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Cruel Intentions: Sebastian's Punishment
by Dragon333 © October 4th, 2005

Brianna and Spirit have met Trevor, a guy who was going out with a virgin
girl named Annette, only to find out that she cheated on him, and fucked
some other guy she just met named Sebastian. He had respected her, and her
wish to save her virginity, only to find that some other guy, who didn't
care about anyone's feelings or troubles, was the one who took HIS
girlfriend's virginity. It fried his brains out. Sebastian was a young
white man, with curly hair and occasionally wore glasses. He had used
Annette's best friend, threatened him and forced him to turn on his best
friend so that he could fuck Annette and take her virginity away.
Sebastian's plans all worked out perfectly. He never suffered a single day
in his life. Whoever he wanted to fuck, he would fuck, and he would get
girls to fuck him in less than two minutes of meeting them. He had a very
good reputation which helped him fuck even more beauties. Since he had such
beautiful and gorgeous ladies that he got to fuck, other girls wanted to
fuck him and be on that list too. There was a lady writer by the name of
Regina Greenbraum, and Sebastian even exploited her daughter for just over
pricing him on something. Brianna and Spirit agreed what Trevor felt abut
Sebastian, although about 99% of women said that what Sebastian did was
sweet and loveable.

"Brianna, are you ready?" Trevor asked her. Brianna was a gorgeous 16 year
old, with about a C cup breasts size, and had sexy light caramel skin. She
had dark short hair to the top of her shoulders. She was wearing a white
thin jacket, white long pants, and a feminine pink tank top. She had loop
earrings and when she smiled, she looked adorable: she had the greatest
smile in the world.

"Fo sho!" Brianna said indicating that she was ready. "Spirit, you ready?"
Brianna asked her best friend. Spirit used to be as hot as her best friend,
but she gained a lil weight. She was still coming in at a close second
though. She always had bigger tits than Brianna. She was a beautiful, dark
skinned girl, who now wore her burgundy hair like her friend.

"Just say the word, Bri Bri!" Spirit said. They were all in some kind of

"Tell her to do it now, Brianna." Trevor said as he stood there with his
shades, blonde hair, and blue eyes.

"Toast him!" Brianna said as Spirit pressed some kind of button. That brought
Sebastian out of some kind of hidden passage tied up to a chair with chains
and ropes.

"What do you guys want from me?" He asked to them. Trevor let out a small

"To give you a taste of your own goddamn medicine! And to see for a day, what
it's like to be Sebastian!"

"What are you talking about?" Sebastian screamed out.

"All the things you did to people! I'm going to do every single thing you did
to them, to you! Starting with your little girlfriend! The one you stole from
me! But after today, I'm not going to be bothered by that fact anymore!"

"Brianna, open up door number 1!" Spirit said. Brianna pressed a button of a
remote control she had in her hand. "You're going to love this, person who
doesn't care about anyone else's feelings but himself!"

"Annette!" Sebastian said tied to a chair as he saw his fiance tied to a
vertical bed against the wall. She was completely naked, exposing her perky
little pink nipples. She was a beautiful blonde girl with a sweet looking
face. She had adorable little blue eyes. She could feel the tears dropping
down her cheeks. She looked over at her ex-almost-boyfriend (they never made
it official) and saw that he felt no sympathy for her at all. She saw the
huge cheesy smile on his face. Trevor saw the angered and worried look that
came upon Sebastian's face. "What have you done to her?!" Sebastian yelled
out with his arrogant voice. Sebastian was a very arrogant, and ruthless
person, but always had something to back him up for that. That is, until
today, where he met his match!

"Nothing!" Trevor said. A short moment of silence. "At least nothing yet!"
Trevor walked up to his almost ex-girlfriend Annette and squeezed her tit,
feeling the softness of her beautiful white creamy breast. "Oh yes! I finally
get to feel these wonderful breasts that I fantasized when I used to be your
BOYFRIEND!" Trevor said to her. Sebastian struggled in his chair to no avail
as Brianna and Spirit laughed at him.

"How do you like it now, now that the tables are turned, Sebastian?" Brianna
asked him in an angered voice.

"Yeah, you were always cold and ruthless! So what's it like to have someone
cold and ruthless against YOU?!" Spirit asked him. Sebastian felt a tear come
down from his right cheek.

"Look, she had nothing to do with this!" Sebastian screamed out trying to
reason with Trevor. Trevor laughed.

"She had nothing to do with this, you say? That brings me to ANOTHER surprise
for you!" He told him. "Come on out, Regina!" Sebastian felt his heart
pounding in fear. 'Regina?' Sebastian thought to himself, 'that name sounds
so familiar.' When he saw the face of the girl who came through the door, he
remembered her instantly. It was Regina Greenbraum, the lady whose daughter
he took pictures of and exposed them to the entire planet through the
internet. He ruined her career, her life and even her daughter's life only
because she over charged him for a little something. It wasn't a fair trade
at all. It was like chopping someone's head off over stealing a few cents
from someone.

"Remember me, Sebastian?" Regina said with a big smile. She had wrinkles, but
for an old woman, she didn't look that bad. "So, Sebastian, you're saying
that your little girlfriend, no wait, fiance, had nothing to do with this?
Did my GODDMAN DAUGHTER have anything to do with ME OVER CHARGING YOU?! DID

"I'M SORRY!!!" Sebastian screamed out as he cried, he felt tears coming down
his face like a small river.

"You're sorry?!" Regina said to him. "Is being sorry going to erase the fact
that you exposed my daughter to the whole world? Is it going to erase the
fact that you fucked my daughter, ruined my career, made my daughter look
like a slut, put her naked pictures and video all over the internet?" Regina
took a few breathers, and calmed down a bit. "If only I knew how to use the
internet, maybe I would do the same thing to you, Sebastian."

Sebastian felt a little moment of relief. 'Thank goodness she doesn't know
how to use the internet, or else my fiance might be nude on the internet
too!' Thought Sebastian.

"But I'm afraid we have MORE bad news for you, Sebastian!" Trevor told him
with an evil grin on his face. "You see, even though Regina Greenbraum
doesn't know how to use the internet, we DO know someone who does. Come on
out, Marci!" Sebastian took a big gulp as he watched Marci come through the
door of the dungeon room. It was the girl he ran his game on and put the
naked pictures of her on the internet. It was Regina's daughter, a girl with
brownish blonde hair. She came into the room wearing only a red bra and red

"Hey, Sebastian, remember me? I'm the girl with the killer thighs!" Sebastian
felt a hard on come on while he stared into her cleavage. She undid her bra
right in front of him as he felt his dick grow hard. "Now you see my tits.
But so has EVERYONE ELSE ON THE GODDAMN PLANET!" Brianna and Spirit laughed.

"And that's where we come in." Spirit said pointing to herself and then
Brianna. Spirit then turned to face Annette. She took a digital camera and
gestured Brianna to a camcorder. Brianna gave a big smile and picked up the
camcorder. She had the most beautiful smile on the planet. "Trevor, get
yourself a piece of white slut!" she told him.

Trevor then squeezed Annette's gorgeous tits, rubbing them all over with both

"Sebastian, you stole my girlfriend away, not only that, but you took the
most precious thing that she could offer. My sacrifice, and my respect I
showed to her went to a piece of shit. I waited over a year, to show the
respect and willingness I had for Annette, but NO, she went and gave herself
up to some guy that she JUST met." he said to Sebastian. "You're a total
whore, Annette." he told her as he kept squeezing her gorgeous tits. "Show
time, Brianna!" Brianna then turned on the camcorder and video taped Annette.
Spirit took pictures of Annette. She got plenty of shots of her while she was
tied to the bed on the wall, full body and then she took some pictures of her
upper torso and her breasts, while she was crying.

"Spirit, take a picture of this too!" Trevor said as he took a mouthful of
Annette's boob in his mouth and looked at Spirit's camera. Spirit took a
picture of that and then she felt her nipples harden. She removed her black
jacket, but left on her sexy-type pink shirt on. She still had on long tight
blue jeans. "Brianna, film this!" Trevor said as he sucked on Annette's
beautiful C cup breasts. He sucked harder and harder on one of her breasts
while he squeezed her other one. He really wanted to make up for the times
he waited for her, waiting for the day she would give him her special gift.
Of course she never ever gave it to him. He grabbed her head and tried to
kiss her but she closed her mouth so tight, to avoid him kissing her. "Marci!
Do the honors!" Marci walked up to Annette and bitch slapped her right across
the face. "Kiss me, bitch!" Trevor told her. She still wouldn't open her
mouth. "Marci, again!" Marci bitch slapped her again, this time in the other
direction. "Annette, if you won't do it for yourself, how about this?" Trevor
then walked up to her fiance and punched him in the face. "You used fags to
get what you want, and you used Regina's daughter to get back at Regina for a
tiny thing such as a few dollars. Regina's daughter had nothing to do with
it. Right, Marci?"

"Right! Just like how YOUR daughter had nothing to do with this! Little
Claire, the little 7 year old daughter of yours, she had nothing to do with
this." Marci told him.

Sweat came upon Sebastian's face, the thoughts and fears rushed through his
mind at about fifty frames per second. "You're bluffing!" Sebastian told

"Maybe we are, and maybe we're not..." said Trevor. "But first, Spirit show

Spirit took the memory card out of the digital camera and Marci turned on the
computer for her. Spirit inserted the memory card inside of a computer device
reader and started to upload the pictures.

"Revenge is sweet!" Regina said. "You're going to pay for what you did to
my daughter and I! My daughter first exposed to the internet, and now your

"Please! I'm sorry!" Sebastian cried out.

"Boy, you should have thought about that before you put someone's KIDS in
your battle! Once you put someone's kids in, it's BEYOND war!" The angry
author scolded to him. "Trevor, what do you think would be a fair punishment
for Sebastian?"

"Well, Regina, I say make the odds even, daughter for daughter!" He said as
he whistled and Marci opened the entrance door and pulled a small person in.
She had her hands tied behind her back and her feet tied together with rope.
She was also taped on the mouth area so she couldn't talk.

"Claire!" exclaimed Sebastian seeing his little 7 year old daughter tied up
in ropes.

"After the things you've done to my baby, it's only fair we do it to yours!
Right, charming boy?" Regina said giving Sebastian a wink.

"No, don't!" Sebastian screamed out.

"No, that's my baby!!!" squealed Annette.

"And Marci was MY baby! Go ahead, Marci, remember all the things Sebastian
did to you? Go ahead and do the same thing to Claire." Marci kissed Claire's
extremely young cheeks.

"You have killer thighs! You have sexy hair." Marci told the young pre-teen
as she stroked her hair.

"Complete!" Spirit suddenly yelled out. "The pictures of Sebastian's fiance
is now uploaded to the internet for everyone to see! Just like everyone saw

"That's wonderful!" Marci said. "Could you help me, Spirit?" Spirit then took
off her sexy pink shirt, and undid her black bra and walked up to Marci and
Claire. Marci ripped off the tape from Claire's mouth and she instantly began

"Daddy! Daddy! Mommy! Help me! Pl-!" she screamed out. Just then Spirit stuck
her big black tit in her mouth to shut her up. It worked like a charm. Spirit
felt Claire's tongue rolling around over her dark brown nipples and big
breast. Spirit was thinking that Claire might have thought that licking
around the gag would cause the gagger person to get it out, like when a
person would put their hand over a kid's mouth; the kid would lick around
their hand causing the person to remove their hand. In this case, it didn't
work, and in fact, did the complete opposite for Spirit. She liked the
feeling of Claire's tongue licking and tasting her big black breasts. Claire
then tried to move her head to get Spirit's tit out of her mouth, but no use,
every time she moved her head, Spirit would move it too and put it RIGHT BACK

"Oh yeah, suck my tit!" Spirit told her as she kept making her taste it.
Spirit had a big smile on her face knowing what she was doing. "Are these the
things you were doing to Marci, Sebastian? And the things you did to take all
those virgin girls' virginity away? All those virgins all gave their precious
gift to you, someone who only took it for a little game you played." She said
as she turned to Sebastian.

"I'm a woman of my word, Sebastian. Remember what I said when you first
revealed you exposed my daughter as a total slut? I said: You won't get away
with this! And after all these years, you thought you won the war. Yet here
I am evening the score." Regina said. Then she spit in his face and bitch
slapped him. He spit back at her in anger. "Don't you spit back at me, rich
boy! You showed no sympathy at all when you saw how mad and upset I was that
you exploited my daughter. She was stupid to let you take pictures of her, of
COURSE you would show them to someone!"

"Mom! I'm right here! Do you have to call me stupid when I'm in the same room
as you?" Marci said.

"Honey, it was common sense to not let someone you just met take naked
pictures of you. I'm just telling it like it is. You paid for your stupidity,
but NOW, Sebastian is going to pay for his CRUELTY!" Regina opened up his
mouth with her hands and spit right in his mouth. Sebastian spit her spit
back out and coughed. "Look at your daughter, Sebastian! Look at her tasting
Spirit's milky tits!" She said as she held his head in the direction of
Spirit having her big boob in her mouth. "Is it still recording?" Regina
asked Brianna.

"Yup recording perfectly." Brianna said as she kept filming Sebastian and
Annette's little daughter being forced to lick Spirit's breast. "Make her
suck it!" Brianna told Spirit.

"Suck it!" Spirit said as she held her tit to Claire's mouth. "C'mon suck it
like lollypop!" Claire took her young mouth, closed her lips over Spirit's
big breasts and sucked. "That's it Claire! Suck it right in front of your
daddy! Let him see you suck my big black tits!"

"Claire, you're doing a good job! Your daddy has hurt so many people, caused
so much pain, and his entire life, nothing bad has ever happened to him, not
even a bad practical joke. It's a shame that you had to suffer for his
mistakes, but hey, he fucked someone's daughter to get revenge, so we're
doing the same thing to him. Keep sucking!" Marci told her. The little girl
kept sucking on Spirit's tits.

"Sebastian, you used so many people to get what you want. You went through
life thinking no one could ever get you down, defend themselves against you,
or break down your little barrier of defense. And for years, you were right.
Today you'll be paying for every day of those years! Take this, you little
crab boy!" Trevor said as he punched Sebastian in the face, and then again
on another side of his face.

"My family had nothing to do with this!" Sebastian screamed out.

"Neither did the other people you used to get what you want. You told your
fiance's best friend to say good things about you to get in her pants in
order to win a bet. You exposed Marci as a total whore. Yes, you're right,
your family had nothing to do with this."

"Sebastian! Is that true? You scammed me? You made my best friend lie to me
so you can win a bet? Arggh! Maybe I should suck Trevor's dick right in front
of you right now!" Annette said.

"No, babe, it started off that way, but I fell in love with you!"

Trevor laughed out loud. "That's the most common lie-excuse when a guy gets
caught they way. The most common line to get out of a bet situation."

"Kiss me, Trevor!" Annette said.

"Don't you touch her!" Sebastian said. Trevor went up to Annette and kissed
her, putting as much tongue in her mouth as possible. He alternated his hands
feeling all over each of her boobs while he kept kissing her.

"Open wide, Annette!" Trevor said as she opened up her mouth wide as she
could. Trevor spit right in her mouth. "Swallow it." Annette happily
swallowed it and looked at her fiancé with a sexy look.

"Please sir, please bitch slap me!" Annette begged Trevor. Trevor took his
hand and smacked the ho. Then he smacked her again "Thank you." she told him.

"My arms getting tired." Brianna said still holding the camcorder.

"Alright, stop the tape, Brianna. In the mean time, there's a sexy little
engaged girl and a little fresh girl. Have any fun you want, Brianna. I'll
upload the video." Trevor said.

"Upload? Upload to what?" Sebastian asked worried.

"Upload it to the internet! For everyone to see! Just like everyone saw
Regina's daughter Marci on the internet." Trevor went to the computer and
started uploading the footage to the internet.

"Spirit, quit hoggin' her! Let me her suck my tit!" Marci told Spirit. Spirit
took her boob out of Claire's mouth and moved aside for Marci, as Marci first
spit on her face and then stuck her own breast in her mouth. "Suck my tit,
Claire! And suck it good!" Claire took Marci's tit in her mouth and sucked
it. Marci, while still getting her tit sucked by Claire, turned her head and
looked at Sebastian. "After using me to get back at my mom, what I'm doing to
your daughter is only the same thing you did to my mom. Doesn't feel too good
to be on the other side does it, crab boy?" Sebastian made noises out of

"You guys have a cold heart!" Sebastian yelled out.

"So did you!" said everyone not tied up in the room. Trevor took a pocket
knife out of his pocket and showed it to Sebastian in front of his face.
Sebastian laughed.

"How cute. Look at that little small knife, what a small one." Sebastian

"Oh you think this thing is ‘cute' do you? Well let's see how cute it is in
a few seconds." Trevor took the knife and stabbed Sebastian hard in his right
arm, and then pressed down on it bringing it down just above the ropes that
tied him in his chair. Sebastian made noises in pain. He felt the blood come
all the way down his arm. Trevor heard a noise. "Oh yes! That means that the
video is done uploading! Spirit and Brianna untie Annette, and put her in the
dungeon room 1. I'll follow you two to room 2. Room 2 is where Claire will be
staying." Spirit and Brianna threw Annette naked in the dungeon room 1. It
looked like one of the prisons in a movie, bars, a small bed and a toilet.
When Trevor put Claire in dungeon room 2, Claire already saw it was the size
of a closet. The only different from dungeon room 2 and a closet, was dungeon
room 2 had a window. They kept the ropes and chains still on Claire.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Sebastian asked in an angered voice.

"I'm going to keep your family as my slaves for as long as I can. In order
for you to suffer for all the bad things you've done."

"You son a bitch!" Just then Regina Greenbraum took a bat and hit him over
the head with it.

"That was for my daughter, you asshole!" Then Sebastian laid on the ground,
chair still attached to him, knocked unconscious. "It's about time that jerk
suffered something in his life!" Regina said out loud.

"Yeah he deserved everything that happened to him today." Brianna said.

"I totally agree." Said Brianna.


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