Lidda: 4th level Chaotic Good female Halfling Rogue
Mialee: 4th level Chaotic Good female Elven Wizard

Dungeons And Dragons - The Temple Of Elemental Evil: Lidda's Misfortune
by Hamster

The moat house had thus far proven to be a fairly unpleasant place for Lidda.
First she had suffered being swallowed whole by a giant frog. Tordek had
needed to cut her out of it's belly which was embarrassing and unpleasant.
Then they were attacked by bandits, followed by an Ogre and then a group of
Zombis. Now Mialee, the eleven wizard and group's leader wanted her to scout
ahead. Fine, just fine! Lidda thought bitterly as she trudged through the
dark and shadowy halls beneath the Moathouse. It was dark and moldy, filled
with cobwebs and the echoes of vile and unpleasant things.

She was so distracted by her fantasies of strangling Mialee as she slept,
that she rounded a corner and slammed into one of the brigands who had taken
up residence in the Moathouse. Lidda fell backwards on her nicely curved
bottom and then yelped. The guard raised his sword and banged Lidda on the
head with his hilt. Lidda instantly blacked out.

"What do we have hear? Pretty little halfling lass." He said.

Another pair of Brigands approached.

"What's going on?" The first said.

"Look Barton found a girl!" The second said.

The three examined the Lidda carefully. Like all her race she looked like
a pointy-eared human in miniature. She had a nice set of boobs and an
exceptionally cute butt.

"Darn it's been forever since I've had sex with a girl. And even then the
last couple times they were the ugliest whores you could get for a copper
coin." The first one lamented.

"I know what you mean , Hilton." Barton said. "Last time I had sex, I could
have sworn she had some orc in her."

The last one chimed in. "Last time I was so desperate I buggered a mule."

"Well Langoria, it looks like tonight's your night then. Because we found
ourselves a choice babe here." Hilton said.

"Heck yeah." Said Langoria and Barton at once.

Barton quickly tied the unconscious halfling's wrists behind her back.
Langoria and Hilton pulled off Lidda's boots and her pants. It was at this
point that the naked halfling awoke and began to struggle.

"Wha, huh, HEY!!! Get offa me let me go!!!" She demanded.

The brigands held her down and stuffed a dirty gag in her mouth so she'd
shut up. After being satisfied that her gag would hold the brigands began to
argue as wide eyed Lidda listened in horror.

"I get to fuck her first!" Demanded Hilton.

"No I'm not taking your sloppy seconds!" Longoria said.

"Oh like it would matter to you donkey-fucker." Hilton shot back.

"I found her and knocked her out, I'm going to fuck her first and the two of
you can decide between you who gets MY sloppy seconds." Barton said firmly.

Lidda was struggling desperately but Barton was holding her down to the
ground with his boot. Langoria and Hilton finally relented. The pair took
over the job of holding her steady as Barton began to remove his trousers.
Lidda was in the grips of wide-eyed terror as Barton spread her legs. She
was half the size of a human and thus had a relatively small entry way that
she was about to be forced to use to accommodate the massive cock that was
going to rape her. Barton was thoroughly aroused by her panicked look. He
struck the head of his cock to her pussy and grunted as he pushed his way
in. She was incredibly tight and was screaming into her gag as he tore enter
her. Her poor little pussy was stretched tight around his member and it felt
as she was on fire as he stabbed into her again and again. Her ears roared
and her head pounded as he fucked her harder and harder by the stroke. Soon
he erupted and her pussy was filled with his seed. Barton dropped her and
panted as he slumped to the floor.

"I'm next." said Hilton

He approached the little halfling with his trousers around his ankles.
Grabbing her thighs, he spread her legs and began to bang her battered cunt
ruthlessly. Every stroke felt like her insides were on fire to her. Her
thrashing only heightened Hilton's pleasure however. He spun her up side
down and slapped her ass visciously as he pounded her again and again.
Finally he came and unloaded his sperm in her.

Longoria approached next, he however had a better idea. He gave her ass a
good hard slap and then spread her cheeks so that he could take her in the
ass. Lidda's eyes bugged out and she squealed through her gag as the cock
penetrated her ass. Longoria loved the tightness and pressure on his cock
and he was absolutely ruthless in his anal raping of her. He was so focused
in his fucking of the Halfling girl that he didn't notice the flash of green
light as the magic missiles blasted into his companions. Hilton and Baton
collapsed with a thud and just as Longoria emptied his load into Lidda Tordek
releaved him of his head which hit the ground and rolled away. Lidda got on
her knees and Tordek cut her bonds.

"You guys couldn't have got here sooner?" Demanded the humiliated and
indignant halfling.

Later at their room in the Inn of the Welcome Wench...

Mialee had agreed to anything that Lidda wanted in order to make it up to her
and Lidda had taken her girlfriend's offer. It was for this reason that the
elven wizard was now on her hands and knees and crawling submissively to her
halfling mistress.

"Now lick my feet slave!" Lidda demanded.

Mialee gritted her teeth, the girl was seriously pushing it. Mialee laid soft
kisses on Lidda feet and gently brushed her tongue against each naked toe.
Satisfied with Mialee's subservience Lidda sat on her bed and spread her legs

"You may pleasure me now slave. And if you do an adequate job we'll skip the
spanking." Lidda said.

Mialee made a face but then approached the bed on her hands and knees. She
got up to Lidda's pussy and began to lick the battered cunt lovingly. Lidda
moaned softly as her elven girlfriend pleasured her sex.

"Mmmm yes good slave, nice slave." Soon Lidda was cumming and on her way to
putting her moathouse ordeal behind her. There was just one last thing she
needed to do.

As soon as she came and Mialee lapped up her fluids Lidda had her lay across
her lap. Lidda then proceeded to give Mialee the spanking of her life.
_ _ _

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