Drake And Josh/Mike's Supershort Show:
Mike's Supershort Sluts (ff,mff,inc,oral)
by Hamster ([email protected])

Mike sat in his usual spot behind his desk. And his sister Sally sat in a
chair next to the desk.

"Hello we have a special guest on the show today. From Drake and Josh, Drake
and Josh's little sister Megan Parker!" Mike announced.

Mike and Sally stood and clapped as Megan opened the door and walked in.
Inexplicably, she was wearing a pink bathrobe. Poor Mike developed an instant
crush. And even Sally thought she was hot.

"Umm uhh hi uhh how that is to say hey I uhh..." Mike stammered senselessly.

"What Mike means to say, when he finally stops drooling and picks his jaw off
of the floor, is welcome to the show. So you are here today to talk about
your webcam show 'Messing with Drake and Josh'." Sally said.

"Thanks Sally as you can see from this clip I have alot of fun with with my
brothers." Megan said.

The clip showed Josh sleeping peacefully in his bed and then Megan took some
cream and smeared it all over his hand. She took a feather and tickled Josh's
nose until he slapped the cream all over his face.

"What was that stuff anyways?" Asked Mike.

"Crazy glue, mixed with poison ivy extract and cat urine." Megan explained.

"Genius." Said Sally in admiration. "Hey can I have some of that..."

"Whoa hey, so what's up with the bath robe?" Mike asked.

"Well I decided to give you guys a little surprise. I noticed Mike completely
drooling over me and Sally was staring pretty hard too. Not that I can blame
either of you." Mike looked thoroughly embarrassed but Sally merely waited to
see where Megan was going with this. "I thought I'd give you guys a treat and
show up in a bikini!"

Megan stood and opened her robe to show them her tiny red-with-white-trim
two-piece. Mike stared stupidly with drool flooing liberally from his mouth.
Sally unconsciously licked her lips.

"Wow you look great Megan." Said Sally.

"Thanks." Megan replied. "You know Megan you're really hot too. Why don't you
put on a swim suit of your own?"

"Thanks Megan. I'll do that." Said Sally said as she exited the room to go

"So uhh red. Nice." Mike said as he unsuccesfully tried to impress her with
his ability to be smooth.

"Maybe you should just sit there quietly until she gets back." Megan

"OK." Mike said sullenly.

Sally returned soon enough in a white two piece that had a pink heart over
the chest.

"How do I look?" Asked Sally as she modeled her suit with a few poses.

"Delicious." Replied Megan.

"Glad that you think so." Said Sally. "I really want to thank you for showing
off that sexy little bod of yours anything that I can do for you?"

"How about a lap dance?" Asked Megan.

"I'd love to." Said Sally. "Hit the music Mike."

"Your not the boss around here." Said Mike.

"Mike, Megan wants a lap dance. Are you going to disappoint her?" Asked

"Uhh no." Mike said.

"Good, now hit the music." Said Sally.

Mike pushed play on his CD player without further argument. The CD was
Disneymania. Both girls looked at Mike as though he were brain-dead.

"Just a minute." He said. He quickly skipped ahead to a song that was

'Kiss the Girl' from the Little Mermaide began to play, Sally figured that
she could work with it. She stood in front of Megan whose eyes were glued to
Sally. Sally joined her hands and lifted them above her head and then shook
her hips hard from left to right. She began to rub her hands all over her
body as she twisted and danced. She turned her back to Megan and grabbed the
hand rests of Megan's chair. She bent over and began to shake her ass in
Megan's face. She then pushed her ass down onto Megan's crocth and began to
grind her while Megan began to feel her up. Finally when the final 'Kiss the
girl' played Megan did just that and turned Sally around to kiss her. Poor
unfortunate Mike had the perfect view of his sister and hot little Megan
tongue wrestling and his boner was pitching a magor tent in his shorts.

The girls seperated and Megan looked over at Mike. "Ewww it looks like your
brother is sporting wood from watching us kiss."

"No, no you're imagining things." Said Mike desperately.

"Oh yeah?" Said Megan.

Megan got up from her chair and pushed the desk aside. Mike's massive boner
was now on display.

"Hey!" Mike protested.

"Shut up. Hey, Sally I think you should suck it. Incest is a big turn on for
me." Megan said.

"Ewww no way." Sally said in disgust.

Megan walked over and whispered in Sally's ear. Sally's eyes went wide and
she smiled.

"Deal." Said Sally as she made her way over to her brother.

"Hey wait a minute I never agreed..." Mike was cut off when his sister
unzipped his pant and grabbed his dick. "Oh my god!!!"

"Relax, you're going to enjoy it." Megan said.

Sally squeezed and wrenched his unit before opening her mouth and engulfing
his cock. Sally started sucking loudly and lewdly and a goofy smile came over
Mike's face.

"Oh wow, Sally yes. That feels so good." Mike closed his eyes and stroked his
sister's hair as she sucked him off.

"Good work Sally." Said Megan.

Megan grabbed the waistband of Sally's bikini bottoms and pulled them down.
Sally continued sucking her brother's cock but spread her legs so that Megan
could have some access. Megan's cute little pink tongue began plunging into
Sally's tight little hairless cunt. Megan licked it well and good filling
the other girls pussy with her saliva before replacing her ongue with two
fingers. She pushed them into Sally's pussy and started to finger her with
feverish enthusiasm. Mike was staring at his sister being eaten out and then
fingered by Megan and it was just too much, it wasn't long before poor Mike
was filling Sally's mouth with his cum. Sally was cumming herself shortly
after. Sally stood and faced Megan then spat her brothers cum in the dark
haired girls mouth. Megan swallowed it down. Sally reached down and began to
finger Megan. Not long after, it was Megan's turn to start cumming.

"Fuck yeah, fuck that pussy. Fuck my pussy good." Cried Megan.

Sally added a third finger.

"OH SHIT OH SHIT YOU ARE FILLING ME UP SO GOOD." Cried out Megan as she came.
"Shit, Sally you are the most awsome fucking fuck ever."

"And now you know." Said Sally.

"Because it's MY SUPER SHORT SHOW" They all said at once.


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