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underneath the age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no bearing on reality
whatsoever. 100% fiction means real life rape is WRONG. The author does not
condone illegal and immoral actions described. If you feel rape in the real
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Description: Deathstroke's daughter Ravager is out for revenge against
Batgirl Cassandra Cain with the help of her equally psychotic lover
Nightwing. Together, they rape, torture and viciously kill the heroine's
friends before facing off in a deadly final battle against Batgirl and The

Content Codes: M/F/F, snuff, NC, pain, asphyx, blade mutilation.

Additional Credit: Based on a suggestion by ‘omfg' on Deathstalker's forum.

Batgirl: Fun With Dick & Rose Part 1: The Black Canary
by JD ([email protected])

Batgirl raced across the rooftops of Gotham. Despite being at the top
possible level of fitness for a human 19 year old, Cassandra Cain's heart was
hammering in her chest. Oracle's distress signal was coming loud and clear,
but Batgirl had been unable to contact her for more information. She was
worried for her friend's safety. She was heading in alone. Batman was
offworld with the JLA and JSA, Nightwing had been unreachable recently, The
Spoiler/Robin IV was dead, tortured and raped to death by Black Mask. Anyway,
Batgirl had beaten Lady Shiva in one-on-one combat, something even Batman had
never managed; she didn't need help.

She was clad in her standard tight black leather costume, from head to boots.
Her well-defined musculature was clearly visible through the tight leather on
her arms and legs. Her face was totally obscured by the cowl she wore, a
different design to the one famously used by Barbara Gordon aka Oracle in her
days as the first Batgirl. The black-leather clad heroine reached the
building across from Oracle's and lent forward onto the roof wall. Her
curvaceous breasts moved with her heavy breathing beneath the yellow-outline
bat symbol on her chest as the partly-Asian teenager looked down through the
open blinds of Oracle's apartment.

The lights were on and Batgirl saw Oracle's wheelchair turned over on its
side. The Apartment had been trashed - there seemed to have been quite a
fight in the room. Oracle's possessions were strewn about the floor. Batgirl
realised after a few moments intense examination that there was a booted foot
sticking out amongst the trashed furniture and belongings. Oracle was hurt in

The costumed heroine went over the wall and down the side of the building
using one of the high tensile cables employed by the 'Bat family.' She
crossed the street at speed and climbed the stairs up to Oracle's place. To
her surprise, the door to the apartment was locked, and showed no sign of
being forced. Batgirl stood back and twisted into a strong martial arts kick
that knocked the lock right out of the door and into the room. She pushed the
door open and stepped into the mess on the apartment floor. The sexy young
heroine moved carefully over to the visible boot and pulled aside the garbage
strewn over its owner to find The Black Canary, Dinah Lance.

Cassandra gasped sharply behind her hood. The Black Canary's costume was cut
open at the crotch, which was a mess of blood, semen and the dead heroine's
own urine. Her costume was also torn open at the top. Her breasts were bare
and exposed, discoloured with hand-shaped bruises from a brutal mauling and
human bite marks. A black cord was still tightly wrapped around her neck, her
tongue protruded from her mouth. Below the cord her throat had been slashed
open and blood pooled beneath the dead heroine's neck. Her blonde hair was
messily spread about her head and her blue eyes were wide and unseeing. The
woman's face seemed to be wet. Her arms were broken, with one bone protruding
from a bloody wound. Cassandra knelt down; the body was still warm. Dinah's
finger twitched. Death had been only a short time before. There was also a
strong smell of female arousal, seemingly from the sticky wetness on the dead
heroine's face.

Batgirl looked around the apartment for clues, for reasons, for anything.
Oracle's apartment was full of gadgets, Batgirl found a small cardboard sign
on top of the DVD player. A downward arrow pointed at the play button. She
thought of booby traps, but the brutal abuse meted out to The Black Canary
suggested the person behind this crime wouldn't be happy with just blowing up
Batgirl. She pressed the play button.

The screen lit up to show a familiar figure; Ravager aka Rose Wilson, the
daughter of Deathstroke The Terminator. On their last encounter, Batgirl had
badly wounded the psychotic assassin, leaving her bloody and near mortally
wounded. She'd come close to defeating Batgirl in the past though, and her
remaining eye gleamed madly as she looked into a handheld camera lens.

"Batbitch! My lover and I are keen to fulfil the outstanding contract on your
life. This time we won't be playing by your rules, we'll be playing with ours
and ours alone. You will come alone to the old Roberts Metal Works… We have
Oracle here to entertain us... Cassandra. I don't think she's going to run
away on her own, and if my monitoring toys catch any kind of communication
from you calling for help I slice her from cunt from throat! Watch what we'll
do to her if you don't hurry..."

The video fizzed with harsh static, and then showed the door of Oracle's
apartment, then panned across to show... Dick Grayson! The former Robin and
current Nightwing, though he was out of costume. Nightwing had joined
Deathstroke to fight with the Assassin's daughter! Oracle saw an old and
trusted friend and opened the door with her guard down. He greeted her and
she him, apparently unaware of the camera. As Oracle turned her chair and
wheeled away from the door Dick stepped into the room and pulled a soaking
rag from his pocket. He held it over the wheelchair bound girl's mouth.
Oracle panicked as the chemical smell filled her senses and she pulled
helplessly at Dick's arm. Her cry of shock was muffled behind rag and hand.
Overcome by the fumes she her body went limp.

The camera operator, Rose, followed Dick Grayson into the apartment. He
pushed Oracle's limp body out of the wheelchair to land on her face. He bound
her hands tightly behind her back and then tied a cloth gag in her mouth and
around her head. A sudden female voice from the next room clearly startled
Dick and, from the shake of the camera, its operator.

"Okay, I've dug those documents out from the cupboard, had a hell of a time
finding them! You of all people should have better filing than that."

Dick Grayson moved to stand beside the bedroom door, while Rose took her
camera to film from the other side. She caught The Black Canary's shock
perfectly as the fully costumed heroine came out of the bedroom to find her
friend bound, gagged and unconscious on the floor. Dick took advantage and
put a heavy side kick into The Black Canary's stomach, momentarily doubling
her over. She cried out before righting herself and taking a fighting stance
in front of Dick Grayson.

"What the hell are you doing, Dick?" her diaphragm hurt as she tried to draw
breath for her Canary Cry ultrasonic scream.

"Quick, Lover! Do her! We can film it as a message to Batbitch... and it'll
be fun."

Ravager's voice off came from off camera and she whirled to face Ravager,
before realising Dick Grayson was her main threat. She turned into another
staggering stomach punch as Dick Grayson slammed his fist into the shiny
black material of her costume, just above her cunt.

The heroine fought the former hero, but despite her superpowers she was
little match for a man trained to the peak of physical perfection. The place
was trashed quickly as they fought all over, with Dick Grayson getting the
best of it. He punched and kicked the blonde woman black and blue as she
tried to defend herself. The Black Canary realised she was outmatched and
tried to flee, but Dick held her arms tightly to her sides and slammed his
knee into her cunt.

Rose zoomed the camera in for a close up on The Black Canary's anguished face
as she cried out, unable to draw breath into an attack. Her body shook as
Dick slammed his knee in again, and again, pounding her most sensitive spot
with punishing powerful knee blows. He dropped the blonde to the ground and
pulled back his leg. With a brutal noise of cracking ribs her slammed his
foot into her chest, relishing the sound of breaking bones inside her
costume. He moved for a better angle and then drove his foot in again. The
Black Canary's eyes were filled with tears as she tried to protect herself
with her arms. Dick Grayson pressed his toe hard into the defeated heroine's
throat, applying his weight to her windpipe. The Black Canary's crying was
cut off into strangulated gasping.

"Wait, lover, we can put on more of a show than this!"

Rose Wilson set the camera up on a shelf, to give a clear view, and then
crossed into the shot. Like Dick, she wasn't wearing her Ravager costume.
Instead, she wore calf length black leather boots with stiletto heals, a
black leather skirt so short as to almost be a belt, and a sight black top
which exposed her navel and through which the outline of her hard nipples
could clearly be seen. Out of costume there was a simple black patch over
her missing eye; the orb she'd removed to honor her father.

As Dick Grayson lifted the pressure on The Black Canary's throat she
tearfully gasped out a hoarse question, "Why? Dick? Why are you," she
coughed, "doing this? You're a hero! You're one of the good guys!"

Dick looked down into the blonde's tear-filled eyes and felt his cock
straining against his pants. Ever since Deathstroke had injected him he'd
been a changed person - Psychotic, just like the man's own daughter, Rose
Wilson. His lover took a knife from her boot and crouched between The Black
Canary's finely toned fishnet clad legs. She held it for the heroine to see
and then slashed the blade between the sobbing blonde's thighs. She
carelessly cut open the crotch of the Black Canary's costume, slicing into
her cunt lips with the razor sharp metal blade. The Black Canary yelped as
blood began to flow and Rose bared her shaven cunt. Dick and Rose laughed
as they realised she was blushing at the indignity of her most private area
being on display.

The Black Canary felt the shame burning in her, and struggled with renewed
vigour. She tried to twist and throw Dick Grayson's foot off of her. He
quickly thwarted her efforts by reaching down and gripping her left arm below
the elbow. He looked into her eyes and drank in her fear before cleanly
snapping the bone with a twist he learned from Batman. The Black Canary's
high-pitched scream made his cock twitch, so he broke her right arm the same
way, then broke it yet again above the elbow. This break he did differently,
sadistically forcing the raw bone through skin and muscle to emerge white and
bloody from her toned flesh. He looked around to see his lover, Rose Wilson,
roughly fingering The Black Canary's bloody snatch with three fingers, with
her other hand up her own short skirt. The Black Canary began to babble,
pleading with Dick to help her, to spare her life. She made promises, offered
to be his slave, anything to live.

"She's ready for your dick, Dick," Rose told him with a harsh laugh, as she
pulled her fingers free and licked the defeated heroine's unwilling juice and
blood from them.

"Plough her for me good, lover. I want to feel her scream into my pussy
before she dies..."

Rose Wilson moved up The Black Canary's trembling broken body while Dick
Grayson dropped his pants to the messy apartment floor and moved between
shaking her shaking fishnet-clad thighs. He rubbed the large bulbous head of
his blood turgid nine-inch cock against the bloody shaven lips of The Black
Canary's snatch and watched Rose pull her skirt up around her waist. Rose
Wilson's nipples were sticking out almost an inch each behind her tight black
top and her recently fingered pussy was running with arousal; both from
watching The Black Canary's beating and the thoughts of the perverted acts
she and her lover were going to carry out.

Deathstroke's daughter tightly gripped the fallen blonde's hair in her hands
and settled her weight onto the woman's face. At the same time Dick Grayson
drove his entire nine-inch cock into the woman's bloody cunt, in a single
thrust. The Black Canary's scream vibrated into Rose's highly aroused pussy
and the assassin moaned with delight. The sharp breakings in The Black
Canary's arms, the fractured ribs and the savage beating she'd taken from
Dick were nothing compared to the splitting agony as her cunt was violated.
She felt like a baseball bat had been forced into her.

Rose dropped her blade and drew a black cord from her boot. She watched Dick
raping The Black Canary hard and felt pleasure building in her pussy. She
draped the cord across The Black Canary's throat. Rose reached down, and
pulled each end out under the opposite side of The Black Canary's defenceless
neck. The Black Canary knew then what her fate would be, but she was beyond
fighting. She welcomed an end to her agony.

Dick Grayson snarled and tore down The Black Canary's costume to reveal her
tanned breasts. As he humped between her splayed thighs, punishing her cunt
with his massive cock, he bit down on her nipples and breasts bringing
further groans from her, and mauled the shuddering titflesh with his strong
hands. The blood around his cock eased his passage in The Black Canary's
mostly dry cunt, the intense tightness bringing pleasure and pain to his

Rose Wilson threw back her head and laughed as she rocked her hips on The
Black Canary's face. She mercilessly drew the black cord tight, pulling
outwards and backwards. The cord bit painfully into the flesh of The Black
Canary's throat. Rose she rubbed her cunt towards a climax, smearing her
juices over the blonde heroine's pretty features and teary blue eyes. The
Black Canary felt the cord tighten and realised the end to her pain was
coming soon. No longer able to fight back, she was smothered by Rose
Wilson's ass and pussy, strangled by the cord around her throat. Her brain
started to fog and the long thrusts into her cunt started to feel good,
impossibly good. How could it be that she was taking pleasure in her own

Dick Grayson felt her body bucking against him and her snatch quickly grow
far slicker with unwilling arousal. He bit hard into The Black Canary's left
bled, tasting blood as her cunt squeezed his cock.

"Little... Canarycunt likes it!" he gasped, as he started to speed up his
thrusts into the broken heroine's bloody pussy. The Black Canary felt only
pleasure and pain as she died, climaxing as Rose Wilson gushed over her
crimson face. Dick felt hot urine splash against his crotch as The Black
Canary asphyxiated and with the pleasure of his first shared murder he
slammed balls deep into her cunt and sprayed her womb with his sperm,
firing hot loads of semen into The Black Canary's bloody corpse.

When Rose's climax abated she dropped forward, supporting her weight on her
arms. The two killers shared a sticky kiss atop their victim's body. Their
tongues passionately entwined as they basked in the joint glow of life taken.

"Think this'll bring Batslut running? We came for Oracle and got a two for
one special. I love Gotham City!" Rose asked as her fingers found the
discarded blade. She sliced The Black Canary's throat open, making sure she
wouldn't be resuscitated. Blood began to flow from the fresh wound.

"She'll come. She won't want us to do worse to Oracle," Dick Grayson turned
and winked into the camera.

"I'll set off Oracle's distress call and get Cassandra here as fast as her
little legs can carry her."

The tape fizzed again, and Cassandra Cain, Batgirl, was looking again into
the one eyed face of the assassin Rose Walker.

"Come alone... Come quickly, because we've already had all the time you've
been watching this with Oracle! Oh, while I'd really love to kill you in
person, I'm not so stupid as to miss the chance for an easy kill. This DVD
will self-destruct in five seconds. If you take the window, you might make
it out alive."

Batgirl flipped away from the TV and sprinted towards Oracle's apartment
window. She dove through the open upper pane, flipped around a lamp post,
and landed across the street. One second later the entire apartment building
exploded, knocking her from her feet. Dick and Rose must have been planning
for weeks, to have pre-planted so much explosive material and bring the
building down so quickly.

Cassandra was slammed bodily against the wall behind her, forcing a sexy
grunt from her lungs. She dropped to her knees and watched as the fire
destroyed evidence. The crime fighter mentally added the murder of the other
residents to their crimes. The Black Canary was dead. Oracle captured,
Nightwing corrupted. Vengence was not the way of the Batman, but Batgirl
intended to finish what she'd started with Rose Wilson once and for all. The
partly-Asian realised she was sexually aroused. Was this how Lady Shiva felt
when she imagined slaughtering a foe, or was it something else? She blushed
behind her cowl, and then headed for the Steel Works.

To Be Continued

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