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she is about to leave his home is a little different.

Dragon Ball Z: Videl The Slut Part 1
by Videllover666

Videl had just waken up and found the sheets once again wet with her juices.
"Geeze, that's the third time this week" she thought. "Well it doesn't matter
anyway cause I'm still horny as hell."

She opened her bottom drawer and instanly her mouth and pussy began to water
at the sight of all her toys. After just a minute of searching she found what
she was looking for: Her favorite blue butt plug. It was a good 10" long and
3" wide.

"Time to put this baby where it belongs!" Videl flipped over onto her hands
and knees and reached her left hand back to spread her cheeks. "Good thing I
always sleep naked." Then, holding the monster buttplug with her small right
hand, she dipped it in her almost always wet pussy.

When she thought it was wet enough she brought it back up to her brown
puckered anus and began to push the horse sized plug into her small hole.
"Ahh, oh god I'm tight!" she yelled. "Well I won't be for long," and with
that she rammed it into her asshole. "Ahhhhhhh, JESUS CHRIST!" The pain was
excrusiating but, like a good little slut she continued to push it deeper
and deeper into her ass.

"Just..a...little..MORE" she thought, and scremed that last part as the blue
beast went all the way in. Her left hand let go of her butt and went up into
the air then, with the plug still deep in her ass her small but strong hand
came down hard on her left cheek. SMACK! Then on her right. SMACK! She kept
this up for 10 minutes.


Then her hand missed her raw red ass cheeks and hit the dildo that was still
deep in her butt." AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" She yelled. "God that hurt."

Videl moved her sore hand under her and down to her pussy and started rubbing
her clit." Thats Better" she thought as the pleasure covered the pain.

"And now back to work" she said as her small right hand grasped the plug. She
clenced her teeth perparing herself for what was to come.

Quickly she pulled it out until just the head was in and then with all her
strength videl rammed it back in."Ahh, oh god yess" she thought as the
pleaure of her pussy rubbing turn the pain in her ass into bliss.

Up and down her tiny hand went, driving the dildo deep into her butt over and
over. Her left began to spank her pussy and as she rammed the butt plug into
her ass one last time the pleasure overtook her and she came all over the bed

"Well I better get ready for School" she thought as she ripped the giant
dildo out of her stil tight ass.

"Boy I love a good ass ramming in the morning." Videl thought as she grabed
a towel from the closet(still naked of course)and headed to the bathroom to
take a shower.

Placing the Towel on the rack next to the shower, videl bent over the tub and
turned the knobs to start the shower.Videl looked at her naked form in the
full bathroom mirror while giving the water a chance to warm.

"GOD, i think my tits grew a little," Reaching up she cupped her full golden
globes in her hands and pinced the nipples between her thumb and forefinger.
Videl moaned a little as her super sensative nipples hared at her touch.
Releasing one hard as a rock nipple, she lowered her hand and tralied her
fingers over her shaven pussy. Her moment of sexual bliss was stoppted,
however, when the heat of the room got to her and she realised the mirror was
foged up.

"Oh I guess the water's ready" the horny little devil thought as she stepped
into the shower. For the next 10 minutes videl enjoyed a hot relaxing shower.
She scrubbed extra hard on her pussy (like always.) and paid alot of
attention to her large breasts. As Videl finished her shower and toweled off,
she suddenly felt incredibly hungry and even more incredibly horny. "Boy I've
gotta get down stairs!"

"Oh, hi daddy." Videl said.

"Hi honey, how are you?" The world champion said back.

"Good, except i'm really horny and hungry." she replied.

"Thats what I thought."

"Really, how'd you known?"

"Your naked."

"Oh yah I guess I am."

"Well if your really horny then suck on this." Hercule said as he stood up
from the table and dropped his pants to reveal a hard 9 in cock.

"Okay Daddy" Videl said happily as she droppeed to her knees and grasped her
father's erect member. Without any hesitation she stuck out her tongue and
began licking the head like it was a candy. She licked it from the head of
the dick all way down to base then back up and down again but this time
twerling her tongue around it. When she got to the base her drolling tongue
left her Daddy's monster cock and found it's way to his balls. She stroaked
the shafted with her left hand while her right hand spanked her wet pussy
and her mouth sucked both balls at the same time.

Videl dropped her hands to the floor and lowered her head down on her
father's crotch until her nose was in his pubic hairs. Then with the dick
completely down her throat, the little slut began to suck like a hoover.
Hercule gave off a small moan when videl started bobing her head up and
down, suck his cock for all she was worth the whole time. Up and down her
head went, her lips continualy sliding along her father's meaty shaft until
she felt her daddy's hands grab her by her pigtails and he began face
fucking her while she sucked.

This went on for Twenty minutes until finally hercule gave in to the pleasure
of feeling his daughters tongue on his dick while he violently face fucked
her oral orifice like it was a pussy and he came in Videl's mouth. He got a
real kick out of seeing Videl greedily swallow his entire load down her

Videl pulled her head off his cock and licked her lips before heading up
stairs to get dressed for school now that she had eaten.

After throwing on her favorite long sleeve black shirt with the word slut
printed on the front, a tight pair of short shorts and a white apron/dress
(aa:what is that thing) that covered up the word slut, her training gloves
and boots Videl grabed her helicopter capsol and ran outside.

Boom! The capsol expoled and suddenly her yellow helicopter apeared. The
little slut climbed in and took off and in no time at all was sitting down
in class next to Erasa.

"Hi Videl" The bimbo said.

"Hey Erasa" Answered ms satan.

"Say did you see Saiyaman yesterday?"

"Yes but I still don't know who he is."

"Maybe he'd tell you if you fuck him."


Just then Gohan came running in to class.

"Your late again Mr. Gohan." the teacher scowled.

"Sorry I overslept." The young saiyan lied. He had actually been stopping a
crime as Saiyaman.

"Well sit down."

"Yes Mr. green."

"So I guess your not wearing underwear today Videl" Erasa said quietly as
she eyed Videl's hardening nipples threw two layers of clothes.

"Oh ya your one to talk." Videl answered. "Besides seeing Gohan always makes
my nipples hard."

"Yes and I bet seeing you always makes a part of him hard too," Erasa

The girls hused up as Gohan sat down.

At the end of class the teacher told everyone they were going to do an
assiment on nature and its effect on physical health. This upset Videl as
she knew it would cut into her sex time. Everyone was paired up by the
teacher and Erasa was with sharpner and Videl was with Gohan.

"Oh great," Videl thought. "If I had been paired with Erasa I could have
spent alot of time between her legs and if I'd been paired with sharpner he
would've had me bent over his table right now but instead I'm flying Gohan
in my helicopter to his house in the mountains!"

She landed the plane and capsoled it. Then followed Gohan inside.

"I'm just going to change before we start." Gohan said.

"Okay" she repiled. "God he's cute" Videl thought.

It was a good thing that Chi Chi was off at the store or she would have seen
Videl's apron/dress on the floor and Videl's hand in her shorts playing with
her clit. Chi Chi wasn't home but Goten was.

"What are you doing?" he asked Videl when he walked downstairs and saw a girl
in the living room with her eyes closed and hand in her shorts.

"Huh?" the frighteded girl asked as she opened her eyes and looked around
for the voice she heard. Finally she looked down and saw a little boy who
looked a little like Gohan standing about five inches away from her and
because of his size his face was right in front of her shorts.

"I said, why have you got your hand in your shorts lady?" And with that,
little Goten, with his child like innocence reached his hands up and grasp
the hem of her shorts. Then before Videl could stop him, the little Saiyan
ripped her shorts in half.

"Ahh" Videl shouted but then stopped herself not wanting Gohan to come down
stairs and see her like this.

Goten stared wide eyeed at the sight in front of him: Videl's gloved hand was
on top of her clit and pussy was oozing pussy juice. "I saw a woman do this
once on tv but then a man stuck his fingers in her like this" he said and
jammed three fingers all the way up her pussy.

Videl snifled a scream but couldn't hold back the moan that followed it as
goten began fingering her like crazy with his Saiyan speed. "Oh yah, oh yah,
just a little more."

Videl moaned as her orgasm aproched. She couldn't belive this little 8 year
old who she just meet was finger fucking her into what was going to be the
most incredible orgasm of her life. Which she why she was so surprised when
goten pulled his fingers out and grabed her hand then grabed her other hand
and held them away from her soaking pussy.

"What, what are you doing, I'm almost there." The hot slut whined, who by the
way is only wearing a shirt that says slut,and gloves and boots.

"In the movie the girl took off the guys pants and um, what did they call
it, oh yah she sucked his cock." he said matter o factly.

"What? I'm not going to give you a blowjob!"

"Do it or I won't let you finish!"

She looked at him with pleading eyes.

"Do it or I'll hold you till Gohan gets here."

"Okay, okay I'll suck you off."

Videl dropped to her knees thinking THE NERVE OF THIS KID! Pretty good with
his fingers though. She leaned her head forward and bite the top of the top
of the 8 year old who she was about to suck off's shorts. (Cause Goten is
still holding her hands in a death grib.) She pulled down his pants and
looked up at the dick she had to suck.

"Oh my god," she thought "He's huge!"

Goten smiled. Clearly this girl who he just meet was surprised by the size of
his dick. But what human wouldn't be? All Saiyans have huge cocks and Goten's
was no exception. He had a 14" long 3 1\2" wide monster sticking straight out
and Videl couldn't wait to taste it.

Videl just staired at the massive saiyan cock that she was sure would feel
great going down her small throat.Her sluty mouth began to water at the
thought of sucking her friend's 8 year old brother's dick and of course
swallowing his delicious cum right down her throat and into her stomach.

"Well are you going to suck my cock or should I yell for my brother?" Goten

"Oh yeah I'm definitly going to suck your cock." 'Although, Gohan coming
downstairs and fucking me good and hard might be nice,' she thought.

The little slut moved her head forward and parted her lips to allow Goten's
tool to slide in. His cock was so large that she could only get the head in
at first but slowly and while moving her tongue around the head, she managed
to work half of the monster dick into her mouth. Looking up at goten she was
surprised to see that he wasn't even smiling he was just looking at her with
an emotinless look on his face! She realised that it was going to take a lot
of work to get this kid to cum and she really wanted him to cum deep in her
hot little throat so she could swallow it all down.

So with seven inc of saiyan cock in her mouth,the head of which was already
hitting the back of her throat, the little slut began to suck hard while
licking his dick and bobing her head up and down in an attempt to take him
deeper and hopefully deepthroat the minor. This took alot of skill and
concentraction on Videl's part and she was only too happy to be worshiping
this miraculous cock.

Videl lost her concentration for a moment when her nose hit his body. She
opened her eyes and realised she had taken the whole 14 inc down her throat.
She was overjoyied. Goten however, was upset that this little bitch had
stopped sucking him so, with his fastest Sayian speed he let go of her gloved
hands, ripped her t-shirt in half and used the two halves to tie Videl's
hands together behind her back.

"Hay what are you doing?" She tried to say but it came out as a mumble around
the young boy's cock.

Then Goten placed one hand on Videl's head and the other went under her
and began pinching her hard nipples painfully. Videl moaned at the sudden
attention to her senistive tits.Her moaning stopped when goten grabed her
head with his other hand and started violently face fucking the slut. It
took Videl a minute to get used to the feeling of a 14" long 3 1\2" wide
cock slamming into the the back of her throat over and over again, but once
she got used to it she started sucking the monster member that had invaded
her oral orifice.

She looked up at gotens eyes and for the next twenty minutes she stayed like
that until finally the pleasure became to much for young goten and he shot
load after load of cum into Videl's mouth. She tryed to swallow all of the
delicious cum but it was too much for her and some of it leaked out her mouth
and drippled down her chin. Videl moaned as she felt goten pinch her nipples
hard one last time before he pulled his cock out of her throat and to her
surprise began jacking off in her face. What really surprised her was the
speed that he was masterbating, he looked like his hand was going a mile a
minute on his cock and then suddenly he erupted a gallon of cum all over her
prettly little slut face.

A look of shock overcame her face when she turned and saw Gohan coming down
the stairs.

Videl looked at Gohan and boy did he look mad. "How could you do this to me?"
He yelled."

"Gohan wait I'm sorry." she pleaded as she crawled over to him on her knees
(her hands are still tied behind her back and she is too tired to stand up.)

"Sorry, your sorry! Is this suposed to make me feel better?" He yelled.

"I feel better." Goten said.

"Goten go outside and play."


"Now as for YOU," Gohan said looking at Videl, "I don't know what I'm going
to do to you."

"Please Gohan I'll do anything." She cried.

"Okay, well we'll just see about that." He said as he grabed Videl by her
left nipple and dragged her upstairs to his room.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow, oww!" Videl was in pain but couldn't help but notice the
huge bulge in her friends pants.

Gohan threw the bound Videl on his bed then grabbed something from his
closet. Videl couldn't see what it was because she was lying on her stomach
facing the wall with her legs hanging off the bed and her ass sticking out.

She felt Gohan press down on her lower back and realised he was holding her
down. 'Is he going to rape me?' Videl wondered. Her questions were answered
when she felt a hot sting on her ass and turned her head to see Gohan holding
a heavy leather belt in his hands.

"That was for sucking my brother!"


"That was for being covered in his cum!"


"That was for being such a slut!"

"And this is for me."


"OWWW! Gohan please stop. You're hurting me." Videl cried.

"Ask nicely and maybe I'll consider it." He repiled.

"Please Goha-"


"Please, who?" the angry Saiyan asked.

"Please master?" Videl tried.

"Go on."

"Please Master, please stop whipping my ass."

"Why should I?"

"Because I'm sorry?"


Videl clenced her teeth to aviod crying out when Gohan started violently
hitting her with the belt but couldn't surpress from screaming when he began
hitting her senistive pussy lips from behind.


Suddenly the crying whore was flipped over onto her back. Gohan pushed down
on Videl stomach just enough to hold her in place.

"Now, lets try this again, WHY SHOULD I STOP?" he yelled.

"I'll fuck you, I'll suck your cock, I'll swallow your cum, I'll take it up
the ass I'll do anything and everything you want just please for the love of
god stop whipping me!" she screamed.

"Did you say you would do anything?"

"Wha..what do you what me to do?"

"First, OPEN YOUR MOUTH SLUT!" he yelled as he was taking off his pants.

Videl did just what he asked and opened her mouth as wide as possible while
Gohan was climbing on her having already discared his clothes. Videl looked
at Gohan for half a second before he grabed her pigtails and began sliding
his cock down her throat. In that half a second Videl got the shock of her
life when see saw the size of Gohan's Saiyan cock: It had to be 17" long and
nearly 5 incs wide. Videl was scared out of her mind. 'Theres no way that
monster will fit in my mouth,' she thought. That was when Gohan grabed her
pigtails and started ramming his massive dick into her already well used
mouth. Her mouth was still sore from when Goten face fucked her and now Gohan
was violently forcing her to deepthroat him!

"Arfghgh" Videl painfully mumbled around Gohan's cock. (which by the way was
so deep in her throat that his balls were pressing up against her chin.)

"Come on, take it you fucking slut! I'm gonna fuck you every way possible!"
Gohan yelled.

After ten minutes of stuffing his cock down Videl's throat pulling it all
the way out and ramming it back in again and again, Gohan pulled out of
Videl's mouth, grabbed her hips, rolled them both over and jammed her tight
little cunt down hard on his enormus dick.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! OH SHIT THAT HURTS!" Videl screamed a little too
loudly I guess cause Goten came running in to see what the problem was.

"What's going on?" the innocent but well endowned boy asked.

"I'm fucking the life out of this slut. What's it look like I'm doing?" Gohan

"Oh, can I fuck her too?"

"Sure, you can have her ass."

"Really, thanks."

"NO NOT MY ASS HES TOO BIG!" Videl cried.

"Shut up you slut!" Gohan said as he stopped fucking her for a moment so
Goten could undress and mount her from behind.He took this time to tie
Goten's shirt around her mouth. (Goten threw him the shirt to shut Videl up).

"Okay I'm all set." Goten said as he stood on the bed behind a wildly
thrashing Videl who stopped thrashing when Goten grabed her hips and held
her still.

"Okay we fuck her on three." Gohan told his little brother.






Goten rammed his cock all the way up Videl's ass in one move and then began
fucking her hard while Gohan did the same thing to her pussy. Videl couldn't
stand it. It felt like she was being ripped apart. It got worse and worse as
the fucking continued. And unforunitly for Videl, the fucking continued for
a good three hours as the constanly changed positons. First they lied Videl
down on her back and Gohan titty fucked her while goten plowed her sweet
pussy. Then Goten cralwed under her and fucked her ass again while Gohan
fucked her pussy and pulled and pinced and bite her super senistive nipples
until her tits were purple. Then they bothed pulled out and covered her body
in there cum and then they both stuck their huge cocks in her mouth and came
down her throat. They spanked her and fucked her and bite pinced and tortured
her. Finally to top it all off they bent her legs behind her head and made
her lick their cum out off her own pussy and then her ass.

When they were done the untied Videl and gave her some clothes to wear. (They
also let her take a shower.) Videl was about to leave when Gohan said "There
is one more thing you have to do for me Videl"

"What do you want Goha-Master?" Videl quickly said.

"You learn fast slut. Anyway I just wanted you to hand this in to Mr. Green
on Monday." he said, handing Videl a three page report.

"Whats this?"

"It's the report that is due, I finished it in class."

"Wow, you must write fast."

"Yah, I guess."

"So why don't YOU hand it in?" Videl said, a little more brave.

"I'm not going to be in school for a few days." He said. (He'll be training
to fight in the worlds marital arts contest. Chi Chi didn't want him to but
after he reminded her of the prize money and the fact that they would be
broke without it, she quickly said yes.)

"Oh, hey wait a minute. If you finished this in class then why did you make
me come over here?" the young girl asked.

"Well, i...Um..well..."

"You wanted to ask me to be your girlfriend right?"

"Yes i did." He admitted.

"Well sorry Master but I'm an all around slut. I can't date just one guy, but
with a cock like yours you can bet I'll be stopping by ALOT!" the sexy slut

"Really, but didn't it hurt you before?"

"Yes but I'm a good little slut, I understand that pain is a little part of
sex. I just wish you had given me some time to adjust to the size of your

"I will, next time."

"Good, and Master?"


"Could you please not whip me again?"


"Good, see you later, I'm going to go see Erasa."

"Okay bye."

Videl climbed in her helicopter and flew for about and hour to Erasa's where
she was sure she would find her and sharpner fucking like animals. All the
way over to Erasa's Videl kept thinking about why Gohan wasn't going to be
in school for the next couple of days.

"And how can his little brother's cock be so big and delicious, not to
mention how huge Gohan's is." she thought. Suddenly she realised she was
extremly wet and really wanted to fuck. "I had better stop by my house

She landed the helicopter on the roof and went downstairs to her room. When
she opened the door she couldn't believe what was going on: Sharpner and
Erasa were in HER bedroom and Erasa was wearing HER gloves, boots and shorts
while she sat on the floor holding her tits together while sharpner was
sitting the bed sliding his 7" cock between Erasa's large (but not as big as
Videl's) breasts.

And what was worse was Erasa was saying, "Come on, fuck your slutly
girlfriend's big tits. Fuck my famous, rich and slutly tits. I want you to
fuck them and spray your hot jizz all over them cause I'm Videl and I'm just
a stupid fucking slut who loves to get fucked!"

Suddenly Videl stepped inside the room and slammed the door shut, getting
her the attention of her two best "friends".

To be continued...


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