Dragon Age - Origins: Leliana's Lament (MF,FF,MFF,anal,rape)
by Dhemius & Eridan
edited by John Drake

The heavy wooden door behind her slammed shut with an echo of finality as the guards dragged the Orlesian forward. Leliana cringed at the smell of the dungeon wafting up the stairs... sweat and sickness and other, even more unpleasant odors... the scent of misery. The two guards holding her arms didn't exactly smell like roses either. She definitely had to get out of here before that smell began to stick to her, too... but Leliana was confident that she would manage. She had been in awful situations before and gotten out.

Doing her best to ignore the guards dragging her down the stairs, she focused on the bindings they had used to tie her hands together behind her back. Thick, sturdy rope tied in multiple knots... nothing she could squeeze her hands out right now but in time, she could at least get one hand free.

Suddenly, her focus was drawn away from her bindings and to her guards, as one of them had said to the other, "Why are we dragging that Orlesian bitch anyway? She some kind of royalty?"

The other one chuckled. "Fenn, you're a lazy bastard... "

Leliana looked back and forth between them as they exchanged a look and a grin... and then threw her forward, down the stairs.

Leliana shrieked and curled into a ball as much as she could to protect her head and face from the fall as she bounced down the stone steps, each step giving her a new reason to cry out in pain. It was mere luck that she landed at the feet of the stairs with all her bones intact but her head swam and she felt as if her entire body would soon become one big bruise.

The guards were laughing as they casually strolled down the steps after her. 'Ferelden swine!' She thought and tried to scramble to her feet. Maybe this would be her chance to escape!

"Ah, our new guest has arrived..." the voice from behind startled her... and ruined any chance of her flight. A rough hand grabbed her by the nape of her neck and forced her back onto her feet, holding her up. She felt hot, stinking breath on her skin "Ah, yes... the spy..." the man said, chuckling softly while one of his hands reached around her and proceeded to cup Leliana's left breast through her tunic. The bard remained still, trying to hide her disgust. In such situations it was best to play along...

"I was framed. There is no evidence. I'm certain someone will take notice..." she said as calmly as possible.

The man behind her laughed and his hand squeezed her breast uncomfortably hard. Leliana bit her lip to keep herself from giving them the satisfaction of hearing her cry out. "You know what? I don't care. I'm not being paid to think. They say you're a spy so you must be a spy... and for pretty spies, we have special accommodations. Take her to the cell and chain her up. I'll get the whip... ."


This word made Leliana freeze for an instant. She was aware that she had less time to escape than she previously expected. The guardsman groping her must have sensed her fear as he laughed and pushed her into Fenn's arms. She noticed that he was wearing the insignia of a sergeant. "I wasn't charged nor did I stand a trial yet" Leliana decided to try again if not speaking her way out, than at least to gain time. "Where is your commander?" she asked hoping that this might slow the men down, even as Fenn was dragging her through the dungeon corridors.

"Don't you worry about commander Raleigh, sweetie," the guard laughed. "You'll see him soon enough, and you'll learn that he really likes Orlesian whores such as you!"

Leliana managed to catch glimpses of silhouettes behind some of the cell doors. She couldn't be sure as they moved far away from the peepholes in the doors when the guards were passing near them, but she would have sworn that most of them were female. This thought filled her with new fear.

After a short while they stopped and while Fenn was holding her, the second guard took out a large iron key and opened the door to one of the cells. She wanted to protest again but her speech was cut short by an anguished scream coming from one of the doors further in the corridor.

"Yeah, that's our little playground" one of the guards laughed "I think it may be one of your companions, but we'll make sure that you are a frequent visitor there." He made a short gesture and Fenn pushed her hard. She fell on the dirty, hard and cold floor, with her fall softened only by a thin layer of straw covering the cell. Her fall caused two rats to escape from beneath the straw and vanish into a small hole in the wall. The only two objects of note in the entire cell were a small hole in the corner, designed to function as a lavatory and four chains hanging from the wall opposite of the door.

The sergeant took out a set of shackles and threw them on the floor. "Chain her to the wall" he ordered. The other guards' Strong arms lifted Leliana, pushed her to the cold wall and almost immediately she felt one of the chains lock around her wrist.

"I am innocent!" she insisted, but before she could add anything else Fenn slapped her face... Hard. She fell on her knees, with the chained hand hanging. Her cheek was burning with pain, but as she gently touched it with her left hand, the second guard grabbed it and locked in the second chain.

"You..." she begun but wisely decided not to finish the sentence.

Nevertheless the sergeant was next to her in an instant and he hit her stomach hard with his fist. Leliana cried with pain and gasped for breath. She felt his rough hand grab face hard by the chin. He moved his face only few inches in front of hers. "Shut up, bitch!" he barked. Leliana smelled his foul breath, mixed with some kind of cheap alcohol. "I'll want to hear you in a moment, but your screams... not this chattering!"

With these words he grabbed the front of her tunic and pulled hard, ripping a large stripe of cloth from her chest and exposing one of her breasts. Leliana shrieked as he grabbed her left tit and squeezed it hard.

"Damn! I can't wait to fuck this bitch" Fenn exclaimed admiring her.

"All in due time" the sergeant smiled, took a few steps back and showed his whip. His smile made her heart freeze in her chest. It was the smug expression of a man with no conscience at all. Her stomach and face were still hurting thanks to him and Fenn - an unpleasant beast of a man, rank-smelling and obviously of low breeding and morals - but she knew what would come now would prove to be even worse.

"Right now, we need to show our newcomer her new place here..." the sergeant said, raising his whip and preparing to strike. Leliana grit her teeth and closed her eyes, mentally preparing for the pain...

Then, the whip cracked, and she learned that nothing could have prepared her for the blazing agony that flared up across her chest. Leliana raised her voice in a pained cry as an angry red welt began to form right across her exposed breast. He had aimed well and Leliana suddenly was very aware that he might have had a lot of opportunities to practice. Tears welled up in her eyes and her vision became blurry. But still, she saw his indistinct form raising the whip again... right before another stroke hit her chest, this time aimed for her other breast. Her tunic tore like parchment and a new welt formed on her immaculate skin, perfectly crossing the first. She screamed again, rattling her chains as she sought to escape her bonds against her better knowledge.

Fenn and the sergeant laughed, gleefully and dirty. "I'm going to strip her tits with that" the sergeant bragged... and the whip cracked again. Again, Leliana cried out, the pain taking her breath away, the stroke aimed right between her tits and down to her stomach, ripping another piece of cloth away. Amidst the pain, even the thought of what else the guards had said was lost. Right now, all she could think about was the pain... the awful, blazing pain that drowned her rational mind.

The sergeant didn't give her any time to recover from the blow, immediately aiming again, the whip descending upon her tits again, hitting both, sending them jiggling, much to Fenn's amusement. Tears were running down Leliana's face, smearing her carefully applied make-up. Her knees would have given way already if not for the chains holding her up. The whip cracked and cracked and cracked... the strokes tearing open her tunic, exposing her now-bruised breasts to their greedy, lustful eyes... and then it stopped.

Panting, Leliana looked at them, unsure of what was to follow now, hoping desperately for this to be over. But then the sergeant easily crushed all her hopes with one sentence as he handed the whip to the other guard.

"Alright, Fenn... your turn. But have her turn around first, I don't want you to mess up her tits anymore."

"No... p-please..." Leliana whimpered as Fenn stepped closer, "p-please... stop..."

The guard laughed... then slapped her bruised tits hard enough to draw fresh tears from her eyes and a cry from her lips. "Not so haughty anymore, are we now? Turn around, my whipping arm needs some practice."

When Leliana hesitated, he grabbed her hips and roughly turned her around, the chains giving her barely enough room to move, her new position twisting her arms somewhat and leaving her face only inches away from the dank, slimy, dungeon wall.

"Alright, then, Fenn. Go ahead and work her over good. I am going to look for Rayleigh... he'll want her first." When the sergeant left, another soldier entered the cell. Leliana struggled and twisted her head to see him and recognized the man who with Fenn brought her to the dungeon. She didn't even notice that he must have been standing outside of the door.

"Damn, you were busy." the guard said admiring Leliana's trembling body.

"Wait till you see her whipped tits."

"When we're gonna take her?"

Leliana gulped with fear hearing those words again, her chances of getting out were becoming thinner and thinner.

"First the boss." Fenn answered.

"Will she be any good when he finishes with her." second soldier inquired which filled the Orlesian with even more fear.

"Think so, he wouldn't like to spoil such a beauty." Fenn approached Leliana and grabbed her ass.

"Please, leave me, it is all a misunderstanding" she tried again, hoping that without the commander the soldiers will be more complacent. All she achieved was that Fenn took three steps back and slashed her back hard with his whip. "Aaargh!" Leliana cried with pain.

"Stop speaking and start shouting" Fenn barked whipping her again. This brought another anguished cry and another stripe of her tunic, this time on her back was ripped, revealing a red stripe.

"I heard Orlesian spies were called bards" the second soldier noted. "She sure can sing!"

"Please, I'm not a spy, don't..." Leliana tried to plead once more, even though she was aware how in vain it was. She even managed to control her voice so it wasn't trembling as much, but when she than she felt another slash, right across her ass cheeks and jerked forward, straining her bound arms, as though she was trying to merge with the cold, hard wall.

"May I try?" the second soldier asked Fenn.

"I beg you don't do this, you don't have to, please..." Leliana was beginning to panic, only wanting the pain to stop. She twisted her head again and noticed that Fenn gave the whip to his comrade who was now preparing to hit her. "Aaargh!" she shrieked again when the lash landed on her back. The hard stones of the wall scratched her abused breasts as she involuntarily jerked again towards it. Almost immediately two more strokes fell, landing on her legs and causing them to bend. Her chained arms prevented her from falling, but twisted as they were in this position they begun to hurt even more.

"Please... in the name of the Maker, I beg you, stop..." Leliana was begging, but her pleading fell on deaf ears.

"What is all this fuss about sweetie?" Fenn laughed "Wait till the boss takes you to the torture chamber and lets the sergeant play with you there!"

Leliana couldn't even respond as the lashes begun falling on her sore back, ass and legs one after another. Each was causing her to shout even louder, beg even more desperately and twist her body in an even more painful way. Finally she begun to feel as if her pain was somehow subdued, the sound of lash become more silent with each strike. Her sight was failing her but now even the wall was feeling nice and soft. How she got here? Scenes of her last mission filled her mind even as everything was becoming dark...

The beautiful face of Marjolaine, Orlesian noble, her employer and even lover, filled her vision as her mind skimmed the ocean of memory, the pain having brought her on the verge of unconsciousness. They had jested and flirted while sowing chaos among the nobility of Ferelden as part of the "Game" the dangerous web of intrigues the nobility busied themselves with in Orlais... all had been going according to plan until Marjolaine, all smiles and dirty, seductive promises, had suggested one last mission before they could "rest" for the night. And Leliana, excited, her blood pumping from the dangers this night carried, had hurriedly agreed.

A mere hour later, she was skulking through some noble's mansion, there to plant incriminating papers of some kind... not that she'd cared as she felt the thrill of the forbidden arousing her while she stalked, avoided and occasionally delivered a stealthy kill to the guards of the place. This feeling was better than anything... well, besides a sweaty, passionate night in Marjolaine's bedchambers. The blood rushed within her veins, her heart pounding, every fiber of her body on edge...

The small wooden desk was before her and she was just ready to place the papers there... when she took a closer look and saw the Orlesian seals. Military records? This wasn't something to anger a few nobles... this was... treason! But all Marjolaine had said was, "We'll discuss this later, Leliana..." before practically dragging her away to their hideout within the city. There, her desperate pleas had, after a heated argument, gotten Marjolaine to change her mind and try to correct her... mistake. Of course, Leliana had agreed to come with her - if only to make sure Marjolaine did indeed go back on her plan.

Her heart froze as suddenly, the alarm bells went off and every guard within the mansion was instantly alerted, racing towards their weapons and seeking the invaders. Panicking, Leliana turned to Marjolaine... only to find her lover gone... and mere moments later, she was fighting for her life, trying her best not to get killed and starting to wonder what exactly Marjolaine was up to... .secretly dreading that something very sinister was going on here...

The moment she found her again, she spoke in a rush, her voice almost inaudible beneath her panting breath. "Marjolaine! I fought everyone I could but there have to be others... I... I am sorry... I shouldn't have brought us back here..." Leliana said, her heart still pounding after her desperate flight and her search for Marjolaine.

" pretty... shhh... no need to be sorry... you were perfect... " Then, a hard punch in the stomach, robbing Leliana of her breath... as she sank to her knees, another figure entered her view... the guard captain, a smug grin on his face.

"What do we have here? An Orlesian spy trying to steal secret documents? You'll get me quite a profit... after I've had some fun with you..." And Marjolaine stood there... smiling.

A harsh slap to her face pulled her back from her painful memories... and back to her even more painful present. She whimpered as her body ached all over, the many welts on her skin bringing themselves back to her memory with angry, agonized pounding.
"Ah, she is awake," a familiar voice reached her ears. Groaning, Leliana forced her eyes open again... and her heart sank as she saw the guard captain standing right in front of her. "Hello again, my pretty... sorry to have kept you waiting for so long. But no matter! Now I'm here and the fun can begin..." he said, chuckling and reaching out to grope her bruised breasts.

Leliana made a small whimper as the captain brutally grabbed her abused tit. "Please sir, I'm innocent..." she began to say for the nth time this day. She saw this captain with Marjolaine when she was betrayed and so she knew that no matter what she said he wouldn't listen or even care. But she felt a desperate need to delay whatever was going to happen.

The captain hit her with a backhanded slap. "I guess she must be saying this all the time, aren't you tired of this?" he said to the sergeant and the two guardsmen, who began to laugh as a response. The captain grabbed Leliana's neck and said almost softly but with barely controlled hatred filling his voice. "My name is sir Harwen Raleigh and the only thing that matters to me is that you are a filthy Orlesian whore." He chucked, amused with himself. "And I'll see to it that you are treated as both an Orlesian and a whore deserves... As I did to many of your kin during the war!" He finished ominously and released his hold on the prisoner.

There was no need to repeat the order. The two guards looked first at their sergeant and when he nodded, eagerly rushed to Leliana. First they began to grab and feel up her breasts and ass but not wanting to make their commanders waiting they quickly proceeded to the stripping part. Fenn grabbed the left part of the tunic -- or what was left of it -- the second guard the right and they pulled hard, ripping the delicate fabric and revealing all of the woman's beauty. As her brassiere was destroyed by the whipping, her panties were the only thing left that was covering anything.

All four men were admiring Leliana's trembling, bruised but astonishing beautiful body for a moment but quickly proceeded to grope her even more. The poor victim bit her lip, trying not to cry out in pain whenever they grabbed her bruised tits or ass or when they pressed her whipped back to the hard stones of the wall behind her. Finally with one fast motion Fenn torn away her panties and brutally pushed two fingers into her dry pussy.

"Ugh!" Leliana cried out in pain as she felt the guard's hard fingers enter the most intimate part of her body. "Stop! Ple-" she began to plead, feeling Fenn moving his hand in and out her tender snatch but the second guard silenced her slapping her again. She tried to twist her body away from the probing fingers but it was no use, especially as the second soldier held her, groping her breasts. Only after Raleigh ordered the soldiers to stop, did the groping and probing end and she was let go. Leliana's relief however, was short-lived as she saw the commander approaching, already with an unbuckled belt and with his long, erect cock released from the trousers. He stood in front of the girl, grabbed one of her sore nipples and twisted hard.

"Argh!" Leliana wailed as a terrible pain filled first her breast and then her entire body. When she cried, Harwen kissed her, forcing his tongue deep into her mouth. He grabbed her ass with one hand, with the second still twisting one of his victim's tits. "Mpff" Leliana's cried into the commander's mouth as he continued to kiss her, to explore her mouth with his tongue. Her muffled sobs aroused him even more and she felt his throbbing cock touch her crotch.

With one swift motion Harwen raised Leliana's legs and ass. She cried out again, releasing her head for a moment, as she felt her arms strain against the shackles holding them. Her cry was cut short, and then redoubled, when the soldier rammed his hard cock into her tight pussy. "No, please I beg you, stop!" Leliana pleaded in vain, feeling his hard organ start moving in and out of her snatch, savoring her. "No, please, plss" she tried to beg when Raleigh forced his tongue into her mouth again and then began to bite her lips, all while viciously humping her snatch.

Not only did the pain radiate from her mercilessly pounded pussy, but also from her abused breasts and arms as well as she was virtually hanging from the shackles. Finally, when the pain on her strained hands was becoming unbearable she subconsciously wrapped her long, slender legs behind her rapist's back, crossing her ankles. Immediately when the pain on her hands decreased she became aware of what she'd done and tried to release her legs but it was too late - Raleigh already grabbed them.

She tried to twist her body away or to push her rapist somehow away but all of her writhing and twisting make her an even better fuck, arousing and pleasuring the soldier as he continued the vicious rape. "You like it, you Orlesian bitch, don't you..." he hissed, admiring her lips inflamed from his bites "You are made for it, like any Orlesian whore you are just a fuck-meat, good only for spreading her legs and taking cocks." He whispered and began to lick her face and bite her neck.

How miserable Leliana felt hanging there by the chains, wrapping her legs around her rapist as if he were a gentle lover while he continued to move in and out, in and out, in and out her already sore pussy. She has been an Orlesian bard, one of the best but now she was reduced to fuck-meat and a sex slave of these soldiers and could only beg and whimper in pain as her rapist grabbed her breasts or pushed her against the wall. Leliana whimpered under his cruel attentions as her body was pushed back and forth by his brutal thrusts. She could feel every single inch of his hard, throbbing cock slide in and out of her dry, unwilling pussy, stretching her most intimate place painfully. Already, after the first few thrusts, it felt as if her entire lower body was in flames. And no matter how much she squirmed and twisted, there was no escape from his grip.

She cried out as he suddenly bit her neck hard, his teeth almost drawing blood but stopping short of it, only leaving an ugly bite mark behind. The guards behind him were laughing, laughing at her plight and her pain.

"You like this?" her rapist whispered into her ear, "You like finally having a real man inside you? I know you like women... like having your tits and cunt kissed and licked by girls... but I'm going to rape that out of you!"

Tears were streaming down Leliana's face as she was banged into the wall again and again, crying out with each thrust into her sore cunt. "Stop it..." she eventually managed to whimper when his pace had decreased somewhat and his tongue was licking at her neck, "please.... just... stop..."

All she received was laughter, from him and the guards. Grunting, he reached out to squeeze one of her bruised tits so hard she shrieked. "That's what I think of your feelings, whore! You know what I... hnng... was famous for during the war?"

Leliana could only wince as he began to nibble on his earlier bite marks again, her tits jiggling from his constant thrusts. He was relentless in his assault on her unwilling, tight pussy, each thrust chipping away at her dignity.

"I... had the highest... rape count... in my entire... unit! I used... hhnnng... whores like you all day long... every day!" He laughed and the two guards did the same. Over his shoulder, Leliana could see both of them having already pulled out their cocks, jerking them lazily.

The bard knew that this would be the most horrible event she ever experienced, worse than anything she could fathom... and there was no way out! The thought brought another wave of tears to her eyes and her cries grew louder and more desperate, much to her rapist's enjoyment.

"Of course they... hnnng... didn't do it officially... but in secret... our commander... lauded me for that... he knew that all you whores were good for was a good rape!" He leaned back a bit, his cock deep inside her... and backhanded her face again, aiming for her already swollen lips, the blow hard enough to throw her head to the side, making her dizzy. "Isn't that right, Orlesian bitch?"

Leliana didn't answer, her heart pounding, sending waves of pain through her cheeks and lips.

"I asked you a question!" This time, he used the other hand, sending her red hair flying as her head was rocked to the other side. Pumping into her, he leaned in and said, "I'm going to beat you to death if you don't answer..." and the cold sincerity of his voice send an icy shiver down Leliana's spine.

"Screw yourself" as terrified as Leliana was, the words Harwen wanted her to say were so disgusting that she managed to gather some last reserves of inner strength. Soon she regretted it as she saw his hand coming and after this another wave of pain surrounded her face. "Ugh, stop! Stp!" her cries were muffled as Harwen forced his tongue again into her mouth, twisting her nipples all the time and savoring as she cried and tried to plead to his mouth with his tongue deep in her throat.

"Say it bitch! You Orlesian whores are good only for being fucked by real men," he grunted out between his thrusts.

"Please... Ugh!" Leliana sobs turned into moans of pain as Harwen continued abusing her tits.

"Say that you are an Orlesian whore," he ordered. "I can beat you to a pulp!"

"I'm an Orlesian... Orlesian... whore" Leliana whispered, her face burning with shame even more than with pain.


"I'm an Orlesian whore." Leliana screamed.

"You were born to be fucked and raped!" Harwen barked pushing his hips into Leliana's tight, warm snatch even faster and faster. She felt great, hanging there, hurting all over her body, her delicious cunt embracing his rock hard member as it moved in and out her, her legs wrapped behind him trying to get at least some degree of balance and ease the pain to her hands, her mouth whimpering and sobbing as he did what he wanted with her... "Say it!"

"I was... born... ugh... to... ugh, stop, please, to be, mercy, please, to be fucked... and..." Leliana began to say, grunting at the increased strength of her rapist's thrusts, sobbing each time he pushed into her. "I beg you... to be fucked... ugh... and raped... To be raped! Please, leave me alone!" she cried desperately.

Harwen laughed at her, never wavering in his strength or the speed of his thrusts into the helpless girl. "How could I? You hnnngh... said it yourself... you.... were born... to be raped... so why should I... defy the Maker and... stop fucking you?" She heard the other guards laugh at his words again.

The cell was filled with the wet slapping sounds of his cock into her unwilling, tight cunt, her sobs spurring him on, his cock throbbing to the sounds of her misery. Leliana shook her head as his cock slid in and out of her rapidly, wanting to forget it all... she didn't want to be here, she didn't want this... she just wanted to go back... but back to what? Marjolaine had betrayed her! There was no place she could go now... the thought was like a dagger straight to her heart and a part of her wished that her mentor and lover used such a blade. Anything would be better than this.

Sobbing loudly, she didn't notice that Harwen had spoken to her again... only realizing it when his hand hit her face once more. "Do you want to die?" he snarled, slamming her into the wall with the force of his thrusts, "Answer my question!"

"I... I didn't hear it... p-please... let me gooo... .I'm innocent.... please..." she whimpered, gritting her teeth as she prepared herself for another slap... that didn't come.

"I asked you if you were hungry for my cum, whore!"

Leliana swallowed... she knew what he wanted to hear... she knew all too well now... but she didn't want to say it... she didn't want to degrade herself further. "Haven't you done... enough... please... just..." she began but stopped when he raised his fist this time, glaring at her.

"Say it!" he barked.

"Please leave me alone... ugh!" she cried as he brought his fist to her tit causing a wave of pain.

"You are hungry for my cum! Say it!" he shouted, pounding into Leliana even faster and more viciously.

"I. am..." Leliana began to say but her words were drown in a flood of sobbing and moaning. Harwen, infuriated, grabbed her breasts again, jerking them in all directions. "Please... just... just... leave me... have... mercy..." the girl begged as her rapist tormented her breasts and raped her pussy.

"Say that you are hungry for my cum!" Harwen shouted again, but seeing the girl breaking into sobs each time she opened her mouth and feeling the warm, tight comfort of her cunt around his cock was too much for him. He grabbed Leliana's ass with both hands and pushed deep into her with one powerful thrust. "Take it bitch!" he laughed maniacally.

"No, don't... not in... mpfff" there was no need to tell Leliana what Raleigh meant but her protests stopped as the soldier forced his tongue again in her mouth. "Yghh!" she gave a long moan, muffled by the forceful kiss, as she felt his throbbing cock release waves of hot cum in her pussy. Never before has Leliana felt so humiliated and dirty. This man took her brutally, not even acknowledging as a person, just treating her as a some kind of toy or a Tevinter slave. As a bard she frequently used seduction to achieve her aims but she always controlled the situation, but here she was powerless - at the mercy of those cruel, lustful men.

"Ahh, you're great fuck, bitch" Harwen whispered as he pushed his cock few more times, with each thrust becoming slower, shooting the last drops of his cum. He withdrew his dick, and let Leliana go. The girl gasped in pain as her legs hit the floor and pain again filled her chained arms. A small drizzle of cum came out of her snatch and came down her thigh and leg.

"You were a great fuck, bitch" Raleigh repeated grabbing Leliana's breasts for emphasis "But you didn't say that you were hungry for my cum. You will be punished for it and when we're done you'll say and do everything I want. You'll take cock in all of your hole again and again and then beg for more!" he promised silently and turned to the sergeant "Mirath, she is all yours" the commander said and left the cell.

"And us?" Fenn asked.

"Shut up, it's called the chain of command! Or the chain of fucking in this case" Mirath laughed unshackling Leliana. When her hands were released, her trembling legs couldn't support her and she fell to the floor. "You'll have her when I'm finished"

"Please... leave... me..." the girl said silently, looking down.

"After the show you gave?" the sergeant laughed, "Not a chance. Now lay down!" he ordered pushing Leliana to the straw that served as a mattress in this cell. "Lay down and spread your filthy legs like a whore you are!"

Leliana fell onto the mattress, sobbing quietly as she overheard their words. The other guards would violate her, too... but then again, was she really surprised? She knew the moment Rayleigh had spoken that she would be in for a nightmare... and right now she knew no way to escape. Looking up through tearful eyes, she saw the man named Mirath loom over her. Already, he had freed his rock-hard cock from his pants and was leering down at her. "P-please..."she whimpered... even though she knew deep inside that they would not stop, that they would not let her pathetic pleas get to them, she had to try. It was all she could do, for the Maker's sake! "P-please... let me go... I shouldn't be here..."

Mirath laughed, "Oh I think you should... in fact, I know no better place for such a whorish Orlesian bitch than right here. This is perfect, except for one thing... YOU STILL HAVEN'T SPREAD YOUR LEGS!" Even though Leliana tried to curl up to protect herself, his kick was too fast, hitting her painfully in the ribs, making her squeal in pain before she had to gasp for air. "Spread them. Now!" Mirath said, much, much more calmly this time, his initial rage obviously vented, "or you will not make it out of this alive."

Looking up through the veil of tears, she saw Mirath look down at her, at her teary face with the runny makeup, her beaten and whipped body and her abused cunt... there was no pity in his eyes, no mercy. "Do you understand?" he asked, almost casually reaching behind him to take out a sharp, slender knife, more a stiletto than a dagger. "Or do I need to... clarify my orders?"

"N-no..." Leliana gasped, her eyes fixed on the knife. "I... I'll do as you s-say..."

"Good!" Mirath replied, nudging her with his foot again, "then spread your whore legs for me... I'll do the rest." Under his leering countenance, Leliana turned onto her back again, wincing as her whipped back was touching the straw, and spread her trembling legs, allowing the three guards to look at her leaking, abused pussy. "Very nice... I bet it felt awful when Rayleigh fucked you, hm?" He glared down at her until she nodded, watching him closely as he knelt down between her legs and grabbed her thighs. "I bet the idea of having another hard cock pump in there scares you right now, hm?" Again, she nodded, a soft whimper escaping her lips as he bent her legs forward so that they were above her, thus not only exposing her pussy but also her puckered anus to their view.

"Luckily... that's not what I'm going to do... I'm going to spare your poor, abused cunnie." He said, the tone in his voice so cruel it made her feel as if icy fingers had grasped her heart. "Instead... I am going to fuck your ass... and you better be grateful for it!" With these words, he began to force the head of his cock into her ass.

"No! Not in there!" Leliana suddenly started to resist, close her legs but he held her too strongly.

"Grab her hands!" Mirath ordered, and soon each hand of the girl was pinned to the floor by one soldier. The sergeant smiled as he pushed her legs even further above her, completely exposed her virgin ass. Again he started to force his cock into her... "Hnnnff... you're tight there... hnnn... sooo tight bitch..." he gasped as he pushed his dick, inch by inch, into her tight hole.

"Agh! It hurts!" Leliana cried which only caused the soldiers to laugh "I've never... I've never done this, please stop!" her pleads fell on deaf ears as the only reaction was another wave of cruel laughter. She involuntarily clenched her muscles trying to somehow prevent the soldier's huge member from invading her, but the struggle was completely in vain.

"Yeah, fight me bitch, hnnn... make me push into this tight... hnnn... hole!" Mirath only smiled, continuing his relentless assault. "It must hurt you so much, you poor thing" he said mockingly, "But this must hurt... hnnnn... even... hn... more!" he shouted, plunging his cock forwards in one strong motion, overcoming any resistance.

"Aaaaah! Makeeeer! Noooo!" Leliana wailed and twisting so hard that both soldiers had to use all her force to restrain her. The pain was excruciating, it turned the lower half of her body into an ocean of torment and became even more intense as Mirath found a rhythm and began to steadily fuck the Orlesian girl as she begged "No, stop... in the name of the Maker... aaa! Stop, I beg... I beg... aaa!"

Leliana's cries of torment, the twisting and spasms of her writhing body beneath him, all this aroused Mirath even more as he plunged his hard cock into her tightest fuckhole, that has never been used by a man before. Each thrust was rewarded in a load shriek as Leliana jerked her body pointlessly trying to find a way to stop the assault. In this position she felt exposed as never before and the invasion of her ass was much more painful than even the merciless rape she endured at Harwen's hands. The invading cock penetrated her deep, stretching her tight hole and hurting her each time it was pushed in. To make matters worse, as her strength to fight began to leave her, both guards started to grope her breasts adding to the torment of the rape.

"Damn, so tight!" Mirath cursed "I can't keep going long... I'll cum in you soon bitch," he shouted into Leliana's face, his moves becoming stronger and more frantic. "I'm going to cum in your tight ass, I'm going to fill your stuck-up Orlesian fuckhole with my seed!" he shouted as he felt climax approaching.

The closer he got the harder and more violent his thrusts became, his balls slapping against her soft skin as he violated her ass hard, pounding her hole with all his strength, making the Orlesian bard writhe and wail in absolute agony. It felt as if someone had rammed a burning steel rod into her... and the fact that she could do nothing to prevent the rape of her as -- that she was helplessly trapped while the men held her -- made it even worse. The guards laughed at her suffering, their greedy hands playing with her tits, still sensitive and sore from the whipping. But Leliana barely noticed their hands; the waves of torment radiating from her ass being that much worse.

"Ohhh... oh yes... hnnngh... you're making me cum, bitch! Did you ever think you'd make a man cum with your asshole?" Mirath laughed. He'd raped many women in the ass before but this was by far one of the tightest and most enjoyable. Her hands had balled into tight fists, her knuckles white, her head thrown back in what was a continuous scream of pain.

"He won't be the last one," Fenn said, laughing, pinching her nipple between two fingers and pulling until she squealed. Her skin was covered in sweat, glistening in the dim illumination of the cell.

Mirath nodded, grunting as he felt his balls churn, ready to release their load, "Not... hnnngh... by far... I'll... make sure to... stop by... every day... at least once!" he said. Leliana could only mouth a wordless denial at the prospect, shaking her head, her teary eyes closed tightly as she felt his cock expand ever so slightly... before it began to shoot its load into her ass, wave after wave of sticky cum splashing her bowels from within. Mirath groaned loudly, pushing his cock in as far as possible. "Yesss... take my cum... worthless... bitch! Take it all in your tight asshole!" He continued to punish her ass with a few more hard, deep strokes until his balls were finally empty and he pulled out, a torrent of cum leaking from her abused asshole.

"That was... decent... but you'll have to work on your performance... I thought bards were such artists." Mirath commented, laughing.

The two guards released her hands now, allowing the helpless, raped girl to curl into a ball, her body shivering as she sobbed. "P-please... I can't take anymore..."

"Oh, but you will!" Mirath responded, leaning down to slap her ass hard. "She's yours now. Treat her well..."

"We'll sure will," Fenn laughed. "What do you say Laen? Maybe we'll just give her some rest and a blanket to cover herself with?" He asked the second guard.

"Nah, I think we'll just fuck the shit out of this bitch." Laen answered.

"Yeah, I like your idea better," Fenn laughed and kicked the curled legs of the girl. "Get up bitch!" he ordered.

"I'll leave you to your... fun," Mirath said, leaving the cell "Just be sure to lock her up when you're finished."

"So, it's just us now bitch," Fenn grinned and kicked Leliana again. "Get up I said!" Leliana just shot him an empty look, lying on the floor motionlessly. "Laen, give me the whip," Fenn asked. Fear was visible in Leliana's eyes for a second as she struggled to get up. Too slowly. The whip cracked and hit her back causing another cry of pain. "On all fours, whore!" Fenn barked again, watching eagerly as his victim struggled to take the desired position. "Ass high!" he ordered still dissatisfied and cracked the whip near her ear, like he was taming an animal.

Swallowing sobs, Leliana went on her knees and elbows and raised her ass. It didn't take long to grab it and start groping it. "I'm first!" he shouted and Leliana shivered as he began to spread her asscheeks and force his cock into her.

"No, please not there" Leliana began begging again "It hurts to much, it just hurts so much!" she cried.

"All the better!" Fenn laughed and pushed his cock inside. This time her ass was stretched a bit by her previous rape and lubricated by the cum, so it was easier for the soldier to enter her tight hole. For Leliana, however the pain was only slightly less excruciating, she felt as if her back was on fire again. Still on all fours she tried involuntarily to crawl forward, escaping from the invading organ. Suddenly there was a crack and another lash landed on her back, destroying any ideas of escape.

"Aaagh!" Leliana wailed, her beautiful bardic voice becoming hoarse from all the shouting. "Please, not there... I've never..." she suddenly stopped realizing that it wasn't true, that she has been raped in the ass just moment before.

Fenn noticed it and laughed. "Never?! I'd say sergeant... hnnnff... fucked you... hnff... pretty well there." He said between gasps as he pushed his cock deep into her bowels with a series of strong thrusts. "You're not a virgin here anymore!"

"If she doesn't remember already, I think we must take her ass more often," Laen said stroking his cock. "Fuck that, this whore is too loud!" he approached Leliana and touched her full, sensuous lips with his cock. "Suck it whore!" Leliana closed her eyes and turned her head away, not wanting to even look at the hard, thick organ.

"Aaaagh!" she cried as Fenn once again pushed hard, entering her sore ass. "Aaa- mpff." as she opened her mouth for another scream, Laen grabbed her head and rammed his cock into her mouth, reaching the back of her throat almost with his first move. When he withdrew a bit to push it again, she felt a few drops of salty pre-cum land on her tongue. "Nnnn... plsss... ghhh..." she moaned in pain as Fenn continued the restless assault on her ass, her cries of anguish muffled by the large member filling her mouth.

"Suck me bitch!" Laen ordered but Leliana could only sob around the member in her mouth. Nevertheless, her body rocked forward in the rhythm of Fenn brutal thrusts impaling her throat on Laen's cock. As it entered her deep, her throat constricted around it, massaging it and bringing further pleasure to her rapists. "She won't suck," Laen complained. "But her mouth is sooo hot!"

"She will learn," Fenn laughed. "All Orlesians whores are great with their mouth, so boss says," he said between his thrusts and smacked her ass. Then he reached forward and grabbed one of her tits, dangling above the floor, swaying as he fucked her and began to play with her tormented flesh. "Her ass is also great, tight and warm. I guess she really isn't used to being buggered in it," he smiled and twisted her nipple hard. He groaned in utter pleasure as he drove his manhood into her clenching asshole again and again, loving every second of it... especially hearing how she sobbed and squealed around Laen's cock.

"Then I should try it sometime!" Laen responded, pushing his cock deeply into Leliana's gagging throat, enjoying her tight warm hole.

"You hear that, bitch? I'll make... hnn... sure everyone will learn what a great ass you have... so you'll get assfucked by every single guard!" Fenn laughed, smacking her ass, beginning to ride her faster. Looking at Laen, he grinned and began to sync his thrusts with his comrade so that she was always being impaled fully at the same time, her gagging causing her to clench hard around his massive member.

"By the Maker, Mirath was right... no way anyone can last long in this ass!" Again, he slapped her perfect asscheeks, turning them glowing red with his handprints though Leliana barely registered it amidst the pain of her ass being raped for the second time. "And to think... hnng... she never allowed any man to... take her ass before!"

"Yeah... what a miserable bitch! Always wandering around, swinging hips and shaking ass... and never letting a man push his cock inside!" Laen agreed, his words turning Leliana's cheeks red with shame. She never considered taking it up the ass since it hurt -- Marjolaine had once asked her to push a small dildo up there because she just liked to watch it, but Leliana had refused after the first attempt and Marjolaine had let the matter go. But now, she had lost her anal virginity and would probably be raped in her ass more often if she didn't escape... oh Maker, what did she do to deserve this?

"We'll make sure... to punish her for that later... right now... I just want to fill... her ass with cum again!" Fenn grunted and, while still fucking her, reached down to push three fingers at once into her cunt, pumping them in and out a brutal pace... and the knowledge that he increased her pain by doing so was enough to send him over the edge, his cock flooding her bowels with his seed while he continued to pound her ass as hard as he could.

Laen, who'd just at this moment forced her to deepthroat him, suddenly pulled out, leaving only a thick strand of precum and saliva between her lips and his erect cock. "I'm going to paint your face... white... whore!" he said, jerking his cock rapidly into her crying face. Sobbing loudly, Leliana tried to avoid his gaze but he grabbed her chin and held her head in place as a huge load splattered across her beautiful features. Cum landed on her forehead, her nose, her eyes, her lips, her chin... a few globs even landed in her red hair, gluing the strands together, making her look even more disheveled than before.

Fenn also withdrew his cock from her tight ass, allowing the girl finally to fall on the ground, crying, tears coming from her eyes and smearing the cum on her face. "Damn, she looks pretty like that," he commented.

"Yeah, why waste your time on make-up, you can get one from us for free?" Laen agreed. "I have the feeling you'll be getting a lot of it."

"Yeah, a lot of our sweet Ferelden love juice for each of your holes and on your whole body," Fenn added "We'll rub it into your skin and hair and you'll drink gallons of it. Hell, I don't know if we'll give you anything else to drink! It depends how good you are!"

Leliana barely heard was he was saying, concentrated only on her misery, burning pain radiating from her ass to whole her body. But Laen's next words made her concentrate again.

"You'd better be good bitch," he said "We had a stubborn Dalish here once. Yeah, we've fucked her all right, but she was wild -- even tried biting. So we've burned her on open fire and branded her with iron until she wasn't pretty any more. Then we've gave her to an illegal brothel... and she still was feisty there so they fed her to the dogs."

"Don't you worry, pretty," Fenn laughed seeing as Leliana opened her mouth in disbelief, her face pale with terror. "We won't do it to you... it would be a shame to ruin such a beauty. But better be a good girl..."

"Or rather a good, naughty girl" Laen corrected laughing, secured her hands to the lower chains, so she was allowed to lie down, and left the cell. The girl's voiceless sobbing followed the soldiers.

Leliana was lying down, for Maker knows how long, trying to regain her strength after the merciless rape. She didn't even have the strength to think about her escape. She knew that this was a priority, that worse things would happen to her if she didn't manage to get out, but she could only concentrate on the burning pain she felt. Finally she fell into a light sleep, interrupted whenever she heard a scream somewhere in the dungeon. What terrified her the most, was the fact that most of the long, piercing screams, were women's wails, not dissimilar to her own. "What monsters are these people," she thought. "But maybe it's better that they have other victims to... play with" she thought, feeling guilty.

Next time she woke up she felt tickling on her legs. When she opened her eyes she gave a small scream as she saw two rats sniffing her bare feet. Fortunately her rapid movements caused them to flee. "If only I could escape so easily," she thought seeing as they disappeared in a tiny hole. With these thoughts she closed her eyes again...

... and when she opened them hands were all over her body. She tried to scream but someone kissed her deep, while at least three hands were touching and grabbing her tits. Another hands unshackled her hands, while another fingers were rammed into her pussy.

"Damn, they said they have a hottie, but didn't know that she was this hot," one soldier said.

"Yeah, a real Orlesian bitch!" another added, "Feel this soft skin?"

"Aye! Feel the skin and feel the whip marks. Wish I'd been here when they were doing her!"

"Damn, she's tight and soft down there! Try it!"

Without delay she was pushed to the middle of the cell, and five guards surrounded her. Scrambling to her knees, Leliana looked at the men... all of them leered down at her, their cocks already out, pointing at her like weapons. Again, she felt tears well up in her eyes... couldn't they at the very least give her some rest? First the four guards... now this... oh; Maker... there had to be an end! But it didn't seem as if that end was coming any soon...

"Stop staring at me, you dumb bitch! Lick!" With that, the guard directly in front of her grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her head towards his crotch. Tilting his cock up, slowly jerking it, he pushed her mouth against his heavy, sweaty balls. "Come on! Surely you've done this before!" it wasn't untrue... but then again, Leliana had done a lot of things before. That didn't mean that she wanted to do them now. Keeping her lips tightly closed, fresh tears running down her cheeks, she tried to turn her head away, only stopping when the guard said, "Someone get me the whip... I think she needs to learn obedience..."

Leliana gasped in horror and quickly parted her lips, mumbling, "No, no... not the whip... I'll do it, I'll do it..."

Slowly, she began to run her tongue over his balls, shuddering at the taste of his sweat and the stink of him. "That's better... use that tongue... bards have to practice their oral... talents, after all..." he chuckled while she lapped away, feeling his cock twitch every time her tongue touched his sack.

One of the other guards was jamming his boot between her legs, prodding at them. "Spread them! I want to feel up your cunt!" he yelled at her. He didn't wait for her to comply, but instead simply prodded and kicked until her legs were spread wide enough for him. Kneeling down, her began to roughly probe her pussy with two fingers, pumping them in and out at a rapid and very painful pace, especially since her pussy was still sore from the earlier rape. Leliana whimpered and cried against the first guard's balls, much to their combined delight.

"Hmmm... don't want to be left out here!" one of the others said, reaching down to grasp her right wrist, bringing it to his hard cock. Inspired by him, another guard did the same with her other hand, forcing her fingers to wrap around the shaft. "Now move them, jerk us off!" Leliana could barely concentrate on one thing at a time, the man's heavy balls in front of her, the right one currently resting on her tongue... she felt so utterly miserable, so... used... at the moment, she wished it was possible to die from shame. She was only glad Marjolaine wasn't able to see her like this. Slowly, clumsily, she began to stroke her tormentor's cocks even as she cringed at the task she was made to perform.

"Hmm... seems there is only one thing left for me..."the one behind her, a guard whom she'd almost forgotten about, said, reaching down to spread her asscheeks... and a moment later, she felt something hard press against her anus... it wasn't a cock but something else... probably a handle, a weapon's grip.

"Nnnn... plssss..." she groaned in pain around the large member in her mouth as someone began raping her painful ass with some object. It shouldn't have been as painful as being raped by a cock, but to her abused ass it felt like hell. With each thrust she moaned more and more, her sobs and cries arousing the man fucking her face even more.

Finally it was too much for him; he grabbed her head in both hands and pushed hard, filling her whole throat with his long dick. His balls slapped Leliana's chin as he began shooting waves of jism directly to her stomach. "Mpfff!" Leliana tried to struggle, to wiggle away, but the soldiers held her firmly. For a second there, she felt relief as the man, who has just cum withdrew his limp dick and the hilt of the weapon was also taken from her ass. "Please... no more..." she managed to whisper, before strong hands lifted her.

"No more?!" one of the soldiers, whom she had been jerking off lied on the floor, with his cock pointing upwards. "Only one of us had you, surely you won't allow the rest of us to go unsatisfied?"

"Typical for those Orlesian whores, they only think about themselves." Another man responded as he and his comrade began to lower Leliana on the laying man rigid cock. Leliana tried to twist her body but it was of no use. She made a small whimper as the penis touched her pussy lips and again a loud sob when she was lowered on it, feeling as the hard fuckpole immediately fills her tight, warm and abused pussy.

"What are you waiting for, you dumb bitch?" the laying soldier shouted and twisted Leliana's nipples, causing her to cry in pain again "Ride my cock bitch, you can't expect us, tired men to do all the work. We've been working all day while you've been laying around," he squeezed her swollen breasts again, causing her lithe body to jump in pain again. "Oh, yeah, like that whore!" the man sighed with pleasure.

"Maybe she needs an incentive?" another soldiers asked and before Leliana could think what she had in mind she heard a crack as whip hit her back and she jumped in pain again. "Yeah, that's more like it!"

"No, no, no, please... not the whip again... no... aaaa!" Leliana jumped again as the second lash hit her back "I'll do it, I'll fuck him, I'll do it, please, no, not the whip, no, nononono... aaaa, Maker!" she gave another ear-piercing scream as she felt the whip hit her again.

"Oh, yes, yes, you bitch, you fuck like a real whore, you are a real whore, oh yes..." the soldier beneath her moaned in pleasure, while Leliana on top cried in agony. She moved up and down, riding the hard cock inside her, burning with shame as she basically helped the men rape herself but not wanting to anger them further. Suddenly one of the soldiers stood next to her and when she opened her mouth again he rammed his prick between her warm, soft lips and steadily he began literally fucking her face, not even allowing her to use her tongue and suck him.

"Yeah, I prefer her slurping to her cries," he said with a grin.

"Nnn... plsss... nnnn... nnn... n...!" Leliana's muffled cries began more frantic as she felt the man who had probed her ass with the weapon, now slowly insert the head of his cock at the entrance of her tightest fuckhole.

"I think the dagger stretched her a bit," he said. "I don't believe she could take my giant without it," he laughed, filling Leliana with fear... and as he slowly pushed in, fighting against her reflexive resistance, she knew he wasn't exaggerating. His cock was far bigger than Mirath's or Fenn's had been. The intrusion stretching her wide, actually making her glad that the handle had stretched her a bit before... but still, the pain was fierce, worse than ever before.

Howling around the cock in her mouth, Leliana squirmed, trying to get away... much to her rapists' delight, as she rode the cock in her pussy even harder now. "HMMMMMPFF... HNMMM... PLSSS... N... !" she gargled as the cock in her mouth was pumped in and out. Leliana was in a world of pain. The whip marks she just now received on her back burned and her cunt and ass were sorely overstretched by unlubed, thick cocks pumping in and out. Crying openly, she no longer even needed to rise the cock in her pussy, the thrusts of the one in her ass rocking her body back and forth as his huge cock drilled into her, forcing itself into her despite all resistance, making this so much worse for her.

"Hey! You're having all the fun and I'm supposed to just stand here?" The last guard who was not raping her at the moment and had yet to cum, stepped in front of her. "Move aside!" he said to the one currently fucking her mouth.

"You..."the man raping her mouth grunted angrily, raising his hand as if to strike his comrade.

"No... you can go on with her mouth... but no one's doing anything with that whore's tits at the moment..." the man quickly said, "I just need to do something... my balls are bursting here!"

The way they talked about her turned Leliana's smeared cheeks red with shame. It was as if she was merely an object for them... not even a person, but just a set of holes and curves designed to get them off. Only scant days ago, she'd been a bard, beloved for her singing voice... loved by a beautiful woman... playing a game so dangerous and exciting it actually often aroused her. And now this... trapped in a dirty cell, being raped in more disgusting ways than she could have thought of... what had she done to deserve this? How could she have angered the Maker like that?

"I'm going to step to the side now, bitch... and if my cock slips out of your mouth for even the blink of an eye, you will get the whip again... worse than ever before... you understand?" he did not wait for confirmation from the raped girl, instead grabbing her head with his hands and then stepping to the side, forcing her to turn her head to keep his cock between her lips, the tip leaking disgusting precum onto her quivering tongue. "Good girl... good girl..." the man said...right before resuming his merciless rape of her face again, pumping into her mouth and throat even more violently than before, his balls slapping against her chin as his cock made her gag around it, her convulsing throat massaging it.

Amidst all the pain and degradation, Leliana barely noticed the other man grabbing a hold of her breasts, squeezing them together around his cock. "Hmm... so nice and soft...this really is a prime catch... her tits are great!" the man muttered and Leliana felt his cock push against her chest, sliding up and down between her tits. The sensation was awful... his hands mashed her tits painfully against his cock and his organ left a shiny line of precum between them, making Leliana feel filthy for allowing this to happen to her. Slowly, the man increased his pace, slamming into her chest and between her tits hard enough to make her groan in pain... as if the blazing inferno in her lower body wasn't enough... Fortunately, the guard was rather young and a bit overeager, and he didn't last long. Groaning loudly after only a few hard thrusts between her breasts, his cock sprayed his seed all over her chest, coating her perfect tits in his cum and making her shudder while the one raping her mouth laughed.

"And there's the reason the whores only charge you half price, Brannon!"

Although Brannon withdrew his cock and stepped down, it was only a small relief for Leliana. She was still being gang-raped, fucked by three men at the same time, again taking her in the most unimaginable, painful and humiliating way possible, treating her like a mindless fuck-toy. The worst, of course, was the man raping her tight, unlubricated ass. He pounded hard into her, not only making her squeal in pain but also causing her whole body to rock forward and backwards in the rhythm of the thrust, effectively making her fuck the man who was laying below her. He cherished his situation, watching Leliana's round, perfect boobs, covered in Brannon's cum, swayed above his head. The redhead's pussy squeezed his hard cock, each time the man raping her ass pushed himself deep only adding to the sensation. And even more arousing were the sounds of slurping and gagging, interrupted only by her moans of pain, muffled by the cock in her mouth. The girl was forced to deepthroat the man's cock, gagging on it, her throat constricting around it.

Finally the man fucking her face reached his climax. He shot the first few loads to the girl's throats, laughing as she gagged on the taste of the vile fluid. Then he withdrew his penis and began spraying his jism all over Leliana's face, with more than one dose landed on the girl's red her. The hair beautiful, perfect was still no less appealing although now strands of it were glued together by the jism that was shot there.

Seeing this the man fucking Leliana's as began to cum. Her ass was still so tight and her cries of pain so sweet that it was impossible for anyone to keep going long. He began pumping faster at first flooding the girl's bowels with cum, but then pulling out and cumming on Leliana's sexy back, smearing his jism over the red stripes, which remained on the skin after whipping. As Leliana began to cry even louder and tears began flowing down her eyes the man below her also started cumming. The Orlesian sobbed in desperation as she felt another doses of the filthy, warm liquid filling her most intimate play, each drop causing even more pain and humiliation.

And then... it was over.

The solder threw Leliana off him and got up, while the second chained one of her hands to the wall. "Nice, sweetie," one of them said.

"Yes, really nice"

"We will do it more often... much more often."

"No... you can't... you can't... not anymore" Leliana curled into a ball and sobbed.

"Oh, yes. We can. And we will."

"I can't take anymore..."

"But you will... Oh yes... you will" with these words the soldiers laughed and left the cell finally letting Leliana to fall asleep.

Images of her rapes haunted her during the night, forcing her to relive the terrors again and again, just as she was forced to relive Marjolaine's betrayal time and again. She still couldn't believe her beloved Marjolaine had betrayed her... had left her to these... monsters. Did she even know what was going on here? Sobbing gently in her sleep, Leliana twisted and turned, her cum-stained body glistening with sweat as she squirmed in the grip of her night terrors.

It was mere hours later when she woke up again with a start. Someone had opened the cell door. Even though her mind was still foggy, the first thing she did was to scuttle back against the wall, her frightful eyes looking at whoever had entered, her trembling lips forming a soft, "please... no more..." But as she was able to make out the silhouette of the person standing within the door frame, she breathed a sigh of relief.

It was another guard, yes... but a woman. Blinking her eyes a few times, Leliana could clear them enough to make out a few more details. The woman was tall and looked quite strong, although not bulky. Her face was angular; looking somewhat exotic with high cheekbones and slightly slanted eyes. Long black hair, tied into a tight ponytail, completed the image of a woman who could be very beautiful... if not for the cruel glint in her eyes. But Leliana barely noticed. At least she wouldn't rape her again.

"So you are the new one, hm? Seems the others already made a plaything out of you" she said in a soft, smoky voice, eyeing the trembling, dirty girl kneeling with her back against the wall. Leliana crossed her arms in front of her chest, suddenly feeling very exposed. "Please..." Leliana whispered, her voice hoarse from all the screaming and the brutal throatfucking she received, "please... water..."

The woman sighed as she came bent down to lift something up... Leliana could see it being a bucket full of water. Right now, to her, it was more valuable than any gold or silver. "They really abused you, hm? A pity I wasn't there..." she said, stepping closer to Leliana while grabbing the bucket more firmly. "They do it with all the girls who come here... and thanks to them getting the good shifts, all I ever get is the scraps they leave behind..." As she'd said these words, her voice suddenly became much harder and colder, sending a shiver down Leliana's spine. Suddenly it dawned on the red-haired beauty that something was not right at all... The woman's eyes had narrowed and before the violated bard could say anything else, the bucket full of ice cold water was emptied right over her head. The Orlesian screamed in shock and gasped, her heart thudding in her chest.

"I heard you like women... prefer them to men..." the woman continued, reaching behind her to grab a small bag, opening it without looking at the panting woman kneeling before her, "let's see how much you will like this woman when she is done with you..." Opening the bag, she turned it so its contents could fall to the floor... and Leliana's shocked eyes saw that the bag had contained a multitude of strap-ons and dildos.

"No... you don't mean to... you can't..." Leliana sobbed as the terrible realization of what is going to happen came upon her.

"Sure I can" the woman laughed dryly seeing as Leliana is crawling to the corner of the room as far as her one chained hand allows it. "What's wrong? Not so turned on by women anymore? Don't like me? Not attractive enough for you?"

"No, please don't, they... they used me... I'm... sore..." Leliana begged but her pleads were interrupted as in an instant the guard was next to her grabbing and twisting her nipples.

"I've asked you a question you Orlesian whore! Am I not attractive enough for you?!" the woman yelled, her calm demeanor disappearing suddenly. She twisted and jerked Leliana's nipples causing the girl to cry out in pain.

"No... aaa! You are... aaa... beautiful!" Leliana finally managed to shout what the female guard wanted to hear.

"Good... so you will make this a good fuck, right?" this time the soldier didn't wait for the answer and just began putting on one of the strap-ons, a very large wooden dildo with a smaller part designed so that when it is used it rubbed the clit of the woman wearing it.

"Please... its... its too big... I'm sore... I can't... I just can't... You have to understand me..." the redhead pleaded as the guard fastened the belt of the strap-on and approached with a nasty smile.

"Sure you're sore. That'll make an even better fuck... can't wait to her you screaming!" the woman was unswayed but the pitiful pleas of the Orlesian girl. "Now spread your legs... spread them or I'll ram this hard, wooden dick in your ass!"

"Please... I beg you..." Leliana pleaded but began spreading her legs, hating herself for giving in so easily... but she had to do everything not to have this huge dildo rammed in her sore asshole. The pain would've been worse than anything she'd experienced. She whimpered as the woman undressed and lay on her, her hands groping Leliana's breasts. She leaned further, the two women's breasts pressing against each other. "Nooo... aaaaa!!!" Leliana tried to beg again when the guard rammed her strap-on into the Orlesian's poor, unlubricated pussy.

The girl's whole body arched as a jolt of pain pierced her. She began squirming and writhing as the guard began fucking her with the strap-on pounding it in and out rhythmically. The pain was greater than during any of her previous rapes, her pussy being already sore and the dildo, wooden and not relenting or adjusting even by one inch felt as if it were made from hot metal. Each thrust caused Leliana to cry and howl and beg in pain. She tried to push her assailant off, but the soldier was much stronger and Leliana's one hand was still chained to the wall.

"Ugh... please... take it out... aaaa! It's to big... it hurts... it hurts so much" the redhead pleaded in vain, her body tensing with pain each time the guard pushed the dildo deep. What was even worse was that it seemed as if this woman could go forever. The strap-on rubbed the raping woman's clit, but it seemed that Leliana's pain turned her even more.

"Yeah, practice saying that bitch... the soldiers like it when you beg them." The woman laughed and withdrew her cock from the pussy, making Leliana sigh in relief.

"Thank... thank you... aaaa!" The relief was short-lived as the guard rammed her strap-on again, with one thrust and began fucking her again, mercilessly, hard and painfully. She leaned and began licking Leliana's face like a dog in heat, tasting tears, running her tongue all over Leliana's neck and face.

"You know... during the war... ughh... with fucking Orlais, your soldiers killed my fiance," the guard barked between rapid thrusts, "And they've raped me... again and again... been waiting for payback so long..."

"I'm sorry... I'm aaaa!" Leliana was ready to apologize just to lessen the torment but it was cut short when the guard bit her nipple and than began biting her breasts, each hard bite causing the redhead to jump in pain once again.

"The took me... again and again... plunging their filthy Orlesian cocks... into my... my tight cunt... raping me... taking it, fucking me... just like I'm doing to you... just like this... like it, whore? Like it? They asked me whether I liked it as they pushed their hard cocks in... but this dildo is larger... yes... its larger... and you are begging even more... begging.. and pleading... and crying... as they raped you... raped me... yes, yes, yes!" the guard was gasping heavily, her terrifying tale turning her on in some way even more. Her moves became even stronger and deeper as she pushed herself in and out with brute force. "Hmmm... revenge is always such a delight..." the woman grunted, lustfully pounding into Leliana. Her hands were squeezing the Orlesian's tits, sighing softly between thrusts when she moved her hips, allowing the small nub on the other side of the dildo to caress her clit. "They... raped me for days... without end... I thought I would die!" She looked down at Leliana, who was averting her gaze, sobbing underneath her. "But I... didn't... and now... now I know how it must have felt for them..." she laughed, spitting into Leliana's teary face, her anger at the Orlesians rising to the surface again.

"P-please... I'm sorry... I'm sorry... but that wasn't my fault! Maker, please leave me alone!" she gasped and whimpered... and the woman's only response was a hard slap to her face before she buried her face between Leliana's tits again and began torturing the soft orbs with her teeth, eliciting a series of pitiful screams from her victim.

For Leliana, this was probably even worse than the rapes she had to endure before, simply because it was so... brutal and yet so familiar at the same time. The strap-on currently violating her cunt hadn't been the first, not by far. She remembered hot, passionate nights when she'd be underneath Marjolaine, squirming and moaning in passion while her lover drove the toy deeply into her with those perfect hips. This was almost a mockery of those nights, a travesty of passionate lovemaking... and that made it all the worse. That and the sheer size of that thing -- it was made to hurt, Leliana was certain of it -- and if that was its purpose, it did its job all too well. Just then, she threw her head back to let out another howl of pain as a powerful thrust buried it all inside her brutally.

"I know! And I... don't care! It just feels so good... to be on the other end of the cock for once!" The woman laughed cruelly, humping Leliana's cunt harder and harder until Leliana felt as if she was about to spear her entire body with that awful wooden cock.

"Please... p-please stooopp... .I can... I can... make it worth... your while..." Leliana pleaded, "I'm good with... aaaa, Maker... .it hurts... .my tongue... I can... make you c-cum... again and again... aaaaaghhhh!"

"Filthy whore!" the woman snarled, slapping Leliana's face again. "I don't want your disgusting tongue in my pussy! I want you as you're now... crying and screaming... but hnngh... it's good to know... how eager you are to... serve..." she chuckled, then roughly pressed her lips onto Leliana's forcing her tongue into the crying girl's mouth while she pounded her pussy, moaning louder and louder, giving Leliana hope that maybe her ordeal would be over soon.

For the next, eternally long, moments, the guard raped her pussy so hard Leliana continuously screamed against her mouth while the guard moaned loudly, pleasured by the dildo's rocking back against her and her victim's cries of pain... sweat glistened on their bodies as they writhed on the cold floor, one in pleasure the other in sheer agony. The guard's breasts were pressed flat against Leliana's, rubbing painfully against the bite marks the woman had left there... but eventually, much to Leliana's relief, the woman shuddered and, after a few more violent thrusts, finally lay still, quivering in the aftermath of a powerful climax.

Leliana breathed heavily as well, not daring to move. The thick dildo was still buried deeply in her cunt and every motion made it scrape against her sore inner walls, sending new pangs of pain through her lower body. She was only glad it was over for now... she didn't even notice the guard plant an almost gentle kiss on her lips before finally pulling out and removing the strap-on. "You're a great fuck... and I'll certainly come back later" she said, much to Leliana's concern. "And to make sure you won't forget about me... I will leave something here..." With these words, she bent down and grabbed three of the larger dildos lying on the floor. Placing them before frightened Leliana, she said, "These will go either into your cunt, mouth or that sweet little ass of yours. You can even decide where each goes... am I not merciful?"

"No, please... just go... please just go..." Leliana said in an almost audible voice.

"In your dreams, bitch" the woman hissed. "You either choose... or I take the largest one I have and ram in into you tight ass again and again... how does it sound? Am I not merciful?"

"Please... Maker help me... I'll choose" Leliana struggled to gather her strength but the woman slapped her again.

"When will you learn to answer questions?! Are you really that dumb, bitch?!" she yelled "I asked you, whether I am not MERCIFUL!!!" she shouted, her face again twisted into a mask of fury, anger and hatred.

"Yes, yes... you are merciful, thank you..." the redhead managed to calm the guard down. She slowly reached her unchained, trembling hand and pointed towards the smallest, slim dildo. "Put it... in my... my rear." She whispered.

"You meant ass, yes?" the guard asked mockingly.

"Yes... put it... in... my... ass" at this moment Leliana knew better than to argue with the cruel woman. "That one... in my... mouth" she chose the largest one. Leliana knew that it would be extremely uncomfortable to hold this in her mouth, but she couldn't have it in her abused pussy again. "And that one... in my... in... in my pussy."

"You mean your raped cunt? Oh, and say please." The soldier mocked Leliana again.

"Pleas... put it... oh, Maker... in my raped... raped... cunt... please!" the redhead cried again, her spirit on the verge of breaking.

"Who am I to deny you if you ask so nicely?" the guard laughed, approaching Leliana and taking all dildoes. "Grit your teeth!" she smiled and rammed the dildo again to the recently abused pussy, causing the cute girl to cry in pain despite gritted teeth.

When Leliana opened her mouth again to cry, the soldier inserted the largest dildo into her mouth, fastening leather straps to keep it in place. As Leliana started to hit her with her free hand, the soldier effortlessly chained it to the wall. Leliana gagged at the huge dildo inserted in her mouth, afraid that she chose one too big, fearing that she will choke on it. And then she felt the soldier turn her around and reach for the third dildo.

When it was rammed and plunged in her ass Leliana's cry of pain was audible even through the huge member in her mouth. Finally, exhausted, hurting on her whole body collapsed on the floor, not able to keep her tears. She didn't even notice the guard leave the cell and she fell asleep, having nightmares of what tomorrow would bring.

She was woken up with another bucket of ice-cold water emptied over her, startling her... and immediately bringing back all the awful memories and sensations of the last day starting with the three big dildos still stuck inside her body. Looking up through eyes that were already starting to fill with tears again, she looked at two guards leering down at her. "hmmmphhhh... hmmmph... pllsss..." was all she could utter around the gagging wooden phallus still securely stuck in her mouth.

"Is she trying to tell us something?" one of the soldiers asked with a crooked grin.

The other one shrugged and turned back to Leliana. "Is there something you want to tell us?"

Leliana met his gaze even though her cheeks burned with shame. "Hmmphh... lllt... g... plsss... hmmm..." was all she could make, her plea so muffled by the cock in her mouth as to be unrecognizable.

"Maybe she is telling us to let her go... what do you say?"

The other guard shrugged again, a cruel glimmer in his eyes. "She looks so desperate and helpless... I might even feel merciful... if she asked properly... I might even let her go." He turned back to Leliana, his face a mockery of compassion. "If you ask nicely, I hereby swear that we will undo the shackles and you can go away... I am sure your... lover is waiting for you outside..."

How could they be so cruel? They knew she could not speak properly if her life depended on it... not with that huge dildo in her mouth. But they also knew she had to try, that she was desperate enough to undergo this new humiliation just for the slim chance of being freed... to be able to forget this torment. "Pllshhh... ltmm... g..." she tried to articulate her wish, her efforts only causing her to droll down her chin as she attempted to speak.

"I didn't hear her... did you hear her say something?" the guard asked in a fake puzzled voice.

"Nah... hey, maybe she enjoys being here!"

Starting to panic at seeing her one chance of freedom slip away, Leliana literally screamed into the dildo, "LTTTTT... .mmmmphh....goooo!"

The guard shook his head and sighed. "You know what's a pity? I could have gotten her out easily. But it seems she enjoys her stay too much... see? Must be tears of joy." Both guards laughed as Leliana started to sob uncontrollably again.

"Seems Brennya worked her over good last night" one of them said, approaching her to free her hands from the shackles.

"Yeah... makes me all hard just thinking about it... you think we got time to fuck her?" Much to Leliana's relief, the guard who undid her restraints, shook his head. "No... we're supposed to take her to the chamber before Donn gets there. And you know it's extra shifts in the deeper levels if we aren't punctual.

"Ah, damn" the other guard said, genuine disappointment on his face... before he suddenly grinned. "But we got time to blow a good load... let's remove that thing from her mouth and she can tell us what Brennya did to her... then, she can drink our cum and we can be on our way!"

"Let me go, please, just let me gooo..." as soon as the they took out the dildo gagging her mouth Leliana broke down into sobs, as though she was clinging to the hope that they will listen and release her.

The guards, of course, would have none of it. "Too late missy" one soldier laughed "We gave you a chance, you've wasted it."

"Now... tell us what Brennya did to you... and maybe, just maybe we will allow you to take those two large things from your ass and cunnie," the second said, slowly taking out his cock.

Leliana wanted to beg, to kneel before them and plead to be released or at least stand an honest trial. She wanted to cry and sob to let her despair be seen and move those hard hearts and make them feel pity. She wanted if not to be released, than at least be fed and allowed to drink something and for one day be free from the merciless abuse. But what she wanted even more, was to get rid of those two dildoes inserted into her, that were stretching her insides, hurting her for the whole night, making her twist in pain and wake up she moved them during her sleep. So the redhead licked her dry, swollen lips and obediently, almost whispering started to speak.

"She put on a large... a huge strap-on..." she almost whispered, looking down in shame. "She... she pushed it into my... my pussy..."

"Your cunt!" one soldier interrupted angrily "And speak louder for the Maker's sake!"

"She pushed it... into... my... my... cu... cunt..." Leliana whispered and broke down into sobbing. But not wanting to anger the guards even more, she tried to continue "She pushed it... and pushed it... she was... was... raping... oh, Maker, she was raping me!" the girl cried hysterically but quickly resumed "She pushed... and grabbed my breasts... it was so painful... she was biting my breasts..."

"Like that?" one soldier asked suddenly, grabbing both of her hands and before he could react the second lunged forward and sunk his teeth into the tender flesh of her luscious but abused mounds.

"Aaaa!" the girl shrieked in pain "Yes, yes like this, please don't, oh Maker, like this!" she yelled in desperation until the soldiers finally let her go.

"Continue!" the soldier laughed, kissed her nipples gently and stepped back. He and his comrade had their cocks already rock-hard, stroking them slowly. "And remember, whores like you don't have pussies but cunts and tits instead of breasts!"

"Yes, I'm sorry! She... she was biting my tits... and... and raping me... and it was so huge... so hard... so painful... I couldn't take it... I begged... and pleaded... I offered..." Leliana stopped suddenly but the evil, lustful glee of the soldiers made her continue, "I offered that I'll use my... my tongue... that I will... will bring her pleasure... but she didn't want to... she just pushed and pushed saying... saying how the... the... Orlesian soldiers... raped her... and she did that to me... she did that to me... I was begging... but she did that to me... and when she was finished... when she... she cum... she made me choose... those... those wooden... and she put them... in... me... Oh, Maker, free me, Maker!" Leliana finally broke down into tears.

"Well, well, well" one soldier smiled "Brennya got raped... who would've thought... that sure explains a lot... she will be very happy to learn you've told this to us" he said looking at the terrified girl as the second soldier finally took out the dildoes out of her... but not before pushing the one in her pussy in and out two times. "Oh, she'll be very disappointed with you... I can only hope that I'll see how she will punish you..."

"No! Please! In the name of the Maker don't tell... ugh!" Leliana's words were interrupted as the soldier slapped her.

"Shut up and open your mouth" the soldier laughed "It's time for you to drink our cum, the best drink for filthy whores!"

"And don't you worry... we won't tell Brennya. We'll just drop a hint while drinking, soon the entire unit will know... I wonder how soon Brennya will learn that everyone knows her little secret... and that all this is your fault?"

" Please... please no..."Leliana whimpered breathlessly before being interrupted by another slap to her face.

"I told you to open your mouth!" Trembling, her body shaken with sobs, she closed her eyes as her lips parted. "Now stick out your tongue!" She yelped as she felt one of them deliver a kick to her side and quickly obeyed, sticking out her tongue while waiting. Still having her eyes closed, she could only hear their groaning and the slapping sounds of cocks being jerked hard and fast.

"Hmmm... .isn't it... great... we got her before... she was all used up?" one of them said, laughing.

"Oh yes... .still so pretty... and so... responsive... I just love it when they cry!"

Leliana could do nothing but sit there, awaiting what might come, her heart aching with fear and shame, her body shaken by sobs and heart-rending cries. These last two days had destroyed her utterly. All she wanted now was some measure of peace... sleep undisturbed and maybe one day without abuse... her wishes, once much more grandiose, had turned to this...

Suddenly, she heard one of the men groan loudly and a moment later, something thick and vile landed on her tongue with more of it spraying into her mouth. Flinching, she gagged at the taste but did not dare move away while the man continued to shoot his load right across her tongue and into her mouth, filling it slowly. Seeing this, the other man groaned as well and a split second later, a thick line of cum landed on her cheek before more splattered over her lips and chin. Obviously, he was not aiming properly but did not care.

Leliana had to hold onto all her self-control in order not to move. This certainly wasn't the first time she had tasted cum but this situation was probably among the most humiliating she'd ever been through. And, to her, it appeared as if both men would never stop cumming into her mouth... until they finally did. She heard the satisfied sighs from both of them... and then the dreaded command, "Swallow it. Now."

The Orlesian shuddered but did as ordered, withdrawing her cum-laden tongue and trying to gulp it down. It was hard to swallow and she had to try three times before finally getting it all down, the sensation of the thick glob of cum sliding down her throat making her feel nauseous. She heard the guard clap mockingly when she'd finally downed it and shrunk back against the wall, crying softly.

"Good girl... you might make a good entertainer yet..." one of them laughed, unfastening her shackles and dragging her onto her feet. "Time to go now..."

"W-where are you taking me... ?" Leliana asked fearfully. She was pretty sure they didn't plan on releasing her now. "To the torture chamber, of course. Donn has been waiting to get his hands on you ever since he heard of your arrival here."

"What... torture cham-... why?" Nothing better came to the girl's mind "Why?! Don't do it! I... I was good, I... I gave you pleasure, don't do it!" hating herself for saying this but unbelievably terrified by what she heard."

"You gave us nothing, whore. We took everything by ourselves!" one of the guards laughed as they were dragging Leliana out of the cell and down the corridor. As the first time she was here, she noticed woman in the cells, trying their best to move away from the view windows as the soldiers were passing. Their looks, full of fear and... relief made Leliana struggle even more. They were relieved that it was Leliana who was chosen for... whatever was in store for her, not them.

The small door at the end of the corridor was opened and Leliana was pushed into the torture chamber. The first thing she noticed was a woman - an elven female hanging from the ceiling by a hooked attached to her shackled hands. Her toes were at least half a feet above the floor, making the strain on her hand unbelievably painful, threating to dislocate her arms. But not that was the worst - it was how she twisted and wiggled, even knowing that it only makes her hands pain even more - as her torturer was slowly touching her lithe, slender body with hot piece of metal.

"Iiiii... no, please no, please, I beg you, nonono... aaaiiiiii!" another loud shriek escaped her mouth as her classically beautiful face contorted in pain as the man touched her breast and held the red-hot bar for a second before withdrawing it.

"So, will you do it?" the man asked in an almost pleasant tone, when the woman finally stopped wiggling and just hanged gasping loudly.

"Yes, please don't hurt me..." the elf began begging, tears flowing down her face "I'll do everything... I'll crawl to the arl and his friends, I'll ask them to... to fuck me... I'll take their cocks in my ass and ride them as they are twisting my nipples and whipping my back... I'll lick their feet and their cock... I'll do anything!" she gasped.

"Good. You two, take her and clean her up. Then send her to the arl." The man finally turned to Leliana. "Welcome sweetie. My name is Donn and I'm the head torturer here," he introduced himself as if her was saying that he was a simple villager or a baker. For her part Leliana was astonished to see that the dreadful head torturer was a pleasant looking, slightly fat man with a fatherly smile on his face. "Gary, please - prepare our guest." As the guards took the elf out of the chamber the torturer's assistant approached Leliana. Being concentrated on the screaming elf was the only excuse why she didn't notice him before - he was absolutely huge, with a face of an idiot brute. Effortlessly he grabbed Leliana and before she could think about fighting placed her torture bench. As he began to shackle the Orlesian to it, Donn moved closer.

"As you can see, I perform many... duties," he said calmly, showing different torture tools. "I like burning, cutting or, yes, even flaying... But they damage the body. It was a pity I had to do it to this Adaia... but the arl was getting impatient and I made sure there was not much lasting damage." Finally he gently touched Leliana's chick "But, as I am a true master of my profession, I can cause a great deal of pain without damaging your pretty body... you'll see."

Leliana shuddered at his touch, even though there had been no roughness in the gesture. Donn even seemed like a sensible, normal man, unlike those animals who had violated her so savagely. But his words made it pretty clear that he enjoyed his work.

"Please... you don't have to do that..." she whispered, catching his gaze with her eyes, trying to hold it so that he would have to focus on her face instead of her body which by now was tightly secured on the rack, a fine layer of sweat glistening seductively in the firelight. "I... I can serve you... use my... mouth... or my pussy..." she continued as she saw the hesitating frown on Donn's face, "If your... torture leaves no trace then we can just say you... tortured me. Please... don't... don't hurt me..."

Donn sighed as he looked down, at her well-formed curves, her skin still bruised from the brutal rapes she already endured. His large assistant drooled at the sight of her but said nothing, waiting for his master's orders with bated breath and an idiotic grin. "That sounds very promising, dear Leliana" he said softly, letting his hand wander lower to her breast, his fingers circling the darker patches on her skin where her breasts had been squeezed hard enough to leave painful bruises. Leliana took in a sharp breath as she felt his hands there, prodding and probing, small pangs of pain shooting through her body as he slightly squeezed the bruised flesh of her tits.

" But" he continued, these three letters almost casually shattering any hopes she might have harbored about her proposal, "I have a job to perform. A job I very much like to do... especially when I can work with beauties such as you. Also... I have two requests for proper... treatment for you. One from Rayleigh... he complained that you were uncooperative during your... session with him. Of course, we can't have that." He smirked slightly and gave her left tit another painful squeeze that had Leliana whimpering and gritting her teeth against crying out.

"Please..."Leliana began again, straining against the bonds that held her... but Gary, no matter how insipid a fool he might otherwise be, knew how to strap a victim down on the rack, "he wanted me to... say... degrading things... while he was raping me!" The horrific memory of the brutal rape brought new tears to her eyes.

"And you refused" Donn calmly continued for her, sliding his hand down until it was resting on her flat belly. "That's why he complained. I'm going to make sure that next time he fucks you, you will do exactly as he says."

Leliana opened her mouth again, but before she could speak, he raised his hand as if to warn her. "I am not finished. He wants you to learn obedience. Like with Adaia here. The standard fare. The other request came from someone else... someone who wishes to remain anonymous at this moment. That someone asked me to... and I quote... 'stuff her good' and to do a few other things I want to leave as a surprise for the moment. Hmmm... my second client must really hate you." Leliana gasped at his words, her mind racing. Who could it be? Someone else from the guards? Brennya? But could lowly guards tell the head torturer what to do?

"Who..."she began but he shook his head. "I am not telling you. I am sure you will learn soon enough. Now, we should really get started, we have a lot to do... and a lot to learn."

Gary guffawed as he saw Leliana start to panic as the realization that there was no diplomacy and no way to avoid the torture that was about to take place. "We fuck her now?" he asked, an impressive bulge in his dirt stained pants showing that he was more than ready to do so.

"No, Gary... that's for later. Right now... crank the wheels on the rack a bit. Give her a taste of the things to come..."

"No, don't do it, please don't, no, no, no!" Leliana's voice was becoming increasingly panicked as she felt the shackles attached to her wrists travel, stretching her body. With each turn of the large metal wheel operated by Gary she was beginning to feel more and more uncomfortable. She had just enough time to wonder why the machine wasn't pulling her legs down as well but it wasn't much of an upside. "Please, you don't need to do it... I'll be good!" she finally promised.

"Now, now" Donn smiled "I believe what you are saying, of course. I wouldn't dare to imply that a bard and a spy is lying. But still... we have to make clear what happens in case of... disobedience." He said, watching as Gary was turning the wheel.

The redhead tried to struggle again against her bonds but not only were they holding her tightly but also now each move caused her pain. Each turn of the wheel made her bodu stretch even further, beyond the point where she only felt pain. Suddenly the wheel stopped moving and Leliana opened her eyes, with vision still blurred from tears. Finally she recognized Donn's head over her.

She shrugged, when he started touching her chin - his hand was gentle but his very touch was disgusting and terrifying for her. Unfortunately in her position she couldn't even try twisting her body away - not only was it futile but caused only more suffering. So, when the torturer's hand began traveling downward, she could only grit her teeth and whimper in protest. She felt him stop for a moment near her breasts but a second later two of his hands were caressing her tits, rubbing her nipples, playing with her perfect mounds.

And then she screamed. His hands were gentle in one moment, a heartbeat later he grabbed both of her nipples, twisted them and jerked upwards. Leliana shrieked again and her body jumped in pain, causing another wave of pain to travel through her joint and spine. Donn smiled sadistically as he kept on twisting, jerking and grabbing her tits, causing her to scream and beg him to stop - which he did, but only after her throat was almost horse and her face wet from tears again.

"No more..." she whimpered as she felt his hands finally leave her tits and travel down further, touching her flat belly and finally stopping near the intimacy of her pussy.

"Now, what have we here" Donn's smile again was very pleasant, even as he was touching her thighs. He gave a nod to Gary who began turning another wheel. Now Leliana felt the shackled around her ankles to move - but not downward, straining her further, but to the sides, causing her legs to spread. Finally when her legs formed a almost a right angle Donn told Gary to stop.

"You see... this wheel can spread your legs much, much further. In fact it can spread it so far that your legs will form a straight line... and then even further. But all in due time..." he said menacingly as he started pushing his two fingers into her dry pussy. "Gary... stretch her a bit more. And then bring the whip." He said, pumping his hand slowly.

Leliana shrieked and cried as she has never done before. Each blow that fell on her caused her to shout in pain and her body tensed and jumped, straining against the shackles. As her body was stretched to the limit, each moved caused her muscles and joints to radiate with pain. Donn took greatest delight in hitting Leliana's breast, marking them with red stripes.

"No, please, stop, oh, Maker, Maker, please don't" the redhead continued wailing with her lovely voice almost becoming hoarse. "In the name of the Maker, please, have mercyyyy, aieee!" she cried again, as tears were running down her face.

"Oh yes, you look so lovely as you cry, so lovely" Donn stopped the whipping, run his finger down Leliana's cheek and then tasted her tears. Lovely..." he whispered as he gave Gary instruction to continue stretching.

"No, oh Maker, please... you've done enough... haven't you Donn enough..." Leliana was whispering, as she felt her legs spread even further. "Please... just leave me... alone... please..." finally her legs were spread so hard that they created a straight line. Although she was always dexterous and flexible, she had no doubts that spending any longer amount of time in this position, her whole body stretched, would be pure torture. And it didn't seem that Donn was going to stop. All her thoughts instantly vanished and her mind was filled with pain brought the whip with full force, hitting her exposed, defenseless pussy. The cute redhead gave an ear-piercing scream and her whole body arched, the strain filling her with excruciating pain.

"Aaaah!" she gave a deep moan of anguish as Donn hit her three times again, landing two of the blows on her inner thighs and the third one on her pussy again, causing her again to cry out in wordless pain.

"So sweet, so sweet..." Donn continued whispering as he stopped the torture, his hands impatiently wandering over Leliana's abused body, touching her curves, grabbing her sore breasts and squeezing her hard, so she could only whimper. He pushed one finger into her swollen pussy and began pumping it, while he forced two fingers of his other hand into Leliana's sweet mouth, forcing her to suck them.

The redheaded bard was too terrified of the prospect of further whipping to protest or bite and began obediently running her tongue over her fingers, tasting her own salty tears. It wasn't as though worse things weren't forced in her mouth recently. She tried to fight the pain filling her breasts and pulsing in her pussy. The strange, hungry and lusty gaze in Donn's eyes terrified her even more than the usual remarks of the guards who raped her. Finally he withdrew his hands and Leliana had just a heartbeat of relief as she felt pierce her again, as Donn fulfilled his threat and in one vicious thrust, pushed the whip handle into her tight ass.

"Ohh, not there!" she cried.

"Don't worry, our... session will continue soon... but first" he said unbuckling his pants and pulling out his large, erect dick.

"No, please... don't..." Leliana whispered as she saw the torturer climb over the torture bench, looming over here.

"It's this or the whipping dear" Donn smiled, lowering himself on her and forcing his tongue in her mouth, kissing her almost like a lover.

"Nnnoo," she managed only to whisper as she felt him place his hard cock over the entrance to her abused pussy. "Don't... I beg you... don't aiiee!" she cried, her body tensing again as he pushed himself in, burying his cock in her abused fuckhole.

He quickly found a rhythm and began fucking her mercilessly, savoring the the feeling of her sore, tense body, writhing in agony below him. Each push caused her to tense even more, piercing her shackled body with pain.

Leliana wailed pitifully, unable to do anything else but endure this horrible ordeal. Each time he thrust into her already-sore and punished cunt, her body rocked back and forth on the rack, each muscle practically shrieking with white-hot pain, being already stretched to the limit.

Donn seemed to love every single second of it, his cock rock-hard as he pistoned in and out of her violently, his balls slapping against her bare skin while he invaded her abused cunt over and over and over again. His eyes shone with a disturbing fire, true joy apparent on his face as he caused her so much agony.

Almost out of her mind with pain, Leliana threw her head from side to side to avoid his other attentions as he kissed her crying face, tasting her tears and forcing his tongue into her mouth whenever possible in a twisted parody of a lover's kiss. By now, she would almost prefer Brennya's attentions again... or even Rayleigh's... nothing could be worse than this!

"Oh yes... please... scream more..." Donn whispered into her ear, his heavy body pressing down on her, putting additional strain on her muscles, forcing an agonized whimper from Leliana's trembling lips, "You're so pretty when you're in pain..." he muttered, his voice soft and almost tender while his cock raped her defenseless fuckhole brutally.

Gary was laughing at the display in front of him, having snuck one huge hand into his pants to play with his own cock to the sight of the beautiful redhead being abused yet again. Donn didn't pay him any attention... all his efforts and attentions were focused on the crying girl underneath him. After stealing yet another rough kiss, he pushed himself up so that he could look at her face better, never stopping his assault on her tight, unwilling cunt. "You've got such a wonderful voice... you should... cry much more... often..." Donn said admiringly, cementing the fact that he was pretty much insane... but that hardly improved Leliana's fate. If anything, it probably made things even worse... if he got off on making her scream and cry that much, what else would he do to her?

Unfortunately, she would soon get an answer to her question as he supported himself with one arm and reached underneath her to grasp the handle of the whip tightly... beginning to slowly pump it in and out of her asshole! Now, Leliana could do nothing more than howl in absolute agony as both her lower holes were filled, stretched so painfully her entire lower body felt ablaze... tears sprang from her eyes like a flood while she desperately tried to deal with the pain, stammering desperate pleas and uttering pathetic cries for help that would never come. Instead, all that came was pain and merciless thrust after thrust of the handle and the cock punishing her sore holes, giving her not a second of rest. All the while, Donn loomed over her, looking down at her miserable expression with lust and pure sadistic joy.

Time seemed to stretch into infinity with no end in sight. For what seemed like hours, Donn humped Leliana's helpless body, urged on by her increasingly hoarse screams, his cock drilling into her tight opening while he violated her anus with the whip, never slowing down, never showing mercy... Leliana now understood why he was a priced torturer, especially when it came to women. But finally, just as she feared she might finally lose her mind, he pulled out and climbed off her, rounding the rack to stop next to where her head was, stroking his cock rapidly. "Now be a good girl and open your mouth... you deserve your reward" he said softly...

"No..." the redhead's voice was barely audible as she saw the head of her cock next to her head.

"It's this or the whip again... whipping your fucking cunt!" Donn hissed, gasping hard in arousal.

Slowly, hesitantly Leliana parted her lips, opening her mouth. Just as she did it, Donn pushed his cock inside her warm mouth and began shooting his jism into her throat.

"Glrrrg" the girl gagged and made a gurgling sound as she felt the horrible taste in her mouth again. With as little water and other food as she was given, she felt as if this horrid taste would remain on her tongue forever.

Finally he withdrew his dick and the last two loads fell on Leliana's face, stinging her eyes, which were unfortunate enough to be opened.

"Good... you did good," Donn patted Leliana's hair with an almost playful gesture. "Let's hope you will be a nice obedient slut and do what you are told... or we'll see each other again."

"I'd like to see her again" Gary said, staring the Leliana's tormented body.

"No... I'll be... good." Leliana finally managed to find strength to whisper.

"It wasn't so hard, was it?" Donn smiled and started to uncuff Leliana. As soon as she was free of the shackles she rolled into a ball, trying to ease her muscles, that were still burning with pain after the horrible stretching. "But now... it wouldn't be fair if Gary wouldn't get a taste of this fine body of yours. Isn't that right?" Donn asked, grabbing Leliana's wrists and forcing her to her feet.

"No... haven't you done..." the girl started to resist but one glare from Donn - that and the unspoken threat of more whipping and more time on the rack - made her go silent. She didn't fight even as Donn cuffed her hands behind the back. Only when she was pushed towards a bloody meathook, hanging from the ceiling, she began to fight.

"What... what is it?! What are you going to do?!" she demanded to know, her eyes wide with terror.

"Well, it goes under your ribs" Donn smiled "We pierce your body and hang it by this chain."

Leliana wanted to plead, to beg, to do anything to protect her from the horrible fate but no words escaped her mouth. She just rapidly shook her head, feeling as if she was going to pass out from sheer terror. Suddenly she heard Donn chuckling. "Did I scare you sweetie? That was a joke, I wouldn't spoil such... goods." The man smiled and drew the hook through the chain of Leliana's handcuffs. Then he made the hook go higher, which forced the redhead to bend forward. The girl knew that forcing it a bit higher would dislocate her shoulders - now it was "only" extremely uncomfortable and painful. "Now Gary... she is all yours" Donn said, stepping back.

Leliana could only tremble as Gary began circling her, grabbing her buttocks, her tits, squeezing them hard and causing her to moan in pain. As if she needed more suffering - she was hanging by the cuffs for only a couple of heartbeats but the pressure and strain on her arms was already becoming unbearable. Finally Gary stopped moving but it was a small relief as he grabbed Leliana's ass and began to force his dick into her tight asshole. As humiliating as it was, the Orlesian tried to relax her muscles to protect herself from at least part of the pain but her tries were interrupted as a Donn suddenly grabbed the whip and slashed her across her breasts, dangling as her chest was exposed in this position.

"A small incentive to keep you focused... and to make sure you don't forget what you've promised!" Donn said and prepared to land another blow.

Leliana didn't know what was worse...the anal intrusion she suffered or the brutal whip lashes, delivered masterfully by Donn. She shrieked, her body wiggling, much to Gary's delight, who grunted happily as her ass clenched around his cock, massaging it as jolts of pain lanced through her ass and breasts. "Maker, noooo!" Leliana whimpered, gasping in pain, then screamed as the whip lashed home again, hitting her nipples, once more a testament to Donn's aim with the whip. "P-please... don't... whip me... again," she said tearfully, her words interrupted by pained sobs and grunts while Gary drilled into her ass with his thick cock, slapping her ass with one meaty hand whenever he felt like it. "I'll do... everything... I promise..."

"Gary, don't stop," Donn said, halting the strokes for a moment, looking directly into Leliana's eyes, his gaze hard and without mercy. "Will you do everything the guards tell you to?"

"Yes... hnngh... please... it hurts so much!" she whimpered softly.

"Will you call yourself deserving names when told to?" Leliana nodded, crying out again as Gary rammed his cock deeply into her, stretching her asshole wide. "Good. I hope you're true to your word."

Then, without warning, he struck again, the whip lashing against the inside of her right thigh, then the left. Leliana howled, Gary's fetid breath surrounding her as the dumb henchman grunted. "Make her scream more... I like to hear it!"

And Donn happily obliged, raining down blow after blow onto her defenseless body while Gary raped her ass with wild abandon and joy. He used his cock like a weapon, pounding and pumping in her tight fuckhole, his hands slapping her ass until it was red and sore. "Hmmm... I love you..." Gary whispered, his tongue licking over her earlobe which made her shudder in disgust, his words turned to a mockery by the brutal thrusts with which he punished her abused asshole.

The constant whip lashes made it impossible for her to relax her ass, her muscles clenching involuntarily each time the whip hit, much to Gary's delight. Her pleas, promising everything so the torment would stop, became more and more intelligible until she was simply bawling and screaming in absolute pain. Through teary eyes, she could see Donn's manic grin as he made her scream, producing the sound he loved so much. Gary continued to kiss and lick her ears and neck, raping her ass even as his teeth sunk into her soft skin, making her erupt into an even louder scream. He found this incredibly funny, leading to more bites as Leliana struggled and wordlessly cried for mercy.

But eventually, when she had given up all hope, when her body was just a blazing source of pain for her, she heard Gary grunt blissfully, shortly before a huge torrent of cum shot up her ass. Then, it was over. Donn stopped whipping her at once, smiling at the artwork her body had become, all crisscrossing welts and bruises. "Take her down and get her to her cell. I'm sure Rayleigh is already waiting for her."

She was unshackled and more dragged than led to her cell. Gary opened the cell door and looked inside. Despite what Donn said, Rayleigh wasn't in the cell yet. Leliana was pushed inside and she fell on the hard, cold floor.

"You're lucky bitch... boss isn't here yet. Use this time to regain strength - boss will get furious if you're not... cooperative enough." Gary bend over and whispered to the girl's ear "He will fuck you, yes... but he doesn't appreciate you as I do... he doesn't love you as I do... we'll see each other soon. You will learn to appreciate my love, you will..." with these words Gary left the building.

When the cell door closed behind her, Leliana curled into a ball, breaking down into tears. She didn't know how long did she spend like this - but not long enough. Soon the door opened again and Fenn came in. He stared at the redhead for a moment. "Damn, you really are a filthy whore. That's why the boss wanted you to clean up." He said, giving her a bucket of ice-cold water. "And I'd hurry if I were you. One more thing: we'll see each other tonight." He laughed as he went out.

Tears were running down Leliana's face as she began to clean the cum stains from her face. She spilled a lot of water as she couldn't keep her hands from trembling. Rayleigh, Donn, Gary, Fenn... many others... it seemed that everyone in this dungeon wanted only to have a piece of her cute body, to rape and abuse her according to their own sick needs. And with every passing moment, with every degradation she suffered she lost hope that she may leave this place. She began crying even more as she began to clean the cum that dried on her pussy, ass and legs. She has just started when the door opened and commander Rayleigh entered.

"Well, well, well... I love when I whore doesn't forget to clean herself." He smiled evilly "Don't stop, I'll watch." He said.

Trying to fight the trembling of her hands, Leliana continued to do as he ordered, feeling his glare running down the curves of her body. Finally she finished and looked at the man, with pure terror on her face. "Well, I've heard you have been... conditioned. You are said to be... obedient." He said, emphasizing the demeaning words. He sat on the ground, unbuckling his pants. "But don't worry... I won't fuck you today. Well, at least not now. Because first - you will fuck me... and you will do it good. Won't you?"

Leliana hesitated for a moment, tears running down her cheeks. Staring at him as he freed his raging cock from his pants and leaned back, glaring at her impatiently. "Do you want more time with Donn, whore?" he snarled, "Get over here!" Leliana stifled a sob. No, she didn't want to go back to this awful room, to Donn and his toys... but to debase herself like this... it would be worse than simply being raped... then again, what other choice did she have? There was no escape... only degradation if she complied and terrible torture if she didn't.

So, heartbroken and filled with nothing but misery and despair, she made her decision. "I... I will fuck you..."she whispered, stepping towards him, her legs trembling with fear, her heart pounding in her chest, anticipating more pain.

"Then get to it already!" Rayleigh's voice told Leliana that his patience was almost over. Biting her lower lip, the Orlesian knelt down, straddling her abuser's hips. She leaned forward a bit, using one hand to support herself, then descended upon the hard cock waiting for her. The moment she felt it enter her, she let out a pained whimper, her cunt still sore from all the abuses she'd been through within the last few hours and her legs still hurting from the rack.

Rayleigh grunted, his grin widening, feeling her tight and dry cunt envelop his cock, stretching to accommodate him. "Deeper, whore! I want it all inside you!" He snarled, reaching up to deliver a brutal backhand slap to her face that had Leliana sob in pain. But still, she obeyed, tearfully, lowering herself onto the cock impaling her pussy, every inch bringing new blazing pain to her tender body. Having closed her eyes, she didn't see the next slap coming, connecting with her face with a loud smacking sound and throwing her head to the side. "Look at me! Don't dare close your eyes when you have my cock inside you!"

Shuddering, raising a hand to her stinging, burning cheek, Leliana opened her eyes again. Through a veil of tears, she could see Raleigh's leering visage, his cruel eyes meeting hers. Whimpering, Leliana continued to lower herself onto his cock until, in one final, painful moment, he was fully embedded inside her, throbbing inside her sore fuckhole. Rayleigh moaned, fully enjoying the sensation and sight of the sobbing woman impaled on his cock, trembling and oh so very, wonderfully, afraid. Reaching out, he grabbed a hold of her impressive, full breasts and began to grope and squeeze, noticing how she cringed each time he touched her tits which were still red and sore from Donn's brutal whipping.

Taking her nipples between his fingers, he pinched and pulled hard, his cock jerking as a loud, beautiful scream came from her mouth. "We're not done yet, cunt! Don't get lazy! Fuck me... fuck me like a lover!"

"Oh, Maker" Leliana whispered, now crying openly, her heart-rending sobs seeming to excite Rayleigh even more. The worst thing about the whole thing was that she had nothing to look forward to. Even if she satisfied him, she would still be in her cell... and if Fenn's words were anything to go by, in a few hours she would be raped again... and again... and again... there simply was no end in sight.

But there was always the possibility of worse things to come as she'd realized during her time with Donn...

"What are you waiting for, you dumb whore? Get! To! It!" Each word was punctuated by a hard slap to her abused tits, tearing another teary whimper from her throat. Slowly, Leliana began to move her body, pushing back and forth on his cock, each motion sending waves of pain through her lower body as she began to ride his member.

"Ugh..." a small whimper escaped Leliana's mouth, then another. Each time she pushed herself on his rigid cock she felt pain piercing her sore cunt. "Ugh... Mmm..." she moaned she her body moved up and down, up and down as if willingly participating in her own abuse.

"Yes... you whore..." Rayleigh leaned forward and sunk his teeth into Leliana's tender, abused breasts, biting on the nipple and causing the girl to cry loud. He responded just by laughing out loud and continuing to bite it, chewing it between his teeth.

"No..." Leliana's pleas were reduced to barely audible whispers as her spirit was almost broken. "Please..." she whispered as Rayleigh bit her nipple again, before finally releasing it and laying back. Soon his hands were again all over her, wandering over her luscious body, grabbing and squeezing her tits, caressing her shapely thighs and legs.

"A little faster, whore... not by much, a little." He ordered dryly and moaned in pleasure as Leliana obeyed. "Sway a little more, yes... up and down..." he continued to humiliate her by giving her instructions, watching with pleasure as tears were rolling down her face.

Leliana's lower lip was all inflamed and swollen from her biting on it, all the time as she continued to fuck him according to his wishes. The horrible feeling that she is participating in her own rape, was worse than almost anything she has endured before. At least up to now she was forced, raped and now... she could stop it, she could... but she feared the whip even more.

"Yes... very well... very well..." Rayleigh sighed as he felt the soft warmth of her pussy enveloping his hard cock. "And now... tell me how you love it." He grinned.

"No..." Leliana's sobs became even more intense, but the man mercilessly grabbed her hand and rested them by his chest, making her lean forward, her tits above his head.

"Say it!" he hissed continuing to abuse her sore breasts.

"I... oh, Maker... love it." She finally whispered, her face red with shame.

"Tell me you are a whore who deserves being fucked raw!"

"I am... please... oh, please... NO!" she shouted as he twisted her nipple "I... am... a whore... who... oh, Maker... Maker help... who deserves... to be... fu... fucked... fucked raw..." she wailed as she continued to pump her rapist's cock.

Rayleigh smiled widely. The disgust in her eyes, her shame and suffering aroused him almost as much as the warm, pleasant sensation of her unwilling cunt. Gasping loud he began reaching climax, squeezing Leliana's breasts hard.

"Keep saying it!"

"I am... .a whore... oh... oh maker... who... deserves... to be f-fucked... hnngh... raw," she whimpered softly, much to her rapist's delight, her words interrupted by pained sobs and grunts as she rode him to his climax while the entire act brought only pain and misery to her.

"One more time! Like you mean it!" Rayleigh commanded her, punctuating his words with a series of brutal slaps to her perfect tits, each strike making her wail once more.

"I, I am... a whore... who deserves... to be fucked raw!" Leliana exclaimed, her voice trembling, choked on her own sobs, loud with all the pain and despair she felt.

Hearing that, hearing her voice sound like this and for once doing what he wanted, was enough to send Rayleigh over the edge. Grunting loudly, he grabbed her tits and squeezed them so tightly Leliana howled, her breasts afire with an inferno of pain even while his cock shot load after load into her tight fuckhole. "Ah, yes... you've made me cum, you Orlesian whore... do you like that? This was your work alone... you fucked my cock until I came..." he said, gleefully hammering home the fact that he had forced her to participate in her own rape, acting as if she was his lover, not his victim.

Leliana simply looked down, the sound of her sobs filling the small cell. At least, she thought with some relief, he was getting softer inside her. She could feel his cock shrink inside her sore cunt. Maybe it was over for now... and she would get a few hours of rest before the other guards came back... and raped her all over again. The thought alone made her cry out again in blackest despair.

Rayleigh rested for a moment, simply enjoying her crying and the feeling of her hot cunt around his cock, then suddenly grabbed her and threw her off him hard enough to make her hit the floor with a yelp of pain. Standing up, he sighed, looking down upon her. "You look so good I could fuck you again, right now... but I need to get hard first. Get on your knees and suck my cock! Make me hard again so I can tickle some more screams from your pretty mouth!"

Tearfully, Leliana looked up at him, unable to hold her outburst any longer. "You just came! Why... why can't it be enough for once?" she half sobbed, half yelled in his direction. "Look at me! I can't take anymore... please, just leave me alooone..." She began to wail again, burying her face in her hands, her shoulders shuddering with her sobs. Sadly, Rayleigh remained unfazed.

"I'm disappointed. Not in you, mind you -- I don't expect much from whores like you -- but in Donn. He said you'd be obedient now, that you would stop trying to fight it and do as I tell you. Seems I need to tell him he's not through with you yet..." With a sigh, Rayleigh began put his pants back on and move towards the door. "Someone get that big idiot from the torture chamber. The redhead wants another go!"

Leliana froze as she heard the malicious laughter from the guard outside. "No... please... not Donn and... Gary again..." she whispered, reaching out in a futile gesture, as if to pull Rayleigh away from the door.

The commander turned around, looking at her. "Hold it" he said to the guard outside, then turned his gaze fully to Leliana. "It's your last chance. Will you do as I tell you? No matter what I tell you to do?" Leliana, seeing a chance to escape the punishment Donn would undoubtedly visit upon her, nodded slowly, her fighting spirit already draining out of her, overwhelmed by fear.

"Good" he said, stepping towards her again, pulling his cock out once more. "Then get it into your mouth and start sucking like the whore you are!"

She slowly took a step towards Rayleigh. "Not like that!" he barked. "On your knees, whore! Crawl!"

Leliana choked down on another sob as she sank to her knees. Slowly, on all fours she crawled toward the soldier. She leaned forth, over his cock and opened her mouth. She gasped as Rayleigh grabbed her hair, yanking her head upwards.

"This time you do all the work, understood? Suck me with this whore's tongue as you used to do it. And. Do. It. Good!" he hissed, twisting the hand in her hair before releasing it.

Leliana pulled out her lovely pink tongue and ran it against the soldier's shaft, once, twice, thrice. She took the head of his cock in her mouth, sucking on it, slurping. When Rayleigh gestured her head, she started to lick on his hairy balls, almost gagging at the horrible taste. "Yes, play with them..." Rayleigh moaned in pleasure, feeling the redhead's tongue caressing his balls. "You know how long ago it was I last had my balls sucked by an Orlesian whore? It was during the war." He smiled to his memories "Suck my dick."

Obediently the girl opened her mouth again, taking his cock into her mouth, her dexterous tongue caressing Rayleigh's shaft while she sucked on it. "Look at you... what an obedient little whore." He smiled "Sucking me like a bitch in heat, attending to all my whims... the one during the war was similar... Don't even remember her name but hey, why should I? She was just a whore to be fucked and tortured. But it was quite a cute black-haired whore. She was a daughter of some chevalier... aaah," he moaned heavily as Leliana took his cock deeper into her warm, wet mouth. "All Orlesian's are similar... arrogant at the beginning but after few rounds with her she begged for mercy... when she wasn't choking on cocks or our cum, of course."

Working her way up and down her shaft again, Leliana felt his cock twitch in arousal. She didn't know what caused it - her sucking or his memories but it sure worked. She hated not only being forced to suck on his dick as if she loved it but also the very thought of preparing him for another vicious fuck sickened her.

"I remember when I ordered her to fuck me once, or I'd give her to my men." Raleigh continued, leaning forward and playing with Leliana's breasts, squeezing her nipples. "How she rode me, with her ass squeezing my cock... and how she wailed when I gave her to them anyway." The soldier laughed as he grabbed Leliana's head and forced it to his crotch, almost burying her face in his pubic her and slapping her chin with his balls.

"Grllg" Leliana gagged around the huge member, her constricting throat massaging his dick. He pushed his dick twice, even further in her mouth then shoved her to the ground. With one motion he grabbed her shoulder and forcibly turned her on her belly. The redhead could only cry as he grabbed her hips and she felt his cock touch her sore ass. She wanted to beg him not to do it, to take her pussy again instead of her ass but she knew it would be pointless. She could not expect mercy from this monster... So, she simply sobbed in absolute misery while Rayleigh, laughing at her plight, rubbed his fat cockhead against her sore opening, still hurting from the brutal invasion by Gary.

He pulled her up so that she had to get onto her knees, supporting herself with her hands to keep her tits from scraping on the rough stone floor. Kneeling behind her, Rayleigh slowly began to push his cock into her asshole, leaning over her as she whimpered at the new and painful intrusion. "This time I... want you to... fuck me back... while I rape your tight whore's ass... make me believe... you want to make me... cum with your asshole..."

Keeping a firm grip on her hips, he started to push deeper into her clenching anus, every inch all too keenly felt inside her sore opening, making the Orlesian bard cringe and cry whenever he went deeper. Steadily, he built up a fast, brutal rhythm that rocked her body back and forth, her tits swaying underneath her while Leliana screamed and howled in agony, her asshole stretched so wide yet again. For a while, this was all she did, allowing him to ride her... until he smacked the back of her head hard, hissing, "What did I tell you? Fuck... me... back!"

Whimpering, her tears a steady river that glistened on her cheeks, Leliana slowly began to move back, pushing against his thrusts, screaming with renewed pain, the participation in her own rape that much more painful than the brutal assfucking alone. Her fingers clawed against the stone floor, her knuckles white and her face red with shame and pain, she thrust backwards, meeting each of his thrusts with a feeble attempt of her own. She knew well that, no matter how horrible this might be, the price for disobedience would be so much worse.

"Just... like that... yes... squeeze your ass around my cock..."Rayleigh grunted, taking immense pleasure not just from the sensation of her tight ass around his cock but also her obvious discomfort and shame at actually assisting in her own rape, behaving like a lover, not a victim, knowing that she hated every second of it.

"Hmm..." Rayleigh said, grunting in pleasure. Leliana could feel his cock throbbing inside her poor, abused ass. "I knew... a whore once... sweet girl... took cocks up her ass... every day... though she hated it... she always had tears in her eyes when I fucked... her ass... but she... always fucked back... just like you..." He reached out to grab a fistful of her hair, pulling her head back brutally while his balls slapped against her flesh, his cock brutally punishing her tight hole. "You... hn... got a whore's... hole... say it! What am I fucking?"

" W-what?" Leliana asked, her voice choked with tears, only to be rewarded by another smack to the back of her head.

"You... hnng... heard me, you whore! What... am... I... fucking?!"

"M-my... ass..." Leliana whimpered, only to scream out moments later when he pinched her nipple and slapped her face from behind.

"How... dumb... can you be? What kind of hole... am I fucking?" Rayleigh hissed, "And... don't you dare... give the wrong... hnngh... answer again!"

"A... whore's hole..."Leliana whispered, finally understanding what he was aiming at. Sweat glistened on her skin and she was panting heavily, her voice hoarse from the constant screams he ripped from her mouth with his brutal thrusts and his orders to push back against him.

"That's better... now say it like... you mean it!" Again, a hard slap to the back of her head, hard enough to make her dizzy for a moment.

"A whore's hole!" she screamed, hoping that he'd finally leave her be and stop this incessant humiliation. She felt like she was all out of screams and tears... now, she just wanted it to be over...

And, thank the Maker, it suddenly was. Without any words, he suddenly pulled out of her sore asshole, pushing her to the floor again, brutally turning her around. Through teary eyes, Leliana looked up to see Rayleigh kneel over her, rapidly jerking his cock.

"Now tell me... are you hungry for my cum?"

Leliana looked at him with blank expression on her beautiful face. Tears were streaming down her face, already red with shame. "I am... hungry... for... your cum." She said, her voice almost hoarse from her sobbing.

"Repeat!" he ordered, stroking his cock rapidly.

"I am hungry for... you cum..." she continued whispering with an barely audible voice, her spirit broken. "I am hungry for your cum... I am hungry for your cum..."

The sight of this cute redhead, once so haughty and defiant, now red with shame, trembling in terror and begging for his cum made Rayleigh go over the edge. He splurted jism all over Leliana's face and continued cumming on her neck, tits and shoulders.

"Open your eyes! And mouth!" he ordered and as the woman complied a dose of cum landed on her full lips, making her gag on the horrible stench. Rayleigh kept cumming as if though he hadn't just cum in her cunt, endless doses of jism landing on the redhead's abused body. Finally he stopped, without saying a word approached Leliana, took her hair in his hand and wiped his cock in it. He kept doing it until it was clean. Then he slapped the back of her head, making her fall on the dirty floor. He stood up, looking down at the wreck of her body, still hurting from all the bruises and torture she endured, all of her holes sore from the countless rapes she received, white jism spilling from them.

"Nice..." Rayleigh said, admiring the sight. "Now that you know how to behave like a good little whore, you can be sure I'll be sending for you often. And you will learn to do everything or it will be even more painful. Bitch." He hissed, before he turned his back and walked away, not even bothering to chain her.

And he was right in thinking there was no reason to. Leliana didn't have strength even to think about possible escape, let alone perform any such feat. She crawled on the heap, curled into a ball and despite the cold and a lone rat sniffing her feet, she fell asleep.

And once again she woke up in hell, when a bucket of icy water was emptied on her.

The soldier who was among those who arrested her, Fenn was there. So was sergeant Mirath and... Brennya.

"Please..." she started to beg but it was soon interrupted as Brennya twisted her body, landing her feet on Leliana's belly. "Aaa!" she cried.

"You whore... you told the guards my story... you've told them!" she hissed.

"She sure did," Mirath laughed "The whole garrison knows how you were... fucked, Brennya."

The female soldier turned to him, her face blazing with fury, but she didn't challenge the senior soldier. She turned to Leliana, grabbing her hair and yanking her head. "I'll make you pay..." she hissed.

"And we came along for the... ride" Fenn smiled.

"Then let's get started" Mirath said from behind, "Brennya, why don't you hop out of your clothes... you won't be needing them for the rest of the night..." he snickered, just as Fenn did, a cruel glint in their eyes and Leliana, distraught though she may be, noticed that Brennya was shuddering as if remembering a bad taste.

The two male guards lowered their pants as well, their cocks already hard and excited, much to Leliana's dismay. Brennya released her grip on the redhead's hair, although not before spitting into Leliana's crying face, and began to undress herself. Her fit, attractive body was no longer unmarked. There were big bruises on her tits as well as her sides and the insides of her thighs.

"Are you happy, you dumb whore?" Brennya snarled, reaching for Leliana's hair again, yanking her head back so she could deliver a couple of brutal backhanded slaps to the redhead's face, leaving Leliana's cheeks red and stinging.

"I... I'm s-sorry..." was all Leliana could whimper before another slap sent her sprawling to the floor again.

"We thought it would be nice to give Brennya some of her... fondest memories back," Mirath says, laughing, thoroughly enjoying himself at the moment. His hand lightly stroked his cock while he watched the two naked women. "At first, we merely mocked her a bit but when she got more and more furious... we decided to up the ante a bit..."

Again, Brennya glared at him but dared not speak to him. Instead, she turned back to the Leliana. "They raped me, you stupid Orlesian slut!" Brennya spat at her, dragging the helpless bard to her knees to slap her some more, reaching down to squeeze her tits painfully enough to make Leliana howl in pain. "They fucked me for hours!"

"In all her dirty holes" Fenn laughed, slapping Brennya's ass, making her yelp in sudden pain - he'd obviously hit a sore spot. "Now, stop assing around here," Mirath remarked, "get to it, Brennya... you know what you have to do!"

"I'd love to..." the guard muttered, trembling with anger as she gave Leliana a brutal shove that made her fall backwards onto the dirty, cold stone floor. "Stay there or I swear by the Maker, you'll regret it!"

Leliana was far too afraid to do anything besides sob silently. These men were monsters... they had heard of a weakness in Brennya's past and immediately began tormenting her with it... and now she was trapped in here with them... what had she done to deserve this? Sure, she had some blood on her hands but nobody should deserve this torment! Through a veil of tears, she watched Brennya put on the strap-on she'd used last night before the other woman descended upon her.

"Spread your fucking legs or I'll make you!" Brennya snarled, punctuating her words with another backhand slap to Leliana's face. Crying openly, the bard did as she was told. There was nothing she could do but try to survive through this again. Only seconds after she had exposed herself, she felt the tip of the wooden dildo at the entrance to her sore cunt... and then it was rammed inside hard enough to rock her entire body backwards, ripping a tormented scream from her mouth.

"Take it... I hope it hurts even more than last night!" Brennya growled, pumping the dildo into the crying Orlesian with all her might while the two men watched... but they were not be content to watch for long.

"Brennya... you know what we spoke about..." Mirath said, almost casually.

Once more, a shudder went through the female guard, though she never stopped brutally fucking Leliana. "Then do it already, you bastard!" she exclaimed, her voice laden with anger and pain, "get it over with!"

"Oh, I'll take my time," Mirath said instead as he went onto his knees behind Brennya, spreading her asscheeks.

"You bastard... aaa!" Brennya gasped in pain and her body arched as Mirath pushed his cock deep into her ass.

As Leliana saw the female guard bite her lower lip in pain she felt sorry for her for a moment, but it soon vanished as Brennya began to fuck her again. This time though it wasn't her who was giving the rhythm. Mirath, grinning with lust, grabbed her hips as he began pounding her tight asshole with strong, merciless thrusts. Each time he pushed in, burying his dick between Brennya's firm bowels, the guard gave a short moan of pain and pushed her strap-on into Leliana's sore pussy. The wooden dildo stretched her cunt uncomfortable, hurting every inch of her tender flesh. As Mirath was fucking Brennya's ass, she kept pumping the redhead's tight but already thoroughly abused snatch, only adding to the force of Mirath blows.

"You know how stuck up she was?" Mirath gasped, as he kept pounding the guard's tight ass. "Too good to sleep with just a sergeant, let alone other soldiers!"

"Damn right!" Fenn said, stroking his cock as he watched the show in front of him.

"And now what?" Mirath laughed, as he grabbed Brennya's tit and squeezed it hard "How many of us have fucked you now, sweetie?" he asked, licking the guards neck.

"You bastard..." Brennya gasped and suddenly moaned in pain as the soldier twisted her nipple.

"How many, bitch?" he asked, licking her earlobe and suddenly biting it.

"Ugh... nine!" Brennya finally said and glared at Leliana with renewed hatred. "And it's all your fault!"

"I didn't want to- aaa!" Leliana gasped as Brennya slapped her hard then backhanded her. She began to pump the crying redhead even more mercilessly, for a second surprising even Mirath with her ferocity. She kept pushing her huge wooden strap-on into Leliana's snatch, gaining some dose of satisfaction from each desperate plea and each tormented cry the Orlesian made, as the wooden phallus was pounding her raped cunt.

"Yes, nine..." Mirath smiled as he kept pushing his dick into Brennya's ass. "And that's in one day... and you'll have to visit our beds whenever we want... ugh... and do... whatever we want..." he barked as his thrusts were becoming stronger and stronger "You will be our little garrison whore... or we will tell your little happy story to all the other shifts! So you better be a good fuck toy, like that redheaded bitch over there!" he laughed as he grabbed both Brennya's tits and squeezing them he increased the strength of his thrusts even further.

"You bastard... you bastard..." Brennya moaned, probably thinking about both Mirath and Leliana. There was one bright thing in this whole situation... she would visit Leliana's cell often, after each... each fuck session. She would make the Orlesian to pay for her abuse, she would have her suffer it a thousand times stronger.

Through a veil of tears, Leliana saw Brennya's face, her teeth grit together as she delivered a brutal fucking to her sore cunt while in turn being anally abused herself. There was no mercy in those eyes... only pain and rage... rage directed at her for her own forced actions. At the moment, raping her cunt was the only way for Brennya to vent her own pain while Mirath violated the guard's tight ass hole with his cock, his hips slamming against Brennya's shapely asscheeks again and again, his greedy hands twisting and groping her tits.

Each time his cock slammed into her especially deep, Brennya would moan in pain, and then follow up by slapping Leliana's face and delighting in the bard's cries of pain. Each time she spat onto her miserable features. "You... hnnngh... dumb Orlesian whore! You worthless... bitch... ." Brennya hissed, then yelped in pain as Mirath twisted her nipples just for fun, his cock throbbing deep inside her asshole. It wasn't been her first assrape of the day but that did not make it any less painful or degrading... and the thought that it would not be her last only stoked her fury. Maybe she could visit the exact same torment upon this whore crying underneath her later... oh yes, she would make the redhead shriek her lungs out while she pounded that worthless ass... once Mirath had finished with her own anus, of course.

Mirath was groaning louder, his balls churning and he knew he would cum soon... he just hadn't decided where to cum... maybe in Brennya's ass again, like earlier that day... or over her ass and back... or... grinning, he came to a decision. After giving her a few more hard thrusts just to feel her ass squeeze him while she in turn thrust into Leliana's cunt, he finally pulled out, chuckling at the sigh of relief from the degraded guard. "Keep on fucking her" he hissed into Brennya's ear but he didn't have to tell her. She had no intention of stopping the brutal rape anytime soon, the sight of the desperate, teary expression on the bard's face too much of a distraction from her own torments to stop now.

Now, the only sounds filling the room were the slapping of Brennya's hips on Leliana's flesh and the crying coming from the abused, helpless bard. Leliana was well and truly broken and they loved seeing her shattered. Hurriedly, Mirath stepped next to Brennya's head, stroking his cock rapidly. "Open your mouth, Brennya... I've heard you acquired a taste for cum..." he said, grinning, knowing that the opposite was true. She'd hated every drop of cum that they'd force-fed her over the day.

"I'll... kill you for this..." Brennya hissed though it wasn't certain whom she meant as she turned her head and opened her mouth. At the same time, she used one of her free hands to backhand Leliana's face four times in rapid succession, making the bard whimper delightfully. Mirath was moaning loudly now, stroking his cock rapidly while resting the head, already leaking precum, on Brennya's lower lip, smirking as she glared up at him hatefully.

"Unnngh... yes... take it... drink my cum like the dumb whore you are... " Mirath said, sweat glistening on his brow as he jerked his cock, his hand a blur until finally his cockhead sprayed a thick flood of sticky white sperm into Brennya's open mouth. Leliana heard her tormentor gag at the taste, though she kept pounding her poor, ravaged pussy even as she was forced to take Mirath's load into her mouth.

It took him some time until the flood stopped, Brennya's mouth almost overflowing with his seed. "And now swallow like a good girl..." he said, patting Brennya's head... but the abused guard had no inkling to do so... instead, she turned her head, looking down at Leliana... then opened her mouth again and spat a long, thick line of cum all over the crying bard's face.

"He told you to swallow!" Fenn barked and moved forward, still stroking his cock.

"Leave her... that was even hotter" Mirath just waved his hand, watching as a line of cum is spilling from Brennya's mouth, covering Leliana's lovely face. "She's yours," Mirath said to Fenn.

The soldier quickly approached Brennya, grabbed her head and rammed his cock down her throat. Not waiting for a heartbeat, he began to forcefully fuck her face, his deep thrusts causing her to gag on the invading organ, her throat constricting around it and massaging it. After watching the rape, Fenn was so horny that it didn't take him long to shoot his load into Brennya's warm mouth. "Keep it in your fucking mouth!" he barked, as his dick shot final waves of jism.

"Grllg!" Brennya gargled as her she felt the terrible taste fill her mouth again. As much as she didn't want it, she couldn't prevent herself from swallowing some of the juice. As Fenn withdrew his cock, a small line of cum drizzled out of the female guard's mouth and began dripping on Leliana.

"Now kiss her! And I want some tongue action!" Fenn ordered as he stepped back.

Brennya hesitated only for a heartbeat and then leaned forward. Leliana tried to avoid her mouth, but as the guard squeezed her tits hard and pushed her strap-on deep into her cunt she had to wail in pain. Brennya used the opportunity to kiss her inflamed hot lips, pushing her cum covered tongue into Leliana's mouth. The guard flinched unhappily as her face touched cum covering the bard's visage but nevertheless continued to kiss her, deeply and almost hungrily, pushing Fenn's cum into the girl's unwilling mouth. As the redhead began to writhe even more, she kept pounding her snatch, hearing Leliana moan with Brennya's tongue in her mouth.

"You blew your load too quickly," Mirath said, looking at Fenn.

"Couldn't keep long... but they will make us hot in no time. And we can have fun with them for a long time..." he grinned.

"Exactly," the sergeant agreed. "Stop the lesbo action! And take the strap-on out." He ordered. The female soldier obeyed, as she stepped away, cum was still hanging from her mouth, dripping on the bards body. "Fuck her ass now," he told Brennya and for the first time, the female guard smiled.

"With pleasure," she said, grabbing Leliana's shoulders and turning her on her belly. Leliana managed only to whimper in terror as Brennya rammed her strap-on up her ass. She began to fuck it, thrusting deep and hard, venting her pain and rage on the defenseless girl, taking pleasure from her pitiful cries and sobs, watching the redhead's body tremble, writhe and waver with pain, tensing each time she buried dildo in her asshole.

Suddenly Brennya felt a stinging pain all over her already sore ass. Instinctively her body arched forward, driving the strap-on even deeper, forcing Leliana to cry out loud, her wail so loud that it silenced the cries of the other prisoners that sometimes could be heard in the background. Brennya shot a glance and saw that it was Mirath who slashed her ass with his whip. Fenn also had a whip and he brought in on Leliana's back, adding even more red stripes.

As the guard kept pounding her prisoner, the two soldiers continued whipping both girls, concentrating on one then on the other, covering their beautiful bodies with aching red stripes and bruises.

Soon the were both hard again and this time Fenn was taking Brennya's ass, while Mirath approached Leliana and rammed his cock down her throat, forcing her to gag on it...

The rape went on for hours. A double ended dildo gag was rammed down Leliana's throat and Brennya was forced to ride the one end, fucking it, her pussy almost on Leliana's face as she lowered herself on the wooden dick. While she was raping herself with the huge organ, Fenn whipped her tits and Mirath was working between Leliana's legs, pounding her sore snatch, watching Brennya ride the cock and the bard's face, as the Orlesian whimpered pitifully around the gag in her mouth. Then Fenn blew his load all over Brennya's tits and Leliana's face and the two women were forced to lick the cum of each other, kissing each other like lovers.

After this Mirath gave Leliana a choice - she would be raped in the ass again, or she would put on a strap-on and rape Brennya's cunt. Leliana hesitated only for a heartbeat - she simply couldn't take any more cock up her sore ass, and some part of her wanted to make Brennya pay for what she's done. Although the guard was cursing and threatening her, she rammed the strap-on into Brennya's snatch and began fucking it. Of course she was a fool to expect Mirath to keep his word -- as he'd done earlier with Brennya, now he was raping Leliana's ass as she was fucking the female soldier.

Then when both soldiers blew their loads again, they took Brennya's clothes and left the room. "I expect you to be in my chambers in the afternoon," Mirath flatly told to the female guard, as she was laying on the floor, sore and abused.

"But... you took my clothes. How can I leave the dungeon" she protested weakly.

"I guess you must make sure no one sees you as you are sneaking out," the sergeant laughed. "You can have your way with her," he told her as he was leaving.

"What! Don't leave me with her!" Leliana looked at Mirath in terror, pleading with her wet eyes, but the man only laughed and the two soldiers closed the door.

"You fucked me bitch..." Brennya hissed raising and slowly approaching the crying Orlesian, who was trying to crawl to the corner of the room. "Now you are fucked... you are so fucked..." the soldier said, satisfaction heard even in her pain-filled voice.

Leliana's screams echoed through the dungeon for a long time this night as Brennya took out all her frustration upon her, violating her brutally again and again, her anger fueling her stamina even after she should be completely exhausted. It was almost dawn when she finally stopped and slunk out of the cell, naked, leaving Leliana a shivering, crying wreck, covered with bruises, cowering in a corner, praying to the Maker that she could simply lay down and die. She was glad Brennya hadn't left one of the terrible dildos in her holes but then again, they were already aching so much she doubted she'd even have noticed.

So, exhausted and utterly degraded, Leliana eventually fell asleep again, dreams of her abuses tormenting her even in her sleep. Fitfully, she tossed and turned on the bunk, her exhausted, restless motions keeping the vermin from her until the door opened again, much too early.

Leliana awoke with a start as yet again another bucket of cold water was emptied over her. Blinking rapidly, she immediately scurried into the corner by reflex, fear gripping her heart even before she could see who'd come to her. "Get up, whore!" It was Fenn who yelled at her, already standing in front of her. Reaching down, he grabbed Leliana's arm hard enough to make her wince, dragging her to her feet. Without further words, he pushed her out of the cell, secure in his knowledge that she was way too weak to run. As she stumbled out of the cell, she felt his hand on her ass, slapping it hard, the brutal guard delighting in her yelp of pain.

Feeling her legs almost giving way underneath her, Leliana stumbled towards the wall on the other side, leaning against it as she turned around, staring at Fenn with large, fearful eyes. The guard had a broad, sadistic grin on his face - the only expression Leliana had seen on him so far. "Where... are you taking me?" she asked, her voice hoarse from her many screams last night. A part of her did not even want to know the answer but another needed to know... to prepare for whatever hellish ordeals might lie ahead.

"You'll see soon enough, dumb bitch... someone wants to see you. And I'm not allowed to say who." He responded, ending his statement with a slap to her face just for good measure. He was an animal, a brutal demon and he relished it. Already, Leliana felt new tears well up in her eyes and tried blinking them away. Why another new torment? Hadn't her time with Donn been enough? Sadly, Fenn didn't give her much time to think about it, as he grabbed her again and shoved her forward. "Get moving! Or do you want me to get the whip?" He leaned forward, whispering in her ear, "I'd certainly love whipping you all over the place... so if you want to stay slow, go ahead..."

Leliana grit her teeth as she made her way on wobbly legs towards whatever destination he had in mind. She did not want to feel the whip again and so she ignored the pain radiating from her abused holes and the many bruises and forged on. Every single guard they came across paused to slap her tits, face or ass just for fun, laughing at her tears of shame and pain. She was running the gauntlet, wishing she could just sink into the earth.

Sadly, the Maker was not so merciful today. But as she walked, she noticed that she was slowly forced to go upwards, out of the usual cell area, over stairs towards the keep itself. Eventually, Fenn stopped at a wooden door, which ought to lead into one of the larger halls or maybe a "guest" room. "In here, bitch!" He opened the door and grabbed Leliana again, throwing her in.

Unable to stop, the bard stumbled forward and fell to the floor, whimpering in pain. But all sound stopped and her breath caught in her throat as she looked up... and saw Marjolaine.

"Hello there, my pretty..." the noblewoman said softly, her eyes traveling over Leliana's abused form... and a dreadful smile appeared on her face.

"Y-you..." Leliana whispered, staring in utter shock on the face once so beloved by her. "What are you... what are you doing here?"

"All you surprised my pretty?" Marjolaine smiled, coming a bit closer "That I can understand. What I can't understand however is why you are looking at me in such anger, my dear."

"You..." Leliana opened her eyes wide, completely astounded than Marjolaine can as such a mocking question "You've betrayed me!" she hissed.

"Did I?" the noblewoman came even closer, smiling all the time. At different times this smile alone was enough to make Leliana's day fulfilling... now it came out as creepy and terrifying. "In Orlais they see things differently. I seem to recall that they think you are the traitor who left us for these Fereldens... that is, when they think about you at all."

"Why?" No better question came to the redhead's mind.

"Because this is how the Game is played, my pretty." Marjolaine said "Have you forgotten?"

"But... why like this... you have no idea what they did to me..." Leliana started to say, feeling tears swelling in her eyes.

"Don't I?" Marjolaine almost laughed at the suggestion, "I'm sure the nice Ferelden citizens provided you with entertainment suitable to your... tastes."

That was too much for Leliana, the sight of the person who she once loved the most mocking her like this, while she was the person responsible for the whole torment was simply too much. "They've raped me! They've abused me!" she cried rising to her feet and jumping at Marjolaine "They've tortured me, whipped me raw!" she shouted as she tried to grab Marjolaine's neck... in vain. The noblewoman was quick as a viper and in her present condition Leliana was in no shape to challenge her. In no time she found her self-lying on the floor again, kicked in the stomach.

"Yes, they've tortured you... and they will do even more nasty, nasty things to your sweet body if you don't behave." Marjolaine said, clearly amused. "So I strongly advise you to be nice to me and obey every my command or I'll arrange a date for you... what's his name - Donn?" she said and laughed seeing absolute terror in her former protege's eyes.

"No... please..." Leliana curled almost to a ball, terrified by the very thought of what Donn would do to her if Marjolaine told him how disobedient she was.

"You've told me I don't know what they did to you..." the noblewoman turned her back and walked to the large armchair in the centre of the room, slowly unfastening the holds of her dress, allowing it to uncover one of her shapely, beautiful shoulders. She turned to Leliana, a devilish smile on her mouth "So why won't you tell me... in detail?" she said, sliding the gown down her perfect body. "So I may become hot for a wonderful night of lovemaking that is before us?"

"What?" Leliana gasped, unwilling - unable - to believe what Marjolaine had just said, at the same time ignoring the inviting sight presented before her. As usual, Marjolaine did not bother with any kind of undergarments, already revealing her luscious, perfectly-formed body to Leliana. But with all that had happened, the bard could not take the slightest bit of pleasure in what she saw. Before all of this... before the betrayal and the rapes and the whippings... the sight of these full, round breasts had been enough to make her mouth water but now all she felt was horror.

"My pretty, my pretty... I'm sure the last days have been really awful for you but I am sure your ears work well." Marjolaine responded, her voice soft as silk but with a dangerous undertone Leliana had only rarely heard from her. Slowly, the noblewoman allowed her body to glide into the chair facing the kneeling Leliana, shifting sensually before settling down and spreading her long, shapely legs wide, exposing her center to the bard's eyes. Every motion was laced with a sensuality that used to arouse Leliana to near-mindlessness. But now, it held a predatory element that frightened her to the core... especially since she was beginning to realize that she was now glimpsing the true face of the woman she'd thought she loved.

"Why should I not also have some fun after doing my fair share for this wretched country?" Marjolaine asked with the same mocking smile. "Now..."she said, then stopped to bring her left hand to her mouth and lick along her fingers obscenely, "would you be so kind and stop pleading and do what you do best... follow orders?" Her voice was still pleasant, though Leliana knew her well enough to know that it wasn't a request.

Even as she was waiting for her to begin, Marjolaine brought her left hand down, sliding it over her belly and between her legs, the slick fingers beginning to rub along her slit. Her right hand moved to her right breast, squeezing it slightly, her thumb playing with an already-hardening nipple. No doubt she was already aroused from seeing Leliana kneeling naked before her, on the verge of tears and so utterly devastated.

"After I... I was brought here, the... the guards chained me up in the cell... and then started to whip me..." Leliana began in a shaky voice, her eyes cast down as she knelt before her one-time lover who had now gladly taken place among the people who seemed to live only for the joy of abusing her.

"Hmmm... and where did they whip you, my sweet?" Marjolaine asked softly. Her voice did not rise about a sultry whisper but beneath it was steel and a sadism Leliana had never encountered in the noble before. "And please... look at me when you talk. Has no one taught you how impolite it is to look at the ground?"

It took a tremendous effort of will to raise her head and look at her tormentor but, fearful of being brought back to the torture chamber, Leliana did as she was told, looking into the now-unfeeling eyes of Marjolaine while the naked noble was rubbing her slit faster, licking her lips in arousal. "E-everywhere... my back... my ass... my tits... they tore my clothes off with the whip... it hurt so much..." she stammered, her cheeks flushing red as she heard a soft, whispered moan from Marjolaine.

"But that was only the prelude to the real torments they inflicted upon you, yes? Tell me about the rapes..." Marjolaine said, grinning...

"Please... don't make me..." Leliana began, but one glance at Marjolaine's face was enough to convince her how futile any pleas will be.

"Tell me!" The noblewoman licked her lips, while staring at Leliana with a devilish grin. "Describe, please. I want, I need to know what type of entertainment did you have." She ordered, smiling as Leliana shrugged at the very memories.

"After the whipping... they've raped me. I was still chained to the wall..." Leliana said silently, needing all of her willpower to keep eye contact. "Rayleigh... sir Rayleigh was first. He took me as I was hanging by the chains. He was brutal, he boasted how many Orlesian women he had raped during the war... he hates Orlesians!" she blurted looking at Marjolaine with a betrayed expression again.

"Yes, I am well aware of what his soldiers did during the war," Marjolaine smiled. "But as you can see, I still was able to make a deal with him... continue, my dear."

"He kept boasting and calling me a whore... I had to... I had to... wrap my legs around him... the chains hurt me so much... but he mocked me how I want this... what a bitch I am." Tear began swelling in the redhead's eyes again but she continued speaking.

"Because you are, I know it the best... and you will have many occasions to prove it today, I'll make sure of it"

"He kept fucking me... raping me..."

"How did it feel?" Marjolaine interrupted with a morbid curiosity.

"It hurt, it hurt so much... I wasn't ready and he was so brutal... his... his penis... his cock... so hard and large, driving into me... it hurt..." Leliana kept going, "He wanted me to say... things..."

"What things?" Marjolaine leaned forward, as her hand was rubbing her pussy faster and stronger. The eyes of the woman were shining with lust, her lips parted a bit as her breathing became more rapid.

"He wanted me to call myself a whore... a bitch who deserves to be fucked..." Leliana almost whispered.

"Yes... yes... and did you say it?"

"No! I didn't... I couldn't..."

"But now you will, won't you? Or it's playtime with Donn again and you wouldn't like that, would you?" Marjolaine teased her.

"Yes... I will say everything... don't give me to Donn... I've said what he wanted! I've said it yesterday!" she cried, terrified at the very prospect of being given to the torturer.

"Good... but first, tell me what happened after Rayleigh took you."

"He... he came... he came in my pussy."

"In your cunt!"

"In my cunt..." Leliana nodded, almost whispering. "Then it was Mirath's turn... sergeant Mirath. He didn't take my pus... my cunt. He wanted... he wanted to fuck my ass..."

"Ah, yes" Marjolaine commented, her sensuous lips pursed, her cheeks flushed with arousal, "now it gets really interesting... is my pretty going to tell me that she finally got her ass fucked properly?" Again, Leliana shuddered at the heartless mirth present in her former lover's voice.

But fear kept her obedient. Nodding, she whispered, "Y-yes... he pushed his cock deep into my... ass... and then started to fuck me..." Marjolaine's hand moved faster, a soft moan escaping her throat. Already her fingers were glistening with her juices. She was probably imagining the rape at the moment... and Leliana felt a wave of revulsion knowing that Marjolaine enjoyed the thought of her screaming at the mercy of some man... but she could do nothing but obey, no matter how much she wanted to stop, to get out of here... because if she got out before Marjolaine decided her time was over, she was only going back to Donn.

"How did he fuck your ass, Leliana? Did he take it slow? Or was it fast and hard? Please, be detailed." Marjolaine said, her tone making it very clear that, once more, she was not making a request.

"He... he pushed it in... without mercy... and started to thrust... as hard and fast as he could... and he mocked me..." Leliana stammered before she had to stop, brought to tears and sobs by the awful memories of her first anal rape, the first of many.

"Hmmm" the noblewoman moaned, shifting in her chair sensually. Her left hand was still playing with her tits, her nipples now hard as pebbles, her breathing quick and gasping. Her other hand worked rapidly between her legs, every now and then stopping to dip a finger into her pussy and thrusting it in and out. "And tell me..." she whispered huskily, "how did it feel... to have something in your ass properly? To be assfucked like the little whore and plaything that you are?"

"It hurt... it hurt worse than anything else ever did... it was... it was w-w-worse than the first rape..." As she spoke, Leliana could almost feel her asshole stretched around the cock again, feel the pain radiating from her abused opening as Mirath violated her more intimately than anyone had ever done before.

"Oh yes... of course it did... after all, you got your ass fucked for the first time, my pretty..." Marjolaine leaned forward, her left hand leaving her tit for a moment to grasp Leliana's chin and force the suffering bard to look up at her.

"If you'd allowed me to fuck your ass with the strap-on like I wanted, it wouldn't have been so bad," she hissed, then slapped Leliana hard enough to send her to the floor again. "Get back onto your knees. I am sure your... entertainment wasn't over... oh and while you speak... go ahead and play with your tits a bit." Then, satisfied, she leaned back and resumed pleasuring herself. Stifling back a sob, Leliana got back onto her knees, reluctantly placing her hands on her bruised but still beautiful tits and began fondling and squeezing them for her tormentor's pleasure. "And where did he cum, my pretty?"

"He... he came in my ass." Leliana said, her nimble fingers caressing the curves of her breasts, touching her nipples. "He filled it with... with his cum." With growing embarrassment she realized that speaking about her abuse in such dirty way is becoming more and more easy for her. Was she getting used to her torment and the constant humiliation? How could anyone get used to THIS? Tears began swelling in her eyes again.

"And then what?" Marjolaine asked, three of her fingers now inserted deep in her cunt, working in and out. "Oh, and pinch and twist those lovely nipples of yours." She ordered.

"Two other soldiers raped me - ach!" Leliana yelped in pain, as she pinched her nipple. Even while trying to be gentle, her breasts were made so tender by the constant abuse and pain that another jolt of pain pierced her. She glanced quickly at Marjolaine, but the woman just gestured her to go on, so she obeyed. Her hands were squeezing her nipples, twisting them as Marjolaine ordered. "One took... took my ass again... while the second made me... made me suck his... his cock."

"Oh yes, I remember the guards were supposed to train your... oral skills." Marjolaine smirked. "I hope that your talents in this matter aren't restricted only to cocks... and that you remember all I've taught you..." Leliana looked up, not sure how to respond to this remark. "Well, we will see that shortly. Keep speaking... and play with that cute, tight pussy of yours. It needs more love after all that hard cocks that fucked you raw." She laughed.

"Yes... yes mistress," Leliana said, her face reddening in a way resembling her hair. One of her hands traveled down her flat belly, touching gently her pussy lips. "They... they kept... raping me... both in my... my asshole and in my mouth. The kept raping me until... until they came... all over my face and body."

"That must have been a pretty sight, a very pretty sight indeed." Marjolaine smiled, watching as Leliana begins to rub her clit and caress her sore pussy. Meanwhile Leliana kept speaking, detailing every moment of the horrific abuse she sustained in the dungeon - the gang rape, Brennya, Donn and Gary, Raleigh and finally Mirath, Fenn and Brennya. All the time she kept squeezing her breasts, painfully twisting her nipples and rubbing her pussy in an perverse parody of pleasure. Meanwhile Marjolaine kept breathing harder in pleasure but before she could achieve climax she suddenly stood up, grabbing the whip.

"You will pleasure me in a moment, sweetie... but first, I decided I would like to see you dance for me, as you've used to..." speaking this she touched Leliana's breast with the whip and the suddenly brought it on her belly. "Dance!"

Leliana yelped in pain, whimpering as the whip left an angry red welt on her flat belly. A teary, pleading look at Marjolaine did nothing, the noblewoman displaying the same cold, lustful expression she'd shown while forcing her former lover to retell and thus relive her horrible rapes. "Are you deaf?" Marjolaine snarled, raising the whip again. Quickly, Leliana began to sway her body but she was not fast enough and the whip cracked again, this time across the perfect globes of her ass.

Sniffling, biting back her sobs, knowing that to disturb the erotic dance Marjolaine expected from her would bring further lashes or, even worse, another audience with Donn and Gary, Leliana began to sway her slender hips to an unheard rhythm, just like she'd done when she still believed in the facade of love Marjolaine put up. Thinking back on those happier days brought fresh tears to her eyes so she snuffed out that thought quickly, trying not to dwell on the past... or anything except the dance.

Slowly, she swayed and turned, trying to tune out everything except the tune she heard in her head. Desperately, Leliana tried to forget everything around her... the constant threat of abuse, her former lover, the prison, Donn, Rayleigh... and she did succeed, feeling the pain and fear fall away from her with each step she took, allowing the music to take over, just as she had learned to do as a bard. She had closed her eyes, which for now were free of tears, humming the melody through her lips. As she turned and swayed, she presented a truly appetizing sight to Marjolaine, who licked her lips while she watched Leliana's perfect tits and ass move. A sly, wicked smile crept onto her lips as her eyes wandered over these perfect globes of her former lover's ass... "This time, your ass is mine" she whispered, cruelty glittering in her eyes.

Hearing Marjolaine tore Leliana out of her self-induced trance, making her wince as all the memories rushed back, assaulting her mind. For a moment, she lost her step... then cried out as once more, the whip lashed out, raking across her breasts. She'd never guessed Marjolaine to be so good with the whip, the stroke hitting both her nipples for extra pain.

"I did not allow you to stop! Dance!" The whip cracked again, making Leliana cry out as the next welt appeared on the inside of her left thigh. "P-please... Maker... stop..."she whimpered, only to be rewarded by another cruel stroke, this one hitting her other leg.

"At the moment, I'm the Maker!" Marjolaine yelled at her, stepping towards her to deliver a vicious backhanded strike to her face. Before she could recover, Marjolaine had grabbed her chin and pulled her towards her, their faces only inches away from each other. "You will treat every word as if it came from the Golden City itself, do you hear? And not just from me... but from every man and woman who wants to fuck you!" Before Leliana could even think about responding, she felt Marjolaine's lips upon hers, her tongue exploring her mouth just as she'd done numerous times. But this time, there was no affection in it... it was a brutal kiss, taken against her will, plundering her mouth. Leliana wanted to pull back, but in her weakened state, Marjolaine held her in place easily, pushing her away hard enough to make her fall once she'd broken the kiss.

"Enough... you bore me already" Marjolaine spat, then turned to the door, shouting, "You can come in now!"

Frightened, sobbing, Leliana looked back at the door, gasping in horror as the familiar figure of Rayleigh emerged. "No... no.." she gasped breathlessly, trying to scramble away, even though there was nowhere for her to go.

"Oh yes, my dear" Marjolaine responded with the same cruel smile she'd worn earlier. "And he's here to make my biggest fantasy come true." Two steps brought her back to Leliana while Rayleigh was already opening his pants, freeing his hard cock. Grabbing a fistful of luscious red hair, Marjolaine brought Leliana to her knees while leaning down, whispering into her ear, "I always wanted to see you take a really big cock all the way up your perfect little ass!"

"No... no... not there... not again!" Leliana shook her head desperately, looking from Rayleigh to Marjolaine.

"What did I tell you about saying no?" Rayleigh said mockingly. "And to be honest you were so cooperative last time that I can't believe you don't like it." He laughed.

"So, she fucked you back with this cute asshole of hers?" Marjolaine asked, leaning forward. "That must have been a wonderful sight."

"No... please..." she whispered again, curling into a ball, as Rayleigh slowly approaching, stalling it just to make her anticipation longer and all the more terrifying. "You've... you've... had me already... just leave me!"

Hearing those words, the commander burst into laughter as if this was the best joke ever. "Sure I had you! And I will fuck you raw whenever I want, for as long as you are here... which means forever, well, or at least until you're too... used up." He said, the last words somehow terrifying her even more.

"Please... not my ass... I'm... I'm all sore there..." Leliana said silently, but as the soldier grabbed her ass and jerked it up, exposing it, her pleas became more frantic and panicked. "Please... please... fuck my pussy... my... my cunt... or... or let me use my mouth! I can make it good... very good! Please sir, please!"

"That's priceless!" Marjolaine laughed out loud "You really had to be very convincing, Harwen." She turned to Leliana "Sorry sweetie, but I want to see you take it up your ass sooo much... you wouldn't like to disappoint me, would you?"

Leliana shot a quick glance and her and unable to respond shook her head. When she turned her head to Rayleigh, he unceremoniously slapped her and as she fell to the ground he lifted her ass.

"Ready, bitch?" he smiled and pushed his dick into her ass.

"Aaaargh!" the redhead cried with torment as terrible pain erupted in her lower part, radiating from her already sore and stretched anus, as the soldiers thick, hard dick was buried halfway in. "Nooooaaagh!" she cried again as he grabbed her hips and with two rapid, vicious thrusts, until it was finally completely buried in her ass.

"So... ugh... tight... ugh... I love... ugh... this... hole..." he boasted between his thrusts, leaning forward to grab Leliana's hair and push her face into the floor, her ass up as he was relentlessly driving himself inside her abused, tight fuckhole.

"Mmmm, how lovely to watch..." Marjolaine said, putting her long, shapely leg on Leliana's head, pushing her even more to the floor, as her hand again started wondering around the entrance to her pussy. Her gaze was hungry as she stared at the merciless rape of her former lover, her fingers touching her cunt as commander kept pounding Leliana's tightest hole, loving the sensation of her pussy clenching around his dick each time her body tensed with a wave of pain - that is every time he thrust deep.

"No... please... stop... don't... make him stop... Marjolaine..." Leliana knew her pleading will fall on deaf ears but she couldn't help but desperately try to appeal to some shred of fondness she believed Marjolaine still had for her...

"You should have seen her as she tries to fuck back" Harwen laughed.

"I'd love... simply... love to..." she said putting her fingers inside her cunt. "But make her bounce with it in her ass..."

"A wonderful idea!" Rayleigh said and suddenly stopped pushing his cock into her, much to Leliana's relief. But that relief would prove to be short-lived, for he suddenly grabbed her hips and forced her to move backwards with him as he said down onto the floor, taking great care to keep his huge cock buried inside her ass the entire time, each motion by him making his member shift inside her sore anus, tearing new sobs from the bard's quivering lips.

Then, with a brutality that elicited another agonized wail from Leliana, Rayleigh grabbed her hips and forced her down fully onto his lap, burying his entire shaft in her asshole once more, blinding-hot pain enveloping Leliana's lower body, her anal opening stretched wide once more. She barely felt Marjolaine heartlessly kick her legs apart so she could see the cock vanishing up her former lover's ass.

"Oh, so beautiful" Marjolaine moaned, pushing two fingers deep into her pussy, licking her lips with arousal. "Why, my dear Leliana, why did you deny me that view for so long? Don't you know how beautiful you look with something up your perfect little ass? You should be ashamed of yourself!"

With her left hand engaged in pumping her fingers in and out of her cunt, she reached forward with her other hand to fiercely pinch Leliana's left nipple, making the young bard wince, the pain easily felt even through the agony filling her stretched, sore anal passage.

"It hurts... it hurts so much..." was all Leliana could offer as an explanation. She knew it would do nothing to help her but she had to say something... had to voice her pain somehow... the constant abuse was driving her mad with humiliation and pain.

"And you look lovely when you're in pain," Marjolaine simply said. Her body was practically glowing with sexual excitement and her fingers were continuously at work pumping her wet, glistening cunt to the sight of Leliana's brutal torment. This simple sentence, sounding so very much like Donn's words while he had raped her, hit Leliana like a fist, a wave of misery crashing down upon her. Only Rayleigh's brutal slap to the back of her head kept her from giving in to it and breaking down, as he snarled into her ear, "Remember the orders! Ride my cock, you stupid whore!"

Leliana did not dare look at Marjolaine again. If anything, these last words had destroyed any shred of hope she had about the noblewoman having any compassion or affection left for her. Looking down, sobs wracking her form - much to her violators' enjoyment - she rested her hands on Rayleigh's thighs for support and then began to rise from his lap, grimacing while she felt his shaft slip out of her asshole inch by inch until only the tip remained inside her.

She was tempted to rise further, to allow her tormented asshole some rest, if only for a few seconds, but Rayleigh grabbed her neck and said, "It stays inside!" as if he'd read her mind.

So, Leliana had little choice but to lower herself onto his cock again, sobbing bitterly as she felt it enter her sore anus again, the massive shaft disappearing into her tight fuck channel inch by inch once more, stretching it so painfully. She heard Marjolaine moan in intense pleasure, the sight exciting her former lower beyond words.

Getting all the way down was not as easy as it seemed as Leliana simply could not bring herself to relax, her ass clenching hard around his shaft, resisting even her attempts to lower herself, the attempt causing her even more pain... but her tormentors would not allow her to stop, would not grant her pause... and so, under more tears and sobs, she brought herself down onto his lap again.

"Again! And faster this time! Make those tits jiggle!" Rayleigh yelled immediately once she was down on his cock again.

"No..." Leliana whispered but she obeyed, moving her body upwards and downward, being cruelly forced to participate in her own rape. She found it the most disgusting, disturbing and humiliating experience she faced during her ordeal. "No..."

"Yes!" Rayleigh hissed, licking Leliana's neck and biting her earlobe, each time her trembling body was lowered. "Tell me you want it... tell me you want me." He ordered and smiled evilly as Marjolaine pinched Leliana's nipple again.

"Do it, sweetie." The woman said, watching as the redhead's beautiful face contorted with pain again, as her poor asshole was stretched even further. "I'd love to hear you beg for it. It would be so similar to these times you begged me for more... well, almost similar." Marjolaine laughed out loud but her laughter quickly transformed into a loud moan of pleasure as her body began to tremble slightly.

"I... I want it... I want it... Oh, Maker, please make it stop... I want it..." Leliana began speaking, her sweet voice wavering, as she was simply fucking the man lying beneath her, her trembling legs supporting her weight with more and more difficulty. More then once she felt strength escape her, as her body went down, impaling her poor, tight ass on the huge dick in one thrust, making her cry out loud in pain and making Rayleigh sigh in pleasure. Hating herself for it, she hoped that the sound of her voice pleading, saying those awful things will make the soldier... cum and as much as she hated the very thought of being flooded with his jism again, she just wanted the torment to be over. "I want it..." Leliana whispered again, almost sobbing.

She must have closed her eyes for a moment, as she kept praying that she may get through this unbearable torture. Suddenly, she felt a burning line of pain enveloping her tits. Line of pain she knew all too well... She opened her eyes just in time to see Marjolaine holding a whip in her raised hand as she landed another lash on her tender flesh.

"Nooo! Please don't! You don't have to, you don't have to!" the redhead began to panic as Marjolaine was circling her. Leliana, still impaled on the hard dick buried deep in her fuckhole couldn't follow her with her eyes. "I'll be good, I'll do everything, everything please! I want it, I want iiiiit!" she yelled as Merjolaine landed two lashes on her back, above Rayleigh's head.

"Tell me you love me!" Rayleigh ordered.

"No... aaaa!" Leliana tried to protest but it was quickly cut off by another lash landing on her tits.

"Say it! Like you mean it... because you do!" Marjolaine said, sitting again and pushing her hand between her legs, moving her fingers faster and faster, breathing and moaning heavily.

"Oh, Maker... I love you! Oh, please! I really do! I love it! I love you!" she kept wailing as Harwen was smiling evilly, hearing her terrified words.

"Not convincing enough, whore!"

"I really love you... I love it... I love... I love your cock... in... in my holes... I love you!" finally, her cries were enough to push Rayleigh over the edge, making him fill her ass with jism, as she continued to impale herself on it. That made also Marjolaine cum, she arched her luscious body, straightening her legs, grabbing her tit, moaning loudly!

"Yes... yes... YES!" Marjolaine shouted as the spasms of orgasm finally were gone. "No one made my cum as much as you... but this was even better. I hope you did cum, didn't you?" she asked mockingly, watching as Rayleigh pushes the redhead off his dick to the floor, white cum filling her ass. "You didn't? No problem, you will soon... but first... get that cute face of yours between my thighs and start licking and slurping... I want you to make me ready again. And in case you need encouragement..." Instead of finishing she tossed the whip to Rayleigh.

Rayleigh nodded, grinning widely. "You heard her, get to it!" he snarled, giving the crying redhead a hard kick that had her yelp in pain and scramble back to her knees at least. Marjolaine, her cheeks still flushed with the excitement of her last orgasm, reclined in the chair again, spreading her legs, exposing her glistening pussy for Leliana like she'd done so often in happier times.

Giving her a sly smile, Marjolaine placed one hand on her breast, sliding it downward over her flat belly and between her legs where her fingers parted her outer lips. "Come here, my sweetie and show me you haven't lost your skill with that sweet tongue of yours..." On her other hand, she crooked a finger in an unmistakable 'come hither' gesture that had Leliana shudder. How often had she made the exact same gesture lying on her bed, inviting Leliana to come join her in pleasure. Of course, back then, Leliana had had no idea that behind this pleasant, seductive facade was nothing but a cruel, ruthless and outright sadistic woman... a woman who had the bard at her mercy, and who had shown to possess no mercy at all.

Leliana crawled forward, biting back the sobs that shook her body, stopping only when she was practically kneeling between Marjolaine's thighs. Marjolaine sighed happily, nodding to Rayleigh as she placed one long-fingered hand on Leliana's head, gently but insistently urging her head down and forward, to her wet, eager center. Leliana did not resist, closing her eyes in shame as she parted her lips... then opened them again as the whip cracked across her ass!

"Yaargh! Please, no... I promise, I'm doing it, I'm doing it!" she whimpered, shaking her head, her body trembling in dreadful anticipation of another stroke.

"I know," Rayleigh said behind her, "but I just felt like it!" Both him and Marjolaine laughed at the misery displayed in Leliana's face as she realized that not even model behavior could protect her from the whip's cruel bite. Again, the noble bard pressed the suffering girl's head down and Leliana obeyed, parting her lips to allow her tongue to lap at Marjolaine's exposed, slick folds. There had been a time when Leliana had loved the taste of this woman's juices on her tongue... but now, it only reminded her of her own shame.

Marjolaine shuddered at the touch of Leliana's tongue and pushed her further against her crotch. "Yes, my pretty... lick me... .get me ready to hurt you more..."the noblewoman whispered, her words ripping another heart-rending sobs from the bard's mouth.

She did not see Marjolaine nod to Rayleigh again but she felt the sting of the whip across her much--abused back again, her scream of pain muffled against her former lover's cunt. The noble kept her head in place with one hand, grinding her hips against the trembling lips and desperately lapping tongue. He kept whipping her two more times, then stopped again. Tears stung Leliana's eyes but she could do little to avoid the pain. All she could do was to please Marjolaine as much as possible, hoping to give her little reason to have her whipped again... as if she needed one.

"Oh yes... so sweet..."Marjolaine moaned as Leliana's quivering tongue found her clit and caressed it. "This... hmmm... reminds me... of the game... we played... during the banquet... of the Marquis d'Arlant... remember? I had you sneak... under the table... and pleasure me... while I tried to... hmmm... keep a straight... face..." she shudders, either from current pleasure or from her just-as-pleasant memories. "But... to be honest... hmmm... I wish I could... have dragged you in on a... leash... even when I... pretended to be... your lover... I only wanted you on your knees... crying... a little redheaded slave girl... oh yes... Harven, whip her again! Harder! I want to her scream against my pussy!"

"Gladly!" The cruel man smiled as he landed another lash on Leliana's sore ass, causing the poor girl to yelp in pain as her body bucked forward, inadvertently pressing her face into Marjolaine's wet cunt.

"Oh yes, yess!" Marjolaine laughed out loud as the lash fell again and again, causing the cute redhead to scream in pain into her cunt. She cherished the girl's warm breath caressing her, the very sight of Leliana's face, contorted with pain, crying and sobbing and all the time trying to do her best to please her captor in vain attempt to save herself from at least some pain. "Yes... lick me whore, use that precious tongue of yours, push into my cunt, do it whore... you have such a cute mouth... I can't even decide whether I prefer... oh... oh yess... prefer it... licking and slurping on my pussy or... or crying in pain..."

Marjolaine's body arched once more. Although she was never easy to satisfy, Leliana's desperate efforts, her nimble tongue licking on the noblewoman's clit, her nose almost being buried between Marjolaine's legs with each vicious thrust... and above everything the pitiful sobs the slave girl made - all this was making Marjolaine breathe faster and faster. Finally she had Leliana fully in her grasp, she could engage in any cruel fantasy she had ever had about her young protege, and man such fantasies she did have. How many times she gently made love to the redhead, all the time thinking how she would love to sit on Leliana's face and force her to eat her pussy or whip her heavenly body as she begs for mercy...

Now she could have it. All of it and more. She didn't even mind that Rayleigh was here, for while there was some pleasure in abusing Leliana alone the soldier's presence allowed for so many new options to be explored. The dark haired woman moaned again and leaned backwards, almost pushing her cunt into Leliana's still slurping mouth. With one swift move she moved one of her shapely legs, resting it on the back of the redhead's neck while with the other she touched the front of the crying girl's neck. Now, using her strong legs like scissors she pressed on, choking Leliana.

"Uggh!" the redhead opened her eyes wide in shock and gasped for air, only more desperately sucking on Marjolaine's wet cunt.

"Isn't that priceless?" Soft laughter erupted from the noblewoman's mouth as she watched Leliana's lithe body, with her neck trapped between Marjolaine's shapely, strong legs, bucking widely trying to get some air. Almost as quickly as she grabbed the girl the cruel woman released the hold, finally allowing the redhead to grab some air... with her face all the time pressed against her captor's pussy. In one swift movement, Marjolaine leaned back even further and spread her legs wide, presenting to Leliana and Rayleigh her beautiful, glistening pussy. She reached forward, grabbing Leliana's hair and face with both hands and pulling her, almost burying her crying face into her snatch. "Suck... suck!" she gasped and moaned as she felt Leliana's tongue began caressing her slit again, reaching everywhere, touching every pleasure spot Leliana could remember.

"Damn it, I won't just stand and watch!" Rayleigh barked as he landed the last lash on the redhead's back and grabbed his semi-erect cock as he approached the girl...

"Then have a go at her!" Marjolaine encouraged him, her voice heavy, trembling with barely controlled lust. She would not last much longer like this... the touch of Leliana's ever-so-dexterous tongue, the bitter tears the redhead cried and the simple fact that she was now in exactly the position Marjolaine had always wanted her to be - a frightened sex slave under her control - all this led the noblewoman to new heights of arousal. Soon, she would find her release... very, very soon.

Rayleigh wasn't about to be asked twice. Stroking his cock, he approached the miserable bard from behind, watching her trembling ass for a moment while he thought about which hole to use. When he'd finally decided, a broad grin appeared on his face and he knelt down behind her, his large, callused hands gripping her hips, the tip of his cock pointing at the entrance to her sore pussy.

Seeing this, Marjolaine strengthened her grip on Leliana's head, whispering, "You are going to get fucked again now... don't you dare to stop working on my sweet pussy..." She shuddered as Leliana's tongue reached another of her sensitive spots, her lips still tightly pressed to her pussy, her body shaken by sobs, her tears wet against Marjolaine's thighs.

Rayleigh grinned savagely as he began to force his cockhead into Leliana's warm and still tight cunt, hearing her muffled cries against Marjolaine's pussy. "Hmmm... still so tight... everything you told me of her was true..." he said to the noblewoman while pushing deeper, not stopping until he had buried his entire cock inside Leliana's tormented pussy.

"Oh yes, Harven! Fuck her hard! Rape her! Make her suffer!" Marjolaine screamed in the throes of ecstasy. Holding the poor bard's head tightly, she pressed her hips forward, grinding her crotch into Leliana's crying, miserable face, feeling her former lover's tongue tremble as the pain came once more. Rayleigh's fingers dug into Leliana's soft skin, his hips working back and forth, settling into a rhythm of hard, punishing thrusts that brought new cries forth from Leliana's throat whenever he pushed in deep.

" you... worthless... whore!" Rayleigh grunted, his cock drilling deep into Leliana's cunt, loving to hear her squeal against the noble's pussy. He'd raped her several times now and did not think he would ever get tired of it. All he hoped was that Marjolaine would allow Leliana to stay here for a bit longer... he knew of her eventual plans to take her back to her estate in Orlais and keep her as a personal slave now that she had been broken properly. Well, as long as he'd get to fuck this cunt and ass a few more times, he'd be happy.

" Oh yes... oh yes..." Marjolaine whispered breathlessly, "I can feel how he's fucking you... raping you... like you deserve... oh, Maker...your tongue feels... hnnng... so good when you're... crying..." She moaned long and loud, so close to her climax now. "I'll... make sure... you'll... always be... suffering now... when ... oh yesss... licking my... cunt! Harven... fuck her harder! I'm going to... cum..."

Harven was all too happy to oblige, increasing his rhythm, the sound of flesh slapping against flesh filling the room as he pounded Leliana's poor, abused cunt with all his strength, his cock pumping in and out so rapidly his movements almost became a blur. Leliana could barely concentrate on pleasuring Marjolaine anymore, her face constantly being thrust against her former lover's crotch by Harven's brutal thrusts. Her tongue lapped aimlessly at the offered pussy while she wailed and cried bitterly.

But that was not necessary. The sheer stimulation of Leliana's cries, her face pressed into her crotch and the knowledge that her former student was suffering terribly were finally enough to send Marjolaine over the edge. "Oh yes... OH MAKER, YES! I'M CUMMING!" she screamed pressing Leliana's head into her crotch as hard as she could while the orgasm shook her, not caring that she cut off Leliana's air supply while she rode out the waves.

When she'd finally finished and released the crying redhead, Leliana was close to fainting, gulping in greedy mouthfuls of air, her face wet with tears and Marjolaine's juices. And still, Rayleigh abused her pussy with his cock mercilessly... until Marjolaine held up a trembling hand, still feeling gloriously weak from one of the best orgasms she'd ever had. "Enough, Harven... time for... something else..."

For a moment, Harven thought about protesting... but then again, Marjolaine's ideas for violating this red-haired beauty had been excellent so far and he doubted that this would change. So, with a final slap to Leliana's ass, he pulled out and pushed her to the floor where she remained, crying softly.

Please... haven't... haven't you had enough..." Leliana sobbed, curling into a fetal position. "You've had... your... way with me... you've... you've... fucked me..." she whispered, choking down tears.

"Enough?! You stupid bitch..." Marjolaine, contrary to her words wasn't even angry -- rather, the tone of her voice radiated with utter disbelief. "It's not even close from being over..." the noblewoman circled the lying girl, smiling at the picture of misery that was the once confident girl. "You should know better than this. You will remain here until we and then every other soldier in entire Denerim is bored with you."

"No..." Leliana whispered, more to herself or even the Maker than to her abusers.

"Yes... Imagine how many times you will be fucked raw... raped hard. How many times all of your tight holes will be used." Marjolaine leaned forward, whispering to Leliana's ear. "Quite soon you'll be an obedient little fuck pet, you'll forget all thoughts other than that of pleasing your masters. Won't you dear?" she asked mockingly, but Leliana, unable to answer only broke into more sobs. Laughing slightly Marjolaine turned away and walked to one of the walls, disappearing from Leliana's view.

The redhead somehow felt that she should for Marjolaine with her sight, to know what she is doing, what she is preparing to do... but she simply had no strength left, she just wanted to lie down and rest. And besides, what good would knowing what new ordeal they have in store for her bring? Was there any way of preparing yourself to their new ways of degrading and humiliating her? Was she able to protect herself from pain or from the merciless rape? No, she was at their mercy, she knew that already and she knew that they had no mercy.

"I think we broke her," Rayleigh said coldly, approaching Leliana and landing a painful kick on her side, causing the girl to almost jump with pain. Disappointment was clearly heard in his voice. "I thought she would last longer. It's less fun to fuck them when they accept their fate." The cruel men said, spitting on Leliana's tear-swollen face.

"Oh, no... you underestimate our toy here." The redhead Marjolaine's soft voice. "I assure you, acceptance is the last thing in her mind. She hates every minute of it, still can't believe how she got into this mess and still thinks about getting away." Leliana heard the noblewoman's voice approach closer and closer. "And above all she remembers who she is... or rather who she was and she sees exactly how low she has fallen... and as for her being... uncooperative... I assure you, she will be wild and kicking in no time!"

Something in her voice alerted Leliana and made her look up, at her captor. A small whimper escaped her mouth, when she saw a big wooden dildo, strapped to the woman's crotch. Immediately thinking about Brennya and the things she was able to do with such thing Leliana went to her knees and desperately started crawling backwards until she hit up the wall. "No... no... please... no... nonono" she kept repeating, watching with her eyes full of terror, tears flowing down her chin.

"Oh yes..." Marjolaine said slowly approaching "You'll gonna take it deep... and see this red thing?" the woman pointed to the smears of some red liquid. "Darkspawn blood. Hard to come by but it sure is worth it... there hardly is another thing as hot and stinging thing on the face of the world. You'll see... and you'll feel."

"Nice!" Rayleigh complemented. "You weren't kidding about here kicking again" he laughed.

"I never jest in such matter," Marjolaine winked at the soldier and turned to Leliana again. "Now lie down and spread your legs dear... and remember, when I fuck you... have the decency to act like a lover not a fucking whore you are... kiss me back, touch my tits... I may seem cruel but I missed that gentle touch of yours. Of course, I hope you'll forgive me that I'm not going to be gentle. In fact... I'll ram this thing down you snatch as hard as I can... sounds like fun, dear?"

Leliana shook her head, pressing herself up against the wall, her eyes wide with fear, her cheeks wet with fresh tears. Every time she had endured one ordeal, another horror was visited upon her... and now by the very person that she had once loved! "Leliana..." Marjolaine said, her voice soft but carrying an unmistakable warning, "I told you to lie down and spread your legs for your mistress... don't make me wait too long!"

"Yes, you better hurry, whore... or I'll get Gary to take you back to the torture chambers." Rayleigh chimed in, watching as Leliana succumbed to fear and anguish. "Maybe I ought to do that anyway... Donn has taken quite a liking to you... he begged me to let him have you again..." he mused, his face disfigured by a cruel, thoroughly evil grin.

Crying, Leliana looked for a hint of mercy in Marjolaine's face but it was still absent. Everything she had said she meant. But she simply could not bring herself to submit to her orders, not if it meant so much more pain. "My dear..." Marjolaine said, standing above her, the wooden dildo threateningly jutting out from her crotch, the glistening liquid at the tip drawing Leliana's frightened eyes towards it, "this is the last warning. If you do not lie down like a good girl and let me fuck you as you know you deserve, I'll have you taken to the torture chambers again. Maybe after two days in there you will be more forthcoming! And, of course, I will do that after I've fucked you raw anyway."

The noblewoman tapped her foot, her whole demeanor speaking volumes. She would tolerate Leliana's disobedience not a moment longer and Leliana, feeling herself shrinking away under these cold, domineering eyes, finally gave in. "I... I'll do it..." she whispered softly, letting herself slide downward until she was lying on the cold floor, her legs spread, inviting her former lover to take her sore cunt once more.

"That's a good girl" Marjolaine said, kneeling down between Leliana's spread, trembling legs, the tip of the thick wooden dildo pointed at the bard's sore, abused opening. "Now hold still..." the noblewoman ordered, leaning forward, supporting herself with one hand next to Leliana's head while using her other slim-fingered hand to guide the tip of the strap-on against Leliana's cunt lips.

Suddenly, Leliana arched her back, screaming in pain. Even the smallest touch of the glistening cockhead against her outer lips sent a wave of pain racing through her lower body. She heard Rayleigh laugh, her eyes spilling more tears. But for Marjolaine of course, a small touch wasn't enough. She waited just for a moment more, watching tears swell in Leliana's eyes as she grabbed her hips and, as she promised before, rammed the thick wooden dildo into the crying girl's snatch. Leliana's scream almost deafened the noblewoman as she seemed to cry her lungs out as terrible pain, emanating from her pussy radiated throughout her trembling, wavering body. As previously with Brennya, the huge dildo was stretching her inside beyond what she could stand. The hard wood hurt her more than any cock could have and it was big, very big, filling her pussy completely. And the lube, the disgusting stinging, burning lube was the worst - Leliana felt as if the dildo was made from pure fire or acid, searing pain filling her completely, almost making her go mad, shrieking and crying, bubbling incoherently as Marjolaine started to fuck her with long steady strokes.

Leliana's sweet body thrashed madly, bucking, wavering, legs kicking wildly at the noblewoman's sides, the pain so intense that it almost gave Leliana the strength to break free - even if for one moment. But Rayleigh would have none of it, he approached the crying, screaming redhead and grabbed her hands above her head, pinning them to the floor. Marjolaine laughed softly as the commander's actions made Leliana's perky, abused breast stick up even more, pointing upwards. She began licking Leliana's neck, stopping to bite it and moving lower with her tongue, finally reaching the wondrous globes of the redhead's breasts. She took the girl's nipple in her mouth and begin licking it, kissing, mauling it in her mouth, just to finally bite it hard, causing Leliana, if it was possible at all, to cry even more, almost choking down on tears.

But the best thing was how Leliana's body writhed and fought against the searing pain filling her cunt, already abused so much that she couldn't stand the dildo itself... not to mention the terrible liquid, filling like thousand of blades stuck inside... she kicked and wavered and writhed in absolute agony, each spasm of her body making herself impale on the wooden dick even more, all the time while Marjolaine was pounding her mercilessly.

"That is fun bitch..." she hissed finally, "but I wanted you to make sweet love to me. Now wrap those nice legs around me and fuck me back... and kiss me! Worship my breasts with your tongue!"

Leliana cried out again, the dildo driven deep by another mighty thrust from Marjolaine, the noblewoman's flesh slapping against hers, her body looming over the bard's, making her feel so small and insignificant, so helpless, her struggles pointless. She could only lay there and take it, cringing, whimpering and crying in agony while her former lover violated her in the most brutal, degrading way possible. How was she supposed to even try and pretend to be Marjolaine's lover again instead of her victim? Marjolaine's hips suddenly slammed forward again, ripping another pitiful cry from Leliana's lips as the dildo plunged in as deeply as possible... followed by a vicious backhanded slap to her face. "That was NOT a request, you dumb whore!" Marjolaine yelled, spitting into Leliana's crying face. "Make love to me while I rape your cunt!"

Now, with every thrust she made into the crying redhead, she slapped her face with increasing fury and ferocity, turning both cheeks bright red. "This... is... your... last... warning." she snarled, her eyes alight with almost hateful anger, "do it or be punished worse than you ever have!" Sobbing, Leliana felt the burning glare on her. Marjolaine meant it... and given what was happening right now, there seemed to be no limit to the depravity to which the noble would stoop... also, there was still the unspoken threat of another visit to the torture chamber hanging over her.

She howled in pain the moment she tried to move her legs, feeling the dildo shift inside her, the gruesome fluid on the tip burning her inner walls. Crying loudly, she began to wrap her legs around Marjolaine's hips, crossing them behind the noblewoman's pumping, working ass. This allowed Marjolaine to push the strap-on even deeper, only increasing Leliana's agony. But still, that was not enough for her tormentor. "Now fuck me back! And use your mouth on my tits!"

Leliana cringed at the words but began to slowly move her hips forward, crying bitter tears as she met Marjolaine's violent thrusts, unwillingly urging the dildo to go deeper, feeling herself invaded even more than before, shame making her cheeks, still stinging from the slaps, burn red hot. Slowly, hesitantly, she parted her lips and bent forward a bit, her mouth only inches away from Marjolaine's swaying tits, still firm and full, just as she remembered it... how often had she suckled on them, showered them with sweet, loving kisses, played with her beloved's nipples... never thinking that one day she might detest the very act of touching them with her mouth?

Marjolaine grunted, happily plunging the dildo into her victim again and again, smiling cruelly as she felt Leliana finally obey her orders. Feeling the bard's hesitation, she arched her back and pressed her tits against Leliana's quivering lips, sighing at the touch. That was the one thing Leliana had always been good at... using her mouth. Even back then when she had still pretended to actually love the redheaded whore, Marjolaine had always enjoyed having her breasts and pussy caressed by these sweet lips and that soft, wet tongue. And now that Leliana was crying and suffering so horribly... it was a hundred times better!

How Leliana's whole body shivered and trembled, wavering as waves of pain pierced her. Each time the dildo was pushed deep, Leliana's hips matching the rhythm and basically fucking back, the redhead moaned in pain into Marjolaine's perfectly formed breasts. Each time the dildo touched the walls of her tender, sore cunt, she gave a soft cry and her body tensed beautifully, her tits, rubbing Marjolaine's flat belly.

Despite all this, she obeyed, as the little fuck slave and sex toy she was becoming. Crossing her ankles behind the noblewoman's perfect ass, gathering all strength of will, Leliana's kept fucking her rapist back, moving her hips in unison with Marjolaine's thrusts, impaling herself even deeper on the vicious instrument. Burning pain filled her cunt, radiating throughout her body, but she nevertheless kept running her dexterous and nimble tongue over the mounds of Marjolaine's tits, licking them, kissing, sucking on their nipples, caressing them as vigorously and as... lovingly as she could recall from their previous nights together. This was the perversion of those acts - in some way similar, in other completely different - evil, vicious and hateful.

But Marjolaine didn't care - or rather she did and loved every moment of it. The dark haired woman cruelly cherished having her former lover shriveling and trembling beneath her body, aching all over, suffering to the utmost of her being and despite all this, still trying to satisfy her to the best of her considerable abilities, bucking her body, making sweet love, while she was being viciously abused. Her warm, soft mouth and wet tongue on Marjolaine's breasts felt as good as always - or even better, seeing how she moaned in pain, caressing them with her warm breath.

"Oh yes, you whore... you don't know how long I have waited for it... for having you like this. You whore... you're such a good little fuck toy, I always knew that..." Marjolaine whispered into Leliana's ear. As the redhead was kissing the noblewoman's tits, Marjolaine becoming more and more aroused began running her tongue over Leliana's face, licking her savagely, stopping only to bite her earlobes. "Oh how many times when we were making love... I fantasized about fucking you raw, making you squeal in pain beneath me like a bitch in heat!"

The words stung almost as much as the vicious liquid burning her tender flesh. The worst was the fact that even though the pain Leliana suffered clearly arose Marjolaine, she was far from reaching climax. Having cummed twice already, the noblewoman was ready to go on for long and she wanted to, prolonging her victim's torment as much as she could, loving her soft cries and sobs as she desperately tried to keep kissing her tits. In and out, in and out Marjolaine kept pumping, pushing her dildo even deeper and deeper in every thrust.

And it did not stop for a long, long time. Marjolaine and Rayleigh kept on abusing Leliana the entire night. Even when Rayleigh had left, having spent himself after cumming into Leliana's mouth once more, Marjolaine kept on going. For hours, she pumped into Leliana's holes, whipped the redhead's naked body as Leliana lay on the floor, weeping and exhausted, and forced her to pleasure her with fingers and tongue, relishing in every single one of Leliana's tears.

In the end, when Marjolaine finally tired of her and had her brought back to her cell, Leliana was almost unconscious, only dimly aware of the terrible soreness of every single one of her holes, her flesh covered with Rayleigh's cum and bruises, her eyes long devoid of tears to cry. She did not even react when the two guards groped her, one even pushing his fingers up her cunt while they dragged her onwards. And when they threw her into her cell, she simply rested her head on the cold stones, not bothering to crawl into her corner, quickly falling into terrible nightmares.

When she was finally awoken by the guards, the nightmares went on. Eventually, Leliana lost count of the days, for what did it matter which day it was? Her waking hours were an endless row of abuses and rapes by the men and Brennya, who tormented her every single night while she herself was being raped by the others, channeling her pain into Leliana's violent abuses. But even among all these horrors, one day she would never forget - the day when they dragged her down to the torture chamber again. When she'd learned where they would bring her, she rediscovered a tiny bit of fighting spirit, desperately struggling to get away, surprising even the guards - but in the end, it had not helped at all.

Only moments later, she was on the rack again, raped by first Donn - who had been ecstatic about having her again, then Gary. After that, she was whipped, beaten... and raped again and again, Donn constantly telling her how wonderful she looked, how sweet her tears tasted... and that he had gained the right to this new session with her as a reward for training her so well.

After a day of torment and another night full of abuse by the guards, Leliana found herself once more dragged out of the cell by the two guards. By now, she had no fight left in her, simply allowing them to carry her wherever they pleased. The last session with Donn had extinguished the last fires of resistance. So, when she found out she was brought to the visitor's quarters again, she merely whimpered, cringing as her fears were confirmed by a familiar voice that echoed across the room even before the doors had fully opened.

"There you are again, my pretty... and guess what... I have something new for you today..."

Even though Leliana just was kneeling where the guards had thrown her, eyes fixed on the floor, she did notice that Marjolaine wasn't the only person in the room. She didn't even raise her eyes... at least not until Marjolaine approached and slapped her viciously.

"Look, ungrateful slut!" she hissed "Your mistress has something new for you! What do you say?!"

"Thank... thank you... mistress." Leliana said silently, choking down tears. Finally she looked up and noticed a man - but to her surprise it wasn't Rayleigh. He was taller, though not as strongly built. His face seemed somehow older, even though there weren't many signs of age on it. Maybe it were those piercing eyes?

"Let me introduce you to Mirentor... master Mirentor." The noblewoman said.

Leliana noticed it, as she was trained to notice many things and even her ordeal didn't take all of this from her... but undoubtedly the one thing that she noticed immediately and filled her with the biggest fear was the apparel the man was wearing - a robe. And even despite the fact that it looked quite plain, had no insignia of the Circle, she instantly knew that the man was a mage - probably an apostate... if not a maleficar.

"Yes... quite a specimen you got there." The man said calmly, with a strange, foreign accent as he was evaluating her as if she was just a thing... and in some ways she indeed was. His eyes noticed every detail of her luscious body, the curves of her breasts and ass, the red stripes covering her smooth skin and above everything - the fear and resignation in her eyes. "You see little slave... Marjolaine is a women of many, many talents..." the man smiled to his thoughts in a creepy way and continued, "but even she sometimes needs assistance of those who posses skills even she doesn't have. Men like, for example, me."

"A true mage of Tevinter..." Did Leliana's ears mistook her or was there a slightest hint of admiration in her mistress's voice as she spoke?

"Yes. And while we mages posses powers impossible to achieve for other mortals..." the man said, lust and pride visible on his face. "we still have the needs of other, lesser, men. And when I've heard about you I knew what price to name, when Marjolaine was again in need of my talents."

"He means you, sweetie." While the words were unnecessary, Marjolaine loved to see how Leliana blushed with embarrassment, as she was again passed around like a toy.

"You see, magic is a beautiful thing." Mirentor stood next kneeling redhead and gently put his hand on her shoulder. "While normal torture is so... barbaric and unclean and messy... magic is so wonderfully... pure!" he exclaimed as he summoned his power and in an instant Leliana cried out in pain as burning pain spread over her shoulder.

It was pure, distilled to the point of white-hot agony that had her writhe on the floor within the time of a heartbeat. Through a fog of tears, she could see the mage smile down at her, obviously admiring his handiwork... as Marjolaine was. Already, she was licking her lips again, a sure sign of her arousal as her eyes took in every inch of Leliana's beautiful, squirming body. "Oh yes... do it again..." Marjolaine said once Leliana's body has stopped spasming, her voice a lusty sigh. Immediately the bard began to crawl away from the mage, afraid of another touch and more afraid of Marjolaine than ever before, the noblewoman's beautiful face having taken on a sadistic quality beyond even that of her previous torture sessions. Leliana sighed in relief when the mage shook his head. "Please, my dear... I promised you a wonderful evening... if you let me do as I wish. Trust me on that, you will love what comes next even more."

Leliana gasped, her heart pounding with the force of the torment she just endured. "P-please... no more... ." she managed to whimper, her voice barely a whisper.

The mage looked down at her, smiling a warm smile that nevertheless never reached his cold eyes. "What are you so afraid of, my plaything, hm?"

Leliana sobbed bitterly, her entire body trembling in unnamable fear. "No more... pain... no more... rape... please," she stammered helplessly, knowing that this was all she could muster for defense against whatever awaited her.

The mage gave a humorless laugh. "Rape? Oh, please. I am beyond such base pleasures of the flesh. Do not worry about me raping you. I have other ways to make this... enjoyable." Still keeping his eyes on the shivering redhead, he held out a hand, the fingers twisted in a gesture the Maker never intended them to make. As he began to intone a spell, his eyes rolled back in his head and Leliana felt a wave of power surge through the room, homing in on her, seizing her... and with dreadful clarity, she realized that, as of this moment, her body was no longer hers to command.

Only her face was still subject to her own will, but no muscle obeyed her commands anymore. Fear gripped her heart with an icy claw as she recalled the dreadful tales of blood magic and why it was called an abomination by those following the way of the Maker. The tales said a blood mage could command the very lifeblood of a person, thereby robbing them of control over their own bodies... and such a despicable thing was happening to her at this very moment!

"No! Don't do this... please... you can't!" Leliana shrieked in abject terror, the full weight of her helplessness now becoming obvious. From her neck downward, she could not move anything... and she was certain that her head was free only because Marjolaine wanted to see the terror on her face and hear her scream.

"I can and I shall," the mage stated coldly. He made a tiny gesture with his left index finger and Leliana's body jerked backwards, into a sitting position, her legs in front of her. "Let us see a bit more of this wonderful body of yours, shall we?" Another tiny gesture... and Leliana spread her legs.

"Oh Maker, please... don't..."she wailed, unable to cope with the very thought of her body betraying her like this. Now, her snatch was exposed and her legs would not close, no matter how much she wished it.

"Marjolaine has told me that there are still... discipline problems with you. Now, I am a firm believer in letting the disobedient take care of their own punishment," Mirentor said, reaching into his robes to produce a small cat o' nine-tails which he tossed to Leliana, who, against her will, grabbed the whip and lifted it, taking aim at her exposed cunt.

"No... no... don't... don't do it..." Leliana kept whispering as her hand finally stopped moving for a moment... only to suddenly land a lightning fast blow, the whip landing on her exposed cunt. "Aaaaaa!" Leliana's shrieked in a tormented voice, her face contorted with pain being the only indication of the suffering she felt. "Don't do it..."

"But I am not doing anything. You are." The mage smiled as Leliana began crying even more, seeing as despite the burning pain she was feeling, her body wasn't even writhing and her hand was steadily rising again.

"No, no, nonono... not there, please not theeeeereeeee!" the redhead's pleas turning into a long pierced wail as the whip fell again.

"What a wonderful sight... indeed most marvelous." Marjolaine complemented, rising her glass of wine in salute - to both Mirentor and Leliana.

"Yes... I think about leaving her to continue this for an hour or so." The mage said with a faint smile. "You'd be surprised how humble they become after time spent like that."

"Quite an appealing thought. Though I first think we may..." the noblewoman couldn't finish her sentence as she was interrupted by an agonized scream out of Leliana's mouth, when another blow landed.

"Do you want me to silence her?" the wizard asked, mildly annoyed.

"No... I enjoy her singing so much." Marjolaine mused, sipping wine and observing as her former lover raised her hand again, held it a moment in the air and than landed another blow - not missing her already reddened, swollen pussy.

"Aaaaaieeee! Not there... not there... don't make me... please... please..." Leliana's stopped screaming for a moment, gasping and breathing heavily.

"You want to say something?" the wizard moved his finger a bit and Leliana spread her shapely legs even further, completely and indecently showing her cunt off. The wizard approached slowly, leaned forward and put one finger into her pulsating cunt.

"Please... I beg you... you whip me... whip... whip my... pussy..." Leliana whispered in a barely audible voice.

"Am I hearing right?" Marjolaine laughed out loud "You are begging us to whip you?"

"Please... whip me... I don't want... like... like this..." Leliana sobbed, tears running down her pretty face.

"Unfortunately, for you of course, it is so much entertaining when you are doing it." Mirentor removed the finger from her cunt and used it to wipe Leliana's tears and then, when Leliana obediently opened her mouth, he made her suck it. "Continue." He ordered, standing up and sitting next to Marjolaine.

"No, no, no, oh Maker... nononono!" Leliana cried as the whip fell once again. When she raised her hand again she mustered all her strength and willpower to wrestle the control over her body from the blood mage... and for a moment she succeeded, stopping her hand. But just as she was sighing in relief, every inch of her body exploded with unbelievable pain. She cried and bucked her body, feeling as if her own blood was suddenly put on fire. This didn't allow any concentration and soon she relinquished control over her body and watched in horror as she raised the whip again. "No... please... don't..." she pleaded, looking with sad, tearful eyes.

"It hurts them so much when they resist," the wizard explained to the noblewoman with a smile and then turned his eyes again on the girl. "In truth, watching it makes me think that I might indulge in the pleasures of the flesh myself after all. Control of an unwilling body provides such wonderful opportunities, wouldn't you agree?"

"Oh yes, indeed!" Marjolaine said, breathing heavily, looking at the crying, hurting Orlesian before her. Her cheeks were flushed with arousal and she licked her lips in anticipation of what else the mage might come up with.

"Good, good...", the mage muttered, directing Leliana to strike herself one final time with the whip. While she cried, he loosened his robes, allowing his cock to spring free.

Leliana's eyes were drawn to the tool presented to her. Even though it was not nearly as big as Rayleigh's, it was still impressive... and it would hurt terrible if he fucked her with it, especially now that her cunt was sore and swollen from the whip strokes. At least that part seemed to be over now, her fingers opening to let the whip fall to the floor. Mirentor sat down close to her, then leaned back. "This will be quite enjoyable, what do you think?" he said, chuckling, his eyes fixed on Leliana who, to her horror, found herself getting onto all fours and crawling towards him like a good, obedient dog.

"No... please... ." she whispered hoarsely but neither of her tormentors listened to her.

"Now, I guess you are pretty dry down there... and I see no reason to change that." Mirentor mused, looking her up and down, his eyes devouring her naked form as she crawled, her shapely tits jiggling as she moved. "However, I think a little bit of lubrication would be good... so, forgive me, my dear Marjolaine, if I take control of her entire body for a moment..."

And all of a sudden, Leliana found her area of control diminished to her eyes alone. Horrified, she looked on as she began to position herself over him, her head moving down, her lips parting - burning as she tried to keep them from moving - and allowing the throbbing, soft head of his cock into her warm, unwilling yet compliant mouth. He sighed softly, feeling her tongue caress him against her will, directing her motions with just a little thought here and a little thought there. He looked over at Marjolaine and winked. "I can... hmmm... feel it..." he said, dark humor in his voice, "she hates every second of it..."

'Hate' was a mild word to describe it. Leliana was not even sure what it was she felt. Horrified beyond belief, she was shut into her own body without having any chance to control herself. She could not even scream or plead... even when Donn and Gary had had her on the rack, at least she had been able to struggle and scream... but this was so much worse... her own body was an accomplice and she no longer had any say in what it did. Her eyes wandered over to Marjolaine, pleading silently even as her head began to bob up and down, her tongue slathering the cock between her lips with her saliva, but Marjolaine barely noticed her look, being too busy watching her degrade herself and playing with her own pussy... How she wished that along with the control of her body he would also take away her taste, so that she wouldn't have to taste his cock, filling her mouth, as her head worked up and down, sucking and slurping on the tool as if it was the sweetest thing possible. Her mouth took it in, deep, forcing her unwilling throat to constrict around it and gag, her tongue making the entire shaft wet and hard, ready to penetrate it.

"Like a sweet puppet... doing everything you wish when you pull the strings." Marjolaine commented coldly, her fingers disappearing her wet glistening pussy as she watched the girl continue degrading herself.

Leliana suddenly felt her hands begin to rise as she lifted them and started stroking and massaging the mage's balls. At the same time she pulled her head off a bit and started working on the head, sucking on the sensitive skin, teasing it with her nimble tongue.

Finally she released the penis from her mouth and began stroking it with her hands, her long fingers tracing along the entire shaft or touching the very tip of it. Meanwhile she lowered her head again and started moving her tongue in circular fashion around Mirentor's balls, covering them almost entirely in spit, slurping on them. To become a wizard, Mirentor had to have iron will and it wasn't difficult for him to control his lust and arousal.

After allowing himself to be subjected to Leliana's tender touch for some time, he finally decided to move things further, sending another telepathic command which the redhead's poor body obeyed.

"Nnn..." a small moan somehow managed to escape Leliana's lips, but even such marginal sign of resistance was rewarded with a brief agony of blazing pain that traveled throughout her body. Looking in her eyes, Mirentor could see the panic that overcame her when she realized what her body was doing - but not until she got up and climbed on wizard's lap, spreading her legs as a ordinary whore.

"Good" Mirentor said with a satisfied grin, which was rewarded by a small chuckled from Marjolaine... and quickly followed by a moan of pleasure as she buried more of her hand in her cunt. Leliana for a moment just kept like this, kneeling over Mirentor's legs, her tits thrust towards him, allowing the wizard's hands to touch them. Her swollen, sore, whipped pussy teasingly kept touching the mage's hard cock. Finally, the redhead's perfect body began lowering itself, impaling her abused pussy on the dick beneath her.

"Mmmm" Leliana sighed with pain, as she felt the long, thick dick slowly fill her cunt. The pain she felt was unbearable, with her pussy having been savagely whipped - by her own hands! - while the insides were still all sore from a week of repeated rapes. Nevertheless, her body, still obeying the mage's commands began moving up and down, impaling her, making her fuck her captor. Each time the cock filled her, burning pain spread towards her body but she could not stop and kept raping herself. Mirentor's hands were wondering all around her body, especially touching her breasts, playing with her nipples, squeezing them hard. Suddenly he leaned forward and sunk his teeth into the tender flesh of her tits and begin biting and gnawing on her pink nipple, bringing even more pain to the poor girl's abused body.

The magister leaned back and grinned in pleasure, his hips not moving an inch while his mind forced Leliana to do all the work, making her move up and down on his erect cock, occasionally making her remain fully impaled on him while her hips made little circular motions that brought tears to her eyes but immense pleasure to him as he felt his cock shift inside her abused cunt. If he wanted to, he could have forced her body to experience pleasure doing this but that was something he had long grown out of. These days, he enjoyed it much more if his slave girls suffered... indeed, it was one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs he knew.

He took the time to look over at Marjolaine, who was completely lost in her own pleasure, three fingers rapidly pumping in and out of her cunt, glistening with her juices. She well and truly enjoyed the suffering of her former lover - a sadist with a truly black heart. That he could appreciate. Not that, given the opportunity, he wouldn't bend her to his will as well. But he would not get out of here alive if he did... and besides, she had offered him the opportunity to have his way with this young, redheaded beauty. And for that, he was immensely grateful.

Leaning forward and biting her nipples again, he then busied himself with slapping her tits back and forth, listening to her muffled means and watching the tears of pain slide down her cheeks, trickling down her chin and onto his chest. Taking her voice away, robbing her of the chance to cry, to scream, to give voice to her pain, it amplified her misery a hundred fold. It was perfect. And unlike those of a less refined mindset, he did not need to hear her voice to know how much she suffered. One look into her eyes, the only thing he had not taken control of, was more than enough.

"You want to scream, don't you?" he teased her, slapping her tits again a few times, all the time forcing her to ride his cock faster and faster. Slowly but steadily, he felt like cumming but was, of course, still unwilling, to take any action other than controlling the Orlesian bard. "You want to beg me to stop... to allow you to get up... maybe even get back to your cell, right? But most of all, you want to scream... you want to let it all out... all the pain, all the sadness, all the horror we put you through..."

"But... I am not going... to let you..." he grunted, directing her to move up until his cock slipped out of her cunt completely... then forced her to move down with all her strength, immediately impaling herself fully. He could see her tensing up, her eyes speaking of the intense pain this forced motion caused. That, of course, only spurred him on to continue, making her move up, letting the cock slip out fully, then impale herself again, faster and faster and faster.

It was actually Marjolaine who climaxed first, shuddering in the throes of yet another intense orgasm while she drank in the suffering of Leliana. Screaming in pleasure, she had to steady herself against the table, her legs weak from the rush. "Hmm... she suffers so sweetly..." the noblewoman moaned, panting in the aftermath.

"That she does..." Mirentor commented, feeling his own climax approach. Forcing her down again, he made Leliana rock her hips back and forth, her tortured inner walls massaging his cock until he finally spurted all his cum into her sore opening, forcing yet another pained grunt from between her lips which he still prevented from opening for more than that. "Yesss... .that was wonderful... your ... lover is a great slave..."

Marjolaine nodded, collecting herself, though the greedy glimmer in her eyes had not dissipated in the slightest. "Now, let's do that other thing we agreed upon..."

Mirentor chuckled, making Leliana move away and assume a position on all fours. "You certainly are insatiable... alright, someone bring the Mabari!"

"The Mabari?!" These words for a moment snapped Leliana out of the enchantment, which of course cost her a great deal of pain, when the spell punished every inch of her body with burning agony. She instantly recalled that some guards were speaking as tossing one of the disobedient slave girls to the dogs. "No... please..." she whimpered and Mirentor, his interest caught lifted the spell for a moment.

"What do you want to say, my dear?" he asked.

"Don't... have... me killed... I am... I am... obedient... I am your good... slave... fuck slave..." the redhead whispered, hating herself for it. There were times in this dungeon she really wished she was dead, but when confronted with the possibility to be thrown to be eaten alive by the dogs, she couldn't stop but beg and plead for her life.

"Kill you?" Mirentor laughed heartily, as if he heard the best joke ever, his stern appearance brightening for the slightest moment.

"Don't worry my dear" Marjolaine also chuckled and patted Leliana's head, reassuring her "We won't kill you, the dog won't kill you. In fact, the opposite. He is going to show you his appreciation. Those Fereldens love their Mabaris... and as I recall you love animals as well?" she asked.

"No... you can't..." Leliana gasped, as the realization of what Marjolaine said finally came upon her. "You can't mean..." her words were immediately cut short, when Mirentor took over her mouth once again.

"We can't? And you were just trying to convince us what an obedient little slave you are." The mage said "In fact, as you already are a fuck slave, why not become a fuck pet?" he asked mockingly.

Leliana tried to shout, protest, plead and beg, but she only could do it in her own mind, betrayed by her body again, locked inside it like in the worst prison. She could only see when a soldier opened the door and let in a huge Mabari hound. The beast was bigger than any dog Leliana had seen before, massively built, weighting enough to knock a man in armor off his feet. Its face was covered in battle scars and tattoos. It slowly approaching, growling threateningly. They said Mabari were the most intelligent dogs that there were, their development influenced by the magi. This one surely had a keen instinct or was simply trained well, as he shot one glanced at Mirentor, a longer stare at the Orlesian noblewoman and quickly started circling Leliana, spit gathering in his half-open mouth.

"Mmmm..." a small whimper involuntarily escaped Leliana's throat as she felt her body switch positions, sit down on the cold floor, facing the dog. Then she spread her legs, spread them wide, exposing her cunt, her pussy lips still swollen and reddened from the abuse she sustained. What was worse she felt her hands move, one grabbing the aching flesh of her breast, while other began to rub her cunt, spreading its lips enticingly before the Mabari.

The beast approach, began sniffing, its nose almost buried in her crotch, but Leliana would not dare to move even if she could. Suddenly the beast barked, showing its teeth, and Leliana's mind froze at the thought it would bit her... there. The animal however just pulled its hard tongue and began licking her cunt, the unpleasant sensation brining small whimpers from the terrified redhead. Even with her body "enticing" the dog, how did it know? Did it mean...

"Oh yes," Marjolaine said, guessing her thoughts immediately "We had it trained. Mostly on lowly whores and elves, but I'm sure he won't mind. Now show him what a bitch in heat you are" she said.

Mirentor made just one gesture, and Leliana began to turn going on all fours again, presenting her shapely ass and cunt to the sniffing animal.

"Pity Rayleigh will miss the show" Marjolaine stated flatly, but then a small smile appeared on her lips. "Well, he will have a lot of chances to see it again. I feel we will be doing this often."

Leliana barely heard her. Every single fiber of her body was shivering with panic. She had expected a lot of things to happen to her now... but she never ever thought they would force her to debase herself like this. This was truly the most degrading act they could force upon her... and she could not even beg them to stop, Mirentor's control of her body having become absolute once more.

She felt the animal's warm breath on her outer cunt lips, followed by its cold nose, but this time, it did not lick her again. Panting, it seemed to wait for something, a command... which was soon forthcoming from Marjolaine. The noblewoman, a frightening grin on her face, clapped her hands and nodded to the smart animal. "Go ahead, she's yours!"

Suddenly, the beast almost jumped onto her, forcing a short gasp of terror and surprise from Leliana's lungs. She felt its claws scrape over her back as it sought a comfortable position - comfortable for itself only, of course. They really had it trained well, she thought bitterly. Finally, his full weight came to rest upon her, putting more strain onto her already-exhausted arms. But she could not leave this position, her limbs heavy as lead.

As she finally felt the dog's breath on her neck and something touch the entrance to her sore cunt, she tried one last time to cast a pleading glance to Marjolaine in the vain hope that she could move her former lover's icy heart. But all she saw in the Orlesian's eyes was lust and pure, sadistic glee. "Oh, this will be good..." she muttered breathlessly, her hand already moving back between her legs, her fingers playing with her own wet cunt once more. Leliana knew Marjolaine sometimes had truly boundless sexual energies, but she had never before thought this could be a bad thing for her own well being. But now, she understood that only other important matters and maybe a busy schedule had kept the noblewoman from abusing her further on her last visit...

When finally, the dog thrust his cock into her sore, defenseless pussy, Mirentor saw it fit to give her her voice back, just to hear her ear-piercing scream. The dog was quite well-equipped, Mabari penises looking much like those of humans, and immediately, it thrust forward, not caring about her resistance or the lack of lubrication from her dry, unwilling cunt. Not even her scream deterred the beast - in fact, that only seemed to spur it on to thrust harder, its hips moving to bury every inch of his cock into her snatch, agony filling her lower body. "Gyaaaarrrrrrgh!" she howled, tears shooting into her eyes, running down her face as the dog began to move its cock in and out of her with astonishing speed. Of course, they could teach him to rape a girl, even to enjoy her screams, but they could not teach the Mabari the fine details of cruelty. It would not get slow just to prolong her torment, at least that was a relief... until Leliana remembered that Mabari could last longer than human men...

"Ah, he really likes you!" Marjolaine exclaimed as the dog leaned down, resting its muzzle in her neck, its large, rough tongue licking Leliana's sweaty, glistening skin while it kept raping her, pounding into her cunt all the force it could muster. Leliana looked at Marjolaine, who had buried three fingers in her snatch once more, her eyes fixed alternately on Leliana's swaying tits and her pain-stricken face.

"Please... make it stop... I beg you... I'll aaaaaaaargh! I'll do anything but make it stop! PLEASE!"

"That would be a bad idea, my dear," Mirentor cut in before Marjolaine could respond. "You see, every text on the care of Mabari warns of one thing... never come between the Mabari and his bitch. Which, at the moment - and at certain enjoyable times in the future - is you. So, even if we wanted to, we could not stop him. You will just have to bear it until it fills you with its seed."

"And afterwards, you'll lick up every drop that falls to the floor!" Marjolaine announced cheerfully.

"No... no... no..." Leliana kept grunting and moaning in pain in the rhythm of the dog's fierce thrusts. "No... please... noooo!" her moans transformed into long wail of pain and despair. The beast was fucking her viciously, hard and brutally, pushing and pounding into her sore snatch. Each thrust made the cute redhead cry shortly in pain, her beautiful face transformed in an almost unrecognizable mask of agony.

"Yes... yes...." Marjolaine kept breathing heavily, her hand relentlessly working between her pussy lips, her long fingers moving in deep. Even Mirentor glanced for a moment on the noblewoman with hungry eyes, admiring her beautiful body trembling, her other hand touching her shapely breasts and hard nipples. Quickly however he turned his gaze back to Leliana, as the redhead's lovely body, despite being still bound by the spell basically rocked back and forth as the dog was fucking her in a mating frenzy. The Mabari was gasping heavily, its tongue licking the back of Leliana's neck.

Sweat had already covered the entire body of the cute redhead, glistening as she was being raped and degraded beyond what she thought was possible. The way in which the Mabari fucked her, his thrusts getting quicker and quicker would suggest that it was nearing climax - if it was a human - as the dog seemed to be capable to go for ever. "Pleaseeee... I beg... I beg you..." Leliana knew how useless her pleading was, but she couldn't help herself as it was simply too much for her, it would be too much for anyone to bear. "I will do everything, I will kiss your feet... lick... your cunt... suck you off." Her gaze turned to Mirentor. "I will give you... my ass... you can fuck... rape it... while you hurt... hurt me... oh, please... make it stop!" she cried desperately but was silenced quickly as the Mabari barked threateningly next to her ear.

"It is so gracious of you" Mirentor smirked. "Of course you will do everything. After this fuck you will gladly do everything either way. Hence, you have nothing to offer. And that will be an important lesson for you - learning that you are only a dog's bitch. Less even, because for a real Mabari bitch of fine race one must pay a substantial amount of money while you... you are just a fuck slave."

"Oh yes... yesss... you are just a whore... oh have I love seeing you like this..." Marjolaine moaned. "My sweet lovely Leliana being fucked like a bitch in heat..."

Another tortured moaned escaped Leliana's mouth, her face turning red with shame as well as exertion. She, who was a celebrated Orlesian bard, a elite spy... now, after being degraded, gang-raped, tortured, fucked in every way possible, she was being subjected to the worst ordeal ever, being raped by a filthy animal. "Noooo!"

"Oh yes... take her... rape her cunt raw... flood her with your dirty sticky jism..." she moaned as she was nearing climax.

It was unclear whether the dog somehow understood her, Mirentor transmitted the wish or simply aroused by the redhead's trembling wavering body, her abused pussy gripping the huge dick, the Mabari finally became to cum. Its thrusts became stronger and deeper and soon...

"Noooo!" Leliana gave a long piercing wail as she felt the hot, sticky, disgusting liquid fill the most intimate part of her body. Only now did she realize how wrong she was when she assumed that there was no way in which her pussy could be abused that wasn't done to her before.

"Yes..!" Marjolaine cried loudly, her hips moving as she started cumming, her fingers wet from the juices flooding out of her hole. She kept cumming as Leliana was filled with Mabari sperm, the dog shooting load after load of his liquid into the tortured, now completely broken redhead.

Of course, when he was finally done and pulled out of her, Mirentor made her lap up the cum that splattered onto the floor, the taste making her gag and retch, though the mage kept her body under control, even forcing her tongue to linger on the spots to "clean them thoroughly." The sight of this humiliation was enough to grant Marjolaine another orgasm and she screamed out her release just as Leliana had finally finished her degrading task and Mirentor finally released her, allowing the redhead to curl up into a sobbing ball on the floor.

It was this moment that marked the final and irreversible end to her freedom. Marjolaine made certain that Leliana would never ever set foot outside the prison as a free woman again. Held without a trial, her body had become the plaything of the guards and her former lover, who visited regularly, if only to have the Mabari rape her again. There was not a single quiet night for Leliana. Every hour was filled with dread, every meal was covered in sperm and every attention she received was brutal and merciless.

Even though Brennya now often shared Leliana's fate, being raped practically every day, she was nevertheless allowed to take out her frustrations on the Orlesian, brutally fucking her just as hard as the men did, maybe even harder. After a few weeks, however, the other guards finally decided to end the charade and stripped Brennya not only of her uniform but also of her freedom, chaining her up alongside Leliana during their rape sessions. Those who had to wait their turn to pound Leliana's holes enjoyed Brennya in the meantime and when they finally left, the exhausted former guard raped Leliana to make herself forget the constant humiliation.

Leliana fought to cling to the last shreds of dignity she thought she possessed, only to lose them every single night to the hands and cocks of the ravenous guards and Brennya. There seemed to be no end in sight for her.

But one thing would change in time. After one year of constant degradation, Marjolaine finally decided to release her from prison. But all thoughts of freedom were quickly squashed when the noblewoman forced the redhead to submit to the Mabari again and then proceeded to take her back to Orlais - as a slave, forever owned by the most cruel mistress the young bard could imagine...



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