Batgirl - The Untold Origin Part 2 (MF)
by Anonymous

Barbara Gordon ran through the routine once more in her mind. It was easy,
and she had mastered it years ago, yet it had been months since she had
completed it successfully. This time would be different. It would be last
gymnastics competition, and she was determined to make a good showing.

She took a deep breath, and jumped up to the taller of the uneven parallel
bars, pulled herself up easily and spun her lithe body around it twice. The
strength was there, the agility was there. For a moment Barbara felt a return
of the old form that many thought would put her on the Olympic team.

With effortless grace she swung into a handstand, held it, and arced back
down, keeping her rigid form perpendicular to the bar. She swung her legs up
the other side, catching her hips on the lower bar. She could sense the
correctness of her timing, the perfection of her velocity. The move would
swing her around the lower bar, the whip her backwards up to the high bar.

But halfway through the maneuver she felt it go wrong. Again. Her body
released a fraction of a second too late. And instead of flying up, she was
tossed straight back, the upper bar far out of reach. She landed with a loud
slap on the mat in a spread sitting position.

Although she immediately hopped back up to the bar, she never recovered.
Embarrassed and humiliated, her determination left her, and with it her
strength. She struggled to pull herself up to the top bar, barely managed to
spin herself around it, and dragged her feet on the mat twice, each time
completely destroying the move she was attempting. She badly miscued a
routine dismount and fell to all fours, hot, bitter tears of disappointment
spattering on the mat.

Barbara quickly shook herself into control and trotted into the locker room,
avoiding looking at her father and Bruce Wayne, who'd come to see her last
high school state finals meet. Most importantly, she avoided the gaze of Dick
Grayson, Wayne's ward. She'd met him a few months ago at a fund raiser her
father had taken her to at Wayne Manor, and they'd become fond of each other.
Now, sitting alone in the locker room, she didn't know how she could ever
face him again. Yet he'd brought her here. She would have to leave with him.

Carol Hodges, her coach, appeared from the tournament area and sat beside
her, putting a comforting arm around the girl's shoulder.

"I used to be good," Barbara said between sniffles. "I don't understand what
I'm doing wrong!"

"You're not doing anything wrong," he coach assured her. "You're as good as
you ever were. It's's just the laws of physics working against

Barbara looked at Mrs. Hodges with wet, questioning brown eyes. She could see
that her coach was having difficulty with whatever she needed to say.

"You've become a very attractive young woman, Barb. A very...nicely endowed
young woman." The coach gave her student a small, conspiratorial smile
quickly followed with a wink. "That certainly has its advantages. But it also
means your body's center of gravity has been thrown way off by the weight of
your own breasts."

The two were silent a moment as Barbara reflected on this previously
undrempt-of thought. Was it really possible? Could her own figure really be
the cause of all this?

"I'm sorry," Carol continued. "But being a world-class gymnast just isn't
possible for you anymore. There are so many other things you excel at, so
many other awards waiting for you to win."

Inwardly, Barbara scoffed at the idea. She didn't need or particularly want
awards or medals, and almost said so. She checked herself just in time,
realizing it could lead her coach to ask questions she'd rather not answer.
But it angered her profoundly that all her plans, all she had worked for the
past two years, was now in jeopardy just because she had big tits.

"I'll be all right," Barbara said instead. "I'll feel better after a shower."
She stood and began to undress. Carol Hodges smiled at her, marveling at the
girl's inner strength.

Barbara Gordon stepped into the shower and let the warm water was over her.
Awards were nothing. But if she couldn't even swing around the uneven bars,
how could she expect to swing around town on a line like the Batman?

As always, the moment that name drifted through her mind she felt the
insatiable tingling between her legs. She almost put her hand there, to
relieve her anxiety, as she had so often in the past. But at that moment
several girls from other teams entered the locker room.

Impressing the Batman was the only reward that mattered to her now, had been
the only thing for years, ever since the first time she'd met him, when he
had rescued her from Mind Bender and gave her her very first orgasm.

She remembered little else about that traumatic experience. Six months of
therapy and her own iron will had carried her through it, but the details
were now lost in the dim recesses of her mind. To Barbara, what happened was
only important in that it gave her life purpose, direction. She knew from the
moment that the mysterious dark figure had rescued her that he was a man to
be emulated. Despite the Batman's relationship with her father, Barbara had
never seen him before that moment, and had only glimpsed him twice since.

She longed to feel the excitement between her legs which he had caused so
many years ago. She had to be like him, so that he would notice her. She
already had a costume started, and she was certain that once she emerged as
Batgirl, Batman would admire her, and then she would be his.

But now she discovered that despite her strength, training and agility, her
own body had betrayed her. Because of the way her body had developed,
swinging above the rooftops with the Dark Knight was out of the question. She
groaned inwardly, both from despair at the loss of her dreams, and the
growing desire between her legs. It quickly became apparent she would have no
time alone, so she left the shower and toweled off. By the time she had
dressed she felt ready to face the three men who surely waited for her.

She found them in the stands, looking at her with sympathy. Her father hugged
her, and Bruce made some comment she didn't listen to. Only Dick seemed to
know what she needed: a smile and silence. Only he knew she wanted to put the
dreadful experience immediately behind her.

"Would you like some dinner?" he asked. Barbara agreed, eager to be away from
the uncomfortable older men.

Dick was easy to be with, taking her to a small, quiet restaurant and helping
her forget her poor performance on the bars. In the end, however, it was she
who broke an awkward silence by telling him many of her greatest dreams had
died that day.

"Seems to me you have a choice then," Dick told her as if he'd been pondering
this subject for years. "Either find new dreams, or find a new ways to
achieve your old ones."

It was like Dick to not ask what dreams she could possibly have had that were
now dead, but instead to simply offer the best solution given the information
he had. He never pried, and she prized that about him. What Dick had just
said sounded like something her father might have said. Yet coming from this
young man, it somehow seemed incredibly profound. Dick was right, of course.
Find a new way....

Barbara Gordon brightened noticeably after that, and the two enjoyed each
other's company late into the evening. When Dick took her home, he accepted
her invitation to come inside.

"Daddy's gone," she announced while turning on the lights. "I've never seen
anyone work so hard at something so unpleasant as police work."

"I know what you mean. Bruce can be like that," Dick replied distantly, and
Barbara only barely managed to stop herself from laughing out loud. He
sounded so serious, but she knew the most unpleasant thing Bruce Wayne ever
had to do was decide whether he wanted a blonde or brunette bimbo on his arm
at his next party.

She recovered nicely and noticed an odd smile on Dick's face, as if he had a
private joke, but she chose not to pursue it. She wasn't sure she could
maintain her composure if he compared Bruce's life to her father's again.
Besides, she was suddenly and quite unexpectedly struck by Dick's appearance.
Something about the particular lighting showed his physique in a way she
hadn't noticed before. She had never realized how strong he was, yet power
fairly radiated from him. Although he was a year younger than herself, she
hadn't guessed it for some time after they had first met, as he behaved with
such confidence and maturity.

At that moment her pussy began to quiver. It had been tingly ever since her
shower, and had refused to settle down. Now, as she looked at Dick, it
positively throbbed. Suddenly she realized she was staring, and he knew it.
She blushed hotly, but she felt wetness growing between her legs. Almost
without thinking she stepped close to the young man she knew so little about
and took his hand. She stood on her toes to give hive him a quick, soft kiss,
then a longer, more meaningful one.

Barbara raised his hand to her breast, pressing his palm firmly against her.
"Take me Dick," she whispered. "Give me something good to remember this day

She was shocked at herself. She had never considered making love to anyone
but Batman, but the urgings within her would not be denied. At the same time,
Dick surprised her. He went all shaky and stiff. For the first time since she
had known him, he lost his confidence and control. Then she remembered his
real age, not his perceived age, and realized she had just asked him to
surrender his virginity. But then, in a real sense, she was surrendering hers
as well.

"I...ahhh...." Dick stammered. Barbara sense him backing out, getting cold
feet, yet her aching pussy cried out for relief, and for some reason she
couldn't explain she desperately wanted him. She decided to give him a little

"I need you," she whispered, pulling at her blouse hard enough to pop the
buttons. Her breasts heaved beneath a black lace bra, the hint of bright red
nipples visible at the tip of each mound. With a quick motion of nimble
fingers, she unsnapped the clasp between her breasts, and the cups flew wide.

Dick Grayson stared with wide-eyed, almost childish wonder, at her
magnificent chest. She placed his hands on her tits and sighed deeply.
Barbara kissed his neck as he gently fondled her, teasing her nipples and
making her moan. In the back of her mind she wondered why she was so
determined to get laid this night, with this man. But as he pulled her close
and planted a passionate kiss on her soft, full lips, she ceased to care.

She led the way to her bedroom, shrugging her blouse and bra down her
shoulders along the way. Once inside the threshold to her room, however, Dick
seemed to have second thoughts again.

"Look, Barb, I really like you, but maybe this isn't...."

Barbara acted quickly, instinctively. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall
to the floor. Now dressed only in four-inch pumps and black lace bikini
panties, she sauntered to Dick in her sexiest manner and rubbed her crotch
firmly up and down his thigh.

"I can see you want me Dick," she breathed, stroking the growing bulge in his
pants. "Take me." When she still got no response from the trembling young
man, she decided to be even more direct. "Sink your hard cock into my pussy!
I'm so wet and hot!"

After a few moments Barbara felt his tentative fingers at the waistband of
her panties, and then his trembling hand slipped underneath. She moaned in
satisfaction as she felt him exploring her, foraging through the light forest
of pubic hair and into the damp, warm recesses of her slit.

She crumpled against him and opened her legs a little. When his probing
fingers made contact with her swollen clit, she gasped sharply. Dick jerked
his finger away, afraid he'd hurt her somehow.

"No, it's okay!" she said with more than a hint of desperation. "It felt

Barbara felt his fingers once more searching under the wet, sensitive folds
of flesh between her legs and she melted against him. He teased and massaged
her clit firmly, and she could already feel a marvelous orgasm building
within her.

Dick pushed her backwards, gently but firmly laying her back on the bed. She
settled into the soft mattress, her feet still on the floor, and saw Dick
staring down at her with hunger and passion. For the first time it struck
Barbara how slutty her behavior was, but strangely that excited her, rather
than give her pause. In fact, it inspired her to do even more.

She spread her legs and stroked her crotch with her hands, feeling the
dampness on her panties. "I need you Dick," she said again as he removed his
shirt, revealing an exquisitely sculpted chest and torso. As he pulled off
his pants and underwear she realized he was no longer fumbling or jittery.
His self confidence and control had returned.

The next thing that struck her, of course, was his cock. Hard and throbbing,
seven inches long and a third of that wide, it nevertheless seemed small to
her. She didn't realize it, but she was comparing it to the only other penis
she'd ever seen, Mind Bender's. On a conscious level, she couldn't even
picture the villain's prick, but subconsciously she remembered it well.

Far from disappointing her, though, Dick's tool both relaxed and excited her.
While the specific events of the Mind Bender trauma were buried deep, she was
aware that her only other experience with intercourse was painful. This cock,
however, was not fearsome. This was an instrument to deliver pleasure, and
she intended to get all she could from it.

Dick hooked his fingers under the waistband of her panties, and Barbara
raised her hips as he slid them down to the floor. Now kneeling between her
legs, Dick spread her unresisting thighs wide. Barbara felt a cool draft waft
across her naked, open pussy, and knew her inner labia must be swollen, that
her bright pink inner flesh must look like a flower in full bloom.

She shuddered and moaned as Dick tenderly traced a finger along this
super-sensitive flesh, exploring an aspect of feminine mystery she realized
he probably hadn't dreamt of before. She smiled, oddly endeared by the idea
of being an instructional tool for his education into adulthood.

The she felt a quick, out of place tug, just above her throbbing clit, and
swore under her breath with a sickening flash of realization. The one thing
she kept from her ordeal with Mind Bender, the only remnant she had of that
experience, was the piercing. She had secretly kept the hole open for weeks
with a pierced ear post, for what reason she couldn't tell. But one day she
saw a golden charm in a jewelry store, and then she did know. From that day
to this, she wore the golden emblem of Batman on her pussy. It had been there
so long she rarely thought of it anymore, but she had subconsciously longed
for the day she could reveal it to the Dark Knight himself.

But now Dick had seen it. He looked quizzically at it, but mercifully asked
no questions. Instead, he pried her labia as wide apart as possible and
planted a kiss squarely on her clit. Barbara gasped sharply again, but this
time he recognized it for what it was, and did not back away. Rather, he
sucked on it and flicked it with his tongue. Barbara arched her back and
squealed in delight. Dick tried lightly nibbling on it, which produced a loud
groan from her.

He licked up and down the length of her wet, pungent slit, tasting her love
oil. He probed the entrance to her vagina and she shuddered again.

"Oh God, you're driving me crazy!" she moaned. "Don't stop!"

Dick glanced up at her writhing body and saw her squeezing her large breasts.
She lifted her feet from the floor to the edge of the bed, and was rewarded
by feeling his tongue snake deeper inside her.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" she cried. "Yes! I need you Dick! I need you now!"

Dick almost reluctantly pulled away from her and stood. For a moment he gazed
at her gaping pussy lips, pulsating hungrily, then gripped his iron-hard cock
and positioned it against her tiny vaginal opening. "Fuck my cunt Dick! Fuck
my cunt!"

He pushed forward, watching with fascination as his prick disappeared inside
her. He felt the near-scalding heat of her pussy and sighed. Her velvety
walls stretched out to accommodate him, and seemed to grip his cock with
heavenly power.

His pelvis bumped hers. His black pubic hair mingled with her light brown
fuzz. He pulled back slowly, seeing how she had wet his shaft. He plunged it
back into her again with a grunt, a little faster this time, and was rewarded
with a gasping moan from the girl.

Barbara watched him through half-closed lids. His attention was riveted on
the juncture of their bodies as he began steadily pumping her. She quickly
began thrusting her hips up in rhythm with his, encouraging him to stroke her
harder and faster.

"Your pussy's tight!" Dick exclaimed. "I never dreamed it could feel like

Barbara smiled, glad to be pleasing him. "Your cock feels wonderful! Do it

Dick redoubled his efforts, slamming into her with near-brute force. Barbara
proclaimed her satisfaction with high-pitched squeals of delight, struggling
to keep up with his thrusts with her own frantic humping. Within moments she
climaxed in a blinding fury of unbridled passion. It ripped through her body
with nuclear force. She howled out her ecstasy with almost terrifying volume.

"Oh God Batman! YES! YES! YES! OHHHHHH...!"

She felt Dick pause for just a moment, the continued on stronger than before.
Barbara realized what she had just blurted out, and blushed with
embarrassment, but with Dick's prick impaling her again and again, the
incident was quickly erased from her mind. Her body trembled as Dick lunged
into her with three powerful strokes that slid her across the bed.

Grunting like a wild animal, Dick climaxed himself, shooting come deep into
her waiting womb. Barbara wrapped her legs tightly around his hips, trapping
him deep inside her. She could feel his cock jumping and throbbing like a
thing alive within her body as he shot stream after stream of hot semen into

At last, spent and exhausted, he collapsed on top of her, resting his head on
her soft, full breasts. Barbara held him tightly, caressing his back, as she
felt his softening cock withdrawing from her. Her heated passion was only
partially cooled, and she closed her eyes and smiled happily when Dick sucked
a red nipple into his mouth. Soon one of his hands found its way between her
legs, and he began to tickle and tease her.

Barbara, feeling an itch growing once more in her pussy so deep that only a
nice hard cock could scratch it, could feel Dick's penis against her thigh,
soft. She decided she had to do something about that, but the only thing that
came to mind was a act she'd always told herself she could never bring
herself to perform. Still, she smiled inwardly as she reflected on the small
pleasure she took at shocking the straight-laced young man beside her. And
she had to admit a certain pleasure at shocking herself too.

"Let me clean you up a bit," she said, making up her mind. She slid smoothly
down his hard body to his cock, and held it gently in her hand. She purposely
looked up his chest into his blue eyes, smiled broadly, and closed her lips
around the purple head of his shaft.

His surprised, and pleased, expression was satisfying indeed to Barbara, who
found herself not nearly so revolted as she had expected. She tasted the
sharp tang of her own sex on him, and enthusiastically sucked it off. She
licked up and down his gradually hardening shaft, working her tongue
energetically along the blue vein on the bottom after the gasp he made when
she first did it. She sucked his balls into her mouth one at a time and
cleaned them, then returned to his shaft, once more hard as a rail.

She closed her mouth over the tip once more, then bobbed her head up and
down, managing to get about half of it into her mouth. Dick's breathing
became heavy and irregular, so she stopped before she was denied what she
needed as well. Holding his erection in her small hand, she said in a mock-
concerned tone, "Oh dear, I've gone and got you all hard again. What are we
going to do about that?"

They smiled at each other, then Barbara straddled his hips, lowering herself
gratefully onto him. She quickly started humping up and down, riding him like
a wild stallion, and though she climaxed quickly Dick was just getting

She rolled onto all fours, and he kneeled behind her, sinking his cock
quickly and easily into her soaked pussy. He rammed his hips forward in
steady, strong strokes, his hips slapping loudly against her firm ass.
Barbara tossed her head back and squealed up to the ceiling, rocking back
against him. After a few moments he pulled out of her, and she moaned in
frustration, but he positioned her onto her side and, taking the cue, draped
one leg over his shoulder.

The girl saw him looking at her spread pussy, and she could feel herself how
the swollen labia were pulsating, as if begging desperately for the cock to
return. Dick answered the plea quickly, plunging his thick shaft into her
again, and in this new position attained even greater depths inside her than
before. He fucked her with hard, even strokes as she pinched and pulled on
her stiff red nipples, moaning with passion.

Finally she felt his cock lurch inside her again, and a new flood of hot come
poured into her as Dick grunted. She cried out with yet another climax of her
own. Then, utterly spent, they collapsed beside each other, exhausted.

They lay for long minutes in each other's arms, catching their breath.
Finally Barbara sighed and smiled. "That was wonderful, Dick. Thank you!"

"Yeah." His reply was short, curt, and Barbara was suddenly aware that a dark
mood had come over him, had been there almost from the moment of his last

"What's wrong?"

Dick hesitated for so long she thought he wasn't going to answer. "Why did
you call me Batman before?" he finally asked.

Damn, she thought. One slip, during a passionate moment, and how she had to
come up with a difficult explanation. The truth she would not tell. The truth
was hers, it was private, and she would share with no one, ever, except the
Batman himself.

"Well, ummm, I guess you can tell I have a thing about Batman." She toyed
with the charm on her pussy and smiled, trying to make light of it. When he
didn't smile back, her own faded. "I, uh, I guess I said it because you
screwed me like a superhero! Batman himself couldn't have done it better!"

It was a lame explanation, and she knew it. But when she looked into his face
and saw how his expression darkened, she was completely off guard. She didn't
expect him to be happy, but he seemed to be taking it personally, as if she
had called out the name of an envied older brother.

Barbara tried to cheer him up. She liked Dick and didn't want their
friendship to end, especially for such a stupid reason. But he refused to
lighten up, and their close proximity soon became unbearable. At last he
mercifully told her he had to leave. They dressed in silence and she walked
him to the door.

"Dick," she said as he walked through the threshold, "I had a wonderful time.
Thank you."

Dick, turned only halfway to her, nodded once without looking at her, and
walked away, leaving her puzzled and hurt. Barbara knew their friendship had
ended, and spent a few moments in regret. Then she told herself that perhaps
it was for the best. A long term sexual relationship with him was not
possible, not when there was the Batman to think about.

Besides, she recalled, she had more cause to be grateful to Dick than he
could ever have dreamed, certainly more cause than a mere good fuck. He had
given her inspiration, a new way to approach life, to achieve her goals.

"Find a new way," he had said. Barbara Gordon smiled as she went back to bed,
knowing the night would be a sleepless one as her mind raced with suddenly
opened doorways of opportunity waiting for her consideration. She would find
a new way to attain her dream, she knew that now, and she had Dick to thank
for it, for bringing her out of her self pity to consider alternatives to her
original plan.

New ways, she realized for the first time, were plentiful. She had her future


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