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imagination and should not be confused with reality. All the standard
warnings apply. In addition all characters are the property of Columbia
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Sebastian Valmont (spoiled rich boy) - Ryan Phillippe
Kathryn Valmont (spoiled rich girl & Sebastianís sister) - Sarah Michelle
Annette Hargrove (headmasterís daughter) - Reese Witherspoon
Cecile Caldwell (student) - Selma Blair

Cruel Intentions: The Deleted Scenes (MF,FF,MFF,inc)
by denver47 ([email protected])

Wasnít Cruel Intentions a great movie? However, it would have been so much
better had they not deleted the following scenes from the movie.

Scene one:

Cecile went into Kathrynís room. Kathryn was sitting at her dresser. "Kathryn
Iím so sorry about last night. I didnít mean to throw up on Jackís pants. I
was just so nervous and the alcohol made my stomach feel funny and..."

"Forget about it," Kathryn said smiling. "I was rushing you. It was my fault.
What you need is someone to practice with. Someone you can be comfortable
with. Someone you can relax around. And I know just the person." Kathryn
stood up and slips the straps of her dress off her shoulders. Her dress fell
to the floor. She was completely nude. Cecile eyes nearly popped out of her

Kathryn smiled as she opened a draw on the dresser and pulled out a pair of
panties. But there was something wrong. Those panties had a long piece of
plastic attached to them. Kathryn slipped the panties on then turned to face
Cecile. Cecile started laughing.

"Whatís that?"

"Itís a dildo. Now come here and kneel down."

Cecile went over to Kathryn and knelt before her.

"Now pretend Iím a boy. Take my cock and give me a blowjob."

"Whatís that?" Asked Cecile smirking.

"Take my cock into your mouth and suck it."

Cecile took the plastic cock and stuck it in her mouth.

"Thatís it. In and out. In and Cecile. Cecile Stop NOW."

Kathryn pulled the dildo out of her mouth. "Whatís wrong?" Asked Cecile.

Kathryn could see the teeth marks on her dildo. 'God this bitch is so
stupid.' Thought Kathryn. "You must never ever use you teeth when you give a
guy a blowjob. Guys really hate it when you use your teeth. Believe me."

"OK Sorry."

"Fine weíll try again."

After a few more attempts and a few more teeth marks, Cecile finally got the
hang of it.

"Good now get naked."

"What!" Stammered Cecile.

"I said get naked."

Cecile kicked off her shoes and slipped off her blouse and skirt leaving her
in white cotton bra and panties.

"Oh for the love of Christ, Cecile whatís that?"

"My underwear." Answered Cecile.

"How old are you? 10. We have got to get you some adult underwear. Here."
Kathryn reached into her dresser and pulled out a red satin bra and matching
panties. "Try these on."

Cecile took off her bra and panties and tried on the bra and panties. "Boy,
they are so soft."

"Not bad, now try these on."

Kathryn handed her a pair of black lacy panties with a matching bra. She
tried them on.

"Arenít they a little revealing stuttered Cecile?"

"No but they still arenít quite right. Here try these." She handed her a
powder blue bra with matching panties.

"Kathryn these are defective."

"What do you mean?"

"Look thereís a hole in the crotch of the panties and there are also holes
in the bra cups."

"Those holes are supposed to be there."

"They are? Why?"

"For convenience silly. If you are ever in public and feel horny all you have
to do is reach under your skirt and finger yourself."

"WOW! That is so cool." Stated Cecile.

"Now for your last lesson. Lie on the bed and spread your legs."


Kathryn mounted her and started rubbing her cunt while Cecile played with
Kathrynís plastic cock.

"That feels so good," muttered Cecile.

"Believe me itís about to get better."

Kathryn shoved the dildo as hard as she could into Cecileís virgin cunt.
Kathryn saw the pain register in her face as she felt her hymen torn apart
by the plastic dildo. Kathryn quickly covered her mouth with her own just
in time before she let out an incredible scream. Kathryn started to French
kiss her but remembered the teeth marks on her dildo and decided against it.
She felt Cecileís hands on her breasts as she was trying to push her off.
Kathryn smiled as she continued to thrust her dildo in and out of her pussy
until Cecile climaxed for the third time.

"How do you feel now?" Asked Kathryn.

"Wow, that was awesome."

"Good now you are ready for a real guy. And I suggest that you screw at
least ten or twelve guys to get the hang of it then you should be ready
for Ronald."

"Uh, Kathryn wouldnít that make me a slut."

"No silly, we all do it. We just donít talk about it."

"Oh you mean like a secret society."


"Cool," said Cecile.

'God this bitch is so stupid.' Thought Kathryn.

Scene two:

"You know Cecile you are a very pretty girl," stated Sebastian as he took
another picture with his camera.

"Really?" answered Cecile.

"Yes. Itís just a shame you canít be sexy."

"I can be sexy."

"OK, show me sexy."

Cecile attempted a few poses with little success.

"Here let me help."

He unzipped her jacket exposing her white cotton bra.

"Now thatís sexy."

He took a few more pictures then said, "You know what would be super duper
sexy? Why not take off all your clothes."

"I better not. Besides I should be getting home."

"All right Iíll call your mom."

"NO she doesnít know Iím here."

"I better call her anyway."

"NO SEBASTIAN, please Iíll do anything."

"Anything?" Asked Sebastian.

"What do you want?"

"I just want to kiss your lips."

"Thatís it."


"OK," Cecile closed her eyes and puckered up. She then felt her sweatpants
fall to her ankles. Cecile opened her eyes. "What are you doing?"

"Silly I donít want to kiss those lips," he said touching her mouth. "I want
to kiss these lips." He then slipped off her panties.

Cecile started laughing. "That tickles."

She then fell over onto the bed. She kicked off her pants and panties so
Sebastian could get easy access to her pussy. Sebastian unzipped her jacket
again and pulled it off leaving her in her white cotton bra. He shoved his
cock into Cecile and started rocking back and forth bringing her to climax.
Just as she had her first orgasm she heard a voice.

"Sebastian we need to talk about your contribution to the schoolís fundraiser
this ... Cecile."

Cecile looked up and saw Kathryn standing there with her mouth hanging open.

"Oh my God how could you."

"God Damn It Kathryn donít you know how to knock."

"Sebastian you know the rules about fucking freshman. When I report to the
board of directors about this you will be expelled from Manchester and as for
you Cecile this is going to break your motherís heart."

"Kathryn this isnít what it looks like."

"Cecile my brother had his cock buried in your pussy. How is this not what it
looks like?"

Cecile started crying, "Please donít tell my mom Kathryn please. Iíll do

"Anything?" Asked Kathryn.


"OK." Kathryn lifted up her skirt to reveal a clean-shaven pussy. "Lick it."

Cecile brought her mouth up to Kathrynís pussy and started licking while
Sebastian watched.

"What are you staring at? Get your ass over here and finish fucking Cecile."

Sebastian got out of bed and walked over to Cecile and stuck his cock back
into her pussy, while coping a feel of his sisterís tits. Sebastianís hand
was quickly slapped. "OWW."

"Remember no touching until you screw 'you know who'. However if you want a
set of tits to play with I think I can help you with that."

Kathryn reached down and pulled off Cecileís bra. Sebastian reached down
grabbed Cecileís tits but he never took his eyes off his sisterís nice juicy
melons. Every time he stuck his cock into Cecile he was imagining that it was
his sister he was fucking.

Alternate ending:

"OK Kathryn you win. I did everything I could think of and I wasnít able to
get Annette Hargrove to fuck me."

"I told you she was out of your league."

He handed her his car keys and left the room in disgust. Kathryn sat down
and started laughing out loud.

"That wasnít very nice," said Annette Hargrove as she came out of her closet.

"Hey, itís not my fault he didnít do his homework. If he had he would have
know you were a lesbian. Guys are always thinking with their dicks instead of
their brains. Sebastian deserves to walk to school a few times and besides
his dad will buy him another one."

Kathryn leans over and gives her a kiss while making sure her tongue got
quite a bit of attention.

"Well, since you put it that way," Annette giggled.

"Speaking of attention your breasts your awfully confined in that tight bra.
Why not let them out to play?"

Annette unbuttoned her blouse and pulled if off and threw her bra off freeing
her tits for Kathrynís pleasure. Kathryn started sucking on each of them.
They taste good.

"My turn."

Annette pulled off Kathrynís blouse and bra freeing her very large breasts.

"Theyíre magnificent. Are they real?"

"You little dyke, Iíll make you think are they real."

Kathryn pulled Annette over her knee, yanked down her pink panties and
started spanking her bare ass playfully.

"I was joking, I was joking," cried Annette.

Kathryn stood up and pulled off Annetteís skirt making her completely nude.
Annette pulled down Kathrynís skirt and panties.

"Get into bed right now demanded Kathryn."

"Yes, mistress Kathryn," stated Annette as she gave her a polite bow and
jumped onto her bed.

"Iíll race you to see who can make the other cum first."

"What does the winner get?"

"The winner gets to be on top."


Kathryn buried her face in Annetteís cunt while Kathryn did the same.

After a few minutes Kathryn and Annette heard a few clicks. They looked up
and saw Sebastian taking pictures.

"I think Iíll submit these to the yearbook."

Kathryn leaped out of bed and put on her robe while Annette covered herself
with the blankets on the bed. "Give me the fucking camera."


"OK OK you win. Here are your car keys."

"Thanks but I think Iíll let you hold them for a few more minutes."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean..." Sebastian pulled off his shirt and dropped his pants in front of
his sister. "The bet stands."

Sebastian walked over to Kathrynís bed and pulled the covers off Annette.

"Please Sebastian Kathryn made me do it."

"You lying little dyke it was you who ... Never mind. Now Annette do you want
daddy and the whole student body to see those pictures I just took."


"Good girl. Now spread your legs."

"I canít Iím a virgin. Iím saving myself for marriage."

"But Annette, you are going to marry someone named Theresa so I doubt if she
will notice that your hymen is busted. So do it now or else."

Annette did not like how he said that so she slowly spread her legs.
Sebastian mounted her and shoved his cock into pussy.

Sebastian was a little surprised to find that she really had been a virgin.

"Please stop it hurts."

"Excuse me Sebastian but I would like to go to bed so can you and Annette go
to your room and finish this little tryst?"

"Oh but sis you are missing the big picture. I am screwing the headmasterís
daughter in front of you."


"So, I win. Lose the robe."

"In your dreams."

Sebastian got up and grabbed Kathryn, pulled off her robe and threw a naked
Kathryn on the bed next to Annette. "Thatís better now spread your legs

"Go to Hell," cursed Kathryn. "If you touch me Iíll scream rape to the cops."

"Good plan except the cops would have to examine you to confirm your story."

Kathryn didnít say anything.

"Yeah, they would examine your tits, pussy, ass, nose most definitely your

"You wouldnít dare," stated Kathryn.

"Spread your legs NOW!"

Kathryn spread her legs as Sebastian fucked her as hard as he could.

Annette started to leave the bed.

"Donít go Annette weíre just getting started."

"Please can I please leave?"

"Spread your legs."

Annette laid on the bed and spread her legs.

"Eat that pussy Kathryn. Whatís a matter? Did I wear you out all ready? Eat."

Kathryn stuck her face between Annetteís legs and started licking. Sebastian
got behind Kathryn and started rubbing her ass. Kathryn felt his hand and
knew what was about to happen.

"Oh no you DONíTTTTTTTT!!!" screamed Kathryn as Sebastian shoved his cock up
Kathrynís tight virgin ass.

Annette smiled and placed her hands on Kathrynís head. "H e said eat bitch,"
smiled Annette as she forced her face back between her legs.

"I believe you said I could put it ANYWHERE I want."

Annetteís pussy was very wet now from Kathrynís tears, saliva, and Annetteís
pussy juice. Annette was really enjoying this game. Sebastian flung Kathryn
back on her back and reinserted his cock.

"You didnít wear me out, in fact Iím getting my second wind," he laughed
while he continued to screw Kathryn over and over again.

Annette climbed onto Kathrynís face and buried her pussy in her face.
Sebastian played with Annetteís pussy while his cock was inside his sister.
After Annette came on Kathrynís face, then Sebastian also shot his load on
Kathrynís face.

Sebastian stood up and picked up Kathryn and carried her down to their indoor
pool with Annette following close behind. They reached the pool and Sebastian
threw Kathryn into the pool.

"Grab the rails Annette."

She quickly complied as he screwed her while they were both standing up.

"I always wanted to try that position of the Kama Sutra."

Sebastian took her hand and they jumped into the pool with Kathryn.

"Now Kathryn you think youíre better than Annette. Lets see how well you
screw underwater."

Kathryn tried to get out of the pool but Annette cut her off. Kathryn was
then spun around and saw Sebastian in front of her. Then he was inside of

"Whatís a matter? Did I wear you out all ready?"

Kathryn knew the hands that were playing with her tits did not belong to

"Tell me Kathryn, You know how it is like to be on top and on the bottom,
how does it feel to be in the middle?"

Annette started laughing. After screw both of them twice in the pool, Kathryn
finally got away and got back to her room. She reached down and picked up
Sebastianís camera. She opened it so she could destroy the film of her and

"FUCK!" Screamed Kathryn.

The camera did NOT have film in it.


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