This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

Drake & Josh: Family Bonding (mmf, inc, anal, reluc)
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

"Hey Josh, you ready to go?" Drake asked walking into The Premier's lobby as
Josh cleaned the concession stand.

"What are you doing here? I thought you had a gig tonight?"

"I did but halfway through the set our drummer manage to poke himself in
both eyes with his drumsticks so we had to cut it short. When I went home to
change Walter told me pick you up so he wouldn't miss any of his show. You
almost ready?"

"Yeah, in a minute. I need to turn out all the lights and then we can go."

"Hurry up. There's a party at Lisa's house and if we hurry we can get there
before all the good girls are taken."

"All right all right. Just go out to the car. I'll meet you there in

* * *

As Drake got into the yellow flower car another car sitting in darkness not
far off watched him. The driver of the car picked up his cell phone and hit
speed dial.


"Megan I don't feel right about this. This could be very dangerous and get
someone hurt."

"Listen Craig I didn't spend two hundred dollars just to have you chicken
out at the last second. Just do it okay?"


"I'll give you three hundred okay? They need to be taught a lesson!"

"Okay okay. I'll call you later. They're leaving."

As Drake and Josh left the parking lot Craig followed closely behind. It was
but a few minutes later when Josh noticed the car following him.

"Is that car following us?"

"What car?"

"The red one right behind us."

"You're paranoid."

"No I don't think so. It followed us from the movie theater and it's made
all the same turns we have never slowing down or speeding up. Get in the
right lane and let them pass."

"Fine Josh, I'll get in the right lane." As Drake switched lanes so did the
car following him. "I think he is following us."

"What clued you in?"

"Hold on," Drake said as he then switched back to the left lane and the car
did the same. "Ok this is really weird."

"Just pull over and stop and let them pass." Drake pulled over and stopped,
but instead of passing them the red car pulled in behind them.

"I'll be right back," Drake said getting out of the car.

"Hey where are you going? He could be a nut!"

As Drake started towards the car it suddenly backed up and began to rev it's
engine. Then it started rolling towards Drake and stopped. It revved it's
engine again, but louder and more often this time. Drake sprinted back
towards the car and jumped over the door not bothering to open it.

"Hurry up Drake! This guy wants to kill us!"

"What do you think I'm doing???"

The yellow VW lurched forward and bolted down the street followed closely
behind by the red car. The red car never sped up or slowed down, but just
kept pace with the yellow car. The chase lasted for five minutes until Drake
made a hard left turn and the car skidded out of control slamming into a
street lamp.

"Hey Josh you okay?" Drake asked after composing himself. The car was
severely damaged and he felt a little sore, but fine otherwise.

"I'm fine, but I think we squished Mrs. Withers chihuahua," Josh said
looking at the blood and fur covering the car and lamp as an old lady came
running from a house screaming at the top of her lungs.

* * *

The weekend after the accident happened was the wedding anniversary of Drake
and Josh's parents. It took a lot of convincing by the boys, but they still
went on the weekend cruise they had planned. The car needed a lot of repairs
which the boys didn't have the money for and after the accident their
parents weren't about to just start lending them their car. As Drake sat in
the living room watching tv Megan walked in.

"So which ex-girlfriend hated you enough to chase you in their car?"

"Nobody. None of them own a red car."

"They could have borrowed it from somebody."

"Why do you care so much about the accident?"

"What? Can't I be concerned for my two older brothers?"

"Yeah right. If I didn't know any better I'd say you were somehow
responsible for all of this. I remember the evil eye you gave me and Josh
for eating your last pudding pops. You did trick me into putting my hands
and feet into lizard urine for eating your last big cookie."

"It wasn't very hard either, but I had nothing to do with the car accident."

Megan then walked into the kitchen and Drake continued watching tv. As Megan
started towards her room with a bottled water in hand the doorbell rang.

"Get that will you?" Drake asked.

"No, you get it."

"Hey I was in a major car accident. I'm still recovering."

"You had a few scratches."

"Mom said take it easy."

"Whatever," Megan replied before answering the door. Upon opening it she saw
Craig standing there and quickly slammed the door shut. Craig then began
banging on the door.

"Megan open the door! I need to talk to Drake and Josh!" Craig shouted.

"Hey Josh Craig is here!" Drake screamed.

"What are you doing here?" Josh asked coming down the stairs opening the

"It's not important!" Megan interrupted.

"It's about the accident. I know who was chasing you," Craig said walking
into the house.

"Who?" Drake asked.

"Shut up Craig!" Megan growled.

"I was the one following you. Megan gave me three hundred dollars to follow
you and Josh to give you a scare the next time you both were in the car. On
the night of the accident she called me and said your gig ended early and
she wanted me to follow you. Afterwards things obviously got out of hand."

"I did not!" Megan lied.

"Here's your money back," Craig said taking the three hundred dollars from
his wallet and handing it Megan.

"You boob!"

"What can I do to make it up to you guys?"

"For starters you can do my homework for the rest of the year," Drake said

"Okay what else?"

"We'll let you know Craig, but our parents are out of town for the weekend
and they'll never take my and Josh's word against Megan's so when they do
get back I'm going to need you to tell them yourself what happened. Go home
and do the science homework that's due for Monday. Don't make it too good or
the teacher will now I didn't do it. I've got some things to take care of
here, so I'll get it from you before school on Monday."

"Yeah we'll call you later and let you know what's going on," Josh said

"I'm so sorry about this Josh! I really am!" Craig apologized before

"As for you Megan you can start by giving us this," Drake said taking the
money from his sister and giving half to Josh

"So," Josh began as he looked at Megan. "You gave Craig three hundred
dollars to chase us in a car because we took your last two pudding pops?"

"Both of you are fine. What's the big deal?"

"That's not the point! We could have been killed! All this over pudding
pops!" Josh said.

"Fine. What else do you want from me? You've already taken my money."

"We don't want anything. You've gotten away with everything and we've always
gotten blamed for it. There's no way we're passing this up and not showing
our parents what a rotten person you are," Drake grinned.

"Oh come on there's got to be something you two boobs want."

"You've got nothing little girl," Josh laughed. "We've got your money and
we've got you busted with mom and dad. There's nothing you can give us."

"Wait a second Josh. Maybe there is."

"Like what?"

"If Megan becomes our slave for the weekend then we won't tell our parents
and we'll keep Craig quiet."

"Our slave to do what?"

"How about it Megan? Be our slave and we won't say a word."

Megan thought about the offer for a moment and knowing with Craig's
confession there'd be no way for her to avoid punishment for the accident
she indirectly cause she accepted. "Okay fine, what do you want me to do

"No, I don't want her as a slave. I want her to be punished!" Josh

"Josh shut up and go to our room. I need to talk to Megan for a moment.
We'll meet you upstairs."

"But Drake-"

"Just go!"

"Ah man!" Josh moaned as he made his way upstairs.

"Okay, what do you want?" Megan asked again.

"Two things. First ever since Josh broke up with Mindy he's turned into a
giant tool again and it's embarrassing. Go upstairs and do whatever it takes
to get him interested in girls again. And second I have a date next Saturday
with Jesse "Never Say No" Haze. If someone goes on a date with her and
performs well then she will spread the word and you'll never be dateless
again. Not that I have a problem getting girls now, but this would be the
icing on the cake. I want to get in a few practice sessions before then."

"Wait a minute... So you want me to be a sex slave for you and Josh?"

"Those are your words not mine. Just think of it as charity work especially
in the case of Josh. You don't have to do this, but..." Drake said trailing

Megan didn't particularly want to have sex with her brothers, but Josh was
only a brother by marriage and Drake couldn't hit the broadside of a bar let
alone the inside of her pussy so Megan agreed. "Fine," Megan reluctantly

"Good. Now go upstairs and get started on Josh. I'll be up there in a

* * *

Josh sat on the couch in his room playing video games as he waited for Drake
to come up. When he heard the door open and close he started talking.

"Drake I really don't think having Megan," Josh began as he paused his game
and turned around to talk to Drake. "What do you want Megan? Where's Drake?"

"Oh he'll be up in a moment, but I need to show you something before he
comes," Megan replied sitting down next to Josh.

"What?" Without a word Megan leaned forward kissing Josh square on the lips.
Their lips held together for almost thirty seconds before the kiss broke.
"Megan! What are you doing???"

"Drake told me about how you've become a giant boob again since Mindy dumped
you and I agree with him. We're just trying to get you thinking about girls
again so maybe you'll get a new one."

"First of all Mindy did not dump me. We mutually broke up."

"Yeah, right, like that happens a lot."

"It did and regardless I don't need you or anyone else trying to get me
involved with another girl because you think I need to be. I'll get into
another relationship when I'm ready."

"And you'll be a giant boob until then." Just then Drake walked in. "Drake,
Josh is being a boob again."

"What's he doing now?"

"He's being very belligerent. I can't keep my part of the deal if he's going
to be like this."

"I'm not being belligerent! I just don't want you or Megan or anyone else
telling me who and when to date! What were you thinking sending our sister
up here to make out with me?"

"Dude she's only your sister by marriage, besides you've turned into a giant
tool again since you broke up with Mindy and it's embarrassing."

"I don't care what you think, just leave me alone."

"All right fine Josh have it your way. Megan lets go." Drake made like he
was leaving the room and waited until Josh sat back down on the couch and
returned to his video games.

"Drake! What are you doing?" Josh shouted when Drake put him in a full
nelson from behind the couch.

"This is for your own good. Hurry up and get him to come," Drake said as
Josh tried to free himself.

"Lift him up so I can get his pants off," Megan replied as she started to
unbuckle Josh's pants and belt. Josh continued to struggle as Drake lifted
him up enough for Megan to pull down his pants and underwear. "Oh my god!"
Megan muttered staring in amazement at Josh's nine-inch penis. "If Mindy was
holding out on you she didn't know what she was missing."

"Oh no..." Josh whined as Megan took hold of his shaft and started sliding
her hand across it.

Josh began to relax as Megan stroked him for several minutes waiting for his
flaccid cock to turn hard. Then when it was fully erect Megan took it into
her mouth and began bobbing her head up and down. Her small mouth and throat
could only get four inches in at first, but slowly as her lips ran back and
forth over his shaft and her tongue slithered around it Megan began to inch
more and more of it into her mouth.

"Oh my god..." Drake said in amazement as he watched his sister deepthroat
all nine inches of Josh.

By the dumb relaxed look on his face Drake could tell Josh was now into
letting Megan be his slave. Drake then dropped his pants and underwear and
walked around to Megan's right side with cock in hand. Though smaller than
Josh in size Drake wasn't doing too bad at eight inches. Megan saw this and
found herself pleasantly surprised with that as well. Megan stroked Drake
several times before taking her mouth off of Josh's member and engulfing

"That's good Megan. Suck my dick," Drake grinned feeling her lips and tongue
glide over his fleshy staff.

As she continued to suck off Drake Megan had begun stroking Josh. Though she
was only jerking him off now Josh could feel his body already start to get
excited. To finally have a hand other than his own stroking his cock was
exhilarating. Drake was still cool, calm, and collected as Megan continued
to suck him off and he continued to talk dirty to her. Megan's handjob
became too much for Josh and he groaned as he started to come. Megan was
caught offguard by Josh's quickness to orgasm and pulled away from Drake as
cum started spill on her hand.

"God Josh, was that your first time?" Drake asked almost laughing.


"With a girl?"

"Well... yes..."

"Hey look the boob's still hard," Megan said as she licked the cum from her

"Looks like you're getting a second chance," Drake said. "Everyone to Josh's
bed and get your clothes off."

"We're not having sex on my bed!" Josh protested.

"Well we can't do it in mine. Someone might fall and hurt themselves."

"Quit being a baby," Megan groaned. "I'll wash your sheets when we're done."

"Oh okay," Josh said after a moment remembering how good Megan's mouth and
hand felt on his penis and wanting more.

"Josh you get on the bed first and Megan let him eat your pussy. If this
doesn't get him interested in girls nothing will."

"If he comes again then it counts."

"Only if he goes limp afterwards."

"Hey this whole thing is weird enough, I don't need you two talking about
when I come."

"Just shut up and lay down," Drake said.

When Josh did as he was told Megan then got into a sixty-nine with him
grinding her pussy into his face. Josh could smell her sex as he took hold
of her tiny hips and held her in place. Megan moaned loudly as Josh's tongue
finally began sliding up and down her slit. The smell of Megan's pussy and
her cum that began dripping onto his tongue was absolute delight to Josh.

"Now come here and suck my dick some more," Drake said kneeling on the bed
in front of Megan and grabbing her head pulling her towards him. "That tiny
little ass of yours is mine."

What essentially began as blackmail slowly turned into carnal pleasure for
Megan. At one end Josh was eating her pussy swallowing ever bit of her cream
that she released and he was half decent at it for a boob having no sexual
experience with someone other than himself. At the other end Drake had his
hands firmly around her head and was slamming his cock into her mouth and
down her throat. Megan had used sex to get out of trouble before, but this
was the first time she felt this good. Suddenly Megan's body shook and began
tingling and she knew her orgasm wasn't far off.

"Hold on guys," She said pushing Drake's hands away and sliding her mouth
off of his cock. "I want you two to fuck me now."

Josh now waited with bated breath as Megan turned herself around and lowered
herself onto his dick. The two of them moaned near simultaneously as Josh's
nine inches penetrated Megan's pussy and worked it's way inside her.

"Fuck you're so big," Megan blurted when Josh bottomed out inside her

"My turn," Drake said pushing his sister forward onto Josh.

He ran his left hand up and down her butt feeling it up while his right hand
caressed his spit-covered cock. Megan bit her lip groaning when Drake popped
the tip of his penis into her asshole. Slowly he pushed into her only
getting a half inch or so in at a time. Several minutes later as she sat on
Josh's thick cock Megan felt the last of Drake's shaft enter her ass.

Both orifices were tight and several times Megan wanted to say stop, but she
didn't. She had to keep her brothers quiet or else there'd be no avoiding
punishment for causing the car crash. Also as the session went on Megan
found herself deriving more and more pleasure from it. Her entire body shook
as Drake thrust his cock hard into her ass and Josh drove his shaft into her
pussy with deep hard thrusts. Megan felt her body start to get excited and
burn up inside. She moaned relentlessly as Drake and Josh continued to
piston their dicks into her body.

"Oh god I'm fixing to..." Megan began to scream as she finally went over the

"Come!" Josh groaned as he and Megan began to orgasm simultaneously. Megan's
cum flooded out covering Josh's dick and mixed with his semen as his dick
opened with it's first real orgasm squirting cum deep into Megan's womb.
Though Josh relaxed after he finished coming Megan had no time to relax as
Drake continued to ride her ass long and hard.

"I want your hot cum in my ass!" Megan moaned looking back at her brother.

"As much as I love your ass," Drake replied as he slammed his prick into
Megan's butt between each word, "I want to come on your face." Drake pulled
out of Megan's ass and stroked himself while he waited for her to turn
around. "Now say ah." Drake began coming aiming for Megan's wide-open mouth.
The first several shots of his cum landed on her tongue, but soon his aim
got bad and it started striking her in the face.

"We're even now right?" Megan asked when Drake's orgasm ended.

"Yeah, just one more thing though," Drake replied walking to his dresser.

"What now? You got what you want."

"Just this," Drake said as he took several pictures with his camera phone of
Megan's cum covered face.

"Hey that was not part of the deal!"

"Calm down Megan. It's just a little reminder of today is all."

"Delete those photos now or I'll take one myself with Josh's phone and tell
mom and dad what you and Josh did to me! That's much worse than some silly
car accident."

"Should I delete them Josh?" Josh didn't reply. "Josh?" Megan and Drake
turned to look at their brother only to find him sound asleep on the bed.

"What a boob," Megan.

"Yeah... He is a boob." Suddenly Megan snatched Drake's phone from him and
ran into her room locking the door. "Megan give me my phone back! Megan!"

"In a minute," Megan said with relief as she deleted the photos from the
phone. "Here you go," She smiled opening her door and tossing the phone at
Drake. "We're even now all right?"

"Yeah fine... I guess we better get cleaned up now."

As they took showers in separate bathrooms while Josh sleep soundly Drake
and Megan began scheming. Megan wanted Josh, more specifically his nine-inch
dick, and wanted him bad. Since her cell phone was currently being repaired
she couldn't blackmail Josh into fucking her again and would have to come up
with another way to convince him to sleep with her again.

Drake meanwhile was still looking forward to his date with Jesse, but now
found himself thinking more and more of Megan. If she'd let him stick his
dick in her ass once why not again? He'd just need to figure out how to
convince her to let him do it.

While the other two were in the shower Josh was still on the bed sleeping,
but he was now talking in his sleep. "Mom this isn't what it looks like...
Megan and I... Sure you can join us..."


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