Dharma And Greg: Cheaters (MF,oral,fist,ws)
by Anonymous

As Greg opened the door to the apartment he called out to Dharma "I'm home

There was no reply, obviously his wife was not back from his parents yet.

"Thank God for that" he thought, and as he walked across the living room
floor he looked very much like he had been riding a horse for two weeks
straight. Greg winced with each step, for his mother-in-law Abbey had been
true to her word and given his virgin butt a good work out with her home
grown dildo, it had sure been good while she was ramming that cucumber
up his ass but he knew he would be paying for it for the next few days. He
made his way into the bathroom and turned on the shower, he quickly stripped
off his clothes and gingerly reached behind and felt the offending body
orifice and even though it felt like it had been stretched a foot wide he
was glad to find it was still in it's original condition.

Greg turned off the shower and reached for a towel, he gave himself a quick
rub down and as he walked back into the living room he was busily drying his
hair, "Heyyyyyy, nice package!" came a voice through the towel, he hurriedly
dropped the towel around his waist and looked towards where the voice came
from, "Oh my God, what are you doing here, and why didn't you knock?" Greg
said as he spied Dharma's friend Jane sitting on the couch.

Jane was Dharma's friend so Greg tolerated her but basically she was nuttier
than his in-law's and he didn't have much time for her at all, "Sorry Greg I
did knock but nobody answered, but hell who cares I saw your cock and man
Dharma didn't lie it sure is a beauty."

"What!! You're telling me Dharma told you about my cock?"

"Hell yeah, we tell each other everything, like I know that you really dig
playing with Dharma's tight butt and that you like eating her out and that
you're damn good at it." Greg just stood there amazed that his wife would
discuss their sex life with Jane, "You're getting the floor wet Greg you
better dry yourself off," Jane said and she gave Greg a sly smile.

"What oh yeah I suppose I should," and with that Greg strode off to the

Greg was vigorously drying himself when a little giggle came from the
doorway, he turned and there was Jane watching him, "What's so funny?" he

"It's just that I could see your balls swinging when you were drying yourself
and I was imagining Dharma underneath you sucking on them." as she said this
her hand was playing across the front of her blouse and Greg could see her
nipples hardening.

As she stood there Greg appraised her, long curly red hair, she was about
5'4", slim, large breasts for her body size and from the waist down she
filled her jeans quite nicely. He turned to face her and dropped the towel,
he could see her eye's travel up and down his body and her tongue flipped
quickly across her lips, he knew he was in good shape, he played squash,
tennis and worked out at the gym when he could, "Like what you can see," he

Jane stared into his eye's and smiled. "Oh yeaaah," she answered.

Greg sat back on the bed, "Come here," he growled. "I'll teach this nosy
bitch," he thought. Jane jumped a little with his tone but obediently walked
across to the bed, "So you like to look?" he said.

Jane just nodded her head, Greg reached down and grabbed his cock and slowly
began to stroke it, it thickened and grew with his ministrations, Jane just
stared and licked her lips and her hand was now inside her blouse playing
with her breasts.

Greg stood his cock pointing directly at Janes chest, he grabbed her by the
hair and yanked her head back, Jane let out a little gasp but Greg could see
the flush creeping up her face, she was obviously getting excited, "Now
listen to me bitch, it's not nice to look without being asked and now I have
to punish you, do you understand."

Jane nodded and replied meekly, "Yes, Greg."

"Right now I'm going to sit back down and I want you to take your clothes
off, but I want it done sexily, you understand."

"Yes, Greg."

"No, not Greg, you will now call me master and only master, understand

"Yes, Greg..." with that Greg quickly slapped her across the face, Jane
yelped and rubbed her cheek.

"What did I just say you cocksucker?" he spat in her face.

"To call you master, master." she answered.

"Right so don't you forget or it will get worse for you."

"Yes, master."

"Right now strip and do it right or you'll get it."

Greg lay back on the bed, cock in hand ready for the show, Jane began to sway
to unheard music and reached for the buttons on her blouse, one by one she
popped the buttons until the blouse fell to the floor, "Good, very good,"
Greg said as he gazed on her breasts nice and full, the size of grapefruits,
"Come on bitch take it all off."

"Yes, master," and Jane began to dance again her breasts swaying as she undid
the top of her jeans, swinging her hips as she peeled them down, her slightly
rounded tummy quivering with desire and also a little fright, Greg watched,
pumping his rampant prick slowly as a pair of white cotton panties were
exposed the crotch already showing a little moisture. Jane kicked off the
jeans and turned so her ass was showing to Greg and she danced, her firm pear
shaped butt gyrating as she got totally caught up in the fantasy. She hooked
her fingers in the elastic of her panties and pulled, and as Greg watched her
panties disappeared into her ass crack, and her pearl white, smooth buttocks
were revealed.

"Mmmmm very nice slut, you have a very nice ass," he uttered as he rubbed his
cock. Jane turned back to face Greg and he could see her very prominent pussy
mound as her panties were pulled hard up and her cunt was moulded to the
cotton, she gradually slipped the panties down and Greg could see she was a
true red head, her pussy lips were shaved bare but she had a thin landing
strip of red curly hair above her cunt.

Jane was now very excited and Greg could see drops of moisture on her vaginal
lips, and the lips themselves were very red and engorged from the blood
flowing through her excited body, they were also very large cunt lips, they
hung at least 1/2 inch between her legs.

"Well done slave, now you can have your reward," he said, "come here to me,"
and Jane moved to the bed, "on your knees."

Jane sunk down and Greg reached out and rubbed the pre-cum off his hand on
her lips, Jane's tongue raced across her lips and a moan of appreciation came
from her.

"You like that taste?"

"Yes, master."

Greg took hold of his cock which was now in dire need of some attention, "You
may lick my prick slave." he said and pulled Jane's head to his crotch.

Jane breathed in deep the smell of Greg's cock and opened her mouth, the
smooth large head of his cock pushed at her small mouth, she had to stretch
wide to accomodate it, but it felt so good as it filled her, then she gagged
slightly as Greg bucked his pelvis and forced his hard-on deeper into her
mouth. Jane quickly got to work running her tongue around the head and under
the rim, then quick small jabs at his piss hole, she felt Greg stiffen and
she heard a small moan, so she knew she was doing a good job. Jane sunk lower
onto his cock, sucking him in deeper, until it hit the back of her throat she
could see there was still another two or three inches left, but she was
totally full, then she felt a sharp pain in her right breast.

"Very nice bitch but I want it all down your throat," Greg growled as he
twisted her right nipple.

"Oh Christ," Jane thought, "I can't take any more," then again a sharp pain
this time in both breasts, as Greg twisted and pulled hard on her nipples,
consciously relaxing her throat muscles Jane forced more of Greg's cock into
her mouth until she touched bottom, her nose buried in his thick pubic hair.
Jane was now gagging, finding it hard to breathe but Greg was holding her
head hard into his crotch, "Come on whore you only get up when I come."

"Oh no I'll pass out before that happens," Jane thought, but she worked her
throat muscles, trying to breathe through her nose at the same time,
thankfully she heard Greg moaning louder and she could feel his thigh muscles
twitching, she reached for his sac and began to rub and roll his balls in her
hand. Her other hand was busily fingering her dripping snatch and pulling on
her pussy flaps, she was already flowing with her own secretions and Greg
hadn't touched in a sexual way at all, she nearly choked as Greg bucked his
hips, his cock pushing against her throat muscles, "Oh yeah bitch that's it,
that's it!" Greg moaned as his cock was constricted by Jane's working throat.
"You're gonna have a drink shortly you little slut."

With these words Jane pushed her hand deep into her cunt, her pussy walls
stretched to the limit as she began to fist herself, then she felt hot salty
liquid flowing down her throat as Greg yelled, grabbed her head and pistoned
his cock in and out of her mouth, Jane rammed her hand into herself and let
rip with her own juice which flowed out of her cunt down her wrist and made
a large pool on the bedroom floor.

Greg flopped back onto the bed and Jane collapsed in a heap on the floor,
both were totally spent, Jane curled in a ball her hand still buried in her
abused cunt, lying in a puddle of cunt juice and Greg with a big smile on
his face and his cock softening against his thigh.

"Just on more chore for you my slave," he said as he sat up and looked down
on Jane.

Jane wearily looked up and with an effort pulled her fist from her slick
cunt, "Yes, master," she replied.

"Lie down and open your mouth."

"Yes, master," Jane rolled on her back, stretched out and opened her mouth.

Greg looked down on her exposed body, "Not bad at all, "he thought. He could
see her cunt slowly contracting to normal size after that self inflicted
fisting, and her face and chest were covered in his jism. He stood and
straddled her body, his cock pointing at her face, "Look at me bitch."

Jane looked up at Greg, his firm hard body making her wet all over again, and
as she looked she could see him relax and then without warning a stream of
hot, salty piss hit her square in the face, it splashed into her eye's, up
her nose and into her mouth, quickly she spat it out, "Oh no you don't you
little cock sucker," Greg growled, "you drink that fucking piss and you enjoy

Jane opened her mouth and Greg now aimed directly into it, his urine filled
her mouth and she had to swallow or spit it out and face the consequences,
Jane quickly drank down the piss not wanting to find out what would happen
if she didn't, the taste was terrible to begin with but as she drank more it
seemed to become more flavourable and she greedily filled her stomach. Greg
finally finished his piss and again sunk to the bed, he felt the bed sink as
Jane climbed on and crawled to him, "Oh thank you master, that was
fantastic," she cooed and she licked up and down his chest.

"You're welcome slave," he replied, "but remember I will call on you any time
any where to do the same thing again, and if you are really good I will fill
that pretty red haired cunt with my spunk."

"Oh yes master, any time master," Jane replied and gratefully kissed Greg
from head to foot.

The End


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