WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, comic books, franchises, places etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I am making no money off the writing of this story. I do not own DC Comics or any of its characters.

Starring: Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral.

Birds Of Prey: Gotham City Whores Part 1
An erotic DC Comics fan-fiction story.
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Gotham City was used to dealing with a seemingly infinite number of criminal organisations. A number further increased if counting the threats made to the world as a whole by beings from this planet, other planets, and from any number of countless alternative dimensions. Thankfully there was just as many heroes (and plenty anti-heroes or those who walked the fine line between good and evil) to battle such villainy. The eternal struggle between good and evil that would no doubt go on for as long as time itself existed.

As such, groups like the Justice League, the Teen Titans, and even off-shoot groups such as the Birds of Prey usually would not investigate mere rumours or speculation. Cases of missing persons were best left to the police to solve unless there were especially suspicious circumstances. Similarly when those people thought vanish soon reappear it would usually mark a closed case. But when those kinds of vanish-then-reappear cases start to happen more than once? A few times? That's when rumours start to be whispered on the streets.

Rumours that women - specifically attractive and often curvaceous ones - had suddenly vanished for no reason, in very uncharacteristic fashion. About a day or so later they would reappear. No damage done, no signs of torture or restraint or any harm done physically or mentally. As if nothing had happened to them at all. However, in these cases the women who had reappeared soon acted in suspicious and very sudden ways. Quitting day jobs. Dropping out of education. Breaking off relationships, including marriages. Moving out of their last known place of residence without any warning to family or friends, and leaving no clue about where they would heading to or living next. Indeed, it seems they had reappeared only to vanish again. Only leaving at most a basic note saying various versions of a farewell note, telling loved ones not to worry about them. No connecting details to link one another... That is, apart from one similar thing. A vague reference to entering into a new line of 'work', but no indication to both what kind, and for who the women are now working for.

Most normal rank and file police officers would just file that away, and act if ever any new evidence came forward. Barbara Gordon was far from normal.

Despite being warned by some of her allies that this was a fool's errand and their efforts should be focused on the likes of The Joker and other super criminals, Batgirl was persistent. Researching on her own, with perhaps just a little help from accessing the Gotham City Police Department evidence archives (not that they were aware of it of course). Leads were almost non-existent. Dead end after dead end. Tiny scraps of new information. A vast amount of gossip, 'what-ifs' and hearsay. It was ironic therefore when a solid looking lead finally came through, it had been through what essentially amounted to a rumour.

An anonymous tip-off to the cops that one of the most recent women to 're-vanish' had been seen around a 'gentleman's club' in Gotham City. 'Delicious Delights'. Considering it was a stripper club, there didn't seem too much of anything 'gentlemanly' about it in Batgirl's opinion. A lead was a lead however, and considering she had literally nothing else to go on in this case that she, as the man she's taken her name and identity from had stated, had 'gotten too personally involved with'? She went on her gut instinct. She had to investigate it. Even as foolish at perhaps was to investigate it on her own. She wasn't dumb enough to not let her allies know where she was heading though. She had by the break of dawn. If they didn't hear back from here, they'd storm the place. Perhaps an extreme response, but terms she agreed with. Never hurt to have a bit of back-up after all in some form.

As Batgirl scanned the warehouse attached to the rear of where the 'club' was located, she smirked as she lowered the binoculars. Why would a strip club have any attached buildings, let alone some pretty hefty looking storage facilities? Oh, and a couple guards patrolling the rear? Not to mention men decked out in professional looking suits complete with ties and shoes? Yeah, just a little suspicious. From the research done prior to arriving, she knew that all these buildings, club included, were owned by one person. A 'S. Tud'. Not a name that was popping up on any criminal records, but also on any public ones either. Suspicious in itself.

Batgirl swooped down, gliding onto the warehouse rooftop with her Bat-cape, fluttering in the breeze as her flowing flaming red hair did the same. She touched down silently with her yellow boots touching the ground, matching the colour of her gloves, utility belt and the Bat-symbol across her more than ample chest. Her body clad in a black bodysuit complete with mask that covered her head but left her lower face exposed and let her eyes be seen. Still enough of a covering to hide her true identity as Barbara Gordon.

There didn't seem to be any CCTV cameras around the rooftop, and no guards up here either. However approaching a sky-light that looked down to the inside of the building, she noticed quite heavy duty reinforcement of the glass, the hinges, and especially the electronic lock on it. Sophisticated and certainly expensive looking - very out of place for what seemed on the outside to be just a run of the mill warehouse. Nothing that a genius computer expert and hacker like herself couldn't handle however. Another confident smirk across her lips as she took out a specially designed device, applying it to the lock and watching the screen flash into life. A couple presses on it and she watched code scroll across the screen as the hacking machine did its job. A little source locating here, some by-passing there...

A message coloured green reading 'SUCCESS' followed by a the click of bolts unlocking signalled another successful entry for the Batgirl. Almost too easily in fact, but then again against her skills and talent? The poor lock didn't stand a chance. Reattaching the device to her belt, she carefully opened up the sky-light. Peering down to the standard from the looks of it storage building before. Rows of crates and boxes on industrial shelving of multiple levels, but all sealed up. Some metal, some wooden and of different heights and widths as well. Most smuggling operations, and it was certainly in the realms of possibility to her that this could involve human trafficking, used standardised methods of transporting goods. Kept costs down to have everything shipped the same way. So the variety here was interesting to say the least.

Batgirl dropped in, once again gliding down to the floor as silently as she'd broken in. Quickly she moved against the nearest shelf, looking from side to side, high and low to scope the surroundings. Again, no visible sign of any security within. That was both good to keep her presence unknown, and bad. Why store so much and not internally protect it? She didn't see nor hear any guards either. The thought flashed in her mind that this was looking more and more like a trap. Yet she hadn't exactly been lured here either. Unless that anonymous tip-off...

She shook off the thought. Last thing she needed was to jinx herself again in a mission. Instead she moved, creeping along the shelving in the dim light from the windows high above as she examined the boxes as she passed. Plain labelling with bar codes and what could inventory numbers above. A clear sign that this was a planned operation going on here. They could also do with employing a cleaner from the dust on the shelf edges she mused. Stopping at the corner of the shelving she peered around. A couple of doors on the wall ahead, and in front of them a table with a wooden crate with latches on the lid, and a metal container beside it with similar basic clips holding it closed. Almost begging to be investigated. She noted a side fire exit at the left wall in the distance - a potential escape point. On the right, shutter doors usually used for shipping and receiving of goods. What kind of goods? About time to investigate...

Batgirl approached the wooden crate first, giving it a quick visual scan along with the table for good measure. No signs of a trap or tampering from the outside appearance, but taking out a Batarang she applied the tip against the latch, ready to jump back in case something went off. With a flick, the first latch was opened up without fanfare. Similarly the second was popped without any tricks being triggered. All that was left was the lid itself, so with the Batarang placed just under the edge, she carefully raised it up at arm's length just to be extra sure.

"Jars?" Batgirl questioned as she saw the contents inside. Not just clear, glass jars but all labelled the same, as containing the same product. Lubricant. Specifically, of the sexual variety. As stereotypical as it sounded, it wasn't all that out of place for lube to be in a strip club, or around it in this case. But for this kind of frankly vast amount? Suspicious. Perhaps a hidden sex den? Illegally offering 'special dances' for patrons? The thoughts of this case being about trafficking of not just humans, but sex as well danced in her mind. This alone however wasn't anything close to having some evidence.

So onto the next inviting crate, with its latches looking rather like those found on a regular briefcase, sans even a combination lock. Just really for storage rather than proper shipping? Once again she used the sharp tip of the Batarang to dislodge the clips one and then the other, before tipping up the lid to see what was inside.

A blush came across her cheeks to match almost the colour of her hair, while her eyes went wide as she examined the contents. Not just sex toys, but rather lengthy and sizeable ones in terms of length and thickness. Dildos, vibrators, beads on strings, and even a couple she'd never seen before. What was the terms for this kind of size? Fit for a 'Size Queen' to take? Never mind the ones with bumps, or 'ribbed' for pleasure. This had to be specialist stuff. Ideal for a sex den, or a Brothel...

The lights snapped on, and in turn Batgirl snapped out of her thoughts into reality. Turning around to find guns pointed right at her from suited guards. The same kind as she'd seen outside the building. She looked back, and there were more guards from the doors beyond the table. The same for the side door and now the rattle of the shutter door was heard as it opened up, and a couple more guards with weapons raised ducked under to enter. She was surrounded. A trap, and she'd walked right into it! But how did she get caught so quickly and without even hearing them approach just then?

A tense silence hung in the air as Batgirl put on her best game face, Batarang still in hand. She was heavily outnumbered, but perhaps if she took one direction to make a dash for a retreat... Possibly flipping the table as a distraction... Those lube jars could send guards slipping...

"Examining the merchandise there, girl?" A deep, amused sounding voice broke up the thoughts of a plan as Batgirl turned towards those far doors as a new man stepped forward. Unarmed, but from just the cocky smirk on his face he was obvious someone in charge of at least these men. Perhaps the operation as a whole.

She couldn't say that she recognised the face of this African American, but he was built like a tank. Muscular and tall, and with pearly white teeth that was both a perfect fit and stark contrast for his dark skin of this handsome man. Complimented by what appeared to be a lavish, custom tailored attire of a suit from head to toe. Even his cuff links shined with gold and gems. There was already an aura about this man that screamed confidence in himself, no doubt verging far off the edge into arrogance. The was something dangerous about this man. He seemed able to handle himself in a fight from the looks of him. Speaking of looks, this man was looking over her still with that amused smirk. Eyeing her up in fact. Rather like how a hungry animal eyes up a piece of meat.

"A warehouse fully stocked with sex toys?" Batgirl responded calmly as the man approached the table she was on the other side off. "Hell of a lot of 'merch' for a little strip club." She pointed out the facts, still holding her Batarang just in case. She wasn't the type to so easily surrender, even with these unlikely odds. Missing women who return and vanish again? All the 'victims' being attractive women? Leading to a strip club with far more toys than it should have? Pieces were falling together here in her investigative opinion.

"Sounds like a libellous accusation there..." The man chuckled, unfazed by her words. "Considering the famous crime fighter Batgirl has just broken into one of my properties? Looks like you're committing an offence right here."

"Says the guy who has his thugs pointing their guns at me." She flatly replied.

"Hmmm. A fair point." He said with a nod. "Stand down boys."

To Batgirl's surprise, and raised suspicion, the thugs actually did as ordered. Stepping back and lowering their guns. She didn't do the same, a glance around before looking to the black man in front of her. "If this wasn't a trap before..." She started to say.

"Trap? Girl, my security caught you in the act when you triggered the sensors on the window up there." He stated, glancing upward at the skylight she'd used to enter. Doing the same, she looked up and blinked in surprise when she saw red blinking lights at the corners of the frame. How did she not see them before? They can't have just appeared out of nowhere! "Then I checked out my cameras and saw you sneaking around, opening up these crates..." He continued, now motioning upward to the roof again. And indeed, there were now in plain sight security cameras in the corners, and along the line between the roof and walls so that every angle down the shelving could be covered well.

Batgirl was stunned. Rattled by this. Cameras just don't appear out of nowhere. They couldn't have been hidden by the darkness. She could see all the crates, all the shelves in the light from above but not all the security measures? There was something up here...

"And here I thought that heroines like you were supposed to be the good girls..." He chuckled again. "Not just common thieves."

"For one, I haven't stolen anything here..." She pointed out, trying to remain as composed as she knows she should be. "And two? There is something going on here..."

"Another found-less accusation Batgirl... But you know something? Maybe we've just gotten off on the wrong foot here. It seems you have questions about the... Business, that I run here." He smirked, knowingly. A sign that indeed there was something going on here just as she'd thought. "How about a... Compromise here? I won't press any charges against you for breaking and entering into here, and you join me upstairs in my office?" He offered, still smirking as confidently as ever. "There you can ask my any questions you want about what's going on here."

"Sure. That doesn't sound like a trap..." Batgirl noted, casting a look over the man in front of her.

"Trap? Honey, I'm hurt..." He responded, but didn't sound or looked offended in the slightest. "Way I see it? You've got a choice. Either we all wait until the cops turn up, and they cuff you and take you away and it makes the front page of every paper and TV headline in the country... Or? Or you take up my generous offer and we brush all this... Misunderstanding under the rug and talk this out like businessmen. Or businessman to super-heroine in this case."

Batgirl gritted her teeth for a moment. As much as it sickened her, this man and his big smile had a valid point. In terms of blackmail he had her. It would damage not just her crime fighting reputation to be carted off by the cops, but of Batman and all her allies as well. No doubt criminals would pounce on this and it would lead to major problems for the city. At the same time, she didn't trust this man with clear secrets and an agenda one bit. There was something going on. He was up to something with this gang, but she had no idea what. Crucially, no evidence of any wrong doing either yet...

With great reluctance, she lowered her Batarang and reattached it to her belt. "Don't expect me to hand over any of my gear or weapons..." She warned, admitting defeat in a way as she made her choice obvious.

"Wouldn't dream of it." He replied. "Step aside boys. Me and Batgirl have a business meeting to hold..."

* * *

Batgirl's suspicions were continued to be far from unfounded as she and this man moved (more accurately he and his goons escorted her) from the warehouse to his office. The buildings were connected from the warehouse to the 'club' as they headed though backstage corridors, catching glimpses of doors to other areas and hearing sounds of pop and R&B music as they passed. Ticked boxes of a strip club for sure. This was a well planned, well organised operation. Yet at the same time there wasn't any clear sign of anything illegal going on here. Yet. Everything seemed clean (as far as stripping goes) and ship-shape. Almost too clean.

Arriving at the office, haven taken a lift up to a higher floor of another connected building, she had more reason to question how 'legitimate' this business was. It was lavish. Almost more like a personal relaxation room than an office, if not for the desk in the room. Polished wooden floor with a rug of what looked like to be of animal fur. A long leather couch. Multiple TV screens on the wall opposite the desk with speakers on the side. A mini-bar with spirits of various types, brands and ages. The desk itself was expensive looking itself with computer, telephone and golden looking pen-holders. Was that actually... A 'pimp cup' on the desk? A goblet of gold with several gems set into it.

"Give us some privacy boys..." The boss instructed. With nods, the men who had escorted them up turned and left, closing the door behind them. Not even locking it. "So, Batgirl..." He grinned as he looked to the redhead with another grin.

"Enough games." Batgirl snapped, hands on her hips as she stared across at him. "Explain what's going on here. Who are you? What's going on here? What do you know about the women who have been vanishing, the reappearing only to vanish again?"

"Guess a drink is out of the question?" He chuckled again, remaining as calm and confident as ever as he moved to take a seat in the couch. All too casually leaning back as he looked across at the far from amused Batgirl. "The name is Samuel Tud. I own the establishment downstairs known as 'Delicious Delights' that caters to the modern needs of... Well, strip club patrons." He let out another cocky short laugh. "Cold beers, the odd snack, decent music... Oh yeah, and hot ladies shaking their thing up on stage. Or working the pole. Or in a private, V.I.P. room if they have the cash. To get in here? They do have the cash."

"Samuel Tud?" Batgirl questioned. That matched the 'S. Tud' name of ownership for the buildings. "You seem to be living it up pretty damn well for someone who just owns a strip club and some property. You also only answered one of my questions there Tud..."

"That I did. You never heard about doing a little foreplay before getting to the 'main event'?" Samuel stated with another smirk. Seeing his words didn't exactly amuse her, he reached across the couch in order to pick up a remote. "No? Well then, how about this for an answer?" He said, before pressing a button.

The screens all flicked on at once. The sight, and accompanying sounds, caused Batgirl's eyes to go wide again at the very unexpected, but perhaps should have seen it coming sight she witnessed considering the pieces she'd been placing together so far. What was amounting to several live streams of porn going on at once. Beautiful, generously figured women engaged in several sexual acts with men. Blowjob on one screen, doggy style sex on another. Different positions but loud moans of enjoyment from both parties involved in each session ongoing. And every woman had a big, shameless smile of enjoyment on her face as she either gave or took a fucking. This was consensual. They were willingly screwing, and loving every moment of it.

"Vanishing? Quite the opposite... I call it, recruitment..." Samuel explained with a smirk as he moved off the couch. "I got talent scouts you see. Around colleges and universities, around banks and businesses... Every place really..." He moved up close to the woman with her gaze still glued to the ongoing sin in front of her. "I send out an invite to them... The kind that looks too good to pass up. They take it up, and then they meet me. Then?" He raises his arm, pointing the remote as he pushes a button. All the screens flicker and change to each show a brand new scene of filthy fun ongoing. Brand new women, with new partners all going on at once. This wasn't just an operation. This was sex being offered, and obviously paid for, on almost an industrial scale! "Then... I fuck them." He said, leaning in towards her mask covered ear to whisper it. Just heard over the moans of all the partners she was watching and listening to.

"F-fuck them??" She stuttered. A blush now on her cheeks that, similar to earlier when she's found those sex toys, matched her bright hair colour. She couldn't tear her eyes off of the dirty acts being carried out before her wide eyes. Combined with the moans she was hearing from them all, it was almost hypnotic in a way. Wrong in so many ways, yet she couldn't yet rip her gaze away from watching it all.

"Damn right I fucked them..." He said, still close up to her ear as he spoke. "Each and every one of them. Fucked them the best they'd ever had it before in their lives. Better than any tiny dicked boyfriend, husband or any toy had filled them up before in their lives." Samuel said with a clear tone of pride in his voice. "I made them leave their families, their husbands, their jobs... Hell, couple of them even dumped their kids behind. Now? They work for me. And you can see what kind of employment I have them involved in right there." As he spoke, free hand moved downward, slowly unzipping his pants while she was more than distracted by the smut being broadcast. "All I did was give them a simple choice. They could leave and never come back? Or, they could work for me, fucking whoever I tell them to fuck... And in return, they could get a chance at the best fucking dick they've ever had in their life!"

With that, he pushed the power button and all the screens switched off at once. That left Batgirl to turn around and find her gaze locked onto another sight that made her stare with those wide eyes. Hanging from between his legs and already hardening was a massive black cock. Easily the longest and thickest dick she'd ever laid eyes on. Causing her to gasp in shock, perhaps even a little awe at what she saw. Her mind was already in a daze from seeing all that sex before, but now seeing the cock that from his words at least had 'convinced' seemingly countless women to whore themselves out for him? One clear thought danced through her mind that she could see why they wanted a piece of that... And that thought made her shake her head in conflicted fashion. She was a crime fighter! Super heroine! She couldn't think such things... Her reputation! Her standing with Batman, with the Justice League... Everything of truth, decency, and everything she puts her life on the line for!

Still... That was one real huge fucking cock...

"You know... I've never fucked a super heroine before..." Samuel said with a grin, his hungry eyes gazing over the woman staring in a trance-like state at his cock. "Think I'm about to though... How about you get down on your fucking knees and get to know my fucking dick..." He said more as an order than any request, placing a hand on her mask-covered head to start to push her down.

"I... I should... I mean..." Batgirl stuttered as she continued to stare at that thick piece of man-meat. Getting a closer look as, offering little resistance, she was pushed down to her knees in front of him. That cock now pointing at her face, having gotten impressively rock hard at it's mighty full size without him even touching himself. Had she been able to take her eyes off it, she would have noticed, and then questioned how he'd done so without noticing, that he was completely naked from the waist down. A set of heavy balls matching the vast size of his rod.

She attempted to protest again about this sudden turn of events, but that open mouth was used as an invitation for Tud as he pushed his cock forward into her mouth. Her eyes went wide again as she let out a muffled cry of surprised but yet, and tellingly, did not fight against it or even try to pull her head away. Instead, staring at crotch of the muscular man in front of her, watching his inches slide forward into her mouth. Another groan escaping her as her lips out of instinct press against the shaft. Just as the fat cock-head reaches the back of her mouth, he started pulling back as he let out a moan of approval himself. She wasn't getting away with things that simply however, as he waited until just the bell-end was inside her before pushing forward again in order to feed the super-heroine his member.

"Mmmmmm yeah... Suck that fucking dick Batgirl..." He moaned with a grin, making a point to already reminder of the obvious situation she was now in. His big black cock working back and forth between her lips that were easily making him groan out. Keeping a hold of her mask-covered head as he pumped his cock into her mouth at already a steady pace. "Mmmmm... Ahhhhhh fuck yeah... Figures a girl built like you... Mmmmm! Knows how to suck a dick..." He said in far from flattering terms. Still, he was thrusting into that nicely warm and wet mouth of the crime fighter who was still not fighting against it. Willingly allowing her oral hole to be used in such a filthy manner as she groaned around his thickness. Kneeling in place as the repeated pumps both kept him pleasured and starting to be covered with her saliva as the motion went on.

"Mmmmpphhh!! GAHHHHHHH... Hhhhhrrrlllkkk!! Mmmmmphhh!!" Batgirl was starting to choke around the massive rod being stuffed into her mouth. Far thicker than any cock she'd ever blown before, never mind the length. The crown smacking off the back of her mouth each time he pushed forward between her lips than now were fighting to try and stay wrapped around him. "GAHHHHHHH... GAH!! HHHHHHLLLKKKKK... MMMMMPHHHH..." She groaned again around this cock, her eyes staring up now at the man fucking her mouth as they already looked to start to water up. Being made to gag and gag again around this shaft was giving her discomfort to say the least as opposed to the obvious and already shameless pleasure the hunk using her mouth was getting. Yet, in the mix of the groans and slobbers the occasional moan could be heard. Matching the hint of lust in those eyes of hers.

"Mmmm... Yeah, fucking suck it girl... Gonna stuff this dick right here... Ahhhhhhh... Right down your fucking throat!" He vowed, placing both hands now onto the back of her head as he firmly pumped himself in and out of her mouth. Her saliva drooling out past her lips to start to trickle down her chin. Similarly from all the gagging and the far from easing-her-into interracial sex pace of his thrusts, her saliva was dripping off of his fat cock as well. Landing across the Bat-symbol on her chest of her body suit and slowly travelling down further for a sinful and sexy sight. He wasn't kidding around with his vow though. Using the grip to force her mask-covered face right forward into his crotch, and at the same time shove his cock far beyond just into her mouth.

"GAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!! HUUURRRRRLLLKKKKK!!" An almost nasty, raspy cry came from the throat-fucked woman as that fat cock stuffed down far further than not only has she ever taken before. She never knew she could take it so deep into herself. Tears starting to flow now from the oral near abuse she's taken, leaving dark streaks from the ruined make-up seeping under her mask to her exposed cheeks. "HHHHHLKKKK!! GAAAAHHHHH!! GAAAAAAAAHH!!" She choked and gagged again as she was held down into the deep throat. Even with her groans looking like a black cock taking natural as her saliva splattered around that massive tool. Her hands finally moving up to his thighs but even there not making a move to try and push herself free from this approaching the point of passing out position. Her staring eyes starting to go half-closed as she gagged around the cock looking top be lodged into her throat.

Mercifully for her he finally pulled cock out from her mouth, allowing her to gasp hard and cough. Spitting out a thick wad of saliva down onto her own chest before she took in desperately needed air. "Holy fuck!! F-fuck..." Batgirl gasped, failing to even compose herself as she concentrated on drawing air into her burning lungs.

"You're a fucking natural... Made to suck on some big, fat fucking black dick..." Samuel chuckled, looking over all of her saliva coating his cock for a moment. Rather casually undoing his tie as he gave her a look over for good measure. "Let's see what else you can handle... Seeing as how you're making up for breaking into my shit in the first place..." He added as he threw his tie away over his shoulder.

"I... I'm what??" She tried to question. Her sucking the cock of the man she's investigating wasn't a deal she agreed to! Was it? She didn't exactly resist or object to it, even though she could have. And should have.

Her hesitation left her open to he hauled up to her feet with a groan, again not resisting as she was dumped down to sit on the couch in Tud's executive office. As her still damp from her own spit chest heaved for air, she watched on as the man who had just fucked her mouth now spread her legs apart. Pulling out a knife from a hidden inside pocket of his suit, she gasped in surprise from the sight that only further clogged her conflicted thoughts up. His smirking intentions however had nothing to do with inflicting pain. Carefully, in a sign that he had done something like this before, he cut into the material of her bodysuit - showing the blade was no ordinary one to manage to pierce the material of her Bat-suit.

That allowed access to her snatch, causing another gasp to escape her as the air hit her exposed sin and those sensitive lower lips. No opportunity to see if the hair up top matched that down below from how completely smooth, no doubt to fully fit into the suit, her pussy was. However he wasn't planning on just staring. Slipping the blade away, he soon tossed his suit jacket across to his desk as he shifted back up. Unbuttoning his shift, he gave her another cocky - but fitting considering the circumstances - smirk as he finally sent that garment flying away. Noting how she looked over his very muscular and defined body with a look of his own that showed it wasn't the first time he's gotten that reaction from his desirable body. Getting to business he lined his shaft up with her very inviting hole. Then all it took was firm push forward, using her own spit as a form of lube, to force his cock into that tight snatch of Batgirl.

"OH FUCK!!" She exclaimed with a clear, loud moan. Her back already arching off from the couch with the firm pump she took. Then returning to rest back into it when he pulled out just to plunge back forward and a bit deeper into her. Deliberately giving the stunning crime fighter little time to adjust to the vast size working in and out of her tightness. "OH GOD... OH FUCK!! You're... AHHHHH!! You're t-too big!! AHHHHH!!" She squealed out, her dirty words claiming that she's not fully into this, but her moans and how her snatch is already starting to react to the black cock ploughing into her showing otherwise. Her arms outstretched, gripping tightly onto the seating she's being fucked on like her life depended on it. Already her sexily curved, bodysuit-clad body jolting back into the couch each time she takes his dick even before he's even close to being fully inside her.

"MMMM... Nah girl! You're just... Ahhhhhh!! Real fucking tight!" Tud grinned as he stated the obvious, and unsurprisingly continued to drive his cock firmly in and out of the snug twat of the red head in front of him. Having no intentions of letting up or easing off now that he cock was deep inside of a world famous super-heroine. He wasn't just doing this for his own pleasure, although his moans were showing he was loving every moment of this. Showing off his ability with the smooth and swift pace of his pumps as he kept her legs spread wide apart with his hands grabbing onto her signature yellow boots. "MMMMM... We'll soon... Ahhhhhhh shit!! Fix that though Batgirl..." He added with a chuckle before he groaned again. Staring down at the masked woman he was banging in commanding fashion. All too easily making her moan out with every in or outward thrust he delivered.

"OH... OH FUCK!! AHHHHH FUCK!! MMMMMM..." Batgirl moaned out, her arms now back behind her as her hands gripped onto the back of the couch she was getting nailed on. Her bright red hair bouncing in time with the motion her body was being made to do. Still completely clothed in her crime fitting attire, making her look more like a fetish film slut from how she's groaning out as she takes this rough pounding. "MMMMM... HOLY FUCK!! So... AHHHHH!! So fucking big!! OH SHIT..." She gasped out, feeling her pussy reacting to the thrusting she's taking as while still vice-like tight around his big prick she was getting noticeably wet. A sure sign that this is the biggest cock she's ever had to handle, but is managing to take impressively deeply. Even so, she's far from in control of things as she allows this stud to have his very wicked way with her love tunnel.

"MMMMM... Damn fucking right! Biggest fucking cock... Ahhhhhhh... You're ever gonna fucking have..." Samuel said between his groans, the arrogant smirk never leaving his handsome face as he rams his fat black cock straight forward into the tight white snatch of the heroine in front of him. Getting the best view in the house as he can look across to see the look of pleasure he's making her feel from the exposed parts of her face. Or stare downward between her legs that he's keeping spread so he can watch his manhood vanish up into that damp snatch that's wonderfully tight around his inches. "MMMMM... Admit it girl... MMMM! You've never taken some so big... And never had it go good... AHHHHHH... Like I'm giving it to you right here!" He says tauntingly, making sure to fully enjoy the open sexual domination of the crime fighter he's found himself in.

"OOOOOOOOH FUCK!! It's... UHHHHH!! It's true... You're... AHHHHH FUCK!! So fucking BIG MMMMM!!" She admits, already looking far removed from the proud super-heroine she is as she gives in deeper to the lust and pleasure she's getting from that huge shaft. Drops of sweat beginning to form on the skin shown off on her face from her mask. Her eyes once again locked onto the cock she's taking in willing fashion, and moaning out whenever it moves into or out of her box. "MMMMMM... No one I've been with b-before... UHHHHH!! FUCK! Even comes... MMMM!! Fucking close to you!!" She manages to say between her cries of delight. Sounding like she's reading off a cheesy porno script as she both says the truth, and tells him everything he wanted to hear to further stroke his clearly massive ego. Matching the size of his thick dick ramming still in and out of the horny, still completely clothed woman he's fucking on his couch.

"MMMMM... I like it when a girl is honest with me..." Samuel chuckles as he gives another deep pump before he pulls out of her snatch with a sigh of approval. "Still nice and messy..." He adds, seeing a clear covering of her juices now all over his cock. "No time for any breaks though Batgirl..." He states, reaching down to grab her by the waist to lift her off the couch.

"I... I can handle m-more..." Batgirl says, biting down on her bottom lip. An admission that she knows she can't resist this man that she barely knows, and is clearly a criminal conducting some sick, sex-based crime organisation. She should be capturing this man and bringing him to justice, instead of craving more of his huge cock deep within her.

"You'd fucking better... Because this time I want to fucking hear you fucking screaming..." Tud says as he falls down onto the couch to sit on it, taking her with him as he uses his superior strength to easily lower her onto his cock.

"OH FUCK!! AHHHHHH!!" Batgirl was sent easily into a moaning state once again as she was roughly hauled all the way down onto his cock. This time until her crotch connected with his, leaving her tight snatch stuffed full every inch of his black cock to make the white super-heroine groan out. Filled up in a way she never dreamed possible but seemingly had secretly craved to be from how wet that filled to the max pussy is. "MMMMM... AHHHHH... AHHHHH FUCK... MMMMM..." With closed eyes she allowed herself to be used however the stud underneath her desired to. Which soon saw her being raised and lowered by the midsection onto that fat fuck-stick as he thrust himself straight up into her womanhood. The smack of his skin connecting off her bodysuit ringing out now around his office to mix with both of their shameless moans.

"MMMMM!! Yeah... Fucking it take it girl! MMMM... Take all that... AHHHHHH... Fucking cock up your fucking pussy..." The clearly sexually superior man encouraged the beauty he was getting to stuff full with his dick. Even though as fully in control of things as he was, he had no need to since he was the once making the masked female ride his member in such steady and stiff fashion. A fact that, along with the pleasure his dick was getting from her, kept that cocky smirk fixed to his handsome facial features. "AHHHHHH... The poor fucks who got a piece of you before... MMMMM!! I bet they had real tiny fucking pencil dicks... No fucking clue... AHHHHH... How to bang someone like you..." He said between his own moans. Verbally twisting the knife to taunt the woman who he'd all too easily gotten to blow him and was now balls deep into her snatch. Easily knowing himself the answer to both questions from how she's groaning out loudly every time he drives his cock up into her snatch as he lowers her right down to meet those pumps.

"OH FUCK!! UHHHHHH... FUCK!! It's... MMMMM!! It's true damn it!! AHHHHHH!!" She confesses, feeling the pressure building within her as drops of sweat roll down her cheeks and no doubt down her curvy, built frame underneath her bodysuit. Not even attempting to hide the great pleasure she's getting from the man she's mounted on top off as he makes her bounce away on his stiffly thrusting cock. "MMMMM... Don't... AHHHHH!! Don't fucking stop!! MMMMM!! P-PLEASE... OH GOD!!" She almost whines her plea out, gasping as she looks back over her shoulder to look at him. Only now seeing that the Bat-cape she's still wearing is completely covering him up as it's been flowing up and down in time with the motion of her body. With a grunt, as if not seeing the hunk who is banging her is an insult, she grabs her cape to coil it around her using her arms.

What she saw back with that wide, pearly smile of a man who knows he's in total control of not just the situation, but the crime fighter on top of him. Effortlessly shifting her tight up and down onto his fat rod as he pumps himself in and out of that now soaking wet but still very sinfully snug snatch of hers. The slap of his balls connecting off with her pussy ringing out every time he send that shaft upward and brought her sharply down to take him all the up. Treating her more like a common whore than the talented defender of truth and justice she's supposed to be. Much like her, he's loving every second of it and knows exactly how oh so wrong, but oh so good this all is.

"AHHHHH... AHHHHH! MMMMMM!! FUCK... FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUCK!!" Was it that look? Knowing how much he's dominated her and owned not just her pussy, but her as a whole all the way during this? Or just how shamelessly she's been loving being used, and treated, like a slut by the kind of criminal she should be arresting? Whatever it was, the constant pounding of her pussy soon became all too much for her to handle. "AHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUUUCKK!!" Just as he'd demanded from her, soon Batgirl was screaming out in pleasure as she came all over Tud's big, black cock. Further juices flowing out over his member than kept on slamming all the up into her snatch. Still making her ride that shaft even as she came, giving her no option but to feel every single moment of the most intense sexual high of her life. Her body jolting on his pumping dick, with only his hands keeping her from falling off from the mounted position.

"MMMMM!! Nothing like... AHHHHHH!! The first time, right?" Samuel grinned with a long and proud laugh. Revelling in having made such an infamous super-heroine orgasm, and in such a shameless hard manner. Truth be told he didn't care if this was, as he perhaps expected, her first time taking some black cock. What he meant by their 'first time' was something far different. "MMMMM... AHHHHH MMMM... Enjoy it baby... We ain't... UHHHHH!! Fucking done yet..." He stated, finally letting go of her so she could rest down on his crotch. However he could help but enjoy himself in this position a little more as he gave another couple of firm pumps into her dripping wet snatch to further make her groan out. Then he finally pulled his still rock hard rod out of that well fucked to say the least pussy of Batgirl.

Proving his words to be true once again, Samuel shoves the beauty he's been fucking not just up and off of his cock. Down right to the floor of his office roughly. Leaving her groaning as she lays down for a moment to show how much this sexual encounter has taken out of her. Gasping for air as her own pussy juices leak and drip from her folds down underneath her bodysuit and further along her legs. Unsurprisingly, she offered no resistance when he moved down and behind her. Reaching down and forcing her up into the classic doggy style position so he could unceremoniously shove his cock right back into that still very sensitive and pleasurably tight pussy of hers.

"UHHHHH!! AHHHHHH... OH FUCK... M-MORE?? OH FUUUUUUUUUCK..." Batgirl groaned out, looking back over her shoulder with a look of both awe and desire for the man she barely knows and should be arresting for running a sex ring. Instead she's willingly letting him ravage her already pounded pussy once again. Her body jolting forward each time she takes a balls deep thrust from him and that massive, black cock of his. "AHHHHH... AHHHHH FUCK! FUCK... FUUUUUUUUCKKK AHHHHHH MMMMMM..." All she could do was stare and take it. The once proud and confident crime fighter reduced to a moaning whore, still clad in attire she should be battling villains in instead of being fucked. Even licking her lips as she locks eyes with that grinning hunk who is buried deep to the hilt into her love tunnel.

"MMMMM... You see now Batgirl? Huh?? MMMMM FUCK!!" He taunts, his hands gripping her signature cape as he fucks her from behind. Using tugs on that cape to bring her body back hard towards his crotch each time he fires a sharp and swift thrust all the way forward into her clearly built to be fucked pussy. Despite the reinforced material of her Bat-suit feeling no sting of pain at all each time her rounded backside smacks off his crotch when their bodies connect.

"AHHHHHH... I've fucked prom queens... MMMMM!! Secretaries... AHHHH... Even holier than thou church goers... MMMMM!! And just like you... AHHHH FUCK... They all caved in and gave their fucking bodies to me..." He said, impressively able to explain his sinful plans in between delivering hard thrust after thrust into the already more than just well fucked stunner on her hands and knees in front of him. Grunting as sweat now covers his own muscular body as he gives her the kind of fucking she deserves, but no one has ever been able to deliver before to her.

Indeed, all the red head could do was stay in place and take it. Willingly being a living fuck-toy for a man who has obviously not just done this several times before, but to women far less tough and mentally strong than she is. Or perhaps, as she was considering how her mouth is now staying open in a perfect O-shape as her eyes are looking up at the ceiling. Lost in a new world of sinful pleasure as once again that massive cock she's become so addicted to is driving in and out of her balls deep again and again. However the effects of taking another dose of big cock fucking so soon after an orgasm is leaving her exhausted. If it wasn't for the grip on her own cape as he banged her she might have just suddenly collapsed down to the floor instead of slowly leaning downward towards such a position.

"MMMMM... Fucking say it Batgirl! SAY IT!!" Tud demanded, suddenly changing his grip to grab onto the bright red hair that escaped from the back of her mask. A sharp tug keeping her upper body off the ground and making her groan out. The pumps all the way into her still needy snatch continuing relentlessly as smack after smack of his crotch hitting off of her pussy sounds out. "AHHHHH... Say you love it!! That you love... MMMMM FUCK!! My huge fucking dick!!" He hisses, keeping a firm hold of her hair while he slams his dick into that still snug, but now far from as tight as she was when they began, pussy of hers. Using his other hand to keep a hold of her Bat-cape for good measure if not to keep her doggy style like this, but as another symbol of his clear dominance over her.

"AHHHHHH!! I... I!! AHHHHHH FUCK I LOVE IT!! AHHHHHHH GOD I LOVE THAT... UHHHHH!! BIG! FUCKING... BLACK COCK IN ME!!" Batgirl screamed out as once again she started to cum. Her body shaking as she took thrust after thrust while her juices flooded out over that addicting cock plunging balls deep into her from behind. Her eyes rolling into the back of her head and actually drooling from out of mouth as the pleasure overwhelms her. "UHHHHHHH!! COCK... MMMMMMM... FUCKING COCK... UHHHHHH.. FUUUUUUUUCKK..." She groaned out, so barely with it she can barely form coherent sentences now as sweat drips off her cheeks and chin. A filthy squelching sound being heard each time the stud behind her thrusts in and out of that hammered pussy as the juices lewdly drip of from her folds. Even leaving a noticeable small pool on the floor under her as she takes another hard orgasm just minutes removed from another such high.

"MMMMM... Damn girl! You're... AHHHHHH FUCK!! You're a fucking pro at this..." Samuel smirks at his own backhanded compliment to her as he pulls his soaked cock out of her snatch. Not granting her any rest however as he keeps pulling her hair. Roughly forcing her up to her knees to position her in front of him. That mask-covered face once again pointing at his mighty, pussy-dominating shaft. "You want this baby? Huh?" He says, gripping his dick by the base as he smacks her cheek with the fat crown of his cock. Smearing her own juices onto her face in the process. "Want my fucking cum huh? All over your fucking face?" He says but with the kind of dirty tone that shows he's already made the choice for her.

"Mmmmmm... Yes... God yes..." Batgirl almost purred as she stared up at him, so drunk in her lust as she licked her lips at the thought. "Please... Give me that cum! I... I need it..." She says between gasps, clearly far from recovered from her own orgasms.
"Oh yeah?" He chuckles, smacking the other side of her face with his tool for good measure. "Then take that fucking mask-off... Let me see that face... Mmmmmm... Before I fucking coat you like a fucking slut!" He demanded, before pulling back just a bit so his cock could hang just an inch away from his newest broken in, but certainly the most famous, whore to step into his office.

"Mask... Off..." She breathlessly repeated, as if her mind was trying to process the command. Something that the true, with all her senses intact Batgirl would never dream of doing. Revealing what she looks like, breaking the code that keeps her identity secret... "Mask... Off..." However that woman was far gone long by this point. Reaching up, she hooked the bottom of her mask below her eyes and in turn he let go of her hair. Allowing her to pull the mask up and over her face and head, shaking and then tossing her red locks out for good measure before the unmasked Batgirl stared up with deep lust at the man who had broken her.

"Fuck... Face like that is wasted being hidden by that mask..." Tud grinned, seeing how deeply into this he'd made her. Very much approving of the pretty face he was now witnessing. Seeing her ruined make-up from the earlier as a result of the deep throating and all the sweat that's formed on her. "Well then Batgirl... Come suck the reward out of this big fucking cock that you love so much..." He instructed as he let go of his member.

"With fucking pleasure..." She said, finding new energy as she reached in with her gloved hand to grip and then stroke him. Before parting her hungry lips and taking that dick into her mouth. Groaning around his member as her eyes locked up at the man she was addicted to. Soon enough she was bobbing along that length, making him moan out as she slurped not just with a purpose, but loudly and shamelessly over the dick that had just been deep into her snatch. Letting out a muffled moan as she tasted her juices off of that fuck-stick. Going further by cleaning herself off from him as her tongue joined in on the action to lash up at that prick as it passed in and out of her oral hole.

"MMMMMM FUCK... Fuck yeah!! MMMM... A fucking natural! AHHHHH..." Samuel stood and proudly looked down, hands on his hips as he watched the gorgeous face of the crime fighter working smoothly along his shaft. Her mouth bobbing over the upper portion of his rod while her hand stroked off the lower half. She'd obviously dished out a BJ or two in her life before this point that was for sure. "AHHHHH SHIT... MMMMM... You got a name baby? MMMMM... Like a real name?" He rather all too casually, considering everything that had led to this point never mind the current situation, asked the beauty blowing him. He was obviously a man used to getting women to not just do whatever he wanted, but to tell him anything he needed after introducing him to his sexual ability. The grin on his face showed both that, and the pleasure her oral hold was giving him as she sucked him with impressive skill considering how tired she had been rendered by this same dick not too long ago.

Staring up, she gave another long slurp along his pole before lifting her head up and off from him with a gasp. "Barbara... Barbara Gordon." She instantly, and without hesitation, answered him. Making sure like a good whore to keep him pleasured with pumps of her gloved hand as she spoke. With the question dealt with, and showing no concern for her secret identity being left in shreds, she went back to work. Diving her mouth right down onto his fat, black cock with a groan. "Mmmmmphhhh!! Hhhhhmmmmphhh... Mmmmm!!" She groaned around him as she resumed the bobbing motion, making her flaming red hair sway as she applied her saliva onto that rod. Her pumping palm further working her spit all along that pole for good measure. While she had been choking on his member earlier on when her throat was tested, her mouth working at this calmer in a way pace was still very pleasurable if his moans are any indication.

"MMMM... Such a good girl... You're... AHHHHH FUCK!! MMMMM!!" He groans, feeling his cock starting to throb with her warm and wet oral hole as her lips glide back and forth along his tool. The look of still hunger in those lust-drunk eyes, even after having had two orgasms herself, just added to the red hot sight he was witnessing from the now unmasked Batgirl. "MMMMM... You're gonna be real fun... AHHHHH... To have around here..." He chuckled before letting out a deep moan as he took another loud slurp from the beautiful crime fighter as her saliva once again was starting to coat his inches. A sign of both her skill in sucking cock and her desire to please the man who she only met tonight, but has been sexually broken by to the point of being a willing slut.

Not giving her mind, not that she has her wits about her any more, time to process that statement he pulls out of her mouth. Taking a hold of his cock himself as he starts to rapidly pump his cock as he throbs again. The woman in front of him staying kneeling and patiently awaiting a creamy reward for all her hard work, staring up with those lusty eyes and caring not for how her secret identity has been revealed to this criminal.

She soon got what she wanted, and so did he in more ways than one. With a last grunt the first blast of Samuel's thick load blasted out, hitting Batgirl high onto the forehead and into her bright red hair. The next shot landing close but forcing her to close her right eye as the blast ran over it, the eyebrow, and onto her forehead. The following blast splattered onto the left side of her nose, already dripping downward towards her lips before the next shot had landed. It wasn't just a big black cock he possessed, but a major load to match from those heavy balls of his. Creaming her pretty facial features to coat the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin in deliciously sinful fashion. By the time he was flicking out the final drops onto her, his jizz was already dripping off her face to land down onto the yellow Bat-symbol across her chest for final dirty visual treat.

"Mmmmm... Ain't been fucking drained like that in... In fucking ever..." Samuel admitted with a proud laugh as he looked down at the mess he'd made over her. "You enjoy that Barbara? Or should I say, Batgirl?" He added with a smirk, knowing how easily he'd made her give up a well kept secret.

"I... I loved it." Batgirl said with a nod, causing cum to fall off her face onto her Bat-suit. "I... I r-really did. Yes... Loved your big. Black. Cock..." Her eyes once again locking onto that member she's become addicted to.

"So... That means you'd love some more of me, right?" Tud smirks. Having played this part of the 'game' with women far less of a super heroine than this beauty.

"Yes! Oh fuck yes!" She quickly, too quickly, replied. "Please! I... Oh fuck, I want more... No! I need more!" She said with a gasp.

"In that case... All I need you to do is something for me..." Samuel moved away from her, moving across his office towards his pants that were on the floor. "You see honey? Your snooping around my operations means I'm on the radar. That's bad news for me... For my boys... And for all the high paying patrons who are willing to pass me some of that green in exchange for some fine pussy..." He explains as he pulls his pants up, looping the belt and then the buckle as he speaks. "So I need you to do a couple jobs for me to make up for it. After all, you did break into my place after all..."

"...Jobs?" Batgirl questioned, reaching her gloved hand to wipe spunk away from her eyes. Sounding still in a trance-like state as she was still feeling the afterglow of all this sinful sexual action. "What... What kind of jobs?"

"I'm glad you asked..." Tud said with a chuckle. One a lot more sinister than usual from him. "Whatever files you have on me, this place or my operations? I want them deleted. And let me know if anyone else, cops or whoever else, knows about this or any of those 'disappearances'." He instructed as he slipped his shirt back on. "Tell your super-hero friends, all the boys you run with that this investigation or whatever of yours? It was a bust. A dead end. No case."

Listening on, Batgirl just obediently nodded her head. Like she had been hypnotised into being now a pawn in his wicked, sex-driven scheme. Yet having been made a very willing part of it all thanks to his fucking ability.

"After that... After that, go tell your girl friends... Any other super-heroines you might now? Tell them to swing around this place. Tell them... Fuck it, just make something up and send some of them here." Tud ordered as he buttoned his shirt up.

"I... I will..." Batgirl said as she stood up. Finding it shaky at first to get back to her feet after the fucking she's taken. "I... I need to go anyway... I have to check in with my... My friends before it gets too late..." She said, pausing in her words as if her mind was starting to click back into the places she should be all the time.

"Then get going... Oh, and hey..." He says, moving around his desk to open a draw up. Fishing in, he pulled out a black thong, before tossing it over towards the broken beauty. "This'll cover up that hole I cut in your suit until you get back to your base, or whatever. You can drop by sometime and give it back to me."

"I... I will. Yes. Th-thank you..." She replied, quickly putting the make-shift 'repair' on so she could haul it all the way up and over her crotch, gasping at the feeling against her snatch. Surprisingly, as if a handy coincidence, it didn't just fit perfectly there but matched the colour of her Bat-suit as well.

"See yourself out honey... My boys will escort you out... And Batgirl?" He called out when she turned to leave. "Feel free to invite yourself back here any time you want... Just knock on the 'staff door' out back and ask for me. They'll be expecting you... And some of your friends too..."

"I'll... I'll do that..." Batgirl said, nodding again as she turned to leave. She paused, suddenly remember about her current state as she quickly pulled her mask back on. Groaning as she made the cum on her face squelch and spread around for a further mess. Her fingers swiping away to clean off some of it from her exposed face as she headed out the door.

Now fully dressed, Samuel just grinned as he picked up the remote from the edge of the couch. Pressing a couple of buttons, he looked to the TV screens on the wall of his office. Playing back instantly was the moment that he pushed his cock into Batgirl's mouth, hearing her groans and then the gagging she let as he fucked her mask-covered face. From multiple angles, from the several different hidden camera placed around his executive office.

"Who would have thought it... Fucking Batgirl walking into my hood and straight onto my fucking dick..." He said, shaking his head in disbelief himself at the evening's events. "And to think, I called in that police tip-off about my own place to try and snag some police chick hottie to add to my whores..." Tud chuckles to himself.

With a smirk, another thought came to himself. If he could bag Batgirl so easily... Who else would he be able to tame and claim? He, and his big black cock, hadn't failed to break any whore that he's met yet. Super-heroines might be right up his alley for expanding his business yet... Better yet, he might keep some for himself...

* * *

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