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Description: Deathstroke's daughter Ravager is out for revenge against
Batgirl Cassandra Cain with the help of her equally psychotic lover
Nightwing. Together, they rape, torture and viciously kill the heroine's
friends before facing off in a deadly final battle against Batgirl and The

Content Codes: MF, Anal, Rape, viol, snuff, kill, stab, decap, asphyx

Additional Credit: Based on a suggestion by 'omfg' on Deathstalker's forum.

Batgirl: Fun With Dick & Rose Part 4 - Final Battle
by JD [email protected]

Cassandra's mind was clouded with rage, just as Dick and Rose intended. She
wasn't planning properly, and irrationally made mistakes. She nearly fell
from high roofs more than once. The sheer burning heat of her rage was
affecting her considerable abilities, and she stormed through the gates of
the Roberts Steelworks without even considering a stealthy approach; what
the hell, they knew she was coming!

"Batgirl! You saw the kidnappers too?"

The Huntress stepped from the shadows and half lowered her crossbow. Batgirl
pulled up short. The heroine was shocked by The Huntress stepping out on her
and by realizing that in her anger she had allowed someone to get the drop on
her. 'Kidnappers'? she thought, 'Huntress must have seen them take Oracle? So
why didn't she recognize Oracle?' She didn't know that only Stargirl had
witnessed Oracle being carried into the Steelworks.

Batgirl's mask entirely covered her face, but the Huntress could see from the
angle of her head that the young heroine was staring at her. The eyeless mask
effect was slightly eerie, but the Huntress wasn't the kind of woman to be
creeped out.


Batgirl was thinking about Nightwing's betrayal and the evil, brutal rape
of the Black Canary. Like Dick, Rose Wilson had once been one of the 'good
guys,' so what were the odds that the Huntress too had been corrupted and
joined with their evil gang? The young heroine decided that The Huntress was
genuinely surprised to see her arrival, and it wasn't out of the ordinary
for her to investigate a kidnapping.

"Nightwing's been turned evil. He and Ravager killed the Black Canary and
kidnapped Oracle. They wanted me to follow them down here as part of their
scheme. I was so angry I came, but also to help Oracle. If you saw what they
did to Canary... Ravager wants revenge."

"I wouldn't have let Ravager live," commented the Huntress, who knew of
Batgirl's past fight with Deathstroke's daughter.

In truth she probably would have, for fear of Batman's reaction to her
crossing that line. Oracle and Black Canary had been her friends too. The
Huntress thought of the Black Canary's happy approach to life compared to
her darker personality. She'd never see the girl smile again, but this was
no time for grief! They had to rescue Oracle before she too was killed!

"Nightwing's really gone evil? He's not trying to trick Ravager?"

"Yes. I told you, they both did it to... to Black Canary. Come on, let's find

Batgirl strode off towards the nearest building – as there was a van parked
near the door it seemed the likeliest option. Huntress followed her, matching
the petite Asian girl's pace.

"How did they kill Black Canary?" Huntress asked quietly, probing at the
question like a sore tooth.

"Nightwing fought and beat her, they both hurt her, raped her and then
garroted her," Cassandra's voice was calm and measured, but recounting the
acts brought the anger back into her mind.

"They raped her? Jesus... did you contact Deathstroke? He used to kick about
with that woman who called herself Vigilante and I heard they were very rough
on rapists in those days," the Huntress sounded satisfied at that. She was
usually even rougher.

It hadn't even occurred to Batgirl to call in Deathstroke as an ally with
Batman off planet. After what she'd done to Ravager in leaving the girl
near death, Cassandra wasn't sure Slade would interfere in his daughter's
vengeance, rapists or no. Yet, the assassin had a code of honour of sorts
and it might have been wise to contact him. Batgirl truly doubted the old
man would approve of the unprofessional depths of his daughter's depravity.

When they were six meters from the building a patch of dirt shifted and a
large monitor screen rose up from the ground. Hydraulic motors whined faintly
until the top of the screen was level with The Huntress's head. The screen
flicked on and began showing highlights of Power Girl and Stargir's deaths.
The footage was cut together by computer and taken from multiple camera
angles. The Thinker's changes in the system meant there were fake clips of a
different death for Stargirl, but no less horrific a fate for the perky
teenaged heroine.

A multitude of hidden speakers played recordings of all the screams, all the
groans, grunts and squelches along with desperate pleading and begging. The
volume was painfully loud, but Batgirl had dampeners built into her cowl. The
Huntress wasn't so lucky and flinched from the sound. Huntress clutched her
head and stared in appalled horror at the sheer brutality. Nothing she'd even
seen, not even during the dark days of No Man's Land, had prepared her for

The screen blanked and the sound stopped, replaced by a buzzing in The
Huntress' ears. After years of straying close to the line, Helena Bertinelli
felt ready to cross it and wreak bloody justice against Nightwing and

"Come on! We've got to.." Batgirl began, before the screen activated again. A
single frame of film; Oracle's corpse impaled cunt to mouth on a thick metal
pole. Oracle had lost a lot of blood and her naturally pale skin was far
paler where it wasn't smeared red with groping handprints. The speakers began
playing the recording of her pleading for mercy in a constant loop over the
still image.

Huntress felt her stomach turn, and bent forward to be noisily sick into
the dirt. Batgirl turned her head from the horrific picture to watch as the
Huntress clutched at her contracting belly while she sprayed a thick stream
of puke. She retched again twice more before wiping the back of her hand
across her mouth and spitting into the dirt. When she looked up Batgirl saw
the tears in her eyes.

"They cannot... they cannot be allowed to..." Helena coughed, and then
straightened up. When she spoke, her voice had razors in it.

"We kill them both. For Oracle."

"How about we kill you both just like Oracle, bitch? You know she came like a
whore when I fucked her ass?"

Ravager and Nightwing had used the time while the heroines watched to carry
their Oracle on a stick up onto the roof of the building. Each held one
bloody end of the pole, while Barbara's limbs hung down on either side. She
still wore her glasses, though one lens was cracked from dropping off before
being placed back on her face. They swung the pole back together, and then
released it on the forward swing so the impaled corpse's momentum carried it
through the air to land in the dirt at the heroines' feet.

The smell of smell of cum and blood and urine and feces rose from the corpse.

"Hmm... leave her there! When we're done, you can fuck my ass on top of her
like I said earlier!" Ravager laughed.

Ravager and Nightwing were both in full costume. Freed of the burden of
Oracle, Ravager drew two swords from her back-sheathes. Nightwing just raised
a single Batarang. He smiled cruelly, watching Batgirl tremble with rage; her
whole body shook with anger.

Batgirl attacked. She leaped up onto the top of the monitor screen, and then
flipped up onto the rooftop to face Ravager. The Huntress fired her crossbow,
but Nightwing's casually tossed Batarang cut the bolt in two even as he
mockingly performed the reverse of Batgirl's actions to land in front of The
Huntress. Helena got her first close look into Nightwing's mad eyes as she
lashed out at him.

On the roof Ravager swung both her blades at Batgirl, who calmly judged the
path of the metal through the air. She smacked out the sides of her hands
against the flats of the swords. It was something only the finest warrior
could ever manage. The swords jerked back along the arc of the swing.
Cassandra followed up instantly as she closed one hand into a leather gloved
fist and thumped Ravager solidly in the assassin's empty eye socket. Batgirl
hit her so hard that she tore the knuckles from her glove with the blow.

Ravager's head swung away as pain thundered through her blind side. She
lost her footing on the sloped roof and skidded down the corrugated metal to
tumbled over the edge. The swords clattered off of the wall and bounced wide.
Batgirl ran down the roof in time to see Ravager flip in the air and land on
her feet. Cassandra dropped off the roof, twisting perfectly to slow her fall
and also land on her feet. Ravager's psychosis had deepened since first they
fought, and she laughed at nearly dying in a fall.

Each warrior took up a fallen sword even as Batgirl realized that the
Huntress and Nightwing were nowhere to be seen. She was so engrossed in
fighting Ravager that she hadn't seem them fight out of sight, nor had she
even taken in any of the sounds of their combat. She thought she could still
hear them nearby, but had to keep her attention on Ravager.

* * *


"God damn it, Dick! What the hell happened to you?"

"Oracle wanted to know the same thing. It's a funny story really... I know,
I'll tell your corpse."

Nightwing's voice was level, although internally he was feeling frustrated at
how good the Huntress had become. Her stint with the JLA had let her gain a
lot of invaluable experience. She was able to block most of his strikes, and
had landed some punishing blows on him. He was sure he had suffered cracked
ribs. Their fluid, almost dance-like struggle had taken them away from the
others quickly as Dick or Helena flipped and rolled to avoid one of the
other's blows, while striking their own. The Huntress had also surprised
Nightwing with several unexpected weapons, while he felt he was starting to
think that he could really use a Bat Anti-Bitch Spray.

Now there was an idea. He span around and punched out at the Huntress's
face. She stopped the blow inches from her eyes, and saw seconds too late the
miniature spray Dick held, with his thumb on a button. Nightwing pressed down
and a fine mist coated the eyeholes of Helena's stylized domino facemask. A
special mixture Batman had designed originally in case he needed to
incapacitate the superhumanly strong New God Big Barda, the spray felt like
red-hot tent spikes were being forced into The Huntress's eye sockets.

The agony was so immediate and intense that she felt sure she would black
out. She was blinded instantly. Helena rubbed desperately at her eyes, but of
course Batman had known Barda would do the same and Huntress succeeded only
in working the fast dissolving spray deeper into her bloodshot eyeballs.
Nightwing saw no reason to stop with one blast, and sprayed again between the
blinded woman's purple-gloved fingers until the little vial was empty.

The Huntress heard the spray, but she was already in so much pain she barely
felt more. She managed to form the words to scream, "Batgirl! I'm blind!"

Her voice was so packed with agony and raw emotion that the newly sadistic
and psychotic Nightwing thought he was going to blow a load in his pants.
He was so impressed that Helena's desperation kick caught him totally by
surprise. She nailed him hard in the balls with a purple boot. He stumbled
to the side in the brief seconds before the pain hit, and then collapsed
foetally, sucking at his fist to drown his cries. He used all of his training
and experience to try to fight and ignore the pain, dampening it mentally.

Huntress followed up her kick by striking forward, again and again, but
Nightwing had landed to far to the side and she stumbled into a metal drum
against the nearest building's wall. Foul rusty water filled it to the rim
and it splashed against her waist. She dunked her face down immediately, and
washed at her eyes. The pain died straight away as the spray was neutralized
by the iron oxide in the water - by pure luck, Huntress had hit on Batman's
designed antidote. Helena's thick black hair was splashed as she gasped and
washed, mouth twisted into a grin at being released from the pain.

"You really are a stupid bitch, Huntress."

Nightwing's hand pushed down on the back of Helena's neck as he punched his
fist into her cunt and lifted the heroine's legs off the ground. New pain
shot into Helena's battered pussy while her thick black mane disappeared into
the murky brown water. She scrabbled desperately for a grip at the top brim
of the drum. The foul water drained over the drum sides as Nightwing used his
rage and superior strength to force her face down into the drum until her
waist rested on the edge. The end of her cape floated up on the surface and
the waterlogged material hampered the heroine's attempts to get a grip.

She could feel her face pressing into something soft and slimy. It felt
like a sack of dead kittens. Her kicking legs couldn't get any leverage, and
Nightwing was too securely between them for her to land another strike on
him. Helena held her breath in the freezing cold rusty darkness and reached
up for the special breathing equipment on her belt. Nightwing had the same
idea, and she felt his hands around her waist. He unclasped her buckle and
tugged the yellow belt free just as her fingers brushed the tiny breathing

"NO!" Huntress shouted, a stream of bubbles forcing their way up into the
billowing folds of her cloak. Unable to get a grip on the sides and with her
lungs burning more every second, the half submerged heroine forced her arms
down to push against the bottom and sides of the old drum. He fingers brushed
against a particularly rusty patch and she hammered against it.

Nightwing listened to the nearby clanging of blade on blade as he tugged the
purple pants of Huntress's costume down along with her silky black panties.
He revealed her puckered brown eye and thick black bush. The Huntress was
banging on the sides of the drum. He wondered if she had a chance of breaking
through one of the rusted sides as he tore the water-stained crotch of her
costume in his serum-strength enhanced grip, leaving one ragged side hanging
from each leg and allowing him easy access to her ass. He ripped off her
panties with much greater ease and stuffed them into his belt.

Huntress's lungs were burning, but she could feel some definite give in the
side of the drum. There just wasn't enough room for a solid punch. As her
head pounded and blood roared in her ears, she felt the cold night air
against her exposed ass. The forced asphyxiation was getting to her cunt,
juicing it up, but she did her best to ignore the indignity as she pulled the
solid metal cross from her neck. She held it as best she could, praying in
her head, and jabbed the long end hard at the drum's rusty side.

Nightwing pulled out his rock hard nine-inch cock and, teeth gritted, began
to force the fat purple crown into Helena's resisting virgin anus. The rusty
water provided very little lubrication, but enough that while the penetration
was agonizing and humiliating for the heroine, it didn't bust her sphincter.
A fresh stream of bubbles at the same time told him he didn't have long to
ball her, even as water began spraying from small new holes in the rusty side
of the metal drum.

After the agony of the eye spray, Helena's oxygen starved brain found the
brutal anal intrusion pleasurable. While her ass was stuffed she pounded her
fist against the rusty side, against the small holes in the rust, trying to
widen them with ever-weaker blows. As her ass gripped Nightwing's violating
shaft and her black bushed glistened with heated arousal she opened her mouth
and drew rusty water into her lungs. The freezing liquid seemed to wash
through her chest.

The angle on the drum was awkward, but Nightwing had waited a long time for a
piece of The Huntress's ass, and he bent and lifted his body as uncomfortably
as needed to nail her hot clutching hole. His tender balls slapped against
her hairy pussy while he humped nine inches inside Helena's ass. The dropping
water level revealed more of her purple sopping costume clutching closely
against her athletic frame, the curve of her back. The Huntress was
struggling very weakly now, lungs filled with water. She finally drifted from
consciousness with her hands floating in the water. As she went, the pain in
her lungs was long past, leaving only the intensely pleasurable thrusts into
her anus.

The Huntress had emptied her bladder before she went on patrol, but there was
still piss to dribble out and mix with the growing pool of water around the
barrel as she drowned. The water level was down to her head as Nightwing
grunted and dumped his first load into her bowel before pulling out to spray
the rest of his load over her upturned ass and toned thighs. Dick jerked out
the last few drops of his load as Helena's slack anus gave up her shit, and
only then realized he couldn't remember when the girl's clanging swords had

Even as he turned away from the drum a sword cut through his neck right below
the chin. It was a sharp and very fine blade and Nightwing didn't even feel
the stroke. A red line formed around his neck, and then his head dropped
forward and thudded into the mud. He looked up in his last seconds and
recognized the two-tone mask, the harsh one-eyed stare. Blood spray from his
neck obscured his sight when his body collapsed.

Nightwing died, his last thoughts not of anger, nor hatred or lust. Just

Ravager had practiced hard since last she fought Batgirl, and the smaller
heroine's rooftop punch to the head had only encouraged her. After each of
them took up one of the dropped swords they fought like demons, Batgirl's
superior training and almost preternatural fighting ability against Ravager's
serum enhanced strength, speed and psychosis. Each caught the other with
passing strikes, opening up long but shallow slits on each other's arms,
across their torsos. They each bled from a dozen flesh wounds.

Batgirl ignored her pain through years of training, and Ravager got off on
hers. She slashed Batgirl's mask, not quite cutting the flesh, and revealed
her smooth Asian skin and lips set into a thin line of concentration. Another
slash past the guard, and she opened Batgirl's costume up to show the top
curve of her small breasts. Batgirl responded with a successful feint,
swinging her sword around and then striking out to punch Ravager in the

The psychotic villainess stumbled away, immediately aware that Batgirl's
cruel blow had shattered her trachea. She struggled for breath, and managed
to sink her sword past Batgirl's guard and into the caped crusader's leg.
Batgirl grunted as the blade sliced through her costume, muscle and bone and
emerged through her thigh. Blood seeped around the blade, and she sank down
to her knees.

Ravager clawed at her throat, then reached one hand to her own belt for a
tube to clear her airway with. An emergency self-tracheotomy was Ravager's
only hope. She tugged her bloody sword loose from Batgirl's leg whole blood
flowed from the wound, and swung it again, only to have the weaker one handed
blow deflected.

Batgirl pushed herself up and pirouetted around on her good leg. She brought
her sword down over Ravager's guard from the side. The choking woman garbled
out a scream as the brutal stroked sliced through the middle of each of her
of breasts. Two rounded chunks of titflesh, each with a nipple in the center
and a circle of costume dropped to the floor as blood and fat poured from
Ravager's mutilated chest.

The agony made her forget about her throat, and swing strike last time at
Batgirl. The heroine was too slow in bringing her own bloody blade back up,
and Ravager's sword cut deeply into her toned arm. Batgirl yelled out as
blood spurted from the wound, while her near severed arm dangled agonizingly
on half its muscle and ligament. Ravager was choking to death on the ground,
clutching at her throat and the open red wounds that were her breasts.
Batgirl altered her grip on the sword and stabbed the blade down through
Rose's one remaining eye. She shuddered in one last convulsive agony,
spitting blood and died.

Batgirl left the sword stuck through Ravager's skull and, still balancing on
one leg, worked one handed to get tourniquets from her utility belt for her
arm and leg. It seemed a miracle, but Ravager had missed the huge artery in
her thigh and so her first priority was her arm, which was pumping blood
fast. She could feel her heart pounding as she looked at the flow, each beat
in time with a fresh spurt.

The familiar noise of metal slicing through flesh briefly filled the air.
Cassandra looked down to see the point of a thick sword sticking out several
inches from between the valley of her breasts. A drop of blood dripped from
the swordpoint. Her attacker put his strength down hard on the hilt, and the
blade cut down through Batgirl's torso. She watched helplessly as it sliced
her open from cleavage to cunt. A man spoke behind her as he pulled his sword
away, "This isn't business, it's personal. Whatever she became... Rose Wilson
was my daughter."

The neatly cut edges of Batgirl's leather costume fluttered as her bifurcated
body widened out and perfectly sliced internal organs dropped out through the
massive wound. She collapsed wetly back into the dirt and looked up through
her mask at the mask of her killer. Cassandra died almost instantly, the
total system shock crashing through her brain and any organs it could still
reach while steam rose from gaping gash in the Asian heroine's body.

Deathstroke walked round and cut off Nightwing's head straight afterwards.
Rapists deserved no mercy and if Batman were angry at the death of his former
protégé, the anger would be tempered by knowledge of Oracle's death at
Nightwing's hands. Stepping through the bloodspray from Nightwing's stump,
the old assassin pulled the Huntress's limp body out from the metal drum. A
flood of water drained out of her mouth as he lifted her.

She was still warm despite the freezing water. He lay her body on the ground
and tore of his mask. Deathstroke blew hard into Huntress's slack mouth. He
pounded his hands against her chest, and then blew again. The most dangerous
assassin on Earth fought with all his might to draw back life through CPR.

He kept at it until her eyes fluttered and she half sat up. He pulled her
over and helped her spew the vile liquid from her lungs, then pummeled even
more out of her. When she was done Huntress wrapped her arms around Slade
like a child and cried like a child. Helena felt the chill cold of death
throughout her body and knew she owed the greatest debt to the assassin.

Deathstroke's unmasked face was impassive, his gray hair slightly ruffled
by a cool breeze. He held the sobbing and shivering woman tightly in his
strongly muscled arms and thought only of his lost children.


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