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Dragonball Z: Wow
by Some Random Bastard

Two loud knocks came from outside the door to Bulma's house as Videl stood
there, tapping her foot as she waited for a response.

"It's open" Bulma said from inside, her high voice audible to anyone around.
Opening the wooden door, Videl saw Bulma, Chichi, and Android 18 sitting
around the table, drinking tea and chatting.

"Glad to see you finally arrived" ChiChi said.

"Thanks" Videl said, her mind elsewhere. Why did all the guys go off training
at the same time without inviting her, or any of the other girls. It was like
some stupid plot device used on a second rate lemon by a fourth rate writer.

"Now that we're all here, we can start having some fun" said the blue haired
woman, putting out a bottle of saki, traditional Japanese rice wine.

"I don't think I should be-" Videl said, suddenly cut off by Bulma.

"Nonsense Videl, enjoy yourself for a while" she said, pouring the stuff into
the cups.

* * *

A few cups later and the girls seemed to be enjoying themselves. Sitting in
the corner, Videl was unusually quiet as the older women continued to talk,
mostly about things she wasn't interested in.

As they continued, the talks began to quickly turn to sex as they consumed
more and more sake. Every time one of them would put the cup down, it would
soon be filled back to top. It was then that Videl saw they were starting on
the third bottle already.

"So Videl" Bulma said, her speech barely slurred from her drinking, "Let me
ask you a question"

"Yes?" she asked, wary of what the inebriated woman was going to ask her.

"Tell me, for real, is Gohan a good kisser?" she asked, shocking the young

"W, what?" Videl asked, shocked at the question itself.

"Is Gohan a good kisser?" she repeated herself, drawing out the words to
imply Videl's intoxication.

"Don't mind me" Chichi said, watching the young girl blush.

"You should know" 18 said "That she will not stop until you comply."

Her face getting red, Videl swallowed her pride and said "Fine, I wouldn't
really know because I," she paused before saying "I really haven't had a lot

"Oh" Bulma said, getting the kind of clarity one only feels while

"You mean you have never with anyone else?" 18 asked, amazed.

"It speaks highly of a woman to remain chaste," Chichi said, a hint of pride
in her voice, "My son chose well."

"More like your son was chosen well," Bulma said, garnering a round of
giggling from everyone, including Videl.

"Hey Videl, close your eyes for a second."

"What? No," she said, not wanting to go anywhere near wherever this was

"Just trust me," she said, her breath heavy with the smell of sake.

"As I said before, she will not stop until you comply," 18 said, enjoying the
events that were unfolding in front of her.

Maybe it was the sake, maybe it was night, or maybe it's a terrible plot
device to lead into lesbian sex, but Videl complied, closing her eyes.

Seconds later Bulma was next to her, pressing her lips against Videl's, the
two girls lips meeting bringing about a strange and sudden arousal in all of
the women present.

After Bulma broke the kiss, Videl waited a second, her eyes opening slowly
and the word "Wow" escaping her lips.

"So," Bulma said, savoring the taste of the young woman on her lips, "Is
Gohan a good kisser?"

Smiling, Videl said "I'm not sure, let me check," before kissing the blue
haired woman, her tongue escaping her lips as her tongue met Bulma's, gently
massaging as her stepmother and Android 18 watched in appreciation and

"Well, looks like we have someone to join our parties," Bulma said to 18 and

"Maybe we should, retire, to the bedroom?" 18 asked with a wink.

Gulping down the last of her drink, Videl said, "Sure", feeling as she stood
the full affect of the sake, her body heavily intoxicated.

Following the other girls to the bedroom, she watched as the blond bombshell
18 and Bulma began to undress each other, slowly removing each article of
clothing agonizingly slowly, much to the entertainment of Videl.

"Here, let me help you," Chichi said, slowly removing Videl's clothes as the
drunk girl struggled to stand up straight.

Chichi began slowly, removing the teens shirt, watching her breasts heave up
and down, contained by the plain white bra she had straining against her lily
white body. Unclasping her bra, she watched as her stepdaughter's garment
floated down like the petals of a flower in a warm spring day.

She watched eagerly as she saw Videl's nipples instantly harden, the young
girl's body responding quickly to the alcohol and coolness of the room as her
small, pert nipples.

Videl watched with an almost detached consciousness as Bulma and 18, now
fully naked, began to kiss, their firm supple breasts mashing against one
another as they kissed. She could feel herself become wet as her pants were
removed, her eyes focused on 18's bald mound rubbing against Bulma's leg,
her small patch of blue hair was barely recognizable to the drunk girl.

"Uh oh" Bulma said with a smirk as Videl felt her panties pulled down, the
wetness rubbing all against her leg. "Someone has 70s bush" she said with a
giggle, painting at Videl's unshaven mound.

Staring down at her own body, she looked at her unshaved pussy, thinking
*That isn't right*

"Looks like she needs a shave" Chichi said "You two find a way to keep
yourselves busy, we shouldn't be, too long"

Videl followed Chichi as she led her to the bathroom, drawing a bath for her.
She watched as the mature woman in front of her undressed, her body kept in
so great a shape it would easily be in competition for hers for on looking

Her breasts were larger than Videl's, so were her nipples. "Like what you
see?" she asked with a grin. Stopping the water's flow gave Videl an
excellent view of her beautiful, well shaped ass.

"Well?" Chichi asked the girl, staring blankly. "Maybe you had a cup too
many" she said, guiding the naked girl into the steamy water. Videl quickly
lied in the water, feeling the serene warmth of the water soothing to her,
making her even more aroused as her nipples, cold with the air of the night,
were submerged in the sensual, hot water, eliciting a moan of excitement.

Videl washed up, her body excited easily at each move of the sponge, every
motion of the porous washing instrument seemed to be almost magically
arousing her. As she continued she noticed her stepmother was watching
eagerly, like a wolf eyeing it's prey.

"Now it's time for a quick shave" Chichi said, a big smile across her face as
she lifted up the razor in one hand and the shaving cream in the other.

* * *

As the step mother and daughter were occupying themselves in the bathroom,
Bulma and 18 were having their own fun. Quickly moving from standing to the
bed, Bulma lay 18 down before heading to the closet to get her box of

Her box of goodies containing what every horny teenager imagines, a wide
assortment of vibrators, dildos, and strap ons. She put it down on the table
next to the bed before opening it.

Taking out 18s favorite vibrator, a nine inch red vibrator with only one
speed, fast. Bulma returned, watching as the blond girl was already fingering
her self, massaging her already erect clit waiting for Bulma to return.

Without saying a word Bulma went to work, bringing her tongue down to 18's
sweet cunny, tasting her juices like a woman who had not drank in ages.
Lapping at the blond woman's pussy, she knew she was making her mark as 18's
moans of passion got progressively louder with each swoop of the tongue.
Taking the vibrator into her hand, Bulma teased her, gliding the tip of the
phallus against her sensitive outer lips, causing her hips to buckle in

Finally she inserted it in, bringing a moan from 18 as she began to fuck her
with the member. "Get over here" 18 said, licking her lips at the thought of
burying her tongue into Bulma's wet snatch.

Bulma followed her command, and soon the two were locked in a 69, Bulma
fucking her with the vibrator as 18 continued to munch on Bulma's snatch,
licking all the juices that flowed from her womanhood as used her fingers
to rub Bulma's hot little button.

18 was suddenly thrown into the throes of ecstasy as Bulma turned the
vibrator on, the powerful sex toy vibrating powerfully and strongly as Bulma
continued to fuck her with it, pushing it in as far as it could go, then
removing it, bringing 18 to the verge of orgasm before removing it, denying
her the release. Bulma knew she was on the verge as well, she was surprised
as 18 suddenly took out a dildo, lubricated by her own saliva, then shoved
it into her pussy, bringing about her orgasm.

Responding to this Bulma pushed the nine inches and then some into her,
making 18 cum. Bulma could only watch 18s squirting orgasm cover her entire
face with warm girl cum. 18 on the other hand continued to bury her face in
Bulma's snatch, sucking out every drop she could as she rode out her orgasm,
every pulse in her mind overloaded by pleasure.

* * *

"Sit up here," Chichi said, patting the small little wall that ran along the
tub. Filling her hand up with the white shaving foam, she patted Videl's wet
unshaven body, covering the area completely with the white foam. Videl
moaned from the feelings the white bubbles made on her sensitive body.

Taking the razor, Chichi gently made a small stroke, the little blue and
green razor cutting a line in the foam and the hair on Videl's body.
Dipping the shaver in water she returned for another stroke, and another,
rhythmically shaving and dipping as more and more of the foam, along with
her hair, disappeared into the water in the tub.

Videl felt herself begin to sober up slightly, the time in the bath doing
her good. She watched, surprised at the ease that Chichi had shaving her, as
though it were second nature.

"There we are," Chichi said, dipping the razor in the water for the last time
and drying it off on a washcloth. Videl looked down at her now hairless

"Wow," Videl said, watching as Chichi wiped away the last few spots of foam
from her shaved womanhood. Moving her hand down, she was amazed at how silky
smooth it was down there, like she was a child again.

Without saying a word, Chichi buried her face in her stepdaughter's snatch,
eating her hot sweet juices. Videl cried out in pleasure, her body was
already very aroused by the bath and the shaving, but the idea of her
stepmother eating her out was alone enough to excite her, but the action
nearly made her cum right there.

Chichi continued to eat her out, her tongue massaging her tender slit,
straying occasionally from time to time to her hot, hard clit, bringing a
moan each time. Videl meanwhile brought her hands to her nipples, tweaking
the small nubs on her heaving breasts intoned with her stepmother's tongue.

Chichi brought her hands over, using one to massage and play with her clitty
while the other stroked her hot puffy labia lips. Videl moaned as she felt
her hot wet tongue enter her asshole, surprising and arousing her more

Videl moaned out loud as she felt her orgasm coming. Each massage of her
clit, each motion of Chichi's tongue was bringing her closer and closer.
Finally she couldn't control herself anymore, and in a moan of pleasure she
burst, her body trembling as she experienced an orgasm the likes of which
she had never before thought possible. As the powerful orgasm washed over
her, taking control of her body she could feel Chichi still eating her out,
greedily sucking out all of the juices that flowed forth from her body.

"Wow," Videl said, her mind heady with the intoxication of pleasure. Pausing
a minute before saying anything, she said to her stepmother, "Y, your turn."

Widening her eyes for a second, Chichi was surprised at Videl's take charge
attitude. Nodding she got up, sitting on the lid to the toilet as she watched
Videl move over, her movement staggering, no doubt as an effect of the
alcohol and the orgasm.

Despite being intoxicated, Videl went straight to work. Spreading apart the
sensitive pink lips of the older woman, Videl brought her tongue out,
massaging the opening to her slit with her tongue while she played with her
clit with her forefinger and thumb, gently stroking the small nub.

Chichi moaned, Videl was new but her enthusiasm and her intuition was
amazing. Her tongue moved, almost expertly back and forth, she felt like
Videl must have several working at the same time she was so fast!

Videl brought her tongue up, massaging the underside of Chichi's clit with
her tongue as she continued to massage with her finger and thumb, eliciting
moan after moan from her step mom. In between the flicks of her tongue on
Chichi's sensitive clit, Videl dragged her tongue down, collecting drops of
sweet juice from her stepmother.

"OH!" Chichi moaned as Videl inserted two fingers into her soaking hot pussy.
Using her superhuman abilities, Videl began to finger fuck her at an amazing
speed, her fingers going so fast it was hard to see whether it was in or out.
Videl began to suck on her achingly hard clit as she finger fucked Chichi,
knowing that her orgasm was coming soon.

Knowing that Videl went as fast as she could, using her tongue to milk out
every drop from her stepmother's soaked pussy. Chichi cried out in pleasure
as her orgasm took over her body, making her convulse from the pleasure.
Videl watched as Chichi's gushing orgasm shot out jet after jet of hot girl
cum directly in her mouth, tasting the sweet liquid before gulping it down.

Videl continued throughout the entire orgasm, exploiting it for all it was
worth. She felt her mother's orgasm begin to subside. Staring up at Chichi,
with a face full of cum, she heard the moans of orgasm from the next room.

"Shall we join the part?" Chichi asked with a wicked smile.

* * *

Videl and Chichi went to the other room, watching with pleasure as the two
women in front of them were writing from their orgasms, moving almost like
one ball of sweaty flesh.

"Stayed busy," Chichi asked the two sarcastically as their orgasms began to

"Looks like it's time to use the Grand Dragon," Bulma said, a devilish grin
appearing on her face.

"The...what?" Videl said, her mind not processing what was to be going on.
She watched as Chichi went towards a box on the nightstand as Bulma and
Chichi almost forcefully brought her to the bed.

Without saying a word, both of the women picked a breast and began sucking on
Videl's still rock hard nipples. Videl cried out in pleasure, both of the
women working on her breast was almost too much for her. Suddenly they broke
apart, the two women kissing in front of her, Chichi tasting 18's juices in
Bulma's mouth while Bulma could taste Videl's juices in Chichi's mouth.

"Oh!" Videl cried out loud as she felt 18 eating her pussy out. Despite her
haziness Videl noticed that 18's main concern seemed to be getting her as
wet as possible. Breaking away for a moment, 18 crawled forward, kissing the
young woman on the lips, letting her taste her own juices. Videl almost came
just there.

Suddenly Videl felt something large enter her. Looking down she saw 18 was
wearing an enormous eighteen inch strap on. At the base was a green dragon's
face, it's mouth opening as the pink shaft of the phallus pointed out, the
"dragon's tongue".

Before Videl could open her mouth to object Chichi was already there, French
kissing the girl as the absurdly large cock was being forced into her. She
felt her body giving way as 18 pushed more and more of the dick into her,
almost a third was already buried in her tight snatch.

Videl suddenly felt Bulma's tongue gliding over her pussy, helping to lube up
the giant strap on as 18 continued to fuck. Chichi meanwhile moved on, her
mind focusing on the young woman's pert breasts, as each flick of the tongue
made her nipples seem unbearably aching for more.

Every thrust forward elicited a new pleasure to Videl, the young girl could
feel every bump and curve on the strap on as it forced it's way deeper, every
taste bud of Bulma's tongue cascading around her sensitive pussy, every flick
of Chichi's tongue on her affectionate areolas.

Videl started moving her hips in unison with 18's thrusts, pushing more of
the eighteen inch cock into her sore, tender pussy, stuffing nearly three
quarters of the super sized strap on in her.

"Oh god," Videl cried out, her body taking in more and more of the inhuman
cock. She stared down, seeing that the enormous dick was completely buried
to the hilt in her. She watched in amazement and excitement as the blond
girl began to pull out and push in, the first couple strokes slow but
quickly building pace.

18 continued, building up her pace up quickly, soon she was going as fast
as a man would. Then she built up more speed, her body a blur as 18 went
impossibly fast, burying the strap on a hundred times a second.

"I, I'm gonna," Videl said, "Gonna, gonna," before she could say the word
cum Bulma buried her tongue in her brown eye, making Videl scream out in
pleasure and excitement as an impossibly powerful orgasm washed over her.
She lost control of her body as she began to convulse in pure pleasure. The
three older women watched as Videl shook uncontrollably, her entire being
enveloped by an indescribable level of pleasure as every cell in her being
was yielding to the incredible pleasure.

She continued like that for another five minutes before her young body could
take no more. She collapsed, passing out on the bed.

The next morning Chichi woke up the young girl, still naked, her sweat dried
on her skin. "Sleep well?"

As the events of the night prior began to wash over the young girl, Videl
smiled and said, "Wow."


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