arms around his neck and letting him
lift her from the floor and carry her to the couch. Lex and Lana fell back
onto the sofa, Lana on top with her legs around him, both kissing the other
deeply and pulling at their clothes.

Lana leaned back and ripped her blouse open letting it fall off her shoulders
and onto the floor. She reached around her back and undid her bra strap and
let the red lace undergarment slide down her arms and off. Lex gasped when he
saw her perfect breasts and small dark rock hard nipples. He took them his
hands and began groping them. Pulling her to him, he wrapped his mouth around
her tit, suckling at it.

Lana closed her eyes and her head fell back, "Oh Lex, I forgot how powerful
you are." She grabbed his bald head and held it to her while he sucked on her
breasts, moaning and writing on his lap.

Finally, she pushed him back and leaned over him, her long thick hair
cascading over his face, tickling him. She slid down his body, kissing his
torso as she moved downward. Reaching down she grabbed his crotch. Lana
looked up into his eyes as she began rubbing his cock through his pants. She
was snarling at him like an animal in heat.

"I want your cock now. I want to suck on it!"

She opened his pants and pulled his erection free, "OH MY GOD! I'd forgotten
how huge you are!" Lana attacked his organ with her mouth, swallowing it like
she was a hungry tigress. She began licking the underside of his shaft and
then took his entire length into her mouth, deep throating him.

"Oh my god Lana!" Lex tensed and wrapped his fingers in her thick black hair
as she drove her face down onto his organ. Once she had swallowed it all,
began swirling her face around, sucking on him as hard as she could.

Lex laid back and closed his eyes, enjoying the best blow job of his life.
Lana was totally focused on his cock, sucking and slurping hard. Every minute
or so, she would take his balls into her mouth, licking and rolling them
around with her tongue.

"Oh my god Lex! I forgot how good your cock tastes!"

Lana stood up and stripped off her slacks, leaving her wearing nothing but
her high heels in front of him. Lex looked her up and down, she was perfect.
Lex stood and Lana quickly stripped him of his clothes as well. They held
each other and kissed in the firelight.

"Lex, I need you to do something for me."


"I need you to hit me."

"W-what? Why?"

"Because I need to be punished. I was a fool to leave you. I don't deserve
you. Please. This is the only way we can be together."

"No, my darling. I would never hurt you."

"Please Lex. Hit me. If you love me you'll do this."

Lex stepped back and raised his hand, Lana stood her ground. He slapped her
across the face, but not nearly as hard as he could.

"No Lex. Harder. Hit me harder."

Lex took a deep breath and smacked Lana as hard as he could across the cheek,
knocking her to the floor. She held her face fighting back tears. She climbed
back to her feet.

"That's it baby. Again. Harder this time."

"Lana, please don't ask me to do this..."


Lex backhanded Lana as hard as he could, sending her tumbling over a large
leather chair and onto the floor. He walked around to the other side and
grabbed Lana by the back of the hair and jerked her to her feet.


"Is this what you want? Huh?" Lex slapped her across her golden honey colored
cheek knocking her into the wall.

"You want me to punish you for leaving me do you?"

She turned to face him, her face red, "Yes Lex. Please. I deserve this."

"You do, don't you? Deserve this for what?"

Lex slapped her again and she fell against a table knocking a vase and
several candlesticks to the floor, breaking them.

"BECAUSE YOU'RE A WHORE?" Lex screamed at her as he grabbed her by the hair
again and jerked her back up.


"Because you left me you bitch!?!?" He slammed a fist into her gut doubling
her over.

Lex was in a rage as he saw his belt laid over the arm of chair. Lex grabbed
it and folded the thick leather strap in half. He lifted it over his head as
Lana knelt on the floor in front of him. Swinging it as hard as he could, he
brought it down across the soft skin off her back.

"AAAIIIIIEEEEE!!!!!" Lana screamed as her entire body went rigid in pain and
her back arched unnaturally as she felt an incredible stinging. The strap
left a bright red inch wide welt across her tiny body. Lana grabbed the back
of a chair and used it to support herself as she climbed to her feet.

Lex brought the belt back behind him and then snapped it across Lana's
perfectly round buttocks.

"YEEAAARRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!" Lana's mouth opened wide and she squealed again in
agony and fell over the chair.

Lex's face was twisted in anger as he brought the strap down over and over
across Lana's back, thighs, and ass cheeks. Within minutes, her back and ass
and legs were covered with welts and strap marks. Lana was weeping and in
agony but she took every lash he gave her without asking him to stop or
moving to cover herself.

Finally, he stopped. Lex was covered in sweat and panting. Lana collapsed,
bent over the back of the thick plush leather chair, barely able to move but
Lex wasn't done. His cock was rock hard and the sight of her tight little ass
was more than he could stand.

Grabbing her by the hips, Lex forced the tip of his cock between her ass


During their entire marriage, as short as it was, Lana had never wanted to do
anal. She was too good for that. Too good for him. But now, he didn't care.
He thrust hard, shoving his entire length up her asshole.


Lana's entire body went rigid as she felt herself violated in a way she had
never let any man have her. Lex grabbed her and began pounding her rectum as
hard as he could.

"This is what you deserve you little bitch! Isn't it!?!?"

Lana was crying hysterically, "OH MY GOD LEX PLEASE NO MORE! YOU'RE TOO BIG!

"I haven't begun to hurt you, you little cunt!"

She began to struggle, trying to get free, to get his cock out of her. Lex
grabbed her from behind, wrapping his arms around her neck and pinning her
down to the leather of the chair.

"Oh no you don't bitch! You're not going anywhere until we're through!"

He held her, tightening his grip on her more and more as she kept struggling.
After another minute he felt his climax rising. Lana was gurgling and
chocking as she fought to get free. As Lex began to cum inside her ass, his
entire body tensed and he tightened his arms around her delicate neck even
more. Lex jerked back and there was a loud...KRAK!..sound and Lana went limp
in his arms but he didn't notice.

"OH GOD YES YES YES!" He came hard, shooting his cum into her over and over,
his body shaking as he felt a climax more intense than any he had ever
experienced. When it finally ended, he fell forward panting and savoring the
pleasure of her tight sphincter wrapped around his cock.

Lex stood up, "WOW! Lana baby that was the best ever."

Lana did not move. Her body was lying over the chair. Lex tapped her on the
ass cheek, "Lana?"

He leaned down over her, brushing her hair back from her face. Lana's big
brown eyes were staring straight ahead and dull.

"OH MY GOD! LANA!" Lex lifted her head but her neck twisted at an unnatural
angle, obviously broken.

Lex staggered back in shock, "Oh my God! What have I done?"

Just then Lana jerked to her feet, standing straight up.

"JESUS CHRIST!!" Lex jumped nearly five feet in shock. "OH MY GOD LANA! Are
you okay?"

Lana turned and faced him. "Of course I am Lex. I'm great. You are such a
great fuck. Want to fuck me again?"

Lana said she was okay but she did not look okay. Her head was hanging off
her shoulders at an odd angle. In fact, her head looked like it wasn't even
being held on my anything more than a rubber band. As she turned, it bounced
up and down and from side to side. As it shook, whatever last shred that was
holding her head on must have given way as Lana's head swung backwards, her
neck bending back 180 degrees the wrong direction.

As Lana's head was hanging behind her, between her shoulder blades, she
reached out towards Lex and took an awkward step towards him. He backed away
in disgust.

"I love you Lex," he heard her call out to him. "Please punish me some more.
I need to be hurt. I never should have left you for that asshole farm boy."

"SHIT!' Lex pushed Lana backwards and she tumbled back over the chair. She
was lying on the floor, her arms and legs were moving trying to get back up.
As she climbed to her knees, Lex kicked her hard, knocking her back down.

"That's it Lex, hurt me some more."

Lex stomped over to his desk and pushed a button on his phone. A second later
the soft voice of his executive assistant and lawyer and right-hand woman,
Lilah Morgan came over the speaker phone, "Yes boss."

"Get that fucking little worm Warren up here now!"

"Sure thing boss. She break again?"

Lex hung up without answering. He could hear the smirk in her voice.

Less than three minutes later, Warren Meers tapped his foot nervously on the
floor of the elevator as he rode it up to Lex's penthouse. He had jumped out
of bed so fast when he got the call, he wasn't even wearing shoes, just jeans
and a white T-shirt. If Lex was summoning him at this time of the morning, it
couldn't be good. The doors opened and Warren stepped onto the marble floor
of the foyer cautiously.

"Lex...I mean Mr. Luthor? You here? You wanted to see me?"

He heard some noises in the room straight ahead and walked that way. He
peered through the large ornate archway and saw Lex Luthor, his boss, sipping
from a cognac glass, wearing a silk robe.

"Problem sir?"

"Problem? You bet your ass there's a problem!" Lex pointed to the far side of
the room.

Warren's heart sank, "Oh, I see."

What appeared to be a petite shapely olive skinned girl with dark hair,
almond eyes, pert firm tits, and a rock hard ass was in the process of
walking into the wall over and over. She would take several steps, strike the
wall, stumble backwards and then try again.

Most disturbing was the fact that her head was hanging backwards off her
shoulders. So even though her front was pointing away from Warren, her face
was pointing towards him, although upside down.

Lana saw him staring at her, "Oh hi Warren." She tried to wave at him but
couldn't figure out how to do it as she walked into the wall again. "Are you
here for a threesome with me and Lex?"

Warren ran over to Lana and guided her to a chair and helped her sit down.

"So which of you wants the front and which wants the back?"

Lex looked pissed. Warren looked down at Lana, "Shut up please."

"Want to smack me around? Go ahead!"


"I am so sorry Mr. Luthor."

"You told me this was taken care of Warren. You told me you had fixed her.
This is the third time this has happened!"

"Yes sir. I know. But as I tried to explain last time this happened, if you
want this robot to look and feel real, I have to use some pretty delicate
materials. That means that she is as fragile as a real girl would be."

How fragile real girls were was something that Warren was intimately familiar
with. He had killed two of them, first an old girlfriend who had rejected him
and then some lesbian Wicca chick named Tara.

"Want a blow job Warren?"

"Shut up."

"Lex won't mind. We're all friends."

"Shut up."

Lex walked over to him and grabbed him by the T-shirt, "Do you remember where
you were when my search and rescue team found you? Huh? Do you? You were
about to be flayed and barbequed by the good witch of the west. I saved you."

"I know sir and I am very very grateful. But perhaps you shouldn't get so
rough with her and then she wouldn't break."

"Clark Kent has a tiny penis."

In unison, both Lex and Warren screamed at Lana, "SHUT UP!"

"I will treat her however I want to. All it would take is one phone call to
that that witch, what was her name? Oh, that's right, and Willow will know
exactly where to find you and finish what she started in the woods that
night. Is that what you want?"

"Um, no, sir, absolutely not."

"THEN FUCKING FIX HER!" Lex shoved Warren, nearly knocking him down.

"Yes sir. I will sir. Just give me a few days sir and she will be as good as

Warren grabbed the Lana-bot and walked her towards the elevator. As the doors
opened and he pushed her inside, "Good as new sir. I promise."

Warren collapsed against the wall of the elevator once the doors closed.

"Thank god."

"Want to fuck me up the ass now?"


Rise and Shine

Jimmy Olsen was having a great dream when the snooze alarm went off for the
third time. His eyes cracked open and he raised his hand to block the
sunlight coming through the window from his face. He tried to remember the
dream, but all he could recall was that it involved him, a camera, and most
of the Victoria's Secret supermodels.

"Come on Jimmy. Up and at `em. It's a beautiful day!"

Chloe, Jimmy's girlfriend, called to him from the bathroom where it sounded
like she was finishing up brushing her teeth. Jimmy smacked the top of the
clock to turn off the alarm and lamented why he had to fall for a morning

Jimmy heard Chloe laughing as she walked out of the bathroom. Jimmy looked up
at her.

"Planning on going camping there sport?" She was giggling.

"What? Huh?"

"You've definitely packed your pup tent."

Jimmy looked down, wondering what she was talking about but then saw the
sheet was lifted up over his crotch. Jimmy had a hard-on from his dream and
his erection was poking up, lifting the sheet. He shifted to conceal his

"Aww, don't be shy. It's perfectly normal and kind of cute." Chloe was still

"Could you not use the word `cute` when referring to my penis please?"

"What should I use then?"

Jimmy thought for a second, "How about massive?"

Chloe laughed, "Oh really?"

"Or intimidating? Or awe-inspiring?"

Chloe climbed onto the bed, reached under the sheet and grabbed his rock-hard
cock and began stroking it. Jimmy lay back and closed his eyes, smiling as he
felt her hand on his sex organ.

"Awe-inspiring huh?"

"Oh, yeah," he replied but he wasn't agreeing with her statement, he was
moaning as she rubbed his cock up and down.

Chloe pulled the sheet back and lowered herself over him. She looked back up
at his face and flashed a slight smile as she lowered her face over his organ
and took his cock in her mouth. She wrapped her lips around it and began
sucking hard on the tip.

Jimmy's body arched as she did and he began to writhe in pleasure, "Oh my god
baby! Oh yeah! That feels so good." Chloe kept sucking harder, massaging his
cock with her tongue, lips and hand.

She was on all fours next to him with her ass towards the head of the bed.

Jimmy reached up and slipped his hand under her cotton panties and grabbed a
handful off her left buttocks. She looked back at him and wiggled her ass,
"So, what do you think?"

"Awe-inspiring," he panted.

She burst out laughing, "It's a damn good thing you didn't say massive. I'd
have bitten your dick off."

She went back to sucking as he slipped two of his fingers inside her cunt
from behind. She stiffened as she felt herself penetrated. Chloe began making
small moaning noises as she sucked on his dick and he began wiggling his
fingers inside the soft pink flesh of her pussy.

After a minute of working his cock with her mouth, Chloe reached back and
slipped her thumbs under the straps of her panties and slid them down her
pale thighs. Flipping around, she threw her leg over Jimmy's waist,
straddling him. Reaching down, she grabbed his cock and guided it inside her

"Oh fuck," she blurted out as she felt her cunt stretch to take him inside

"Oh yeah, that's it baby. Ride me." Jimmy reached up and under her tank top,
grabbing her small tits and digging his fingers into them. As Chloe bounced
up and down, she pulled her tank top up and over her head. She shook her hair
out and tossed her head back as she began to moan, enjoying the sensation of
Jimmy's organ rubbing her soft insides. She was pretty sure she wouldn't cum,
this was more of a quickie, but she wanted to put on a good show for him. She
knew from past experience if she did, he would really give it to her later
over the next few nights and she would have a string of rocking orgasms.

"Oh fuck, oh god, YES!" Chloe was pounding his cock into her and screaming
out. Jimmy was holding onto her tits and breathing deeply trying not to cum
to quick, but to no avail.

"Oh FUCK!" Jimmy's toes curled and his face scrunched up as he blew his load
up inside her cunt. "Oh shit, oh my god, oh fuck, I'm coming!"

Chloe kept riding her boyfriend as he came inside her. After a few seconds,
Jimmy collapsed back, "Oh shit, stop, I can't take anymore." Chloe fell
against him and began nibbling his ear. They smiled at each other and began
making out and snuggling, enjoying the moments after.

After a few minutes Chloe got up and walked back to the bathroom to take a
shower, cupping her pussy to catch Jimmy's cum from dripping out from between
her thighs. Jimmy rolled over to get a few more minutes of sleep.

About an hour later...

Jimmy walked into the kitchen to eat a little breakfast. Chloe was already
dressed and ready to go. She was at the counter reading the morning paper.

"What are the odds of that?"

"Odds of what babe?"

Chloe ignored him calling her `babe', which she hated, and held up the paper,

The headline read, `Daughter of Murdered Billionaire, Thought Dead, Returns
to Reclaim Family Fortune!'

"That within three days of Stephanos Natchios being found murdered in his
office, his long dead niece shows up to take over her murdered father's
empire. That's what."

Jimmy spooned a heaping spoonful of Captain Crunch into his mouth. He knew
what Chloe was like when she got into full-on conspiracy mode and found it
best to just agree with her.

"Uh huh."

"Are you even listening to me?"

Jimmy put down the cereal box he was reading and looked over at her with milk
running down his chin, "Yeah sure babe."

Chloe rolled her eyes, "Never mind! I'll get to the bottom of this."

"I'm sure you will. Have a good day babe!" He called out after her as she
picked up her briefcase and left to head into the Daily Bugle.

End Part 1


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