WARNING: If you want a light hearted and romantic Christmas fic then read
something else.

Drake And Josh: The Naughty List (Mg,BDMS,spank,ncon)
by Hamster

It was Christmas night and Megan Parker was sitting behind the couch
surripticiously awaiting Santa's arrival. She knew that she would be able
to catch him on film and sell the photographs to the Enquirer for a small
fortune. She sat there with her Camera ready for a very long time. All
night in fact. But after a few hours she felt a hand tap on her shoulder.

"I don't think so." Said an angry voice. Santa was in a pretty bad mood. He
had to deliver to over 1100 homes in a 24 hour period and this naughty little
bitch pulls this mother fucking bullshit? Suddenly camera was snatched away
from her and she was staring into the eyes of a very irrate Santa. Santa
crushed the Camera to pieces in his hand. "Megan Parker, I would like to
inform you that you are on the naughty list."

"Yeah so. You owe me a camera fat man." Megan said without fear of reprisal.

Santa glared at her angrily. "You fucking little bitch, your parents should
beat that little ass of yours more often but for today, I guess it falls on

Santa grabbed the girl by the arm and dragged her around to the front of the

"HEY! Let go of me fat man!" She protested.

"You are so going to get it." He said. Santa manhandled the struggling girl
until he was able to hold her wrists together behind her back.

"Let GO of me!" She yelled.

Santa took some Christmas lights and tied her hands securely behind her back.
He then pulled her skirt up to her waist and then yanked off her underwear.

"Stop! STOP!" She screamed.

"Trust me. You really need this." He seemingly out of thin air materialized
a long black cane.


He lifted the cane and brought it done hard against the young girl's smooth




"STOP PLEASE!" She cried as tears streamed down her face.


"Are you going to shut the fuck up bitch? Or do you want some more cane?" He

"No, please no more..." She whimpered.

"I'll tell you what you little bitch, you are going to get punished hard
for your rampant naughtiness, but if you agree to take the rest of your
punishment without complaint I'll stop with the caning." Her ass was
already welted and red.

"OK please just stop hurting me." She begged.

"Oh I ain't finished hurting you, I just think you've had enough of my cane
for the day." Santa said.

Megan whimpered softly as he ran his hand over her swollen bottom. His hand
went for her little but hole and she gasped as he rammed a finger into the
tight orifice.

"No, what are you doing!?!" She shrieked.

Santa pulled his finger out of her ass then raised his hand and brought it
down hard across her butt.


"Shut the fuck up, bitch." Santa said angrily. He took the finger he had just
slipped out of her butt and stuck it to her mouth. "Suck it."

Megan was revolted but she was also frieghtened. She opened he mouth so
Santa could slip the digit in her mouth it was disgusting but she sucked on
it until he slipped it out of her mouth.

"How do you like the taste?" Santa asked mockingly.

Santa picked up the girl and arranged her so that she was facing him sitting
on his lap. Santa then unzipped pants and pulled out his mighty man-sausage.

"Now listen up. You are going to ride my north pole and ride it hard. Because
if you don't there is going to be a much more serious punishment in your
future." Santa warned.

Megan's lower lip trembeled and she nodded in response. Santa ripped down her
skirt and tossed it aside. He grabbed her slender hips and guided her cunt to
his meat pole. He pulled her down onto his cock and began to push the bulbous
head of his Johnson into her supertight tiny pussy.

"OUUUUCH IT HURTS!" She cried.

"It's about to hurt a whole lot more." Santa said sadistically as he slammed
her down hard and ripped clean through her virginity.


Santa just slammed her down harder, thrusting his cock all the way up into
her. Tears from her eyes like rain.

"OK you little bitch. Move yourself up and down on my candy cane of love."
Santa ordered.

She merely sat there, impaled on his cock and crying her eyes out. Annoyed,
Santa grabbed her hair with one hand then slapped her hard across the face
with the other. This snapped her into reality. Megan began to fuck herself on
Santa's proud erect cock. Santa just leaned back and enjoyed the sensation.

"Mmm oh yeah, just keep going bitch. You may just earn yourself some mercy."
Santa moaned every stroke hurt her sore cunt like hell but Megan did not dare
to stop for fear that things might get worse.

How exactly, she wasn't sure but it was possible and she didn't want to
imagine any specifics. The wretched girl pushed herself up and down
repeatedly as Santa moaned and called her all sorts of vulgar names until
finally he sprayed her insides with his cum. Santa grabbed her face and
shoved her away.

"That's enough whore. Merry Christmas. I hope this little attitude
adjustment sticks, but if it doesn't believe me when I say that I'll be back
next Christmas." With that Santa dropped off presents for Megan's brother's
then picked up her panties and shoved them in his pocket as a souvenir.

As Santa left Megan curled up into the fetal position and sucked her thumb as
she cried.
_ _ _

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