Batgirl: The Untold Origin Part 1 (Mf,bond,pierce,machine,ncon)
by Anonymous

The young girl snuggled into her bed following the best day of her life. The
sheets were cool against her skin, and she giggled again at the thought of
sleeping nude. She had done it before, but somehow it was different tonight,
more grown up.

That morning she had received word she had gotten perfect scores on the
college-level chemistry and biology tests she'd taken two weeks ago. Then, in
the finals of the state gymnastics competition, she emerged overall champion,
not scoring under 9.8 in any event. Her coach told her she had and excellent
chance to make the Olympic team!

Finally, on the bus ride back from the championships, the most gorgeous boy
on the team made out with her in the darkened back seat. So exhilarated was
she by all the day's events that, even though this was just the first time
she'd ever been kissed by a boy, she let him feel her small, budding breasts
over her shirt.

The girl smiled as she recalled his fingers searching out her hard nipples
while the bus rolled through the night. It was that experience that prompted
her to sleep nude. She wanted to imagine what it must be like to lay naked
beside a boy.

Goose flesh rose on her body and she shivered, but not from her increasingly
erotic thoughts. Had Dad turned up the air conditioner again? No, she smelled
fresh air. Suddenly the hair on the nape of her neck rose. Turning quickly,
she saw a shadowy figure standing between her bed and the now-open window.
She gasped, but any scream she might have made was silenced when he forced a
short, thick plastic shaft into her mouth. Trying to fight her assailant and
cover her nudity at the same time, the young girl stood no chance. Within
seconds the gag was fastened around her head, her wrists cuffed behind her,
and her ankles bound to her wrists. Caught in a cruelly efficient hog-tie,
the girl could only watch in horror as he slipped one arm under her shoulders
and another hand between her naked legs. All her muted squealing would never
wake her father three rooms and one floor away. As he lifted her off the bed
she tried to make out his face, but all she could see of her attacker was his
white teeth as he grinned at her.

"Now, my child," he said in a terrifying whisper, squeezing her pussy. "I'll
show you what little girls are for!"

She rode uncomfortably on the floor of a van to his hideout, sobbing quietly,
more frightened than ever before in her young life. He carried her into a
large, abandoned building, the putrid smell of decay all around her. His
footsteps echoed as he carried his captive into the basement, which turned
out to be well-let, though there was no evidence of that from the street
outside. The only furniture was odd-looking tables and saw horses. In one
corner, the girl saw a pillory like the Pilgrims used. There were also
several strange machines, the purpose of which she couldn't fathom but which
frightened her beyond reason. There were also ropes and chains hanging from
the ceiling.

"Ahhh...home sweet home!" the man said, taking a deep breath of stale air. He
twisted her nipple ferociously and laughed when she squealed from pain.
"You're gonna love it here! My name is Mind Bender, and we're about to have a
very close relationship! Haaaaaa hahahahahaha!"

The girl shrank in despair as he cackled with insane glee. He looked like a
buffoon in the yellow and green skintight costume he wore, but that only
seemed to increase her fear. He began unlocking her cuffs, and the child
looked for a chance to escape, but none came. Without releasing her feet, he
retied her wrists to one of the ropes hanging from the ceiling, then pulled
her erect. With her body stretched taut, Mind Bender left her after a brief
examination of his prize.

She watched him set up some sort of track in a wide circle around her. Then
he set up a tripod on the track, and mounted an expensive video camera onto

"One of my many toys," he chuckled as he approached his young captive,
flexing his muscles under the ghastly costume. He moved behind her and
pointed a remote control at the camera, which quietly switched on.

The girl, horrified at being filmed naked, closed her eyes and lowered her
head, but was helpless to do more.

"Greetings! I am Mind Bender!" the villain behind her said to the camera.
"I'm sure you'll recognize your daughter. She and I are about to have a lot
of fun together!"

At this point he cupped her small, firm breasts in his gloved hands and
squeezed them hard. The girl whimpered into her gag and shuddered but he
continued mauling her, pulling her tender nipples with all his might. Her
pain multiplied when she heard him say "daughter." That could only mean he
intended to send the tape to her father!

"You have a fine child, sir." He moved on hand down to stroke her pussy,
running his fingers through the thin fringe of brown pubic hair. "As long as
you pay the ransom I requested in the note I left on her pillow, she won't be
permanently harmed. But in case you need to know to what depths I am capable
of...." The girl gasped and her eyes flew open as he pushed a finger into her
tight, virgin hole. "Allow me to give you a demonstration."

Mind Bender knelt to the helpless girl's feet and tied ropes around her
ankles before removing the shackles. Pulling the ropes through widely
separated pulleys in the ceiling, he hauled her feet off the floor until they
were waist-high and spread nearly 180 degrees.

The child, groaning under the strain on her wrists and shoulders, was
humiliated beyond all measure as the vile creatures stopped to gaze hungrily
at her wide open pussy. The camera was also right before her, and the thought
of her father seeing her this way deepened her shame.

"Delicious, isn't she?" Mind Bender cackled, patting her pussy. He slid the
length of his finger up and down her pink slit. The girl shuddered, telling
herself the reaction was revulsion. It had to be!

"Now for the moment you've been waiting for!" He pulled at the yellow trunks
of his ridiculous costume, showing that they were held together only by
Velcro, and they tore away easily. The child's eyes widened in new fear as
she gazed upon his terrifying ten-inch prick, as thick as her wrist! He
wagged his erection in front of the camera. "This should clearly demonstrate
the depths I can attain! HAAAAAA hahahahahahaha!" He laughed insanely at his
own sick joke.

Mind Bender clicked the remote control again and the tripod began to roll on
the track around her, yet the camera remained focused squarely on her.

"Now, my sweet," the villain said, turning back to his naked captive. "Let's
show your daddy what being a good girl really means!"

She shook her head in desperate futility, pleading with her terror-stricken
eyes, but he mercilessly advanced on her, his monster cock brushing against
her tiny, virgin opening. He waited until the camera had an unobstructed
angle, then grabbed her small ass in his huge hands and shoved his hips
forward with all the brutal strength he could muster.

His entire ten inch rod slammed into her dry vagina. The slap of his pelvis
against hers was like a rifle shot, and he cold feel her soft, puffy vulva
being mashed and bruised as he rotated his hips, twisting his cock around
inside her. The girl squeezed her eyes shut and a high-pitched squeal of
agony came from her gagged mouth as her body shuddered and shook at the
sudden violent intrusion.

"I must say, she has a tight cunt!" the madman laughed.

The girl thrashed her head as she struggled to cope with the incomprehensible
pain inside her. She felt he must have ruptured her vagina, split her velvety
tunnel apart like a banana peel. Her body shook and quivered spasmodically.
To her surprise, Mind Bender removed her gag, and the heart-rending scream of
agony that immediately followed seemed only to spur the sick man on.

"Daddy, help me!" she cried, despite her best intentions to be strong. "He's
killing me! He's killing me Daddeeeeeeee! Oh God, please HELP!" After that he
began to fuck her dry hole with a madman's ferocity, and the overwhelming
pain that wracked her ravaged body left her able to articulate nothing more
than gurgled shrieks.

Mind Bender was unmoved, however. He continued slamming into her with pile
driver force. The blood from her shredded hymen, her lost virginity, provided
some measure of lubrication, for her sex provided none of its own, so great
was the pain.

Slowly the camera circled around them, recording every angle of the girl's
torment. Mind Bender hummed a cheerful little tune as the vicious rape
continued, and for good measure he began to maul her breasts again.

The onslaught continued for several more minutes before he finally grunted
and shot his come deep into the young girl's womb. To her it was like a flood
of acid burning her life away from the inside, and she cried out again, her
face now stained from a flood of tears. Mind Bender unceremoniously pulled
out of the limp, sobbing girl and put on his trunks again before stopping and
facing the camera tripod. Deep red blood began to ooze out of the girl's
pussy as her head lolled back.

"I'm sure you'll be glad to know your daughter is a great fuck!" the madman
jeered. Then his expression turned deadly serious. "If you agree to the terms
in my note, arrange to have the bat signal turned on three times in quick
succession at 11:05 p.m. tomorrow night. If not," he turned to the quivering
girl, he head sagging on her chest, and put a finger under he chin to lift
her face to the camera. "If not, the next film you get will be of her death
by slow torture."

"No, please..." the girl softly pleaded, and with an exaggerated gesture Mind
Bender waved the remote and turned off the camera.

"I would say your movie debut was a phenomenal success!" the criminal
chortled. "But you're probably tired of hanging around." He let her down and
released her, but her muscles were so strained, her mind so shattered, that
she could not move. Showing no patience or mercy to the crumpled girl on the
floor, he gripped a handful of her brown hair and dragged her across the
room, hoisted her onto a table, and chained her wrists and ankles to it.

"Gotta go now!" Mind Bender said happily, getting the tape from the camera.
"I'll be back as soon as I see this safely delivered." He turned and left,
leaving the girl helpless, hurt, humiliated, and without hope.

Within an hour he was back, but said little to his captive other than to
taunt her that he had broken the tape by dropping it outside the door, and
they'd have to make a new one.

"April Fool!" he laughed at the quivering girl. "Oh, I forgot, it's not April
yet, is it? Don't worry, the tape is fine, and I'm sure your Daddy will get a
bundle of kicks out of watching it!"

He laughed insanely, louder than ever before, as he left the room again,
shutting off the light. The girl lay helpless in complete darkness for hours,
unable to sleep.

* * *

When Mind Bender returned in the morning, she had regained much of her
strength, if not her composure. She cringed when he ran his hands almost
affectionately over her exposed flesh. "Hmmm, a few bruises on your tits and
cunt, but otherwise I'd say you're hardly damaged at all. Good. I like a girl
with a strong constitution!"

She gathered up her will and forced herself to say, "Please, I'm very
thirsty. May I please have some water?" Mind Bender frowned but eventually
poured a glass of water down her throat.

He returned to her off and on the rest of the day to torment her. Once he put
powerful alligator clips on her red nipples. He returned an hour later, and
responded to the sobbing girl's pleas to remove them by adding two more to
her inner labia. An hour after that, he added one to her tiny clitoris as
well. It was another hour and a half before he finally returned to remove
them all, and by that time the girl's body was shaking, and tears of agony
were streaming down her face. She begged him shamelessly to remove them, and
to her surprise he did.

No sooner were the clips gone, however, than he produced a long needle and
casually pierced her left nipple, then her right. As the girl shrieked and
shook in her bonds, he fitted gold rings into the holes. Then he forced the
needle through the fleshy hood over her clit, sending new paroxysms of pain
through her, and put another ring in her, all the while joyfully singing "Put
On A Happy Face."

In the afternoon he released her from the table at last, but locked her
wrists and elbow behind her, put a chain on her pussy ring, and led her
around in circles like an animal on a leash, singing "Here We Go Round The
Mulberry Bush." She struggled to trot along after him, each hesitation or
misstep causing him to pull hard on the chain, and agony knifed through her
as though the ring had been ripped completely through her sensitive flesh.

Mind Bender delighted in torturing and humiliating the girl. Every cry of
pain seemed to inspire some new atrocity. As evening settled in he began a
game of making her say shameful things. Any refusal or hesitation, or even if
she didn't sound sincere, resulted in a tug of one of her rings or worse.

"I want to suck your cock," she was forced to say. "I want your big prick
fucking my hungry pussy!"

"I have an idea," Mind Bender said as the night wore on. "I want to watch you
play with your pussy. Use your fingers. I'm sure you know how!"

He cackled with mad glee as the girl slowly spread her legs in front of him.
She hesitated and pleaded with him with her eyes. She got a quick tug on her
nipple rings in return. A fresh torrent tears, born of stinging pain and
terrible humiliation, rolled down her red cheeks as she moved her hands to
her pussy. She began to massage it, but the ring made the area too swollen
and sore to get any stimulation. She struggled at her abhorrent task for only
a couple of minutes before he jumped up.

"Damn! You almost made me forget. It's nearly time for the signal. Come on!"

He grabbed her pussy leash and yanked her across the room. The girl
desperately struggled to maintain her balance. The vile creature took her to
the pillory and locked her neck and wrists into the device. It forced her to
bend ninety degrees at the hips. He locked her ankles in the footboard of the
device, spread wide.

"Now, you need something to keep you occupied, I think. You don't want to be
bored, do you? This should do just the trick."

The girl was facing the wall, and couldn't see anything happening in the
room, but she heard him doing something with metal, setting something up
behind her. Unexpectedly, she felt her ravaged pussy violated again. In a
sudden fit of panic, she screamed and twisted in her bondage, but it was too
late. Something had penetrated her deeply, something cold and hard. Next she
felt him tugging at her pussy ring, and instinctively knew he had attached
the device to her.

With shocking suddenness, the thing came alive. It vibrated inside her with
an intensity she couldn't have imagined, and she gasped from the unexpected
sensation. She heard an intake of air behind her, and felt the device pull
out of her pussy. But just when it was about to be withdrawn completely, she
heard a quick whoosh and the shaft was rammed back into her. It was hooked up
to some bizarre hydraulic device, she realized.

"How do you like it, hmmm?" Mind Bender chuckled. "I think it should keep
you...involved, until I get back!"

The girl shuddered as the vibrating dildo pumped slowly in and out of her
torn, bruised pussy. She slowly became aware that with each stroke the tempo
increased slightly.

She shuddered again. The vibration of the thing was maddening. It caused a
growing sensation deep within her she had not felt before. It confused her,
for it wasn't painful. It was the first thing he'd done to her that didn't
hurt, and she dreaded the possibility that it was a trick, that unspeakable
agony was to follow.

Instead, she quivered yet again. A warmth spread through her, and she began
to perspire. At that moment, Mind Bender returned.

"Success!" he cried, dancing around the room. "Success, success, success,
success! They've followed my instructions with the bat-signal, and I'm going
to be rich!" He leaned close to her ear. "And you, my charming little twat,
will be free to return to your Daddy, much as I would like to keep you with
me. You've been...entertaining."

The girl closed her eyes and moaned. "Ahh, I see you appreciate the toy I
gave you," he said, stroking her firm ass. The girl didn't reply, but her
breathing became heavy and ragged. The dildo was pumping faster now, very

Mind Bender groped around where the shaft entered her, then wiped his finger
under her nose, leaving a trail of her own scent. "I see you've finally
discovered the secret to enjoying sex."

"Uhhh," she grunted, and her hips bucked involuntarily.

Suddenly there was a loud crash behind her, across the room. "It's all over,
Mind Bender!" It was a voice she'd never heard before, deep and raspy, and it
frightened her as much as her tormenter.

But Mind Bender was clearly suddenly frightened as well. "How did you find
me?" he cried.

"Spectroscopic analysis of dust particles on your note, plus careful study of
mud on the cassette case where you apparently dropped it limited your
location to a ten square block area of the city. A process of elimination
reduced your possible hideout to fifty buildings. From there it was just a
matter of searching."

"You won't stop me! This hallucinogenic gas will stop you!"

The girl heard something rattle on the floor near the raspy voice, then a pop
and hiss.

"Your grenades won't stop a man with a gas mask," the raspy voice said.
"Wait...You monster! What have you done to her!"

The girl detected a new fury in the man's voice, and it terrified her even
more. Still, she felt her body growing more tingly as the tempo of the
pumping dildo intensified to monstrous speed, now fucking her faster than any
human could. She made gurgling noises as her hips twisted around in circles.
She was aware of a faint pungent odor in the air and a sense of dizziness at
the same time, the room seeming to spin around her, and she wondered if she
was inhaling the gas.

"I'll see you hang for this!" The mystery man growled, much closer to her
now. To the girl it sounded as if he was completely out of control. What
would he do to a helpless naked girl if he got the chance? Would she be any
better off than before?

"Wait!" Mind Bender cried. "See this remote? It triggers a needle inside that
dildo! If you touch her, the needle will extract from the shaft and inject
her cunt with a lethal poison! She'll die instantly!"

The girl squirmed and shivered in the stocks, her hips bucking back and forth
and the dildo pounded into her and sweat rolled down her face. She could see
shadows on the wall of the two men behind her, and they seemed to come alive
to her increasingly fogged brain, swarming over her, touching her, fondling

"She's only a child! Are you really that sick?" the raspy voice said.

"Call it a gift!" Mind Bender cackled. "I was born with it!"

Suddenly the girl heard a whirling whistle, a thud, and the clatter of the
remote skidding across the floor.

"I'll have you for breakfast!" snarled the deep-voiced man, suddenly on the
other side of the room. But to the drug-hazed girl, it was as though the
voice came from one of the twisting shadows around her, and it seemed to be
talking to her, closing around her and running a long black tongue over her
helpless body as if tasting her. She groaned loudly as the unyielding dildo
slammed into her pussy again and again.

She heard a series of crashes, smacks and cries of pain, and realized Mind
Bender was getting beat up pretty badly. In the meantime, the shaft driving
in and out of her cunt was moving her to uncontrollable heights of passion.
He body shook and trembled, and she moaned constantly with obvious lust.

At last the noises ended. "That scum," the raspy voice said. "This is a
camera remote. He was bluffing!"

The girl, by now frantic as the dildo was fired in and out of her hot pussy
with incredible speed, felt perspiration roll down her face. She grunted and
groaned, her naked body writhing in building ecstasy.

And then, suddenly, it stopped. She cried out with frustration. She could
sense she was on the brink of a glorious release, but the man, whoever he
was, stopped it. Then she sensed the shadow and the man become one, a great
beast hovering over her, caressing her yet not touching her. Then the beast
was touching her, down between her spread legs, and she heard something snap.
The dildo was pulled away, despite her straining backward to keep it inside

As her body squirmed, her pussy brushed the shadow-man's finger, right on her
clit, and that was all it took. "Ahhhh! Ohh yes! YES!" she cried as her first
orgasm surged through her body. At that same moment, a horrifying vision
appeared inches in front of her face, as the shadow-monster suddenly
congealed into a bizarre face, dark and menacing, with triangular slits for
eyes and a cruel, thin mouth.

The vision was more terrifying than anything Mind Bender had done, and at the
height of her climax she screamed in new horror at the unexpected sight,
certain she was looking upon a demon from hell. She shivered as fear and
passion exploded together inside her. The combination of emotions rocked her
to her very soul, shattered her mind and body. She was left weak and spent
while the man she finally recognized as the Batman released her from the

She fell to the floor, a quivering heap of flesh. Batman removed his cape and
carefully wrapped her in it, then lifted her easily in his powerful arms and
carried her outside.

"I'm sorry Barbara," he said with a softness and gentleness she wouldn't have
thought possible only moments before.

Barbara Gordon understood why he said that, but somewhere inside the little
girl she was dimly aware of a woman who was very grateful to the Batman, and
not just for rescuing her.


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