Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Balls Part 1 (bbF, mf, b-mast)
by Grave Robber ([email protected])

Majin Buu was defeated. Peace had settled in all over the earth, and at last
the Z warriors were getting used to some much needed rest and relaxation.
Well maybe not in Goku's household. Goku had once again left his family too
train, this time to train Uubu, a young fighter who was supposedly the kind
reincarnation of Buu. Chi Chi had mellowed out in the last 7 years, but with
Goku once again alive, she was back to her old ways. Goten and Gohan were
put on strict rules and forbidden to train or fight, in fact if she caught
either of them in Super Saiyan she cut their allowance for that week. Gohan,
however was give a little bit of slack when it came to dating Mr Satan's
daughter, Videl. Chi Chi liked Videl, not only did she think her son was
going to marry her, she also believed Gohan's marriage would finally force
him to settle down and The Satan riches would allow Chi Chi to retire to a
life of luxury. Chi Chi tended to be manipulative that way.

Without Goku, Chi Chi usually became more frustrated. Chi Chi was privately
a sex addict. And Goku, with his saiyan blood was really the only man who
could fulfil her every desire. The real reason for Chi Chi's outbursts was
sexual frustration, though only Goku really knew that. While Goku was
training in the afterlife, Chi Chi had discovered new ways to get her off,
her dildos. Chi Chi liked all kinds of dildos, short, fat, long, skinny,
ribbed, smooth, metallic, she didn't care, she even used to keep a small 4
inch dildo permanently in her pussy during times of extreme sexual
frustration. That 4 inch dildo, could be thanked for Gohan and Goten's last
7 years of relaxation. With Goku back, Chi Chi threw out all her dildos to
save herself the embarrassment if he found them but with Goku once again
away training she needed a new dildo, and the only place to buy them was in
the city. She decided to take Goten to the city to visit the Briefs family.
It had been weeks since Chi Chi had seen Bulma, and the two often liked to
chat/fight over their lifestyles and respective husbands. Goten was looking
forward to seeing his fusion partner Trunks.

Chi Chi and Goten arrived pretty quickly in the city thanks to a certain
flying cloud, nimbus. Chi Chi had always been jealous of Bulma's riches and
intelligence and every time she saw that immense round capsule like shape of
the Brief house, her blood began to boil. It was for this reason that Chi
Chi and Bulma decided to go out, as Chi Chi couldn't stand to sit down in
Bulma's extravagant and lavish house. But the problem was who would look
after Trunks and Goten.

The two of them could easily defend themselves they were the strongest kids
on the planet. However, the two of them were also amongst the naughtiest.
Their powers gave them limitless possibilities to cause mischief. Trunks'
brains and Goten's innocence had caused their fair share of trouble and
destruction over their short 8 year lives. They needed someone strong and
entertaining to babysit the destructive duo. Vegeta was off training, and
neither Bulma or Chi Chi thought he would have agreed to it anyway. Gohan
was off on a date with Videl and the other Z warriors couldn't care less.
The only person left was Android 18.

* * *

Act 1. Android 18 Comes To Babysit...

18 had settled down to a steady family life at the Kami House, with perverted
Roshi and her loving husband Krillin. 18 didn't love Krillin or even like
him, he was kind, cute and a total sex addict just like she was. 18 was once
an ordinary woman, but Dr Gero had changed that. He implanted certain devices
in 18 which changed not only her physical appearance, persona and strength
but also her sexuality. Gero had created 18 not only to kill Goku, but to
bend to he every sexual fantasy. 18 was constantly wet and she constantly
needed sex. Krillin was pretty much a virgin when she met him. He hadn't even
seen a woman naked until their first time in bed. Marron his ex-girlfriend
was too ditzy and she dumped him before he had a chance to get into her
panties. Krillin's sexual frustrations allowed 18 to make him into her own
little slave. However her feelings towards Krillin were deepening, they had
a child together and his fatherly instincts made him seem more manly, more
sexy. When he gave his life in a failed attempt to save his family, 18
actually did fall in love with him. However while her personal attraction to
him had increased, his physical condition didn't allow her to make use of it.
Krillin was getting old, and these days could barely even get an erection,
and when he did, it was short lived.

18 arrived and Chi Chi and Bulma left to go shopping and have a coffee. When
18 walked in the door Trunks instantly got a hard on. He was the more mature
and mischievous of the two, he was also more intelligent. Trunks had browsed
through his grandfather's science books at a young age and learnt all about
sex. He also learnt that he had an extremely large dick for an 8 year old
boy. It was 8 inches long and about 4 inches thick. He figured (correctly)
it was the Saiyan blood within him. Trunks oogled 18, her nice round tits
and beautiful face, not to mention an ass that made the girls in the
magazines under his bed look like ugly whores. 18 noticed Trunks' dick, but
didn't make much of it. She rolled her eyes and waved a piece of her hair
out of her eyes. "Ok boys you know the deal.. no messing around", she was
less than thrilled to be baby sitting the kids of two of her previous
enemies and even less impressed by Chi Chi and Bulma who had often snobbed
her for her previous attempts to blow up the earth.

18 went and began to read the paper while Trunks grabbed Goten and led him
into his bedroom.

"Ugh Trunks, how come your thingy is so hard? Its stickin out of your pants"
Goten innocently asked pointing at the large tent coming from Trunks' crotch

"It's a hardon idiot! Don't you get them?"

"Sure, but only when I wake up, not during the day or anything"

"Not even when you see a really hot girl?"

"Nope, no girls where I live, just mom, and well shes not hot, is she?"

"Well for me she is" Trunks said giving Goten that smug arrogant smile, he
inherited from his father. Goten punched him.

"Well your mom has the biggest thingys I've ever seen!"

"Look didn't you notice 18? How hot she is?"

"Well yeah I guess, actually now you mention it, I did get one of those
stiffon thingys when I saw Gohan's girlfriend Videl for the first time"

"Good, so you aren't gay"

"Yeah I am!" Goten gave Trunks a big goofy smile

"Goten have you ever seen some white stuff come out of your uhum thingy?"

"Nope, though I do pee outta there"

"Goten pull down your pants for a second"

"NO! Mommy told me never to do that!"

"GOTEN! Look I want to show you something its a lot of fun."

"Well ok". Goten dropped his pants revealing a huge cock. Trunks confirmed
his theory that Saiyan kids have unusually large dicks. Trunks pulled down
his pants revealing his hard dick.

"Goten, do this" Trunks grabbed the base of his blood filled dick and began
to pump it slowly, Goten looked and began to do the same.

"Wow Trunks, check it out! Its hard like yours!"

"Does it feel good, Goten?"

"Yeah.." Goten began to speed up. "Yeah it does."

"GOTEN Don't go so fast, you'll bust a nut all over me."

"Bust a what?"

"Never mind". Trunks went and took out his porn magazines. He opened up the
pages and flicked to his favourite page.

"Are they hot, Trunks?" Goten said slowly stroking his dick.

"Are you stupid, look at them! They're total babes!"

"oh ok."

"Now watch this" Trunks began to speed up his hand to light speed and began
to moan.

"Are you ok Trunks?" Goten was worried. Trunks closed his eyes and shouted
for Goten to shut up and then he came. Goten's eyes dropped down to Trunks'
member and watch as squirt after squirt flew out and onto the pages of
Trunks' magazine. He put his finger in it and put it up to his mouth. "Mmmm
salty, would taste great on some chicken!" he exclaimed.

"Please tell me you did not just do that," Trunks said, ashamed that he might
have just had a "gay" encounter.

"Let me try," Goten began to speed up his hand. "Trunks I feel weird like
something is coming from my balls".

"Its ok Goten go for it," and he did, it was Trunks' turn to watch as Goten
had his very first orgasm right before Trunks' eyes. It was about this point
that Trunks realised that Goten's dick was pointing right at him.

"Trunks its coming now!" squirt after squirt flew right at Trunks landing all
over his face and shirt. "Oops sorry Trunks. What is that stuff anyways?"

Trunks blushed he was covered in his best friends cum. "ITS CALLED CUM YOU
IDIOT!" He powered up to Super Saiyan and Goten's cum flew off his face. It
was about then that Android 18 bust through the door.

"You boys cut that out now!"

Trunks and Goten both spun around and tried (badly) to cover their Saiyan
cocks. "How much did you see?" Questioned Trunks.

18 smiled at him, consciously mimicking his father's cocky smile "I saw it
all, "Cum boy"" She laughed. Trunks got mad.

"You shouldn't be spying on us!"

"Why? Aren't I allowed to know that you think I'm hot?" 18 had the upper
hand here, and she was ready to put those hands to work.

"Trunks thinks your real hot" Goten piped in, Trunks elbowed him in the

"Awww aren't you cute?" 18 said. She moved over and took both their cocks in
her strong yet distinctly feminine hands. "And I hate to tell you Trunks,
his cock is bigger than yours too". Trunks looked angered. She began to
stroke them until they were both hard again. "For kids your age you both
have beautiful cocks though, so don't feel bad Trunks." She took Trunks'
cock in her mouth.

"Oh wow 18.. I-" Goten began shouting and screaming.

"Trunks shes eating your thingy!!!"

18 stopped and looked at Goten. "Oh god hes just as stupid as his father" she
thought mentally rolling her eyes in disgust. "No Goten I'm giving him a
blowjob, have you heard that expression before?"

He shook his head.

"Well it feels good.. here let me show you" she took his 9 and a half inch
dick in her mouth and began to suck.

Trunks watched as her beautiful soft cheeks caved in around his best friends
immense cock. She was clearly skilled in the art of sucking dick. "Hey what
about me?" Trunks whined.

18 responded by grabbing his cock and stroking him off.

Goten and Trunks stood next too each other while they watched their
babysitter and ally alternate between their huge Saiyan cocks. "Hey Trunks,
she really is hot".

18 slowly sucked them, not quite being able to deep throat them, after years
of being used to Krillin's mere 5 incher. Instead dhe focused on the upper
penis, licking the underside of the cock and tonguing their dickholes.
Tickling them. Gero had implanted in her a deep understanding of all things
sexual. She knew every technique and was pretty much up for anything. Krillin
used each of her respective orifices at one time or another. But the idea of
having two guys, let alone Saiyan children, made 18 wetter than ever before.
As her tongue licked and her mouth sucked she thought of all the interesting
positions she could be in with these two. "Ok guys she stopped sucking. Time
to really get down to business." 18 began to strip off.

18 stood there naked in all her biotechnological glory. Her perky b cup
breasts were completed by tiny pink nipples, which were constantly hard due
to her constant state of arousal. Her pussy was bald, Gero was not a fan of
bushes of any size, and had removed the DNA coding from 18 to grow pubic
hair. She was a biologically engineered sex machine and standing before her
were two 8 year old Saiyans with monster cocks. Trunks stood eyes bulging
(amongst other things) at the exquisite woman standing nude before him.

Goten on the other hand looked confused, without warning he walked over and
began to feel around 18's pussy. Brushing his clumsy youthful hands over all
areas. "Hey, wheres your thingy?".

Trunks slapped his forehand, "Don't you know about S-E-X?"

Goten innocently shook his head, then he remembered "Oh Gohan told me about
it, he said its when a man takes his thingy and puts in it a woman's hole to
make babies!, Trunks uh.. we aren't making babies are we? Cause I don't think

18 cut him off laughing, "Sex can also be used for pleasure, did you enjoy
the blowjob you got before?"

"Whats a blow- oh yeah, that was awesome!"

"Well imagine that feeling but in a silkier, moister and tighter hole."

"Ohh that must be heavenly."

"It is, why don't you try?"

18 jumped on the bed and spread her youthful legs, despite being in her mid
30s she still had the body of a 18 year old, with no signs of fat or sag.

"Ummm 18, wheres the hole?".

Trunks once again slapped his forehead. 18 put her left hand over her fat
pussy lips and spread them to reveal her plushy pink inner centre.

Goten bent down and examined it, "Looks like it could be a tight squeeze."
He jumped up and positioned his huge cock at the entrance and in one swoop
penetrated the divine Android 18.

"Oh god, Goten, your so huge.."

Goten groaned at the tightness, it felt like nothing he'd experienced before,
its tightness felt almost painful but its moisture and warmth made him feel
so full of pleasure like never before. He stood there. "18 what do I do now?"
he asked in a moment of confusion, pleasure and desperation.

"Move your hips in and out!" she shouted.

And Goten did, at a rapid pace, had 18 been any weaker her pelvic bones would
have been shattered. Trunks stood mouth open as his best friend lost his
virginity to a gorgeous sex machine. Goten pummelled 18 like a battering ram,
going faster than the speed of light. 18 began to feel herself cum, and let
loose. Her pussy muscles clenched around Goten's immense member.

"18 its happening again!"

"Go on Goten do it in me".

And with that Goten came inside 18. Gero had installed a handy little device
that meant 18 would only be impregnated if she actually wanted to be. Which
meant she could be filled to exploding with cum. Goten's load was huge,
especially considering he had only just cum. Each squirt of cum felt like a
mini ki blast inside her. It was incredibly painful, yet still pleasurable,
by the time Goten finished, 18 had cum again. As her pussy muscles contracted
again Goten's cum seeped out and all over Trunk's bed sheets. "OH Goten, that
was amazing."

Goten blushed.

Trunks looked at Goten then at 18. "MY TURN" he shouted. He wanted to loose
his virginity and screw 18 like Goten did. For the first time Trunks was
actually following Goten.

"Ok Trunks but I want to try something different with you," she winked at him
and climbed off the bed. She lay down on the floor and then crawled up so
that her head was supporting her body against the side of the bed, pussy and
ass in the air. "Trunks, get on the bed"

"Ok 18" He was breathing heavily excited about what he was about to do.

"Turn around so that little butt of yours is facing me. And take that nice
long dick of yours, bend it between your legs and fuck me".

He did so, 18's pussy had been made significantly looser by Goten, but thanks
to Gero's engineering it was still remarkably tight. He began to sit up and
down, each time thrusting his massive boy cock into 18.

Goten looked impressed. "18 can you give me one of those blow thingys?"

She looked at him, her face covered in sweat. She nodded her head. She
engulfed the head of Goten's penis and began to suck. All three of them were
enjoying the most amazing sexual pleasure. Trunks looked down and saw 18's
rosebud asshole, spat on his finger and worked it in. 18 yelped but her cries
were absorbed by Goten's member.

"Damn I gotta try her asshole next," thought Trunks as he sped up his
thrusts. While his finger also sped up working in and out of 18's tight butt.
Trunks' balls continued to slap against 18's clit bringing her to yet another
orgasm. For the first time Trunks felt 18's pussy spasm around his cock and
he could not help but cum. He let loose stream after stream into 18's already
full cunt.

18's moans and screams vibrated against Goten's cock bringing him to another
orgasm. He came in her mouth and 18 couldn't be happier, she loved the taste
of jizm, another implant of Gero's creation. However she was not used to the
super load of the youngest super saiyan. Goten's cum load was too much, 18
began to gag and eventually she had to let her mouth off of his cock to
breath. Goten continued to cum, decorating her beautiful face and neck.

Trunks got off 18 and she slid to the floor. "Goten! Why'd you do that to

"Its ok Trunks, but I do need a bit of a clean so how bout you put that mouth
of your's to work? Huh?"

"WHAT!? I'm not going to lick Goten's cum!"

"Why not Trunks it tastes soooo nice!" 18 moaned in that deep feminine voice
of hers. "And if you even think your dick is going in my ass without it, you
are in for a surprise".

Trunks face went bright red he sulked over to 18's cum covered upper body and
began to lick his best friend's cum from her body. Deep down Trunks actually
felt pretty hot about doing something this disgusting, but like his father he
had a proud fa‡ade. He didn't want ANYONE to know he enjoyed this.

"Mmmm Trunks you have a nice tongue,"

He lapped up the white sticky substance and let it slide down his throat. "Ok
18 now let me fuck your ass!" He was pretty defensive about it.

"Hmmmm how bout you both double team me? Goten in my pussy and you in my

Both of them smiled. But Trunks had some other ideas. "psst, Goten I have an

Goten laid down on the bed with his dick sticking straight in the air. 18
mounted him, her now stretched pussy easily encompassing the size and width
of Goten's enormous cock. Her ass faced towards Goten's face.

"Ok Trunks ready to take my ass?"

Trunks got into position, his own butt practically sticking in Goten's face.
He put the head of his saiyan cock at the entrance to 18's puckered asshole.
He pushed forward and slid past her sphincter. The first thing Trunks
realised was her ass was warmer and much tighter. He felt like he was going
to bust a nut right there, but he remembered the plan. Goten and Trunks both
began to alternate their pumping. 18 began to sweat. She'd never felt this
full in her entire life. It was amazing, she couldn't believe such young
children had such huge cocks, and could pleasure her this much. She thought
she might have to babysit more often.

Gradually both Goten and Trunks began to increase their pace, 18 came yet
again clenching both her ass and pussy around the two youngest Saiyans. When
suddenly an unusual light filled the room. She tilted her head back to see
what was going on. Trunks and Goten had both gone Super Saiyan. She began to
feel something in her pussy and ass, like their cocks were growing. But that
was impossible. Yet it was happening.

"What-UGH what are you guys doing?!" she screamed in pure pain as her pussy
and asshole were stretched beyond belief, little trickles of blood began to
drip from her ass as the stretching began to cause her skin to tear. She
looked down, tears in her eyes to see that Goten's balls had also grown, each
were at least the size of tennis balls.

18 was in pain, the most excruciating pain she had ever felt. Yet she loved
it. All 3 of them began to buck their hips in unison, each one drawing from
the other's pleasure. Goten and Trunks could feel each other's cock through
the skin separating ass and pussy. The two super Sayains began to fuck faster
and faster, reaching light speed. 18 spun her head around to see nothing, but
she felt it, her ass cheeks became bruised by Trunks' thighs moving at such a
rapid rate. She came over and over again, the first time she had ever
experienced a multiple orgasm.

Eventually her two young masters came, ending their reign over her body.
Their huge balls exploded more cum into her than she had seen in a life
time. So much so that it began to fly out of her pussy and ass, covering
both Goten, Trunks and most of the back wall. Gradually the loving
threesome slowed down, beyond exhausted the 3 of them fell asleep, cocks
still deep in the body of Android 18.

Act 2. Bulma & Chi Chi, open up.

Bulma and Chi Chi had been shopping for well over an hour. They'd been
everywhere, while Bulma had pretty much bought everything in site, Chi Chi
was much more restrained, she was saving her money for some new dildos to
relieve the sexual frustration, Goku's training had caused her. "So what's
a matter Chi Chi? You haven't bought anything yet!"

The two attractive older women had decided to settle for an afternoon coffee
break. Bulma had used her social status to get the two a private booth, in
one of the city's most expensive coffee houses. "Well I'm saving for

"Oh yeah what? A dildo?" She began to laugh.

"Well actually.."

"You're kidding right? I mean Goku must be great in bed!"

"He is.. when hes around but most of the time hes off training, and sometimes
I just get so FRUSTRATED by it, I mean-" she realised she was beginning to
speak loudly. "I mean, what else am I supposed to do? A girls gotta cum!"
Chi Chi only used that kind of language when she was sexually frustrated, at
those times anything could fly out of her mouth.

"Yeah, tell me about it. Vegeta's the same, always off training, never at
home pleasuring his wife."

"Saiyans.." Both of them shook their heads and sighed at the same time.

"So, Bulma, what do you think about when you.. well you know.."

"Masturbate? Oh I always think of the time I lost my virginity.. that was
the best sex I ever had."

"Really, I thought Vegeta would be great in bed. I know all about Saiyan

"Yeah but just like Vegeta is out of bed, hes selfish as hell. He won't go
down on me, and just expects me to blow him whenever and where ever, unlike

"What do you know about Goku in bed?" Chi Chi glared, her stare could kill a

"Well don't you know? I mean Goku and I lost our virginity together!"

"WHAAAAAT?!? I never knew"

"It was before you met him, the day after I met him, he was just so innocent
and well.. it happened, it was the most amazing night of my life and I'll
never forget it"

"So what happened? I'm his wife! I want to know EVERYTHING!"

"Well ok.. it all happened like this.."

The day Goku and I met was quite an adventure for both of us. He'd never
seen a girl before and I was kidnapped by a giant dinosaur. I needed to pee
when that beast captured me, actually that's when he caught me, I just pulled
my panties down and was about to squat when he got me. Thankfully Goku saved
me, but not before I fell out of the sky and landed on a branch hanging off a
cliff face. I was so scared I peed my panties.

Goku collected me from the cliff and we went in search of a hotel so that I
could change my panties and have a shower, the whole ride over, Goku kept
asking me things about girls bodies, private questions and I never answered
him. I mean at 14 who wants to tell a kid that kind of stuff?

We found a hotel and I went up to have a shower. Goku eventually got bored
and raided the mini bar, he must have eaten something bad, cause well, he had
to go to the bathroom. I think it might have been some left over curry. When
he got in there I was having a shower, the water was on so loudly and I was
so absorbed in my own pleasure from the water spray I didn't hear him come in
and sit on the toilet.

He began to take a shit, and well, you know how loud Saiyans can be. I peeked
through the shower curtain to see who was there and there was Goku. He spun
around and looked at me and waved. But as he looked at me I noticed his dick
began to rise, and I mean he was just a kid, and well, you've seen what Gohan
and Goten must have been like as kids, Goku was huge. I heard Mom talking
about big cocks being best, and well, having never had sex before, I decided
to take advantage of the little fella.

I let go of the curtain letting Goku see his first naked girl, he was so
confused, so cute. I bent down and began to suck his huge cock, it must have
been at least 10 inches. He didn't know what was going on, it made me so wet
to think what I was doing to this kid from the jungle. I couldn't get most of
his cock in my mouth but I sucked the tip. I was totally unskilled, but I
don't think he cared.

I didn't let him cum though, first he had to finger me, and he did, his short
stubby little fingers patted and stroked me while he sucked on my still
growing tits. After that we fucked doggy style, he popped my cherry with that
huge Saiyan cock of his. I think he was pretty scared about the blood, but he
was too horny to care. He came inside me just as I had my orgasm. And that
was it...

"Wow" Chi Chi said, her breathing was increasing and her more than ample
breasts were rising and falling with her panting. Bulma was the same and
they both realised just how horny they were.

"So Chi Chi, you wanna go and buy those dildos?".

Chi Chi nodded and they rushed out the door, Bulma leaving a hundred dollar
note for the 2 coffees they never even finished.

The two found Chi Chi's favourite store and entered in a horny dash. They
walked into the store-which was practically empty of people. But the store
was huge. Every sex toy imaginably was there.

"Wow Chi Chi you sure know how to shop."

Bulma found a huge 25 inch black rubber dildo, realistically shaped with
veins. Chi Chi walked around looking for something that could truly satisfy
her. Chi Chi spent half an hour admiring all the shapes and sizes, her
panties were totally drenched. The same could be said for Bulma, who had
loaded an entire Capsule Corp Trolley full of toys to satisfy herself,
dildos, magazines, videos, everything.

"Excuse me miss," a young sales clerk by the name of Erasa, tapped Chi Chi on
the shoulder.

When she spun around she was shocked to see it was Gohan's friend Erasa from
school! Erasa went to school with Gohan and Videl. When her father lost his
job down at the police station due to the arrival of Saiyaman (who had halted
all crime in the area), Erasa was forced to get a job. The only job she could
find was working in the Sex Store, helping mainly unsatisfied middle aged
women and horny men with their sexual troubles.

"Erasa what are you doing here !!!"

"Mrs Goku! What are YOU doing here?!?"

To be continued

What Will Happen to Erasa, Chi Chi & Bulma?
What Happened On Gohan's Date?
How much more mischief can Goten & Trunks cause?
Find out in part 2


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