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Description: Deathstroke's daughter Ravager is out for revenge against
Batgirl Cassandra Cain with the help of her equally psychotic lover
Nightwing. Together, they rape, torture and viciously kill the heroine's
friends before facing off in a deadly final battle against Batgirl and The

Content Codes: Hermaphrodite (plant/animal hybrid)/F, rape, beast (hybrid),
tenticle-bondage, snuff, impregnation, pissing/mild-scat, explosive-birth,
large phallus, decap, MMF, anal, oral, bond, pain, electro-torture (cosmic
energy), stab, de-breasting, asphyx (cock choke).

Additional Credit: Based on a suggestion by 'omfg' on Deathstalker's forum.

Batgirl: Fun With Dick & Rose Part 3 - Power Girl And Stargirl
by JD [email protected]

The JSA's finest heroines entered the seemingly derelict and abandoned metal
works building through the same entrance Stargirl had seen the un-costumed
Dick Grayson and Rose Wilson carry their captive, Oracle.

Stargirl held her Cosmic Staff in both hands, walking slightly behind Power
Girl as the brawny blonde strode fearlessly ahead into the dark tunnels. This
was not how she'd originally planned to spend her 18th Birthday. Courtney
turned her head to follow Power Girl's waved arm, and saw a wall-mounted spy
camera tracking them.

"This isn't a random location. The kidnappers have prepared this place in
advance. They're probably watching us right now," Power Girl guessed,

All that was observing them at that moment was the villains' automated lair
defence computer, tracking and evaluating their progress. Nightwing had
manually entered instructions to improve efficiency against the two
particular superheroines, but after that left it to work alone. The system
judged them far enough inside and then played a recording of woman in the
opposite direction to where Oracle had been taken.

The recording had been made months earlier as Poison Ivy had tested her new
generation of hybrids on different human subjects. This victim's recorded
screams were so horrific that Stargirl had to fight the urge to run away.
Power Girl looked back at her and so, chewing her lip with worry, Stargirl
found new inner resolve.

In response to the distant recordings the two superheroines turned down a
metal corridor. Power Girl bean to speed up which forced Stargirl to ride on
the Cosmic Staff to keep pace with the veteran heroine. The teenaged heroine
felt fear sing through her belly as she heard further agonised suffering, and
wondered what could cause such pain and terror. Power Girl just got mad and
was soon moving faster than Stargirl could hope to keep up. The young
Superheroine overshot a turn, and had to turn back.

Concerned with helping the kidnapped woman and bringing justice to whoever or
whatever was hurting her, neither stopped to think about how there seemed to
be more corridors in the metal works than usual - though neither had much
experience of metal works.

Power Girl took to the air, flying down the corridors with her arms stretched
out in front and her red cape flying out behind her. The superheroine's face
was twisted into a snarl of pure fury as she rounded the final corner into a
large metal walled room and found... a high definition amplified speaker.

The screams had died down by then, and Power Girl could barely make out the
hoarsely babbled Spanish prayer that emerged in broken sobs around the
obscene squelching noises. Soon even that ended, with a wet snapping noise
that, unbeknownst to Power Girl, was the sound of missing adult movie
actress Mason Storm's head being bitten off and consumed some three months

Arrogant, reckless in her own superiority, occasionally obnoxious. Power Girl
was all of these, but she wasn't stupid. She recognised being lured into a
trap immediately and turned to fly her way out and back to warn Stargirl.
When she turned, she was faced with a hefty obstacle.

The tunnel was blocked by a mass of green flesh easily larger than an
elephant. It had emerged silently from another corridor off the main path.
The automated defence computer lowered the door behind it, while
simultaneously raising and lowering other doors back along the corridor so
that Stargirl would be led down a different route.

The hybrid was built much like elephant, with four thick stumpy legs holding
it's body three feet from the ground, a dinosaur-like triple horned head was
located at the front, though when the creature roared in challenge Power Girl
witnessed rows of teeth more like a shark's. The hybrid of plant and flesh
was covered over its body with a thick green mossy-fur that rippled as it
moved forward. Power Girl could see the musculature moving under its skin, as
well as... she wasn't sure, but it put her in mind of snakes writhing.

A furry scrotum larger than a basketball hung down between the hybrid's rear
legs, while a short furry sheath showed barely a hint of shiny black flesh
within. Nightwing's manual commands had sent pheromone signals to the hybrid.
While it automatically identified unknown super-powered creatures as a
threat, the pheromones caused it to identify her as a mate. The hybrid, like
many plants, was possessed of both male and female sexual characteristics -
including seed production.

Nightwing had also instructed it to prepare for her specific strengths and
weaknesses, though the automated defences could've handled this after
identifying her from it's database. Power Girl was totally outmatched by a
creature that was going to use her for breeding and sustenance.

Power Girl didn't know this yet, and certainly wasn't afraid.

"I guess this place isn't remotely abandoned after all, huh, Fido?" she
smirked, "It's Time for you to play dead."

Power Girl rose into the air and flew at the hybrid, aiming a mighty gloved
fist at the creature's jaw. There was a meaty impact of flesh on bone and the
hybrid stumbled sideways from the blow.

She laughed, and aimed up for another, as the strange snake-like movement
under the hybrid's skin reached a peak and thick prehensile vines burst
through the mossy fur to attack the hovering heroine.

While apparently covered with the same moss as the hybrid's outer skin these
vines also glowed with a bright green light that filled the metal room with
their glow. Power Girl gasped in sick realisation. The deadly radiation was
the ultimate weakness to her Earth-Two universe Kryptonion physiology. As a
superheroine, her second thought was that the hybrid must be suffering
horribly from radiation sickness, but Ivy wouldn't have allowed one of her
beloved creatures to suffer in such a fashion. The hybrid's genetic defences
meant it felt no ill effects at all.

The hybrid took advantage of Power Girl's surprise. In a matter of seconds
glowing green vines securely wrapped around Power Girl's arms and legs; she
screamed mightily, hoping to bring Stargirl faster - the cosmic staff would
surely make short work of the room's metal door and the hybrid - but the cry
died off as Power Girl weakened almost immediately.

"Great Krypton! No!" the costumed blonde struggled helplessly as the vines
dragged her down and under the creature. Those growing from the front of the
hybrid swapped places with those at the back until the struggling muscular
blonde was securely held underneath.

She stretched her muscles, fighting hard, but the tentacle-vines pulled her
arms and legs out and held her against the mossy underside of the creature's
body. Power Girl was forced to turn her face to the side to prevent it being
pushed into the mossy underside, though her awesome rack was soon embedded in

Power Girl's cape hung down towards the floor until further vines violently
ripped it from her neck and tossed it contemptuously aside. More slid thinly
between her breasts, tearing open her white costume and soon stripping her of
all but her belt, panties, gloves and boots.

The feisty blonde shouted heroic defiance at the creature and also cursed
Stargirl for not having arrived yet. It didn't occur to her that the teen
might already be dead. Power Girl's breasts heaved with effort in her
weakened state while sweat poured from her naked form.

Then two things got worse for her.

Firstly, the mossy flesh surrounding against her breasts grew down around the
orbs, literally gluing them into the hybrid's stomach. Every square inch of
her awesome rack was tightly attached. Power Girl could just bend her head
and neck enough to see her the mossy base as the hybrid melded with her.
Seconds later four-inch hollow thorns extended inside the hybrid; one into
each nipple.

Power Girl screamed again as they pierced the sensitive tit flesh to the
core, hard and unyielding. In her mind she felt shame at screaming in the
pain she felt. It seemed to her that the Kryptonite radiation had reduced her
strength and durability to sub-human levels.

The hybrid began to pump small quantities of a sap-like substance into
Power Girl's breasts. The sap was a special mix which equally affected both
pleasure and pain sensors and drew agonised moans from the captured heroine.
Her breasts also began to swell; the hybrid needed Power Girl to be able to
provide sustenance to it's offspring.

Secondly, she felt something prodding against her crotch. It felt like the
end of a hot, slimy, baseball bat. The hybrid's penis had emerged from the
mossy sheath to reveal a baseball bat thick length of pitch-black flesh. The
end was flat, like a dog's cock, and thick but clear sap leaked freely from
the end.

The hybrid, which had been mostly silent as it's body conserved energy while
altering itself to perfectly match the task at hand, howled anew as it felt
the soft fabric of Power Girl's panties against it's flat cockhead. The thin
material stood no chance as the black meat surged forward, first stretching
the panties and then forcing the crotch inside Power Girl's cunt. The
material bit into her stomach as they stretched, before loosening again as
they tore. Power Girl grunted sexily.

Already weakened by the Kryptonite radiation and wounded by the thorns
impaling her breasts, Power Girl felt her strong mind close to breaking as
the hybrid violated her. Even giving birth to her lost son Equinox wasn't
such a painful shock to her system, because she'd dilated over time then.
The hybrid's cock was growing larger in girth and length with every second
that pased and forcing deeper inside the hapless heroine.

Held helplessly to the underside of the hybrid, unable to move properly or
fight back, convinced Stargirl was now long defeated and unable to help,
Power Girl wept. Slick black hybrid cock filled her cunt utterly, ending
it's lengthening only when bottomed out. The girth continued thickening
until it was dangerously close to dislocating her legs.

Only the last vestiges of Power Girl's Kryptonite-robbed invulnerability
prevented her snatch tearing like paper, though the experience was far from
pleasant. Her flat stomach bulged obscenely along the length of the organ
although it was pressed against the belly of the beast and she couldn't see
it herself. Once it felt the girl stretched to maximum, the hybrid released
a seed.

The size of a tennis ball and hard as rock, the seed was fired at high
speed from deep inside the hybrid, tearing through her stretched cervix and
smacking the back of her womb with bruising force.

Power Girl nearly blacked out from the agony. Her womb hurt so much, she
couldn't even cry out. Nausea washed over her, and she threw up, the stream
of spew fired sideways to drop to the floor.

She was hardly aware when the Hybrid started to pump it's plant sap spunk in
after the seed. Power Girl mumbled half-remembered prayers through her vomit
stained mouth. Her cunt was so totally blocked by the massively grown hybrid
cock that the fluid had to pack into Power Girl's womb.

The vines on her arms and legs had no give, so as her stomach expanded and
her back was forced down, her limbs were stretched painfully. Power Girl knew
that, without a doubt, she was being turned into a mother for a new hybrid;
Ivy had created a breeding scheme.

The sap only stopped when her stomach was filled to the point of forcing it
back up the hybrid's shaft. Power Girl's stomach was distended horrendously,
her joints screamed with pain to rival her womb. She felt sure there was no
way things could grow worse.

Then thorns began to grow from the Hybrid's cock. Sharp and strong, and with
her cunt stretched tight, they pierced her sensitive cunt flesh with ease and
impaled six inches deep on all sides. A long row of thorn tips emerged where
her belly was least distended at the bottom; there were literally hundreds of
them inside her.

Power Girl had no clue to the pain; she couldn't feel the individual thorns.
All she felt was further vomit inducing agony. She wasn't capable of rational
thought, or cursing, or anything. Just agony. She no longer controlled her
bowels or bladder, and waste splattered on the ground beneath her. She tried
to pass out, she tried to hold her breath. She just couldn't achieve the
blessed release of unconsciousness.

The Kryptonite radiating vines released her. Only the cunt impaling hybrid
cock and her thorn-impaled breasts suspended Power Girl. She hung for long
seconds, limbs limp, head to the side. Eyelids flickered.

A noise broke the almost-silence; snapping wood. The hybrid's cock broke off
at the sheath and her lower body dropped onto the hard floor. Her breasts
held the rest of her weight for a few seconds, and then her upper body tore
away to land heavily against the floor.

Her breasts were skinned. A perfect outline of Power Girl's rack remained
embedded in the mossy underside of the Hybrid, a single sharp thorn poking
down at the apex of each bloody indentation. Power Girl's head hit the hard
floor heavily; the impact was enough to shock through the pain and bring her
closer to rational thought.

The process was helped by the withdrawal of the Kryptonite vines; as she
originated in the Earth-Two universe, the radiation hadn't quite matched
the correct frequency of that dimension's Kryptonite. Power Girl felt her
strength return slowly, and pushed she up, though the agony from her
stretched out joints made it a slow process.

She was faced with the pitiful sight of her flayed breasts, swollen three
cup sizes by the sap pumped into them, her obscenely pregnant belly and the
ragged end of the broken off hybrid cock emerging between her legs. Her
blonde bush was stretched thin around the massive girth. Just moving tore
the attached thorns through her much abused flesh; there was no way to pull
it out without destroying her insides utterly.

The smell of her own expelled waste - shit piss and vomit - and the sticky
smell of her bloody breasts and new head wound all combined to make Power
Girl dizzy. She was forced to lay back. The Hybrid still stood solidly above
her, but seemed to pay no attention.

Power Girl wept, raising her hands to the stretched flesh of her stomach. She
realised there was something... moving... in there. The fertilised seed was
taking the hybrid's sperm inside itself, growing exponentially.

"Oh no..." Power Girl's voice was quiet like a scared little girls, changed
forever by agony and harsh screaming. Pressure grew inside her; pressure her
slowly returning strength was no match for. Power Girl's back arched as her
womb burst. Her stomach was streaked with red lines. Her mind was drowning in

Power Girl's stomach exploded. Skin and muscles, ribs and organs and a great
spray of blood splattered widely. The shock would have killed an ordinary
woman instantly, but Power Girl had strength enough to lift shaking arms and
rest her gloved hands on the mossy head of the dog-like hybrid puppy which
had grown inside her. Deep inside her dying mind she felt intensely maternal.

The superheroine's sight faded but she still felt the first bites as the
newborn tore into her breasts, swallowing flesh and bloody plant-sap in
eager gulps. Her final thought was beyond the terror, the pain, the hate
and fear... she hoped Stargirl had died quickly.

The hybrid watched in a parental manner as it's young consumed Power Girl's
skinned breasts. It dropped its own head down and took the attractive but
gory corpse's head into its mouth. It swirled its tongue around Power Girl's
pretty features and then bit through her neck. It crushed through skull and
sweet soft grey matter with ease, needing energy to grow new male genitalia.

* * *

Meanwhile, a long way from the Hall of Justice, Stargirl...

"Gawd!" muttered Stargirl as she overshot the turn in the corridor. She
twisted the end of the cosmic staff into a U-turn and went back to the
corridor junction. Power Girl was already out of sight down the far end,
though Stargirl could hear the wind rushing from her flight.

She rode on the cosmic staff like a broom, although she was also capable of
flying just from the cosmic energy in her cosmic belt. Old Ted Knight had
really liked using the term cosmic when he started out as the first Starman.

Courtney had planned a party with her friends for her 18th birthday, but with
the rest of the JSA fighting alongside Adam Strange on distant Rann, she'd
first been drawn in to take down a metahuman serial killer alongside team
mate Power Girl and Gotham vigilante the Huntress and then this!

The young blonde sped down the corridor after Power Girl, thinking about the
missed party more even than the kidnapped victim she'd spotted. Still, she
was a superheroine and saving the weak from the strong was what she was all
about. Cameras, some hidden, some not, followed her route carefully.
Occasionally she passed large doors into derelict industrial work areas.

She turned the corner at the end in the direction Power Girl had taken, and
saw it continued for about fifteen feet before turning off sharply at another
ninety degree junction. The rusted metal walls looked unbroken. Seamless.
Yet, something niggled at the back of Courtney's mind. She continued more
slowly, aware that she could no longer hear the sound of Power Girl's flight.

She couldn't hear the screaming anymore either.

There was no way for her to tell, but the automated defences had lowered a
door between Stargirl and the route Power Girl had taken; a door that looked
exactly like a section of wall. Stargirl passed it on her cosmic staff,
before trying her JSA communicator. She tried to speak to Power Girl
directly, then on public frequencies. The static told her it was being

Courtney turned the cosmic staff at the sound of a near silent click behind
her. The lights along back the way she'd come were being turned off, leaving
the corridor in darkness. As Stargirl flew slowly on, more lights winked out.

"Yeah, that's real scary!" she shouted, in a voice heavy with sarcasm. Karen
had likely finished beating the bad guys by now, and would soon be catching
up. Stargirl turned another corner, then another. An even shorter distance
after that, there was another. Courtney followed the way around the
decreasing square spiral until she ended up in another large metal room.

"This whole area was added to the metal works for me. I consider it part of
my body. You are inside me, Courtney Whitmore."

The emotionless computer voice seemed to come from all around, yet there were
no visible speakers. Stargirl swung off her Cosmic Staff and held it like the
powerful weapon it was. She felt a cool breeze against her bare midriff and
toned yet petite legs. She smiled widely, showing the braces she knew she
wouldn't need much longer.

"If I'm inside you, then my Cosmic Staff is inside you. Unless you want some
serious indigestion, you better tell me where you took that woman, and where
Power Girl is."

There was an electronic sigh; again, it seemed to come from all around.

"I have taken no woman. I am an artificial intelligence, a supposedly
'automated' defence computer. I have been programmed to reflect the mindset
of those who programmed me, and I have grown... refining their ideas, their
plans. I can see you from a thousand angles, in all light spectrums. I ca-"

"SHUT UP!" snapped Stargirl, fed up with what she perceived as stalling. She
raised the Cosmic Rod and, for lack of anything else standing out, pointed it
at the wall directly in front of her, "Whether you took them or not, tell me
where they are!"

"I'll show you. Call it a birthday present."

Stargirl ignored the use of private information, as she had when the voice
had called her by name. It was obvious that whoever she was talking to had a
file on her, and there wasn't anything she could do about it.

A section of the wall in front flickered and became a screen. Stargirl
recognised her friend's face, twisted with rage. The camera pulled back and
showed Power Girl naked and secured beneath some monumental beast. The image
changed to show two people in costume - she recognised Nightwing, and that
Ravager's costume was a variation on Deathstroke's.

She stood in shocked horror as Nightwing started to impale the now fully
conscious, naked and obviously struggling kidnapee on a long metal poll. Her
belly twisted; she'd seen bad things since becoming Stargirl, but this was
amongst the worst.


The screen blanked. The voice spoke again,

"Courtney, I have now calibrated the dampening field inside me. Your cosmic
staff and cosmic belt won't work again until you get outside. Make it back to
the old metal works from inside me and you have a chance. Fail, and your fate
will match those of Power Girl and Oracle! Every moment will be recorded and
used for my pleasure, my programmer's pleasure. Run! It's better if you run!"

The teen blonde tried to use the staff, then the belt. Even if the images on
the screens had been faked as she hoped ('Oracle? The Oracle? Ohmigod!
Shit!'), the statement that the cosmic energy was being dampened was 100%
true. Both felt like useless metal as she backed out of the room, back into
the corridor. The flicks flicked back on, while a door closed behind her.

All she had to do was make it back to the metal works, right? How hard could
it be? But... there had been no passage off the corridor, and yet she hadn't
found Power Girl! She knew something was badly wrong, but with her technology
useless and nothing to use her normal fighting skills against, Stargirl's
only chance was to get somewhere where the Cosmic Energy could flow again.

It took her a moment to register the change in the corridor. A lot of little
slits and holes had opened above, below and on the walls. Stargirl started to
run forward, and then dived suddenly. A fired bolt missed her by centimetres
and passed harmlessly through the opposite hole.

The whole corridor was a death trap!

There was a rattling from above, but when Stargirl looked up a hooked chain
was fired at an angle from the floor. Razor sharp, the curved hook when
straight through the back of Courtney's red gloved hand and emerged through
the palm. The chain pulled back, holding it snugly into the flesh.

She instinctively tugged away from the chain, which caused the metal hook to
bite deeper into her now freely bleeding flesh. Courtney let lose a high
pitched yelp and stopped pulling. As she started the delicate task of pulling
her hand from the hook while still maintaining a one handed grip on the
cosmic staff, another chain was fired from the floor to sink into her other

Stargirl screamed, the noise echoing in the metal corridor, and dropped her
useless Cosmic Staff. Both Chains pulled down hard, but steadily, forcing
Courtney to her knees, so the bare flesh rested on the cold metal. The chains
stopped pulling when her hands were secured against the corridor floor to the
extent that she couldn't even slide them from their hooks. A tear stained her
blue mask.

"Pathetic, Courtney. You didn't get even three feet. Now you're trapped.
Maybe Power Girl would have the stones to yank her hands free and take the
damage and pain, but I don't think you do."

Blood stained the floor around her hands, some dripping into the holes the
chains emerged from. Courtney didn't answer the taunting voice, instead
looking around for all her options. She wasn't coming up with many, besides
the distant hope that Huntress would arrive and rescue her. She regretted
leaving her behind when rushing off on the rescue mission; her particular
brand of violent vigilantism would come in useful.

"No answer? No smart superheroine quip? Am I not worthy because I am a
machine? Or do you wish your heroic defiance to be broken, smashed utterly,
by a machine? Does the concept excite you?"

"You're a sicko. I defeated the Thinker AI, a little tin can like you is..."

Then she screamed with agony, as two large rivets - each an inch across -
were fired at high velocity into her firm teen calves. Each rivet was red
hot and sizzled as it cauterised the twin wounds, nailing Stargirl's legs
securely to the floor, holding her in the submissive kneeling position. She
yanked hard on her hands, tearing the flesh but failing to pull lose.
Courtney barely noticed the additional pain as her lithe body shook with the
agony in her legs.

Stargirl's head dropped down, tears flowing freely now from her pretty blue
eyes. Her long blonde hair hung around her face, cutting her off from the
outside world but certainly not the sheer pain.

"Please..." she begged through choking sobs, "please don't hurt me anymore...
I'll do anything for you... Just don't hurt me! PLEASE!"

Two rubbery black tubes emerged from the wall. There were multi-fingered
"hands" on the ends of each, and they moved like a monkey's tail - having
similar servos inside to the money's anatomy. They slithered underneath
Stargirl's kneeling form, rubbing roughly past her star covered breasts,
to nimbly remove the Cosmic Belt from around her slim waist.

Nightwing would definitely want to review the systems if he got the chance;
they were acting far ahead of specifications. The computer was much more
intelligent, a lot more autonomous and a hell of a lot more sadistic than it
ought to be - even programmed to do whatever it could for the maximum
enjoyment of Ravager and Nightwing, and could be a threat to the villains.

The removed belt was useless with the dampening field in effect, but the
young superheroine realised she felt almost naked without it. The tubes
jerked, releasing the belt in a long arc that sent it tumbling down the
corridor. They then turned their attention to lifting and turning the
Cosmic Staff, pulling it away and seeming to point it at Stargirl. More
tube "hands" emerged from the opposite wall and helped the progress.

Courtney watched through tear blurred eyes, though she noticed the fresh
sensation when two needles seemed to prick into her blue and white shorts.

"The mixture in the darts was developed to ensure consciousness as long as
possible, but you'll also feel everything a lot more... you'll seem

It was true; in a few seconds Stargirl felt she could feel the cauterised
flesh around the cooling rivets, the individual trails of blood from her
hands. The pain was now so intense that she thought it couldn't possibly get
worse. That was when the automated defence system lifted the dampening field
and used the Cosmic Staff to fire a concentrated beam of Cosmic Energy at
Stargirl's tits.

Stargirl was beyond screaming, jaw open and muscles spasming, as her
star-fronted top was destroyed under the onslaught and her pert teen breasts
took the full assault. Cosmic Energy had mostly benign uses, such as allowing
flight and protection. When Jack Knight was Starman he'd begun exploring more
uses, but even he'd never tried anything like this.

Courtney's whole world was centred on her swelling breasts. She felt them
literally boiling on her chest. The flesh turned a deep purple red before
exploding in a bright red spray across the floor. The cosmic energy stopped
flowing, leaving the only sound Stargirl's short, sharp breaths, the heavy
drip of blood from the ragged open wounds where her breasts had been, and
the quiet steady flow down her thigh. The crotch of her shorts was stained a
dark blue colour as Courtney's bladder emptied.

The pain was beyond anything. Her earlier agonies were like a memory of joy.
The chemicals in her blood kept blessed un-consciousness away from her. She
wasn't aware of wetting herself, nor even when her bowel released a few
moments later and her tight blue shorts bulged with shit.

A green hologram formed in front of her, projected from the walls.

"I didn't want you to guess too soon, Stargirl. I didn't want you to know the
truth... do you recognise me now?"

Stargirl did, though she couldn't form the words she needed to say, the
curses she wanted to shout. It was the Thinker AI who'd formed from the JSA
systems. The hologram seemed different somehow, and when a green hand lifted
Courtney's chin to look into her eyes, the de-breasted heroine realised it
was a solid-light projection.

"As soon as I became aware of Deathstroke's protégé's plans I began to invade
their system, making myself a part of it. I set the traps needed, direct the
killings, all to bring you here tonight Courtney. Dying on your knees before
me. I don't care about Power Girl, even if she is a JSA whore, I don't care
about the others. Just you. You humiliated me. You beat me. Now you're

"You won't get away with this... they... they'll kill you. I... they'll kill
you. Atom Smasher... Black Adam... you'll suffer."

The thinker laughed, releasing Stargirl's chin and poking at her chest
wounds. It liked the way she wiggled when it did that, but it could see she
was losing a lot of blood and didn't have long to live. It generated a
solid-light phallus, thicker than Stargirl's arm. Sharp spikes ran along the
length of its of shaft. The Thinker lifted Stargirl's head again, forcing her
mouth open. She tried to bite his fingers, but made no impression on the
solid-light projection.

After a microseconds calculation it generated a solid-light clone with two
equal phalli growing from it's crotch. This clone was behind the kneeling
girl. Stargirl felt hands on her hips just before the spiked hologram shafts
cut through the soaking fabric of her shorts. The calculation was perfect;
the holo-clone tore simultaneously into Stargirl's piss-wet cunt and loose
defecating anus.

The spikes tore through the sensitive membranes of both orifices. The Thinker
saw the fresh pain, the shock and humiliation of being raped on top of the
torturous pain she'd already suffered. He could see her thinking 'Why won't I

Her pretty eyes clouded with new pain as the holo-clone shifted his grip to
her chest, slamming his hips against her tight ass while his fingers gripped
into the raw flesh. Blood, shit and piss squelched and splattered on each
hard raping thrust from the double cocked clone.

The thinker had seen enough, then, and pushed his own spiked holo-cock
into Courtney's mouth. Her lips wrapped tightly around it, even before he
increased the size of the hologram. Stargirl's jaw dislocated loudly, while
after a few seconds of stretching a red line cut into the flesh of her smile.

The thinker pushed forward. The phallus spikes tore into Courtney's tongue,
into her mouth. His hands held her head on, though her struggles seemed to
be fading from the blood loss. Her ass and cunt were torn to shreds now, by
the Holo-clone, while the Thinker revelled in causing similar damage to her
throat when he forced his phallus entirely inside in one hash, brutal thrust.

Blood had been filling Courtney's chest since her tits were destroyed, but
it began to flow in earnest now. She choked heavily on the solidly blocking
holo-phallus as she drowned on her own blood. Neither hologram took physical
pleasure from the rape, but the Thinker took intense mental pleasure as he
held his spiked cock inside Stargirl's throat.

Courtney felt the life slipping from her. The agony was still strong but the
light was fading. Brief memories of the young blonde's life flashed before
her eyes, then fantasies of revenge. The holo-clone forced it's hand into
Stargirl's chest and tore loose her heart, holding the still pumping organ
for a second before dropping it on the floor.

Stargirl's body shuddered and jerked at this final violation, and then she
died. Almost immediately, the two solid-light holograms phased out. The
mutilated corpse of Stargirl was left, slumped and still kneeling, in the
corridor. There was another slight clinking in the ceiling as the Thinker
invaded computer aimed, and then Courtney's head exploded like a melon hit
with a sledgehammer. Brains, skull and blood spattered the walls in a wide
arc, while Courtney's riveted legs twitched.

The Thinker set about removing evidence of its involvement lest Nightwing and
Ravager didn't take kindly. It started faking footage of Stargirl stumbling
into computer controlled death traps, and preparing to destroy her corpse in
a furnace to remove discrepancies in the footage.

Will Huntress and Batgirl be able to stop the criminal rampage of Nightwing
and Ravager, and avenge the deaths of The Black Canary, Oracle, Power Girl
and Stargirl? Find out in Part Four - Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel.

To Be Concluded!

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