Written collaboratively, so there is definitely some European grammar and punctuation that has slipped through (commas outside of quotations, etc.)

Dragon Age - Origins: An Occurrence In The Korcari Wilds (Ff,f-beast,anal,rape)
by John Drake and Eridan.


The familiar odors and sights of the swamp enveloped Morrigan, witch of the Chasind, as she set foot into her old home again. The dark-haired beauty wrinkled her nose in distaste as she felt the ground give beneath her feet, murky waters rising to her ankles.

She had never had any real fondness for the swamp and its surroundings, with all the stench, the gnats and flies and snakes and the ever-present aura of rot. Not that so-called "civilization" was any better. What she had seen in the company of the Grey Warden had been enough for her to develop just the same sense of disgust about the big cities.

And, if one wanted to be left alone, there was no better place to scare off potential troublemakers, overzealous Templers and curious folk than the swamp. Of course, she understood all too well why Flemeth had decided to settle here, of all places.

The thought of her mother brought a sneer of deeper disgust to Morrigan's haughty features. Even while she still had been a child, Flemeth had already planned to destroy her and take over her body. All the training in magic, evasion and seduction had just been a way for the sorceress to ensure she did not have to relearn anything after the switch. And there was little she could do against it. Flemeth was far more powerful than she ever could be.

For a while after finding the book in the Circle, she had hoped for the Warden to help her out there, to go and take Flemeth's life, or, if that was not possible, at the very least her books, her knowledge, so Morrigan could protect herself.

Unfortunately, she had been severely disappointed when the Warden kept on stalling again and again, citing the greater importance of their mission to stop the Darkspawn. Until Morrigan, frustrated and, though she would rather die than admit it, afraid, had decided to take matters into her own hands.

Which was how she ended up here again, against all better judgment, to do what the Warden refused to do. To take away Flemeth's stash of occult lore and find a way to keep her own soul in her own body.

And even though the idea still filled her with dread, she had marched on until she ended up here again, on the small hillside, looking down at the old wooden hut, lying there in false peace. Just an old wooden shack... and yet, the home of the most dangerous monster that ever prowled these lands.

Gritting her teeth in defiance, Morrigan cast a spell to shroud herself in illusion and made her way down, carefully casting her glance to the left and the right. A few moments ago, she had felt a most curious tingling sensation at the back of her neck... as if she was being watched.

"If you are keeping an eye on me, mother, better have the decency to kill me right now..." she muttered. The call of a bird somewhere in the marsh was the only response, and Morrigan crept closer to the shack, boots sinking slightly into the mud with each set.

The witch winced with each noise she made, each splash her movements caused on the wet ground. If Flemeth found her here, and if she knew what her daughter was planning to do, she would kill her. Or worse.

Morrigan shuddered at the thought. "It's my body old bitch. Not yours..." she whispered.

The rotting wood of the hut was before her now. The warped door sitting slightly ajar in its frame, just like it had throughout her entire childhood. It creaked softly in the breeze, and Morrigan pushed through it with hardly a whisper beyond the usual sound. She was careful to step on the nails of the decrepit floor, to stop the entire hut from announcing her presence.

The hut was empty.

Morrigan looked around, seeking any signs of life, but Flemeth was not here. As far as the witch could tell, nothing had changed in the slightest since she had left with the warden and that idiot Alistar months ago. Her bed in the corner was still rumpled, unmade from the last time the witch had slept in it. There was, in fact, no sign that anyone had stepped foot here since Morrigan herself.

Flemeth was gone.

Morrigan began to laugh. At first the sound was quiet, barely an amused chuckle, but as the witch of the wilds put all of her derision for her fear and paranoia into the sound it grew. It grew until it was a proper laugh that stole her breath, black hair swinging abound her head as she shook with mirth.

"Oh what a fool I've been," she said to no one, luxuriating in the sound of her own voice.

Flemeth was gone. The rising number of Darkspawn in the wilds after Ostegar's fall must have finally convinced the witch to leave. Her wards would be gone with her, of course, so Morrigan wasn't safe here but...

Perhaps in her mother's hurry to depart, she had left behind something that would be of use against her. A talisman of the womans, or perhaps even one of the grimoirs she had hoped to find. Eager now, the young witch began to search, her amber eyes scanning the room.

Nothing. There was nothing under the beds, on the shelves, or on the table. Nothing in the book case, or on the chairs. Her eyes kept returning to the locked chest on the western wall, the same chest that Flemeth had kept the Grey Warden's papers in - there was nowhere else something could be hidden.

Refusing to admit defeat, Morrigan knelt by the chest and found it still as securely locked as it had ever been. No matter how hard she pressed against the wood the stubborn lid refused to budge. Morrigan was about a second away from summoning an inferno and trying to burn her way through the chest when a cold voice came from behind her.

"It won't open for you."

Morrigan suddenly went stiff, her back locking into a rictus arch as the magical prison closed around her. Every muscle in her body strained violently against the paralysis, but she could barely breath in much less escape.

Ice flowed down her spine as the fingers of a weak, old woman brushed an errant lock her hair from her neck. "Welcome home, daughter," Flemeth whispered into Morrigan's ear. "I've been waiting for you."

She tried to turn her head at least, but Flemeth's spell would not allow it. Not that it was necessary, for a moment later her mother stepped around her. She did not look much different than the last time Morrigan had seen outwardly frail, old woman with white-grey hair and a face that may have once been beautiful, but had been ravaged by time. And to think that this thin, almost haggard form, concealed such power...

"Hello, mother," Morrigan managed to say, noticing that the spell did not extend to her mouth or eyes. Her voice did not tremble, even though the icy fingers of fear still used her spine as a lute - that much self-control Flemeth herself had taught her. "Did you miss me?"

Flemeth chuckled, a surprisingly youthful sound. "Not particularly, my dearest daughter. After all, I always kept watch over you. You know that I have my ways. Only on very lonely days did I miss your caustic wit."

Of course, Morrigan chided herself, there had never been a reason why Flemeth should not have been able to keep an eye on her. The lower beasts all heeded her call and she herself could turn into pretty much anything and anyone. Maybe that old wanderer a few days ago had actually been her, wanting to check on her progress...

"So, you thought to drop by unannounced... and you even wished to steal from me. From your own mother! I am deeply, deeply disappointed in you." Reaching out, Flemeth placed a slender hand around Morrigan's chin, the paper-thin skin almost rasping against Morrigan's much more supple and soft flesh.

"You taught me to survive at any cost", Morrigan responded, trying her best to ignore the touch and keep eye contact, despite the power she could feel building up behind Flemeth's yellow-tinged orbs, "And you seek to kill me... mother. To usurp this body and live another thousand years."

Again, she had to endure that unnerving chuckle from her mother. "Or even longer. After all, such a fine body as yours is worth keeping for a long, long time. And I must say, I am not pleased that you seek to deny me this."

"Forgive me for wanting to live on, you old hag", Morrigan snarled, her anger slowly overriding her fear. Was it just her imagination or did the spell slowly fade? "I almost had the Warden persuaded to end your pathetic life forever." Flemeth reached over to the imprisoned woman and grabbed the staff from her back, flinging it across the room.

"Then it is good he did not go through with it. It would have been his death... and he is sorely needed still." Flemeth shook her head and furrowed her brow for a moment. Morrigan stared in fascination as suddenly, her mother's flesh swam and began to knit itself in new ways. Of course, the shapechanger's art was not unknown to her, but her mother made it seem almost effortless.

Silently, she stared as suddenly, decades seemed to reverse their onslaught on Flemeth's frame. Her skin tightened and muscles reappeared while her hair turned to a stark white, rolled into great horns resembling those of a dragon. The whole process took only a heartbeat but when it was done, Flemeth now truly looked like a mighty sorceress, someone who could just as well be at home in a courtroom or the decadent mage halls of Tevinter. Yellow, slitted eyes stared at her now, brimming with power.

"I can understand your desire to protect yourself... but nevertheless, stealing from me demands punishment." Again, she raised her hand - which now sported long black talons - and, effortlessly, slashed away at the thin straps of fabric that held Morrigan's outfit up, exposing the young witch's round, firm breasts in one motion. "And I am known for my creative ways to punish those who cross me..."

Morrigan gasped, golden eyes wide, as her breasts were suddenly exposed to the air, the arc of her back thrusting her chest forward. Before the fabric of her robe had even reached the ground Flemeth's taloned hand was at her neck, the sharp blade pressing lightly against the hollow of her throat. The young witch flinched microscopically in her magical prison, but at least it was something.

She had to keep the woman distracted long enough for the force prison to end. Morrigan came back to herself then enough to sneer. "What are you doing, mother?"

Flemeth's other hand, the one without a talon, came up to cup a breast from beneath, as the younger woman's eyes narrowed. "Being disappointed," her mother said, bringing her hand further up the firm breast to rest on the witch's nipple, hard in the cold air. "I asked you to do one thing," she said, and pressed the bud between two fingers and squeezed, making her daughter's face scrunch up. "A single, simple task." She twisted, pulling away from Morrigan's chest while the younger girl gave a small cry.

"Mother, what are you do-"

Flemeth slapped her with her scaled hand, the back of the talon striking her face and turning it savagely to the side. "Be quiet, girl. I'm not finished."

Morrigan longed to glare at the abomination that called herself her mother, but she couldn't turn her head back to look at her. Her neck had paralyzed itself in its new position, and again no matter how hard her muscles fought she could not move an inch.

"Tut," her mother continued as though nothing had happened, her hand still on Morrigan's nipple. "A stupid human, one of the fanatically stupid Grey Wardens..." Flemeth dragged the talon down across the womans chest now, sharp points of the claws dragging lightly over exposed flesh. "Eager to escape, to live his life..."

Morrigan gasped as the sharp tip brushed over her other nipple, and again she longed to be able to glare at the woman. Already she was biting her tongue to prevent herself to shouting at her again.

"And not only could you not seduce him like I asked... but you couldn't even get him to do the least thing for you, like come after me?" She closed her taloned hand over the other nub of hard flesh and pulled, like she was trying to enlarge the witch's breasts by stretching them from her chest. Morrigan gasped in the back of her throat and ruthlessly swallowed the sound. "You obviously can't do anything right, at all. One of them is a Templar, for the maker's sake. They should have been eager!"

"Was a Templar," Morrigan snapped, unable to to hold her tongue any longer.

Flemeth released her crushed nipples, and Morrigan gave a tiny sigh in relief that she prayed the woman didn't notice. "Oh, you know all about him, do you? Did you try to seduce him instead of the Cousland boy?"

Morrigan tried to stop herself, she really did.

Laughing is hard when mostly paralyzed, and when a prison of force prevents deep breathing, but the witch of the wilds managed it. "Alistair?" she choked out, trying and failing to contain her mirth. "The damned hounded they insist on dragging along had twice the brains, and three times the wit!"

Her mother grasped Morrigan's chin and pulled her face back until their eyes met, amber on amber. Flemeth's gaze lasted for several seconds, until the witch had succeeded in stopped her laughter, before continuing. "So you think this is a joke, Morrigan? One of the silly little games you played in the swamp, perhaps?" The powerful sorceress leaned forward, until her face was almost pressed against that of her daughter. "It is not," she whispered viciously. "I am very displeased with your incompetence, and your lack of loyalty."

Without stepping back her normal hand pressed lightly against Morrigan's rack. "Your failure wasn't here, it seems," she muttered, eyes narrowing. The sharp points of her taloned fingers began sliding down the young woman's stomach. "Perhaps the fault lies elsewhere..."

The tight leather of her pants split easily under the razored claws of Flemeth's hand, opening a slash that began at her waist and grew lower and lower with each passing second. The black hide that had served the sorceress as a second skin was being torn apart, and Morrigan lamented its loss. Finding another pair like that would be difficult... if she managed to escape her mother with her own body, of course.

"Perhaps the failure was here?" the words escaped Flemeth in an angry hiss, and Morrigan felt the scaled digit presses against...

Her eyes widened. "W-wait!" she yelled, "wait, what!"

Flemeth had placed one taloned finger against Morrigan's nether lips, the obsidian-coloured, sharp talon resting against her folds. Her other hand found its way back to her breasts, a the point of her index finger tracing painful circles around her sensitive aureola, though the sharp digit never broke the skin. "What are you doing, mother?" she asked sharply, anger, indignation and no small amount of fear colouring her voice. Of all the things that might happen, she had never ever expected her mother to touch her like this.

"Hitting you where it hurts most, I hope," Flemeth responded, her eyes still glaring with anger but her lips marked by a small, cruel smirk. Between Morrigan's legs, she began to move her hand and the young witch gasped as she felt the sharp talon wander up and down her snatch. Even had she been able to move, she would have remained frozen for fear of the talon hurting her most sensitive part.

"I always found your rebellious streak amusing... to a point," Flemeth continued, her gaze boring into Morrigan's eyes, seeking for the shame and fear she hoped to provoke... and finding it, much to her joy and Morrigan's dismay, "but to think you defied me not once, but twice... it truly angers me."

It took a moment before Morrigan found her voice again, trying her best to ignore the hands molesting her nether slit and her breasts. Nevertheless, when she opened her mouth again, she could not keep her voice from trembling. " Maybe... if you wouldn't plan to kill me, I would not have reason to defy you... mother."

"Poor child," Flemeth responded, her mocking tone like a knife in Morrigan's mind. "You really believed that your body ever belonged to you." She chuckled again, teasing Morrigan's slit faster and provoking a sharp intake of breath from the younger witch.

"Maybe this will drive the message home to you, you dumb, dumb girl", the ancient witch hissed and suddenly, Morrigan shrieked as the talon PUSHED into her, upwards, past her folds and into her warm, dry opening. While it was more surprise than pain, the sensation of the sharp digit pushing against her sensitive, tight walls was far from comfortable or painless, although Flemeth took care not to inflict injury upon her victim... yet.

"Mother... stop it!" Morrigan hissed through clenched teeth, already hating herself for shrieking like a scared child. She still had no idea what her mother intended - she certainly had never seen her act in such a manner - but she would not give in to her. "Stop it... at once!"

Flemeth did not even seem to hear her. Instead, she added a second taloned finger, carefully sliding it into the raven-haired beauty in front of her, stretching the tight hole. Morrigan tensed up, feeling both talons scrape against her sensitive inner skin. "Your body belongs to me. It belonged to me from the moment I decided to raise you!"

Flemeth's face was only inches away from Morrigan's and suddenly, the witch's mouth was on hers. Morrigan's lips parted in both surprise and shock and Flemeth's tongue invaded, kissing her deeply and brutally. And when Flemeth started to pump her fingers in and out of her, the kiss muffled Morrigan's pained groans as well...

The hard, chitinous digits slid slid smoothly past her lips, the ridges of the plates catching her her sensitive flesh and pulling at it as she drove her fingers deeper into Morrigan's dry hole. The ridges were a bit thicker on top of the shaft, and the stiff bumps scraped at the vulnerable labia. Morrigan groaned again, the sound going no further than her mother's mouth. While her talon was occupied stretching the young witch, her other hand mauled at the exposed breasts aggressively, squeezing and striking the pale orbs of flesh until they grew sore. Flemeth broke the kiss and lowered her face to Morrigan's neck, her lips never leaving the woman's skin. The powerful witch bit down softly, and Morrigan realized she had grown fangs in her transformation.

The young sorceress was biting down on her lips now, trying not to take a sound as Flemeth drove her scaled hand into her, the trusts growing harder with time. The unyielding armor plates tore at her insides, bruising them with the force of the abuse. Hey cunt felt spread wide around the girth of that freaking hard, the hideous lines and ridges that covered it hurting her innards. Those fangs of her mother's flashed as she bit down carefully on Morrigan's breast, the sharp tip just barely breaking the surface of her nipple but sending a shudder of agony through the witch's body anyway.

Morrigan was breathing hard now, taking short but fast breaths as she chewed her own lips to stop from screaming. "Mother..." she said, her voice breaking midway through the word. "Stop this..."

To her surprise, Flemeth did. Slowly she pulled the sharp digits from within her cunt, and Morrigan could not suppress another shudder as the sharp claw tips scraped against her lips deliberately. Her mother was looking at her, she knew, and the witch raised her eyes to meet hers. There was a sadistic, pleased gleam to the yellow orbs, a lust for suffering that Morrigan had never seen in her mother's eyes before.

Morrigan was getting her breath back under control now, asserting her control over her body. "Alright, mother. Lesson learned. Release me."

Flemeth smiled at her, the expression promising not joy, but pain. "You know, this didn't have to be this way... if you had just cooperated, or even stayed ignorant, your fate could have been much more fun for you." Flemeth walked around to behind the woman now, her sharp claws trailing across Morrigan's pale skin. "Even if you'd still been an uncooperative little brat I could have shown you some mercy if you'd been competent enough to whore yourself for the warden."

Flemeth dug the claw into the leather pants, gripping them and pulling with a savage tug. The screech of ripping leather filled the room as the animal hide tore like paper, sundered by the unbelievable strength of her mother's seemingly frail limbs. "I will not allow a stupid, petulant child to interfere in my plan," she snarled, "Plans I've waited for decades to come to fruition. I don't need your cooperation, just your body... and since you've done nothing but get in my way, I'm just going to take what I need."

Morrigan struggled madly against the magical prison, trying to escape, to move, or even to turn and see what her mother was doing behind her. The ranting woman was pressed against her from behind now, both of her hands wrapping around Morrigan's back to grasp her breasts from behind and squeeze. "I spent your childhood teaching you magic, the way of power. Even if you only lived a short life, you would have lived it as a god among peasants." Flemeth was starting to squeeze her breasts harder now, her hands crushing the supple skin of her tits beneath them. It hurt abominably, and the talon was the worst... the armored plates of chitin pinched her delicate flesh between them as they pressed down, drawing angry red lines of agony across her tender body.

"But perhaps," Flemeth continued, squeezing even harder until Morrigan could not contain a new gasp of pain. "Perhaps it was wasted effort. Instead of gratitude, all I inspired in you, my daughter, was arrogance."

Morrigan was certain her tits were being crushed to pulp beneath her mother's assault, even while the talon must be tearing one of them apart with its sharp edges. She could just barely hear the witch's mocking words. Her entire world vanished, reduced to no awareness but that of the incredible pain. A pained voice was screaming into Morrigan's, and it took the witch a moment to realize that the voice was hers.

The moment she screamed the agony stopped. Flemeth released her assaulted breasts, her hands pulling off of the witches skin and leaving the orbs bruised but intact behind them.

It took Morrigan a long time to regain her composure, perhaps several minutes. Her voice was still ragged when she spoke. "Why... why wou-"

Flemeth lay her talon against the witch's lips, silencing her her. The hard, cruel weapon smelled like her, Morrigan realized to her humiliation, nostrils flaring. "Punishment, darling. Like I should have done a long time ago." The elder witch bit her ear, and no matter how hard the dark haired woman tried she could not flinch away. "Since you are apparently too foolish to understand when you are being treated generously, you leave me with little choice but to show you the penalty for disobedience."

Something hit her stripped ass then, and Morrigan jerked microscopically in the prison of force before she realized it was Flemeth's hand. "Really, mother?" she said, chuckling through the talon still against her face. "You are spanking me? What do you think I am, five?"

Flemeth said nothing, but slowly, with the regularity of a metronome, drove her hand against Morrigan vulnerable ass, causing the soft flesh to ripple beneath the impact and slowly grow red. The strikes stung, but the witch of the wilds had spent months in battle against the darkspawn and other abominations - this hardly counted as an injury, and as the spanking continued Morrigan was not sure whether to be grateful for the pitiful punishing or indignant that it was even considered to be one.

Then Flemeth switched hands.

Morrigan's golden eyes flew wide open as the talon struck her ass like an armored fist, the heavy impact striking her already agitated skin with savagery that exceeded the previous blows combined. Then, exactly on schedule, the heavy, chitinous talon landed again a few seconds later. Morrigan gasped, then bit her tongue in an effort to stop herself from screaming like a child when a third blow landed.

Minutes passed like this, the unyielding armor on Flemeth's hand as merciless as stone as she drove it down on her exposed ass again and again. The hard ridges of the solid plates would catch her skin on impact, driving down into her harder than the rest and hurting the witch horrible. Morrigan could taste blood in her mouth now, and realized to her horror that she had cut her own inner lip in the effort not to cry out.

And on and on Flemeth struck her, never slowing or speeding up, the blows never growing weaker with time. Morrigan tried to convince herself that the punishment would end soon, that the pain would stop... but the steady assault gave lie to her hopes. The raven haired beauty let a single sob escape from her as she began to suspect that the assault could continue for ever, until that unforgiving claw had flayed her ass to the bone if Flemeth wished it.

"You can make this stop, daughter..." the black-hearted mage whispered her Morrigan's ear. "All you need to do is tell me your sorry."
"But I'm not you old hag!" she hissed between clenched teeth, another impact forcing her to strangle a scream before it could form.

"Then you leave me with little choice," she growled, "than to make you sorry."

The next strike was harder, and this time Morrigan was not quick enough to suppress the scream. Her voice rang out and filled the hut, accompanied by the loud slap that the armored hand had made. Again Flemeth stuck her daughter's ass hard enough to send her feet across the floor were she not magically held in place, and the fresh scream from the young witch was music to the white haired woman's ears.

Morrigan's discipline left her completely in only a few more strikes, her pain completely overwhelming her rational mind. Her eyes were wet with tears straining to be released, a tiny trickle of liquid sorrow being set free each time her body shook from the thunderous impact to her rear. Her screams were almost constant now, and try as the witch might she could not restrain herself any longer.

Finally Flemeth stopped the abuse, allowing her now sobbing daughter to sag in her force prison. The witch was unhappy with the girl's stubbornness... but there was no sense in permanently damaging her own future body, and if she continued much longer that perfect ass would scar, rather than just being raw and agonized.

The ancient sorceress walked around the restrained girl, watching as Morrigan put herself back together - containing the outward signs of her pain behind a wall of discipline. She smiled when her daughter finally met her eyes again, and the yellow eyes burned with so much hatred that they all but glowed.

"Do you think," she choked out, her voice raw from the screams Flemeth had torn from her throat, "that this will make me obey you?"

Flemeth snarled and slapped the impudent girl again, using her talon and forming an angry red imprint on the younger woman's pale face. "You are required to do nothing, least of all obey," the abomination snarled, bearing her fangs at the dark haired woman. "Maybe you weren't paying attention, or maybe you are just too stupid to understand, but I'm done allowing you to have a choice at all." She grabbed the woman's braided hair, tearing much of it lose from the tight knots as she forced to woman to meet her eyes again. "I'm just going to take what I need from you now."

The haughty look on her daughter's face infuriated the older woman, remind her that the stupid little slut was determined to cost her the soul of the Archdemon she had so long schemed to obtain. As she walked to the hut's door she was filled with a burning desire to break this dishonorable wench and leave her a blubbering wreck before she found another way to obtain the essence of the Darkspawn. Despite the abuses she'd been made to suffer already, Morrigan still had her pride... and that's exactly what Flemeth intended to take from her.

Flemeth opened the door, mentally sending instructions to her thrall.

Morrigan wanted to turn her head and see, but she still could not move. The spell was still holding firm, only permitting her a few twitching motions that ultimately did more harm than good, making her cramp up, only adding to the remnants of the soreness in her pussy and the stinging of her reddened asscheeks. Swallowing, she focused all her efforts on keeping herself from crying any more and finally succeeded, the shameful well of tears drying out again.

Behind her, she heard heavier footsteps approach the door and her mother's voice, "Cormac, come in. And bring the rope." Upon hearing these words, Morrigan felt her heartbeat quicken. She still refused to be afraid of her mother, that old cunt who got off on hurting her, but she could not help but feel a certain creeping unease. She did not have the gift of sight, but she knew with absolute certainty that the parade of degradations had only just begun.

The door closed behind her and the footsteps came closer, rounding her, allowing her to finally see the new arrival. He was a barbarian, all sunburned skin and muscle, wearing only a loincloth and a few pieces of leather armor, most likely cobbled together from the apparel of those he had killed. His face was brutish but had a certain rugged appeal to it... except for his eyes. In such a man, Morrigan would have expected them to burn with feverish intensity... but here, they were empty. Devoid of feeling, of desire, of will... of a soul. One look was enough to tell Morrigan she was looking at a slave.

In one of his meaty hands, he held a coil of rope, eying first it and then her without true interest, as if merely mimicking the motions of a truly living man. It was obvious that Flemeth had destroyed whatever had made this man human and left only an obedient shell. Morrigan wondered if this was to be her fate as well... but if her mother had wanted this, she could have already done it. What then was her goal?

Behind her, she heard another rustling sound and when Flemeth finally walked around again, she had shed her garments, standing next to the Chasind completely bare and naked. Her body was that of a woman who had aged not just gracefully but perfectly, showing a mixture of fitness and roundness Morrigan would have admired were it not for the fact that Flemeth had spent no effort to look that way. Still, her right hand remained a talon reminiscent of a dragon's claw. Smirking, Flemeth reached out and underneath the barbarian's loincloth, obviously grabbing his cock and starting to rub it vigorously.

The barbarian grunted but made no move otherwise. "This is Cormac," Flemeth addressed her daughter again, "one of my most faithful servants. He will... help with your punishment."

Morrigan glared at her, her eyes wandering to the movement beneath the loincloth. "Is my punishment watching you jerk him off, mother? Then please stop... I have seen enough."

Flemeth chuckled again. "I am merely getting him ready... for you, my dear daughter. Since you were so reluctant to give up your precious cunt for the Warden, it is high time you were taught what your holes were truly for."


Morrigan's eyes narrowed angrily even as her mind raced. "You wouldn't dare!" she hissed.

Flemeth smiled at her, the expression full of a cold contempt. Her hand continued to stroke the cock beneath the barbarian's pathetic clothing, and Morrigan found her gaze drawn to the act despite herself. "Wouldn't I?" Her mother laughed. Flemeth's hand made a disgusting meaty sound as it slid up and down the hidden shaft... a long way up and down, she couldn't help but appraise.

Her hand held onto the barbarian's member even as she twirling her talon in a circular motion and the barbarian started forward, slowly pulling her hand from his cock as he walked towards the black haired witch, rope in hand.

"As I thought I'd told you, daughter," Flemeth said as she watched her thrall begin to wrap the rope around one of the young witches ankles. "There is nothing but what I can do to you, and what you can stop me from doing."

She made a gesture and the spell holding Morrigan in place vanished. Her limbs fell limply to her sides as the magical hold of them was released without warning. "So stop him?"

Morrigan turned, her hand raking out at the barbarian with her fingers clenched in the shape of a slap. She had been aiming for the man's eyes, but he twisted out of the way and her nails tore at his cheek instead of blinding him.

No matter. Morrigan had been taught to shapeshift when she was just a child. Closing her eyes, she visualized the sequence of magical energies that would transform her into a swarm that would fly out of the hundreds of holes in this ratty shack and out into the swamp, where Flemeth would never find her.

Nothing was happening.

She opened her eyes, the yellow orbs widening is panic. "What...?" she muttered.

The distraction cost the witch. Cormac had recovered from Morrigan's attack and grabbed her outstretched arm, pulling her forward and kneeing her in her flat stomach. As the air left the noirette in a rush, the barbarian grabbed the mage by her throat and lifted her entirely off the ground before hurling her against the wall.

Morrigan collapsed hard on the bed, her hair completely spilling from its braid as she gasped to regain her breath. Almost immediately Cormac was at her again, pressing her down to the bed as he flipped the witch onto her belly and and grabbed both of her arms. She tried to struggle again him, but her body was too busy heaving, desperate for air, and he was too strong.

"No changing form for you I'm afraid, my dear." Flemeth's cold voice mocked her from across the room. "You really should not accept food from strangers... you never know what might be in it."

So that stranger on the road had been her after all. 'Stupid, careless, idiotic,' she thought to herself. 'Thats the kind of thing a naive fool like the warden would do.' "What did you do to me, mother?"

She laughed, the sound hard and cruel. "Oh, nothing permenant. I wouldn't want to damage by ability to use magic once I take you, after all. Just a poison I know from the swamps with a little lyrium dust."

The rope Cormac carried was now being coiled around her wrists and up her arm, dragging her elbows painfully together as he rested his weight against her injured ass. "Get off of me you mentally addled freak!" she shouted as he turned her back over, pressing her back down to the mattress, his cock furiously hard beneath his barely sufficient clothing. "Does every muscle in your body work but the one in your head?" Morrigan saw a tiny flicker of anger in the man's soulless eyes, and it gave the witch hope that maybe there was some small piece of him left. Quickly though, the emotion vanished and he began wrapping another coil of rope around her neck. "I said, get off me! You look like you bathe in swamp water, and you smell like the wrong end of a mabari!"

The noose around her throat was tied up to the head of the bed, against the wall. When Cormac's weight lifted from the raven haired woman's slender form, she kicked at him. He contemptuously grabbed the leg and pulled, sliding her down on the bed until the robe around her neck was tight and she stopped struggling so hard. Then he reached for the rope already tied to the other ankle and wrapped it around this one as well, pulling until the rope was taut beneath the bed, spreading her legs wide.

The spread position further ripped open Flemeth's slash in what was left of Morrigan's leather pants, and she knew that her pussy must be fully exposed now. Cormac stood at the foot of the bed, his face showing neither anticipation nor lust as he looked down at the spread girl, his face completely blank.

Flemeth was standing her her face again, the ancient abomination leaning down to cup the cheek of the furious bound witch. "Don't worry about your shape shifting, girl. The poison will wear off in a few days, unless I need to dose you again by then." She twirled her taloned finger again and Cormac untied his thin loincloth, exposing the massive meat behind it. He climbed on the bed. "That's the least of your problems right now," she whispered in her ear.

The bed creaked as Morrigan strained against the bonds, throwing her body around as much as the rope would allow it - which was not far, much to her dismay - and glaring at her mother, who merely met her gaze with that unnerving bemused expression. "No! No, you won't! Let me go, you withered old hag!" Morrigan yelled, but Flemeth paid her no heed. "Go ahead," the ancient witch said to her barbarian, "go ahead, and do not stop until I tell you to."

Again, the bed groaned and the barbarian began to lower himself on top of the helpless witch, who kept on struggling to no avail. His musky scent assaulted her nostrils as he loomed over her, the odour of sweat, earth and the ever-present miasma of the swamp. For a brief moment, Morrigan wondered how Flemeth could stand him as a lover but she quickly remembered that he had obvious other... qualities.

And one of these she was about to experience firsthand. A tight, short gasp escaped her lips when she felt the tip of Cormac's impressive cock touch her nether lips, already sore from the rough taloned fingering her mother had visited upon her unwilling and unprepared snatch. Flemeth's gaze wandered away from her daughter's face, keenly interested in what was happening between her legs, a small cruel smile upon her lips.

The barbarian ignored Morrigan's angry glare, staring at some point above her head, supporting himself with one mighty-thewed arm above her shoulder while using the other to guide his massive rod into her tight snatch. A slight grunt escaped him as he began to push, the sound accompanied by Morrigan's pained groan, which was followed by an even more pained yelp when the thick head finally went into her.

Morrigan threw her head back, gritting her teeth to swallow the next cry of pain that threatened to spill out over her lips. Her mother had already hurt her there... but this was so much worse. She could feel the thick head stretch her wide, a sensation accompanied by terrible discomfort and a strong burning pain unlike anything she had felt before. Her body bucked, her muscles cramping as, once more, she struggled to escape the bonds that held her, making her a victim to this act of defilement.

Through a haze of pain, she felt her mother's hand on her cheek again. "This is so much better than that arrogance of yours... Cormac is going to teach you a little lesson in humility now, " she said, her voice almost gentle.

Morrigan gasped, feeling another inch slide into her tight, unwilling hole. "DROP DEAD, HAG! MONSTER! I AM... NGGG... YOUR... DAUGHTER!" she screamed at the older witch. For a moment, the pain lessened somewhat, allowing her to articulate her hatred more clearly. "And you... let him... rape me... are you... enjoying this... you old... bitch?" Then he thrust again, harder and deeper, and this time she did scream, shamefully loud.

"My daughter by choice, not by blood... which would have been much harder to achieve", Flemeth calmly said over the creaking and groaning of the old wood as the barbarian settled into a rhythm of ever-deepening thrusts into Morrigan's defenseless snatch. The taloned hand soon found her way to Morrigan's breasts again, groping and scratching them while the other slid between her legs, rubbing obscenely and in clear view of her daughter. "And yes, I am enjoying this... even more so than I imagined I would, in fact."

Morrigan barely noticed the scratching as the burning, flaming pain between her legs being much, much more intense, eclipsing everything. But even worse than having that large cock push into her again and again, driving deeper without mercy or regard for herself was the simple fact that she was being RAPED. Morrigan had been brought up to the ways of power, knowing that there were few who could stand up to a witch and live, let alone a shapeshifter. A situation like this had been utterly alien to her. The sheer idea that she would one day be at the mercy of a man who simply took her without her consent... it had never crossed her mind. Never until this very moment.

She felt more than heard another pained cry escape her throat when he finally pushed his full length in, his throbbing member now completely sheathed inside her tight opening. "Good, good... you took him all", Flemeth said from somewhere beside her, her form obscured by a veil of hated tears having gathered before the noirette's eyes. "Now fuck her hard, Cormac." And with that command, the pain began anew.

Cormac was like a golem, tireless and ceaseless in his assault, his hips slamming down upon her again and again as he drove his cock deeply into her snatch, ripping pained cries from her whenever he filled her completely, sending another stab of searing pain through her lower body. When he pulled back, his cock almost seemed to pull her inner walls with it, adding to her pain and soreness. But he never uttered a single word of pity or concern, even though his every motion brought tears to her eyes. And after a while, she almost considered it a triumph whenever she managed to simply grit her teeth and not scream, the pain stabbing into her being almost too intense to bear.

Next to her, she heard a wet, sliding sound, no doubt her "mother" pleasuring herself to the sight of the brutal, unrelenting rape. But no matter how much this sound stoked the fires of her hatred, it would not help her get free. She was well and truly helpless beneath this man and under the assault of his cock.

Morrigan lost all sense of time, feeling nothing but the pain, hearing nothing but her own screams, the groaning of the old wood underneath them and the unnerving sound of Flemeth's fingers rubbing her own, no doubt wet, slit. On occasion, a soft moan would escape Flemeth's lips, but those were the only sounds that came from either of her violators. Cormac did not even grunt, his breathing heavy but strangely even as he kept on pounding her cunt.

Sweat dripped down onto her from the barbarian's massive body, mixing with her own, drenching the old sheets beneath. How much longer would this go on? Maybe Flemeth would make him stop if she repented and asked for mercy... but despite all the pain, Morrigan knew she could not do that. She could not sink that low. Never.

And she did not have to. For suddenly, no doubt ordered by her mother, Cormac pulled out of her, leaving her cunt sore, aching and gaping for a moment before it began to close again, a sensation that provoked another pained grunt from her. Blinking rapidly to get rid of the tears, she saw Flemeth kneel down next to the barbarian and place her lips around his engorged member, her normal hand, slick and glistening, cradling his balls, squeezing lightly.

Even with all that had happened, Morrigan felt a certain sense of strangeness at the way Flemeth conducted this... business. For even in a situation that smacked of submissiveness to anyone else, Flemeth exuded an aura of power that made it very clear who was in charge. Even with his cock in her mouth, she was still Cormac's mistress...

In mute fascination, panting with exhaustion, Morrigan stared at the sight, noticing that the barbarian went rigid, a single grunt escaping his lips as he came, filling Flemeth's mouth with his seed. But her mother's throat did not move, indicating she had not swallowed one single drop. Instead, before Morrigan could react in any meaningful way, the taloned hand had graped her chin, the sharp points of Flemeth's nails digging into her cheeks... and then, just as she had to part her lips, Flemeth's mouth was on hers... and the old witch's tongue pushed Cormac's entire load into her mouth!

Morrigan jerked her head but Flemeth pushed her down firmly to the bed, gravity pulling more and more of the white syrup into the young sorceress's mouth. She spat but the ancient crone's tongue pressed against her own, pinning her mouth in place while her mouth filled with Cormac's cum. The salty liquid from the cruel barbarian tasted exactly like she would expect swamp water to.

The moment the abomination pulled off of Morrigan's lips the talon grabbed the womans chin, forcing her mouth up and closed. Fire burned golden in Flemeth's eyes as she glared down at her daughter. "You don't get to open your mouth again until you've swallowed." Her normal hand reached down the young girl's perfect body and wrapped her narrow fingers around one her breasts with stunning strength, the seemingly frail limbs crushingly strong. Morrigan wanted to scream as she felt the bony grip dig deeply into her soft flesh, but the gag of cum that her mother had fed her silenced the caustic witch more surely that anything else had ever done.

Cormac just stood there on the bed, his eyes still fixed on the wall above Morrigan's head. Flemeth removed her hand from Morrigan's breast much to her relief and returned the hand to between her own legs. "Slave, come over here and abuse her tits for me," Flemeth said, her voice taking on wry tone. "I'm afraid I've run out of hands."

The barbarian shifted on the bed and Morrigan again writhed in her bonds in a pointless effort to escape the enormous thrall. His hands firmly wrapped around a breast apiece and he started to pull at them, switching between pulling at one nipple while he bit the other, grinding it between the flats of his teeth. The noirette mage squealed quietly in her throat, the sound barely making it back her tightly sealed and full mouth. She could do little but look up and Flemeth as the older witch watched her daughter's abuse, a satisfied look in her pale yellow eyes.

"Harder, Cormac," Flemeth said, her voice coming slightly huskier than it had before. "Teach her a lesson for me." The huge man complied, leaning more and more of his weight against the buxom witch and smashing her tits flat to her chest. Morrigan screamed into her own mouth, the pool of cum and saliva bubbling. "You can make this end, my dear daughter," Flemeth moaned, three of her fingers now buried in her own cunt. "All you need to do is swallow."

Morrigan viciously shook her head, closing her eyes, and Flemeth chuckled. "A pity. Cormac, I grow bored of this." She reached out, and the abused witch could feel his cock harden against her chest. "Rape her ass for me."

Morrigan's yellow eyes flew open as Cormac began moving on the bed. Surely she couldn't have heard her mother right. Obviously the old hag had wanted to teach her a lesson in obedience, and to humiliate her rebellious daughter, but far enough was far enough. She couldn't let this go on. Grimacing, Morrigan swallowed the vile mixture of fluids, feeling the warm seed flow down her throat as she gulped. She tried not to think about it.

Flemeth removed the taloned claw from the daughter once her throat had swallowed all of Cormac's cum, and the beautiful young witch opened her mouth. "Ok Mother," she gasped slowly, choking the words out. "You win." She had to constantly make an effort not to vomit in disgust.

Cormac slid his knees beneath her bound legs, raising her ass off the bed. "Enough Mother! You win! I did it!" Morrigan practically screamed out as she felt Cormac press his hard cock against the struggling witch's dry, small asshole. The head of the massive shaft looked to be at least four times the size of her opening, and seemed a highly improbably fit.

"Wait," Flemeth said, removing her hand from between her legs. Instantly the pressure on her sphincter ceased, and Morrigan silently sighed in relief until her mother pressed the fingers of her normal hand into Morrigan's mouth. The digits were coated with the old hag's juices, and it tasted like rotting fruit gone sour. She did not pause or even ask the witch to clean them, but simply wiped the fingers clean on the inside of her mouth while she spoke.

"I told you, I was done with waiting for you to cooperate," she hissed into her daughter's ear. "I tried doing this kindly already, and you spat in the face of my generosity. Now I'm taking whatever I want from you." She smiled. "You will obey instructions when they're given to you, or you will suffer. Do you understand?"

Feeling ashamed, Morrigan nodded. The raven haired witch was finally beginning to understand that she may be in much deeper trouble than she had anticipated.

Flemeth smiled. "Good..." she whispered before looking at Cormac, her smile transforming into a sinister sneer. "Continue."

Morrigan began to scream as Cormac started pushing at her ass again. "No!" she protested, struggling in vain against the ropes than held her to the bed. Her pressed himself against her, clenched and dry as a desert. It felt like someone was trying to shove her staff up her ass... there was no way Cormac's thing would fit up her tiny little ass without killing her, Morrigan was sure. The huge barbarian strained against the panicky witch's tight hole for several minutes until the tip of his cock had finally began to spreat her asshole just a little bit.

Morrigan was too busy worrying about her asshole to notice as Flemeth lowered her mouth to the poor woman's abused breasts. When her mouth clamped down on one of her battered nipples, catching it between a pair of dragonic fangs, she moaned and her entire body jerked. Cormac took that moment to thrust forward with all the strength in his muscular body, burying about a quarter of his massive cock in the tight virgin shitter of the witch of the wilds. Morrigan froze for a second, her struggling stopping as her pale yellow eyes went wide, her mouth forming a perfect "O," opening in a silent scream of denial; unable to believe what was happening to her tender young body.

Then, her pride and self control thrown to the wind, she let out a wailing primal scream and began shaking uncontrollably. Morrigan began to thrash her body to the side as much as the tight restraints would allow to try and escape the horrible cock tearing her apart. Cormac continued to forcing his way in completely dry, causing her the greatest possible amount of pain, as Flemeth instructed. She wouldn't want the slut to find any enjoyment in her punishment at all, that would defeat the point.

The chasind barbarian shoved, lunged, and pounded his way into her dry, stubborn fuck-hole a quarter inch at a time, never yielding a bit to her rapist's assault. The savage violation couldn't be comfortable for him either, but as Flemeth watched her daughter writhe on Cormac's skewer, screaming in agony and beginning to cry anew from the humiliation, she did not care. Some pain to the massive barbarian would vastly increase her daughter's suffering... and to the white haired witch, that seemed like a good trade.

Once he had managed to cram a couple of inches in, the battle was as won. With no more worry of Morrigan's struggling dislodging him he could start fucking her properly, every thrust forcing a little further into her body. Cormac pulled back a little and thrust forward hard popping The rest of his cock into the girl's obscenely stretched, virgin asshole. The black haired woman was almost beyond sanity now... Cormac's cock seemed thicker than her arm and perfectly determined to rape her bloody, her asshole stretched further than her mind could take. Despite herself Morrigan started hyperventilating in short, panicky, pain-filled bursts as Cormac began slowly forcing his cock slowly in and out of her tiny rear.

Flemeth smiled at the abused witch's screams as she straddled her daughter's face. "You sing so well, little girl. I think you wish you had obeyed me when I'd given you the chance now, don't you Morrigan." Her voice turned harsh. "This is what is going to happen, daughter. You are going to behave, and you are going to lick your mother's cunt while my thrall fucks you like the whore you are. Understand?"

Morrigan felt like puking, the last thing she wanted to do was lick the stinking pussy of the evil hag of a mother who was orchestrating her torture. The reeking cunt hung just above her face, with each trust of Cormac's huge cock driving her closer to the wet hole. She shook her head between Flemeth's thighs, and she could hear her mother's sigh.

"So foolish... when will you realize that you have no choices anymore?" The timeless shapeshifter grabbed Morrigan's head by her loose black and hair and pulled in up into her crotch.

Morrigan's vision was swimming through glazed eyes as Cormac pulled back in a full long stroke. Morrigan's wailing went up an octave as it felt like her ass was being ripped from her body. The pain of having this huge cock stretching out her ass was incredible... the worst thing was the terrible fullness in her ass, stretching her in ways her young body was never meant to be stretched.

"Eat that pussy you stupid, arrogant slut!" she growled.

Morrigan turned red from humiliation as the savage thrusts of the slave drove her face against the crotch of her true rapist, and Flemeth clenched her thighs tightly in place around her daughter's head, holding her firm. A pitiful whimper escaped into her mother's muff as Flemeth again fastened her hands tightly around Morrigan's abused tits.

Every nerve in her tiny little shitter was on fire. Her ass spasmed and convulsed as her muscles were pulled out of shape by the brutal invader. When Cormac next thrust back in viciously, he had changed the angel of the violation to push upward, stretching her asshole in a new way. Morrigan almost blacked out... she was screaming almost constantly into her mother's cunt now as the evil witch rubbed herself up and down on Morrigan's snotty, perfect face, all but smothering the beautiful girl between her legs.

Cormac stopped for a second, and when thrust in again Flemeth had again made him change angle to make sure that Morrigan received the most pain her slave could give her. The white haired hag was pulling savagely on her tits as the abuse continued, and Morrigan was glad he could not see what the abuse was doing to them. They burned so badly that she was afraid Flemeth was driving her claw trough the pale, bruised flesh while she used her daughter's face to masturbate, savagely rubbing her pussy and clit across the girl's sharp nose and soft lips.

Her two abusers worked together to keep Morrigan on the edge of consciousness, Cormac driving the air from her with brutal, damaging thrusts up her tight ass while Flemeth kept her from breathing in new air, her mouth unwillingly filled with cunt. Whenever it seemed that the witch would be too pressed and pass out, Flemeth would loosen her hold on her daughters head and Cormac would slow to allow the ungrateful bitch to breathe.

It seemed to the girl like her rape went on for hours before Flemeth began to cum, soaking the crying girls face with her juices. She grabbed a hold of Morrigan's hair and mopped her face back and forth on her sopping pussy, making sure to wipe the girls nose and eyelids good. Her own release achieved, Cormac immediately drove himself as deeply into her ass as possible and came, filling the screaming witch's raped ass with wave after wave of cum before Morrigan was finally permitted to pass out.

She awoke to blazing pain in her cunt and her tits some time later, her the smell of Flemeth's cunt still overwhelming, her juices still on her face. Her ass still burned from the terrible rape, but at the moment, the pain in her tits and her cunt was worse...not to mention the fact that, obviously, her abuse was not ending.

On top of her, the barbarian sat, straddling her chest, his massive cock between her abused, reddened tits, his ham-sized hands pushing them together while he kept on thrusting his member back and forth, putting terrible strain on her chest, his cock feeling like sandpaper rubbing against her tits, despite the glistening trail of precum between them.

On the foot of the bed, Flemeth sat, smiling down at her while she pumped two of her taloned fingers in and out of Morrigan's well-abused cunt, sending sharp pains racing up the young witch's spine. Had they even cared that she had been unconscious...or had she simply become a toy for Flemeth to play with, beyond the old witch's desire to punish her?

She wanted to speak, to yell at her, to tell her to stop this, to ask if she hadn't suffered enough...but all that came out of her throat, sore from the constant screaming, was a hoarse groan, leading Flemeth to notice her awareness. " Oh, you are awake, daughter", she said, shoving her a smile that made Morrigan want to kill her or hide somewhere in fear in equal measure, " don't mind us." She laughed...and began to increase the pace of her finger's thrusts, ripping a tired, miserable squeal from her daughter's throat.

Weakened, Morrigan could do little but sink back onto the sheets and allow this renewed abuse to happen, already feeling her consciousness fade again. The last thing she noticed before darkness washed over her again was the stench of fresh cum and the sensation of it splattering against her cheeks, lips and chin...

She woke up to the chattering and buzzing of insects and the stench of the swamp, unhindered by walls this time. Immediately, she felt the cold assault her, her entire body shivering. Her tits and thighs were itching, her eyes almost glued shut by the remains of what had to be Flemeth's juice... and somewhere close to her, some demon-possessed bird has begun to chirp its happy melody, completely oblivious to the torment she had gone through.

Groaning, she fought to open her eyes, her vision returning with agonizing slowness as she blinked rapidly to clear her vision. Rubbing her face was not an option... once again, she was bound to something. Her arms had been tied to two young, yet already crooked trees that stood about a hundred yards behind the shack. Morrigan remembered them from her childhood, remembered having called them "the two hags" for their stunted, crooked appearance.

Her legs had also been tied to the base of the trees, leaving her in an exposed, spread-eagled position. Her mother had removed the last remnants of her clothes from her, leaving her body for all to see. And it was fortunate no one in their right minds ever came near the hut - no one except overconfident young witches...

A night must have had passed, for she had awoken to the dim light of morning and a biting cold that made her tortured nipples stand up. During the night she had been used as a buffet by seemingly all the mosquitoes in the entire swamp: her thighs, her snatch and breasts marked by dozens, if not hundreds of little feeding spots, itching terribly.

Her muscles had cramped during the night, the pain only now becoming obvious to her, making her groan again... and, to complete her discomfort, there was something stuck up her ass - her hole slightly stretched around the foreign object Flemeth had put there. It wasn't large, but given her earlier abuse, it still hurt.

For a while, nothing happened, nothing except for this damned bird singing its inane song, mocking her misery as she hung her head, trying to think of a way to get out. Flemeth obviously had further uses for her, but Morrigan dreaded to think of what those might be...


Morrigan was pulled from her state between sleep and waking when a bucket of icy water splashed over the already freezing witch. Her muscles locked and spasmed, everything in her body longing to curl up into a tiny ball and find shelter from the cold.

Flemeth stood before her, waiting with a bemused expression, an empty bucket slipping from her fingers to the ground. She wore a red garment of silk that clung tightly to her form, still showing off more of it than her daughter wanted to see as she stood ankle deep in the frigid water without sign of discomfort. "Good morning, daughter. How did you sleep?"

"Drop," Morrigan's voice broke, and she swallowed to force the sour taste out of her dry mouth. "Drop dead, hag."

Flemeth made a tsk-ing noise. "I had really hoped," she said in a sorrowful tone, "that you had learned better manners than that by now." The white haired crone walked closer to Morrigan and grasped her bruised tit by the nipple, twisting to draw a groan from the young witch. "I suppose you need to be taught another lesson already?"

Flemeth ran her human hand over Morrigan's taut form, savoring every bruise and blemish she had suffered in yesterday's indignities. The young witch shivered uncontrollable beneath her mother's hand, trembling in the cold as she was molested, exposed to the frigid breeze blowing through the swamp.

"Cold, my dear?" Flemeth mocked as that damned bird resumed its cheerful song. How badly Morrigan longed to blast it to cinders, but bound as she was even that pitifully small effort was beyond her.

"How could I possible be cold," Morrigan responded with narrow eyes, "when I'm so appropriately dressed for the weather?"

Flemeth smirked. "Ah, but you are!" she said, sadistic amusement in her tone that made Morrigan's stomach begin to twist in fearful anticipation. "If you weren't naked, I would have a much harder time warming you up." As the young witch watched in barely restrained terror, lightning began to hiss and writhe around Flemeth's human hand as her talon played along the lips between her legs, the sharp nail sliding along the edges of the sore hole.

With raptured eagerness, she slowly brought her hand against her calf, watching her gasp as the electrical current periodically leaped the short distance between her hand and Morrigan's supple flesh to sting the younger woman. Eyes completely wide now, the Kolcari witch tried desperately to move her body further away from the burning torment, straining to gain even a more more inches of movement in her tight bonds. Flemeth's eyes took in the wonderful fear on her daughter's face, the abomination's face alight with anticipation as her hand rested so near the helpless woman.

Then Flemeth grabbed her calve and Morrigan' world exploded into agony. The current arced through her body, forcing strained muscled to continually flex and relax and flex again, the heat burning agonizingly through her shivering body. When her body stopped thrashing, Morrigan was panting as tears filled her eyes, refusing to fall... and Flemeth removed her hand and renewed the enchantment, summoning more blue-white streams of power.

"Feeling warmer now, my dear?" she spoke before moving her hand forward again, towards the thigh of Morrigan's other leg.

"Get that away from me!" Morrigan all but shrieked, thrashing in her bonds harder than before, the demand turning into a stifled scream as Flemeth again gripped her, rubbing her hands up and down the back of the thigh while the noirette woman spasmed in anguish.

"You've obviously learned nothing," the ancient woman's cold voice said before she touched her hand again against the girl, this time her upper arm. Even before Morrigan's previous pained movements had finished they began anew, and although she scream she gave was breathless, it was as unrestrained a shriek as she had ever given.

When at last the pain had vanished, the agony which had wracked her perfect body faded, she could at last catch her breath. "I'm... not good to... you dead... mother," she said between pants, her breath coming unsteadily as her body still twitched in the aftermath of the shocks. "You're... killing me..." she finished with a heave.

Flemeth laughed. "Nonsense. It can only kill you if it passes through your heart, see?" She pressed her hand again to Morrigan, and again her entire body jerked, locking into place helplessly in the cruel sorceress's grasp. "If it doesn't," Flemeth finished, "it only hurts."

Morrigan panted without answering, and Flemeth made a disgusted noise. "You're still shivering, slut. I guess you need more help to warm up," she said, her golden eyes shining in the dim light of the swamp. "Thankfully, I know just how to heat up a whore like you." With a wicked smile, Flemeth began to again press her hard, ridged dragonic fingers into her daughter's raw, abused cunt.

Morrigan shuddered, trying to buck her hips away from the painful and humiliating intrusion. "Please, not that."

"Yes..." Flemeth hissed. "That." And she pressed her electrified hand against the witch's thigh again.

When the shock was delivered, Morrigan's entire body locked up and and moved, including her insides. The abused, tight hole clenched tightly around the sharp, protruding digit, pressing the bruised walls of the raw channel to press painfully against the hard edges of the chitinous plates like they intended to crush the armored fingers. Morrigan screamed.

When at last she could speak again Flemeth was pumping her hand in and out of the clenched cunt of her daughter, savoring the extremely tightness of the orafice. "Please..." she whispered, tears flowing freely down her face now as her pain overwhelmed her pride completely. She begged in earnest. "Please, mother. I understand now... I do..."

Flemeth moved her hand so it rested just about Morrigan's blackened and bruised tit, the lighting occasionally arcing to her nipple to cause a painful small shock. "If you did," she said quietly, "you wouldn't expect your pitiful begging to change anything." And with that she moved the enchantment to her taloned hand.

Pain like Morrigan had never felt before erupted from within her, the burning heat of the electrical assault coursing through her tender hole, lighting every single nerve up with a blistering kind of anguish that overrides conscious thought completely. In a blaze like that, individual agonies completely disappeared to combine in a single raw wound that hit her brain like a warhammer, flattening it completely beneath the unbelievable agony.

When her bonds were removed and she dropped into the cold water of the swamp, Morrigan was little but a whimpering girl in her twenties, curled in a ball and vainly attempting to protect herself from further harm. The pitiful sight failed to inspire mercy in her cruel mother, however, who grabbed her by the her raven hair and began to drag the helplessly stunned witch effortlessly through the muddy water, back towards the hut and further abuse.

The young witch whimpered as her scalp flared with pain, her mother gripping her dark hair tightly. She didn't even look back at her but rather just kept walking, her superhuman strength easily dragging her daughter along. Flemeth's pace was too fast for Morrigan to struggle back to her feet, or at the very least her knees, and the dark-haired abused beauty knew it was intentionally so.

Water and mud sloshed around her limbs and naked body as she feebly struggled to free herself - a fruitless effort. She was too weakened by yesterday's brutal abuse and the position she had spent the night in. Once more, she was helpless in Flemeth's grip as the old witch dragged her towards the hut and literally threw her through the door, a pained grunt escaping Morrigan's throat the moment she hit the hard floor inside.

After a brief moment of pain and disorientation, Morrigan looked around, fearful of seeing the hulking form of Cormac again, ready to abuse her yet another time. But he was nowhere to be seen and the hut simply was not spacious enough to hide him. She would at least be safe from him. "Cormac is taking a rest, my dear... it seems we exhausted him last night..." Flemeth confirmed, her choice of words and the ironic wink she threw at Morrigan both infuriating and shaming the black-maned witch.

With an almost dismissive gesture, the ancient being closed the door behind her, stepping towards the younger witch. Morrigan was already scrambling backwards. As Flemeth stepped closer, she shrugged off the garment, exposing herself to her daughter again, still immaculate and proud. Morrigan knew the looks to be a facade, however. Flemeth could make her body tight and strong and young... but somewhere within her, the ember of life was slowly guttering out, the natural order not wanting to be denied. That was why Flemeth needed her... though within this last day, the old witch's cruelty had taken on another aspect she found almost as terrifying.

Smiling, the old witch looked down upon her daughter, her human hand lightly playing with her own tits. Morrigan glared up at Flemeth, a tiny spark of anger rising again upon seeing the smug expression in the abomination's eyes. "What now? Want me to lick your cunt again? Make me say how sorry I am for disobeying you?"

"I thought about that... and I'd certainly like your tongue between my legs... but no, we are going to do something different." Flemeth stepped closer again, leaning forward to cup Morrigan's chin, forcing the witch to look into her eyes. "Remember that one chieftain's daughter I had in here when you were ten?"

Of course, Morrigan remembered. The girl, barely 18 but already lean and strong, had been brought to Flemeth by her own father when Flemeth had demanded it. Morrigan had been told to stay out of the hut and wander a bit... but of course she hadn't. Curious as she was the young Morrigan had stayed within earshot, not daring to go nearer but also not wanting to miss too much. The barbarian girl had gone in with her head high, her beautiful face set in an expression of pride.

The door had closed behind her... and from that point forward, the entire day long, terrible screams and pitiful sobs had emerged from inside the hut, together with loud grunting and the sound of skin slapping against skin. Back then, Morrigan had not understood what was going on... but when the door had opened again in the evening, what had stumbled out was a frightened, trembling girl, sobbing almost mindlessly, her skin bruised and her face dripping what she now knew was a mixture of cunt juices and sperm.

They had never talked about it, but Morrigan had feared her mother just a bit more. And that fear had festered into the mistrust and hatred she felt to this day. "Yes, I remember... is that what awaits me today? Boring stories from you? I'd better take my chances with Cormac."

Flemeth was lightning quick, the back of her hand slapping Morrigan across the face so hard the young witch saw the stars dance for a moment. "So quick to forget the respect I taught you just moments ago? Careful, I might take you up on your words, cunt!"

"But not now," she continued while Morrigan rubbed her throbbing lip. "Now I have something else in mind... close your eyes!" Her voice allowed for little disobedience, especially when she took aim again, this time with her taloned hand.

As her lids descended, Morrigan heard a little grunt from her mother and then a strange, slithering sound, as if dry scales rubbed against bare flesh. A moment later, Flemeth grabbed her left wrist and forced her hand against something long, hard and scaly, with a thick head... "Tell me what you feel, my daughter", Flemeth commanded, sadistic amusement in her voice...

Morrigan's eyes flew open. Her mother stood before her with her legs spread, and now staring the witch between the eyes was a big, monstrous cock. Thick and meaty, the shaft was as dark as the talon on her right hand, and lined with the same bumpy ridges of armor on all sides, one circling around the pole every inch from the tip to the base. The crown of it was especially thick and hard looking, the black-blue head with a curving, downwards slope and and a slickly pointed tip. The inhuman prick jutted angrily from between the crone's thighs, and a pair of scaly, low hanging balls dangled beneath, each the size of an egg.

The look on Morrigan's face was almost divine to Flemeth as watched her daughter's shock clearly show on her face. At last, something had rendered the arrogant, caustic child speechless. Stroking a hand across Morrigan's cheek lovingly, her thumb drew a gentle line across her brow, stroking an errant lock of hair from the witch's face "Mmnn, what's wrong dear? You look surprised."

"What..." Morrigan said softly, then her voice returned. "What the fade are you?!" Morrigan demanded, her voice a cocktail of confusion, horror, and awe.

"Privilege of being a shapeshifter," Flemeth chuckled as she wound her hands through her daughter's hair. Dragging Morrigan closer, her knees shuffling, the evil mage gripped the base of her slowly hardening member in her other hand, guiding it towards her prey's face. Her face was still red, and Flemeth's palm had left a hand print across her cheek. "Now let us see if we can find a more respectful use for that stubborn mouth of yours..."

Morrigan ground her teeth together and clawed at the old woman's hand, trying to pry her hair free a few strands at a time. "If you even try sticking that filthy thing in my mouth, I'll bite it off!" She spat, glaring up at her captor with fury in her eyes.

Flemeth actually laughed at the threat, and Morrigan hated her all the more for the reaction. "Not if you want to keep your teeth you wont." She slapped her daughter's face with her chitinous cock.

Morrigan didn't talk back, and as far as Flemeth was concerned, that was all the co-operation she needed. The younger girl tried to turn her head away, keeping her mouth shut, but the shape-shifted witch's grip on her hair kept her from twisting too far away. Her sharp fingers on her talon pinched the bridge of the Morrigan's nose, forcing her to open her mouth if she wanted to breathe... and the moment her lips parted even a crack, the vicious witch forced her tapered, pointy cockhead past them.

Morrigan readied herself to bite down, every instinct telling her to hurt the bitch holding her hostage the same way Flemeth had hurt her pride, but as humiliated as she was right now, Morrigan liked living, and was afraid of what the monstrous woman would do to her. She could feel that thick, ribbed shaft resting against her tongue, and the foul taste of it made her eyes water. The taste of Flemeth's rough, ashen scales tasted like oil gone bad with age, and the smooth texture made her want to gag.

At least while it was soft, it wasn't too difficult to take into her mouth, though that meant that Flemeth forced her to clean every inch it with her tongue. "Give me pole a good tongue bath bitch, or I'll just have to take matters into my own hands!" the abominable shemale snarled, glaring down at her. She smacked the side of her head until she could feel the younger girl complying.

Morrigan's eyes welled up with tears as she was forced to polish her mother's unnatural prick, her tongue digging in beneath the wide ridges Flemeth growled, her voice growing softer as Morrigan licked her clean, occasionally sucking on her bumpy shaft with a lewd slurp. That ugly, inhuman pike throbbed against Morrigan's tongue, thickening out once more as the thin layer layer of whatever foil oil coated the cock was replaced with the girl's spit. Grinding her pelvis into Morrigan's face, Flemeth groaned, mashing her scaled testicles up against her chin roughly, the teary-eyed girl's nose crushed against her lower belly.

Looking up at her hated captor, glaring at her through narrowed, angry eyes, Morrigan did her best to swallow her pride as well as her mother's dick. The large pole was growing both longer and thicker as it hardened. As Morrigan's wet tongue scraped across her dark meat, what little skin she could see stretched and grew rough beneath her languid licks.

Before long, Flemeth's tool had grown too huge for Morrigan to swallow the whole thing comfortably, and inch by inch it slid back out past her lips, the wide ridges forcing her lips taut and the whole thing glistening with her spit. The raven maned witch strained, feeling like the sheer width of it might dislocate her jaw. Resting her palms against her mother's thighs she tried to push herself away before she choked on the thick, fleshy spear.

Flemeth allowed her to ease back until just the thinner, pointed tip was still resting on her tongue, spitting out a fresh glob of precum for her to taste. When Morrigan tried to pull back even further, Flemeth's grip in her hair became suddenly firm, holding her daughter's beautiful face steady. The whimpering witch looked up to her with pleading eyes, trying to beg with her gaze, but Flemeth just chuckled and started to drag her head forward, forcing her dick back into her wet mouth.

It was barely halfway in and already Morrigan was gagging, the tip jabbing at the back of her throat and making her convulse. She pounded her fists against Flemeth's legs and tried to fight back, but the insanely strong woman just kept sliding her face forward like an avalanche, completely unstoppable.

The head was pushing inside of her throat now, her otherwise rigid, steely pole curving to continue the journey into her gullet. The incredible girth of it forced the girl's neck to bulge slightly, making it look like she had a wooden staff sliding down her throat. The ridges of the scaled thing scraped at her esophagus painfully, making it feel as though she was swallowing a longsword whole.

The noirette witch tried to breathe through her nose, but her airways were completely blocked. She was going to suffocate to death on the dragonic cock and Flemeth didn't even seem to care... and to Morrigan's horror, when the invading cock caught one of her teeth on one of its ridges, and the hard armor almost tore the offending incisor from her mouth. If she tried to bite the murderous member it really would tear the teeth from her skull.

Flemeth shuddered in obvious pleasure, the motion running through her cock, the subtle, almost imperceptible shift inside her tortured throat nevertheless making Morrigan gag harder again, fresh tears running down her cheeks in reaction to the pain and degradation.

"Very nice, my dear, very nice...but you have not yet taken it all", Flemeth purred, obviously enjoying this violation of her daughter on levels beyond the mere physical. Morrigan tried to protest, the sheer idea of taking more of that monster in her mouth and down her throat utterly unfathomable to her.

Again, her hands beat against her mother's waist and thighs, her fingernails attempting to scratch the immaculate flesh of the ancient abomination, but the old witch's skin was impenetrable. The hands in her hair held her firmly, slightly pushing, forcing her to move against the slow forward motion of Flemeth's hips, thus cramming more of her ridged, armored length down the young woman's throathole.
As the cock went deeper, Morrigan began to retch loudly, her gag reflex becoming harder and harder to endure, her throat constricting hard around the invading member, thus only increasing her pain and discomfort. Distantly, she knew she could avoid the worst by relaxing her throat and just letting it happen...but how was she supposed to do this when the thick cock stretched her lips and throat so hard and brutally?

"Yes...good girl...just a bit more...a tiny bit more...", Flemeth continued, mercilessly pushing on, eager to stuff the remaining few inches down Morrigan's throat, no matter the young witch's pain. Morrigan gagged so hard by now that she almost fainted, her airways completely blocked by the monstrous draconic cock shoved down her throat, throbbing inside her unwilling opening, her lips stretched obscenely around the root of the shaft.

And then, suddenly, with one more brutal shove, Flemeth had succeeded...her balls were touching Morrigan's quivering chin, her entire length buried inside the noirette's mouth and throat. The kneeling witch mewled and gagged, helpless, her entire throat seemingly filled with hard, ridged cock. And still, the old witch kept her hands firmly locked behind Morrigan's head, preventing her daughter from escaping. Morrigan's eyelids fluttered, her head beginning to swim as she lost focus...

"Look at me, slut!" Flemeth's command cut through the veil of darkness that a merciful nature was draping over her. Leaving one hand against the back of her head, Flemeth used the other to slap the young witch's bulging cheeks brutally until Morrigan's attention was back on her, her eyes wandering up to gaze at her mother's face. Morrigan knew how submissive she looked now and she was furious at the ease with which the motion now came to her. But what choice was left for her? Obey...or suffer even worse...and there was no doubt within her mind that Flemeth could do much worse things to her.

"What a good girl...that means you get to breathe!" And suddenly, with one equally brutal motion as the one going in, Flemeth pulled out, the ridges rasping against Morrigan's throat, agonizing her even more. When the head of the cock had slid over her lips, Morrigan nearly collapsed, gasping for breath, a thick strand of precum and spit connecting her trembling lips to the hard dragon cock.

"Please...", Morrigan said hoarsely when she had finally found some of her voice and breath again, " please...not again...I can't take's too big...mother..." Flemeth laughed, slapping her face with the spit-slathered cock again. " So...are you offering to lick my cunt now? Of your own free will?" Morrigan, hating herself the moment she did so, nodded slowly, shuddering with disgust at the thought.

"How very considerate...but not now. Right now, I want a bit more of your throat!" And before Morrigan could plead any more, the cock was between her lips again...and rammed down her throat a moment later. What followed was nothing but a nightmare. This time, Flemeth did not go slow. Instead, she immediately began to push in deep and start to fuck her daughter's throat just like a cunt, ramming her cock in at a frantic pace, ignoring or maybe revelling in the young beauty's hard gagging and desperate and futile struggles.

Thick waves of drool ran down Morrigan's chin as she was brutally faceraped, her throat an inferno of blazing, indescribable pain, the massive armored cock pushing into her time and again and again and again, seemingly without end.

Her tits jiggled as she heaved, retched and gargled around the cock punishing her. Even her tongue was sore, the thick ridges rubbing over it while the cock pushed it down beneath its girth. And Flemeth grunted in obvious pleasure, drawing as much from Morrigan's pain as from the sensation of the young witch's throat constricting around her rapetool.

Flemeth's balls slapped against her chin loudly, though her gagging eclipsed the sound easily, the noise from her poor, abused throat filling the hut while Flemeth laughed and grunted, her hands buried in the black hair of her victim, holding her, making sure she did not leave her position as the old witch's fucktoy.

No gasp of air could reach the witch as Flemeth raped her face. Her cock never withdrew far enough for Morrigan to breath, and the impossibly large and stiff cock was stretching her tight throat as her mother used her like a pleasure toy. It seemed the the closer she came to suffocating, and the more desperate her struggles for air became, the more violent Flemeth became, sadistic pleasure fucking the cruel mage's mind as she used her arrogant, snotty daughter as a whore.

As Morrigan's vision again began to fade, as the ancient abomination's grip on her skull grew tighter and her thrusts more vicious, the noirette realized she was about to die. She was going to meet her end on the floor of the house she was raised in, raped to death by an unnatural cock.

She was never going to leave this swamp. She would never escape this hut, or cast another spell, or make another sarcastic quip. She would never see her... friends again. Never give in to that maddeningly persuasive dog, or trade further insults with the blond moron. She would never see the Warden again.

Just then, as she was hoping despite herself that the obnoxious Orleisian was right about the Maker, Flemeth unsheathed herself from the witch's mouth and dropped her. Morrigan fell bonelessly to the ground, gasping and coughing as her bought fought to stay conscious. Wracking cocks filled the room, accompanied by unwilling rapid, shadow breaths, her throat making an injured weazing noise as she greedily sucked oxygen.

"I've always known you had quite a mouth on you, my daughter." Flemeth smiled down at the hacking witch, an expression of malicious glee on her face that made Morrigan hate her more.

The cruel crone again lowered her talon to clutch at her raven mane, and a pathetic whimper escape Morrigan. She grasped the limb with both her hands, but only accomplished a slight lessoning of the pain as Flemeth again pull her to her knees, that murderous cock right before her eyes again.

"Please, mother..." she whispered, desperation prying the words from between her bruised lips. "No more... Can't you see... that you're killing me?" Shamefully huge tears ran from her eyes like a river now, covering her reddened cheeks."

Flemeth cackled, evil intent plain in the laugh. "Like that would be such a loss." She rested her cock's armored tip against Morrigan's mouth, and the abused girl moaned softly. "But I am not completely free of familial piety. I can spare you..."

She twisted her hand in her daughter's hair, drawing a pained hiss from Morrigan. "IF!" she said, her golden eyes glowing. She lowered her face until she was just inches from Morrigan's eyes, glaring directly into them. "If you're finally going to behave like a good little slave. If not, I'll just use your throat as a cocksleave until you really do pass out."

Sobbing, humiliated, Morrigan nodded slowly, her voice weak. "Yes, mother..."

She smiled. "Then wrap your hands around my cock and pull me off, slut."

Morrigan opened her mouth in surprise as Flemeth rose back to standing, her cock pointing unerringly towards the young witch's eyes as it stood at attention. "Is the task too difficult for you, daughter? Perhaps you would prefer your throat fucked again after all?"

"No!" she almost scream, disentangling her own hands from her hair, releasing her grip on the talon's arm.

"Then jerk your worthless little fingers over my cock until I paint your haughty little face!"

Cursing herself for her own eagerness, Morrigan rushed to obey. She could barely wrap a hand completely around the thick cock, but she gripped it as best she could with both hands and slid then up and down on it's length, the bony ridges slick with her spit.

Flemeth made an unimpressed noise. "You'll have to do much better than that if you don't want to be gagging on it again."

With a low whine Morrigan sped up her pace, pushing her hands all the way down to Flemeth's scaly balls before reversing coarse and pressing back up to the pointed head, squeezing as hard as she could all the while. The witch of the wilds did her best to mimic the pace Flemeth had used to fuck her face, hoping that she could make her evil mother cum soon so she could be left alone.

As she stroked the monstrous cock for many minutes her hands began to burn. The armored ridges, so slick with her spit minutes ago, had spent their lube on her palms and their rough surface now tore into her with each pull. She felt like she was rubbing her own skin raw, but Morrigan dared not stop for fear of provoking the evil witch into further abuse. Sobbing all the while at her submission, she willing brutalized her own hands to pleasure Flemeth's scaled prick.

Flemeth was moaning now, and Morrigan dared to hope that she was close. Wincing she sped her own pace, pressing her sore hands down her harder on the chitinous plates. Her mother groaned again, moving her hips forward in time with Morrigan's pulls.

"Listen to me you little whore." As the noirette witch looked up at the sinister shapeshifter with wide eyes, she continued. "When I come, you keep your fucking eyes open. Understand me?" Morrigan nodded, and Flemeth groaned again.

When the abused girl pulled one last time, Flemeth's cock jerked in her hands, a stream of sticky white cum lashing her lip and nose. To her horror, the second jerk spat a line directly at her right eye and she reflexively shut her eyes... too late. Her golden orbs burned as the basic slime tried to inseminate her eyeball, sticking and stinging as it went. Morrigan barely felt the rest of the goo cover her face.

Her scalp erupted in agony as Flemeth pulled at it again, pulling her up so that she dangled for a moment before she got her feet beneath her, awkwardly standing. "You dumb slut!" she yelled, spitting onto the cum covered face before her. "I try to let you off easy, but you just can't follow even the simplest of instructions.

"I'm sorry..." Morrigan whimpered, tears running even more viciously now as they tried to protect her savaged eye. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." she just kept repeating over and over, her voice breaking as she felt more and more pathetic and weak. "I'm sorry..."

"Oh, so you do want to be an obedient fucktoy, do you?" Flemeth mocked, her finger running through the cum on her daughter's face before pressing the digit between her lips and rubbing it clean on her tongue. Humiliated, Morrigan nodded, not trusting herself to speak. "Maybe this is my fault," Flemeth said, her tone concilatory. "Maybe I've just been expecting two much from a dumb whore, giving you too complicated of tasks."

She smiled at her sobbing daughter. "If you really want to show me that you are an obedient slut, I'll give you something even you can't fail at."


Morrigan looked at her, still blinking rapidly, not daring to wipe her eyes, no matter how much she might want to. The sensation of choking on that monstrous cock was still too fresh in her mind... and she had noticed that, even after climaxing, Flemeth's draconic member was not softening completely, instead staying semi-rigid, no doubt ready for another rape. "W-what?" she asked, a thick strand of still connecting her lips together, long, disgusting strands dangling from her chin, some of it having already fallen onto her tits.

Flemeth smiled, showing just a hint of fang beneath her lips. "It will be very easy indeed... you will simply take this big hard cock up your tiny asshole and scream for me until the sun goes down." She lightly rubbed her own cock as she said this, her eyes flashing with renewed cruelty. "A task that fits your abilities perfectly, my little whore."

For a moment, Morrigan stared at her mother, speechless and utterly horrified, her mouth opening and closing without a sound, more cum dripping from her lips. The young witch could not believe what she had just heard. If Flemeth did this... if she jammed that huge member up her asshole... it would destroy her. Literally! She still hurt from the assrape she had received from Cormac the day before... and his cock had been smaller... and not armored.

When she had found her words again, the first thing she did was shake her head, stumbling back from the shapeshifter until she bumped against the bed, unelegantly falling to her knees again. " No... no, mother, no!" she cried out, fresh tears of panic running down her cheeks, making more cum slide down her face and land on her tits and belly. Flemeth snarled, taking a step towards her, her scaled cock bobbing angrily, already hardening again at the sight of her daughter's fear. "Did you just deny me... again?" the ancient witch hissed, reaching down with her clawed hand to grab Morrigan by the throat, squeezing. "How often do I have to punish you before you learn?"

Morrigan gargled, her face reddened as the witch tightened her grip around the noirette's throat. "N-no... b-but... I won't... survive... please... mother... you'll... destroy... me... I can't... take it... up there..." Her strangled, choked words were cut short by a brutal backhanded slap that sent her to the floor again.

"How ungrateful can you be?" Flemeth barked, spitting down on her daughter's trembling form. "I ignore your poor performances, I even show mercy and stop my plans of fucking your throat again... and you continue to deny my wishes! After you promised to do as I said!" Angrily, she kicked out, her foot catching Morrigan in the ribs, drawing another pained cough and whimper from the abused raven-haired witch.

Weakly, Morrigan raised a hand in a feeble attempt to defend herself, but all it got her was another swift kick that knocked her against the bed. " Please... mother... I'll... do as you say," she pleaded, too fearful and desperate to hate herself for it at this moment. "But... I just... can't do that. You will kill me... PLEASE!"

Again, Flemeth kicked her... but then stopped, looking down upon her crying, pathetic daughter in silence for a moment. "Alright... you will get one last chance to prove yourself. And you better hope that this time I am not disappointed again." Reaching down, she placed one talon underneath Morrigan's chin and tugged, forcing the young witch to either look up or have her skin pierced. " I will spare your asshole... for now... IF you climb onto the bed and spread your legs for me. You will let me fuck your cunt for as long as I wish... and you will not say "no" or defend yourself in any way. You may still scream and cry and beg for my amusement, but other than that, you will take my cock like the whore you are. Is that understood?" The last sentence she emphasized with yet another kick to Morrigan's ribs.

The young beauty hurried to nod, sniffling as she attempted to stop her tears, still not daring to rub away the cum on her face for fear of angering her mother again. " Good", Flemeth said softly, almost gently, "then climb onto the bed and spread your legs for me."

And Morrigan did. With trembling legs and shaky, unsteady knees, she got up to her feet and proceeded to get onto the bed, lying down on her back, her young shapely body fully exposed yet again to Flemeth's cruel eyes. At a motion of Flemeth's finger, she spread her legs, feeling her heart speed up at the sight of Flemeth's cock stiffening a bit more. She already knew she would suffer terribly with this in her cunt, but if it was the only alternative to have it inside her ass... what choice did she have?

She could not help but stare at the hard, rigid cock bobbing slightly as Flemeth climbed on top of the bed and knelt down between her legs. It was hard to believe that it had been buried deep inside her throat only moments ago, but the pain and soreness she felt helped to prove the reality of it. Already expecting the pain of what was to come next, she grit her teeth as she saw Flemeth lower her upper body on top of hers, the old witch's firm breasts crushing her own globes uncomfortably flat.

With the taloned hand lightly cupping Morrigan's chin, Flemeth used the other to lightly rub her hard cockhead against her daughter's slit. "And now," she whispered, "invite me in... invite your mother to rape your cunt, my dear girl..."

Morrigan wept, but managed to choke out the words. "Please fuck me mother."

Flemeth sneered, bouncing the cock against the witch's pussy lips. "Put your hands on your legs and hold them wide open. No matter what," she growled, "you do not move your hands." When the witch hesitated, her voice became an angry snarl. "Do it!"

Moving slowly in her humiliation, Morrigan reached her hands down and gripped her own thighs. "Further!" her mother commanded, and the abused mage worked to obey, pulling on her legs until Flemeth smiled at her. She coud feel her lips being spread wide by the posture, but she was too terrified of the thought of that cock up her ass to disobey.

"Such a beautful little slut," she muttered, running the sharp points of her talon across the soft flesh of Morrigan's pussy, grabbing her tiny bud of clit and pulling firmly. "But I have to say, girl, your asshole looks so tempting."

Morrigan's eyes widened as a singled clawed finger suddenly forced itself into her ass, ripping past the pucker at its entrance before the young witch could even realize. She moaned in dispair, "No, mother, please... you said..."

"I said," she hissed, grapping one of her daughter's swollen nippes and twisting it until the girl interrupted herself with a high pitched noise of pain. "That I wanted you to beg for it. How am I to choose your cunt over that tight ass of yours with such a pathetic attempt from you to convince me?"

"I don't-" Morrigan stammered, "I don't understand what you want..."

She snarled and twisted the finger in her ass, sending its sharp tip scraping across her sore insides. "It's simple you stupid whore! I'm trying to tell you that unless you convince me that I ought to fuck your slutty pussy in the next minute, I'm going to rape your asshole until I rip you in two!"

Horrified, her eyes widened until they seemed to take up her entire face, Morrigan started to stamming desperate, debasing pleas. "Please, fuck my cunt! I'm a whore with a g-greedy... a greedy c-cunt that needs to be filled! I need you to fuck my p-pussy raw until I l-learn my place as your slave. Please teach me by ramming your hard cock up my hole until you want t-to stop. P-please mother, your daughter needs it in her cunt..."

While Morrigan's silky voice was forced to utter such profane pleading, Flemeth enjoyed the rest of her. Never removing the offending finger from her asshole or releasing her bruised breast, she took the other nipple into her drooling maw and started to slurp and suckle on it lewdly, teasing it with her tongue, letting the stiff, raw button slide beneath her carassed and vibrating her slimy tongue against it. She kept up her perverted teasing, tormenting Morrigan while hee daughter plead for her own abuse, her other hand mauling the exposed flesh of her other tit, groping it roughly and grinding her sore nipple against the palm of her hand.

Warm, sticky saliva was spilling from the shapeshifter's lips, soaking that lovely chest pillow until it glistened, spit running down the sides to pool in between her cleavage. Morrigan groaned, interrupting her own begging as the disgusting slime making her feel ever more filthy. Wincing as Flemeth took to nibbling on her breast again, her fangs indenting the soft flesh and leaving bite marks, peppering her bosom with vicious kisses.

Flemeth's bumpy girlcock pulsated, her blood pumping and keeping her fleshpole stiff and needy. It stood at attention and bobbed in the air, and each time it throbbed it would smack Morrigan's sensitive lips lightly, reminding the witch of the reason for her pleas. Mauling those enviable tits aggressively, the ancient evil purred and started to nibble a little bit on her toy's collarbone, flicking her tongue across it Her hips shifted awkwardly, letting her hard maleness slide back and forth again across Morrigan's sore labia. The ridges were a bit thicker on top of the shaft, and the stiff bumps hurt the noirette witch just by thinking about them.

"Ask me to rape you," Flemeth advised her daughter.

With a deeper blush spreading across her face than the time that red-headed whore had come on to her, Morrigan complied. "Please r-rape your whore of a daughter up her cunt, I n-need to be taught my place..."

The dragoness tugged her finger from the asshole of her unwilling lover, gripping her shapeshifted cock with the scaled hand. The cum-slick crown of her shaft prodding insistently at Morrigan's hole, toying with it until she had spread what little lubrication the pole had onto the tight whole in front of her.

For just an instant, Morrigan's urge for self-perservation overhwelemed her sanity, and her hand moved to Flemeth's wrist, grasping it weakly. "Please, don't do this to me mother..." she begged, her voice pathetic and small.

Flemeth just glared down that te witch, her eyes blazing like an infero as she crushed Morrigan's breast in a powerful grip, her raspy voice raging. "Don't even think about struggling now... You put that fucking hand back where I told you or I swear in five seconds I'll be finding out if you ass is as tight as it looks!"

Morrigan quickly returned her hand to her leg, and Flemeth started to press her cock harder against the dry hole. Morrigan flinched, and the white haired witch slapped her. "Your destiny was written before you ever even born whore, but this didn't have to be painful for you my dear... it's your insistance on your foolish pride and disobedience that has made it so... but I am growning TIRED of you. If you don't stop squirming I'm going to make you stop struggling... permenantly." Flemeth's eyes flashed with menace, staring into Morrigan's watery pools as if trying to burn a hole in her skull.

Whimpering softly, the mage stopped thrashing, her eyes wide in sheer terror. Spreading her legs wider in surrender, she arched her back and turned her head away, cheeks burning red in humiliation.

"There now, that's better. Just lay back and just maybe I'll take it easy on you." Hissing between clenched teeth, Flemeth stared down as her humiliated daughter. The haughty look that had so oftened graced the witch's face was nowhere to be seen now that she was about to be raped by her mother, a hunted abomination. Her armored member sawed back and forth over Morrigan's sore slit, eliciting short little cries from her daughter's bruised lips.

The tip of her ribbed staff finally pressed into the tight hole, stretching the raw cunt wide as the monstrous cock pushed further in. Growling in pleasure, those tender pussy lips parting for her at long last, she pulled the witch closer to her by a rough tug on the girl's shoulder, squeezing her eyes shut and moaning from the tightness enveloping her prick.

Letting her jaw hang open, Morrigan gave a pained whimper like a kicked dog as she was speared by that hot, thick weapon. It split her cunt open wide around it's generous girth and probed deeper into her core. The hideous lines and ridges that covered it rubbed against her innards, the ugly bumps scraping her vaginal walls making her writhe in pain.

Never before, not in everything that had happened to her, had Morrigan felt so humiliated. This was wrong, this was so wrong... this couldn't be happening! This was her mother, a woman who had sought to rob her body from her true, but this... If she had the power, she would murder this ancient freak of nature in an instant, and the fate of her body afterwards be damned. Her chest still ached from Flemeth's rough treatment of her much abused tits, and her hips constantly twitched in a weak attempt to escape the arduously slow push into her depths.

Snickering as the beautiful girl beneath her and her bodies pathetic attempts at salvation, she shoved herself in savagely, hilting herself completely. The suddenness of the thrust made the captive noirette scream, throwing her head back in a call that echoed through the swamp. Again, the sorceress pulled back at an agonizing pace before jabbing in deeply, drawing another cry from the abused piece of meat. She repeated herself again and again, making Morrigan scream with each thrust of her shaft into the girl's dry snatch. Everytime she impaled the girl, the sharp edges of her cock's armor sunk a little bit deeper into tender flesh, driving her entire length into the tight little flower of her daughter over and over.

Morrigan's eyes watered from being stuffed so full, her petals never having been stretched so wide before. She swore she could feel the pointy, inhuman cockhead battering against her cervix, it dug so deep into her sex. "God... T-too biiig..." She whined loudly, tossing her head back and forth, her knuckles going white from gripping her own legs so tightly to keep them spread.

Flemeth snorted and growled, the nails of her hand biting a bit harder into her hostage's breast. Morrigan's cunt spasmed so delightfully when she did that that the evil hag repeated the process, crushing first one tit and then the other as she raped the screaming girl, feeling her tight hole milking the unnaturally damaging cock. The witch of the wilds had her eyes wide and looking down to watch the monster's cock splitting her open and plunging deep. Her tight sex was like a vice, her muscles clenching, trying to resist the harsh intrusion, but that only seemed to spur her monsterous mother on even more. The rigid bumps scraping away at her inner walls, wearing away at them until they loosened up some, allowing it pillage her cunt without mercy.

Flemeth moaned hotly. It had been so long since she'd had such a nice, tight hole to plow. Too much of her time was spent either fending off the templars who always sought her and scheming for how to turn the blight to her best advantage, and anyway none of her other slaves could match the wonder of this amazing body, the body she had chosen to keep for herself. It had been so long since she had had an adequete opportunity to sate her desires... and her daughter incredibly tight, hot pussy was perfect. She was not going to last much longer in this screaming slut, not with the way her writing, agonized body was squeezing her cock. Already she could feel her balls churning with the need to spill her seed. Her hips pumping as she pressed into the whore spread bfore her, her wild thrusting sped up. Getting close now, soooo close... Just... A few more...

Flemeth came hard enough that Morrigan actually slid backwards an few inches on the bed, the raping cock erupting a massive torrent of slime into her cunt until the foul slime spurted out around the armored price, her cunt burning with the heat of the vile fluid that her mother was filling her with. Morrigan's screams turned immediating to enormous, wracking sobs that moved her entire body and shook her tits, her dignity momentarily shattered completely under the humiliation and pain of her abuse. She hardly noticed when the woman slid out of her, the cock melting away into nothing with a slimy sound.

"I've waited decades for that..." Flemeth moaned in pleasure, her normal finger wrapping a lock of Morrigan's dark hair around it. "Not bad for an ungrateful, whoring brat."

Morrigan was panting, blinking rapidly to clear her vision again now that the reason for her tears was finally gone from her tight hole, now sore and aching. For a moment, she just remained like this, on her back, breathing heavily, trying to recover from her brutal rape as much as possible.

Not that Flemeth would let her. Suddenly, the grip on her hair tightened and the young witch found herself brutally dragged off the bed and to her feet againm whimpering as pain exploded in her scalp.
Within seconds, she stood face to face with her mother again, who was completely female once more, idly rubbing her slit with one finger as she looked her bedraggled daughter up and down. "Such sweet despair... such delicious tears... you really spurred me on there..."

Morrigan was almost transfixed with fear, staring helplessly into her mother's hard, cruel eyes. "Please, mother... give me some rest at least... I can't take anymore..." she whimpered, hoping that the ancient thing might actually be more merciful now that she had sprayed her load.

Flemeth growled, using her grip on Morrigan's hair to yank the witch's head back, spitting onto her face. "You still plead to be spared, you dumb cunt. Even though you know it will only make matters worse for you..." Again, she spat, this time aiming for Morrigan's trembling lips, the spit mixing with the drops of cum and sliding down her chin. "But I will grant you your request. For today, you will be safe from my cock, because your performance actually managed to satisfy me in the end. Now turn around!" After she had punctuated her last few words with a series of hard slaps, first to Morrigan's cheeks, then her tits, the noirette did as she was told, turning around.

At first, Flemeth simply grabbed the young witch's ass and squeezed, making her victim yelp and fear that she might have changed her mind about the assrape... but then, Flemeth merely grabbed Morrigan's wrists and forced them up, binding them together so tightly that her daughter's shoulders were nearly dislocated, every motion sure to hurt. Morrigan whimpered softly, not daring to protest, despite the pain... not now, not with the agony of her last rape still in her mind.

Another moment later, she felt a metal collar snap shut around her neck, tight enough to be uncomfortable while still allowing her to breathe normally. "Mother...?" she dared to inquire, but received nothing but a sharp slap to her ass in return. The collar had a ring attached to its front and through that, Flemeth pushed a leash. "Now you will come with me, my dear." And, without further words, she opened the door and dragged Morrigan outside, back into the swamp.

For what seemed at least a good hour, Morrigan was once again dragged through the swamp, unable to do anything but stumble on while Flemeth led her on the short leash, not brooking any hesitation or disobedience. While Flemeth was as naked as Morrigan, the mosquitoes did not bother her at all... while they soon feasted on the younger witch who could not even swat at them. Once, she had timidly asked where they were going, which Flemeth had responded to by a backhanded slap so hard it had cast Morrigan to the floor. Then, before she could get up, Morrigan was dragged on again, forced to crawl on all fours for a good while before she finally managed to find her footing.

Finally, after a seeming eternity, they stopped at the entrance to a cave. A series of pained womanly cries and shrieks emanated from it and while the sound filled Morrigan with abject dread, Flemeth's lips curled into a heartless smile. "We are there, daughter... your new home."

Morrigan's eyes widened in terror as she was lead down in the cave, lit only by the flickering torchlight. Cormac was here, she realized to her horror, the chasind barbarian laying atop a sobbing red haired girl as he drove himself in and out of her... and they weren't the only pair. The dank cave was filled with barbarians, crowded around three other sobbing girls while they cried and scream, the sounds muffled by the cocks in their throats.

And every single one of the men had that empty, soulless look of one of Flemeth's slaves.

Flemeth cleared her throat, and all activity in the room abruptly stopped, all faced turned towards the ancient crone and her trembling noirette captive. None all the barbarians were men, she saw... at least two of the soulless abusers were women, one of them sitting on one of the bound women's faces while the sobbing girl was fucked.

All the faces of the chasind looked directly at her naked body, shivering in the cold and utter terror. When their faces showed any emotion at all, Morrigan could only describe it at... eagerness.

Flemeth smiled, and pushed Morrigan forward into the cave. "Fresh meat!" she said, laughing all the while.


Flemeth had left a moment after she'd performed a horrible speech in front of them, "This is my sweet daughter Morrigan and she is going to spend a while with all of you. And I want you to make her feel welcome." The moment Flemeth had spoken, the rapes had stopped, all of her thralls staring at the ancient witch while the crying victims turned to look away. "Touch her, beat her, whip her, rape her... but whatever you do, make her scream!"

As one man, those barbarians who did not yet have a cock rammed into one of the victims turned and stepped towards Morrigan, who had fallen silent from pure shock. Only her mother's cruel laughter brought her out of it. "No... mother, please! I've been a good girl! I let you fuck me!"

In response, Flemeth shoved her so hard the young witch fell onto her knees in the middle of the room, now surrounded by these barbarians on all sides. "Yes, you did perform alright in the end. But you need to learn something... it does not matter how a slave performs. When your mistress decides you deserve further abuse, then you are going to suffer through that. Enjoy their attentions until I get back."

And with that, the old witch had turned around, her naked ass swaying seductively, her laughter echoing down the cave as Morrigan felt the barbarians start to grope her body, whimpering pleadingly to a mistress that could no longer hear it.

Morrigan felt like her tits would be ripped from her body. The already sore globes were being pulled different directions as a dozen hands mauled her body, pushing her first one way and then the other as she was tossed between them. The slaves spat in her face, pinching her nipples and her clit, or slapped her before passing her on to the next abuser in line like a bottle of cheap Orleisian wine.

Someone stuck his fingers up her ravaged cunt, drawing the first scream of the evening from the poor witch. They seemed to enjoy that enough that everyone who followed made sure to at least stick a few digits into her poor hole.

No one said a word the entire time. In a way, that simple act scared Morrigan more than anything else.

Someone eventually pushed her over, and she collapsed on top of the ginger girl that Cormac was raping. To the witch's horror, she discovered that she knew the girl. The years of abuse had not been kind to her, but a decade ago the sobbing face she now saw had been the haughty and arrogant, the face of the chieftain's daughter Flemeth had summoned.

The girl was now a cum covered wreck, having been kept as a slave for years upon years until she could barely remember another life.

The girl she was now lying on top of shuddered under Cormac's brutal thrusts, wailing loudly each time the massive barbarian drove himself into her all the way. Another grabbed Morrigan and pulled her back until she was lying with her own tits atop the girl's, which were also smeared with cum, creating a slimy, disgusting sensation as Morrigan's orbs rubbed over them.

The young witch was utterly, absolutely helpless, unable to do anything but lie there and fear what might come next. She knew they would violate her and she knew that no matter what she said, they would not heed her. Flemeth's thralls were empty vessels for her mother's will, their own personality eroded and destroyed over weeks when they came to her. And it spoke of Flemeth's cruelty that she actually let most of her female slaves undominated just so she could enjoy their tears as they were raped. The two female thralls she had seen were chasind, as were two of the victims, counting Fiona - the chieftain's daughter - among them.

Another was a petite elven girl, Dalish by the looks of her, with a shock of short bright blonde, almost golden hair. She was kneeling in front of a thrall, suffering under his cock as he pumped it in and out of her poor, gagging throathole, her tits bouncing as she heaved, gargled and sobbed.

The other had the haughty features of a noblewoman, Morrigan thought, even though those features were almost obscured by a mask of sperm mixed with tears. The woman's body could best be described as elegant, with softly rounded hips and breasts. A few barbarians stood around her as she was lying on the floor, stroking their cocks which were already dripping cum from their last load. One of the female thralls knelt at her head, lapping at the cum on her face just so she could spit it right back onto the crying woman's features.

Again, Morrigan felt a sharp pain in her cunt, followed by the unmistakable sensation of fingers being pumped in and out at a rapid pace, making her wail, though she was glad it was not a cock yet. Apparently Flemeth chose her male slaves for their... endowment, with all of the males being almost, if not just as, well hung as Cormac. The huge barbarian was now finishing his thrusts into Fiona and pulled out, grabbing Morrigan's hair to force her head back... a moment before his massive load hit the crying witch right in the face.

The furious, terrified young mage tried to pull away from the spewing cock, but Cormac's grip on her hair was strong as an ogre, and she would tear out here mane before she budged her face an inch. Sobbing, she took the entire load on her face before Cormac finally let go of her, Morrigan's body shaking in time to the finger thrusting into her used cunt. They pushed her around, using her hair as a mob to clean the cum from Fiona's tits while the rough fingers scraped her sore walls.

The fingers were removed from her just before another cock pressed into her, stretching her well-raped cunt again. The barbarian, however, pulled out of the young witch after only a few strokes. Morrigan understood when seconds later he pressed his now well-lubed cock against her puckered ass.

She screamed into the chasind woman's tits, but she was shown no mercy as the hard cock plowed her tight ass, ripping her open for a second time as her almost-virgin ass stretched taut around the tremendous invader. While she wept and screamed, her asshole raped raw by the ravenous slave, Morrigan felt a tongue on her cunt. Someone's lips pressed hard against the abused hole, tongueing it even as the mouth sucked hard as the filled hole.

Another man was raping Fiona again now, and the crying girl was forced to suck the witch's tits while her ass was reamed. She was hardly aware when the mouth was removed from her cunt, but she certainly noticed when the chasind women stepped up to her face and spat the load of Flemeth's cum over her face. She dropped back down and resumed her sucking, emptying Morrigan's pussy even while the barbarian was so busy filling her other hole with inch after inch of hard cock.

Three times more the woman spat the cruel shapeshifter's spunk on Morrigan's face before she was satisfied that she had gotten it all. The thrall in her ass grabbed a single leg and stretched it high into the air, turning the noirette on her side without ever removing himself from her. The chasind woman wrapped her hand around Cormac's cock, her soulless eyes glinting with some tiny fragment of amusement as she led the huge dick to Morrigan's newly dry hole.

"Please, no!" she sobbed, even knowing it would do no good. "Not him! I can't take it again, I ca-" her tirade of useless begging was cut off as one of the other chasind drove his length into her mouth, the cock sliding deep into her in a single thrust. It muffled her scream a second later as Cormac bludgeoned his way into her unready cunt, making the sobbing which completely airtight. The twin cocks in her holes made them even tighter, hurting the witch more with every thrust than anyting that had come before until the barbarian in her ass finally filled her with slime...

Hours passed like that before the slaves were finally done with her. Fiona was made to lick the nearly-comatose witch's face, her golden red hair sticking to the cum, before the young mage was permitted to curl up on the stone floor, her leash held by Cormac in one enormous hand as he slept. With nobody watching the prideful apostate any longer, the tears came freely to the raven haired beauty. Morrigan cried for a long time on the floor before her exhaustion finally outweighed the pain of her bruised flesh against the hard floor, her mind empty of hope that tomorrow would be any better than today.

* * *

If anything, it was worse. From the moment she woke up the barbarians found one degrading use for her after another. First she had to join the other abused women in trying to clean up the leftover fluids from the night before, dragging her tongue over the dry stains on the hopelessly filthy floor before sometime decided to assrape her while she cleaned. Soon after that, the pitiful attempt at cleanliness devolved into another gangrape, which continued until the men used the four women like toilets until all of the thralls were relieved.

The mixture of piss and cum in her belly made Morrigan feel sick, but she dared not throw the mix up for fear that would make her swallow it, the way she had made the noblewomen just a few moments ago. She desperately fought to control her nausea as she was raped yet again. The men and woman used her in complete silence, never speaking - the only sounds were the occasional grunts, and the sobbing of their poor victims. They didn't even seem to enjoy the act of abusing them... in fact, Morrigan was not sure they were even capable of feeling pleasure or joy anymore, in any regard. They simple used them like machines, puppets dancing to the sadistic will of their controller.

After two days of this, she could hardly remember what she had done to deserve this treatment from her mother. Her pride was slowly shattering underneath the barrage of cocks, and she had lost count of how many times the thralls had fucked her. She couldn't remember why she had been so reluctant to suck their cocks, or be fucked. Such stubborness seemed completely futile against the unrelenting tide of men that came at her, using Morrigan's body to sate their cocks until they were too exhausted to continue.

She was on her knees when Flemeth returned on the third day, licking at Cormac's cock while it plunged savagely into the gold-furred Dalish cunt beneath him. His heavy balls slapped her in the face with every thrust, his sweat mingling with Morrigan's tears as he made the elf scream with each thrust. The elf was almost impossibly tight, and black haired witch couldn't imagine the level of force the huge barbarian required to fit his cock into the narrow opening.

As soon as the thrall planted himself as deeply as he could, Morrigan felt a familiar taloned hand press her face firmly into the girls raped cunt. Sobbbing is despair, she obediently drive her tongue into the hole and lapped at the warm seed, hoping against hope that her mother would take her away from this place, even if it was to abuse her further herself.

"That's so much better, daughter," Flemeth whispered into her ear, the first voice the witch had heard in many days. She was irrationally glad for the words, even as she hated the woman more than ever. As soon as as the ancient sorceress decided that the Dalish girl was as clean as Morrigan could make her, she began to pull the noirette witch away by the leash, crawling on the ground as another man climbed on top of the golden haired elf.

The poor girl's whimpers followed her as she was led outside and into the swamp again. Flemeth was once again just as naked as Morrigan, apparently having no small amount of pride in the way her body looked, her shapeshifting powers keeping her as firm and young as she wished. Once again, she took on a rapid pace, making Morrigan follow her on all fours without giving her time to stand or speak. And for the next while, Flemeth uttered no sound as well, silently leading her new victim onward.

Only when they were about halfway back to the hut did Flemeth slow down suddenly, waiting until Morrigan had caught up to her. " Stand", she said, actually offering a hand to her abused daughter. Morrigan, too glad to be out of this degrading position, took it and grunted as her knees popped...she had spent so many hours on all fours or kneeling these last few days, standing was almost a new experience all over for her. When she was finally standing upright again, she looked at her mother. " Your face is a mess", Flemeth snarled and Morrigan knew what she meant. Her dark hair was a muddled mess, swamp water and cum having ruined it for now...and her face showed many lines of white seed all over her features. " May I...clean it?" Morrigan dared to ask, hoping to have gauged Flemeth's expression as one of disgust right.

But the ancient witch shook her head. " I like that look for now. It speaks of what a whore you truly are. Now walk, and keep up with me!" After having heard that shattering remark, Morrigan had to bite back another stream of tears, palpable dread gripping her heart. And as she walked on, she wondered if Flemeth had always been this evil and she had simply not seen it...or if it had been a recent development. But one thought about Fiona's fate was enough to answer that question for her.

Up until now, she had never known Flemeth's true heart.

Eventually, after they had walked a few more paces, she felt Flemeth's hand grope her ass, the talon digging into her roundness, making her whince. For a moment, she tried to obstruct her mother's grip with her hand, but as she grabbed the scaly wrist, Flemeth shot her a look that killed all defiance within her. Flemeth's taloned thumb rubbed between the cheeks and over the much-abused puckered opening, a soft chuckle escaping the ancient evil as she saw Morrigan flinch.

"Still tender, hm? I hope they all got a go at your tight asshole, daughter...", Flemeth commented. Instead of a response, Morrigan sucked in a sharp breath, just feeling the tip of the talon press against her sphincter, sliding into her sore canal. " Keep on walking", Flemeth snarled, forcing Morrigan to ignore the pain while the finger slowly thrust back and forth inside her anus.

"It is still tight... very good. I had feared Cormac might have loosened you too much to be of use. Did he have his cock up there?" she asked, pushing her thumb all the way in, ripping a tortured groan from Morrigan. Even while waiting for an answer, she did not remove her finger, forcing Morrigan to walk, each motion making her asshole shift slightly, the talon rasping against her sore, stretched walls. " Y-yes, mother... three times," she finally said, not wanting to think about it too much.

Flemeth nodded, apparently satisfied by those answers. Walking on, she kept on violating Morrigan's backdoor with the talon, sighing in pleasure at the witch's obvious discomfort. " Hmmm..I should have started sticking things up your holes earlier...", she mused, giving her daughter a fang-filled grin, " you are so much more enjoyable to have around when you are in pain."

In the distance, they saw the hut, but, much to Morrigan's surprise, did not go there. Instead, their path led them towards a small hill in the swamp where the ground was more firm. "Where...are we going?" Morrigan dared to ask, though she knew she would probably hate the answer.

"Oh, some quiet place over there. I feel like fucking you outdoors today."

With a tiny gesture a pair of stone hands sprung from the the ground, holding Morrigan's ankles in their earthen grip. With inexorable strength they pulled at the pale witch, spreading her legs wide until she was forced to drop to her hands as well to prevent herself from falling over completely. The hard armored digit shifted painfully in her raped rectum as she bent, being pushed deeper by the woman's forced motions.

The stoney appendages started to slid up her slender legs, a perverse use for a simple spell that Flemeth had taught her more than a decade ago. They wound further and further up her body, arms of packed dirt flowing unerringly behind then. Morrigan could hear Flemeth chuckling as the rock fingers reached her ass and began pulling it wide, allowing her to drive her talon in and out of the tight hole with reckless abandom. The witch sobbed while Flemeth raped her with the digit. It's sharp nail pressed painfully into her with every stroke, and the hard ridges of armor scraped at the sore blisters that the barbarians had opened up in her rear.

To her horror, one of the stone digits began to press into her cunt, sawing roughly into her tender pussy while Flemeth did the same to her ass. Another finger followed, and then another, opening the young witch as far as she has even been stretched... and then a fourth of the fingers pushed its way in. Her cunt was completely taut around the earthen hand now, and Morrigan gave a pitiful whine as the fifth finger painfully ground into her clit, smashing it flat against the unyielding digits within her.

Flemeth's talon withdrew from her ass, only to be replaced by the other stone fist slowly cramming extremity after intrusive extremity into the tightest hole on her body, pressing into her until she felt she would split... and then the thumb of the first hand finally pressed into cunt. Flemeth stood by her daughters face, drinking in the expression of pain as the stone hand curled into a fist within the noirette and began to press into her further.

Morrigan screamed. "Too big!" she yelled, begging, pleading for help from anything that could hear her. At this second she would swear her soul to a pride demon if only he could make the agony stop, make her cruel mother leave the hurting, wounded witch alone. Again the hand twisted and pushed and the stonefist spell slowly began spreading open her delicate teenage fuckhole. Morrigan gasped out in disbelief as she felt his hand prying open and penetrating her abused pusy, fucking in and out in an attempt to stretch open her tiny cunt more. Then once again the hand twisted and pushed, vanishing inside Morrigan's little slit, her cunt lips wrapping tightly around the filthy shaft of the animated arm. Morrigan screamed and twisted her hips, but she was held firmly in place by the spell while her body brutally invaded.

Flemeth began stroking her own slit as she enjoyed the sight of her daughter's tiny holes been invaded by the magical automotons. Morrigan was breathing heavy and scared to death - even among her other abuses, she never felt anything like this. She could scarcely imagine what damage Flemeth was doing to the insides of her lovely body. She had the earthen hands fucking her hole slowly, the fist bottoming out inside her cunt. She made sure Morrigan felt the fingers probing deep inside her and made sure she felt completely humiliated. "You like that you whore?" she whispered to her.

With a savage scream from the witch, the fist came almot entirely free of her cunt before plunging entirely back into her. Morrigan made a deep grunting sound as she tried to bear the agony of her cunt being overstretched. She let out a whimper as she feared the constant stretching of her hole might simply kill her, and she began to wonder if Flemeth even thought about that. Each time it withdrew and pressed back in Morrigan's cunt lips spread wide, allowing the dark stone hand to pull out and re-penetrate her petite cunt hole. Flemeth pressed her lips to the sobbing Morrigan, muffling her screams and allowing the cruel shapeshifter to taste her suffering as she was violated in a new way.

Morrigan just cried harder and moaned hysterically, now. She had lost track of how many times that savage construct had plunged into the deepest parts of the precious pussy... but hen the other hand began to pressed its thumb into the witch's asshole. "Oh no, please..." she mumbled into Flemeth's mouth until, with one hand still buried in her cunt, the other stone fist twisted and pressed its entire girth into Morrigan's tiny ass hole at the time time. Morrigan's entire body wracked in an agony she never would have been able to imagine previous to her captivity. The young noirette felt like her body was ripped open, spread wide enough that she would never recover. Her entire body was taut around the invading fists, and she felt there was no slack in her skin anywhere on her body - the invading hands had pulled it all tight. Morrigan's anus stretched and stretched beyond belief for such a tiny girl. She screamed from the extreme pain as her anus felt like it was tearing apart, then broke into despairing sobs. Tears poured from her eyes as the excrutiating pain overwhelmed her body, and Flemeth's golden eyes glowed as they watched the spell ream out her daughter's asshole.

She wailed and thrashed, her body bouncing uncontrollably between Flemeth's grip and the bonds of the constraining spell. When finally the fist was far enough into her that the sphincter cold close on the narrower "wrist" of the magical limb, the pain subsided slightly... but not much. She felt so full with two fists buried inside her body. Both holes felt like they were ready to split her body wide open from stretching so much. Morrigan looked over her shoulder to see what they had done to her. Two arms of packed earth protruded from her behind. She could feel them begin moving inside her, probing at each other from the other side of the delicate membrane... it felt like snakes crawling up deeper and deeper inside her body.

Her mother removed her limps from the blubbering mouth of her daughter and smiled at her agonized contenance. "Are you ready to be properly fucked now, my dear?"

Morrigan, her voice gone, could only silently mouth no as the full size of the fist in her ass began to pull back, and she whimpered silently just before it pounded back into her, causing her entire body to spasm so hard that her shoulders ached... only seconds before the hand in her cunt repeated the motion. Then the other, and then the other, over and over, fist fucking her cunt then her asshole.

"Please, mother..." she moaned, finding some tiny shred of her voice. "Mercy..."

To Morrigan's horror, Flemeth smiled, the expression heralding suffering that the witch's exhausted brain could not comprehend as the woman's talon slid across her face and traced the outside of her throat. "I am being merciful, daughter. If I were truly cruel..." she whispered, her fangs nippling at Morrigan's earlobe. "...I would not have stretched you first."

Then Flemeth's skin began to ripple, as though it had come unattached from her body and was sliding around her form. Her eyes widened and her nose and mouth began to lengthen into a muzzel as dark smoke rose from somewhere deep in her throat, and emerge from gaps in her squirming flesh. Tufts of black fur emerged frm beneath her skin even as that skin peeled away, exposing the red muscle beneath. Savage spikes of bone broke the surface of her back, covering it like the quills of a hedgehog as Flemeth growled and dropped to her hands and knees, her hair melting away to be replaced by ursine ears.

A bereskarn, Morrigan realized in some corner of her mind. Flemeth was transforming into a bereskarn, a hybrid between a wolf and a bear that had been corrupted by the blight. But why would she...

Both invading fists removed themselves from her stretched holes and resumed spreading her asshole... and horrified revelation came over the witch.


Morrigan's eyes widened as a wave of sheer, mind-blasting panic overcame her. Shaking her head in desperate denial, she tried to crawl forward, fighting in vain against the hands that held and widened her. The transformation was complete now, Flemeth having turned into a huge, tainted monstrosity, a thing that simply SHOULD not be.

And it was grinning at her, a massive cock dangling between its shaggy legs, the organ as malformed as it was huge. For a moment, Morrigan could not utter a single sound, panic having gripped her tightly. Then, the thing started to move towards her and she shrieked. "NO! Mother, please! Please, don't do this to me! I'll do everything... I'll suck it if you want me to... I'll jerk it off and drink all your cum! But PLEASE... not that! I beg you... have mercy this ONE time!"

The bear-thing lumbered closer, its muzzle inches away from her body now, a huge tongue lolling out and lapping at her dangling tits, the rough texture making her whince with pain as it scraped over her sensitive, abused flesh. The thing stank of corruption and foulness, much worse than Cormac and much worse than the swamp. Morrigan flinched, tears of pure dread running down her face.

"Please...mother..." she whimpered again, grimacing as she felt the stone fists hook their thumbs into her asshole while spreading her cheeks, stretching the already-abused hole for its new attacker.

"Stop wasting your breath, daughter," the thing growled, its maw not made for human sounds, though Flemeth forced them out nevertheless, resulting in a voice that was half a growls and half a bestial gargle, "You will need it to scream soon."

As Morrigan hung her head in defeat and began to sob in anticipation of the torture to come, the beast's toothy grin widened. Flemeth felt her heart speed up as she looked upon her violated daughter, finally brought down to her rightful place. She really should have started raping her on a regular basis earlier. Back then, she had spared her out of a sense of convenience, but that decision she regretted now.

Feeling the massive cock harden, she got into position, placing her massive body atop Morrigan's, her shaggy legs next to the witch's arms and legs. She did not yet rest her entire weight upon her victim, wanting to enter her properly first. Nevertheless, Morrigan groaned under the weight and the fact that even the bereskarn's underbelly had bony protrusions that scratched against her beaten and bruised skin.

Morrigan tensed up, feeling the massive cockhead brush against her puckered opening, still held open by the stone hands. Then, suddenly, amidst the despair, an idea came to her... a possible salvation. "Mother, please wait," she said, her voice almost choked with tears, "if you do this... you'll stretch me out... and it won't be any more fun to fuck me like that..." She blushed and tried to choke back more tears of despair, a despair that came from the knowledge that this might be the only reason Flemeth might back off.

But a rumbling laughter from the bear-thing shattered her hopes like the finest china. "I am thousands of years old... I have raped countless girls, some who were tighter than you... You think I would not have found ways to return their fucked holes to tightness?" Again, the creature rumbled with laugher... and then, it suddenly surged forward, burying the tip of its massive cock in Morrigan's anus!

Flemeth growled into her daughter's ear, the sound brutal as she pressed into Morrigan's spread ass. In a signel savage motion, she buried eight inches of the savagely thick cock into the witch's bowels, with just as much left outisde. The raven haired girl screamed as the pain hit her, ripping through her asshole as the enermous cock opened her up. She felt delirious - nothing, not her chain of previous rapes, not even the cruel fisting, could have prepared her for the bereskarn's mammoth girth sliding into her tight backdor.

Flemeth started to fuck her in long, hard slides, pushing a tiny bit more of her cock into the untouched depths of her daughter's abused asshole. She pulled out all the way to the head every time she drew back, then shoved inside again as deep as she could, grunting with the fiction that dry hole was providing on her cock as she fit another inch in. Every hard thrust rocked Morrigan's whole body against her bonds, and her toes and fingers curled every time she fit a tiny bit more of the merciless rod into her, raping her ass with quick, hard thrutsts. She squirmed around his thick cock, whimpering helplessly as her nipples tightened and her ass clenched with the burning pain.

With a new scream, Morrigan realized that one of the stone fists was starting to slide back into her pussy. "Noooo," she moaned as her pussy against stretched around the invading hard, beginning to wet itself in desperate defense against te abuse. The intrusion into her pussy made her ass even tighter for Flemeth's new form, and hurt the black haired witch all the more. The ancient monster didn't care if it hurt to have her ass pounded while she had a fist up her cunt, however. It was her own fault for having a body that could fit the intrusions, if only barely.

"I knew from the moment I saw you that you were a born fucktoy," the bereskarn growled above her, the voice deep and menacing and not at all like that of a humans. "That's why I chose you, and I have to say daughter, you don't disappoint." Morrigan sobbed, making a series of protesting noises as she drooled and moaned, her screams transitioning to broken sobs of defeat.

When the cock in her started to grow, the noirette at first thought it was her imagination, an illusion from the mass filling her cunt and her ass swelling under the assault... but then to her horror it began clear that she wasn't wrong. Slowly but steading, the base of Flemeth's transformed cock was swelling as growing thicker. Helplessly she strugged against her bindings, reaching a free hand to push against the bereskarn's intruding form. She might as well have tried to hold back th ocean, and the beast continued to press deeper into her, in a quest to bury the entire length of meat in her tight asshole.

Rocking, she lay her passive paws on Morrigan's hips, forcing the cock forward. The ass, as tight as it was, was no match for the strength of the rutting animal, and at last Flemeth finally forced the last inch of the huge bear cock into Morrigan, and not a second too soon. The flesh on the cock was still growing, buried in her ass as she hilted herself completely, forcing herself in until the ring of her ass clamped on the otherside of the swelling and stuck. As the bereskarn waited, completely enveloped in the agonized witch, the bump grew into a bulge, and then into a knot the side of a grapefruit.

Through it all, Morrigan screamed. She screamed until she was hoarse, and still it didn't stop. The knot in her grew, forcing her dick deeper into her cervix and opening her up she felt her ass was entirely ruined. The shapeshifter's dick was so big that it was impossible for her to grow accustomed to the size, and once the knot had fully groaned Flemeth resumed rocking her hips, the huge balls slapping against her ass while her pussy was filled with the stone invader. With no warning she came, wave after wave cum erupting inside of her completely filled ass. The orgasm took so much longer than a human's and she came so much more, gushing come into the witch for several long minutes, filling her rectum completely with her seed.

Morrigan moaned and whimpered underneath her, jerking as she filled her so completely with her disgusting, blighted cum. She felt bloated and cramped and she gasped, struggling to get away from him. It seemed like it would never end... but then Flemeth finished with a low sigh. His hips jerked a few times before he settled, locked deep in her bitch daughter's ass, her knot stopping even a drop of her come from escaping.

The stone fist continues raping Morrigan but she could barely feel it. Her senses were completely overloaded, and the entire bottom half of her body felt numb. She was positive that her mother had broken something, and the most defiance she could muster was to hope that it ruined her body badly enough that the sorceress no longer wanted it. Flemeth didn't want to rip the knot out of Morrigan and ruin her completely quite yet, so instead she waited for the swelling to diminish, lapping her enormous tongue all over Morrigan's neck and face and back, her claws pressing into her soft skin painfully but not quite hard enough to rip it open.

Drooling, the abused couldn't do anything but whimper, grunt and moan as she abused her, playing with her bound body until the shapeshifter decided that the swelling had reduced enough, and she eased the bulge, now only the size of the stone first, out of her tight pucker. Morrigan would have screamed if she had voice left, but instead she just lay there as the knot lid out, and a flood of cum followed it out of her gaping ass, hitting the soft earth in humilating splashes.

"I've been waiting to do that," Flemeth said, her voice human again. The naked sorceress walked in front of Morrigan, finally dismissing the stone spell holding her up and letting her abused daughter drop to the mud, collapsing into the puddle of putrid cum seeping from her asshole, and laughing the entire time.

Morrigan simply lay there, trembling, gasping for breath, her entire body wracked by sobs as the horrible abuse she had just suffered played inside her mind again and again, resisting any possible attempt to push it away. She knew she should be furious at Flemeth, who was still laughing at her plight, or afraid of more abuse, but at this moment, she simply did not have the strength for it.

All she felt was deep, utter exhaustion and absolute despair...and that paralyzed her better than any spell or rope Flemeth could have used on her right now. She did not feel it when Flemeth spat down on her and barely heard it when the old witch said, " I am sure you will not leave any time be a good girl and wait till I come back. And if you should somehow find the power to actually get up...remember that I am everywhere. And should you escape...I will make you beg for death."

Morrigan would have already beggd for that by now, if she could find the words. But all that made it out of her throat was a soft whimper and Flemeth merely sighed in obvious, satisfied pleasure, turning around and leaving the clearing, her ass swaying hypnotically, the golden rays of the sun playing across her firm, magic-enhanced body.

Any painter worth his salt would have loved to paint this image of utter beauty...but to Morrigan, it merely highlighted Flemeth's natural cruelty. With this body, she could have as much male and female companionship as she ever desired...and yet, she enslaved and raped, taking even greater pleasure in dominating others than simply fucking them.

Eventually, Flemeth was out of sight, leaving Morrigan to the mercy of nature. The witch had hoped that maybe her strength would soon return, at least enough for her to get away from the exact place of her rape, but she simply could not gather herself enough. More mosquitoes made a meal of her and she did not even have the strength to swat at them. All she could do was lie there, crying quietly, feeling the last drops of cum seep from her anus, the opening not even fully closed again. Flemeth must truly have damaged her.

Maybe, at least, this meant that those horrible assraped would now finally stop...

Eventually, after a while had passed, she simply passed out right on the spot, exhaustion taking its toll. But just as darkness had overtaken her, it seemed, she was awakened again by a swift kick to the ribs that made her groan weakly.

Again, Flemeth was standing over her, holding a small clay flask in one hand. " I did not allow you to sleep, whore!" the old witch snarled. Apparently, seeing her daughter so miserable had not triggered any notions of gentleness within her dark heart. Without waiting for a plea that could not even escape the young witch's scream-hoarse throat, she grabbed a fistful of black hair and forced Morrigan's head back, pressing the rim of the flask against her lips. " Drink!" Flemeth snarled, tipping the flask.

Morrigan felt the fluid touch her lips and almost gagged right then and there. The smell alone was awful and it felt warm and slimy against her lips. " Drink, slave! I will NOT ask a third time!" The unbridled fury in Flemeth's voice at her hesitation was enough to bring Morrigan to open her lips and let the fluid slide in.

The taste was even worse than the smell, a mixture of a variety of herbs, swamp water...and cum, if Morrigan was right. Her stomach churned and she gagged hard, but Flemeth simply grabbed her by the throat and tilted the flask a bit more, making more of the disgusting stuff flow into her mouth. " I want to see you swallow!" And Morrigan did.

Immediately after it had arrived there, her stomach cramped, warmth spreading out from it, filling her entire body. It was not a pleasant feeling, but it...energized her, filling her with renewed strength...all the hurts from the day disappeared, only remaining in the form of memories that would haunt her forever...even her asshole and cunt closed up, ending up as tight as she had been when she had come to Flemeth. When Flemeth finally took the flask away, Morrigan felt like she could actually survive this day.

"See? I told you I could undo anything I do to you", Flemeth snarled. " And now, will prove to me that you are an obedient slave and no longer an insolent brat."

Morrigan just stared at the old witch for a moment, her heart racing as her mind contemplated what horrible things might be in store for her next, already taking into account that any renewed rape of her holes would be just as awful as the first had been. " How, mother?" she finally dared to ask.

In response, Flemeth simply turned around and bent over. " I want you to tongue my asshole."

Morrigan was silent for a moment, simply staring at Flemeth - that was, until the old witch turned her head, infinitely old eyes boring into Morrigan's teary orbs. " When you next open your mouth, daughter, it will best be to stick out your tongue and lap at my ass or else I will get really creative when fucking your ass next time. Understood? Now get to it. Be a good little slavegirl."

Then, she looked away again, no doubt knowing that her daughter would be afraid enough to comply...and after the brutal anal rape of only a moment ago, who would think otherwise? Morrigan certainly did not. With trembling hands, she reached out, her long, slender fingers cupping Flemeth's firm, round ass, spreading them slightly to expose the ancient witch's puckered opening. It was a pale shade of pink and absolutely clean, almost pristine, a fact for which Morrigan was now infinitely grateful. Beneath, Flemeth's cunt was glistening. No doubt the continuing degradation of her daughter turned the old witch on beyond words.

Tentatively, sniffling back a sob, Morrigan stuck out her tongue and let the tip graze just slightly over the puckered opening, hearing a soft moan from Flemeth as she did so. Her cheeks flushing with shame, she repeated that motion, the tip of her tongue lightly tickling Flemeth's anus. " Yes, daughter...lick my asshole...I'm curious if you are better than that elven girl..." Flemeth moaned while Morrigan worked behind her.

New tears ran down Morrigan's cheeks at the new humiliation while she continued in her degrading task, knowing that she could not dare to stop, not without risking even worse than what had happened to her already. Slowly, knowing that Flemeth would not let her stop at this act, she began to lap at the opening faster, more of her tongue running over the old witch's sphincter. Flemeth shuddered in pleasure, reaching between her legs to pump two fingers into her cunt.

"Harder, whore", she snarled, her voice laden with arousal. Morrigan did as she was told, trembling, sobbing while her tongue caressed Flemeth's tightest hole. " Kiss it!" the white-haired witch growled, reaching behind her with the draconic hand, taloned fingers burying themselves in Morrigan's hair, dragging her face against the presented ass, the noirette's lips upon the quivering orifice.

For a while, the clearing was filled with nothing but Morrigan's muffled sobs, her smacking and slurping while she pleasured her mother's anus, lathering it with her spit, and the wet, sucking sounds of Flemeth fucking her own cunt with her fingers. Only after an awfully long time did this culminate in Flemeth roaring out in orgasmic bliss...

To her surprise, this time Morrigan had no difficulty keeping up with her mother as she was dragged through the swamp. At first she suspected it was because the healing potion Flemeth had fed her, but the more she thought about it, the more the raven haired witch was convinced it was something else. Certainly the potion helped - not since she had returned to these fade-cursed swamps had she felt so energized, so rested, and so intact - but that only accounted for a tiny portion of her ability to crawl fast enough through the fetid water to keep up with her mother.

The truth, the humiliating real reason that was dawning on the abused mage, was that she could keep up because she was eager.

As awful as it was to be in that fetid cave, filled with soulless abusers and pathetic slaves, Morrigan found herself looking forward to her return if only it would mean escaping Flemeth for another day. Tears dripped down her face as she crawled, and the proud witch barely concealed the sobs, strangling them before they could pass her throat... if her mother were to realize just how much she preferred the company of even her harem of abusive thralls to her presence, the young witch had no doubt that the crone would adjust her plans and then the young witch would never leave her side again.

Is this what the mighty Morrigan had been reduced to? Her entire life shrunk down until the choice between complete abuse and mere nearly-complete abuse could provoke such eagerness from her? Had she really become so pathetic that choosing between two such agonies was the most dignity that she could muster?

She swore to herself that it would not be so. Morrigan was growing less sad and more furious with each dragging step she was forced to take through the swamp, her tears evaporating as she wound closer and closer to that foul smelling cave. She was going to get free of this idiocy, and soon, she promised herself as the fetid water beneath her limbs became hard ground, and then the rocky floor of a cave. The sounds of female suffering were sufficient to let the witch know that they had arrived, and Flemeth stopped, smile as she watched the actions of her slaves.

Morrigan looked up and saw what had so transfixed her mother. The current session of rape and torture was fairly imaginative by the crude barbarian's standards, she had to admit. The women had been up up onto crude tables in pairs, and had their limbs tied together as they dangled over the edges. The noblewoman rested in the sixty-nine position on top of Fiona, and both of them had barbarians deep in their cunts with a clear view of the other's rape. On another table the blond dalish elf was likewise bound on top of the other chasind girl, Bridget. Cormac was enjoying the brunette chasind girl while another of the men was abusing the elf from the other end.

Flemeth cleared her throat at the room stopped completely, all of the empty eyes turning towards her at once. "I'm sorry my pets, but I need to borrow Bethany for a while. Don't worry, though: I'm sure my daughter would be happy to take her place."

Two of the thralls began to untie the noblewoman as she madly struggled against them. Two strong chasind quickly overpowered her however, and dragged her over to Flementh who looked on her with disgust. "Oh, what a mess you've made," she said, drawing her finger through the thick layer of cum covering almost every inch of Bethany's face before opening the girl's mouth and wiping it off inside the dank hole. "Morrigan, get up here and clean this off."

Morrigan didn't even have time to decide if she would obey or no before one of the other barbarians grabbed the witch and pulled her to her feet, pressing her face right up to the dark haired human noble. She had to remind herself not to cry as she slowly dragged her tongue through the disgusting slop, all the while the blooded human was continuing to struggle, terrified eyes locked onto Flemeth. Disgusted, the noirette mage using her mouth to bathe the other girl clean from enough sperm to fill a cup.

When her face was mostly clean, Morrigan's mouth was crammed full of the foul spunk. No doubt Flemeth intended her to swallow it. Defiantly she instead pressed her mouth against Bethany's and spat the entire load into her mouth. The other girl squealed in dismay as Morrigan pushed all of the cum deep into her mouth, ridding herself of it while the intimidated girl helplessly swallowed.

When the witch pulled away from the freshly sobbing girl, still struggling against her chasind captors, Flemeth was smiling at her and chuckling in a low voice. "Come with me," she said gesturing to the two men holding the noblewoman, then gestured to another pair of thralls. "Make my daughter comfortable."

As the struggling girl was pulled screaming from the cave, Morrigan was quickly bound into her place atop Fiona's body. Shortly thereafter the night of rape resumed, a cock pounding its way into, thankfully, her pussy rather than her asshole while before Morrigan's eyes the ginger chasind was not so fortunate. When the man in Fiona's right asshole started to accelerate, the noirette woman was surprised when he suddenly pulled out and jerked his cock in her face once before erupting, beginning the process of covering the young witch's face as thoroughly with cum as Bethany's had been.

Grinding her teeth as she felt the cock in her pussy pull out before coming, Morrigan prepared herself for a long night.

And it turned out to be very long, just as she had feared. For a while, the girls were all raped in the same way, cock after cock plunging into their holes, always in plain view of their unfortunate partner. Fiona was nearly constantly assraped, but none of the barbarians ever came inside her.

Instead, as if on command, they always pulled out before cumming, spraying their load all over Morrigan's face, which was soon dripping with white, sticky seed, thick drops of which landed on Fiona's body - which always prompted the barbarian currently raping the poor chasind girl to force Morrigan's head down, making the noirette lick the cum off again.

Morrigan herself was not spared from further rape either. The first three cocks simply plunged into her pussy, their violent thrusts forcing whimpers and grunts of pain from her as they drilled into her unwilling cunt before erupting all over Fiona's crying face.

But the two after that elected to fuck her asshole again. For a while, Morrigan's howls of agony eclipsed all the other crying and sobbing in the cave, being loud enough that it scared away a group of wolves who'd come to rest near the cave entrance. In between screams, she cursed Flemeth for making her drink the potion, thereby returning her anus to practically virginal status, making this rape all the worse.

After that, she was finally unbound and dragged off the table...but her ordeal was not over yet. Now, the barbarians dragged the girls close to her and began to rape them again...and Morrigan was their cum dump. Whenever one of them was close to cimax, he climbed off the crying girl he had and jerked off onto the kneeling Morrigan, either onto her face or, after forcing her lips apart, right into her mouth. After the first time being beaten up immediately after she spat out the glob of sperm, she even swallowed, fighting to keep the cum down while she took load after load.

When they were finally done, they made the other girls lick her face clean, feeding the cum to the crying victims while Morrigan simply lay there, shivering, hoping for it to be over now. And, for that day, it actually was.

The rest did not last nearly as long as she would have liked and her wake-up call was a cock rammed down her throat. Before she had even opened her eyes fully, Morrigan was already being faceraped, gargling around the massive meat between her lips - which, by the size of it, must have belonged to Cormac. He barely gave her time to breathe between thrusts, pounding her poor, sore throat so hard she nearly fainted again. But that mercy was not granted to her. Instead, all she received was a load of warm cum right down her throat before he pulled out, dragged her onto her knees and slapped her a few times.

Later, when she was screaming again, another cock plunging into her asshole while she was on her back on the table, forced to jerk off two other barbarians while one of the female tormentors groped her tits, one of the two barbarians who had taken Bethany came back. Without the girl.

Patiently, he waited until all of her tormentors had cum either onto or into her, then dragged her out of the cave, past the howling Dalish, who suffered under a violent double assault, Cormac underneath her, his cock spearing her cunt while another barbarian's cock assaulted her tight ass.

Without a word, he dragged her onwards, the direction unmistakable... the hut. And Morrigan felt the icy hand of fear grip her heart once more...

When she arrived at Flemeth's hut once more, Morrigan had to fight to stop herself from hyperventilating. It had begun to rain and she was incredibly cold, which did not help matters. The barbarians seemed completely unaffected by the freezing rain, the drops bouncing of their muscular for that as they dragged the lightly struggling witch forward until one opened a door to the hut and pushed her in... the middle of a abattoir.

The hut stank, even worse than usual. Blood filled the room, covering the floor and the walls, drawn into arcane circular patterns and vague diagrams that Morrigan did not recognize specifically... but she understood there purpose. This foul hut had been turned into the hub for an arcane ritual.

She began to struggle fiercely now, throwing her entire strength and weight against the two barbarians holding her. She may as well have tried to move a mountain - the raven haired witch simply was not strong enough to move their muscle bound forms. It didn't matter: She couldn't possibly allow Flemeth to take her body, not willingly. The old hag would have to work for it every step of the way.

Flemeth laughed from the center of the room, her voice callous and cold. "No, it's not your time yet daughter," she said. "Soon... but not yet." Morrigan, slightly calmed by the tiny reassurance, finally noticed that Flemeth sat in the middle of the room, in the perfect center the large innermost ring, and outside of absolutely none of them. The blood was all burned now, and not of it flowed with arcane energy. Whatever ritual this arcane construction has been intended for, it had already been performed.

In between Flemeth's legs knelt Bethany, her ass in the air towards Morrigan, and the witch could immediately see the noblewoman had been through hell. Her skin was coated with purple bruises, and her back carried hundreds of savage whip welts. Cum dripped from both of her holes, and her thigh had blood on it in a series of tiny cuts, like Flemeth had repeatedly cut at her with a knife in a small area. As she knelt there her head bobbed up and down on Flemeth's cruel, scaled cock, and Morrigan could hear obscene slurping noises as the girl put effort into sucking the prick.

Morrigan was shoved forward and the two barbarians waited by the door, standing firmly by the door,the witch's bare feet scraping at the disgusting rings on the ground as she stumbled past them and into the center ring where Flemeth and her slave waited. Further inside the hut, the air smelled like Ozone rather than the foul iron smell of the blood, and up close the signs of Bellany's mistreatment seemed every more horrific. From the amount of cum flowing from the woman's ass Morrigan would have expected the hole to be gaping but instead both it and her cunt seemed tight and virginal, pressed firmly closed... which made absolutely no sense to the witch, but she wasn't about to start really caring about that right now. Instead, she stood as far away from the pair of women as she could without leaving the ring.

Flemeth tapped Bethany's head. "Dear, you're being rude. You should stop and see to our guest!" With a regretful sounding moan Bethany slowly pulled backwards off of the ancient crone's monstrosity of a member, her lips reluctant to break her grip on it until the last possible second. Slowly she rose to a proper kneeling position, and then to her feet... then she turned to Morrigan.

It wasn't Bethany any longer.

To Morrigan's horror, what she had taken for bruising was actually the woman's skin color, covering her face in a slight purple tint. Her hair, black as the night, seemed to drift continually with a non-existent breeze, and her fingers had elongated and were now tipped with slender claws like razors. Morrigan suddenly understood the significance of the bloody scarification on the woman's back - she was suddenly sure that if the dried scabs were cleared away, they would reveal a name written in the demonic alphabet.

Worst of all, however, were Bethany's eyes. Gone were the wide, sad, terrified eyes that the noblewoman had possessed. In their place, a cold inferno of blue fire burning, wisps of smoke rising from the corners of her eyes. Those eyes told Morrigan clearly that there was nothing left of the poor woman that she had suffered beside, and the purpose of the ritual she stood within was abruptly clear.

Flemeth had created an Abomination.

"My, my," the woman said, and her voice made Morrigan wince a breath further away from the demon-possessed slave. It sounded like a hundred voices speaking at once, but out of synch... giving the monster's voice a horrifying echo. The Abomination took a step closer to Morrigan. "You picked well, Flemeth." She laughed, as the sound was like glass being dragged against glass. "Come closer, my dear, so I might see you better..."

Coming closer was the last thing on Morrigan's mind - she knew too much magic to try to cross back over the rings of the ritual circle, but within the constraints of her prison she circled to stay as far away from the advancing demon as she could. Desperately her eyes flicked around the room, searching for anything she could use as a weapon.

"Don't be rude, Morrigan. Say hello to your mother's friend Ashtara..." Flemeth said, watching Morrigan without rising from her seat. The shape shifted cock vanished back into her body with the disturbing sound of squishing flesh.

Like most Apostate mages with a thimble worth of sense, Morrigan lived in terror of Abominations. Attracting the attention of a demon and being possessed was an ever-present danger without the protection of the Circle, and the noirette had spent her life learning to avoid their attentions.

Now, her insane hag of a mother had summoned one right into her very house. The woman was completely mad!

The demon Ashtara bared her mouth in a snarl, revealing a maw of pointed teeth. Her eyes flared at she looked at Morrigan, a cruel noise erupting from her throat in a cacophony of echoes. She curled one of the her stolen hands into a fist "I said, come!" she yelled, her voice imperious, and her eyes met Morrigan's...

The next moment Morrigan was kneeling before the demon, looking submissively up at the blazing blue eyes. Her cheek burned from where Ashtara had slapped her - the hand was still traveling back from its cruel trajectory. Of the previous seconds before the slap, the witch remembered nothing, but she was now across the circle and on the floor before the demon, hands on her thighs. "Oh yes, you are lovely..." the demoness said, one of her sharp fingers trading the edges of the beautiful witch's throat.

Morrigan was forced to continue staring into the Abominations eyes, and the longer the contact was maintained she felt a pressure on her head grow as thoughts that weren't her's invaded her mind, pressing into it and browsing through like a Chantry library.

"So we are agreed on terms, then?" Flemeth asked from out of Morrigan's sight.

"Yes..." she said. The sound was probably supposed to be a purr, but it sounded more like someone had strangled the cat. "You're terms are acceptable. I will empower the ritual for you." The Abomination broke eye contact with Morrigan at long last, leaving the witch to breathe in relief as the woman looked over the noirette's shoulder towards Flemeth. "Shall we celebrate our pact, then?"

Her mother chuckled. "Lets."


Morrigan did not know what kind of "deal" Flemeth had made with the creature. She had no idea how long Flemeth had abused the poor girl to break her will and make possession easier. But she knew that the "celebration" the two monsters in the room had in mind involved her. And she definitely knew she did NOT want to be a part of it.

Slowly, driven by instinct and dread, she backed away, the lines of the circle forgotten for a moment - but then again, were they even still important, with the demon having found a host already? - but was quickly stopped by what was unmistakable Flemeth's naked form. " Leaving us so soon again, daughter?" the old witch chuckled, reaching around to grope her daughter's tits. " But we still want to play with you!"

"Well, maybe I am not feeling playful...mother! Not after what your slaves did to me all night!" Somewhere, beyond the fear that had gripped her, Morrigan had found a tiny spark of defiance that had not yet been snuffed out by her abuses. " Ohhhh", the demonhost sighed, one clawed hand travelling between its legs to rub at her glistening cunt, " I hope you can tell us all about it!"

"I have better uses in mind for this stubborn mouth!" Flemeth grumbled, shoving Morrigan to the floor with surprising strength. Pain flared up in Morrigan's shoulder as she landed on the hard floor, right at the demon's feet. From behind her, Flemeth was groaning and for a brief moment, Morrigan wondered if Flemeth was jerking off over her. But then she heard the unmistakable, fleshy sound of bones, tendons and skin transforming. " No...not the beast again...", she whimpered, more to herself than to anyone in the room.

She heard the demon titter, " You're right, my dear Flemeth...and I will find out anyway." Ashtara shuddered with delight, reaching down to grab Morrigan's shoulder and drag her back into a kneeling position. " Such a sweet one...I really missed you, Flemeth. 140 years without a summoning? I was afraid you had forgotten how much joy we had...and how much I missed the taste of your cum...or your pussy."

Morrigan grimaced at the thought of Flemeth and this creature having sex. Consorting with demons...yes, it seemed Flemeth did not leave out a single clicheed accusation about apostates. " This time you will have something to pass the time until I have need of you once more." Flemeth's voice was much deeper now, as if coming from a deep hollow mountain...or a much larger body.

A shadow fell upon Morrigan and a massive hand grabbed her shoulder, forcing her entire body around. This time, without even being further touched, Morrigan cried out in horror.

The thing that stood before her had to stoop over to fit underneath the hut's roof. Sickly pale purplish skin covered a massive frame that would put a golem to shame, all rippling muscle and sturdy bone. From a beastly head sprang two massive horns...but what was worse was the huge, erect cock rising from between the creature's legs. Morrigan had never seen such a member in her lifetime and she could have gone to her death without ever seeing one. The ogre's - for it could be no other creature - cock was larger than Cormac's, larger than Flemeth's usual shaft and larger than the bereskarn's had been.

The whole thing stank of corruption and vileness, but the demon clapped her hands and ginned happily at the sight, even as Morrigan shied away from it. " Oh yes! Wonderful!" To Morrigan, it was certainly less so. " Mother, no...I...I..." she gasped but simply could not bring herself to say anything else.

"Quit your stammering, whore!" Flemeth growled, placing a massive hand against the back of her daughter's head, inexorably pulling her towards the waiting cock. " And worship my cock!" The hand reached lower, pressing against Morrigan's upper back while the demon gave the noirette a nasty shove that had her stumble forward, the massive cock slamming against her tits, the head bumping against her chin, the smell of precum wafting from it making her gag.

Now the desire demon placed her hands on Morrigan's back, holding her in place while the ogre grabbed her head again, forcing it down, her lips brushing against the fat tip of the cock. Morrigan did not think she could fit it between her lips, definitely not....

And then, the ogre started to thrust upward....

The beast's cock slid unstoppably into her mouth. First the tip entered, pushing her lips wide and forcing her to strain her mouth to avoid tasting the foul thing as much as possible... but next, as Flemeth slowly pushed more of her enormous shaft into Morrigan the fit became more impossible. The as the cock's tip began to flare her lips were forced tight around it, stretching painfully to fit around the mammoth thing.

The witch felt like her jaw was dislocating, so hard did the cock press down against it. She must look like a snake swallowing a meal, her mouth opened impossibly far to accept the cruel assault of the ogre cock. The shaft was thicker than the slender witch's arm, and to Morrigan's horror Flemeth kept pushing the thing further into her. The meaty tool tasted like rotting meat and it completely filled her small mouth, forcing her to taste it even as it spread her lips obscenely.

Her mouth was completely fully. The only way for Morrigan to breath was through her nose, pointed directly at the corrupted form of the ogre before her. The monster, like most of the Darkspawn, smelled like death and sulfur, and like blood and offal and dirth. The smell alone made her stomach heave with every breath, but if the witch wanted air, this was the only way to get it.

Pain erupted in her nipples, and without being able to look Morrigan could only guess... but it seemed obvious to the abused woman that Ashtara had locked her sharp fingers around the tender flesh and was pinching her nipples between the nasty points.

While her tits were brutalized yet again, Morrigan was beginnning to gag, the cock pressed far enough into her mouth that the cock tip was starting to make her protective gag reflex fight the choking intrusion. Flemeth, however, was utterly uncaring about her daughter's suffering, and the cock slid still further forward until the head rested directly against the back of Morrigan's mouth. She knelt there, held firmly in place by the inconcievably strong limbs of a woman who had been a slave like her mere hours ago, now an Abomination of the first order, with her mouth splayed wide around the most enormous, most vile member the noirette witch could imagine.

Morrigan's only distraction from her struggle against the huge cock was the demon's abuse of her. The witch's nipples had long been abandonned... rather, Ashtara was now scratching them with her claws, just shy of hard enough to tear her flesh. Instead, focusing on the inner parts of the witch's cleavage, her claws left swollen and painful whelts covering the surface, and the demon kept adding more and more on top of them until her breasts felt like a thousands ants were crawling over them, stinging and biting every available inch.

And still, that murderous ogre cock rested in the back of her mouth.

There was no way that tool could fit in her throat. There was simply no chance... it was hardly thinner than her neck. If Flemeth pushed further, if she tried to fuck her tight throat with that cock, it would kill her immediately, ripping her to pieces... surely that couldn't be what even the man ancient sorceress intended for her daughter...

Apparently it was not, because Flemeth simply remained there, unmoving. "Worship... her..." Ashtara moaned into Morrigan's ear, the sound making the witch wince like someone had shattered glass right against the side of her head. "Use your tongue... show me what a whore you are..."

Her clawed hand was suddenly at Morrigan pussy, sliding upwards until a pointed tip of one of her razor sharp nail rested directly against her clitoris. "Or perhaps you would perfer to disappoint me? I would prefer to..." she gave a tiny, horrifying laugh, "teach you the proper use of this... but if I am robbed of my fun I can be... vindictive."

Terrified at the prospect of the pain the woman seemed eager to deliver, Morrigan started to suck the monsterous cock. It's size pinned her tongue against the bottom of her mouth but the witch struggled it as best she could, rubbing against the bottom of the invading shaft. So stretched was the woman's mouth that only the tiniest hollowing of her cheeks gave evidence of the suction she was applying, and the efforts of her tongue. She attempted to slurp as loudly as possible through the ogre cock gag, hoping the sign of her debasement might mollify her abusers.

It did not. "Stupid slut!" Ashtara yelled directly into Mrrigan's ear. It sounded like a thousand people screaming at her at once, and the noise of it seemed to rattle around in her skull. "You are not making use of all your slutty assets." The demoness wrapped a hand in the witch's hair and dragged her until she was standing. So enormous was the cock that it did not leave her mouth or even slide out a little, but rather forced her to stand pressed against the ogre and tilted Morrigan's head down until it pointed down at the earth, lips still stretched around the mammoth member.

Ashtara grabbed both of the abused girl's hands by the wrists and brought them up to her abused breasts. "Here..." she whispered like the breeze of a storm, "let me help you..."

Then, using her to strength to make Morrigan's fingers press into her own injured tits, she squeezed inward until the scratched flesh on each side pressed against Flemeth's cock.

Feeling a sharp wave of pain rush through her chest, Morrigan moaned helplessly around the cock buried in her mouth. The desire demon kept forcing her own fingers to dig into her firm orbs, leaning in to hiss into her ear, " And now...worship her again. Use these wonderful tits of yours...worship her with your entire body."

It was quite obvious what the demon wanted and Morrigan had little choice but to obey. The sheer size of the cock in her mouth showed very clearly how much damage Flemeth could do if she wanted to. Groaning again, grimacing because of the pain flashing up in her chest again, she began to rub her body up and down against the massive cock, her tits sliding up and down along the hard skin of the shaft.

She seemed to be doing something right, if Flemeth's slightly faster breathing rhythm was an indication. So far, the ancient witch had kept silent, leaving the "lesson" to her long-time demonic friend and apparently lover. Now, with Morrigan once again slurping on the cock, cheeks hollowing ever-so-slightly, a deep rumbling groan escaped her lips.

Even with Morrigan's lips stretched so tightly around the ogre cock and her mouth pretty much completely filled, small dribbles of drool and precum nevertheless escaped, spilling over her taut lips and down her chin, dribbling onto and between her tits, providing some small amount of lubrication, for which Morrigan was actually thankful, for the ogre's shaft had a rough, sandpaper-like texture which hurt her agonised tits even more.

The demon's hands were still on her own, claws pressing against the noirette's fingers, making her not only squeeze her tits against and around the shaft as far and as hard as possible but also grope and maul the injured orbs, making the entire act even more painful. And while Flemeth was somewhat silent, the demon made no secret of her own excitement, panting hotly into Morrigan's ear, leaning over to kiss and nibble alongside her neck and her earlobes.

"My, what a sweet little whore you are now", Ashtara whispered into her ear, her tongue lapping against her earlobe, " sucking her cock and worshipping it with your body." The demon was rubbing herself against Morrigan's body, clearly aroused by the sight. " And soon, you will be worshipping me", she continued, sounding ready to burst with excitement.

Morrigan did not look forward for that moment, though she knew by now how inevitable it was. "Hmmm", the demon moaned, licking up an errant drop of sweat that had trickled down alongside her neck, " I can taste your thoughts...I know what Flemeth did to you...what she let these men and women do to you." Her voice had taken on a clearly infatuated tone and for a moment, the demon's attention was on Flemeth, allowing Morrigan some little respite from the constant groping of her tits. " You still remember all the things we learned together!"

"We can talk about the past later, Ashtara", Flemeth growled, now finally speaking again. Thrusting her hips slightly, she made Morrigan gag hard, the massive cockhead bumping against the back of her throat again - leading to another motion, the cock twitching in arousal to the sound of her obvious discomfort, making her gag and gargle again. "Let us finish with my whore of a daughter first."

"You're, of course, right", Ashtara said with a slightly pouting undertone. They behaved like old lovers, Morrigan realized, which would simply have been bizarre...if it was not centered around abusing her! " You heard your mistress, girl", the demon whispered, "make her cum with that slutty body of yours!"

The cock on her mouth was swelling, growing even larger in the dark hair witch's mouth. Already stretched to the breaking point, Morrigan felt certain that the growth would kill her, rip her to pieces beneath Flemeth's brutal use. Instead, the cock exploded in her, shooting a gigantic load of filthy, stick slime that made her wretch. She could feel the the shaft between her abused tits pulsing with every shot, feel the contraction of muscles that sent the load flooding into her in gigantic spurts. Morrigan gagged in earnest now, drowning in the ogre's cum.

Ashtara laughed into her ear while she choked, the sound cruel and hard and echoing in her skull. "Swallow, my dear..." Her cruelly sharp fingers were now rubbing Morrigan's throat, encouraging her to swallow down the load as fast as she could. "It's swallow or die, my little mage slut..."

Did she think Morrigan didn't already know that? The prideful witch was already struggling for her life, swallowing the ogre's cum as quickly as she could... it just wasn't fast enough. Flemeth was shooting more into her mouth than a human woman could possibly take, the it filled her mouth completely, leaking out around her insanely stretched jaw and dripping down her body, agitating her cuts and scratches and making the whole front of her form slick with the sticky substance.

At last, when dark spots had begun to dance in Morrigan's vision and she was about to pass out, Flemeth's unnaturally huge cock at last ended its flood and was slowly, painfully dragged out of her taut jaw while the noirette tried desperately to breath in badly needed air through her clogged nose, still coughing and gagging. "Very good..." the demonhost whispered in her ear, the sound like a razor on her brain. Her tongue lapped the soft flesh on the side of her neck, her face, her sharpened teeth grazed her ear lobe. "Perhaps... you're not as stubborn or foolish as your mother would have me believe."

Flemeth laughed, and coming from the vast ogre the sound literally shook the flimsy hut. "She's worse than I said, you'll see..."

Ashtara moaned into her ear, both of her hands now again roaming the young witch's body, while her tongue, hot a fire, stroked her wetly. "Mmmm," she moaned, the sound delightfully decadent, and as pleasant to hear as her voice was horrific. "I can't wait to find out all about it..."

As the still-hard cock was at last removed from Morrigan's mouth, the abused witch found that her jaw would not close. Her entire mouth had been rendered numb by the assault, and would not do as she told it to... her parted lips staring provocatively at Flemeth's massive bulk.

And slowly, the ogre began to smile once more. "I do believe my daughter is trying to seduce me," the rumbling voice of the ogre stated, amused. "I think that she is looking forward to getting fucked..."

Frantically, Morrigan shook her head, trying to make her sore mouth function. "Nnng!" she muttered, unable to control her jaw or lips. "Nng eh dun!"

Ashara's hands grasped her nipples savagely, pulling them away from her body with the sharp points digging into the witch's much-abused flesh. "Nonsense..." she whispered, a hundred husky breaths in her eat at once. The demon's painfully aroused nipples poked into Morrigan's back as she pressed against her victim, the nubs diamond hard. "I always know what someone desires!"

The demon began to pull upward, forcing Morrigan to shakily rise to her feet or lose her nipples against the tearing force of the demonhost's unnatural strength. "Flemeth, be a dear and take down this gauche prison, would you? It is so small a space for you when you're looking so..." she trailed off, licking her lips. "...engorged."

The coal ember shine in the ogre's back eyes intensified as they narrowed. "You will behave, demon?" the growling voice asked.

Ashtara laughed. "I never behave, my dear mage... as you well know." She smiled, and then her voice became husky again, as though a thousand women were being seductive at once. "But we have a deal, do we not?"

The demon again twisted Morrigan's nipples, causing her to let out a shrill cry as the needles of her nails poked into the tender flesh. "If you can't trust a me," the demon-possessed woman said, her eyes wide and brilliant with lust shining in those blue flames. "Who can you trust?"

"I barely trust you enough to let your lips on my cock", Flemeth growled, ignoring the demon's snickering at her words, " but it will suffice." With another growl, she stepped forward, her clawed, massive foot deliberately drawing a line across one of the marks that made up the circle. There was a sensation like a gust of wind, though it moved not a hair on Morrigan's body. Then, the demon sighed happily. " Thank you, my dear..."

Suddenly, Morrigan felt the demon's clawed hand on her chin. " No point of leaving you like're going to need the use of your mouth soon." Before Morrigan could even consider those words and what new degradations they implied, the demon gripped her jaw harder and yanked it upwards. An audible pop sounded inside the hut, shortly followed by an agonized cry from Morrigan. A fat tear ran down her cheek as pain shot through her face.

But at least she could move her jaw again.

"That's way better!" the creature crooned. Its clawed hand did not leave Morrigan's face. Instead, it began rubbing over her chin and cheeks, rubbing in and smearing the cum all over her features, keeping a tight grip on Morrigan's head to keep her from flinching away.

"Stop playing with her...she needs to take this cock again!" Flemeth rumbled behind her and Morrigan felt close to crying again, just from the thought of what her words meant. She could not take that massive member...not in her cunt and definitely not her ass!

Before she could voice her protests, however, the demon shoved her forward, making her stumble and fall onto her knees, hands supporting her against the rough floor. Immediately, the demon uttered a few arcane commands - and, much to her horror, Morrigan found earthen hands grip her wrists, keeping her down, no matter how hard she tried to move away.

"What a wonderful position for our games!" Ashtara giggled, stepping around the terrified, shivering witch. With slow, languid and utterly sensual motions, she sat down in front of Morrigan, spreading her - Bethany's - shapely legs to expose her hairless cunt to the witch. Reaching out with one hand, she grabbed Morrigan's chin again and said, " we are going to play now...and the rules are very simple. You are going to use that sweet, sweet mouth of yours to pleasure me. And while you do, Flemeth will ram that hard, big, beautiful cock deep into your tight cunt. And she will keep fucking you until I cum...and I am hard to please!"

Behind her, Flemeth knelt down, her cock looking ridiculously large compared to Morrigan's slender, curvy body. The witch had no doubt that at least some of it would fit into her, but she could not imagine taking that huge thing without nearly dying from the agony alone! " NO! NOT THERE! MOTHER...BETH...ASHTARA...! I CANNOT TAKE THAT!" Shaking her head so wildly she even managed to slip from the demon's grasp, she looked back at her mother with teary, pleading eyes. Pride be damned, she would do anything in order not to get fucked by that thing! Already, she felt it rub against her sore folds.

"What an ungrateful bitch you are!" the demon snarled, taking discipline into her own hands. Her backhanded slap left Morrigan's left cheek feel numb, stars dancing before her eyes. The demon snarled, spitting into her face. " I would be grateful for such a cock to fuck my snatch! And all you do is complain!" She sighed. " Unfortunately, this is not about my pleasure but your pain..."

"You always matter how hard I fuck you", Flemeth commented. The demon chuckled softly, looking up at the ogre with a pouting expression. " Why don't you fuck her and leave me...almmmphhh..." Morrigan's words were muffled as the demon grabbed the back of her head and forced her face against her cunt.

"Now lick me, you dumb whore... lick me while your mother fucks your cunt raw!"

The demonic woman tasted acidic, and Morrigan struggled to pull her face away from Ashtara with all her might. The demoness used her sharp, strong fingers to hold her firmly in place, gagging her with the flesh of her crotch as Flemeth continued to slide her cock up and down her well-raped slit... but it was still too small, far too small for what her mother planned to do.

Any protest the frantic witch tried to make, however, was almost completely silenced by the cunt pressing so firmly against her lips. That foul cunt slime and more of Flemeth's semen seeped from Ashtara onto Morrigan's face, and she dared not open her mouth even to cry out as the woman's hips moved up and down over her face, painting with the demonic fluids.

With a rippling sigh of pleasure the demonhost shifted forwards, more of her true nature peaking through Bethany's flesh as tiny portions of her skin rose to become more like pebbled scales, and a long, segmented tail slid from the woman's tail bone, wrapping around the chair to come and stroke Morrigan's cheek, smooth and steaming hot against her flesh.

"I strongly advice obedience, slut..." Ashtara hissed as she titled the witch's head up in order to stare down into her yellow eyes. "This can get so much worse for you..."

Still Morrigan refused to open her mouth. They were going to do whatever they wanted to her no matter what she did, so there was no point is debasing herself further. It wouldn't help her, so if she was going to suffer anyway she would prefer it if they had to struggle for what they wanted instead of simply getting it from her...

All thoughts of such resistance, however, were crowded out of her mind a second later, along with everything else in her mind, as that massive ogre cock began to press into her.

It started with discomfort as her cunt lips began to spread, then a warning signal of pain as they stretched taut, spread uncomfortably wide. Then the tiny pains vanished to be replaced with real anguish as the rest of the cock's head continued to push in, spreading her further than a woman was ever meant to stretch. It was what giving birth must feel like, but in reverse... the most terrifying agony she could have known as the massive cock, at least the size of a child, was being impossibly pressed into her instead of out.

Morrigan's world vanished into a scarlet haze, her entire awareness focused on her pussy as the pain took on a life of its own. She could hear someone screaming in a hoarse voice, and distantly realized it must be her, crying her agony into Ashtara's cunt as her mother obliterated what was left of her dignity and sanity with the vicious assault on her womanhood. In and in and further in the log traveled, until Morrigan was sure it was passing through her belly and her lungs and going to force its way impossibly up her throat. Her abdomen must be bulging, like she was pregnant.

Then the massive intrusion began to retreat, emptying the woman of the crushing thickness that filled her entire existance. Someone her in her pain maddened head the raven haired witch cheered, for her mother must have realized that it was impossible... that the ogre cock would never fit into her, that this was a waste of time. Hated tears of gratitude flowed down her face and still she could not stop screaming, even though her voice had grown weak and hardly a sound came out anymore.

And then the cock rushed back in and Morrigan's eye bugged out, unbelievably torment obliterating even the shreds of rational thought she had managed to hold onto as Flemeth began to fuck her sore pussy, the seed from her multiple rapes the only thing that kept her lubricated enough to avoid being ripped completely bloody by the vicious cock, tearing her insides out.

Time lost all meaning to the woman as her mother hurt her worse than she could have ever imagined. She may have fucked her for a minute or for a hundred before Morrigan finally realized that something was happening...

Ashtara slapped the noirette again and again, staining her cheeks with tiny lines of scarlet as he nails scratched the surface in their attempts to draw the witch's attention. At last, on the sixth blow, her eyes at last focused and looked up at the demoness, smiling down at her sweetly. "Are you listening to me now, my dear?"

The demon slapped her again for good measure and Morrigan let out a tiny cry through her raw throat. "Ah, good. That's better... now pay attention..." she whispered, the cacophany of a hundred voices barely audible past the vicious slaps of Flemeth's rape of her pussy. "I am the one who decides how long this last, my dear... if I will it, I can give your mother the endurance to fuck you forever." She smiled sweetly. "How would you like that, Morrigan? To spend the next weeks of your life being raped with a cock the size of a morning star, until at last your heart gives out?" She slapped the witch again. "Do you want that?"

Morrigan could only whimper.

"I thought not..." the saccharin smile on her face made the witch sick, promising kindness and tolerance and a dozen other emotions that the demon had never felt, nor had any intention to offer. "Lick my cunt, bitch. Suck your mother's slime out of me... make me cum, and then I'll let your torture end... and not a second before."

Again, Ashtara pressed her head down against her crotch and this time Morrigan obeyed, parting her lips to allow her tongue to lap at Ashtara's exposed, slick folds. The demoness shuddered at the touch of Morrigan's tongue as Flemeth's raping cock pushed her further against her crotch. "Much better..." the demonhost whispered, contented. As especially vicious thrust from her mother allowed Morrigan another weak scream, and Ashtara shivered at the sensation of her tongue vibrating inside her, the scream echoing directly against her sensitive flesh.

The demon kept her head firmly in place with the hand in her hair as she ground her hips against Morrigan's desperately lapping mouth, her pained lips trembling against her possessed cunt. "Tongue my clit..." Ashtara moaned and the witch had little choice but to obey, her servile tongue caressing the woman's button even as the foul taste of her juiced continued to flood her mouth. "Such an obedient cunt now... if only you'd been obedient early and done what your mother told you, this wouldn't be necessary..." the demoness let out a tiny pant. "Oh, Flemeth? Fuck her harder, make her scream into my cunt!"

"With pleasure..." the cruel shapeshifted growled, the massive body turning the sound to a rumbling earthquake of noise as she drove her hips viciously against Morrigan's sore ass, impaling her daughter's much abused slit further on the unnaturally large cock and causing her to yelp in pain as her body bucked forward into Ashtara, screaming in pain into the demoness's pussy.

Ashtara laughed, vicious and cold as she tilted her head back, tail lashing excitedly through the air and then snapping down on the raped witch's back and drawing a new cry. The demonhost looked condescendingly town into Morrigan's sobbing face as the girl wept in agony, her tongue still buried within Ashtara. "This will just keep getting worse until you finish me, you slut..." she whispered as the brought the tail whipping down again, drawing another angry red line on her back. She adored the very sight of Morrigan's face, contorted with pain, crying and sobbing and all the time trying to do her best to make the demon come so her rape would at last stop, and forced to take the word of a demon that it actually would...

The pain of the whipping and rape were causing Morrigan to zone out again, her face resting limply against the demon-possessed crotch but no longer moving, just slowly breathing her warm breath directly into it. It all just hurt so much...

Ashtara slapped her again. "Focus whore!" she laughed, genuinely amused. "If you don't hurry you might be too late to save your damn pussy..."

Sobbing, Morrigan began to lick at her again. She felt nothing anymore, nothing besides the torment of the over-large cock tearing her apart and the sulfurous taste of the demon before her. She could not longer dream of escaping... it was impossible. They would never, ever allow her to go... but, was there anyone in the world who cared enough about her to save her? Anyone who cared enough about a caustic apostate bitch who made friends poorly, and enemies easily?


Ashtara smiled as she arched her body against Morrigan's lapping tongue, her hard tail slashing down on the woman's back again and again. "Isn't that adorable..." she laughed. "Our little toy is dreaming of being saved!"

She was in her mind. Ashtara was in her mind! Morrigan tried to make her thoughts go blank, but her usual discipline had all but evaporated beneath the neverending torment, and it was all but impossible to not think about something.

"Oh, oh, oh! Oh..." Ashtara's body spasmed, going into deep paroxysms as she began to laugh uncontrollably, even releasing Morrigan's hair from her grip as the raucus sound of amusement escaped her lips, filling the room with a thousand sounds of amusement, from chuckles to booming laughing, in a thousand different voices.

"What," Flemeth's booming voice called, "the fade is the matter with you?"

Ashtara could not contain her laugher... even her whipping of the whimpering witch had stopped, but Morrigan couldn't let herself be pleased with that. She knew... oh by the dawn she knew...

"Your..." Ashtara managed to choke out between laughs. "Your... da... daughter... defied you... be... because..." she lost track of what she was saying for long seconds as she laughed again and again. "...because... she is... in love with... the warden..."

Morrigan flushed red as Flemeth began to chuckle as well, the motion making the cruel cock twitch inside the taut folds of her cunt. "I knew that she was weak..." said Flemeth, "but I had no idea she had been that foolish..."

Even as the shapeshifter's rape resumed, Ashtara's bemusement had not yet faded. "What kind of stupid slut," she asked, "refuses to sleep with someone because she loved them?" She gave Morrigan that saccharin smile again. "That just doesn't make any sense!"

Her smile continued as her tail slowly wrapped around the raven-haired girl's throat, tightening slowly as it dragged her face back to the demonhost's sopping cunt. "You clearly require education about how desire works... so I'll make you a bargain. I'll let you chose - pleasure or pain. You have until you make me cum to decide..."

The tail suddenly clenched around her throat, robbing Morrigan of air as she started to choke, her tongue spasming against the cunt before her. "Or until I choke you out, whichever happens first." Ashrara smiled. "If I were you, I'd hurry."

"A good idea", Flemeth growled, pumping her massive hips forward, driving the cock into her weeping slave of a daughter as deep as it would go without permanently damaging her, " disobedience must be punished...and so far she has gotten off lightly" Both her and Ashtara laughed cruelly as they revelled in their own malice.

For Morrigan, however, there was no laughter. There was only blazing agony and utter misery, the feeling of being nothing but a toy to these two, her dignity and her deepest, most guarded feelings having been ripped right out of her by cock and demonic wiles. What did she have left to live for? More abuse, more degradation? Maybe she should just stop, close her eyes and let the demon strangle least it would end then.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk...suicide?" the demoness laughed, patting her head, her tail releasing its grip on her throat just slightly. " You forget something...if you die, if an apostate dies...they go straight to the Fade. And guess what? I will be will be my plaything forever!" The demon's shrill laughter was joined by Flemeth's booming snorts, her cock buried deeply inside Morrigan's spasming cunt.

A new surge of tears erupted from Morrigan's eyes as she wept bitterly, realizing that there truly was no escape. Not even death would free her. Nothing would. Trembling, her entire body shaking with heartfelt, bitter sobs, she continued lapping at the demon's cunt, tasting Ashtara's biting juices and Flemeth's bitter cum on her tongue.

Sighing in pleasure, the demon leant back, resting on one hand while gripping her tit and squeezing it with the other, putting on a show for Flemeth while her tail slowly tightened the noose it was forming. Morrigan's face was slowly turning red from lack of air, her tongue trembling and lapping desperately at the slick opening before her. Flemeth kept on pounding her almost mindlessly, driving the log of a member into her daughter's overstretched cunt time and again, knowing that she would never tire unless Ashtara wished her to.

And then, suddenly, when Morrigan's desperate tongue flicked against her clit again, Ashtara arched her back, throwing her head back and screamed, " OH YESSS! YOU DUMB, DUMB WHORE! YOU'RE MAKING ME CUMMMMM!" Reflexively, the tail tightened again, now cutting off Morrigan's airflow completely, choking the noirette even as she was forced to taste another rush of the demon's juices. Panting, the demoness used her tail and her hand to force Morrigan's head against her crotch, humping the young witch's face obscenely as she sought to draw out her pleasure for as long as possible.

Morrigan barely heard her words, barely tasted the flow of juices and barely noticed Flemeth pistoning into her a few more times before a massive torrent of sperm splashed into her sore opening. She was close to losing consciousness. Already, black spots danced before her eyes, her field of vision becoming murky, her own heartbeat pounding into her ears. Was this it? Had the demon decided to kill her and toy with her in the fade? Was this the deal she had made with Flemeth?

Flemeth finished cumming before the demon did, pulling out her cock in a quick motion that would have drawn another howl of agony from Morrigan, had the making of such sounds be within her ability at this moment. But all that escaped the witch was a pained, rattling gasp, her body slumping to the floor as she finally gave up.

Then, the demon finally released her, just in time for inborn reflexes to force another breath into her. The sensation of breathing again hurt just as much as being throatfucked by Flemeth's scaled cock had, but her body would not let Morrigan stop, making her draw in ragged breaths, each driving new tears to her eyes. Helplessly, she sagged to the floor, noticing the puddle of cum that leaked from her cunt...and the fact that the ogre's feet shrunk until they were once again those of a woman in her best years. At least that was over now...

"Now that was fun! That bitch has some talent with her tongue...if you'd allow me to teach her a bit more!" Ashtara exclaimed enthusiastically, stepping towards Flemeth and drawing the ancient witch into a passionate embrace. Their tongues battled for a moment, their tits mashing against each other, before Flemeth broke the kiss. " In time, in we should prepare for the ritual."

"Awww," Ashtara made, pouting again, her clawed finger lightly trailing around Flemeth's left nipple, " isn't there time for a good fucking? My asshole yearns for your cock again..." Flemeth grunted, no doubt excited, but shook her head. " No time. Maybe later. Now, the ritual."

The demon thought for a moment...then, a smile lit up her face. " Wait! There is one thing we should do with her first!" She leaned over and whispered something into Flemeth's ear. Through a haze of pain and tears, Morrigan noticed with no small amount of dread that Flemeth was starting to smile. " Yes, that is good...for that idea, you deserve a reward..." There was the sickening, fleshy sound of the scaled cock forming between Flemeth's legs, and the excited moan of the demon...and then nothing.


When Morrigan came to she was back in the cave, hanging upside down from ropes affixed to the rough hewn ceiling. Her legs were spread wide, making the noirette woman look like a 'V' as she dangled, swaying softly in the dim light. Everything hurt... her monstrously raped cunt burned like fire, and her tits looked more like swollen bruises that the breasts she knew they should be.

Her jaw ached and her back ached and her neck ached and her ankles ached and all of the pain combined into a single, massive injury that did not so much hurt as it simply exhausted the witch with its very existence, draining the energy from her in massive gulps as it strained on her awareness, blocking her mind the way a cloud blocks the sun.

Dimly, Morrigan knew to be thankful that the demoness wasn't with her even now, but as her yellow eyes closed once more it seemed like a pale think to be grateful for.

When she woke next the first thing she heard were Fiona's screams. The sound made her eyes shoot wide, and she found the Chasind girl only a few feet away from her, pinned between two huge slaves as they fucked her cunt and ass at once. Morrigan shivered as she saw the two men looming over her, but to her surprise they did not touch her, even when she jerked in her hanging bonds and began to struggle pointlessly away from them - they only looked at her briefly before turning their attention back to the rape in front of them. After several long seconds, the raven haired girl stopped her futile squirming - all she was doing was further hurting her ankles.

She hung there for hours where the men found new ways to abuse Fiona. They raped her and raped her until she was in spasms on the floor in a pool of their cum, then dragged her up and made her impale her own ass on their cocks and ride them, long legs twitching with the strain but her eyes too wide with fear to stop. She gasped every single time she pressed herself down on the huge thralls, the ride impaling her even deeper than she usually was fucked as gravity did its brutal work on her.

When they tired of that they made her spend the rest of the day crawling between then, sucking their cocks while they whipped her. Her agonized squealing, the screams around their fleshy cocks, stuck with Morrigan no matter how hard she tried to shut them out - the image of the pain being inflicted on the red haired slave was too strong to escape her.

At last Fiona fell unconscious on the ground and they did not wake her. Instead, Cormac walked over to Morrigan and put his hand against her upturned cunt. She struggled as he approached, but the second his rough fingers touched her raw flesh she screamed and went absolutely rigid, afraid to even twitch lest she agitate the swollen hole. The incredible pain she felt on even being touched made her glad that she couldn't see her own cunt in this position - she was sure her once tight hole had been stretched beyond recognition by the ogre's cock.

Cormac smiled at her as he twisted two fingers in her, making her spasm in unbelievable agony, and then he began to spread them and Morrigan nearly blacked out... then he pulled a tiny vial of red liquid from the belt that held up his loin cloth, and with a tiny flicker of a smile her upturned the vial into her spread cunt.

The witch screeched herself hoarse as the liquid poured into her. It felt like alcohol on her raw wounds, burning into them with an almost primal fire as it spread into every crack, down every abused surface of her raped pussy, making it slick with the painful liquid. Her mouth was still open from screaming when Cormac pressed his cock inside, fucking directly into her throat as he hung upside down and completely vulnerable. Morrigan couldn't breath as he gathered her black hair in one massive hand and swung her again and again down on the huge shaft, filling her throat absolutely as her cunt blazed with agony.

Then, even while her lungs began to ache in desperation for air, her cunt began to cool - the blasting anguish fading into the numbness of ice and the breathless witch realized the feeling of a healing potion at work... she had just never been masochistic enough to pour the solution directly into a bloody wound before. Cormac, however, did not care whether she had stopped screaming onto his cock or not. He continued to rape her face at the must helpless it had ever been, plowing up into her hanging throat like he thought she had no need for air while the struggling rings of her esophagus massaged him. At last he growled, pumping cum directly up her pipe into her stomach so she had to work her throat muscles to keep it from dripped down back into her mouth and choking her again.

When he was finished, one of the men standing to her side cut Morrigan down and let her fall to a bedroll, where she passed out the instant it was obvious they were not going to immediately rape her again.

The next day she awoke again to the foreign sensation of not being abused. She had lain on the bedding until she had woken up, quite undisturbed by the same two barbarians watching her. If she tried to leave the bed they moved to stop her and pinned her back down until she stopped struggling, but otherwise no matter what she did, they stood like statues.

The other girls were not so lucky. With only three slave girls now, their abuses were even more intense. Morrigan watched with horror as the men crammed them full of seed for hours at a time, beating them until their voices gave out and they could no longer scream. Forcing the two Chasind girls to suck cocks together seemed to be a special favorite of the barbarian slaves - they made the pair of women do it several times, choking them by sheathing a cock down their throat in turn while the other licked their balls and ass, then they would trade places, over and over again until at last one of them made the man cum.

This is not to say their other holes were neglected when they did this. Rather, with fewer available holes the men were always careful to keep all of them busy at all times. An endless stream of cocks filled the pair of pale women as they wept and made pleas that they already knew would go unanswered...

But by far the worst off was the poor blonde elf. The Dalish girl was used even more heavily, until her hair was more white than golden and sperm dripped from her gaping holes. Once, to Morrigan's horror, the barbarians decided to see how many of them they could make the poor elf service at once. Her screams echoed through the cave until the raven haired witch had to cover her ears with her hands, desperate to shut out the terrifying screeches she was making. They worked her hard, making her impale her own ass on a man before another man climbed on top of her and began to fuck her pussy. Some struggling of limbs later, a second cock began to force its way into her stretched ass, and that was when the screaming really started... and it only began slightly more bearable when a man, and then a second man, crammed their meat as deeply into her mouth as they would go. Two more men took the weeping elf's hands and forced them onto their cocks, punching her sides until she learned to stroke them despite her agony. Finally, one of the huge barbarians sat on her chest, crushing the air from her and finally silencing her screams as he crushed her tits around his cock and fucked her raw, the friction burning at the whipped globes. A full eight men used the tiny elf at once, and her pale flesh had all but disappeared under the crush of their muscles, and Morrigan could only weep in empathy for the poor girl... but be glad it was not her.

Days fell of the calendar as Morrigan rested, the bruises and welts vanishing from her form as she remained untouched by the slaves. She ate when they gave her food, drank when they provided her with water, slept as much as she was able and watched her sister slaves get raped the rest of the time... until one day when she woke up with Flementh's smiling face staring down at her.

For a moment, the ancient witch said nothing, merely stared at her daughter, who grew increasingly uncomfortable with these old, merciless eyes glaring down at her now-healed form. Of course, her being here meant more torment for her, but hadn't these last days shown that Flemeth was capable of mercy after all? Morrigan was not sure and that alone increased her discomfort even more than mere fear could have.

"Stand up, my dear daughter", she finally said, after waiting a few moments. Again, she was completely naked and felt no shame about it whatsoever. Somewhere behind her, the Dalish knelt, weeping, forced to share a deep kiss with Fiona, the cum of four barbarians passing back and forth between their mouths. Bridget was bent over the table, suffering under Cormac's violent thrusts into her cunt. She would scream were it not for the wooden dildo forced into her mouth by one of the female thralls.

Morrigan shuddered, again grateful to be spared these attentions. Nevertheless, Flemeth's words had been a clear command and she dared not refuse her mother again. Not after what it had brought her. Quickly, she scrambled to her feet, enjoying the strength that had returned to her. For one brief moment, she even considered pushing Flemeth to the side and making a run for it, but the ancient witch must have caught a glimmer in her eyes, for she simply said, " Go ahead. But do not beg for mercy when I let every single beast from here to Denerim fuck your ass..." That single threat and the knowledge that Flemeth could enforce it was enough to destroy these stray notions.

"I see you have healed well", Flemeth said, nodding with that slight smirk Morrigan had come to dread. When flemeth placed her taloned hand against her flat belly, she had to fight down the urge not to flinch, but her fear must have been visible for just a moment, for Flemeth chuckled softly. Slowly, her taloned claw wandered upward, the tips of the talon running over Morrigan's round, perfect breasts, tapping her nipples, though once again, they never broke the skin. Nor did Flemeth squeeze her orbs, content to feel them for the moment.

Then, the claw travelled down again, to her thighs and between her legs, rubbing over her soft folds, eliciting a gasp from the terrified witch....and then a pained groan as her index finger pushed upward, into her tight cunt. " Very would not have been fun to have my favourite toy all stretched out...", Flemeth remarked cruelly, at once annihilating every hope of being freed Morrigan might have harbored unbeknownst even to herself.

But the noirette dared not speak and only groaned again as Flemeth added a second finger, pushing them deep a few times before withdrawing from the tight fuckhole.

"Good, good, this will do", Flemeth spoke, taking a step back. "Now, will have the chance to earn my trust. I will not use the leash this time. You will walk by my side back to the hut. If you do that, I know you have become an obedient little whore, just like you are supposed to. Do you understand?" Morrigan was quick to nod. If she could get Flemeth to think she was submissive enough maybe the ancient crone would let her guard down...and if she ever did, Morrigan would show her that even a life as long as hers could end!

"Then come!" Flemeth continued, winking and motioning her daughter to catch up, which Morrigan did. Together they left the cave, walking in silence for a few moments before Flemeth shook her head. " I am getting so forgetful in my old days! There is one hole I have not checked! Spread those cheeks, cunt."

" healed me...", Morrigan whimpered, knowing where this would lead, "you know that! Please, you know I tight all over again!" Flemeth snarled. " Do you want to forsake this chance to gain my trust? No? Then grab that perfect ass of yours and spread it!"

Biting back tears, Morrigan did as she was told, her fingers grabbing her cheeks and spreading them...and a moment later, she cried out, feeling once again the thickness of one of Flemeth's talons push into her asshole. " Now keep walking...", the ancient witch hissed, pumping her finger in and out of the tight hole while her daughter walked on, crying the first tears of the day.

When Morrigan arrived back at the hut she was weeping steadily, silent tears of suffering and humiliation flowing in constant streams from her face. She expected to immediately be abused again in some new, horribly way, but Flemeth instead guided her into the door by the finger in her ass, making the witch follow immediately behind. The hut was now incredibly clean, or rather, it was in its customary state of filth and disrepair -- all evidence of the bloody ritual had vanished.

Cormac rested by the bed, and Morrigan instinctively began to struggle to get away from him and received a contemptuous, absent-minded slap from her mother for the effort. The witch need not have worried... for the first time since she had met the chasind thrall, his cock rested limp between his legs. The white haired shapeshifted tore her talon roughly from Morrigan's tight hole and before her daughter could as much as more Flemeth had pushed the raven-haired witch across the room at the barbarian.

"Take care of her for me, Cormac. I need to go get our guest..."

As soon as Flemeth left the room the noirette expected the thrall to fall on her and drag her to the ground, but instead he pulled her onto the bed and... began to brush her hair? Morrigan was restrained by confusion and surprise as the barbarian dragged a brush through her tangled black mane with surprising care, taking out tangles that had appeared in the course of her extended abuse. He then pulled it back and put it into her customary knot, dragging the loose locks of hair into the neat hairdo she had worn for years before... this all had happened.

He stood up and went to one of the room's chests. Morrigan considered running, or perhaps attacking him while he was alone and Flemeth was gone, but without her making she was no match for a man of that size. She desperately strained at her mind, trying to find a scrap of magical power through the suppressing lyrium, but her power would not come to her call. When Cormac came back from the chest, her quickly took a cloth to wipe the tears from her face before he set some clothing down on the bed... a pair of Morrigan's own, she realized with a start. An almost identical set to the one her mother had destroyed so many weeks ago. She hadn't realized that she had left behind the clothing when she left with the Warden after the fall of Ostegar, but now she was glad she had. Even her golden necklaces were still here, no doubt kept from when the ancient crone had stripped her earlier. In fact, all of her possession were here, every meaningless trinket she carried except...

She barely kept herself from crying anew as she saw the one thing that was missing, and spotted in on the room's table. A tiny silver hand mirror lay shattered on the wooden surface... the most precious thing she had ever been given... and Flemeth had shattered it precisely the same way she had an earlier mirror, a decade ago.

"I hope it really does bring you ill fortune, you evil bitch..." she muttered as she slowly lost the struggle to keep from weeping, the lost of such a sentimental object taking on almost titanic importance as the abuses she had suffered in the past weeks sought an outlet, and found this one. Cormac continually cleaned her face as she dressed, the familiar clothing resting easily on her body... and by the time she was finished and sliding the necklaces over her head she felt human for the first time in weeks. Of course she still smelled like a swamp, but so did everything else, so it wasn't like anyone would notice.

Then the door creaked and she turned to look at it, dreading the return of her mother... but as she spun her golden eyes went wide, her jaw dropping limp in shock. "Y-you?" she sputtered, utterly incredulous. "W-what the fade a-are you doing here, you idiot!"

At first, she had barely recognized Alistair. Where before he had been the epitome of the young up-and-coming templar, blonde and way too boyish for her likes, he now was unshaven, unkempt and obviously drunk. Red-rimmed eyes stared at her with unbridled malice and anger. Leaning against the doorway, he spat onto the floor before her feet and snarled, " What does it look like? Paying you a visit, you treacherous cow!"

" Treacherous? What are you talking about? Still blathering uselessly, as usual, it seems", she retorted. True, she had absolutely no idea what he was doing here at this moment, but right now, she did not care. She had never liked Alistair and, after a few biting remarks and heated exchanges, the feeling had obviously become mutual. Still, he'd been a member of the Warden's group and in battle she had stood by his side, healed him, even saved his sorry behind by charging into the fray in bear form. To accuse her of infuriated her.

Not to mention the fact that he presented a very tempting target to vent all her fury and frustration at her own dismal situation. Her mother was nowhere to be seen, though Morrigan did not doubt she was somewhere close by. Maybe she had even arranged this - she most likely had, there was no chance the drunken ex-templar would have found her hut on his own - but Morrigan was beyond caring at the moment.

"You whore!" Alistair raged, staggering towards her, his presence - and odour - forcing the witch backwards. Even drunk as he was, he had still had martial training and just a week of bumbling around with his head in a bottle did not remove years of muscles earned in hard combat and relentless drill. In a fair fight, she would not stand a chance. And that damned poison of her mother's still worked, keeping her from accessing her spells or shapeshifting powers.

But Alistair did not know that. Trying to put up her most threatening expression, despite of her dignity having been crushed repeatedly over the last days, she raised her hands, fingers entwined in an arcane gesture he would clearly recognize. " Stop it right there, Templar!"

"Bah!" Alistair made, "I'm not a templar anymore...I'm not much of anything anymore...thanks to you! You spread your legs for him! Made him listen to everything you say...", he drawled, stopping for the moment.

Was that what this had been about? Certainly, Alistair had noticed when she and the Warden had shared a tent for the first time - everyone had and she could have set Oghren's beard aflame for the dirty looks he cast at her the entire day afterwards - but he had not seemed to mind, ogling Leliana's ass for most of the time.

And what an ass it had been...her mother would have loved to have the red-haired bard as a plaything. Frowning, Morrigan killed the thought as quickly as it arose. " So what? He fucked me, Are you jealous you didn't get to join in?" She had to force the words out, feeling them hurt herself just as much as they were supposed to hurt him. Flemeth was right, she had allowed this to go too far, to make her vulnerable...but Morrigan would not have wanted to miss a single moment of it.

"That bastard betrayed the king! He had us hunted and nearly killed! He employed that monster Howe! And made him show mercy!" Alistair was screaming at her now, spittle flying from his lips and hitting her as he stumbled towards her again.

So that was what it was about... Loghain. A bastard he was, yes... but a crafty one, a wise they could use. She had persuaded the Warden into showing mercy when everyone, including Alistair, had demanded his death. Flemeth had taught her to recognize and use power and wisdom and Loghain had had both. She hadn't expected Alistair to just rush off in blind fury, but that was what had happened. The mighty templar had thrown a tantrum.

And it appeared as if he was close to another one now. She could smell his breath, laden with cheap wine and whiskey, his presence seeming to fill the small hut as he loomed over her. Morrigan knew she had to get away. Even drunk as he was, he could simply throttle the life out of her if he so wished. And he looked as if that wish might have crossed his mind.

Taking a desperate chance, she tried to duck away and forward by his side, but his reflexes were not so addled as to let that happen. With an angry snarl, he backhanded her violently, his mailed gauntlet slamming against her chin, bruising it and throwing her onto the bed. Before Morrigan could get up again, he was at her side, pushing her down, one hand at the hem of her dress. "You whored your way into his mind... let's see you treated like a whore!" And as he yanked, exposing her tits again, Morrigan finally, in one dreadful moment, understood why Flemeth had brought her here...

"Oh, no, no..." she said, wiggling away from the templar on the bed and crossing an arm over her exposed chest. "No, you can't possibly... Alistair, this isn't you!"

A look of rage came to his face and masked whatever tiny shred of the innocent templar had been left there. He slammed his fist into her gut, then again and then a third time, punctuating his words. "Shut the hell UP!" he roar as Morrigan tried to curl into a ball, trying to shield herself from the man's metal enclosed fist. He spat on her face as he yelled into it, slapping her again. "Don't you tell me who I am, Maleficar whore! You don't know the FIRST THING ABOUT ME!" He grabbed her necklaces, garroting the witch with them as he tore at her pants. "You don't GET to pretend you know me!"

The pants came off her at the same time that the necklace snapped, spilling metal fragments and round beads across the bed at the floor, and allowing the raven haired witch to gasp in a breath. He fell on top of her, crushing Morrigan beneath the heavy armor, so cold against her skin. She hadn't had her lung filled with air for many minutes now, not since he had smashed it out of her with his heavy fists, and she had instead been forced to make do with occasional gasps between being choked and struck and crushed, and her vision was narrowing even as he tossed pieces of his armor off, pawing at her breasts and slapping away her ineffective attempts to protect them of push him off of her. Her sight faded into tiny tunnel, and the last thing she saw before it went completely dark was Alistair's smiling face.

When she woke up, she was in agony and it took her a second to realize that the blonde templar was inside her! "Nooo!" she wailed, batting at his arms as he rested on top of her on the bed, his cock pounding into her with no regard for her dryness at all.

"What's the matter, apostate whore?" he growled, slapping her again. At least this time his gloves were off. "You wanted gray warden cock so badly... here it is bitch! Aren't you happy, you succubus slut! I should have just killed you the moment I saw you at Ostegar... then none of this would have happened..."

Morrigan longed so badly to fight, to get him off of her... but he was so strong... how was he so strong? With Alistair already between her legs there was little she could do but thrash, and every time she tried to strike at him with her arms he retaliated with vicious slaps or another punch to the gut, batting down the witch's pathetic attempts at resistance until she simply lay beneath him sobbing, broken by the utter humiliation.

Alistair was raping her... Alistair! He had been her companion in the fight against the Darkspawn, her constant rival. They had annoyed each other, insulted each other, fought from each other, and bled for each other. He had been an ally and even a friend... or at least one of the closest things to a friend the raven haired witch had ever had.

She had not hated the templar... far from it. She had, at the very worst, considered him painfully naive and foolish, but as she fell for Cousland more and more she began to actually admire those attributes of his... she had wished, sometimes, more than anything that she could share them. She longed to be as innocent as the boyish warden seemed to be, as unjaded as he had been.

How she longed to be as innocent as he had been when she met him. How she longed that she could even be as innocent as she had been, then.

She had not realized he had hated her so much. What to her had been jibes had become festering wounds for the furious gray warden, boils of fury and madness that burned at him until he wanted to make her hurt as badly as he did, at the bottom of his bottle. He would never understand that the warden hadn't abandoned him, but that Alistair had abandoned him. He wouldn't understand that Morrigan had not made the Warden do anything -- in fact, one of the things she... loved... most about him was that no one could make him do anything at all.

No, she had not hated him... but behind her eyes, behind her tears, a fury was growing. It obliterated her tears, swallowed her humiliation and her despair and her pain and replaced all of it with a burning hot rage, the kind that makes a man's vision go red and do stupid things that make no sense. Oh, how she hated him now.

If Alistair had been truly looking at the woman he was fucking, he would have noticed the fire kindling in her eyes, but he could not make anything out through the tears he was crying. Her idiotic, boyish fool of a rapist was weeping while he used her... sobbing in a morose alcoholic stupor. "You took him away from me..." he was saying, and though his voice had grown no less angry Morrigan could not help but think of his as whining like a child. "You messed with his head until he chose you over me, his friend! You made him abandon me..."

The witch wanted to scream at him, even as his more vicious thrusts made her wince even through the curtain of fury hanging over her sense. Made the warden choose her over him? 'You left him because you couldn't take the "betrayal" of your precious Duncan, of his adding Loghain's strength to his own, you fade damned fool!' her mind seethed, her breathing ragged not with pain but with rage. 'He did what he had to do to fight the Blight, you moron... or did you forget about the Darkspawn? Too filled with your own childish wants to remember your purpose?'

Alistair moaned on top of her as he came, his cock jabbing deeply into her tight cunt and spilling a river of seed inside her. The witch hardly felt it, so intensely was she focused on the failure of a gray warden on top of her. As he glared down at her, pumping spurt after spurt of set into her unwilling body. "I don't get what he see's in you..." he mocked. "You aren't even a good fuck." He pulled out of her...

And with scream, Morrigan clenched her hand into a claw and raked it across the arrogant drunkard's face, digging her nails deeply into his skin as she clawed for his eyes. With a cry of pain the templar rolled away from her but she stayed after his, her finger tips gouging into exposed flesh whether she could find it. "How dare you!" she roared, not even aware of her anger as she gave voice to everything she felt all at once. "How dare you even call yourself a gray warden! Cousand is a warden! You aren't fit to shine is armor you stupid evil pig!"

Morrigan's grasping fingers left a bloody furrow across his cheek as he drunkenly grabbed for her arm, missing as she pulled it back in for another slap. "You aren't a tenth of the man he is, and you planned to rule Ferelden? I'm sure Cousland and your bloody precious people would be thrilled to embrace a sniveling," she scratched again, raking bleeding lines across his arm. "Cowardly, childish troglodyte of a rapist!"

At last he managed to grab her arm, and pulled her to him, delivering a punch across her jaw that sent her stagging away from him... but she did not lose her feet. "Duncan..." she, said, breathing as heavily as he was across the room, glaring at him in vicious hate, "would be so proud of you. If he could see you now, he'd have left you to rot in your miserably chantry!"

Alistair started to advance towards her. "You fucking whore..."

Morrigan laughed, spreading her arms wide, freely exposing her entire naked body. She knew her sneak attack had played out, and that she had lost... you can get away with attacking anyone the first time, because they didn't expect it the first time... but now that he knew that she planned to fight like a wildcat his martial training and strength would be too large of an advantage to overcome. A small part of her mind noted with horror that she did not care -- her fury had far from played itself out. "Come false warden... show me what kind of man you aren't. Show this apostate whore what a templar is made of. Show Duncan who you really are, you drunk, stupid slob..."

With a wordless cry of rage, he was at her again, his one single step to close the distance seeming like a charge as he barreled into her, his combat reflexes, unaffected by his anger, making him place his shoulder in front, ramming her just like he would a Darkspawn creature, sending her flying backwards against the bed again. Morrigan cried out, even her anger not enough to help her ignore the pain. As she gasped for breath, she winced, pain shooting through her chest. He had not broken anything but he had, at the very least, bruised a few ribs.

"And now", she hissed, grimacing, her rage not quelled in the least, " you are beating up a defenseless woman? Loghain might have been a monster but at least he was a thousand times more of a man than you!" Every breath she took sent new spears of pain through her chest, an ugly dark bruise already starting to form just underneath her left breast.

Sitting up on the bed - or, better said, scrambling back to her knees - she noticed that Alistair had apparently not taken the bait again. Instead, he was staring at her, his eyes still smoldering with barely-controlled rage, tears of fury running down his unshaven, sunken cheeks. He still looked utterly pathetic, even more so because he somehow managed to hide how dangerous he could be. " I...I should stuff your dirty, lying mouth!" he snarled, advancing upon her.

"The moment you stick something past my lips, I'll bite it off!" Morrigan retorted, meaning every single word, " though I doubt your little cock could even reach past my teeth!" Spitting at him, blinded by her own fury, she did not notice his fist slamming into her side before it was too late. For a moment, there was nothing but pain, her ribs screaming in agony, stars dancing before her eyes and she knew, he had aimed well. Few people knew that bruised ribs hurt more than broken ones - unless said people had taken lessons in unarmed combat.

"Hurt, are you?" he growled, delivering another punch to the exact same spot, driving tears to her eyes and making her howl in agony. " Well, maybe I can show you how this felt to me!" And another punch fell. His assault drove her against the wall, desperately shielding herself with her arms, though it barely helped reduce the impact of his battle-scarred fists. The bruise had taken on a much darker coloration, the pain radiating outward until her entire chest felt crushed, a throbbing, fierce pain that worsened every time she moved.

"I'm... still... not sucking your... flimsy... cock", she grunted, attempting to keep a straight, angry expression despite the pain.

"We'll see about that!" Alistair said, backhanding her across the face so hard she fell onto the bed. Before she could even attempt to get up again, he was on top of her, straddling her, his mail-encased legs on either side of her chest and pressing against her, sending more pain flaring up from her nicked ribs. In order to fuck her, he had just taken off his codpiece and mailed gloves. Alistair still wore most of his heavy templar armor, his muscled frame and experience allowing him to move almost normally while encased in it.

At the moment, this presented Morrigan with another rather severe problem - that of increased weight. She felt as if a massive boulder had rolled onto her, nearly crushing her chest as the templar leered down at her, placing his cock - which, to her chagrin, was not nearly as small as she had mockingly said - between her heaving, round tits. " Fearful...of losing your...precious manhood?" she attempted to goad him into actually trying to stick his cock into her mouth, but her voice had turned into a wheezing gasp, losing all of the anger she had meant to convey.

"I want to make you beg for it, bitch", he said, spitting into her face again. His hands closed around her tits, squeezing them together and then he started pumping his hips forward, putting his entire weight onto her bruised chest. Morrigan's scream of pain was clearly satisfying to hear, especially when it was cut short by lack of breath as the drunken ex-templar began fucking her tits with abandon, knowing full well the pain that welled up in her chest every time he moved forward, putting pressure onto the bruise and her chest in general, his fingers digging into the firm orbs of her tits in an attempt to make it even worse for her.

"You can make me stop...if you suck my cock and drink my cum, you worthless whore!" he yelled, slapping her again for good measure...


It was never going to happen.

As Morrigan lay beneath the former templar, he former colleague now mad beyond reason, the witch cringed at each sharp stab of pain Alistair caused her... and yet, despite the blond man's best efforts she was growing more stubborn with every second, not less. Awash in a sea of pain like the survivor of a shipwreck clinging to the driftwood, Morrigan had been fighting so long to keep her head above water. It was only now, pressed to the very edge of oblivion and drowning, that the witch realized something.

She had been pushed a far as she was prepared to go.

It was never going to happen.

Flemeth was a monster from beyond time, no more human than the Archdemon was, and the thralls had no will of their own but had been crushed by her psychic might until they did precisely what she wanted of them... no more and no less. Ashtara was an immortal demon, feeding off the desires of men and woman, like since before the mythical Andraste had ever been born. Morrigan couldn't forgive them for their abuses, but in some strange way, she could understand them. She was not an equal to them, but something far less, like an ant that could be stomped on -- less of a living being that she was livestock, a means of prolonging their existence.

But Alistair was a man. She had spoken to him, bled beside him, argued and bickers and joked and fought and laughed with him. He was just a man -- a mortal fool, just like her -- and somehow that made his abuses worse, sharper. Flemeth must have known it would be this way... that was why she had brought the man who hated her the most here, to continue her abuse. What her mother could not have known, though, was that even more than humiliation, Alistair's savage rape of her provoked suicidal levels of outrage.

Alistair crushed her bruised flesh beneath him, crippling the raven haired witch with agony while he slid his hard cock between her sore tits, the friction burning at the abused orbs. "You..." he grunted, "are going to do what... I tell you to... you slut!"

No, she wasn't. Anything he put into her mouth, be it a finger or a cock, he was going to lose. He could do whatever he wanted to her... but she was going to do absolutely nothing for this animal.

"N-" she gasped, her voice crushed between tiny gasps of air that she managed to breath in past the smothering weight of the templar on her chest. "N- nev- -er..."

Alistair slapped her twice, savage blows that put his entire shoulder's weight behind them and smashed her face flat against the crude bed, its frame creaking beneath the weight of the templar's motions. "You'll do as I fucking say or I'll kill you, do you understand!" He stopped fucking her tits long enough to wrap one huge hand around her slender throat, squeezing it hard enough to cut off what pitiful remnants of air she was getting. "Do you understand me whore?"

She understood fine... but to her surprise and horror the witch found that she simply did not care. Morrigan, the consummate survivor who was always practical, always efficient, and never put anything ahead of her own best interests and her own life, was already planning to die. She had spent the last months in the Warden's company, ruthlessly mocking anyone who displayed foolish sentiment to something more than their own and their survival, laughing at people's impracticality and illogical actions. Even Cousland himself she had teased mercilessly, finding great amusement in the way he was always so willing to put his life on the line for a point of principle.

And now she was doing the same thing, deciding a point of principle was worth more than her life.

Even as the life was being choked out of her, Morrigan couldn't help but smile. She had always told the warden that love was a weakness, that it would get them killed someday... and now the sentimentality she had always mocked in him was hers and it was going to get her killed... and pressed this far against the precipice of annihilation she could finally see its worth and thank him for sharing it with her.

Some things really were more important than her life. She wished she had gotten an opportunity to tell him that.

Alistair was looking down at her in confusion now, glaring at the smiling witch he was choking. "Are you ready to get smart, you arrogant cow?" he asked, bending down towards her. "Are you going to suck my cock like a good cunt?"

Still smiling, Morrigan spat in his face.

With a roar Alistair slapped her again and again, splitting her lip beneath the assault even as he rose off of her and grabbed her hair. Shouting in wordless fury he rammed her head against the head of the bed, dazing the dark maned witch even as he crawled behind her, desperate to hurt and humiliate the condescending, disobedient little bitch, the backstabbing little whore!

Without preamble, without giving Morrigan a single second to prepare, he pressed his cock again her dry asshole and, lubricated only by his own spit from her tits, pressed in as hard as he could. The witch could feel Alistair's hard shaft pushing between the spread valley of her ass cheeks, feeling like a third leg so long and thick was it compared to her newly healed asshole. Flemeth had, perhaps, healed her too well... she might be even tighter than she had been when first Cormac had taken her, and she was as dry as it was possible for a woman to be. She screamed in agony as the pressure against her rosebud, twisting in a vain attempt to escape being impaled.

Alistair grunted with pleasure at he at last pressed the head of his cock into the raven haired girl, feeling the incredible tightness and warmth of her spasming ring around the tip of his rape tool as he took the apostate's ass. The templar began to slide his cock back and forth, fucking his captive sex toy and enjoying every sensation as he ripped and tore Morrigan's asshole apart with his vicious rod. The incredible friction of her hole, so tight and unwilling, squeezed him like, heat flowing into his and he pounded in and out of the bitch he hated with all of soul.

Morrigan, her head still ringing from the impact with the wall, was experiencing some of the most horrible pain she had ever felt. It wasn't that her ass was impossible tight, or that Alistair was large... although both were true, she had taken far larger woman killers of a cock from Flemeth before now. No, it was the intense agony of it being the blonde templar who used her such. To the thought that the man she had slept in came with so many times was capable of this evil, shoving his massive prick up her and and splitting her open. Morrigan screamed and screamed as shooting pains surged up from her ass and through her helpless body. She sword she could feel things tearing inside of her ass under the assault, and she whispered words in between screams like a mantra.

"I hate you... I... hate you, so much... I hate... you. I hate you. I h-hate... you... you piece... of shit... I... hate y-you..."

Alistair, for his part, was enrage by the continuing show of defiance by the malifcar whore. "SHUT UP!" he screamed, any remaining shadow of self control evaporating beneath his indignation, his fury. "SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!" He pressed her face down into the pillow, smothering her as his cock plowed her ass with every single ounch of strength he could muster, desperate to cause the bitch who had ruined his life to pay. "HOW DARE YOU JUDGE ME, YOU WORTHLESS BITCH! DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I'VE SACRIFICED?"

Struggling with breath, choking on the linens of the cheap bed, Morrigan understood perfectly. Alistair had never had to make a choice in his life... Duncan had made all of the choices for him, and Earl Eamon before him. After Duncan's death, Cousland had taken over the burden of decisions. While the entitled bastard noble had become a gray warden and fought the Blight alongside the others, he had never needed to bear the weight of those decisions... but he still felt entitled to the pity his "sacrifices" owed him.

And if she could get the air to scream it, she would tell him, she realized.

And to the Maker with the consequences... if he existed at all.

"FUCK YOU, APOSTATE WHORE!" Alistair roared, loving the feeling of this writhing, screaming pale Chasind girl impaled on his rod, relishing the way her flesh spasming in intense agony with every motion of his cock. He slammed her hard and fast, completely burying himself into her again. The templar's pendulous balls slapped against her ass as his whole shaft buried itself deep into her violated rectum. Morrigan shrieked fainting into the pillow was that cutting off her air while she writhed in agony, hating the blonde warrior's grunts of perverse pleasure. She wished she could make this miserable for him somehow, even if it killed her.

At last, unable to sustain his punishment of her tight hole any longer, Alistair pushed deep again and spurted his second load of seed deep into Morrigan's brutalized ass, the witch's slender young body with boiling slime. The witch could finally breath as he let up the hold on her hair, gasping for air while the hot cum flooded her raped rear. She lay twitching, unable to put up significant struggle as her body flexed, pushing the templar's weakening cock from her along with as much of his cum as she could, the white fluid seeping onto the sheets.

And it was to that sight that Flemeth entered.

Her furious appearance nearly took the door from its hinges, so quickly did it open. The seemingly frail white haired sorceress stomped into the room, the warped board creaking beneath her footsteps as she grabbed Alistair by the arm and all but threw him across the room. The blonde templar staggered as he tried to get his feet beneath him, barely regaining control before he ran into the far wall. "Get out," Flemeth hissed, her tone brooking no disobedience... but apparently Alistair was not listening closely enough, or his hatred of Morrigan was enough to completely overrule common sense.

"I wasn't finished with the bitch..." he said.

Flemeth turned her head, eyes literally glowing with inner flames as she glared at the man. "Leave or be a thrall forever... if I was not in such a hurry, I would not give you even this chance."

His survival instinct finally overruling his lust, he turned to the door.

Morrigan, her eyes glittering, spoke in a whisper just loud enough to carry to his ears, just loud enough to make him not sure if he had been supposed to hear it. "Good riddance, you worthless bastard. The king should have kept his cock in his pants."

Alistar whirled, his eyes narrow as arrow lits in a castle wall... just in time for Cormac to lay an enormous hand on him from behind and physically pick him up by the head and carry him from the hut. Despite herself, Morrigan smiled.

Flemeth, however, was not amused. "I don't have time for this you stupid slut!" she hissed, and five streams of scarlet blood flashed from beneath her fingertips and sailed towards the dark haired witch faster then her amber eyes could track... and suddenly her body was rising from the bed without her telling it to do so. The movements were not done carefully, and the fresh pain that radiated from her fucked ass was crippling... but her body moved without apparently complaint, marching for the door outside.

"The Archdemon is marching on Denerim as we speak..." Flemeth said, her tone slightly distracted as she walked behind her enslaved daughter. "...and as much as I would love to keep you around longer, I am out of time."

Morrigan quickly found her mouth was the only part of her still under her own control. "W- uh- What are you doing?"

Flemeth laugh, cold and cruel, echoed in her head. "I'm saving your precious warden's life, you stupid whore."

Morrigan needed only a second's thought before she realized what Flemeth meant. " wish me to carry his...child?" By now, she would almost gladly do it if it meant that she could get out of this nightmare.

The noirette yelped as Flemeth slapped her ass, chuckling. " No, my daughter...I am going to carry his child...a human child with the soul of a dead god. And since I doubt he would lay with any woman who is not you and I wanted to take over your body anyway...I'll kill two birds with one stone."

Morrigan's heart froze within her chest. She could feel her heartbeat actually stopping for a second before accelerating into a thunderous rhythm. " So...this is it?" she asked, trying her best not to sound like a frightened little girl. She failed miserably, as Flemeth's cold laughter showed.

"Indeed. Today I am going to shed this old shell and be reborn within your young, nubile body. I looking forward to...playing with it. Firm tits, tight holes...and all without actually maintaining it through magic." She took a step forward to catch up to her daughter, who was still walking forward without volition.

"And I am certain your Warden will appreciate the...tricks I have picked up over the years. I can drive any man mad with desire." She leaned over and lapped at the tears that started running down Morrigan's cheek.

Swallowing down a pitiful sob, Morrigan said, " there nothing I could change your mind? I could bear the child your slave...whatever you wish for...", she pleaded, every word feeling like knives thrust into her throat. She hated falling back into the role of the helpless, pleading victim again, but the threat of losing her body, of becoming a ghost, tumbling through the Fade like a falling held a horror only mages could ever understand.

But Flemeth shook her head. " I am growing tired of this body, my dear. It has served me well for the last two hundred years but now...I wish for new flesh." The last word she rolled around in her mouth, drawing it out, making it sound so obscene Morrigan felt her stomach lurch. Then, suddenly, in an almost chipper tone, Flemeth continued, " Ah, there we are!"

'There' proved to be a larger clearing surrounded by trees that looked like they'd been saplings when Flemeth had been born. Gnarled and twisted, their bark was almost black, but they oozed a shadowy, sinister vitality that not even time could touch. Morrigan could not remember ever being here...and why would she? The place would have scared off any child, no matter how unruly and curious.

With a pang of dismay, Morrigan noticed that Ashtara was there, still wearing the skin of the girl named Bethany. The slaves were absent, but Flemeth's thralls were all there, waiting, standing around in a loose circle. Morrigan saw that every single man among the group had an erection and from past experiences, she knew that would not mean anything good. Still, she gathered enough of her wits to ask, "Another gangrape, mother? You are getting uncreative..."

"Oh, please, my dear... nothing as simple as that." Flemeth made Morrigan walk into the ring of people, stepping onto a small stone platform that bore runes so ancient they were unreadable to her. " For the rite to work, it needs something so rare it is almost unattainable these days. Dragon sperm."

Morrigan could not help but laugh. "So what now? Invite the Archdemon so you could blow him off? I'd like to see that, really..."

To her surprise, no one moved to punish her for her insolence. It was as if Flemeth felt so triumphant she could bear the barbs... or did she no longer care? The latter thought scared the noirette and she shushed it away. " My dear, dear daughter. You have no have no idea who I truly am. What I truly am..."

Stepping back, Flemeth threw her head back and screamed to the heavens. Her arms raised to the side, she inhaled and screamed again...and this time, her voice sounded like a roar...

A dark thought dawned upon Morrigan, so dark she tried to banish it...but Flemeth's presence proved it right moment by moment, heartbeat by heartbeat.

Scales pushed through skin while the witch's body grew, her hands and legs turning into fearsome talons. Her face elongated, the carefully sculpted horns of white hair turning into the black horn-crown of an adult dragon. And still she grew and grew...teeth fell from her mouth as new, sharp fangs pushed through the gums. Heat radiated from her form, making Morrigan's skin prickle. Gigantic wings sprouted from her back, flapping aimlessly for a moment before folding against Flemeth's back.

And with a final, triumphant roar that sounded like it could split mountains in twain, she stood, her true essence and form finally revealed. A dragon of immense size, with burning yellow eyes, massive wings... and, dangling from between her hind legs, the largest cock Morrigan had ever seen. And the witch felt herself faint...

Morrigan came to in unbelievable agony, sharp claws digging into the soft flesh of her breasts and twisting. She screamed, but was afraid to move lest she tear her own flesh. Ashtara was kneeling on of her, her nails as slender as needles, pressing against the witch's tits just hard enough to sink in a tiny amount, just enough to let her know the level of agony that the demoness could cause her with no effort. "Wake up little girl..." she hissed, like a threatening cat screaming defiance into her ear. "I let you nap, but it's time for you to pay attention now..."

Frantically the noirette threw herself back from the demoness, removing her claws from within her and allowing tiny dots of scarlet to bead the surface of her breasts. Bethany's body had changed somewhat in the few days since Morrigan had last seen her. More tiny, purple scales covered her flesh now like tiny pebbles, radiating outward from beneath her breasts and her shoulders. They cupped the former noblewoman's large tits and covered her neck, and her mane was beginning to change color to a reddish hue like fire was seeping up the strands of hair. The horrifying blaze of blue fire that had marked her eyes was gone now, replaced with a tranquil lake of gold blue ice... but after looking into the pale orbs for even a second Morrigan needed to look away, certain that something horrible lurked just below that frozen surface.

She still looked only enough like Bethany to remind the raven haired witch that the girl was dead, and in her place stood a monster.

When Morrigan turned her gaze from the demon, desperately to spare her mind the torment of those fel eyes, she realized that her situation was even worse than Ashtara's presence implied. Half the thralls were now dead, their body hollow husks squeezed dry. Their lifeblood coated the tiny island rising out of the dark swamp in elegant rings, the vitae literally glowing a vibrant crimson and covered the witch's pale skin with the sanguine light. The remaining male slaves all were within the outermost of the rings... and so, to Morrigan's horror, was the dragonic bulk of her mother.

She had been desperately hoping that her abuse had finally driven her insane, or that she had been having a nightmare, but Flemeth stood before her now... slitted eyes glowing with the same pale golden glow that she had become accustomed to over 20 years of life. The young witch could feel the monster's massive heartbeat, so powerful it shook the air and the black scales covering its massive form pulsed in time to the flow of molten blood. The winter air was hot, like being in the way of a smithy's bellows... and to her horror she realized that was essentially exactly where she was. Flemeth breathed slowly in and out, and when she breathed in cold air it left her lungs scalding hot, as though her gullet were a forge.

The panted breaths washed over the chasind woman in waves, whipping her lose black hair like a breeze as the dragon looked down as her adoptive daughter. Morrigan could read nothing in that alien face, nothing in the beasts eyes but malice. She was sweating in the crushing heat, and still she shivered uncontrollably.

"I'll never survive this..." she whispered, the tiniest hint of a plea in her voice.

Ashtara's hands came towards her again, but this time they caressed her chin. Morrigan was beyond flinching at this point, as cruel and terrifying as she found the desire demon's touch. "That is rather the point dear, is it not?" The demon's face seemed to crack slightly as she smiled, tiny piece of the formerly human body flaking away above the flexing muscles and... whatever lay beneath. "I'm here to see you off..."

Morrigan should be fighting. She should be yelling and cursing and screaming and scratching, doing anything and everything to evade her fate... but she couldn't bring herself to do any more than to begin silently weeping. What was the point? Without her magic, she could not prevail against even one of the many foes standing against her inside this circle... together, there could be no imaginable victory. Her mother was going to destroy her utterly, and she was going to need to suffer through it like the little whore she had been turned into... until there was nothing left of her to take.

The witch prayed, even as the chasind barbarians began to close around her, that it would be soon.

Her resistance was only token as the seven thralls surrounded her, pinning her limbs to the ground and forcing her body around them. One after the other they rutted into her sobbing form, and all the while she lay there like a puppet with cut strings. Ashtara knelt by her face, by her legs, between them... her hands always somewhere on her body. She held her tits closed around Cormac's cock as he fucked them, and afterward held her hair, dragging her up and down on a choking cock. She held her legs open and lifted her ass, positioning her like a girl playing with her dolls.

And the entire time Flemeth watched, staring raptly down as the scene of abuse. She breathed heavily as her daughter was prepared for her, like a sacrifice upon an alter.

At last the abuse was over, and Morrigan lay motionless on the ground. Only the tiny rise and fall of her chest betrayed her life... besides that, she was as still and defeated as a body laying dead in the earth.

"You have done well..." a voice said, a basso rumble that would split the earth with the depth of its harmonics. Flemeth.

"You have served me faithfully, if unwillingly, for many decades. You may return to the caves and to the other slaves. I no longer have any use for them." A quick series of sound that seemed like hacking coughs, and Morrigan smelled smoke. Her mother was laughing. "Do as you like with them. I will not be returning."

Something was wrapping around the witch's chest now... a hard cage of scaldingly hot, hard ceramics. The dragon's scaled fingers were wrapping around her waist and her torso, lifting her from the ground as effortlessly as Morrigan would brush away a cobweb. She at last opened her eyes, staring into the horrifying reptilian visage of her mother as the thrall all left the ring. The dragon was resting on its haunches now, one of its massive forelimbs drawing a pattern on the ground while the other held the witch suspended. Below her, that massive, murderous cock jutted obscenely from the beast's crotch, and Ashtara was there beside it, stroking the enormous thing by wrapping both limbs around it and gathering the scaled thing into a hug, crushing it against her stolen breasts.

The entire thing stank of ritual to Morrigan, much like paying tribute to an idol of some kind of lost god... and in a way, that may be what her mother was. One of the last remaining dragons in the world, the former rulers of existence as the gods of the Tevinter Imperium. Her sheer presence had evoked this uncharacteristic despair in the raven maned witch. Even with her full power at her disposal, she could never have stood against this... deity before her.

She could only find it in herself to be happy that she had not convinced Cousland to come after the ancient sorceress. She would have been sending the warden to his certain death... and she could not bear the thought.

Slowly, moving with almost tender deliberation, Flemeth lowered her daughter until the massive head of the dragon's cock was resting between her legs. It would not fit into her... to even suggest such a thing was a joke. It was as thick as Morrigan's thighs and nearly as long as the entirety of her leg. To be fucked by such a length would be to give birth over and over again, a hundred times, a thousand times, until at last the beast was satisfied or had split her in half. Even a woman's body, no matter how malleable, no matter how designed to shift and move and bear children, could never withstand the assault this member was capable of...

And with Ashtara gleefully holding the cock steady, Flemeth slammed her daughter down onto it.

The pain was unbelievable. It surpassed every single agony she had felt in her life a hundred times over... every rape, every torture, every wound and agony and misery inflicted on her by her mother and all of her thralls in a single instant that blasted Morrigan's mind into shock. The second second was even worse as the grip on her tightened and Flemeth dragged morrigan's tight cunt off of the huge pole, the ridged edges of scaled scratching painfully at the raw, desperate walls of her strained hole... and then pushed her back down with even more force, going even deeper.

Morrigan screamed. The sound escaped with her ever making a decision to voice her agony, without the anguish even consulting her brain. At the same moment Flemeth roared, and the soul-shattered cacophony made the raped witch's skin seem to writhe across her force with ripples of the sonic force. Again the dragon pushed her down, slipping further into her until it could go no further... and then to the poor girl's final horror it did anyway, her cervix dilating under the incredible strain and parting to let Flemeth in further. Morrigan could not hope to seperate individual agonies below her waist, and had no desire to try, but was certain her hips must be dislocated by the incredible spread being forced upon them by the enormous, rigid tool that was being pressed into her, ruining her...

She screamed and screamed until she was out of breath as Flemeth pulled her up and down, fucking her body in ways no human was ever meant to endure or even to survive, her hole made tight beyond belief by the simple measure of stuffing it so full that the possibility of not being stretched taut around it was laughable... and then on the next time she was pulled out of the cock it was her ass her mother was putting pressure against. She wept and managed to struggle a tiny amount, her small fists beating at the talons holding her in the air... but she may as well have been striking solid steel. She had no breath left to scream as her asshole was impaled at least as brutally as her cunt had been. She distended brutally around the invading monstrosity, and although the witch hadn't thought it possible her agony increased further.

She could barely feel Ashtara's hands on her body now, her lips caressing her breasts and neck, the claws being dragged across her skin by Flemeth's savage motions. As she was fucked over and over, being rapidly raped to oblivion by her mother's cruelty, the pain began to at last fade. She was growing numb, and she noticed with detached interest that she was no longer seeing through her own eyes... but rather watching the entire scene from the outside, seeing herself abused like she was hovering over the scene rather than living through it. How huge her belly swelled up with every thrust of the dragon's rampaging cock into her... it had to be destroying the poor girl...

She had trouble thinking of the girl below as being her. It was just a body, just flesh and blood and bone. Unimportant... and yet, so extremely important for some reason she was struggling to remember.

With a roar that seemed to shatter the sky, rain began to fall even as the dragon went completely rigid. Morrigan could see her body twitch as gallons of boiling semen poured into it, even while steam rose wherever the raindrops struck the dragon's ashen scales. Dispassionately, detachedly, the witch witnessed the end of most brutal abuse, seeing in detail what she could no longer feel.

More suddenly than she would have believed possible the dragon crumbled. First, the talon holding her body fell away, turning to dust that could no longer support even the body's slight weight any longer. Next the neck gave away and the massive, predatory head fell freely to the floor and exploded into ash. Piece by piece the body fell away until one of the legs went, and then the remaining bulk collapsed down on top of Morrigan's body and covered it entirely in black, burned flakes, being soaked and washed away by the rain.

From beneath the mountain of ash a single woman's form rose... her own.

Except now her eyes, always a pale gold, seemed to glow with power and an ancient evil.

With a whisper of power rising as the rings of blood were slowly washed away, Morrigan watched as her own deformed body was shapeshifted back into perfect form... her bones straightening, her joining closing again, her wounds healing. Gallons of white slime poured from her as the newly formed and tightened body no longer had room for it. Her hair straightened and seemed perfect again despite the rain, even as Flemeth raised one of Morrigan's own hands up and bound it behind her head... and a smile Morrigan had felt so many times but rarely seen covered her own arrogant face.

Flemeth, in her new body, turned to where the ghostly remains of her daughter lurked, watching... and gave a tiny wave before she walked away.

'At least,' Morrigan thought to herself as she felt her essence begin to disappate just like the pile of ash, blown through the storm like dust on the wind, 'it is over now. Forgive me, warden...' and then, by Andraste's mercy, Morrigan's vision of the ghastly scene finally faded.


When Morrigan woke, she felt as though she was healthy again. No pain, no fear, and no exhaustion... she felt better than she had in years. She was fully dressed, and she felt the familiar sensations of the clothing she had worn for so long that it conformed to her body by sheer habit. She felt happy, and safe.

Until her eyes opened, anyway.

The sky shifted painfully above her head, a shifting sunburst of colored that hurt her eyes even as the light was diffused by the roiling of a thousand clouds. The lurid lighting illuminated her own bonds quite well, showing her the shackles that held her to the stone pillar behind her. In the distance, on the horizon, there was but a single feature visible... the massive silhouette of a dark city, a black stain against the color of the sky.

The dark city. She was in the Fade... the mortal realm of dreams, the source of magic, and the home of...

"Ah, I see you are awake my pet. Just in time..."


Ashtara walked around the column and into sight, but Morrigan could only barely recognize her. Her presence had twisted Bethany's features to look something like her own, but not enough. Nevertheless, the witch could instantly identify the woman by her eyes -- the cold blue fire that burned within seemed all the more terrible in this alien realm, where Morrigan was but a mortal and she was a literal god. Scarlet fabric flowed down her form in an elegant dress that hid everything improper, but somehow made her seem more exposed and erotic than had she been completely naked. A shock of fire red hair, the exact same shade as her bloody dress, stood from her hair and flowed slightly in time to an unfelt wind. Her tail, far longer in this realm, swished impatiently behind her like that of an agitated cat.

Something about her attacked Morrigan very mind, her tenuous remains of sanity. The goddess before her was like something out of legend, a creature that ancient civilizations had offered blood-soaked tribute to in an effort to appease something of such vicious, hungering beauty. She wanted to bow her head and worship at her feet even as she wanted to claw the woman's flaming eyes from her head.

"I was hoping you'd wake up. I wanted you to see this..." Ashtara lifted her head slightly and an image appeared before the bound witch's face, that of... her, in Denerim. She watched in mute horror as Flemeth, wearing her skin, crawled into bed with her lover...

"They will fight the Archdemon tomorrow, and he will likely triumph. Both of us will give him all the aid we can. Meanwhile, as I promised, I will ensure your mother's pregnancy, and link his soul to that of the warden's so your precious Cousland will survive the battle." She smiled, her razor talons sliding effortlessly along Morrigan's bare skin. She couldn't bear herself to watch her own body, no longer under her control, bare and sliding on top of the warden's familiar form. She could almost feel it herself... perhaps a remaining connection between her body and her soul, or perhaps the vivid memories of the pleasures they had tasted together. She turned her face away, and saw another girl bound as she was to a stone pillar. It was Bethany, her tortured form sagging in chains from agony... even as her face wore a mask of utter bliss.

There was another pillar across the room, and another... and more woman were bound to them the same way, their body's the same reflection of anguish and ecstasy. On and on, into the distance where the bound witch could no longer make out details, were countless more pillars... each with the discoloration that betrayed another bound and captive slave. Elven and human woman, some with styles of remaining clothing that told of their lives thousands of years prior in the history of Thedas. Tevinter women, Orlesian women, Quunari women. Women from Ferelden, Revain, the ancient Chasind civilization and it's modern remnants. Dark skinned slaves from the jungles of Seheron, the savages of Nevarra, and aristocrats from Antiva. There was even a woman who's markings and clothing must make her one of the original Grey Wardens, from ancient Anderfel.

Thousands of them.

Thousands of us.

"And in exchange, as she promised..." Ashtara whispered, her voice husky as she watched Flemeth insert the warden into her new form, "I get you. Forever."

Morrigan began to struggle madly then, suddenly desperate beyond belief as the true depths of her peril became apparently. She longed to escape, to strike down the demoness, to even force Ashtara to slay her rather than remain... but the desire demon merely laughed.

"They all start like you, my pet. But soon you'll realize it's not so bad here..."

Her hand went between the witch's legs and her nail slid effortlessly through the leather and into the sensitive nub of Morrigan's clit, piercing it like a needle. The witch's world exploded into agony... but even as it did, she also came. Her body writhed, her hips thrusting towards the hand and bringing herself further pain on the slender finglenail as she tried to seek after the intense pleasure even while she was sunk deeper into the depths of torment.

"You will learn to be glad that you are here... isn't that right?"

In a single voice that shook the room, every one of the captive women answered. "Yes Mistress."

And Morrigan, her mind still reeling from the agony of the assault the the desire for that it brought to her, realized at last that her suffering was just beginning.



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