This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

Drake And Josh: Half And Half (fg, fist, anal)
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

Mindy smiled as she walked into school. The next time she saw Josh he would
be moustache-less and the two of them could start making out again. Once the
timing was right and Mindy could get past the irritatingly goofy and naive
front that Josh always put up when things got a little heated between them
then finally they could leave first base.

"Hey Josh," Mindy said finding his locker. Josh's head was buried deep

"Hey Mindy," he called out not moving.

"You want to get your head out of there? I need to talk to you."

"Oh... sure..." Josh replied slowly pulling his head from his locker.

"What happened to you?" Mindy asked, the smile disappearing from her face,
when she saw his half-moustache.

"I don't know. It's weird. I woke up this morning and half of my stache was

"Megan!" Mindy growled looking away from Josh. She only did half the job and
she kept all of the thirty dollars.

"What was that?"

"Oh nothing. I just thought of something I needed to take care of. So when
are you going to cut the rest of it off? You know it looks pretty goofy

"I'm not cutting it off! Someone wants me to get rid of the stache cause it
makes me look cool."

"It just looks weird right now."

"I'm not giving in to whoever is jealous of me and my stache."

"Fine, then let's at least fix it," Mindy said taking her eyeliner pencil
out of her purse and coloring in the missing half of Josh's moustache.

"Do I look gooooooood?" Josh grinned as Mindy finished.

"It looks better..."

"Hey can I borrow your notes from science? I missed some of them yesterday
when I was in the nurse's office."

"Oh man that's what I was going to tell you. I loaned them to Kate during
last period yesterday and she just called me on my cell phone saying she was
sick. I'm going to have to pick them up after school and bring them over
when we work on our project tonight."

"I'm not going to be home tonight. Drake's band got a last minute gig for
tonight that I have to be there for. You're either going to have to work on
the project by yourself or we'll have to put it off until tomorrow."

"We can do it tomorrow night then, but I can drop off my notes tonight if
you want."

"Thanks, I just want to make sure I don't forget about them," Josh said
puckering up.

"Not until you shave the rest of that mustache off," Mindy chuckled.


* * *

Megan sat bored on the living-room couch as she channel surfed. As she
finally settled on a cornball made for tv movie the doorbell rang.

"Who is it?" She asked answering it.

"It's me," Mindy replied. "I came by to drop off some notes from science for

"Hey, everyone's at one Drake's gig tonight," Megan said taking Mindy's

"I know, Josh told me. Speaking of which you only shaved off half of his
mustache. You owe me."

"I know. Something came up. I'll shave the rest of off tonight."

"Actually I had something come up myself. I could use the fifteen dollars
you still owe me."

"You want the money back even if it means Josh having half a mustache?"

"Don't worry about his mustache that's taken care of."

"Well I don't have your money. I already spent it."

"But you only did half the job."

"But I said I'd finish it tonight."

"Ok, I'm not going to stand here and argue with you over this. Just shave
off the rest tonight please and give Josh my notes."


"Thanks," Mindy said turning to leave. Megan started to shut the door behind
her, but thought of one more way to get back at Josh.

"Hey, Mindy?"

"Yeah, Megan?"

"Can you come in for a moment? I want to talk to you about something."

"Okay..." Mindy said stepping into the Nichols' house with Megan shutting
the door behind her. "What is it?"

"Do you and Josh do anything more than just make out?"


"Do you fool around?"

"Not that it's any of your business, but no. Why are you asking this?"

"Well when was the last time you two kissed? Not since he's grown his
mustache right?"

"Okay, you're just a little young to be having this conversation with. Tell
Josh I'll see him at school tomorrow," Mindy said as she headed towards the
front door.

"Hold on. Just stay for a little while and I'll give you a hundred bucks."

"How are you going to give me a hundred dollars if you don't even have

"I have money. I have ways of getting it and I just didn't want to give back
the fifteen dollars."

"Uh huh. Hey, Megan, I'm not one of your brothers so let's just cut the crap,

"Sure. I really do have a hundred for you. Be right back."

"Hey-" Mindy started as Megan disappeared into her room for a few minutes.
She returned with five twenty dollar bills in her hand. "Where did you get

"Like I said, I have ways of getting money."

"So why are you offering me a hundred then?"

"Since my parents are with Josh at Drake's gig I thought maybe we could help
each other out."

"What do you mean?" Mindy asked raising an eyebrow.

"I've never been with a girl and well Josh is a complete boob who won't
shave his mustache."

"Okay," Mindy said almost laughing handing Megan back her money. "You're
just a little young and well it'd be just a little creepy cheating on Josh
with his nine year old sister."

"I'm ten."

"It doesn't matter. I'm not going to fool around with you."

"Trust me when it comes to sex I know more than Drake or Josh. Drake's just
a serial-dater that thinks he knows something about girls and Josh is just a
giant boob. How many times has he started to run around the couch to burn
off his desires when you two make out? Please, if he ever sees your chest he
might have a heart attack and die."

"The answer's still no."

"Two hundred then."

"You don't have two hundred."

"That's what you think." Megan disappeared for a few more minutes and
returned with another wad of twenties handing all ten twenty dollar bills to

"Where are you getting this kind of money?" Mindy asked surprised.

"I have ways."

"I know that. Tell me how."

"I do a webcam show about once a month or so and I have an account to charge
credit cards. I get a lot of creeps who try to e-mail me afterwards, but
putting up with a few dirty e-mails from forty and fifty-somethings is
nothing considering the money I make a show."

"You know Megan I'm not going to say anything, but this is way more info
than I ever needed to know about you."

"Okay, fine, this is my last offer. Three hundred dollars."

"Three hundred dollars? Are you serious? How much cash can you possibly

"Yes, I'm serious and more than enough."

"Alright, so why do you want me?"

"I've been with a couple of guys before, but not a girl. Besides, I know
you're getting a bit frustrated with Josh waiting for him to get rid of his
ridiculous mustache."

"Let me see the three hundred first."

"Come to my room and I'll give it to you there."

Mindy followed Megan to her room wondering if she was really going to go
through with this for the money.

"Actually could you stay here for a moment?" Megan asked as the two of them
stopped in front of her bedroom door. "I've got to get my money out of it's
hiding spot first."

"Okay," Mindy agreed waiting as Megan went in and messed around a few

"You can come in now," Megan called out. Mindy opened the door and walked in
a few steps before stopping. Megan was laying nude on her bed with the third
set of twenties rolled up and rubberbanded and resting between her pussy

"Your mind is much too old for your body," Mindy smirked.

"Count it if you like. This makes three hundred," Megan replied smiling as
she began to rub her pussy tracing her fingers along the lips around the

Mindy pulled the money from Megan's hairless cunt, unrolled it, and counted
it. "I'm impressed Megan. I'm not entirely sure how you're so self-sufficient
and can take care of yourself and Drake is..."

"A moron? A boob? An idiot? Yeah, I wonder about that too sometimes," Megan
said as she sat up on her knees. "Now come here."

Mindy looked at the three hundred dollars in her hands for a few seconds
then put the money into her purse and set it on Megan's chester drawers. She
then sat down on the bed next to Megan who proceeded to start unbuttoning
Mindy's shirt, but was stopped.

"What now?"

"Don't say a word about this to anyone okay?"

"I know," Megan replied as she started unbuttoning Mindy's shirt again.

"I know how you are Megan. I've seen what you've gotten away with doing to
Drake and Josh, because you've got your parents wrapped around your finger.
You'll throw this in Josh's face and somehow manage to make this his or my
fault," Mindy said as Megan unbuttoned the last button on the shirt.

"What are you worried about? I gave you three hundred dollars and why would
I blow this relationship and have to find a new girlfriend?" Megan replied
pushing Mindy's shirt back over her shoulders and helping her take it off.

"I'm not your girlfriend," Mindy almost laughed.

"You are unless I'm a John and you're turning tricks for money," Megan said
with a devious smile.

"I'm not a prostitute Megan," Mindy mumbled as her face turned red.

"Then you're my girlfriend," Megan smiled as she placed her hands on Mindy's
breasts and gave them a squeeze. Mindy gasped as Megan's frankness and wasn't
quite sure what to do. Megan took the initiative and unclasped Mindy's bra
throwing it to the floor. "I can't wait to have tits like these," Megan said
as she gave Mindy's breasts a squeeze.

"Uh... thanks I think," Mindy stuttered as Megan's tongue slid across her
right nipple and she felt a tiny bit of excitement in it. She continued to
sit still with a bit of uncertainty still in her body still completely
unsure what to do now that she was in bed with Megan.

"You okay?" Megan asked noticing this.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine."

"You're lying. God I can't believe you're more nervous about this than I
am," she smirked.

"I've kind of never been with a girl okay?" Mindy replied defensively.

"Me neither, but that doesn't matter. Just take off the rest of your clothes

Mindy stood up nervous and now embarrassed that Megan was calmer and more
collected than she was. She unfastened her skirt and dropped it and her
panties to the ground. Megan smiled at how developed Mindy was below. She
had a nice brown patch of hair growing in, though Megan had decided she
would start shaving as soon as she had pubic hair.

"Come here," Megan said gesturing with her finger.

Mindy sat down next to her and the two girls looked at each other. Megan
smiled briefly then leaned forward kissing Mindy on the lips. Mindy was
temporarily taken back as she felt Megan's tongue start to slither into her
mouth. She then decided how stupid it was to let herself become as nervous
as she had and that she wouldn't let the younger girl show her up. Mindy
pushed her tongue into Megan's mouth and the two of them swapped spit as
their tongues wrestled. After several minutes the kiss broke and each was

"About time you joined in," Megan remarked.

"I'm not about to let a nine year old lead me by the hand," Mindy replied.

"I'm ten."

"Whatever," Mindy said as she pushed Megan to the bed and situated herself
in front of the girl.

With a smile on her face Megan watched as Mindy spread her legs apart and
slid her face between them. Megan moaned approvingly as Mindy's tongue
pressed into her pussy spreading her lips apart and pushing inside. Megan
shivered as the moistness from Mindy's tongue wet the bare skin of her cunt
as it slivered up and down her tiny slit. Mindy momentarily brought her head
up and smiled as she started to taste Megan's girl cum in her mouth.

"So eager and so easy," Mindy grinned.

"Hey, if I hadn't initiated this you'd still be sitting on the bed doing
nothing. Let's switch places and see how you like it."

"Fine by me."

Mindy and Megan switched places on the bed and when she was ready Megan
brought her face in close to Mindy's cunt and teasingly tongued her slit.
Megan was an obvious amateur much like herself when it came to eating pussy,
but the thought and feel of Megan's tongue pressing against her opening
excited Mindy. Each time she felt Megan's tongue slither up and down her
pussy lips, stopping to dip inside, Mindy's body shook just a little bit.

"I see I'm not the only easy one here," Megan grinned lifting her head with
a bit of Mindy's cum on her tongue.

"I'm sensitive, you're easy. There's a difference and I dare say you'll come

"Don't make me laugh. I may be younger than you, but I'm more experienced
with my body than you are with yours."

"You care to make a bet?"

"What kind of bet?"

"Let's get into a sixty-nine and see who can make who come first. If you win
I'll give you your money back and become your slave for a month."

"Oh, come on, Mindy. You're not going to beat me."

"Nervous? Why don't you want to take the bet? I am the amateur here after

"You're on. And if you win, which you won't, I'll become your slave."

"Deal," Mindy said as the two girls grinned at each other. Megan straddled
Mindy's body letting her bare pussy over her face. "Ready?"

Before Mindy said anything else Megan immediately dove between her legs and
began to eat her out. Mindy grabbed Megan's hips and yanked her opening
towards her face. Both girls were quickly feeling the wetness of each
other's tongues sliding in-between their pussy lips. Megan and Mindy moaned
as their tongues slid over and into their cunts.

Mindy was the first to weaken and slow down as Megan penetrated her pussy
with two fingers. She wasn't a virgin, but it had been a long time since her
first time and her relationship with Josh had been progressing incredibly
slow. Though not thick the feeling of Megan's two fingers inside of her made
Mindy feel great. Megan was pumping them in and out stretching Mindy's walls
rubbing against them. After several minutes Megan worked the third and
fourth fingers of her tiny hand into Mindy's pussy. Mindy gasped as she felt
the tightness of her cunt squeeze around Megan's fingers. Her body was being
overcome with excitement and she lost her focus on Megan.

"You like that don't you?" Megan teased her working her fingers hard into
her new friend's pussy.

"Oh yeah..." Mindy moaned.

"Then you'll love this." Megan slipped her fingers out and climbed off of

"What're you doing?" Mindy asked starting to situp.

"Just lay still," Megan replied positioning herself between Mindy's legs.

"Okay..." Mindy moaned as Megan started pushing her fingers back into
Mindy's pussy. Soon Megan's four fingers were back inside and Mindy was

Mindy groaned loudly as Megan worked her thumb and the rest of her hand into
Mindy's pussy. The elder girl began panting and clutching at the bed as Megan
began pumping her fist in and out. The fit was extremely tight and only after
Mindy began to wet herself lubing the fist did the action start to speed up.
Mindy's body flared with excitement and she bucked several times as Megan
thrust her hand hard and deep inside. Megan grinned as her arm started
sliding in more and more with each thrust. Mindy's pussy excreted her cum
generously covering the young girl's inserted fist.

With a hard firm go Megan thrust her hand inside Mindy as hard and deep as
she could. The elder girl groaned loudly, nearly screaming, as she orgasmed.
Megan's arm became drenched and sticky from the cum that Mindy released. The
young girl slowly pulled her fist out of Mindy's pussy and there was a
popping sound as her hand exited. She then took several minutes to lick
Mindy's pussy clean swallowing the cum.

"I told you," Megan grinned sitting up on her knees and licking her lips.

"I let you win."

"Yeah, right."

"All right fine. So what do you want me to do?" Mindy asked sitting up.

"First I want you to lick your cum off of my hand. You're a bit of a
gusher," Megan replied holding her hand out. Mindy took it and licked the
back side of it. Then she licked Megan's palm and slowly she began suckling
Megan's fingers and thumb one by one. "That's a good girl," Megan grinned
patting Mindy on the head. "Stay here and I'll be right back." Megan got off
her bed and went into her closet for several minutes. She returned with a
six inch long penis-shaped dildo. "Now I want you to eat my ass out and fuck
me with this."

"So you're into anal sex, huh?"

"Not yet. I want to try it with a dildo first, before I do it for real and
it's kinda hard to fuck myself in the ass."

"Hmm... Well just climb up and get on all fours and I'll be as gentle as I
can. If it gets too rough for you let me know and I'll stop," Mindy teased.

"Who was first?"


"That's what I thought. Now just do it."

Mindy took the dildo from Megan and set it on her nightstand as Megan got
onto the bed and got on her hands and knees in from of Mindy. The elder girl
then smiled as she groped Megan's small pale white ass. It just seemed to
mold to her hands as she squeezed it. Mindy then spread the small girl's ass
cheeks apart and dove in. Megan couldn't help but gasp as she felt Mindy
start licking her asshole. Up and down she felt the tongue rub against her
ass. She moaned loudly each time Mindy pushed her tongue inside.

"Oh god!" Megan moaned as she felt a finger penetrate her anus.

"How does that feel?" Mindy asked smiling.

"It feels great..."


Megan felt Mindy's tongue slide up and down her ass crack several more
times, before she felt the tip of the dildo start to push inside her ass.
Her body tingled as the dildo started working itself inside. Megan had had
sex before and come, but what her body was feeling now as the foreign object
pushed itself into her ass was something different. Her entire body seemed
to tingle, her pussy seemed to burn a little differently than it had before.

Megan reached down between her legs and started fingering her pussy as Mindy
worked the fake cock into her ass. Megan groaned with each inch that slipped
into her asshole as she continued to finger herself. She slipped a second
finger into her wet opening as Mindy pulled the dildo out. Megan's body got
hotter and hotter as Mindy slowly worked the cock into a nice rhythm. She
worked her fingers nice and hard into her pussy as the dildo continued to
split open her backside.

Mindy saw the cum starting to dribble out of Megan's pussy and smiled. She
could hear the young girl moan louder and louder as her two lower orifices
continued to get spread apart. Mindy then decided to slip one of her index
fingers into Megan's pussy to join her own fingers. Megan squirmed at the
fullness she now felt at both ends. The fingers stuffing her cunt were in
tight as was the dildo in her ass. Her tiny body could only last a few
minutes more before succumbing. Megan groaned loudly as she had the most
intense orgasm she had ever had in her short sex life. She squeezed down
hard on the fingers in her privates and the fake cock in her ass. Megan
creamed all over her and Mindy's fingers before she was done and some of her
cream even spilt onto her hand. Megan pulled her fingers out as did Mindy
when her body finally calmed down. She waited until Mindy pulled the dildo
from her rectum before she fell down to the bed.

"How was it?" Mindy asked rolling Megan onto her back then pushing her head
between the girl's legs to lick her puss clean.

"It was awesome," Megan grinned nearly laughing as Mindy continued to clean
her up.

"I might have to try it sometime then," Mindy smiled finishing up on Megan's
pussy before sucking her fingers clean.

"Well, if you're ready to learn then get on all fours." As Megan finished her
statement the phone rang. "You've got to be kidding me," she mumbled before
answering the phone. "Parker residence."

"Hey, Megan, it's mom."

"What's up?"

"Josh got into an accident and electrocuted himself. He's alright, but we're
going to bring him home and I'm going to pick up Drake later. See you soon."

"It figures the boob would do something stupid like that just when it was
getting good here."

"What happened?"

"You're boyfriend somehow managed to electrocute himself. Now they're on
their way home. Our night's ruined so go get dressed you little whore."


"Do you want to give me the money back?"

"No. I want something solid to show for tonight when you get me busted with
Josh and he tells your parents," Mindy replied as she picked up her clothes.

"Don't worry about the boob then. He's clueless about everything. And I've
decided you are my whore if you're keeping the money. Next time let's do
this for free and you'll be my girlfriend instead."


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