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Crossfire concept created by Arcane ([email protected]).

Crossfire: Crossworlds - Dragon's Eye (m/f,ncon)
by Anynom

Although they try to deny it, almost all movie stars feel an incredible sense
of anxiety from their current projects. It weighs upon them all the time, not
just in making the movie but also in waiting for it to be released and
waiting for it to be accepted by the public. And for an actress starring in
her first major picture since breaking into the spotlight, that pressure just
added up.

Thora Birch had been a complete unknown only a year before, a situation that
ended with her performance as Kevin Spacey and Annette Benning's daughter in
"American Beauty." She had become a hot name in Hollywood now and, thanks to
her famous topless scene, a big download on the Internet. Thora knew that her
next project was going to have to be a wise one, else she become just another
one-hit wonder in Hollywood.

At first, Thora wasn't sure about her part as Empress Savina in the "Dungeons
& Dragons" movie. It seemed a small role, but Thora figured that playing a
queen had done wonders for Natalie Portman so why not her? She got incredible
costumes, from fancy dresses to a suit of golden armor and had fun making the
film. Still, waiting for the movie to hit put a lot of pressure on Thora's
shoulders and filled her thoughts almost constantly.

Which was why, when the flash of light hit, Thora was convinced she was
dreaming. The cicumstances certainly added evidence to back up that idea.
Thora was standing, attached to a large structure of some sort that held her
tight, her arms and legs spread slightly and shackled to the structure. Her
long black hair flowed behind her, her only clothing a rather elaborate robe
that did little to hide the curves of her young, but shapely body. Her eyes
darted about, taking in the fact that she appeared to be standing in the
middle of a large dungeon area that seemed to be right out the movie, from
the decor to the overall dinginess to it all.

The sound of footsteps in the distance got Thora's attention and she turned
to see a figure walk across the dungeon floor towards her. It took Thora a
moment to realize it was Jeremy Irons. It took another moment to realize that
it wasn't really him. The way he carried himself, the black cloak he held
around him, the black gloves, the silver hair, the eyes that sparked with
inner madness. In that moment, Thora suddenly realized she was facing the mad
wizard Profion.

"Ah, your highness," he said in a mocking tone. "So nice of you to hang
around for the afternoon."

Thora's mind raced with what was she was facing and her mind latched onto the
only logical explanation. She was dreaming. That was it, that was the only
sane thing. She was asleep and dreaming, all her thoughts about the movie now
coming to life in some wild dream. Well, okay then, if this was a dream, she
might as well go with it.

"Why have you brought me here, wizard?" She said, trying to keep her tone
hard and outraged. "This is treason!"

"As a wise man once said, treason is merely a matter of dates," Profion said.
"Oh, don't worry, your Highness, you won't be harmed here. And you also won't
remember a thing about this. I'm not quite ready to make my move for power
just yet."

"Why, your courage not up to the challenge?" Thora was actually getting a
kick out of this, giving her Empress a little more kick than the movie would

Profion chuckled. "Ah, my dear Savina. I fear nothing and no one. However, I
must admit that your little plans to try and locate the Rod of Savrille have
thrown a wrench of sorts into things. Since my forces barely have the
intelligence to tie their own boots, I've decided to go right to the source."

He moved in so close that Thora could smell his breath (a neat thing,
considering this was a dream and all). "My good nature only extends so far,
your Majesty so let me ask you only once. Who have you sent to recover the

"I have nothing to say," Thora replied, not able to keep a little smirk from
coming to her face. Profion sighed and shook his head dramatically, stepping
back and reaching under his robe.

"You know, your majesty, during my various mystic experiments, I've found
there's a lot more to dragons than even you could know." He pulled his hand
out to reveal a small orb. It took a moment for Thora to realize that this
was an eye, a slit-like eye that definitely wasn't human.

"In fact, my Empress, I've found that there's more magic to even a dragon's
eye than most mages could ever appreciate."

He muttered something under his breath, a foreign language that Thora
couldn't understand. Suddenly, the eye began to glow a deep green color.
Thora couldn't help but look at it, the throbbing green light flashing on her
young but beautiful face.

Suddenly, a beam of light shot out of the eye and struck her full on the
face. It seemed to enter her forehead, her eyes and her mouth all at once,
slamming her head back against the hard surface. Thora felt a wave of
pleasure go through her, like nothing she could imagine. God, this was a
great dream after all, much better than what she expected. An errant thought
crossed Thora's mind as to how she could feel herself growing more tired when
she was already asleep. But that thought was washed away with the wave of
good feelings that the spell brought.

Profion lowered the eye and stared at the entranced Empress, her head lolling
along one shoulder, eyes open but staring blankly ahead.

"Now, then, Savina. Answer me truthfully. Who has been sent to find the Rod."

"Cannot.....tell......" A very tiny part of Thora's mind pointed out that if
Thora was only dreaming, she should be able to answer. Unless of course, she
wasn't really the Empress being questioned. That tiny fact kept the entranced
Thora from telling Profion what he needed to know.

The constant refusal to answer infuriated the wizard and after a few minutes,
he wondered if the thing was working right. He decided to put it to an
important test and used his magics to free the chains holding the Empress up.
Thora stumbled forward a bit but remained standing, swaying slightly in

"Remove your clothing," Profion ordered and watched as Thora slowly obeyed,
peeling away the layers of her robe to reveal her body. Profion was quite
impressed by her breasts, the large mounds hanging quite well. The rest of
the body wasn't too bad either, and Profion took a moment to admire her. If
she obeyed that command so easily, she should have been able to do most
anything but perhaps another test was in order.

Profion moved up and gripped her breasts hard, causing Thora to moan softly
as he squeezed the large tits, his gloved hands rubbing all over the nipples
as he smiled at her. This was a much more delightful bonus than he had
expected, having the Empress under his control and unable to fight him in any
way whatsoever. Profion thought of taking her like a common whore, but knew
she was still a virgin and would notice any sudden change. A shame, he had
such plans for her. Ah, well, he always had a back-up plan.

"Kneel, Savina." Profion got an evil thrill over watching the Empress on her
knees, naked. He fumbled for a bit with his pants, then managed to free his
cock, pushing the hard shaft into Thora's face.

"Suck me, Savina, suck me hard." Thora obeyed, taking his cock into her mouth
and running her lips up and down the shaft, her tongue licking at the penis
as she did. Profion sighed and held Thora in tight by the hair, making her
take down every inch of his cock down her throat and lick away at him. Thora
was deep in the throes of passion, her belief that this was an erotic dream
freeing her spelled mind of any responsibility and giving her freedom to suck
away at the man who had enslaved her.

As Profion began to come in her mouth, he smiled wildly. Having a secret
control over the Empress might come in handy for his future plans and save
him a lot of trouble. But that was the future. For now, he was more than
content to forget all about the dragons and let the Empress control a
different rod but one almost as important.

For Thora's part, she would be taken away before the spell broke, returned to
her home with the memory of merely a highly erotic dream. In that, she would
never realize how far luckier she was than many women across the globe. And
would never realize how close she came to true magic.


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