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underneath the age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no bearing on reality
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condone illegal and immoral actions described. If you feel rape in the real
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Description: Deathstroke's daughter Ravager is out for revenge against
Batgirl Cassandra Cain with the help of her equally psychotic lover
Nightwing. Together, they rape, torture and viciously kill the heroine's
friends before facing off in a deadly final battle against Batgirl and The

Content Codes: MFF, paralyzed-sex, snuff, pain, impalement, rape

Additional Credit: Based on a suggestion by 'omfg' on Deathstalker's forum.

Batgirl: Fun With Dick & Rose Part 2: Oracle
by JD [email protected]

Oracle's limp body lay on the hard metal floor of a black van. Locked deeply
into a chemical sleep, Barbara Gordon was trapped in a nightmare she couldn't
escape from. Constantly reliving the night The Joker shot her and took away
forever her life as Batgirl. The clownish psychopath had crippled her,
brutally sexually abused her and, for the ultimate humiliation, ensured
pictures ended up all over the world. Many men and women had masturbated over
the images of her torturous defilement at the hands of Batman's nemesis.
During her time gathering information as Oracle she'd continuously been faced
with web discussions, archives, sites - all of them reliving and even
celebrating her crippling defilement.

Dick Grayson drove the van through the streets of Gotham city. A police tuner
crackled with stories of a typical night in Gotham City.

"...goddamn it, We're surrounded! Send back up NOW! Officers down! Repeat
officers down!"

It was the Hispanic Detective, Renee Montoya's, voice. Nightwing knew her
well and enjoyed listening to the fear in her voice. He recalled her tough
body, and the way it moved in her clothes. The dispatcher's voice came back
in reply.

"...All officers engaged with Two Face and King Croc's gang war in Gotham
Heights. Nobody's available. We're sending a team as soon as possible."

"That isn't good enough; Ivy's mutant spider/plant hybrids are all over the
place... One of them bit Harvey's head right off! Get Batman down here! Call
for any metahumans available! These things aren't going down at all!"

There was a burst of gunfire and sick, painful noises. Masculine cries of

"Oh Jesus, I'm the last one left... everyone's dead. There's..." There was
the sound of further gunfire, and then a gun clicking on empty. Renee's voice
came back, babbling and scared.

"Ohjesusohjesusmarygod I don't want to die... Get away! Get back! They've got
my arms in their mouths! There's one on my backl! HELP ME! MOMMY, ANYONE! No!

"Detective Montoya, SWAT Team ETA five minutes. Hold on!"

Detective Montoya's voice broke into incoherent screams mixed with the sound
of fabric tearing and punishing blows.

"IT'S INSIDE ME! OH GODS, IT'S RAPING ME IT'S..." Renee's voice broke off
into gurgling and laboured breathing. It was replaced with a rhythmic
squelching noise, clicks and hisses. The radio clipped to her clothing
broadcast it all.

"Scratch the SWAT Team, All officers avoid West Park, major supervillain
activity, officers dead," there was a click as the dispatcher mishit the
button he meant to end his signal. His comments to his fellow dispatcher were
relayed out over the police band, "Oh and one uppity spic bitch. Best call up
the commissioner to shine the Bat Signal, eh Joe? That Ivy, huh? I'd do her.
Ahh, Jesus, Joe, are you beating off?"

The police scanner changed onto other calls and signals. It was a bad night
for the good girls of Gotham City.

Dick found he really enjoyed the broadcast, instead of wanting to rush to
help Montoya. He was preoccupied to some extent by Rose Wilson's head, which
was bobbing in his lap as she deepthroated his throbbing prick. The assassin
lightly squeezed his balls with one hand while gently jacking the base of his
shaft with the other. Dick took a hand off of the wheel and pushed it down
the back of Rose's skirt. She moaned around his throbbing cock as he inserted
it into her snatch and then pushed the probing digit into her puckered ass.
She pushed back on it eagerly and Dick thought angrily about the women he'd
slept with who'd refused to take him anally because of his size; Starfire,
Huntress, Oracle... Fuelled by the psychosis of the Deathstroke serum, he was
eager to teach them all a lesson in respect.

The van swerved as Dick Grayson climaxed and momentarily lost control. Rose
Wilson expertly swallowed Dick's seed, draining his balls with her skilled
mouth and throat. Dick grunted as he fired off into Rose's tight warmth and
then drove through the gates of the Roberts' Steelworks. Rose pushed his
cock back into his pants and sat back into her chair. She pushed a stray
strand of spunk into her mouth. The psychopathic hottie twisted to look back
at Oracle and pushed her hand down her skirt.

"I want you to fuck me in the ass while we use her corpse as a mattress," she
told Dick as they drove past ruined buildings.

The Roberts Steelworks had been torn apart in the quake that turned Gotham
City into No Man's Land. Still marked down for eventual redevelopment, Dick
Grayson and Rose Wilson had moved in and made it their own. It still appeared
desolate and wreaked, but internally many buildings were refurbished. In the
weeks of careful planning the place had been tricked out as a supervillain
lair, using all of Batman and Deathstroke's files on superhero and villain
weaknesses and flaws. Ravager had broken Poison Ivy out of Arkham Asylum to
create special Metahuman defences for the metal works. Ivy hadn't been made
aware of Nightwing's involvement, only Ravager. Rose Wilson therefore felt
partly responsible for the deaths Ivy had caused since her release. She
frigged her juice-oozing snatch as she thought about Montoya being raped to
death by the spider/plant hybrids.

Dick Grayson parked the van and climbed out. An electronic device resembling
a pager was clipped to his belt. It beeped.

"Batgirl's reached Oracle's place."

"I wish I could see her face when she finds The Black Canary."

"Let's get Babs into position and suit up."

Dick opened the back of the van and wrapped his hand into the unconscious
girl's red hair. He tugged her limp body from the van and slung her over his
shoulders. Rose slammed the van doors shut, and the pair entered a door-less
arch with their captive, headed quickly for the centre of their lair. They
avoided easily the many traps designed to catch both ordinary people and also
any metahuman threat. Ivy's hybrids let them past - Rose Wilson had given Ivy
samples of their scents and DNA; the creatures were built to ignore the both
of them. Ivy had since been trying to find out who Nightwing's DNA belonged
to, as she was only aware of Ravager as being her employer. Nightwing had
been monitoring her progress and planned to take her out if she got too close
to his true identity. He didn't want the world to know about his changed
personality until he was ready.

Furthermore, Ivy's hybrids were one aspect of the metal works defences that
would only attack meta-humans, though they would defend themselves against
Metahuman attack. Under the effects of the Deathstroke serum - which served
to increase speed and reflexes along with Nightwing's psychosis - both
Nightwing and Ravager qualified. The earliest hybrids had been designed to
attack both, but they had proven impossible to control. Their senses had been
overcome by the millions of humans living nearby, and Ivy had taken them away
to avoid them drawing attention to the Metal Works. The rampage earlier in
the night that had claimed the human Detective Montoya meant they escaped, or
Ivy had set them loose for kicks.

* * *

Meanwhile, on a rooftop several blocks away the tall brawny blonde
super-heroine, Power Girl, and her skinny equally blonde teenage colleague
from the JSA, Stargirl, had been talking with one of Gotham's more violent
vigilantes, the black-maned Huntress. The two JSA members had ended up
working against the same villain as Huntress and had that evening defeated
him at his headquarters in the Abraxas Publishing building. An ambulance was
winding its way to the hospital with the defeated villain within.

There were no victory celebrations atop the Abraxas Publishing rooftop;
Stargirl lent against the flat rooftop's wall, looking out over the city with
her cosmic staff leaning to her side. Power Girl and the Huntress soon stood
mighty breasts to mighty breasts - with Power Girl clearly better endowed -
and shouting face to face atop the roof.

"What the heck was that? We had him! Why did you shoot him with your

"He was a rapist and a serial killer! Putting a steel bolt though his cock is

"Justice is for the courts, Huntress! No wonder you were kicked out of the

"Listen, stupid blonde airhead, you can take your arrogance and shove it!
While you're flying around up their fighting whatever costumed loser is
threatening the Earth with inflatable rocks or whatever cosmic costumed crap
there is each month, I'm out in Gotham helping the real people, living real
lives. Every time you lock up some psycho, they break out and kill someone

Power Girl had been lost for words at 'stupid blonde airhead.' Stargirl
muttered an "Uh-oh," under her breath and gently shook her dirty blonde hair
out. It wasn't her fight; she was just waiting for Power Girl to head back to
JSA HQ with her. She needed Power Girl to work the complicated console that
would let them get an update from the rest of the JSA on Rann. Stargirl
focussed her pretty blue eyes across the city. She caught movement from an
unexpected direction and turned to watch a van driving through the grounds of
the old Roberts Metal Works. Stargirl had taken it for derelict and abandoned
and watched with mild suspicion and interest.

"You shouldn't have said that to me, Huntress! If you're going to talk
garbage, I'll stuff you into a dumpster!" Powergirl snarled, grabbing
Huntress's arms in her super-strength grip.

Stargirl had lost sight of the van when it drove behind a crumbled building,
and when it didn't reappear after a few moments she moved along the roof top
wall to see if it had parked. She turned her masked face again towards it,
and saw Dick with Oracle on his shoulders, just as they went through the
archway. She didn't recognise either of them out of costume, though Rose
Wilson had been active without a costume in past years.


The surprise in Stargirl's voice cut through the anger of both women.

"Stargirl! Watch your mouth!," Power Girl admonished.

"Over amongst all those ruined buildings - there's a couple of people with a
van, and an unconscious woman! They're taking her into one of the buildings

Stargirl reached for her cosmic rod, and took to the air.

"We'll finish this later, Huntress!" Power Girl told her. The shorthaired
buff blonde took off after Stargirl.

"Wait! Don't just..."

Huntress stood alone on the rooftop, and relaxed her grip on a chemical pod
attached to her belt. She'd been a second away from directing it into an
explosion in Power Girl's face, to free herself. It sounded like someone was
in real trouble in her city, and she didn't trust the 'treat 'em soft'
do-gooders to handle the psychos of Gotham. Huntress checked her weapons, and
headed for the fire escape down the building's side; she too was headed for
the metal works.

* * *

Dick Grayson and Rose Wilson had just finished suiting up as Nightwing and
Ravager when lights began to flash on the base's main computer console.

"Hey, looks like a couple of costumed cretins saw us with Babs!," Ravager
stated, without much concern, "They're flying right this way. Powergirl and
the Star Spangled Kid!"

Dick Grayson seemed more controlled as Nightwing; less crazy psychotic.
Ravager moved like an assassin rather than a love-struck thrill killer.
Taking on their costumed personas provided more discipline and control to
their minds, but didn't change their urges or desires.

"She's Stargirl these days," Nightwing said, "and that big staff of hers
isn't a toy."

They watched as the computer identified the heroines and then Nightwing
used it to send chemical signals to Ivy's hybrids. Some of the hybrids were
capable of altering their capabilities to deal with specific threats, and the
pheromones they received alerted them in advance of the kinds of metahuman
abilities they would face. It wasn't necessary, as the system was mostly
automated, but it sped up the process. They watched the heroines approach for
a few more seconds, and then turned away. CCTV and hidden microphones would
record the unsuspecting girl's fate.

They were in a shelf lined room with lots of equipment - aside from the
computer console - with many and varies uses; there were weapons, android
parts, sex toys, human rocket packs, books, magazines, porno dvds, torture
implements, power tools, a hamster cage with a single gerbil spinning on a
wheel, food, drink, chairs, tables... The whole room's floor was not flat,
but tilted at an angle as a result of the Earthquake; it sloped like a gentle
hillside. Some of the furniture within had been custom made; there was a
chair bolted to the floor with two legs longed than the other two, giving a
flat seat.

Oracle lay in the middle of it. Ravager and Nightwing crouched down next to
her and began to cut off her clothes. They soon stripped Barbara Gordon
naked. Her body was pale under the clothes; she didn't get much sun. Ravager
ran a single finger gently against Oracle's scars, before roughly pulling her
limp body up by the breasts.

"Did you ever have your big cock between these, lover? How about Batman? I
bet he'd speak to Commissioner Gordon with his balls resting on her chin! Did
the old man know the dynamic duo was double-teaming his daughter?"

Nightwing didn't answer. Ravager laughed as he attached special cuffs onto
Oracle's wrists, binding her arms behind back. Unlike ordinary cuffs, the
escape-trained former-Batgirl would find it impossible to get her hands free.
He then pulled her head back roughly and broke a capsule beneath her nose.
Oracle's eyes fluttered and she came out of her drug-induced sleep to find
Ravager sitting on her long-paralysed legs, and holding her up by the

Nightwing put Oracle's spectacles back onto her face and the scene came into
focus. Oracle winced, and moved as best she could to take the weight of her
body off of her breasts. She recognised Ravager; Rose Wilson, Slade Wilson
aka Deathstroke's daughter. She had a long association with the Teen Titans
and had briefly been a member. Oracle's sources said Deathstroke had injected
her with his own serum to make her more powerful; the side effect had been
psychosis. Oracle also knew that she had fought Cassandra Cain, the new
Batgirl, and lost. Not long afterwards Nightwing had headed away from Gotham
and Bludhaven to confront Deathstroke about his daughter and try to help -
but only Batman and Oracle knew that.

"Ravager! What are you doing? Who's... NIGHTWING? What's going on here?"

"I'm feeling up your juicy tits! What does it look like I'm doing?"

Oracle's face twisted as Ravager squeezed her nipples painfully. She saw
madness behind Ravager's mask, burning in her one remaining eye. She turned
her biggest asset on the situation; her brain. Batman wouldn't be charging to
the rescue; he was off-world. It seemed certain that Nightwing was either
being mind controlled, affected by the same serum as Ravager, or else playing
along to some greater purpose and hoping she wasn't hurt too much. Oracle
looked into Nightwing's cruel face and shivered; she didn't think he was that
good an actor.

"What do you want with me? You know I won't tell you anything, Nightwing."

"We just needed you here to get young Batcunt emotional as she comes charging
in to rescue you. To get her to come and fight on my terms!"

"Are you still angry she beat you, Ravager? She'll beat you again."

"She nearly killed me! She's going to pay! I'm going to keep her alive as I
slice her up..."

"We don't need you here anymore, Oracle. As you've probably worked out by
now, Ravager and I are both psychotic. It's quite a rush, I can tell you. All
these years of putting the Joker or Two Face in Arkham Asylum and only now to
feel as they feel... I've had power before, but never like this."

Nightwing had taken a long pole from a rack to the side of the room. It had
a very sharp point on one end, tapering out to be as thick as a coke can
for most of it's length. There seemed to be a saddle of some sort part-way
along - sticking out on both sides like a pogo-stick's footpads. There were
small holes at various points along the metal pole; it was clearly hollow
like a pipe. Nightwing carried across to the girls; the excited Ravager and
the apprehensive Oracle, and slipped the end into a round hole in the floor.
There was a metal 'shnnk!' as it slid home, and then the pole stood straight
up with the spiked end pointed at the ceiling. The saddle was a little above
Nightwing's waist off of the floor, and he climped to sit with his thighs
resting onto it.

"Oracle, do you know what we're going to do now we don't need you anymore?
We're going to push this into your cunt until it comes out of your mouth.
We're going to inject you with a cocktail of drugs that will keep you awake,
and stop you going into shock so you can feel it all. The air holes in the
hollow pole here will allow you to keep breathing until you die from loss of
blood. This little saddle will hold you up so I can fuck you in the ass."

"Dick, you're stronger than this. Fight it, Dick, FIGHT IT!" Oracle pleaded
with Nightwing. She remembered Dinah had been at her place when they
kidnapped her, and she began to seriously worry for her friend's safety.

"Shut up bitch!"

Ravager slapped the helpless Oracle in the face, once, then again. Hard,
teeth-loosening blows. She felt the sting against the palm of her hand, and
the momentary pain spurred her to smack Oracle's flushed cheek again. She was
looking forward to eating Oracle's bleeding, pole filled cunt around the cold

There was a distant scream, barely audible through the soundproofed walls.
Nightwing knew that there were probably a good deal more going on, and that
it must have taken a hefty metahuman set of lungs screaming hard to penetrate
the centre of their lair. Choices, choices, but he had so much more emotional
investment in Oracle. Nightwing stepped way from the pole and took a syringe
from the bench. He opened a beaker and filled it with the carefully prepared
drug cocktail within.

"Sounds like Ivy's hybrids are having fun with Power Girl. I bet the video
will be a best seller in Quarac. Get Babs's buns in the air, Ravager."

Ravager had no trouble twisting the bound and half paralysed Oracle's naked
body to lie face down. The redhead's face was pressed into the cold hard
floor as Ravager tightly gripped with her knees on either side of Oracle's
neck. Oracle could feel the damp crotch of Ravager's costume pressing into
her red hair as the ground scratched up her glasses. Oracle had no feeling
in her legs and so she was not aware of Ravager grabbing them until they were
pulled forward and tucked under her belly, as if kneeling, so her red-furred
cunt and tight little ass were up off the ground. Oracle felt Ravager's hot
breath on her ass; the assassin was leaning forward so her costumed breasts
pressed against Oracle's bare back on other side of her straining cuffed

Nightwing tossed the filled syringe to Ravager who caught it one handed. She
flipped it around in her hand and then stabbed the needle deep into Oracle's
right ass check. The redhead shuddered as Ravager laughed and pressed the
syringe plunger.

"First you get a tiny little prick in your ass... then you get a really big

Nightwing pulled the pole out of the ground, turned it sideways, and tested
it's weight in his hands. He carried the metal pole across the floor and
pushed the cold tip against Oracle's cunt lips. Mortally afraid for her life,
Oracle struggled harder beneath Ravager. The strong assassin controlled the
helpless naked oracle effortlessly and enjoyed the movement against her

"Do it! Impale the cripple bitch! I bet this whore has never had a shaft like
that before!"

Oracle's muffled pleading served only to excite her captors further.
Nightwing thought about screwing her ass there and then, but he wanted to
save some his seed for fucking the new Batgirl's dying body later on, after
Ravager had finished with her. Gripping the cool metal pole along its length
he applied pressure to push the spike-end inside Oracle. Her pleading took on
a more urgent tone; the girl's wrists were rubbed raw against their bonds.
Ravager's grip was like steel and with her legs useless Oracle couldn't get
any leverage against the floor. The first few inches of the spike were thin
and to the point, but widened quickly up to the thickness of a soda can.

"Please take it out Dick, please, I'll give you all the information you need
to be a criminal mastermind, I'll be your whore and fuck you any way you
like, just don't kill me."

Oracle's voice was pained. She was trying to make offers that would appeal to
Nightwing's serum-warped mind, even though all her big brain was telling her
was that Nightwing wanted nothing more than to kill her painfully, and enjoy
her death.

The cold metal pole invaded deeper into her unwilling body. It felt utterly
alien; a total violation. Her nearly virgin lips were stretched around the
cold metal and the smooth shaft rubbed her clit. The pale-pink lips and bush
spread so widely around the pole really turned Dick on. Oracle gasped as the
tiny pointed end pushed into her cervix; Nightwing had got it right on the
money. He shoved suddenly and dragged a scream from Oracle as her cervix was
torn open and the end of the pole pushed up against her womb. Nightwing's
cock twitched as he continued to force the pole inside his former friend's

The hard, cold metal ripped through the girl's womb and into her stomach.
Oracle burst into incoherent screaming as she felt it pushing through her
tightly coiled intestines. The thick pole even showed through the flesh of
her flat stomach as Nightwing pushed again, forcing it into her chest cavity.
Nightwing's muscles strained as he used all his skill and strength to push
the pole past her heart without damaging it. The angle was difficult with her
ass in the air and her face on the floor. Breathing was hard for Oracle, and
it got harder as she felt the pole push into her throat. Oracle's screams
broke off into ragged gasps, and she was now choking around the thin spike
that emerged into her wounded oesophagus.

Ravager shifted off of Oracle, and held her head up as Nightwing forced
more of the pole into her. Ravager felt lightning bolts of pleasure shooting
through her belly as she stared into Oracle's painfilled eyes. Rich red blood
was spilling from Oracle's mouth and dribbling down her chin. As the gory
spike emerged from Oracle's mouth Ravager screamed in climax. A huge orgasm
crashed through her body at the sight of the naked red head's total

Oracle could feel every inch of the metal that ran through her; she could
feel every second of the pain it caused. The chemicals injected into her
made her almost hyperaware. Her eyes were wide as she watched the dampness
spreading and increasing between Ravager's costumed thighs. She could see
the bloody metal extending several inches from her face; there were little
bubbles in the blood, and suddenly Oracle was breathing again. He lungs
weren't able to fully inflate with the pole running through her chest, but
more than enough that immediate suffocation wasn't going to end the girl's

Ravager recovered quickly and gripped the bloody spike in her hands. She
stood up, and Oracle's skewered body was lifted from the floor. Her legs
hung limply to either side of the pole splitting her pussy wide, while still
she struggled against the bonds that bound her arms behind her back. The
additional stress of her body weight hanging on the metal pole served only to
increase Oracle's intense agony. She was unable to cry out with her throat
blocked, and could only stare with pain wracked eyes at Ravager until the two
villains pushed the pole into it's slot. Oracle stared up the bloody length
of pole that emerged between her teeth towards the ceiling. She was unable to
move her head at all.

Nightwing stood back and watched as Oracle's weight on the pole caused her
to slide bloodily down it. The widening spike at the end stretched her mouth
wide and then dislocated her jaw, tearing her facial muscles as it pressed
through. She came to rest against the saddle built onto the pole. It pressed
against her sensationless thighs and left her exposed butt at the perfect
height for the fat nine inch cock Nightwing was levering from his costume

"I like it. Oracle on a stick," Ravager said, "only negative is we don't get
to hear her scream."

Ravager rubbed her bloody hands against Oracle's breasts, then traced her
hand along the length of the pole where it pushed Oracle's flesh out from
within. The impaled girl's juicy rack rose and fell quickly with her pained
breathing. The dying heroine's sweat soaked body was utterly helpless,
impaled from cunt to mouth on thick cold metal. Ravager dropped to her knees
and licked the blood seeping out from Oracle's splayed pussy lips. Oracle
felt Nightwing's precum-slick bulbous cockhead against her totally virgin
asshole. He grimaced as her forced it inside the redhead's fighting anal
ring and added fresh torment to Oracle. He reached around and took the
agonised girl's breasts in his hands, and then used them for leverage as he
forced six inches of cock into her. Her naturally tight ass felt like a hot
vice against his cock with the pole stuffed in her pussy.

Fresh tears streamed down from Oracle's eyes as she felt Nightwing's cock
tear her ass open. He was using her skewered body like a piece of meat for
his own perverted pleasure. She felt Ravager's tongue running around the pole
on her blood-slick labia. The platinum-blonde masked assassin began to work
on Oracle's clit with her mouth, forcing pleasure even through the intense
pain. Nightwing's face was twisted into a grimace as he forced two thirds of
his cock into Oracle's torn, bleeding rectum.

"You're a worthless piece of fuckmeat, whore. That's all you ever were. I can
feel your nipples hardening. You're getting off on it aren't you, you useless
little slut!"

The humiliation Oracle felt as her former closest friend continued to torment
her was unbearable, not just because he was her friend, but because she could
feel her pleasure rising as Nightwing roughly raped her ass, and Ravager
suckled on her swollen clit and licked at her fatally stuffed pussy. Oracle
was losing more blood with each passing second, but even her paled face
showed a blush. Nightwing's balls smacked heavily into her ass as he finally
thrust all nine inches of throbbing cock into her brutally distended asshole.
He squeezed her breasts agonisingly hard, as if he was trying to burst them.
Oracle writhed on her pole, sending a heavy stream of fresh blood down from
her pussy to stain Ravager's mouth and neck.

Ravager's remaining eye gleamed madly as she increased her sucking, and
brought Oracle to an agony-laced climax. Nightwing pounded his cock into her
spasming ass. The exquisite warmth and tightness, coupled with the evil
viciousness of the rape brought off Nightwing too. He howled as he fired his
thick sperm into Oracle's bowels; he humped her ass like a rutting beast
until he was spent. Oracle thought she could feel every hot blast of cum
inside her as the pleasure of her own climax quickly faded back into agony.
Nightwing pulled his cock from her ruined rear end with a sickening noise;
bloody semen began to dribble right out after it.

Oracle's body shuddered violently one last time as the heavy loss of blood
dragged darkness over her eyes. Her body felt very cold, except for the hot
spunk dribbling from her ass. Her last thought was one of fear for the safety
of Batgirl.


Ravager's hand was back on her own pussy as hot urine splashed out from
Oracle's urethra and filled her mouth. She rubbed furiously at her snatch
and then collapsed face first into the dead heroine's snatch as she brought
herself off once again. Nightwing looked from his squealing lover to the
cooling meat that had been Oracle and smiled. He wiped off his cock against
her sweaty dead ass and pushed it back into his costume pants. Nightwing
unlocked the cuffs on the rubbed- raw wrists so that Oracle's arms hung
limply at her sides.

Nightwing walked back to the computer console and checked the monitors
showing the outside world. Batgirl was approaching right on time. He watched
as she came through the main gates of the metal works; she knew they knew
she was coming, and wanted to take whatever they had head on. There was a
movement from the shadows to her left and Nightwing was surprised to see the
Huntress emerge and hail Batgirl.

"She's here for you. So is the Huntress." Nightwing sounded irritated.
"Huntress! Damn it! Why didn't I see here when Power Girl and Stargirl
arrived?" Nightwing questioned, then, "maybe she was more subtle than the
other two. She knows a few things about stealthy movement..."

* * *

Batgirl and Huntress started moving quickly through the metal works. The
vigilante heroines had clearly agreed to work together.

"I'll take Batgirl. You take Huntress. What's not to like?" Ravager asked.

Nightwing's plan all along had been to make sure Ravager didn't get beaten
a second time by Batgirl. Yes, all the preparations had been to ensure the
balance would be heavily in Ravager's favour, but Nightwing knew there was
no such thing as a foolproof plan. Huntress was too smart for most of their
traps and, as an ordinary human, wouldn't be attacked by the hybrids.

The hybrids. Nightwing brought up the footage from different cameras,
searching through to find out what happened to Power Girl and Stargirl, and
if they were still a threat. The Hybrids would have left Stargirl alone;
aside from the staff's technology she was an ordinary human girl, but
Nightwing knew she was young and inexperienced, and assumed one of the many
traps would take her easily, or else if she had attacked whichever hybrid
had made Power Girl scream, it's self defence alone might well have accounted
for her.

Ravager began to strap weapons around herself in preparation for her fight.

To Be Continued.

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