This story is fiction and should be thought of as fiction. It in no way
represents the characters of dbz or any other show. This story starts off as
drama but turns into porn quickly. Be warned, its nasty. If that offends you
then don't read it.

This story contains anal oral and gangrape.


Dragon Ball Z: The Moon's Ritual
by Videllover666

"This isn't good" Gohan said under his breath, watching the sun go down on
what he feared would be the worst day of his life.

It had been just last week when Vegeta had surprised the whole group of Z
fighters by calling them togethor. Well, acutally he had just called the
Saiyans togethor but their "mates" as he had put it, had come too. Including
his own. But that was to be expected since the meeting was held in Bulma's
backyard. Gohan remebered that day well. That dark, terrible day that had
started out so beautiful and had turned so ugly. He and Videl had only been
married for 5 months but it was going great and that day had been especially
"kind" to him by ways of the bedroom.

He had been happy to be there with his friends, oh sure he saw his mom, dad,
and Goten alot, and Trunks when he could find time to drive there though he
prefered flying. He said it made him feel free, Gohan agreed with him on

But he hadn't gotten to see Bulma and Vegeta in a long time. Now he wished
that he hadn't seen them that day either.

Vegeta had told everyone that in one week a very honored Sayian ritual would
come to pass. Once every 100 years, the moon would cause a male Sayian to go
into "heat" he had said.

When Goku had looked confused, Vegeta got annoyed and told him to put his
hand down. Then he went on to explain that every 100 years when a male Sayian
went into heat he would violently rape the nearest female around. And if he
didn't satisfy his animal urge for sex by morning his body would become weak
and the Sayian would almost always die.

Only once had a Sayian gone the night without mating and without dying, but
the pain he was in was so bad they had had to kill him later anyway.

Damn Moon! He thought. Why did Dende have to wish it back anyhow? But he
knew why. If the moon wasn't up for this ritual, the Saiyan would simply die
slowly and painfully.

He had said that the woman would have to gather in a barried up room together
with the males so that by morning all the urges would have been satisfied.
Everyone looked dismayed.

But Chi Chi was the only one who argued. In the end Goku had said she could
stay at the house because just two woman would be enough. At this Chi Chi
looked sick.

But she had reluctently agreed evenualy to let Goku have his way with Bulma
and Videl. They all had agreeded. I mean what choice did they really have?

That was to be tonight Gohan thought. Tonight would be the night that not
only would he rape his own wife and friend but so would his father, brother,
Trunks and Vegeta.

Gohan wanted it to be other women at least, but Vegeta had dissmissed that
plea immediately.

"She must be mated with a Sayian," he said. Those are the only woman the male
will be attracted to.

Gohan remembered mating Videl on their wedding night. The teeth marks were
still on her neck.

His thoughts were interupted by a hand on his shoulder. He looked up to see
the weak smile on his wife's face. She's being brave for me, he thought.

"Lets go," he said in a pain stricken voice. As if the mere reality of the
situation could physically hurt him. Though he was sure it would hurt his
wife more.

An hour later he, Videl, Goku, Trunks, Goten, Vegeta, and Bulma were all in
the gravity room with the door locked and the gravity set at normal.

No one wanted to say anything. Then it happened, all too soon....

"Ahhhhhhhh-Grrrrrrllll" The men screamed in pain as their minds were taken
over were quickly replaced with an animal like growl. Videl looked over at
Bulma and saw her staring at her husband and son in fear. Likewise Videl
looked back at her husband and yelped as she was tackled by his brother and

She felt Goten burn off her pants with his ki, caring nothing for the slight
burns it left on her legs and sensitive pussy. At the feeling of pain on her
cunt, Videl looked down and saw that the hair had been burned off.

Then her shirt was torn off by Gohan and her tits attacked by him and Goten.

"Oh god, Oww, ouch!" She started yelling when they began biting into the
hard nipples.

Bulma was on her back with her legs up in the air. Her clothes had been torn
off too, and Trunks was thrusting into her with no remorse while Vegeta
muffled her cries with his dick. He was laying on top of her, crushing her
tits and humping his large Sayain cock deep into her throat.

Videl was fliped over on her stomach and was surprised and scared as she
landed on her husbands chest. Hands on her shoulders forced her down on his
dick and pushed her standing up on it at an angle. An angle which presented
her virgin ass to Goten.

He wasted no time in driving his long thick cock up the small hole. She had
screamed out in pain and agony only to have it cut off by Goku's dick.
Instantly the three began ramming into her hard and painfully.

Bulma wasn't doing any better. She was on all fours being fucked at both
ends. Her ass filled by Vegeta and her mouth pleasureing her son. Her tits
swayed under her, the left one presently being mauled by Vegeta's hand.

Suddenly Vegeta went SSJ and his dick doubled in size, stretching her ass to
the limit. She screamed in pain around Trunks, her mouth bringing him to
orgasium quickly. He pulled out and began shooting over her face, covering
her eyes and mouth with his thick cum.

Videl's throat was already laced with cum, most of it in her stomach due to
goku driving his whole length into her mouth and shooting down her gullet.
She could taste it even as Goten and Gohan incresed their pace to a blinding
speed and fucked her ass and pussy raw. She was too weak to scream, both
from the relentless fucking she was recieveing and from the mulitiple
oragasms it had brought her too. She was so ashmed.

Bulma was being held up in the air by goku, her pussy coming down on his
SSJ2 dick over and over again. It was made more painfull when Vegeta had
bent her backwords and tilted her head back then forced his cock into her
mouth and down her throat. All the while she was still being fucked by her
childhood friend.

Gohan and Goten were sharing Videl's tender throat while Vegeta fucked her
ass, his balls slapping against her bald pussy over and over agian. Then
suddenly both goten and gohan pulled out of her mouth and sprayed jizz all
over her face. Covering her hair, nose, eyes and lips with their cum.

Bulma was lying on the ground on her back, her legs bent behind her head
painfully and her cunt filled with Gohan's dick. Her mouth was suddenly very
small as Goku's large cock forced its way in. She felt Gohan pull out and
spray on her tits then before her legs went down trunks began fucking her
exposed asshole brutily.

Goten's dick replaced his father's shortly after he came on her face. She
was unaware of how much time had pasted but she hoped it was alot. Then after
what seemed like hours in which had Goten cumming down her throat, and Trunks
dick which had previsly been in her ass went between her lips only to have
him pull out later and cum on her face, she pasted out.

Videl now felt something close to hatred for the blue haired woman, who,
after passing out had been left alone leaving videl to take Trunks' dick in
her mouth while Goten jacked off in her face and sprayed load after load on
her tits and hair. And Gohan was behind her fucking her ass with his father,
meaning poor Videl had two dicks stretching her anus and Vegeta was under
videl fucking her pussy and sucking and biting her sensitive tits.

It went on like this for hours until finally the sun came up. The men fell
asleep exhausted around Videl while Bulma still lay unconscious away from
the group and Videl was sprawled out on the floor, cum leaking from her
every orifice.


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